Turn Your TV Into A Giant Touchscreen (Video)

TV, Giant Touchscreen
A research and development center in Taiwan developed a technology, which can take forward the technology ecosystem of Taiwan. This is just news for you, now; imagine a piece of hardware that can convert your television in to a touch screen device. Turning a plain display in to a multi-touch device is not an easy task. However, Industrial Technology Research Institute has created a piece of hardware that can turn a plain display into touch screen. Buying a 52-inch TV is quite expensive but using this device to turn an existing TV into a touch screen will be much cost-effective. Yes, it is true; the hardware can turn a normal TV of any size into touch a screen TV. This is the reason that the demo was packed.

The device consists of two sensors, one on the top corner and the other at the bottom corner. The sensors can detect the movement of the fingers on the screen, so that the user can interact with the display just like a touch screen device. It can also detect multi- touch gesture and hence zoom in is also possible. This development under ITRI can change the way of living because a large number people watch TV. Adding the touch screen facility will not only make easy to use, but it will look elegant as well.
The technology is still under development and it will take time to reach the consumers, but it is obvious that when it will launch in the market you will definitely mount this interesting device to your TV. The mass production can take a year or more and due to its cost-effectiveness; the success is sure. You have to wait for the actual price and be sure that it will be slightly more expensive to add this device to an existing TV.

Source: DesignBUZZ.com

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