. Superyacht Moonset Concept

Superyacht Moonset
Joining the league of the luxury yacht we have ‘MoonSet’ next in the row. The concept boat would be mega-yacht based on the LOMOcean design. The design of Moonset is being classed as one of the most radical yacht designs till date. Conceptualized by Earthrace, globally well-known for power boats , the yacht would measure 148 meters in length.

Future Superyacht Moonset
The speed of the yacht is 40 knots, and it is said to cross the Atlantic at this speed without spilling a drop from your wine glass. The Moonset is gonna be the most stylish make of its kind, which will encourage passers-by to view it with awe. The yacht consists of an owner suite which extends till three decks and still has ample space left to relax and enjoy on any occasion.
Luxury Superyacht Moonset
The top level of the yacht takes you through the entrance hall which goes till the owner’s suite. Here space is provided for meeting/conference hall, art gallery or lounge just amidst the owner’s discreet headquarters and the visitor’s area. The entrance lobby area is at least 84 square meters, allowing two way entrance from both ends of the passage way. The passageway consists of a huge glass wall and has doors that can maneuver to suit your purpose. The glass doors and walls can be transformed to tint or can be left transparent; depending on your privacy requirements. There are numerous other passageways which lead to other parts of the yacht, such as public areas and other lobbies, hallways including VIP and guest domains.
Futuristic Superyacht Moonset
The owner can directly go to the dock as there is a passage way that leads from the bedroom to the dock. This passage way includes a private kitchen where owner can cook and stock his/her snacks and meals. Floor area dedicated to the owner’s bedroom is approximately 90 square meters and suite extends about 12 meters.
Modern Superyacht Moonset
Private lounge is designed to be a bit separated from other public areas. Space dedicated to lounge is about 145 square meters supplemented by adjacent bathroom. It includes facilities like dining area, lounge chairs, bar, dining area, etc. It could be classed under luxury yacht even after using wave piercing trimaran hull form of Earthrace.
Source: DesignBuzz.com

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