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Electrolux Heath Station, Future Kitchen, Baiyao Lin
Rise in urban population has led to shrinking interior spaces. People staying in cities have to squeeze all the things in small areas. A few can be given a miss, but there are many household items that are as important as water. One such equipment is the Refrigerator, which keeps food stuff fresh and in good condition. Baiyao Lin has designed a smart refrigerator, dubbed as Electrolux Health Station.

Electrolux Heath Station, Future Kitchen, Baiyao Lin
When utilizing space in a clever manner, we always give ceiling a miss because of the height. But, the designer has made good use of it and has crafted a non-chaotic way to store food items. It is shaped like a container and comes injected with all the qualities of a refrigerator. The design consists of three parts: the pre-store area, the main store area and an innermost area or a kit. The kit, placed in the center, is used to store fast-food or stuff that simply needs to be pre-heated before consumption. The container present in this kit can be snapped apart for egression. It comes embedded with a few buttons that perform some important functions. To see the food items present inside it, simply press the blue button. If you wish like heating the food, make good use of the red button present on it.
Electrolux Heath Station, Future refrigerator, Baiyao Lin
The container is controlled with the help of a light green mirror, which is wedged on the wall. This mirror, which acts as its brain, is touch-sensitive and is used to control the equipment. Basic refrigerator functions are taken care by the basic button that is represented by the alphabet B. If you put your hand against the alphabet O, it will reorder eatables. It will shift the food from pre-store area to main store area or main store area to the kit as per a user’s whims and fancies. To check the food items left in the container, just press S. After a thorough assessment, one can order more food stuff via the internet that too without opening the containers. U/D will flawlessly control the up/down movement of the containers and also the store area on the whole.
Electrolux Health Station will also shower you with health advice. It will tell a user about different health foods and also guide the kind of fitness regime one should adopt. This futuristic refrigerator is not only space-saving, but also a great option to stay healthy.
Designer: Baiyao Lin

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