Vienna Falcon

Vienna Falcon, Electric Boat
Marine solar vehicles or solar boats came on the marine transportation scene as early as in 1985. Since then, they have technologically advanced, both in scope and in functionality – of course, along with accentuating upon their low emission mode. Moreover, continuing with this progressive pattern is the all-new and exclusive Vienna Falcon, a solar powered electric transportation ferry conceived by a design team of Stefan Wagner, Niklas Wagner, and Lukas Pressler.

Vienna Falcon, Solar Boat
This particular conception features multiple uses of clean energy sources, in the form of solar power as well as wave generators. The modernistic kite shaped body of the ferry is draped by stylish and lustrous black glass facades, which, in reality, are solar glass modules for clean electricity generation for motors. The body form also pertains to a sleek, aerodynamic demeanor, which enhances the speed, steering and fuel efficiency of the boat. Furthermore, the designers have envisaged Vienna Falcon as an important part of a low cost system, which would provide a permanent ferry service as an alternative to land transportation.
Vienna Falcon, Green Boat
Designers: Stefan Wagner, Niklas Wagner, Lukas Pressler
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