Toyota RiN

Toyota RiN, Futuristic Vehicle
The RiN concept from Toyota is a vehicle which focuses on making the lives of the driver and passengers, and actually everyone around it, more healthy and stress-free.

Toyota RiN, Future car
The exterior design of the Toyota RiN is intended to blend into the natural environment. The green glass and organic forms of the headlights, taillights and rear side windows are influenced by a type of tall-growing Japanese tree, the Yakusugi.
Green car, Toyota RiN
Access to the Toyota RiN is through sliding doors which feature a lower window pane which allow the the occupants to view nature at ground level. The headlights utilize a light distribution system that take into consideration oncoming pedestrians and vehicles and reduce glare.
Futuristic car, Toyota RiN
The Toyota RiN concept features heated seats which also help maintain good back posture, image displays matched to the drivers mood, an oxygen-level conditioner and a humidifier. The green glass helps reduce the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light entering the cabin.
Toyota RiN, Concept car
The biggest downside to the Toyota RiN concept is that the only time it fits in with nature is if you’re driving through the middle of a dense forest. Hardly a common occurrence.
Toyota RiN, Futuristic Interior
Toyota RiN, Green vehicle

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