2020 Chevrolet Era By Yana Briggs (Video)

2020 Chevrolet Era, Future car
Big automobile companies aren’t usually associated with projects that warm the hearts of environmentalists but this General Motors-sponsored project is truly a breath of fresh air in more than one ways. Conceptualized by Lithuania-born Yana Briggs, the 2020 Chevrolet Era has been nicknamed the “Cleaner” by its designer and comes packed with some awesome planet-friendly features.

2020 Chevrolet Era, future vehicle
The 2 + 2 design proposes to have active light collector panels housed on the top of it while the model’s concave spherical surface would maximize the available area to the panels that would absorb sunlight to generate electricity to power the beast.
2020 Chevrolet Era, futuristic transport
Streamlined lights placed along the car’s sides would indicate the charging process while a built-in O2 filter exhaust oxygen renewal system would cleanse the incoming polluted air as you drive.
futuristic car, 2020 Chevrolet Era
The Era would also feature diamond jewelry-inspired LED headlight detail that would give it a chic softness. Whether the Art Center College of Design graduate actually gets to see this gem of a car winning the next World Solar Challenge soon or not, her motto for the design “Do What’s Overdue!” certainly promises great things for the future of ecofriendly cars!
innovation vehicle, 2020 Chevrolet Era, eco car
2020 Chevrolet Era, future green car
Designer: Yana Briggs
Source: AutoMotto.com

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