Go-Kart 2 Go By Beau Reid

Go-Kart 2 Go, Beau Reid
Go-karts don’t make much sense in crowded cities except for go-kart tracks that are often expensive. One, it is not a legal to kart around on busy roads /highways and second the overpopulated city has hardly any area left to boost such freaky hobbies. Add to that, the go-karts vehicles available in the market are weighty and hardly convenient to carry around to some far away spot for practicing. Well, if you were bogged down by such details and looking around for a handy solution, here is one from the Beau Design studio.

future Kart, Beau Reid
Beau Reid of Beau Designs have come up with a simple idea of designing the kart with electric motor and turning it foldable so that you can safely fold it in the rear of your Sunday car and drive to the suburbs to try out your skills in go-karting.
Electric Kart, Beau Reid
The California based design firm focused on designing path-breaking ideas neatly turned into functional equipment, has launched a prototype of a new Electric Go-Kart to Go (GK2G) which largely resembles a formula1 car with no fuel emissions.
Go-Kart 2 Go, Beau Reid
The geeky electric kart weighing only a mere 65 pounds is powered by lithium batteries, and is capable of hitting a top speed of 60mph. The entire chassis and body is designed from carbon fiber, which not only keeps it lean but also makes it easy to maneuver on karting tracks due to it’s light weight.
Go-Kart 2 Go, Beau Reid
The super light Electric GK2G has dimensions of 30 X 30 X 15 inch which makes it easy to pack in the trunk of the car. The easy-to-disconnect connections at the rim and steering wheels als makes it effortless to double it into half and stow away.
Designer: Beau Reid
Source: AutoMotto.com

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