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World Wide Ten Fantantic Models And Future Tecnology

    Posted: 23 Sep 2011 08:50 AM PDT
    Dakshina Thakur:
    Hi-tech Wrist Watches
    Hi-tech Wrist WatchesWrist watches that go beyond their conventional mechanism to show the pace of times
    With significant transformation in today's advanced devices, witnessing distinctive changes in those customary watches should nowhere throw a curve at us. Surprisingly, creative wits and ingenious concepts have commenced surfacing to enhance the common man's everyday lifestyle. This time, we have a caught a sight of some incredibly advanced wristwatches that prance much ahead of today's time and incorporate great features to blow one's mind away. Here are six indeed avant-garde wearable watches to keep pace with times.
    1. HD3 Slyde
    HD3 Slyde
    HD3 SlydeUltra stylish watch with utmost technicality and complications
    For consumers who value technicality and complications imbued in modern timepieces, Jorg Hysek Jr. has designed the truly exquisite HD3 Slyde with a sapphire crystal cover. By eliminating the need for physical buttons, the innovative watch ascertains convenience and features an LED screen that curves easily to conform to your wrist. There are three battery indicator lights located on the side as well.
    By taking advantage of the nicely integrated light sensor, users can now automatically adapt their screen's brightness while taps or slides on the touchscreen enable one to control almost everything. Designed with CLT electronic movement, the HD3 Slyde emerges to be perfect for people seeking extreme technicality in a sleek, polished framework. The watch also stands apart for its black background and blue numerals virtual engine with a black rubber strap. The price for sleek HD3 Slyde is yet to be announced.
    2. Ziiro Watch
    Ziiro Watch
    Ziiro WatchA trendy watch with convenience of a bracelet
    A combination of ultra-style, accuracy, and beauty is what describes the Ziiro Watch by Ziiro. With no traditional hands, the watch asks you to follow the circles to know the time. Carved creatively, the bracelet-looking timepiece combines silicone and metal to sport a bold, appealing look. Those who are not comfortable with bracelet-form adopted by their wristwatch may not appreciate. However, the flexible watch sounds idyllic with a unique design, inner swirl that displays the current hour, and the outer swirl that shows the minutes. Ziiro has not revealed this hi-tech watch's price point yet.
    3. MB&F HM4 Thunderbolt Watch
    MB&F HM4 Thunderbolt Watch
    MB&F HM4 Thunderbolt WatchTruly unique, the watch takes inspiration from aviation to stand apart.
    Completely inspired by aviation, the unbelievably stylish watch lays its foundation around the complex HM4 engine and appears truly different with every component and form holding a technical purpose. There are dual dials, of which one shows time while the other notifies how much power the wearer has left. Perfect for one who admires nothing superfluous, the modern wristwatch features articulated lugs for supreme comfort and a sleek aerodynamic form. There are eye-catchy 50 jewels and 311 components in the engine, black hand-stitched calfskin strap and 5 sapphire crystals to surpass others. A hefty price tag of around $158,000 has been stitched to this horological machine.
    4. Olivier Demangel's Solaris watch
    Olivier Demangel's Solaris Watch
    Olivier Demangel's Solaris WatchThe sci-fi-looking watch attracts with Olivier Demangel’s distinctive pattern.
    Quite a great one to up the sophistication factor, the concept watch for Tokyoflash comes equipped with solar cells as the design's integral part. With a sci-fi look, the watch designed by Olivier Demangel is sure to intrigue many. However, it's merely a concept for now.
    5. Television remote control wristwatch
    Television Remote Control Wristwatch
    Television Remote Control WristwatchA perfect combination of a stylish watch and a handy remote control.
    People who are inclined more towards devices that render unprecedented convenience may find this techie-looking watch of great use. In addition to displaying the time and date, the innovative piece serves as the ultimate universal remote for users. The bezel of the watch houses six buttons sticking out that control functions like play, rewind and fast-forward for flicks and possibly DVRs. Tagged at $99.95, the watch acts dual by being a stylish watch and a handy remote control.
    6. Tread 1 by Devon
    Tread 1 by Devon
    Tread 1 by DevonInterestingly technical, Devon’s Tread 1 shows time literally move on the wrist.
    Last but not the least, the super advanced Tread 1 by Devon touts to be a complete reinvention of the humble watch with a patented system. Differentiating this timepiece are the unique Interwoven Time Belts that ensure the device its singularity. The timepiece astounds even more by counting 86,400 seconds per day. Driven by a lithium polymer battery and compact microstep motors for accuracy, the Tread 1 costs around $15,000 to make one see time literally move on the wrist.
    The stated cutting-edge wristwatches will entrance people seeking a blend of advanced mechanism and exclusivity. Besides incorporating a slew of magnificent features, they are sure to keep pace with times.

    Posted: 23 Sep 2011 07:58 AM PDT
    Dattatreya Mandal:
    Wooden car
    Wooden carWooden car to ensure minimum carbon footprints
    Seriously, who can deny the naturalistic charm of wooden conceptions with their all out quirkiness? Wood, by virtue of its low carbon output, can be considered as a sustainable material when used for construction of vehicular framework. Though, the weight of wood can prove to be unwieldy, especially in comparison with its lighter car body cousins such as carbon fiber. But that has not stopped some adamantly innovative people to contrive full blown automobiles which their chassis crafted entirely of wood. So, without further ado let us check out 10 such fascinating fastidious wooden cars that can be actually driven.
    1. Handmade wooden car Tryane II
    Tryane II
    Tryane IITryane II wooden car to ensure minimum carbon footprints

    A look at those shiny curves and we are surely enticed by their grandiose demeanor. This completely handmade glossy conception created by one Mr. Friend Wood, is christened as the Tryane II. Beyond the antediluvian visual allure, this 900 pounds (408 kg) car can actually romp up to a blistering top speed of 100mph (160 km/h). The ridiculously high performance certainly corresponds to the painstaking 2000 work hours of labor given by the creator.
    2. Japanese wooden car

    Japanese wooden car
    Japanese wooden carJapanese wooden car to ensure minimum carbon footprints
    Looking more like a futuristic chariot than a wooden car, this conception is supposedly influenced by the Flintstones. Contrived in Japan (though we do not have any info on the creator), the 390 kg vehicle is fully bio-degradable and is touted to go up to a speed of 90 km/hr. Though, with a price tag of around $32,500 very few of the eco-nerds would actually go for it.
    3. Maruti 800 in its wooden wrap

    Maruti 800 wooden wrap
    Maruti 800 wooden wrapMaruti 800 wooden wrap to ensure minimum carbon footprints
    Maruti 800 is one of the most commonest automobiles found scampering on the dusty roads of India. But, a full fledged wooden Maruti 800 can surely turn a lot of flummoxed heads. Ingeniously designed by Appar Lakshmanan, a carpenter with an experience of 25 years, this bantam wooden contraption was also aptly named as the Appar 25. Complete with latticed wooden strip doors, a grooved bonnet and wooden seats, the final result is surely worth Rs. 280,000 (the price paid by an art-connoisseur for the intriguing project).
    4. Battery powered wooden car

    Battery powered Wooden Car
    Battery powered Wooden CarBattery powered Wooden Car to ensure minimum carbon footprints
    This sprightly wooden vehicle with wood rimmed wheels may look like a showpiece for some publicity gimmick, but in actuality it is a fully working car conceived by a father and son duo from Xinjiang Province of China. They took nearly one year and 15,000 yuans to finally arrive at the nigh perfect end product. Then unveiled at the International Tourism Festival in Kashgar, the battery powered contraption with a price of 150,000 yuan surely did get a lot of attention. But, beyond the adulation it is the heartfelt essence that deserves all the accolades.
    5. Pascal Anson morphed 1997 Honda civic to a wooden car

    Honda civic wooden car
    Honda civic wooden carHonda civic wooden car to ensure minimum carbon footprints
    A perfect reinvention of the Civic into its wooden iteration - this is one Pascal Anson’s glorious vision. Making use of some sticky backed plastic and knotty pine, he converted them into polished strips of cladding for the 1997 model. What is even more surprising is the fact that this car was originally draped in wood with burgundy texture, but somehow Mr. Anson did not like it. Now you may ask what was the use of re-doing it again? Well, in our book, creativity is a good enough reason.
    6. Half modern, half retro wooden car in Ukraine

    Half modern half retro wooden car
    Half modern half retro wooden carHalf modern half retro wooden car to ensure minimum carbon footprints
    The front part (and one of the sides) may remind us Mafia 2’s Empire Bay City, while the rear section (along with the other side) alludes to some sprightly sports coupe. This intricately novel conception is the brainchild of one Vasily Lazarenko, who gave one and a half years of his life and two other personal vehicles to contrive his dream machine. Created from an assortment of oak parts, glues and bolts and powered by a 1981 Opel engine, this 100hp vehicle certainly succeeds in ticking our fancies.
    7. 1967 Renault Rio customized wood car

    Renault Rio Wooden Car
    Renault Rio Wooden CarRenault Rio Wooden Car to ensure minimum carbon footprints
    Grandly outfitted with a 750cc 4 Cylinder engine and a 3 speed transmission, this wooden 1967 Renault Rio is subtly smudged with an opulently regal essence. Owned by the Dezer Collection, a car museum based in North Miami, the two-seater sports car is actually built on a Renault 4 CV chassis. The exquisite bearing with a sober finish does accentuate upon the overall appeal of the $25,000 (base price) of the vehicle. But wait, the base price will surely go up to a more opulent stature, after the antique conception goes under the hammer.
    8. Oakwood wonder: The wooden Volkswagen Beetle

    Wooden Volkswagen Beetle
    Wooden Volkswagen BeetleWooden Volkswagen Beetle to ensure minimum carbon footprints
    This list would certainly remain incomplete if it did not include the venerable Beetle. A Bosnian auto-enthusiast going by the name of Momir Bojic has converted his 1974 model into a full-fledged sustainable wooden version. Draped in classy oakwood, the wooden cover of the vehicle was manufactured by a process called Bentwood. In this simple process, the usable pieces of wood are steamed so that they become malleable for craftsmanship. Then they are curved during the soft stage into desired forms and then affixed to the chassis.
    9. Splinter - the wooden supercar

    Splinter wooden supercar
    Splinter wooden supercarSplinter wooden supercar to ensure minimum carbon footprints
    Powered by a twin-supercharged V8 from Cadillac, incorporated to a hefty six-speed transmission this 600hp sleek monster is sure to have many of our hearts pounding. Created by a group of students from North Carolina State University, the ambitious endeavor was actually undertaken to test the qualities of wood as building components for cars. Supported by oakwood veneers and sturdy rubber tires, the power-train of the super-car is touted to handle the whopping 1100kg weight of the car.
    10. Custom built 2009 wooden car

    2009 wooden car
    2009 wooden car2009 wooden car to ensure minimum carbon footprints
    Built upon a 1986 Toyota truck frame, while powered by a Chrysler 318 engine, this fervently enticing conception was the creation of a North Carolina based furniture builder/auto-aficionado. The artistically quaint nature of the car is complimented by sumptuously polished cedar planks. And, beyond pure aesthetics, the car had just traveled a mere 1,800 miles before being auctioned off at eBay. We are sure that it was one of the prime selling points for the fascinating vehicle.

    Posted: 23 Sep 2011 12:50 AM PDT
    Babita Sajnani:
    Book lamp
    Book lampLamp shaped like an open book
    It is true that books can be your best friends, as they will always be there for you without any demands. Books have been written from times immemorial and are a vast sea of knowledge. They are truly inspirational in many different ways and to have products inspired by the form of a book is something quite amazing. Nowadays, you can grow flowers in a book-planter, sleep in a book-bed, use a folding book pillow at work for a quick power nap and perhaps relax on a book-shaped sofa! Here are seven creative ideas for book-inspired products that are made to please the bibliophile inside of you!
    1. Book Pot or Honbachi

    Honbachi planter
    Honbachi planterBook planter
    Now you can convert your old books into flower pots! Yes, the “Honbachi” or the book pots are a creation by Tokyo Pistol that recycle your old books and turn them into planters. The plants are grown by carving out a hole inside the pages of a book for the bowl with the plant and soil to be placed. The Honbachi looks extremely elegant when decorated on the kitchen shelf and add life to the surroundings. You can buy a set of three books contained in a pot production kit along with an option of three bowl sizes wherein the largest would cost 10,500 yen (dimensions 16 x 22 x 6 cm), the medium costing 8,400 yen (16 x 22 x 4 cm) and the smallest one costing 6,300 yen (16 x 20 3 cm) respectively. You can also select the material you would like for the book cover which comes in upholstery and leather. The plants that are supplied are seasonal plants.
    2. Robin Hood double-sided sofa
    Double sided sofa
    Double sided sofaBook shaped sofa
    Big Cozy Books has a variety of book-themed furniture created by Erik Olofson that would appeal to both children and adults. They are fun, colorful and durable as they are built with the sole intention of resisting the wear and tear caused by children jumping and bouncing in big numbers. The product by Big Cozy Books called “Robin Hood” is a great book-inspired double-sided sofa that has a standard height for a study table. The cozy design is perfect for children or even adults to use in place of chairs while eating of studying. The sofa comes in various colors and can also be customized to suit your taste. The sofa is made by using multicolored upholstery and adobe white vinyl for the seats.

    3. Book Beds
    Childrens' Bed
    Childrens’ BedBook inspired kiddy bed
    Wouldn’t it be nice if you could curl inside a huge book? Well, with the Book Bed you could precisely do that and a lot more as this bed looks like an open book and the bed sheets are actually the pages of the book bed, whereas the various colorful pillows act like book marks! This bed is low-rise, making it ideal for children. This book bed is the brainchild of a Japanese photographer called Yusuke Suzuki, who has transformed the boring bed into a playground.

    4. Book shaped ‘Workaholic’ pillow
    Pillow book
    Pillow bookA foldable pillow shaped book for workaholics
    The book-shaped ‘workaholic’ pillow is the solution for all the hardworking people who want to squeeze in a couple of minutes for a power nap. This hidden folding pillow can now provide the workaholics a short break to rejuvenate themselves for more hours of office work. Priced at $61.75 this pillow looks like a huge book, but once it opens up, it turns into a comfortable pillow which you can place on your desk for a short nap. The size of this amazing pillow is 21 x 10 x 30 cm and it can comfortably fit on you bookshelf!

    5. The Book Light
    Book lamp
    Book lampLamp shaped like an open book
    The Book Light is a creation by Myung-seo Kang and Mi-Seung Kim from Studio MS and looks like an open book emanating glowing light. Inspired by a book, the lamp has a pleat-like design to depict the fanned pages of a book that release light. The intensity of light is adjustable. This is a fabulous design that makes great use of a regular product in a different way.

    6. Book purse
    Bobbsey Twin purses
    Bobbsey Twin pursesBeautiful book-inspired purses
    Most of us judge a book by its covers and making use of this tendency, Rebound Designs have come up with book cover purses that not only look colorful and classy but are a great way to recycle old hard-backed books. Now you can flaunt your favorite book with your personal Book Purse. The Bobbsey Twins Book Purse is priced at $45 and is a colorful designed that has a beaded handle and an orange inside.

    Posted: 22 Sep 2011 10:18 PM PDT
    Jaspreet Kaur Walia:
    New Taipei City Museum of Art
    New Taipei City Museum of ArtNew Taipei City Museum of Art from PA Studio
    Art Galleries put on show captivating pieces of art, which leave people in a state of surprise. Designers Arash Pouresmaeil, Jafar Bazzaz and Kamal Youssefpoor from PA or Process-based Architecture Studio took the purpose of these galleries/museums’ way too seriously and came up with a proposal for the New Taipei City Museum of Art. The proposed structure will prove to be an architectural marvel that will leave visitors awestruck.
    Picture Gallery
    New Taipei City Museum of Art
    New Taipei City Museum of Art from PA Studio
    The uniquely designed building has been shaped like a cube which will stand with panache on an urban plaza. Usually buildings have different floors that are used for various purposes, but this design won't feature any floors. The inside space of this museum will be well integrated and will comprise of several galleries that will be moveable. The outside walls of this attention-grabbing gallery can also be exploited to display art works. The galleries can effortlessly move both vertically (up and down) and horizontally (left and right). This will change the overall appearance depending on the position of these galleries, which will give birth to various shapes.
    The inside and outside of this exceptional museum will get a lively space, which will be produced by the way these galleries will be fashioned. The moveable galleries can easily cross the outside wall of the building and can become a part of the urban space. This will help create a truly dramatic effect which will leave both visitors and onlookers impressed. The space can be altered depending on the kind of event. The exterior walls will get as much importance as the inside walls for displaying art works. The building will shower a spatial experience, thanks to the presence of moveable galleries. All the events that take place at New Taipei City Museum of Art will get a unique arrangement that will explore spaces beyond the four walls of this building.
    Via: Archdaily

    Posted: 22 Sep 2011 08:44 PM PDT
    Sneha Upadhyaya:
    Pixel' Concept car
    Pixel’ Concept car‘Pixel’ Concept car by TATA
    Compact car concepts are catering the dreams and fantasies of n-number of people, living all over the world. It speaks volume about what is lavishness and facilitate distinguish standards to the value of outstanding performances. Where its exterior look spells chic, its interior comfort gives meanings to magic charm. This charm is combined with its elegant appearance. Not only this, it is wonderful at the performance front also.
    However, the urge gets changed with the ever changing time. It compels the designers to think beyond the horizon. Flexible modes of commutation are the need of the hour to pacify the commuters.
    The outstanding shape shifting capability will definitely force you to say they were existent. So get ready to drool over the brilliant efforts of designers.
    1. Navis Concept Car

    Navis Concept Car
    Navis Concept CarNavis Concept Car For Next-Gen Urban Environment
    Navis compact car posses the compact dimension and nil release electric engines are perfectly suitable for the urban lanes. Free shift wheel system fulfills the need of electric motors. It provides the facility of sensing the scent and its concentration scheme and rear amazingly incline the advantage of airflow. Its features like sitting arrangements, ultra-compact lithium ion battery for power, metallic layer for safeguard and high tangible steel plates for smoother riding make it appealing.
    2. Nissan’s Pivo 2 concept

    Nissan's Pivo 2 concept
    Nissan’s Pivo 2 conceptNissan’s Pivo 2 concept – your robotic automotive friend
    This extraordinary electric car gets energy from lithium ion batteries. Its design is featured by 360 degree movable cabin and 90 degree movable wheels. This rotational design facilitate obsolete reverse and inventive robotic agent provide ultimate interface of conversation.
    3. Peugeot Concept

    Peugeot Concept
    Peugeot ConceptNew All Electric Peugeot Concept Can Do 360 Degree Helicoptor Rotations
    Electric Peugeot concept car possess eight electric motors and dolorean-styled opening doors. Its identical and magnetically coupled spherical wheels let you have complete fun around the city. But beware, the uninvited curbs may disturb you while you are in high speed.
    4. Eco-Fun compact green car concept

    Eco-Fun compact green car concept
    Eco-Fun compact green car conceptEco-Fun compact green car concept for the future
    Tailor the lovely compact eco-friendly car with your own choice color. Mind blowing aerodynamic shell, electric powered seats, spherical front wheel and covered rear wheel are some features that are enough to mesmerize the mass.
    5. Kinetia Cuboy

    Kinetia Cuboy
    Kinetia CuboyKinetia Cuboy: Compact city car flaunts simple, one-box design
    The Kinetia Cuboy car introduces redefined compactness to compete with it competitive brands. Its exterior body distinguishes the design and its interior gives L-designed clean arrangement. It has door-accessed three seats and separable headlamps. The rounder body and collapsible steering make it more adorable.
    6. Pixel’ Concept car

    Pixel' Concept car
    Pixel’ Concept car‘Pixel’ Concept car by TATA
    Tata pixel concept car own competently packaged four seats and is featured to remain in limelight. This impressive zero turning radius arrangement facilitate perfectly rotated wheels and zero-pester affair.
    7. Peugeot PLUX

    Peugeot PLUX
    Peugeot PLUXPeugeot PLUX city car stretches its body to accommodate extra passengers
    The compact size of the car seems to be a star attraction. This esteemed design is extensible, pleasurable and finished. The design has extra passenger accommodation facility. Its line, parts, seats and comfort turn it into an ideal design.
    8. Bionic concept car

    Bionic concept car
    Bionic concept carBionic concept car modifies for the sustainable future
    The modified design of Bionic concept car provides a sustainable future, enhanced comfort and better commutation. It has come up with organic shape of plants and nature. The use of advanced technology makes it faultless for ultra-crowded cities. The bionic concept works while generating solar energy from photovoltaic solar celled polycarbonate roof.
    9. Spheric concept car

    Spheric concept car
    Spheric concept carSpheric concept car smoothly rolls on the future roads
    One more futuristic road car is spherical concept car which has adjustable tapering rear, autonomously accelerated wheels and feasible front wing profile. For better visibility, it has white organic LED panels.
    10. Peugeot 888

    Peugeot 888
    Peugeot 888The shrinking beauty- Peugeot 888 concept by Oskar Johansen
    An eco-zippy car is the best option to get rid of traffic snarls. It can swoop up in a compact carriage. This ability makes it more special because this system is powered by solar energy. The hydraulic system aids to tilting it up. Its independent motors are powered by Lithium-ion batteries. The constancy and pace prove it an impressive design.

    Posted: 22 Sep 2011 08:37 PM PDT
    Sneha Upadhyaya:
    I-note pad
    I-note padEight cool and creative note pad designs
    Note pad is a place for collecting, managing, finding and sharing your stuffs. You can see your notes, thoughts, clippings and reference materials here. It is an outstanding place to keep your imperative information and organizing it in appropriate sections. The cool features of note pad let you get rid of brainstorming. The unique designing and creative piece of paper art make your note pad more special. It is a perfect place to layout your plans and key views. You can use its checklist for reducing hazard. There is no need to fill your mind with massive list of to-dos. You just need to jot down your normal notes, key ideas. To-dos or hint in your note pad.
    Take a look at this collection of eight unique, cool and very creative note pad designs.
    1. Piano note pad

    Piano Note Pad
    Piano Note PadEight cool and creative note pad designs
    Piano note pads seem like brushed metal and aluminum. Yamaha has introduced the piano keyboard knowledge into a leather note pad. This cool featured note pad is far stylish than your ordinary grocery note book. It is definitely going to remind you of your childhood when you used to turn your book-pages with pressing the integrated keys of piano.
    2. Sliced bread note pad

    Sliced bread note pad
    Sliced bread note padEight cool and creative note pad designs
    Feel the taste of the slice of bread and make your notes superbly delicious, by using the sliced bread note pad. Just possess this bread note pad and take your first step to hold your stuffs together. Such note pad package contains 12 slices of bread note pad for every month. Your every delicious slice set has numbers marked on it.
    3. I-note pad

    I-note pad
    I-note padEight cool and creative note pad designs
    Now, the next generation I-pad presents a sixty paper note pad with smooth artificial front sheet and hard back board. This compatible note pad includes pen-pencil and all types of hardware. It is featured by all kinds of paper like blank, vertical lined and horizontal lined. Apple has made it possible that such cool and technically enriched note pad has arrived for you.
    4. Street art or wall note pad

    Street art or wall note pad
    Street art or wall note padEight cool and creative note pad designs
    Instead of blank pages enjoy writing on the marvelous photos of sparkling New-York walls. This creatively designed note pad allows you mark on its stirring background. Have pleasure in becoming a lane artist and enjoy notifying information and other stuffs.
    5. Ceramic note pad

    Ceramic note pad
    Ceramic note padEight cool and creative note pad designs
    Use the ceramic note pads and spread the Eco-friendly idea of saving the trees. Go green with writing on ceramic note pads.
    6. Chocolate note pad

    Chocolate Note Pad
    Chocolate Note PadEight cool and creative note pad designs
    Use the unusual and ultimate chocolate note pad and experience the chocolate taste. Such note pads looks like the real chocolate that make your information yummy and you feel cool and delightful while using it for collecting valuable information.
    7. Napkin note pad

    Napkin note pad
    Napkin note padEight cool and creative note pad designs
    Are you afraid of forgetting a great creative idea? Do you often complain of being not ready with your laptop to record any imperative information? If yes, then adopt a fabulous idea of carrying napkin note pad. Now, whether it is your office, shop, restaurant, bar or coffee shop, be prepare to jot down or capture your stuffs in this napkin note pad. Register your name in the list of those wise entrepreneurs, artists, designers and creative people who use this brilliant idea and secure their thoughts in such graphic, battleship or calendar napkin note pads.
    8. Waterproof note pad for aqua notes

    8. Waterproof note pad for aqua notes
    8. Waterproof note pad for aqua notesEight cool and creative note pad designs
    A great idea of gathering aqua notes is presented here for boaters, college students, shower thinkers, field workers and doodlers. Do not let your thoughts get down the drain. If you are working in a wet environment then use waterproof note pads, whenever you get hit by some incredible ideas.

    Posted: 22 Sep 2011 08:35 PM PDT
    Arjun Wadia:
    Nikon Coolpix P300
    Nikon Coolpix P300The fastest lens embedded Nikon Coolpix P300.
    From reel cameras to digital, the world is turning more and more beautiful through the new age digital cameras. Digital cameras have enabled photographers to click sharper and brighter pictures even in the low lights. The market of digital cameras have experienced great shift in the recent years with more and more innovations. The cameras have now become slim, sleek, portable, and digital, thus making photography easier and much more fun. Brands like Sony, Panasonic, Nikon, and Cannon are leading the market with their constant upgrading and falling prices due to the competition. To buy a digital portable camera, you would find a whole lot of options, which are identical in many ways, and it is hard to choose the best out of the lot. Here is a list of seven trendy digital cameras that you can compare and choose the best for yourself.
    1. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V

    Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V
    Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9VThe trendy 16.2 megapixel Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V with Exmor R CMOS sensor.
    The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V is a delightful 16.2 megapixel camera. The amazing portable camera has a 16x zoom lens and comes with Exmor R CMOS sensor. The camera also has a built in GPS tracker and a compass. It records videos in a 1080p high definition and captures 3D quality still images. Overall, it is a wonderful companion to own.
    2. Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS

    Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS
    Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HSThe 12.1 megapixel Cannon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS with CMOS.
    The Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS is a 12.1 megapixel camera with a CMOS sensor. The camera has a decent 5x zoom lens with a 1920 x 1280 resolution video recording. The camera is decent and is embedded with DIGIC4, canon’s latest processor.
    3. Nikon Coolpix P300

    Nikon Coolpix P300
    Nikon Coolpix P300The fastest lens embedded Nikon Coolpix P300.
    The Coolpix P300 is the latest in this series and has the fastest lens used in a coolpix. The camera is a 12.2 megapixel digital with CMOS sensor. The camera supports a 1080p full HD video recording. Unlike the normal digital cameras, it has features to control the shutter and ISO speed which helps to capture sharp and crisp images in bad light.
    4. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH27

    Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH27
    Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH27The compact, colorful and stylish 16.1 megapixel camera.
    The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH27 is a compact, colorful, and stylish 16.1 megapixel camera with an 8x optical zoom. The output screen is a 3.0-inch touch screen and the camera supports a 1280 x 720p high definition digital video recording.
    5. Canon PowerShot SD1400

    Canon PowerShot SD1400
    Canon PowerShot SD1400The 14.1 megapixel Canon PowerShot SD1400 with image stabilization.
    The Canon PowerShot SD1400 is a 14.1 megapixels camera with a 4x optical zoom lens. The canon digital cameras have more image stabilization than the others, which help in capturing clear images that often become blur because of the shake. It offers a video resolution of HD 720p.
    6. Olympus E-P3

    Olympus E-P3
    Olympus E-P3The Olympus E-P3 with 14.1 megapixels and 4x optical zoom.
    The Olympus E-P3 comes with a live MOS image sensor and 12.1 megapixels. It offers a 1080/60i high quality video recording with Dolby digital surround sound. It has a 3.0 inch LCD display for the output.
    7. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX9

    Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX9
    Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX9The 16.2 megapixel stylish Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX9.
    The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX9 is a stylish 16.2 megapixel camera, one of the latest models launched by Sony in the Wx series. The video output recording is of 1080i resolution at 60 frames per second. The camera has a 5x zoom and provides clear and sharp images.

    Posted: 22 Sep 2011 08:27 PM PDT
    Arjun Wadia:
    Smallest gadgets
    Smallest gadgetsSeven smallest gadgets in the world
    Talented people from across the world have been constantly providing us with the most innovative technology. Gadgets have greatly influenced our lives and completely transformed the way we perceive things. In gizmos, it has always been a race for the smallest and the sharpest. The CD player that was once a breakthrough in technology has now been replaced by iPod. There is no stopping it and the luxury we gain from the advancements in technology is priceless. You might have been surprised by many mini portable devices that you see around these days but wait until you see this. Here is a list of the seven smallest gadgets in the world that point towards the ultra-portable future.
    1. Neo 808i - World's smallest phone

    Neo 808i
    Neo 808iReal Brushed Aluminum Casing
    Neo 808i which looks like a portable mp3 player is the world’s smallest phone. It has an aluminum casing, 1.2mp camera, extendable memory of up to 4GB, audio- video player, and recorder and all the other general features of a normal cell phone. It has no 3G and Wi-Fi but the only considerable drawback is the talk time, but it is understandable according to the tiny size.
    2. Mini DV tiny camera – 8GB MicroSD spy gadget

    Mini DV Tiny Camera
    Mini DV Tiny Camera8GB MicroSD Spy Gadget
    This is a tiny thumb size DV camera with a dimension of 4.3 × 2.8 x 15cm but is capable of recording full color 1280 × 960 video at 29fps and clicking 2048 × 1536 pixels resolution pictures. The recording and picture quality is amazing even though it has a pinhole camera. The images clicked are stored in .jpeg files, which can be transferred to other devices through the mini USB port. This is definitely a spy gadget.
    3. Raspberry Pi – Smallest computer

    Raspberry Pi
    Raspberry PiSmallest Computer
    This design is brought to you by the former game designer David Braben. The mini PC comes under the exclusive Raspberry Pi foundation, which is the home of the design’s mass manufacture. This tiny PC is just equal to the size of a USB device. This is not a fluke; the specifications include a 700MHz ARM11 processor, video ports, removable media, 128MB of RAM, and USB 2.0. That means instead of a tower box, you can just opt for this tiny stick size PC.
    4. The smallest screen: MicroEmissive displays

    MicroEmissive Displays
    MicroEmissive DisplaysThe smallest screen
    This is the world’s smallest display screen proved by the Guinness Book of World Records. The tiny display screen has been introduced by the Scottish microelectronics company MicroEmissive Displays.
    5. Swiftpoint SLIDER smallest mouse

    Swiftpoint SLIDER
    Swiftpoint SLIDERSmallest mouse
    This device carries the functions of a mouse but does not carry its shape in any way. If you ever get tired of using the conventional mouse especially when you are travelling, this tiny little device can be your solution. This device does not require a tracking pad to work on and it is definitely smaller and relatively easier to use than a mouse.
    6. Tiny projector for cell phones

    Tiny projector
    Tiny projectorTiny projector for cell phones
    This tiny 1.3 cm wide projector will insure VGA quality image, which is quite impressive for the size. The company also claims that this tiny projector, which can be integrated in cell phones, will not be compromised on its quality despite its considerably small size. The image diagonal produced by this integrated projector will be about 40 inches.
    7. The Super Tiny Micro SD card reader

    Micro SD Card Reader
    Micro SD Card ReaderEasy plug and play installation device
    This is not one of those card readers that you have seen earlier. This micro SD card reader is the smallest of its kind. The device is so tiny in both length and width that it is hard to keep a track on it. It just weights 3g. This works as a USB drive and a card reader and is an ultra-portable portable plug and play device.

    Posted: 22 Sep 2011 03:19 PM PDT
    Sam S:
    Floating homes
    Floating homesBest Floating homes for the nomads
    A home in nature’s lap is every nature lover’s dream. Building sustainable housing options for people enterprising enough to live in such places requires creativity and out of box thinking. Below are eight amazing floating homes designed to make you feel wistful.
    1) Floating Green Home
    Floating Green Home
    Floating Green HomeFloating Green Home Sets Sail w/ Solar Panel Power System is a perfect home for the nomads.
    This floating home was designed by RAFAA Architecture & Designs and may very soon see the light of the day. Dubbed as The Last Resort, the floating home is anout 5 meters wide and 15 meters long and has two levels. The upper level houses the living space, kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms. The lower level contains hatches, sleeping bunks and mechanical equipment. There are six bedrooms with sliding panels to ensure privacy. The roof makes for an extra deck and a flight of stair leads to it. The solar-panel generating electricity is situated here. This generates electricity for two electric engines that propel the home. Vertical blinds on the facade act as shading devices for the interior as well as a privacy system.
    2) Iceberg Retreat
    Iceberg Retreat
    Iceberg RetreatIceberg Retreat: Cool Water Resort Features Floating Cabins
    These cottages are designed to look like icebergs or natural rock formations. The design reveals only a part of the structure, while a major part of the house is built under the surface of the water- much like an iceberg- to provide an underwater view.
    Pontoons are used to stabilize the structure while a hull-like shell keeps it in place and ensures there are no leaks. The submerged design serves a very practical purpose- it keeps a check on excessive energy consumption and the water regulates internal temperatures removing the need for air conditioning. The angled surfaces of the retreat also make for varying diving elevations. This design is the baby of architect Daniel Anderson who is a fan of organic forms.
    3) Mobile Island

    Mobile Island
    Mobile IslandMobile Island: Man-Made, Free-Floating Luxury Beach House
    The first Mobile Island was constructed 15 years ago but was destroyed by a hurricane. The current model, like its predecessor, floats atop a millions of recycled plastic bottles. The free-floating private Island keeps growing and changing. Sometimes two stories houses are constructed, which, a few years later are replaced. The foundation of this island rests on recycled plastic. Sections of the island are also used to grow food. Tropical and island-related themes adorn the island and also the interiors. Visitors are welcome here and donations are used to keep this island afloat. The island faces the constant danger of natural disaster targeting its area and also the threat of pirates, etc. However, despite the odds, the island has survived and it continues to grow.
    4) Half-floating homes

    Half-Floating Home
    Half-Floating HomeHalf-Floating Home: Semi-Submerged Two-Story Houseboat
    The Half-Floating home designed by the Dutch firm WaterStudio is a semi-Submerged two-story houseboat. At first look, it appears to be a minimalist, box-like houseboat. However, that is only half of the structure. The lower story, which houses the bedroom, bathroom and other private spaces, is submerged below and the living, dining and kitchen areas are above the waterline.
    This design represents housing potential for areas which are predominantly surrounded by water. It combines the experience of living above the surface of the water with the experience of enjoying its depths.
    5) The Uboat

    UboatUboat: Urban Houseboat for City Canals, Lakes & Streams
    Small, smart and sustainable, the Uboat designed by Wyat Little tackles the problem of building affordable housing.
    The Uboat has a simple straightforward design: It's slat-sided box is surrounded by a deck on all four sides which serve as entry and porch space. The rooftop is designed to provide shelter and an area for the solar panels.
    The interior temperature is regulated by a geothermal loop dropped into the water. It draws hot or cool water as required into the in-floor and heating and cooling system. Semi-concealed tanks collect rain water for drinking. Though simple in design, this concept home makes for a more practical housing space.
    6) Split-Level Houseboat

    Split-Level Houseboat
    Split-Level HouseboatSplit-Level Houseboat: Half Sits on Surface, Half Underwater
    This watery abode was created by Plus31 for the waterways of Amsterdam. This concept again involves layering of living space where the more private areas like the bedrooms and bathrooms rest below the surface. The living rooms, kitchens and other common areas are built above the water so that the occupants can enjoy the view and their privacy isn't compromised too. The aluminum clad exterior wraps around a rooftop deck to create additional. A looping solid form wraps around the main structure to form the floors, ceiling and short sides of the home.
    7) Living Islands

    Living Islands
    Living IslandsLiving Islands: The World's Longest-Floating Mobile Homes
    So far we have listed high tech, and futuristic designs which all require considerable investment and artificial material. Affordable floating homes, however, are not confined to such concept designs. A community in rural South America has lived on moving islands of living reeds for hundreds of years. The Uros islanders carry everything with them on the giant lake. More reeds is continuously added to the eight-foot-thick bed of reeds when they begin to sink. The reason this people are forced to live on the island is the danger of enemies encroaching upon their lands. The reed totora which forms the bed for their island is also consumed as food, and is used for medicinal purposes. These people are not divorced from technology. Today, some homes have motorized vehicles and solar powered panels.
    8) Houseboat

    HouseboatHouseboat? Hah! Buy a Full Floating Cabin, Porch & Garden
    This houseboat breaks the mold of traditional houseboats. Purchased for a mere $25,000, this houseboat has a porch and a garden. The simple twenty by twenty A-frame house is located on Powell Lake in coastal British Columbia. The entire one and half story structure rests on giant logs bound together by steel cable, tightened with winches and hydraulic jacks and fastened with railroad spikes..
    The houseboat also has a boat dock, wood shed and a vegetable garden. It is powered by solar and wind energy and propane is used for cooking, refrigeration and lighting. There are two bedrooms, a kitchen, living and dining room on the mail floor. The upper level houses the master bedroom. The house sits atop a floating forty-by-forty foot platform which provides a lot of extra room.

    Posted: 22 Sep 2011 03:06 PM PDT
    Babita Sajnani:
    Various unusual phone booths
    Various unusual phone boothsFound in Japan
    It’s hard to believe that the era belonging to the humble telephones and those over-crowded phone booths is now gradually becoming extinct due to the advent of the cellphone. Talking on the phone is not harmful when compared to the radiation released by cellphones, and hence telephones should be brought back into the scenario in a big way. One way to encourage and attract people to public telephone booths would be to renovate them and turn them into fun and interesting structures. Here are seven such amazing phone booths that are bound to have you check them out!
    1. Shark phone booth
    Shark phone booth
    Shark phone boothFound in Russia
    Created by a Russian street artist, this phone booth is an amazing work that has the shape of a shark. This is a very good attempt at turning the conventional and boring phone booths at something very catchy and interesting - which this booth has achieved in doing! When making a call by using this booth, it appears as if the shark is eating your head. A very humorous take on phone booths, this one is certainly very entertaining and inspirational!
    2. Ice phone booth
    Ice phone booth
    Ice phone boothMade entirely out of ice
    The Ice Phone Booth was an entry at the US National Ice Carving Championship that was hosted by an organization called Ice Alaska. This competition draws over a hundred ice artists and more than 45 thousand spectators. This is a great opportunity to catch the sculptors live in action, chipping away at huge chunks of ice to arrive at a marvelous creation. The Ice Phone Booth is a great piece of ice architecture that has been crafted to perfection. These phone booths would be ideal in Antarctica!

    3. The Hello Kitty phone booth
    Hello Kitty phone booth
    Hello Kitty phone boothFound in Hong Kong
    This amazing phone booth has been found in Hong Kong and is the perfect place for a young girl to call! The fans can now have the opportunity of making calls at one of such phone booths that have the signature Hello Kitty head and the slanting bow!

    4. Arm gestures phone booth
    Arm Gestures phone booth
    Arm Gestures phone boothFound in Brazil
    This unique phone booth is actually a group of four phone booths that apparently have big heads and varied gestures. It’s interesting to see their different ways of standing. These phone booths are located in Brazil.

    5. The Owl phone booth
    Owl phone booth
    Owl phone boothJapanese phone booth
    This phone booth is one of the many Japanese creations that you can find in the hi-tech country of Japan. This particular phone booth is in the shape of a owl that is made with a bluish-green metallic lattice structure that looks very attractive. The other detailing of the owl like its claws, eyes and beak are done in a golden color. This phone booth is a very innovative and very pleasing to look at too.

    6. The Globe phone booth
    Globe phone booth
    Globe phone boothJapanese phone booth
    The Globe phone booth is another Japanese creations that is in the shape of the globe that is tilted on its axis! This phone booth is sure to be a hit with kids with its attractive metallic caged form and perfectly executed design.
    7. The BucherboXX phone booth
    Books in a phone booth
    Books in a phone boothFound in Germany to promote reading
    The BucherboXX phone booth has been created by Konrad Kutt from Germany in a bid to save the dying pastime of book-reading along with a phone booth. This colorfully painted phone booth is pretty much conventional in shape with the difference that it has shelves with books lined up on it apart from the telephone. The phone booth hopes to promote reading amongst its users. The only repercussion is vandalism of property which would have to be checked every now and then.

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