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    Posted: 24 Sep 2011 04:12 AM PDT
    Jaspreet Kaur Walia:
    Panzer Soundtank
    Panzer SoundtankNik Nowak's concept sound vehicle
    A good sound system can have an everlasting impression. But, good always does not mean the quality of sound it produces. Some people like good quality sound traits to be clubbed with an eye-catching outer skin as well. Nik Nowak is one amongst them and I can bet his creation will freak out many and make eyes do a somersault in surprise. Nowak has designed the Panzer Soundtank which in true terms is huge and monstrous.
    As the name drops a hint, Panzer Soundtank looks like a mini military tank that has been dipped in the colors black and white. Military tanks are surly an impressive sight that send shivers down the spine and make enemies shake in fear. These super heavy tanks move slowly and come loaded with lethal weapons. But, don't worry Nik's tank won't harm you! It is lethal for party animals who love to loosen themselves and get high on good quality music as this tank will whiff tunes that will set your pulses racing in no time. The concept sound vehicle will rock you and leave you wheezing with the presence of drum machines and speakers.
    Panzer Soundtank
    Panzer SoundtankNik Nowak's concept sound vehicle
    Panzer Soundtank has all the necessary equipment that a DJ can ever crave for to create a musical magic. All the DJ equipment rest nicely inside the monstrous creation complete with a seat. The creation also features a track just like the tanks and if you are wondering about its capability to move around then let me tell you that this tank can actually move around. Wow! Simply, ride the tank where the party is and let all worries about setting the DJ equipment time and again take a backseat. Now, this surely sounds fun and crazy.
    Panzer Soundtank will produce explosive sounds and will become the life of a party. It will attract a lot of attention and it’s for sure people will get pictures clicked with Panzer as if it was a celebrity. Well, maybe we get to see another war soon on the streets, war of music, where DJs will get their respective tanks and shoot at each other with great tunes. Panzer will definitely make eyes pop and jaws drop every time it is unleashed.

    Panzer SoundtankNik Nowak's concept sound vehicle
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    Posted: 24 Sep 2011 04:05 AM PDT
    Jaspreet Kaur Walia:
    Norwegian wild reindeer center pavilion
    Norwegian wild reindeer center pavilionNorwegian wild reindeer center pavilion by Snøhetta
    Home to wild reindeer herds, the Dovrefjell Sunndalsfjella, has got an impressively made pavilion that has also been shortlisted for an award by the World Architecture Festival. Christened the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Center Pavilion, it is located in Dorve, Norway. The architectural marvel has been constructed by Snohetta that comprises of architects, Rune Grasdal, Kjetil T. Thorsen, Margit Tidemand Ruud, Eerik Brett Jacobsen, Martin Brunner and interior architect Heidi Pettersvold.
    Picture Gallery
    Norwegian wild reindeer center pavilion
    Norwegian wild reindeer center pavilion by Snohetta
    The observation pavilion is spread over an area of 90 square meters and has been erected on a plateau that is at a height of 1200 meters above sea level. The elevation will unfurl panoramic views that will leave visitors in a state of awe. It will be a visual treat to see the outstanding Snohetta mountain range from such a height. This will etch an eternal smile on the face of onlookers and will be a perfect retreat away from the hustle-bustle that cities provide us with.
    The facade of this impressive structure is a bit undulating that gives birth to a comfortable seating area. The seat is kissed by sun rays that make the area quite warm and soothing. It will clearly bring in mind the shapes acquired by rocks that is a result of erosion caused by water and wind. The amazing structure also features a fireplace that will lend necessary warmth when the outside temperature dips. It also has a glass facade that is supported by steel fins. The wooden bench blends perfectly with the walls, floor and steel ceiling creating a magical aura. The inside of the pavilion will unfold beautiful and breathtaking view of the mountains and park. Steep terrain and mountains will welcome you when the glass façade is opened.
    Norwegian Wild Reindeer Center Pavilion has been constructed using Norwegian Shipbuilding techniques. These techniques were coupled with highly developed machines and processed for an amazing end result. The waving effect was achieved by using 10 inch wooden beams that were milled and assembled by making good use of pegs. Unhindered views are provided by the benches on inside wall of the gathering space, which has been enclosed by glass starting from the floor and touching the ceiling.
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    Posted: 24 Sep 2011 02:39 AM PDT
    Sam S:
    10 weird clocks
    10 weird clocksA clock can double up as a showpiece. Below are few weird designs.
    Time and tide waits for no one, the saying goes. Turn your humble time-keeping machine into an object of wonder. We have compiled a list of a few unconventional pieces of mechanics which will help you keep track of time, in a little unconventional manner.
    1. Dali Clock
    Dali clock
    Dali clockInspired by the famous painting by Salvador Dali.

    Salvador Dali’s famous surreal painting 'The Persistence of Memory' is the inspiration behind this clock. The clock takes its form from the melting clocks on Dali's painting. The clock costs about $45. It is sure to add a surreal element to your wall and provide opportunity for some intellectual exchange when you have friends over.
    2. Retro Flip Down Clock
    The Retro Clock
    The Retro ClockThis clock will take you back in time.

    This clock is designed for travelling back in time- metaphorically of course. The Retro Flip Down clock will take you back in time with its impressive design clock will surely take you back in time. This retro style clock has an impressive design. Retro Flip Down Clock's high precision mechanics will accurately tell the time all day long. The time will flip down automatically every 60 seconds and hour without the need for winding or adjusting.
    This eye catching piece is available at for $35. Of course, there is always the chance that you will be so absorbed in the workings of the clock that you could lose track of time.
    3. Digimech Clock
    Digimech Clock
    Digimech ClockAn innovative and paradoxical concept

    This clock is a paradox; it displays the time digitally the old fashioned way. The Digimech clock is made up of vertical sliders on which parts of numbers are printed. The numbers only reveal themselves when they perfectly align within the display box, else they make no sense.
    This intricate clock is controlled and regulated by a PIC16F628 microcontroller. This fine piece of machinery is a collector's edition and unless you really love intricate and weird clocks, this one would just end up occupying too much space in your house. The price for this concept piece is not available.
    4. rnd_time Infinite Wall Clock
    Infinite Clock
    Infinite ClockHere’s an assemble yourself clock

    Here is a wacky showpiece for your wall- the rnd_time Infinite Wall Clock. The clock gets its name from the random (rnd stands for random factor) manner in which it components are displayed on the wall. The cubes, made of nylon plastic, are made for each hour, and another cube has the clock hands and battery. Screws and wall plugs are shipped with the clock and you can design the clock as per your liking. At $256, this will be an expensive deal but with little sensibility you can make this the showpiece in your house.
    5. Math Clock (Pi Clock)
    The Math clock
    The Math clockSolve the problem at hand to know the time. Literally!

    Love numbers and algebra? This clock will prepare you for advanced calculus as you have to solve each problem to solve the problem at 'hand', i.e., the time. At $32.99, this clock is for those who love numbers and calculus. It might put those with poor math skills at a disadvantage when they need to tell the time.
    6. Rat Race Clock
    The Retro Clock
    The Retro ClockThis clock will take you back in time.

    You don't have to be a part of this 'Rat Race'; instead, you can sit back and enjoy it. This entertaining piece of mechanics is available for just $24.99 from The mechanical rat inside the contraption runs on the treadmill which, in turn, moves the gears to move the hour and minute hands to display the time. This one is a good bargain and at that price you get a pet too (mechanical of course).
    7. Whatever Clock
    Whatever clock
    Whatever clockA little bit of attitude on your wall

    Another contradiction. A clock which tells the time for those who really don't care what time it is. This one 'frees you from constrains of time.' This clock shows all the numbers fallen down and tumbled in a corner. This costs $21.99 and comes individually hand painted and is lead free. A perfect addition for those who like to put their attitude out there for all to see.
    8. The Rim Clock
    The Rim Clock
    The Rim ClockThe inside out clock

    The RIM clock works inside out, literally! Minimalist in design, this clock has protrusions that move around outside the rim to display the time. Of course, there are no numbers displayed outside so you would have to wrack your brain to tell the time. It will be an avant-garde addition on your wall but will go a little way to tell you the time. Unless you have numbers drawn on the wall, you will have trouble telling the exact time. (Price unavailable)
    9. Timesphere Wall Clock
    Timesphere clock
    Timesphere clockThe minimalistic design is mesmerising

    The Timesphere clock was designed for The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Its minimalist design and simple looks make it a great collector's addition. A little red ball, which appears to defy gravity, travels around the dial to display the time and creates an interesting illusion. (Price unavailable)
    10. Orbit Clock
    Orbit clock
    Orbit clockA piece inspired from the orbital movement of planets.

    This clock will have you going around in circles. The elliptical hands of this clock change shape every minute and hour, creating new shapes on your wall. Priced at $170, this expensive piece of art will adorn your wall beautifully and will capture the fancy of quite a few.

    Posted: 24 Sep 2011 01:45 AM PDT
    Designs inspired by R2-D2
    Designs inspired by R2-D2Inimitable designs inspired by R2-D2
    In the year 1977 a cultural phenomena in the form of a sci-fi movie called Star Wars took place. Since then more than 30 years have gone by. But, the characters of that movie are still popular. One of them is a droid R2D2 (who can speak in a mechanical voice with burps and clicks) who remains ever popular among kids and teens. Here is a list of 7 modern product designs based on that droid R2D2 from the movie Star Wars.
    1. Beer R2D2
    Beer2-D2Beer2D3 by Lockwasher
    Beer is a favorite and a staple drink around USA. Therefore the beer manufacturers have opted for this design which is quite ingenious. It is also done in order to popularize the drink more to common people. This R2D2 beer can holds 4.7liter beer which has legs made of propane tank vale handles and feet from 3 mini bread tins. A vintage chrome BLC utility shell is used to build the head and a vintage movie camera is also there for eye.
    2. R2D2 Water Bottle
    R2-D2 Water Bottle
    R2-D2 Water BottleJapanese company Tanomi releases this water bottle
    It is already mentioned that R2D2 has extreme popularity among school going kids around the world. And when kids go to school parents provide them with a water bottle from which they drink water whenever necessary. Keeping this in mind a Japanese company Tanomi had introduced this new kind of bottle in Japan which just looked like R2D2. You had to open the head or lid of the bottle and suck the nipple to drink the water from it. At that time it was priced $37.
    3. R2D2 PC Case MOD
    R2-D2 PC Case Mod
    R2-D2 PC Case ModR2-D2 chassis was specially created by Australian firm Petric Engineering
    As computers are becoming more and more popular and necessary here is a very modern PC case designed in the form of R2D2. It has all the components like disc trays, hard drives, sockets and console for important wire connections. Moreover other necessary gadgets which go usually with computer like USB ports as well as hubs and multimedia speakers, also can be found in the form of R2D2. R2D2 multimedia speakers come in two different designs, that is blue and orange.
    4. R2D2 Aquarium
    R2-D2 Aquarium
    R2-D2 AquariumThis R2-D2 holds a 1 3/4-gallon aquarium tank in his central compartment
    This brilliantly built aquarium has a whole fish tank which can hold 1 3/4 gallon of water in the form of R2D2. The rest (the legs and arms of the droid) are just for show. But, the voice activated head is built in such a way that it makes mechanical sounds exactly as the original droid from the film. It has LED lights built in it. Moreover, it can rotate. Besides a built-in periscope provides a nice view of the water tank with colorful fishes below. This tank has several stills from the movie Star Wars stuck on a water proofed card board as background. This R2D2 fish tank certainly revolutionizes the design of traditional house hold aquarium.
    5. R2D2 Refrigerator
    R2-D2 Refrigerator
    R2-D2 RefrigeratorR2-D2 mini USB can fridge
    After aquarium now it is time for another house hold item of necessity. This time a complete mini refrigerator in the form of R2D2. It was made in Japan as a promotional material for the release of the film Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones. It was priced $1070 and 1000 of such ingenious R2D2 refrigerators were made at that time.
    6. R2D2 Back Pack
    R2-D2 Backpack
    R2-D2 BackpackR2-D2 bookbag
    Seeing R2D2’s increasing popularity among teens and kids who go to college and schools merchandise makers had introduced this uniquely designed backpack for books in the form of R2D2. It was designed for the occasion of Star Wars festival. This back pack which sold like a hot cake just after introduction was priced $65.
    7. R2D2 Mail Box
    R2-D2 Mailbox
    R2-D2 MailboxUSPS goes postal with R2D2 mailboxes
    In modern urban society hand written mails are threatened under the influence of electronic mail system because it can reach its destination quickly and flawlessly. Keeping this in mind the Government of USA had taken a step to popularize hand written mail system in 2007. To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the movie Star Wars, the postal department of USA replaced a number of usual blue colored post collection boxes around 200 prominent US cities by R2D2 shaped mail boxes of the same color.

    Posted: 24 Sep 2011 12:34 AM PDT
    Asmita Prasad:
    Beijing House II
    Beijing House IIBeijing House II by Yaohua Wang Architecture
    If you are a fan of the 'Lost in space' horror flicks and find the desolate-looking steely enclosures featured in those movies particularly homey and comforting, then you will absolutely love this proposed housing project developed by Yaohua Wang Architecture. Named ‘Beijing House II’, the project looks to provide single-family residences that come with their own creative studios and green rooms and look to provide occupants with a cozy albeit bijou living space.
    Picture Gallery
    Beijing House II
    Beijing House II by Yaohua Wang Architecture
    To regular people like you and me, living in a steel cage and that too suspended from an old abandoned factory building would hardly look appealing at all, but the architects at the Chinese firm believe that the housing scheme can be the ultimate answer to the global urban space shortage crisis. Since, most new housing projects tend to take up a lot of space and result in the addition of steel-and-concrete high-rises that take away from the historicity of a city's skyline, a solution like this proposed project which utilizes existing structures might prove to be more appealing instead.
    The ‘Beijing House II’ project, thus, would provide an independent housing typology that can be "fitted" onto retired factory buildings or simply attached to other buildings to provide additional living space for families without having to construct large scale residential towers.
    Loony and Willy Wonka-esque as the ideology behind the housing project is, the individual living unit themselves are sound creations constructed to withstand earthquake and various weather phenomenon. The interior scheme of these units comprises of a series of suspended bedrooms that cater to the needs of a single family and allow the space leftover to be utilized as a green room and a studio.
    Since the units are intended to be suspended from existing buildings above the streets, the view they offer to their residents would of course provide the most unconventional vantage point, though living in a house clung to a retired factory building has got to be a bit unnerving itself.
    A complete single housing unit spans a mere 500 m² though having a bunch of these would cost something upwards of US$ 2 million which raises some serious questions about the cost effectiveness of these housing units in relation to larger housing structures.
    Via: Design Boom

    Posted: 23 Sep 2011 11:59 PM PDT
    Asmita Prasad:
    Rotor Analog Watch
    Rotor Analog WatchRotor Analog Watch by Peter from UK
    Three decades ago, science fiction rightly predicted that electronics in the 21st century would be completely digitized. What the brilliant writers of the genre failed to foresee, however, was that people would also start to pine for the "good old days" and "retro tech" as their lives would begin to be invaded by digitally interfaced products. The most obvious and potent symbol of this pining for classic technology is the humble watch. And even the sternest of modernists would agree that nothing beats the charm of a simple, leather-strapped, sterling-silver-rimmed analog watch. Though the classic look has been redone to death by jewelry makers over the years, there is still something to be said about the amateur designers who are still hard at work trying to give the humble analog watch a competitive "edge". This Rotor Analog Watch Design from UK-based Peter (no last name given) is one such fine example of how even a simple two-handed analog watch can be made as complex as the crisis in the Middle East.
    Picture Gallery
    Rotor Analog Watch
    Rotor Analog Watch by Peter from UK
    Using the design of the rotors of a helicopter as a starting point, the designer gives this watch a distinct 3D edge (though we'd like to point out that most non-digital watches do tend to be three dimensional anyways!) by giving its hands a deliberately elongated setting. Working much like an amusement park ride, a single hand thus moves around marking the minutes on the watch face while its angular tilt (shown via its position along the vertical side of the watch) indicates the hour.
    1-12 bands mark the hours along the vertical orientation and allow the user to tell time in the most unique way. Definitely not a watch for people who like to shave seconds off routine activities to maximize the time in their day, the Rotor Analog Watch definitely would appeal to people who like to take a few moments off everyday to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.
    Via: Tokyo Flash

    Posted: 23 Sep 2011 11:56 PM PDT
    Asmita Prasad:
    Alarm Clock by David Locke
    Alarm Clock by David LockeAlarm Clock Concept by David Locke
    Inspired by the sleek, 21st century interface of the Apple iPod as well as the classic, traditional face of the sparsely-visaged Out Time Watch by Alessi, this innovative alarm clock concept from designer David Locke brings the best of both the modern as well as the classical watchmaking designs together in a sleek and interesting timepiece. Using both digital as well as analog formats, the self-righting alarm clock is designed to also introduce an element of playfulness that blends in with the ergonomics of the design.
    Resembling a buoy in its shape, the design comes with an easy-to-use interface with an on/off switch located at the bottom of the clock. Users can use this switch to activate the alarm function on the clock. When turned on, the blue light located above the LED display at the upper end of the clock starts to glow indicating that an alarm has been set.
    Concept Alarm Clock
    Concept Alarm ClockAlarm Clock Concept by David Locke
    Users can then set the clock time via the 'set clock time' button. Pressing and holding it allows them to navigate set the time on the LED clock. The button for setting the alarm time is located a little further above the 'set clock time' button and users can use this to set the alarm on the clock. The largest button on the interface located at the uppermost part of the clock, is the button that deactivates the alarm when it goes off. The user can also tilt the clock sideways to cancel the alarm.
    The self-righting design of the alarm allows users to interact with it in more easily since most of us who need an alarm to get up in the morning have a nasty habit of reaching out shabbily over our night stands and knocking the alarm clock and other objects over while trying to get it to stop ringing while we are still half asleep and dazed by the sudden ringing.
    Though the concept is yet to be fully finalized, the designer intends for it to be offered to users as a DIY project with easy to assemble electronics and body shell. The clock will be offered in a variety of colors to continue the theme of playfulness.
    Via: Behance

    Posted: 23 Sep 2011 11:51 PM PDT
    Leka Ram:
    Funny and awesome backpacks
    Funny and awesome backpacksFunny and awesome backpacks draw the attention of the crowd.
    Backpacks are an important part of our life. We need comfortable backpacks when we have to venture out. The backpacks come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and materials. From simple varieties to sophisticated models, you can choose from cheaper varieties to expensive ones. Most of them are cool-looking while you can also come across some bizarre and funny looking backpacks. These funny looking backpacks are more of an amusement than a travel partner. If you are looking forward to buy a backpack you can consider some of these funny-looking ones if you want to be the center of attraction. Here are some seven funny yet functional backpack designs.
    1. Chewbacca backpack
    Chewbacca backpack
    Chewbacca backpackThe backpack is officially licensed by Star Wars and is completely covered with shaggy brown fur in two tones.
    Price: $44.99
    Are you a Star Wars fan? Then this funny looking backpack is for you. You may have many fans chasing you as far as they can to get a glimpse of this funny backpack. The bag is about 28 inches from top to foot and has a depth of 14 inches for the packet. It comes with adjustable straps. You can find the backpack for both kids and adults. The backpack is officially licensed by Star Wars and is completely covered with shaggy brown fur in two tones. When you wear the backpack it looks like Chewbacca is clinging on to your back. Have fully adjustable nylon straps that are attached to the hands and waist of Chewbacca. The pouch has a strong zipper to fully encircle the pouch. You can store extra things in the sash attached to Chewbacca's chest. It can be found for all age groups. The backpack can be taken only for causal uses and cannot be used on formal occasions.
    2. Yoda backpack
    Yoda backpack
    Yoda backpackThe peculiar facial features grab the attention of people all around you when you wear the backpack.
    Price: $39.99
    This is also one of the licensed Star Wars accessories. The peculiar facial features grab the attention of people all around you when you wear the backpack. It is one of the best Star Wars accessories to have. By wearing one, you will look like a jedi in training just like Luke Skywalker sporting the backpack. The best thing about the backpack is its facial features. It looks like a real character sticking on to your back. It comes with adjustable ties. A strap is attached to the feet of the yoda that can be brought around your stomach. When the strap is around it may look as if the character is holding you. The backpack is available for all age groups.
    3. Seat backpack
    Seat backpack
    Seat backpackIf you area travel freak then this is the best backpack for you.
    Price: $65.00
    If you area travel freak then this is the best backpack for you. It can be easily converted into a seat. The best thing about the backpack is that when it is unfolded, it transforms into a booster seat. You will have no problem in traveling with your kids. The backpack has enough space to store a lot of things including clothes, books etc. It is an ideal seat for taxi, bus and school runs. The backpack can even be taken to the restaurants so that your children can sit comfortably on their seat. The backpack has been designed ergonomically to protect the spines and provide the correct posture. It comes with padded and adjustable straps, plastic durable shell for easy cleaning. The backpack is only for age groups 4-12.
    4. Pratesi Guitar backpack
    Guitar backpack
    Guitar backpackIf you are a hard core music fan, the Pratesi guitar backpack is just right for you.
    Price: $398.00
    If you are a die-hard music fan, the Pratesi guitar backpack is just right for you. The unique guitar-shaped bag is made of premium quality vegetable-dyed calf leather. The best feature is that the bag comes with a mini integrated speaker with an outlet to enjoy your music all the way. Other favorable features include zip pockets on the sides, inner slit and the sophisticated musician looking shoulder strap. You can sort a real sophisticated look with this special leather backpack. However, it may not be for everyone because of the expensive price tag.
    5. Spiderman backpack
    Spiderman backpack
    Spiderman backpackChildren may love to carry this backpack because it is shaped just like their icon, the Spiderman.
    Price: $37.99
    Children may love to carry this backpack because it is shaped just like their icon, the Spiderman. When you carry the backpack on your back it may seem as if you are carrying your buddy on your back. The Spiderman backpack is officially licensed by the Spiderman Marvel Plush. The beneficial features include adjustable straps, waist strap for balance and large zippered pockets. The pocket can hold many things like your wallet, a drink, a book, cell phone and MP3 player. The backpack is 28 inches long.
    6. Bicycle backpack
    Bicycle backpack
    Bicycle backpackThe backpack has been created by Frag Woodall from the University of Technology, Sydney.
    Price: $1000.00
    Have you ever thought of carrying a bicycle on your back? You can make your travel more convenient if you have a bike with you wherever you go. This is now possible with the Everglide bicycle backpack. The backpack has been created by Frag Woodall from the University of Technology, Sydney. It is considered to be a great solution for short distance travel and personal management. The strongest features of the backpack are that it can be backpacked, cycled or wheeled. The design has a shaft mechanism making it clean, compact and lightweight. You can also plug in various hand-held devices like iPods and phones. They are quite expensive and cannot be used by kids with ease.
    7. The hooded backpack
    Hooded backpack
    Hooded backpackHooded backpacks are for the style-conscious youngsters.
    Price: $17.99
    Hooded backpacks are for the style-conscious youngsters. They come in various colors and patterns. One of the top designers known for her hooded backpacks is Eleonore de Rukk. ‘Never without a hood’ is her motto. The backpack has a hood attached to it made of the same color and material. The backpack with the hood is very comfortable and helps you protect your head in certain circumstances. The backpack has a large center compartment where you can carry a lot of things. It has side pockets and zippers for protection. The straps are adjustable according to your convenience.

    Posted: 23 Sep 2011 10:52 PM PDT
    Preethi Philip:
    Products inspired by the jigsaw puzzle
    Products inspired by the jigsaw puzzleCreative products inspired by the jigsaw puzzle

    Jigsaw puzzle, an all-time favorite tiling game of both kids and adults that involve the correct placement of unusually shaped and interlocking pieces, has inspired the design of a range of products. Clever designers get motivated by the unique and mystifying patterns and forms of jigsaw puzzles. A variety of creative products have been crafted with the intention to enhance the interior décor of home or office spaces. Most of them are eye-catching and colorful are capable of becoming the center of attraction in any rooms.
    Following are listed seven creative products inspired by the mysterious yet beautiful jigsaw puzzle. Creativity is the main criterion that has been used in selecting the products.
    1. Puzzle Wine Rack
    PUZZLE WINE RACKDesigned by G Dagan

    Puzzle Wine Rack is a unique and creative design by Israel-born US-based designer Gideon Dagan. The jigsaw puzzle-inspired wine rack nicely blends functionality and beauty. The design of this modular wine rack can add form and color to any place where it is placed.
    The product is available in three bright colors: orange, black and khaki, and can be placed in the basic puzzle or symmetric orientation. The design allows infinite configurations by connecting different pieces in different and creative ways. Each rack is designed to hold up to nine bottles, and the racks are injection-molded from transparent ABS polymer. No doubt, the wine rack is a amusing way to present a case of wine.
    2. Puzzle Shaped MP3 Player
    Puzzle Shaped MP3 Player
    Puzzle Shaped MP3 PlayerCool MP3 player from Aigo inspired by puzzle pieces.

    Renowned MP3 brand Aigo has created an MP3 that is uniquely shaped after jigsaw puzzle. The tiny sized MP3 can be hung on the chest or can even be sued as key chain. Once this product is officially relapsed we will get to know the details about main chip and associated performance. This highly creative design can be a great tool to attract all attention to you by flaunting one. The product can be regarded as a great gift item also.
    3. Jigsaw Puzzle Pillows
    Jigsaw Puzzle Pillows
    Jigsaw Puzzle PillowsPillows inspired by puzzle pieces

    Danish creative product designer Gry Fager has designed unique pillows drawing inspiration from the fun shape of jigsaw puzzle. According to the designer, these pillows are crafter especially for children and grownups, who are still young heart. The numbered pillows can be puzzled for fun or just can be used as pillows.
    The unique feature of these pillows is that they can be joined together in a number of ways and shapes to suit different surfaces. You can attach these cotton pillows differently and can place it on a couch or can be used as baby's cushion. By connecting all the pillows you can make even a mattress. Printed in squares and polka dots these fiber-filled pillows can be a great addition to any modern homes.
    4. Puzzle Bench
    Puzzle Bench
    Puzzle BenchJigsaw Puzzle Stool by VivaTerra

    VivaTerra, a creative furniture design firm that specializes in creating furniture pieces with organic and natural products, has come up with Jigsaw Puzzle Bench/Stool. The stool is made of sustainably produced, plantation-grown sheesham wood adding to its eco-friendly credentials.
    The stool can used as it is or can be configured a range of ways by connecting more pieces to create a bench or a mini-table. This cluster-perfect stool can add new vivacity to any décor.
    5. Puzzle Carpeting
    Puzzle Carpeting
    Puzzle CarpetingThe modular carpet can be arranged just like a puzzle

    Imperial Puzzle Carpet is another product inspired by the mysterious jigsaw puzzle game. Creative design firm Ona based in Lithuania is the maker of this product.
    The Imperial Puzzle Carpet is a modular flooring solution that blends function and splendor. The carpet constitutes ten interchangeable pieces that can be arranged in various ways to get differently configured carpet form. The carpet features synthetic rubber backing. It measures 40×45 cm. The puzzle carpet is available in an array of colors to match well with the interior décor. The shades are grey, charcoal grey, light brown and sienna brown.
    6. Puzzle Floor
    Puzzle Floor
    Puzzle FloorPuzzle Wood Flooring from Puzzle Floor

    Puzzle Floor is a stimulating hardwood flooring product Available from Puzzle Floor. The charming and unique flooring product is easy and fun to install enhancing the fun ambiance of any interior. The wood texture offers grain and depth to the character of this flooring. The tiles sport two dissimilar patterns and can be easily connected resulting in an attractive and robust flooring option. The tiles maintain single grain direction and are available in a range of 13 different shades. The tiles come with a price tag of $18 per square foot.
    7. Jigsaw Storage
    Jigsaw Storage
    Jigsaw StorageThese contemporary modular storage units gives one the chance to change the shape

    Jigsaw storage is a contemporary storage product, which is the brainchild of interdisciplinary designer Tom Seymour. The designer has derived inspiration from the famous jigsaw puzzle while designing this highly creative storage unit. The modular unit offers ultimate freedom to the user to change the look of the unit as and when he wishes. By displaying an inimitable blend of form and function, this storage unit can be a great addition to any interior. According to the number of things to be stored, the size of the unit can be increased and decreased.
    All these products are sure to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any interiors, thanks to its creativity and innovative angle.

    Posted: 23 Sep 2011 09:11 PM PDT
    Apara Bhattacharya:
    Origami architecture
    Origami architectureThese architectures are based on origami.
    Origami is an ancient art of Japan. It is a creative method of folding paper to develop beautiful structures. These Japanese origami structures are made from paper folding and feature chiseled cones achieved by making multiple folds and layers of a single paper. The resultants are beautiful shapes and forms resembling animals shapes like boar head, birds,etc., objects like ink bottles, air crafts and other objects. This splendid art has inspired artists from all over the world. This form has also inspired creative brains from the world of architecture to use this idea in architectural structures too. Thus, the attempts to make architectural designs on the concept of origami designs can be all over the world, ranging from residential buildings to hotels, amusement centers, offices, etc. It is still to be witnessed how much functional are such designs in practicality. But conceptually they are really excellent examples of the artist's creative mind. Here is a list of ten such architectural designs inspired by the art of origami.
    1. Klein Bottle house
    Klein Bottle house
    Klein Bottle houseThe Klein bottle is a descriptive model of a surface developed by topological mathematicians.
    The designers, who came up with the idea of making Klein Bottle house on the inspiration of origami are Rob McBride and Debbie Lyn Ryan. This incredible architectural structure is located at the Mornington Peninsula in Australia. This work of art features boyish surfaces, bold stripes and topographically uniform but visually distorted surfaces which is the beauty of such a structure. The complex curves and cones and the geometrical patterns of Klein Bottle house occupies 258 sq m of area. The interior of this holiday home features a central courtyard and an adjoining staircase that connects every floor with each other.
    2. Private Residential extension
    Private Residential extension
    Private Residential extensionThe extension folds itself around the rear of the property enclosing a new black concrete kitchen and dining space.
    The designers of this architectural design have made use of the existing geometric pattern of the house and incorporated the features of origami to create an extension of a residential structure. The extension has a concrete kitchen, dining area, and a rear. The windows are kept frame less and placed in such strategically to give full exposure to the natural surrounding. But it is further combined by the zinc cladding to reveal the beauty of the architecture.
    3. Nestlé Chocolate Museum
    Nestlé Chocolate Museum
    Nestlé Chocolate MuseumRojkind Arquitectos designed this Nestlé Chocolate Museum in Mexico City which has been completed in last year
    Created by the Rojkind Arquitectos, the Nestle Chocolate Museum in Mexico is also a worth mentioning architectural structure inspired by origami. The company had an intention of exhibiting the process of chocolate production to its viewers. So it suggested a two story building that would be perfect for the purpose. But the construction company in charge of this project found out a more innovative plan.Therefore, in an area of 634 sqm., the factory was built, which had a 300 meter long facade. This long corridor would lead the spectators on a pleasure tour through the production unit and help them witness how cocoa turns into dark, rich, tempting chocolate. The project took 2.5 months to get completed and presents the look of origami bird or a spaceship.
    4. Infosys Park 4, Mysore
    Infosys Park 4, Mysore
    Infosys Park 4, MysoreIt is designed by Ar. Hafeez Contractor, considering the Japanese traditional concept of Origami.
    Picking up the inspirational shapes and curves of Japanese origami, Ar. Hafeez Contractor created the Infosys Park and building at Mysore in India. The tall height of the building was balanced with the cones, corners and folded forms of origami. The striking features of this 5 storied building are the steeply horizontal surfaces, stunning contours and buyout interiors. The red colored football ground in the front of the structure makes a striking contrast with the building so that the characteristic contours come out effectively.
    5. Taiwan Tower
    Taiwan Tower
    Taiwan TowerThe tower is 300 meters tall
    Taiwan is also not left behind in the concept of architectural designs based on origami. The combined effort of two famous architectural firms in Taiwan, OODA and OOIIO, has come up with a design inspired by origami. Aesthetically it resembles the Eiffel Tower of France that has sharp rises and chiseled contour. Along with the geometrical structures, the geometry depicted by the celestial objects in the Taiwanese flag is also reflected in this tower. This building will comprise of the new museum along with some of the important offices of Taichung City Development. It is also an amusement center, having cinema halls and shopping arcades, along with a center for public activities.
    6. The Health Department building in the town of Bilbao
    Health Department building
    Health Department buildingThe design itself helps to maximize natural light exposure, keeping electricity costs low
    Architectural design inspired by origami is also found in Spain. The Health Department building is the only great specimen of this genre that the country can boast of. The concept of such a structure has been put into reality by the firm Coll Barreau Arquitectocs. Its intelligent design also encourages the maximum exposure to natural day light so that electrical energy could be saved. Along with an origami structure, the building also serves as an eco friendly attempt of the architect.

    7. WTC Transit Hub
    WTC Transit Hub
    WTC Transit HubThis full-service, regional transportation hub will serve as the centerpiece of a transportation network
    Conceptualized by Calatrava, this architectural structure exhibits a mega station. It contains 12 subway lines and pathways. These paths will be devoted to easy communication and exchanges of information with different parts of building. This sleek and ultramodern transit hub, which has a milky white color and and features sharp rises will serve as an extension to the new World Trade Center complex in Santiago. Tourists, staffs and visitors across the world will find this structure extremely incredible as well as an easy way to access the different corners without wastage of time. It has been estimated that the project costs about 3.2 billion dollars.
    8. Origami-Inspired House Design by Yasuhiro Yamashita, Tokyo
    Origami-Inspired House Design
    Origami-Inspired House DesignArchitect Yasuhiro Yamashita of Atelier Takuto captures the essence of shape without any distractions from form.
    The Yasuhiro Yamashita in Japan draws inspiration from the land of origami itself. This residential complex is a perfect example of architecture inspired by origami structures. It is built upon a small piece of plot. It utilities this small land area fully to present an example of architectural splendor,featuring sleek and modernistic angled outlines, integrated car ports and strategically placed windows to let natural light come in. The most interesting thing to see is the car port that seems to balance the irregular shape of the building.

    9. Origami House Formwerks Architects
    Origami House Formwerks Architects
    Origami House Formwerks ArchitectsIts a house for a small family of 3.
    Formwerks Architects is a firm that has designed small residential apartments on the inspiration of origami. These buildings are meant for a small families and characterize the folds, cones and curves of origami in the upper portion of the building. While the lower part of such a building is uniform and conventional in appearance, the upper part draws inspiration from origami structures.The screens on the facade of the upper story, which are shaped like diamonds, along with the slanted rooftop further add up to this look. They all work together in making it a prefect example origami architecture.

    10. The Origami-Inspired Folding Bamboo House
    The Origami-Inspired Folding Bamboo House
    The Origami-Inspired Folding Bamboo HouseMing Tang's beautiful origami-inspired Folded Bamboo Houses are intended to be used as temporary shelters in the aftermath of an earthquake
    This architectural designs based on origami models is built with a view of providing instant and temporary refuge to the victims of earthquake. This is a foldable bamboo house built on the concept developed by Ming Tang. This structure is found in China and is made from several sorts of renewable materials. What is more surprising to know is that this temporary shelter can be folded in a variety of shapes, according to the preferences of the user. This is possible due to the bamboo poles that form its major framework.

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