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Old airplane parts recycled into fashionable furniture

Varun Mishra:
furniture made from Old airplane parts
furniture made from Old airplane partsAwesome furniture made from Old airplane parts
The Ordinary
It is a general notion that the air planes once decommissioned from services, are of no more usage and the materials and the body of these aircrafts is a sheer wastage and is thrown in a dump. You would be surprised to know that these body parts are not only used to create stylish furniture, but also cost a small fortune, which is a really nice way to take care of the airline wastes. The unused parts of aircrafts are used in making furniture because they are of very high quality and are very durable, and also have a special appeal associated with them. The unused parts are fashioned in many ways, some of the airplane parts are used as it is, with minimum modification, while other are molded and modified into various different shapes to create stunning and creative furniture. The parts used in making furniture can be the pilot's chair, the plane's engine part or even the wings of the plane. A lot of creativity and ingenuity has been put in the creation of the furniture, which reflects both style and status. The furniture made from airplane parts can be shaped into anything, be it a chair, a table, a large corporate table, a bed, and even a book rack. The limit to creativity is only what you can think of, and there is no dearth of decommissioned aircrafts for those who recreate utility from wastes, and thus help save the environment.
There are many factors that have lead to the usage of aircraft wastes as creative and revolutionary furniture. There is a general tendency that the aircrafts that cannot fly anymore are simply useless, what you might think of as a waste product still has a lot of utility associated with it. The sturdiness and the material quality of the aircraft parts ensures that you have a very durable and long lasting raw material for creating unique furniture. All you need is to brainstorm your mind and think of the most creative ideas that can fully utilize the potential that these parts present before you. A good and attractive design can attract the attention of the wealthiest customers and as a designer you may get really good money for the same. Since the quality of the materials used is very good, the furniture made is very durable and also has a unique look associated with it, which reflects both creativity and love of nature that prompts anyone to use recycled products and improve the décor of your office or home with this very valuable addition.
The extraordinary
These recycled airplane parts are remade into various forms of furniture, ranging from chairs, beds, desks, partitions, lighting, credenzas, seating, sculptures, and a lot more. A lot of creativity goes into making these furniture, and their major appeal lies in the fact that they are very exclusive and one of a kind. This coupled with the high cost of materials, contributes towards the heavy cost of such furniture, which in turn makes it even more exclusive.
Target Groups
Standard airplane furniture can cost you a small fortune, for example, the Lo Squalo Chair, made from air cooling engine of a DC6/7, costs a hefty $8500. The furniture cost is heavy mainly because of the high cost of raw materials and also because a lot of quality designing is done to make them look unique. This furniture is not just for anyone. If you belong to the very high income group, and are willing to spend a lot to have recycled airplane furniture in your home or office, then you are the target customer for this rather exclusive furniture range.
The recycled furniture is in great demand. It is used in homes, offices, and even some posh restaurants and hotels. The usage however is limited to the upper strata of the society and the prices are really forbidding for the common man.
Latest Trends
Slowly it has become very fashionable to sport these Airplane recycled furniture in homes and offices and many are paying big bucks for the same. Some of the finest examples of furniture made from the airplane scrap are listed below.
Giancarlo De Astis aeronautical art
Giancarlo De Astis
Giancarlo De AstisGiancarlo De Astis aeronautical art
This awesome looking table has been designed by Los Angeles based designer Giancarlo. He is known for converting airplane junk into the most stylish and incredibly expensive furniture. This table is one of his creations that reflect the level of creativity and style of the designer. Some of his designer furniture has also been inducted in the National Air Space Museum as well. The furniture made by him are classic in looks and are very expensive in price (the table can cost anything between $5,000- $10,000), it can even be customized on demand and thus an exclusive for the ultra rich.
Aircraft engine coffee table
Aircraft engine coffee table
Aircraft engine coffee tableAircraft engine coffee table
The Moto Art Company has transformed a decommissioned aircraft engine into a stunning piece of luxury furniture. This awesome looking table is truly a delight to the eyes. The months of working and polishing of the surface of the engine shows in its glossy and stylish looks. But it is nowhere cheap. This recycled furniture is exclusively made to cater to specific needs and demands and are one of a kind. This table too, is a solo masterpiece, and it is hard to believe that this was made from the junk of some decommissioned airplane.
Albatross Float Tank Couch
Albatross Float Tank Couch
Albatross Float Tank CouchAlbatross Float Tank Couch furniture
This is a stunning couch with a superbly detailed layout. It is designed with the Albatross Float Tank, which is equipped with detailed rivets. The couch is extremely incredible and limited edition furniture, which has been worked on for a long time to give it the superbly glossy shiny look. Created by the team of Moto Art, it is a true and rare masterpiece. If you can afford to purchase it, then it can truly transform the looks of your living room and give your interior décor a true classic look.
C 130 Hercules Wing Conference Table
C 130 Hercules Wing Conference Table
C 130 Hercules Wing Conference TableC 130 Hercules Wing Conference Table
The C130 Hercules Aircraft was used by the Air Force for a long duration of 55 years and after its decommissioning, its wings are transformed into the Conference table that has no equal, both in terms of looks and quality. This is one conference table that would make you feel proud (if you own it). Specially created for the business tycoons that can afford the luxury of this ultimately styled table, it has been created in a unique V shape by the transformation of the wings of the C130. It is based on two 24' full length outer wings and has witnessed the painstaking work of more than 500 man hours. The extensive workmanship ensures that this table does not come cheap, and is an exclusive buy for the ultra rich.

Sourish Karmakar:
iPad friendly furniture
iPad friendly furnitureiPad friendly furniture designs
Can you ever imagine a day without your iPad? If your answer is No, then you are among the millions of iPad-satisfied users. The initial iPads were not that successful but the newer variants have captured the whole notebook market. Most of the scientists prefer to carry their iPad instead of bulky laptops in conferences. Many students carry iPads, due to their lightweight and small sizes, in their classrooms and library. People like to travel long distances with iPads due to their high battery backup and equally high performance quotient. However, when it comes to long-term usage in home or office environment, iPad loses its charm. It is very tedious to keep it in hands, laps or study tables when you are working or relaxing. Therefore, an iPad complimenting furniture becomes necessary for home or office installation. Here are eight furniture designs that will not only solve the problem but also compliment it with its trendy look.
1. Hollandia iCon Bed

iCon Bed
iCon BedHollandia iCon Bed with built-in iPad docks.
Now you can sleep peacefully in your bed with iPad docked in it. The Hollandia Furniture has come up with a model to complement the iPad with a specially designed bed with built in docks for iPads. The bed even has speakers enclosed to complete the iPad dock feature. The bed with iPad docks looks geeky but the designs is very trendy and efficient. It even has two side docks for users who are used to bedside working. It certainly defines the working on bed concept. The furniture comes in customized color with customized fabric. However, the high price makes it a bit complicated to adopt.
2. iPad Office Furniture
Office Furniture for iPad
Office Furniture for iPadOffice Furniture for iPad by Villa ProCtrl
Some of you must be waiting to buy your own iPad because of the lack of appropriate docking devices. However, the excuse will not work any longer as Villa ProCtrl has come with elegant office furniture designs that have an inbuilt iPads. It gives a great function to the office furniture and certainly provides security from iPad theft. It also prevents the iPad from shocks and damage. Having such furniture, you will surely feel that you are sitting in some high profile meetings with displays on your own table.
3. iPad Salsa Table
Salsa Table for iPad
Salsa Table for iPadiPad-equipped Salsa Table
It may sound like some dance move but the system is equally fun. It is an exclusive design for an education firm called as Vanerum. The designing consultancy often needs interaction during a meeting without disturbing the presenters. It allows the users to interact via the table fixed for iPads even when they are not sitting closely. Users can communicate via the iPads without disturbing anybody. It can be a good tool during interview, where the interviewers can interact freely without disturbing the interview while evaluating the candidate.
4. iPad Cradle

iPad Cradle
iPad CradleiPad Cradle looks elegant in Brazilian Wood
This Brazilian-wood based furniture is very elegant and exquisite. The cradle looks magnificent from any angle and the added iPad dock makes it look more spectacular. The cradle comes with all Apple accessories necessary to dock your iPad on it. It is light, stylish as well as very hardy piece of furniture. The cradle needs no iPads for beautification. However, the docking system is efficiently placed to enhance the beauty. It is merger of carpentry designing and technology. Apart from that, the designers have put it in a cost effective segment making it affordable to everyone who want to use it.
5. Wooden iPad Stand
Wooden Stand for iPad
Wooden Stand for iPadWooden Stand for iPad by Cody Rasmussen.
The wooden stand looks like something out of the X-men movie series. The X shaped wooden stand gives an eco friendly look to iPad with minimized polymer usage. The design is wonderful and simple giving it an exquisite user-friendly look. Cody Rasmussen designed this piece of furniture to withstand the unwanted shocks to prevent your iPad from any harm. It even has pin and dado preventing your iPad from slipping out. The design is still in concept phase. However, the aluminum and Plywood prototype has high demands. Moreover, the design will surely create an X factor in your room.
6. iPad Chair
iPad Chair
iPad ChairFuture iPad Chair by Elite Home Theater Seating
The iPad chair is a functional design by elite home theatre settings that has a long history in making the comfort sittings. The furniture has built-in iPads in arms of the chair that let you work and relax at the same time. It definitely adds efficiency with fun in your working life. It looks like some spaceship command chair with touch screens to control the functionaries of work. There are certain drawbacks with this design. First, the users have to hold the iPad with one hand to prevent from any accidents. Secondly, the fixed arms do not allow users to change postures while working on the iPad. However, the strategically placed wooden support and noise free motor system to tilt the backrest according to your foot pressure makes it very comforting. The seat cushions have the guarantee of comfort as they are used in luxurious cars.
7. Nomad Table
Nomad Table
Nomad TableThe Nomad Table by Spell Is iPad Friendly.
In today's busy world, the nomadic culture has risen largely. The nomad Table serves the same purpose. It can be used to dock your iPad in more comfortable levels. The light weight of the table made it easily transportable. Since, it is very new product; you will be surely one of the few and may be the only owner of such an exquisite piece in your locality. It is available in various formats and colors that make it a consumer's delight. Spell, the manufacturing company, really created a marvel to compliment the Apple product.
8. IStand
IStand pole
IStand poleDanish-designed IStand pole.
It is elegant stand modeled furniture. The designers made it to stand in a comfortable height aiming the comfort of the users while browsing or rather flipping through pages in their iPad. It can be used in offices, museums, sales counters to flip and find information. It can even be used to design a finger print scanner for a biometrics based security system. The system can be even used for vehicles sales and exhibition, where the customer can flip through the catalogs to know the features and admire the car or the next-standing model at the same time.

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Manhardeep Singh:
Maximo iMetal iP-HS5
Maximo iMetal iP-HS5iPhone compatible Maximo iMetal iP-HS5
With the coming of the revolutionary mobile phone - iPhone, the demand for the same has gone so high on a worldwide scale that it has become the symbol of class and status. Various manufacturers had to turn their tables to follow iPhone’s path. Some started to work as its competitors while some others decided to be friend with it and manufacture accessories that work with it.

Among such accessories come the headphones. Manufacturers understood that iPhone which was in so much demand, required something additional to bring about a variety and uniqueness, so they decided to design unique headphones. Here is a list of stylish headphones that offer high quality sound and are compatible with iPhone:
1. Klipsch X10i Headphones for iPhone
Klipsch X10i Headphones for iPhone
Klipsch X10i Headphones for iPhoneKlipsch X10i headphones offer premium comfort and sound quality
The Klipsch Image X10i Audiophile noise-isolating headset is an iPhone compatible headset that provides you with superior quality sound and bass response having an eco-cancelling microphone. The headset has three buttons ( VOL +, VOL -, ANSWER / PLAY / PAUSE / SKIP + / SKIP -). The headset weighs 0.8 ounces and has the following dimensions : 0.6 x 0.2 x 0.2 inches. This headset gives you a superior design with clear calls and a long-wearing comfort which prevents your ears to pain if you wear them for prolonged period as during travels and trips.
2. Etymotic hf2 iPhone-Compatible Headphones
Etymotic hf2 iPhone-Compatible Headphones
Etymotic hf2 iPhone-Compatible HeadphonesHigh-performance noise-isolating headset and earphones that delivers best-in-class benefits and superior value
This elegant looking Etymotic Research HF2 Earphones/Headsets are compatible not only with iPhone or iPad but also Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. These earphones are best recommended if you are a music lover and you have music phones. Etymotic has the highest noise isolation as compared to its competitors, providing you with premium sound quality.

3. Klipsch Image S4i
Klipsch Image S4i
Klipsch Image S4iIPhone-compatible headphones that include volume controls along with a microphone and call/music button
The Klipsch Image S4i is given the review to offer a full control of your iPhone’s and iPod’s media contents, which includes both audio and video files. Its advanced 3-button mic controls the whole device in which you plug them in. This headset gives an award-winning sound performance as compared to its competitors. It gives superior noise isolation and amazing bass response so that you do not miss out the experience of bass in the music you are listening.
4. DiddyBeats In-Ear Headphones
DiddyBeats In-Ear Headphones
DiddyBeats In-Ear HeadphonesDiddyBeats In-Ear Headphones with ControlTalk
Diddybeats is a brand best known for making gadgets related to music. Diddybeat’s in-ear headphones provide a high quality sound to the user. The quality is so good that you can hear each and every beat with extreme clarity and deep bass. The headphones also feature built-in mic which can be used for hands-free calling as well as for online chats. Made from aluminum and high glass enamel, Diddybeats give their in-ear headphones a sophisticated shape and design, which pushes the class meter of the user higher.

5. Bose MIE2i Headphones

Bose MIE2i Headphones
Bose MIE2i HeadphonesiPhone compatible Bose MIE2i Headphones
The open design of the Bose MIE2i headphones is an innovative feature, hardly to find in any other headphone. The open design appeals to the public and all they want to do is “try” how it feels using them. These headphones give a good sound quality to the user. The earphones are designed in such a way that they fit securely and comfortably without giving much hassle to the user.

6. V-Moda Remix Remote Headphones
V-Moda Remix Remote Headphones
V-Moda Remix Remote HeadphonesiPhone compatible V-Moda Remix Remote Headphones
Using the V-Moda’s Remix Remote headphones you will not just listen to the music but you will feel it too. These headphones give the user unparalleled sound clarity and the experience of music which no other headphone can provide. While you are in the mood, you do not have to open your eyes and navigate the songs, because you get the integrated remote with three buttons at your fingertips. The headphones have an elegant and stylish look which speaks on behalf of its user.
7. Ultimate Ears 4vi

Ultimate Ears 4vi
Ultimate Ears 4viUltimate Ears 4vi for iPhone
Many of the users of 4vi Ultimate Ears have given it a five star rating because of the simplicity it shows and the quality it carries. The headphones give the best voice clarity while speaking over the phone. Not only on calls, when it comes to music, the Ultimate Ears is not behind. It gives a high quality audio output to the user to give the best music experience. Users have also said that these headphones provide the best balance of bass and treble in the music which no other headphone, they have used, has provided.
8. V-Moda Vibe Duo
V-Moda Vibe Duo
V-Moda Vibe DuoiPhone compatible V-Moda Vibe Duo
These elegant looking, graceful headphones are V-Moda’s Vibe Duo. They are best known for their stylish look which gives the person who are wearing them, attention in no time. And above that, you get these headphones at a low price. Users of these headphones have said that the bass is pretty good but the treble sound of the music needs some adjustment.

9. Maximo iMetal iP-HS5
Maximo iMetal iP-HS5
Maximo iMetal iP-HS5iPhone compatible Maximo iMetal iP-HS5
Apart from giving highly quality sound, noise isolation and amazing bass quality, Maximo’s iMetal iP-HS5 has some features which are worth bragging about. Unlike other headphones, where you need to choose the size of the ear tips, these headphones come with three pairs of ear tips of different sizes to match your requirements. On top of that, these headphones have the feature of turning into a necklace. Yes, you read it right. A detachable neck cord which comes within the package, lets you make these headphones into necklace so, you do not have to worry about handling them while going for a jog or using the phone.
10. Radius Atomic Bass
Radius Atomic Bass
Radius Atomic BassRadius Atomic Bass for iPhone
According to the users of Radius Atomic Bass earphones, they are very comfortable for the ear, compact to handle and store, stylish to match the user standards as well as the looks of the iPhone and provides a good sound quality - all this at a reasonable price. But these earphones do not provide the best sound isolation, and do not have a balance over bass and treble in the music. Being compact in shape actually makes it a non-durable and sensitive product which has to be handled with extra caution.

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Sai Kiran Kandhari:
Speakers that sounds amazingly cool
Speakers that sounds amazingly coolCrazy speakers that sounds amazingly cool
Home audio speakers are designed to sound great, but many designers take it to the next level and create something so sexy that people can't help but stare. There are few speakers designed not only to give sound but also have fancy look and add style to your home, some are portable which can be carried anywhere you want and some other features which can stun you. Let us see some of the speakers which are amazingly cool.
1. Aluminum sound tube MP3 speakers
Aluminum sound tube mp3 speaker
Aluminum sound tube mp3 speakerPortable Aluminum Sound Tube MP3 Speaker iPhone 4
It is a compact speaker made of metal to produce big sound and has an in built rechargeable battery and also an internal MP3 player. The speaker is small and portable. These speakers have a playback time of 6 to 12 hours and get fully charged within 6 hours via USB. The sound tube MP3 speakers come with a 2GB microSD card and can support up to 8GB. It also has a bicycle clip and arm band holder which can be attached to the bicycle handlebars or to the arm. It is priced at $40.
2. Ecoball
EcoballPortable Ecoball Sound System
The Ecoball runs on the solar power and when the two speakers are joined together it looks like a ball and so named as Ecoball. This device can be connected to any compatible music player and the speakers are kept open to listen to music. The Ecoball has an attractive and good appearance and stylish look. The surface of the Ecoball are fitted with photovoltaic cells which convert the solar energy to electricity, which produces sound. It is equipped with a carry belt which makes it easy to carrying. The upper part which we see has the volume controller.
3. Atmosphere speakers
Atmosphere speaker
Atmosphere speakerAtmosphere speaker and ambient lighting
It is a speaker which also has LED lights, it can work as speaker, light or both at a time. While playing music the user can set the color according to the rhythm or tone of that music. The atmosphere speakers have three buttons on it, one to control the volume, other one to on and off and the other to change the color. And it can produce all the colors of the VIBGYOR from it’s led lights. The outer cover is made from stainless steel, aluminum and plastic. These speakers can be connected to computers, laptops TVs, MP3 players or any audio input. The atmosphere has four speakers where one produces sound having high frequency, second one acts as a mid range sound producer and the remaining are normal speakers.
4. Coleman Levitators
colemancoleman leviators
It is a great design and a revolutionary outcome and is completely different from the other speakers in producing sound and it runs on Wi-Fi. As we see the surface is a multitouch touchscreen. In the base it has an electromagnet and the floating part has a superconductor. In the multitouch touchscreen we can see the track playing and other details has a floating superconductor, where it floats due to the magnetic field of the electromagnet which is induced into the superconductor. The Coleman’s speakers feature only one speaker without left and right speaker.
5. Kirikabu Speaker
Kirikabu speaker
Kirikabu speakerSound Garden ‘Kirikabu’ speaker
It is a plant pot having multi-directional speaker with woofer, left and right speaker having internally powered amplifier. These speakers are made of recycled and sustainable products and the speakers can be assembled in different shapes. The Kirikabu speakers are fully featured with the bass reflex ports and a sub woofer. Each module have three horizontal stubs where two terminals hold speakers and the other is to attach another module and the top it has a small pot to keep the plant.
6. Bose speakers
Bose speakers
Bose speakersBose modular speaker
It is a nice looking portable speaker which has a good sound also. It features an unidirectional speaker at the top half and the bottom half is for Bluetooth playback and modular interaction. On the top it has the power on/off button. The device has a li-ion battery and a 3.5 mm jack for those devices which do not feature Bluetooth. You can have any number of speakers to have a good modular surround sound.
7. Travel Sound PoPz
Travel Sound PoPz
Travel Sound PoPzTravel Sound Popz Speakers
It is portable speaker to accompany your music players without taking much space. The Travel Sound PoPz looks like a small pouch rather than a speaker as they are enclosed in a pouch. The sound system is neither very good nor bad but has an overall good sound, it also has a 3.5 mm jack to support devices lacking Bluetooth. It is a passive speaker which does not require any batteries. The speaker is not worth when used in loud parties where the sound will be fainted by the noise. The speakers are quite cheap and are available at $30.
8. Pioneer Sound Wing
Pioneer sound wing
Pioneer sound wingPioneer Sound Wing speakers

These speakers feature HVT (horizontal vertical transforming) technology which reduces unwanted vibrations and thickness of the speakers. These are available in two form factors; one a multi speaker integrated bar and the other is satellite wing speakers to produce a good sound. The sound wing speakers are hung on the corners of the walls or to the ceiling which can produce an even sound. The price is fixed at $507.
9. Sound Egg
Sound Egg
Sound EggSound Eggs Wireless Speakers
These is a pair of wireless speakers which can be used with computers or laptops and also with Bluetooth enabled devices. It is called so as the outer part denotes the exterior of the egg and the inner yellow color looks like the color of yolk. Though the speakers do not not stand straight, they tend to be inclined as they are supported by the cargo which is at the bottom of the speaker which holds them to stand in vertical positions or tilted positions. A funny feature of this speaker is that you can create funny sounds while twisting and whipping them at the top.
10. Sound Seed Ceiling Speaker
Sound Seed ceiling speaker
Sound Seed ceiling speakerSound Seed ceiling speaker by Richard Hunt
It has the shape of a bird nest and has white and black sleek body that can be hanged from the ceiling. These not only function as speakers but also add decoration to your home. As they are hing on from the ceiling, the sound will be uniformly distributed. And here the wires designed specially for the aesthetic appeal which they give for your home. This is still a concept and not released.

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Nikita Sharma:
Prefabricated computer cases
Prefabricated computer casesMost unusual prefabricated computer cases
We have gone through every phase of the unprecedented development in all fields and so is in the case of computers and its accessories. Once existed in your whole room, those bulky shaped computer systems have now turn out to be amazingly small and attractive looks. Now time has changed and many companies are coming up with totally attractive looks of computer screens and even computer cases. This article will take you to an amazing journey of most unusual prefabricated computer cases ever built. Let's take a look.
1. Antec Skeleton
Antec Skeleton
Antec SkeletonThe Antec Skeleton case features an open design case
Antec Skeleton Open Air PC Case is an amazingly designed PC case that can be considered as a gold standard for a case that can take a beating. Skeleton is one of the sophisticated and heavy built tanks like case which is completely designed to give you like you have been working for some biggest space project in NASA. It is made totally different from the other models from Antec with an open air design which will give you an amazing feeling. There are 4 drive bays with the layered tray design for greater system integration flexibility and 8 Expansion Slots with room for 11" graphics cards which makes the design of this weirdly designed computer case more complex.
2. ABS Canyon 695
ABS Canyon 695
ABS Canyon 695Produced by Lian Li, it is being distributed in the US and Canada by ABS
Another unusual fabricated computer case design is ABS Canyon 695. The design of the case is totally amazing, especially its length which is 26×17x9 inches. It's given the nickname as “supertower.” The case is specially designed for computer servers as you remove the smooth front-panel cover and you'll find the entire front of the case taken up by three 14cm intake fans. There are three terminals inside; two 5.25-inch bays and one external 3.5-inch bay. You can have six SATA drives at the bottom and PCI, motherboards at the middle of the case. The design is amazing but the most important thing which you will like is little touches like hot-swap drive bays (with RAID support), intake filters and the innovative 90-degree turn on the optical drives.
3. ThermalTake VF7001BNS DH101
ThermalTake VF7001BNS DH101
ThermalTake VF7001BNS DH101Features piano mirror coating with front panel design
This one is more elegant and almost similar to the contemporary designs of computer cases. Thermaltake VF7001BNS DH101 HTPC Computer Case is the most attractive and comfortable computer case designs. A built-in Vista-ready Media Lab LCD is built in with the 10 hot keys buttons, volume controls and remote controls. The case machine also incorporates piano mirror coating with front panel design and the chassis which supports ATX and mATX motherboards. The drive bay is of 5.25 inch with seven expansion slots and internal bays. The beautiful DH101 Thermaltake includes gold plated foot stands. So if you are seeking out for elegant and beautiful design in a computer case, then it might be good option for you.
4. Wall-E PC Case Mod
Wall-E PC Case Mod
Wall-E PC Case ModThis amazing PC case mod was created in only 18 days by a Russian modder.
The ultimate Wall-E case mod is one of the craziest and funniest computer cases ever made. This case is really an unusual one like the crazy Russian insane. The most wondering thing about the case is its weight which is approximately half of ton. You must have to admit that this case is built by some crazy people.
5. Bender PC Case Mod
Bender PC Case Mod
Bender PC Case ModCase mod modeled after everyone's favorite acerbic, foul-mouthed robot, Bender.
This classic computer case mode is exclusively made for those who are fans of Matt Groening's classic animated show, Futurama. The whole computer case amazingly built and will give you complete feelings of acerbic, beer-swilling, foul-mouthed robot, Bender. The whole computer case is given an artistic look; whether you see slot-loading DVD/CD mouth or to his light up eyeballs, all seems to be a great piece of art. But, unfortunately you are not going to get it as this computer case has not been built for masses.
6. XCLIO Windtunnel

XCLIO Windtunnel
XCLIO WindtunnelThe XCLIO Windtunnel is a touted as a simple case with a simple design.
XCLIO is a very new company in the field of computer hardware or computer case. But, in recent times the company has come up with lots of products ranging from computer hardware cases and power supplies. XCLIO wind tunnel extreme cooling PC case is complete cooling system having 25 cm fans on the side panel which will make you feel the silent cooling experience with your computer system. VR fan speed control and blue LED illumination make your computer system a whole sophistication system server. The other features of the wind tunnel case are excellent cooling solution, black rubber material front panel and USB 2.0 + 1394.
7. CoolerMaster CSX Line
CoolerMaster CSX Line
CoolerMaster CSX LineThe CSX line of cases feature hand airbrushed graphics for a sharp look
CoolerMaster CSX is a really new brand which is being launched by CoolerMaster and Smooth Creations. The USP of the product is that it is being custom-painted which give your computer a cool and sexy look. You are going to get in both CoolerMaster Stacker 830 and Cosmos designs which will give you feeling of running some supercomputer. The case will come in a black covering so as to protect your product during shipping. The main thing which you will like about the case is that finishing in the case is done like that of well waxed car, which looks extremely gorgeous.
8. X-Clear Acrylic Computer Case
X-Clear Acrylic Computer Case
X-Clear Acrylic Computer CaseIt is light and sturdy and supports standard ATX motherboards.
X-Clear Acrylic Computer Case is the one which is specifically designed for the show-off hardware enthusiast. You will really like the all-acrylic design and its ability to be looked from the angles. You can fix some lighting and fans modes as you will get these cases in easy to assemble format. You are also going to get 80 mm fan holes placed in the key spots and a sturdy, proven and ready to be fitted design.
9. The Great Pyramid - Water cooled computer case
Pyramid Computer Case
Pyramid Computer CaseThe case is 7.5 lbs, made from laser cut very high quality black and silver aluminum
The Great Pyramid - Water cooled case is heavily configured case with CPU: Q6600 B3 OC at 3.15 GHz which is totally water cooled with a 4GB RAM. Some other configuration which you will be getting with this amazingly cool case are Logitech G15 Keyboard, creative I-Trigue 2.1 3300 80 Watts and Creative I-Trigue 2.1 3300 80 Watts. The case is fully drilled with 2x 80mm fans on each side of the case and an LED screen is installed on the top of the CD ROM which gives it an interactive pyramid PC mod look.
10. Antec Nine Hundred Two Ultimate Gaming Case
Antec Nine Hundred Two
Antec Nine Hundred TwoThe case features an 'advanced cooling system' with one rear 120mm exhaust fan
There is another computer case which has made its entry into the list of fabricated computer case list and that is Antec Nine Hundred Two Gaming case. One of great things which you will like about the Antec is that its products are super cool. So, you don't have to really bother if your products are of top quality. Each case will look unique and functions extremely well. This model, an upgraded version of Nine Hundred, features huge side window, 3 external driver space and room for 6 internal drives. This case is all yours at $139.

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