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Eight essential accessories for your Samsung Galaxy Tab

    Eight essential accessories for your Samsung Galaxy Tab
    Abdul Vahid V:
    Samsung Galaxy Tab accessories
    Samsung Galaxy Tab accessoriesmust have Samsung Galaxy Tab accessories
    Do you own a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1? The tablet is rated as the world's best Android tablet ever. Launched in the middle of 2011 in reply to Apple iPad 2, Galaxy Tab 10.1 is being sold out like hotcakes across the global markets. Here are eight essential accessories that you might want for your Galaxy Tab. Accessories are often there to secure and shield a product, and to extend its usability. Read on to find out the accessories that are essential for your Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet.
    1. Samsung TV-out cable
    Samsung TV-out cable
    Samsung TV-out cableSamsung TV-out cable
    Samsung's TV-out cable for Galaxy Tab can make your tablet a complete multimedia station. Using the 30 pin connector, you can tether your Galaxy Tab with a TV to watch videos, slideshows, and images on a large platform. It also has a sound output that you can use to connect the device with a surround music system and TV for great audio effects. If you have a better quality home theater, you can enjoy the audio and video of your Galaxy Tab on a large display along with great music. The TV-out is priced at £14.95 (approx. $20).
    2. Alpha gadgets screen protector
    Alpha Gadgets Screen Protector
    Alpha Gadgets Screen ProtectorAlpha Gadgets Screen Protector
    Alpha Gadgets Screen Protector is an absolute protector of the screen of your Galaxy Tab 10.1. You can use this easy to apply protector to safeguard your tablet's screen from scratches, shocks and dust. Wearing the screen protector, you will not lose clarity of the tablet's screen even a bit and it fits exactly with the device's display. The protector maintains an appearance and increases usability of the tab. Amazon sells the Alpha Gadgets screen protector for £2.95 (approx. $4).
    3. Samsung keyboard dock
    Samsung Keyboard Dock
    Samsung Keyboard DockSamsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 Keyboard Dock
    Using a keyboard dock, you can certainly make your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 a laptop replacement. Along with a full-sized keyboard dock, the tablet looks fantastically great, indeed. The better keyboard choice for Galaxy Tab is Samsung's official $79 piece. This full-sized dock can relax your tablet as a monitor on the other end. The white keyboard dock adds beauty into the entire thing. Of course, you get a bonus notebook with a Super AMOLED 10.1-inch screen.
    4. Cellapod Neoprene carry pouch case
    Cellapod Neoprene Carry Pouch Case
    Cellapod Neoprene Carry Pouch CaseCellapod Neoprene Carry Pouch Case
    Here is a wonderful pouch case for your Galaxy Tab 10.1. Cellapod Neoprene carry pouch is a great product that can provide complete protection for your device. This simply designed stylish pouch protects as well as cushions your Galaxy Tab. You can carry the device with no fear of falling scratches if it is in this pouch that comes in grey color. Amazon sells the product for £7.99 (approx. $11). The pouch has a dimension of 10×1x8 cm and weighs just at 50 g.
    5. Samsung multimedia desk dock
    Samsung Multimedia Desk Dock
    Samsung Multimedia Desk DockSamsung Multimedia Desk Dock
    Samsung's multimedia desk dock is an official Galaxy Tab accessory. The product holds your tablet PC securely in portrait orientation. It means you can rest your tablet in portrait mode using this dock on your desk. It also charges your tablet while in use. Therefore, there is nothing to be worried about the exhausting of battery life while you use your Galaxy Tab. The dock also contains built-in outputs for speakers and HDMI that help you connect the device with a TV or music system when it rests on the dock. The Multimedia desk dock is priced at £30.49 (approx. $42). At, you can enjoy free delivery of the dock on paying the above price.
    6. Samsung Notebook stand case
    Samsung Notebook stand case
    Samsung Notebook stand caseSamsung Notebook stand case
    It is yet another Samsung accessory for your Galaxy Tab 10.1. The stand case lets you rest the tablet in portrait orientation. If you love eReading, it will be great to place the device on the Notebook stand case. The official Samsung accessory can provide increased protection because it is designed with soft leather and built-in stand functionality. The Notebook stand weighs at 200g and is priced at £11.00 (approx. $15) at Amazon.
    7. Duragadget water resistant neoprene zip case
    Duragadget Water Resistant Neoprene Zip Case
    Duragadget Water Resistant Neoprene Zip CaseDuragadget Water Resistant Luxury Purple Neoprene Zip Case
    Duragadget’s water resistant neoprene case can safeguard your Galaxy Tab from dust, scratches, and splashes. The case features a zip so that you can keep it closed if the gadget is not in use. In addition, the case has an external zip pocket. Neoprene zip case is available for grabs in four attractive colors. It is also with a wrist strap, which means you can attach the case with tablet on your wrist while you are walking or doing something. Amazon sells the product for £5.49 (approx. $7).
    8. Qubits silicone skin
    Qubits Silicone Skin
    Qubits Silicone SkinQubits Silicone Skin
    It is a silicone jacket to protect your Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab 10.1 from impacts and scratches. Skin of the case is with a protective layer for ultimate durability. This high quality thick silicone skin case can also shield the tab from bumps and knocks. The case has effective grip protection. Along with protecting your gadget in the case, all its features are simply accessible for you. Qubits Silicone case comes in black color and Amazon sells it for £4.99 (approx. $6).
    These are eight essential accessories you must consider buying if you love your Galaxy Tab 10.1. You can keep your tablet in tranquility, away from shocks, bumps, and dust using any of the above-mentioned cases or punches. To enhance the capability of your tablet, you can use keyboard dock, TV-out, and other accessories. With better quality docks, pouches or cases, handling your Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be an easy task for you and the device will last long as its gets better protection from shocks and knocks.

    Passing Cloud Concept is How You are to Travel in Future
    Wrik Sen:
    Passing Cloud concept
    Passing Cloud conceptPassing Cloud concept which helps float over destinations without any carbon emissions, or control over speed, direction or destination.
    Lives have changed for sure. Gone are the days when US folks had the luxury to travel destinations without a fixed location in mind, and could take our sweet time to do so. Well, all that is set to come back if artist Tiago Barros's new concept the "Passing Cloud" is to be believed as the floating cloud used to travel. Based as a futuristic concept of traveling on floating cloud-like structures, the travelers wouldn't have a fixed destination or control of speed.
    With most traveling gadgets having a high carbon emission these days, there is a demand for those which have lesser emission, if not at zero emission levels. Taking that criterion into mind, these Passing Clouds are a perfect fit, as these have no engines or motor on which it depend to work on. With an internal stainless steel cloud shaped structure, the covering is white nylon fabric with high tensile strength. When placed on the ground, the travelers could board the cloud using the ladders placed on the sides. After boarding on, the balloons would be released to float in the skies, but there is the main catch after that which we even mentioned earlier; complete loss of control in terms of time taken to travel, as wind patterns will decide the travelling direction and speed. Also, if one takes a critical look, there is always a chance where people could either fall off or land in the middle of a water body with no assistance around! We are not experts or decision makers, but it would be a safe bet on our end to wish for more of safety features and controlling mechanisms, making travelling on this futuristic device safer and more enjoyable.

    Seven safety gadgets to protect young kids from potential threats
    Leka Ram:
    Safety gadgets for kids
    Safety gadgets for kidsSafety gadgets to protect young kids form potential threats
    Kids are notorious for mischief. But sometimes, it may turn dangerous and may even cause some harm to them and others around. Every parent is worried about the safety of their child. They are ready to do anything to ensure the safety of the kids. There are many gadgets that are useful for protecting the children from various kinds of hazards. Here are some of the gadgets that will certainly be useful for your child if your primary concern is safety.
    1. PoolSonix Pool Alarm
    PoolSonix Pool Alarm
    PoolSonix Pool AlarmSolar-powered pool meter ensures the safety of your kids
    This is a solar powered pool meter that helps you to ensure the safety of your children at the pool. Owing a pool in your garden is a big asset. At the same time, it can be a possible hazard if your children are not monitored while they are playing in the pool or near it. The best thing about the alarm is that it sounds like an alarm whenever your kids get into the pool when you are not around. The processing unit of the alarm is fixed on the edge of the pool. It is connected to a sensor installed in the pool floor. It detects motion by mapping the seismic wave activity.
    2. The F801i
    The F801i
    The F801iChild-Friendly F801i Handset from NTT DoCoMo
    The kid friendly mobile comes with a lot of friendly and safety features. It has a special 100 decibel panic alarm that can be activated by pulling a chord. Apart from the alarm, it also sends an email to a registered address. The email sent also contains the GPS information of the location from where it was sent. The headset also has a button that can be used for triggering an alarm. It comes with a watch like band that can be used for accessing the device if it is far away. Even if the phone is disabled you can easily trace the remote control or the band.
    3. Link Child Locator
    Link Child Locator
    Link Child LocatorLink Child Locater device, designed by Dcontinuum

    There are some instances when you may find your child missing suddenly if you were involved in some kind of activity maybe at the airport or at a shopping mall etc. During such occasions you can easily locate your kid with the help of the link child locator. The device has two components. One is worn by the parent and the other by the child. It has a transmitter module that functions for a range of about 100 feet. The part worn by the parent is used for receiving the signals sent by the child. The estimated distance where the child can be found is visible on a small LCD screen.
    4. The Grobag Egg
    The Grobag egg
    The Grobag eggGrobag Egg Changes Color To Monitor Room Temperature
    The digital room thermometer warns the parents when the room is too hot or cold. It is an egg shaped device that changes color when the temperature of the room is not the recommended temperature of between 16-20 degrees celsius. It also comes with a clear readout that provides the exact temperature requirements for a baby's room. The device turns blue when the temperature is low and turns red when it is more. This lets the parents adjust the temperature according to the requirements of the room.
    5. Nestt Egg Carseat
    Nestt Egg Carseat
    Nestt Egg CarseatEgg Carseat is a charming solution to a federally imposed mandate.

    There are numerous types of ca seats available. But this one is quite different from the others. Although in the conceptual stage the seat enables your kid to sit in a cozy manner just like an unborn chick inside the egg. It is extremely safe and secure for the kids. It features swivel function and single-handed tilt, air suspension system, breathable seating surface, removable cushions and air channels etc. It has indexed and retractable seat belts for safety.
    6. DoCoMo SA800i Phone
    DoCoMo SA800i phone
    DoCoMo SA800i phoneDoCoMo SA800i Kid Safety Phone
    The SA800i is a special cell phone for the kids. It has GPS to know where they are and can be checked using your computer or mobile phone. It also has other features like an attack alarm, parental control settings and a kid's mode that comes with a lot of interesting stuff for the kids. This can be very useful for kids who have to walk all the way to school and have no mode of transportation. The parents can use this as a safety measure to ensure that their kids are reaching safely.
    7. Okids Heart Phone
    Okids Heart Phone
    Okids Heart PhoneDesigned by Sung-Kyu Nam
    The Okids Heart Phone is designed by Sung-Kyu Nam. The most interesting feature is that you can easily change the shape of the device by just flicking. The product is meant for children aged between 5-6. The device comes with a lot of interesting features. Parents who love their kids can gift them this device that can even take the shape of a heart.

    Old crates recycled into creative architecture designs
    Varun Mishra:

    Recycled crates
    Recycled cratesOld crates recycled into creative architecture designs
    The ordinary:
    For those who believe that by recycling you can help save many resources of this planet, the news of creating something worthwhile from old trash crates is inspiring. It not just gives you hope but also allows you to think of better ways to do it. Every one of you must be aware of the importance of milk crates in your life, they are long lasting and super durable and thus in a way good for the environment. A typical crate has the potential to last as long as 30 years, which literally means that you need not remake them repeatedly, and thus resources of the planet are saved, but all this comes with a catch. The crates are easily recycled and new crates can be created from them, but once they reach the end of the road and end up in a dump yard or a landfill, these same milk crates create an environmental hazard, as they take thousands of years to decompose. This may not be a very concerning problem if you do not take into consideration that thousands of crates end up in the dumping yards every day. Most of it happens because people are unaware that something worthwhile and good can be created from these waste crates. Some stunning creations have been made using the same discarded crates by recycling them and constructively using them to create some ingenious structures.
    With the ever increasing pollution levels, there is a great need to recycle and reuse what all can be savored. The milk crates and other bottle crates are very hard to decompose and may even last a few thousand years in the soil, thus increasing the pollution levels of the environment. To keep it in check, effective measures must be taken to ensure that the crates are recycled and utilized in a manner that is less harmful for the environment and with the usage of the milk crates in making stunning architecture, you can not only better utilize these wastes but also show others an effective way to reuse what has been discarded.
    The extraordinary:
    The crates are primarily made from hardwood or plastic and are used for transportation of materials, especially bottles from one place to another. It is a shame that most people are still ignorant about the recycling of the waste materials. These crates can be utilized to create wonderful structures that are durable and impressively stylish and designer. The crates can be used for making small or large, permanent or temporary, public or private constructions that are very energy effective and efficient, and above all very durable.
    The target group:
    The construction of buildings and structures from wasted crates can be easily done by those who are environmentally conscious, have a little creativity and have lots of waste crates readily available to them.
    Related trends:
    The latest trends are very suitable for the usage of waste crates to make astonishing structures. Five cool structures made from the waste crates of milk and beer are listed here.
    1. Slumtube

    SlumtubeFascinating Shipping Pallets Slumtube in Johannesburg
    The Slumtube is a very energy efficient structure made from recycled materials. The Slumtube uses discarded Pallets and other natural materials like clay and straws, and converts them into a wonderful looking and yet very cheap house. The characteristic feature of this construction is that it only withstands high but also low temperatures. These shelters are both durable and weather proof and can last for a real long time.
    2. Green-walled living pavilion

    Green-Walled Living Pavilion
    Green-Walled Living PavilionDesigners Ann Ha erect Living Pavilion
    This awesome architectural and artistic feat was a result of many waste old crates and a tinge of ingenuity. This displays not just recycling but also greenery and clearly sends a message of living in a cleaner and greener planet by preserving what all can be saved. The structure is over 10 feet tall and gives you a perfect place to relax on a sunny day. The crates were purchased from old customers who had discarded them as useless. The undersides of the crates are utilized to grow Liriope grass, which can easily thrive in shade and gives the entire structure a natural green appearance. The design is very environment friendly and is very pleasing to the eye.
    3. Milk carton castle in Granada

    Milk carton castle in granada
    Milk carton castle in granadaDesigned by Granada's Architectural College
    The Milk Carton Castle utilizes more than 50,000 recycled milk cartons in a sprawling area to create a life size castle. It is perhaps the biggest recycled material made structure ever made. It has even turned into a sort of tourist attraction as people flock to see it. The scale of the structure is so large that when viewed from a distance, it looks like a real castle (only a little smaller in size). The largest tower of this castle measures an impressive 29m in length and 1407m in width.
    4. Pallet house

    Pallet house
    Pallet house‘pallet house’ by schnetzer andreas claus and pils gregor
    The Pallet House has been designed by Pils Gregor and Andreas Claus, both students of the University of Vienna. The Pallet house has been constructed by recycling used pallets. The house is very energy efficient, modular, and very affordable. It is perhaps one of the most promising low-cost housing that is really durable and easy to make. The house was first made in 2008 in the Gaudi European Student Competition and has ever since become very popular and has been presented in many more shows and competitions as a perfect model and cheap house. The Pallet house is very easy to construct and thrives on a very simple and realistic design. It is also very easy to relocate from one place to another and thus suitable as a mobile home too.
    5. Boxel Pavilion
    Boxel Pavilion
    Boxel PavilionDesigned by Henri Schweynoch
    This is a truly stunning marvel, unbelievably made from recycled waste crates. It proves that with proper engineering and ingenuity, even waste beer crates can be transformed into something so wonderful. It has been constructed using more than 2000 beer crates and surprisingly requires very less floor space and has been designed specifically to use minimum possible surface to project a superb design with the usage of proper lightening. This marvel was not very easy to design and required several connection and load tests to be performed by the engineering team. The crates are held together in position by means of simple screws and slats. The entire Boxel Pavilion was constructed by engineers in merely a week.

    12 functional gaming accessories for an absorbing experience
    Posted: 21 Oct 2011 12:02 AM PDT
    Anindya Nandy:
    Functional gaming accessories
    Functional gaming accessoriesFunctional gaming accessories for an absorbing experience
    Almost everyone is fascinated by various types of indoor games. From childhood to adulthood, the inclination towards gaming occupies an almost permanent position in majority of the folk's most loved habits. The most prominent position in the world of games is that of computer games. Thus, to satisfy the never ending desire of indoor game lovers and to make them happy with yet newer games, these games target to provide the most realistic feeling. This is done by virtue of the self controlled game controller, virtual gaming ambiance that is designed such that they appear realistic and the associated sound provided with each of the advanced computer games. The indispensable pat of any game is the game controller. Sophistication and improvement is also achieved in that sector too. Here are some top rated computer game controllers for those who love to engross themselves in this virtual world.
    1. Hoon Luxury game controller
    Hoon Luxury game controller
    Hoon Luxury game controllerThis Fancy Hoon Video Game Controller Offers Classy Console Gaming
    This computer game comes with an unusual looking games controller. Hand assembled in Paris, the Hoon Luxury game controller looks like a lacquered wooden box, made from oak wood and covered all over by leather of the ostrich. The electronic components of this unique game controller are developed by Sanwa and it will be launched under the courtesy of the French company Hoon. It is compatible with PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.
    2. TriMount Wrangles
    TriMount Wrangles
    TriMount WranglesThe TriMount is the all-in-one solution for the ultimate gamer.
    The specialty of this game controller is that it fits with any device. The mount can be fitted on almost all flat screens with the help of the screws included with it. It can also be mounted on the wall and works as an efficient space saving device. It is extremely flexible and can be controlled from any position. It is compatible with Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor, PalyStation Eye, Wii Sensor Bar and even a flat screen television set.
    3. Razer Blade Laptop
    Razer Blade Laptop
    Razer Blade LaptopThe Razer Blade Laptop is Made for Hardcore Gaming
    This gaming control is equipped with a 17.3 inches LED screen and 2.8 GHZ Intel Core Processor. The extended features like build in HD Webcam, wireless network and integrated battery of 60Wh makes it a gaming peripheral by Razer. With the most sophisticated professional laptop, your gaming experience is surely going to be a great one.
    4. Heckler and Koch MP5 controller
    Heckler and Koch MP5 controller
    Heckler and Koch MP5 controllerHeckler and Koch MP5 Machine Gun Wiimote Brings the Heat
    This gaming control has been developed by the Chinese company Nintendo. This gaming control looks like a machine gun and is equipped with built in speakers to make your experience with it most realistic. The built in rechargeable battery makes the device easy to charge through the USB port. But, to ensure safety this most realistic gun has been provided with an orange light in the front to makes it distinctly separable from a real machine.
    5. DreamGEAR Quad Docks
    DreamGEAR Quad Docks
    DreamGEAR Quad DocksDreamGEAR offers quad controller chargers
    The gaming device in discussion features a charging dock with four charging wheels and an indicator having LED display to let you know the status of the battery when you use it. It can charge up to four Dual Shock 3 gaming controllers simultaneously. It is more of a charger than a mere game control and is priced at $30 to $40.
    6. Razer Hydra
    Razer Hydra
    Razer HydraRazer has unveiled an innovative PC motion-sensing game controller
    Another innovative product from the U.S gaming accessory maker, Razor, this device features some unique functions. It can sensor the motion of the body of the user while playing games like Portal 2, Left 4 Dead 2, etc., and act accordingly. The chief agent behind the action is the sensor called Sixense MotionPack DLD. It will be available to the customers in a combined pack with Portal 2 at $ 139.99. A note of caution, you must keep the controller within a range of twelve feet from your computer, otherwise it will not function.
    7. Wiimote Metallic Machine Gun
    Wiimote Metallic Machine Gun
    Wiimote Metallic Machine GunMetallic Nintendo Wii Machine Gun
    Now your action games will be more enjoying with this game control which transforms into a commander from a mere machine gun while you play an action packed computer game. The dimension of this silver machine gun is 11.81 X 4.96 X 1.65 inches and is of a weight of 11 oz. only in comparison. This Wii accessory will be available at $16.54.
    8. Fragfx Piranha Fps Controller
    Fragfx Piranha Fps Controller
    Fragfx Piranha Fps ControllerThe FragFX PIRANHA PS3 Controller Gives You an Edge Online
    If you love to play shooting games on your computer, then get yourself a FragFX Piranha game control for a more realistic experience. The twin components of this device are designed for two separate functions. While the left component helps to determine the direction, the right one serves for aiming and firing. Other extended features are button mapping, self controllable rapid fire mode, mouse and analog button sensitivity. Get it at $49.95.
    9. PS3 Fighting Commander
    PS3 Fighting Commander
    PS3 Fighting CommanderThe Fighting Commander 3 Pro is Designed Solely for Fighting Games
    This game controller is great for fighting games. Enjoy the life like experience of a war field, sitting at the privacy of your home with the PS3 Fighting Commander. Designed and developed by Hori, it has a look as that of a retro gaming pad. But the features that make it unique are the six huge control buttons along with the analog sticks in its D-Pad. You can even choose your level of sensitivity and flip flop the buttons at the left and the right as per your wish. You can get it for $35.
    10. N-Control’s Avenger
    N-Control's Avenger
    N-Control’s AvengerN-Control’s 360 Avenger Avenger controller attachment.
    Now you can aim at your target faster in a shooting game with this N-Control’s Avenger game control. It will keep your thumbs engaged as it glides over the X, Y and B buttons on its game pad, so that you can level, aim and shoot the target at the same time, without the wastage of a single moment. The strap of the Avenger control can be tightened all through to re-shoot a different target without releasing the control button. It is available at $50.
    11. Vuzix Wrap 1200VR
    Vuzix Wrap 1200VR
    Vuzix Wrap 1200VRExperience an Enhanced Experience with the Vuzix Wrap 1200VR Glasses
    This game control features a widescreen glass, virtual display and improved tracking in an eye gear! The 35 degree field of view imparts a three dimensional ambient effects as you play your favorite game. The extended features of this gaming glass that makes it even more attractive are the capability to support resolution of 1280 x 720, superior head tracking technology by virtue of the Wrap Tracker 6TC and an additional compass, along with nine sensor controls. It is offered at $599.99.
    12. Ferrari 458 Italia Racing Wheel for Xbox 360
    Ferrari 458 Italia Racing Wheel for Xbox 360
    Ferrari 458 Italia Racing Wheel for Xbox 360Thrustmaster Ferrari Xbox Racing Wheel Lets Gamers Drive Like a Boss
    A different and improved game control, this product from Xbox has a steering wheel of the Ferrari. It has been certified by Microsoft as well as Ferrari as the perfect controller for the would-be-launched game, Forza 4. The series of buttons on the steering wheel of 11 inches of diameter makes it easy to control your favorite racing game. Other features of the control are the gas pedals, automatic centering function that works with bungee cords and will be available this October onwards at $89.99.

    10 trendy vinyl players to restore the classics
    Posted: 20 Oct 2011 11:43 PM PDT
    Bijendra Singh Rana:
    Vinyl players
    Vinyl playersTrendy vinyl players to restore the classics
    Vinyl players, popularly known as "Gramophone" remind us of those days when we used to play like kids around our grandparents. The world may have got more advanced music players with newest technologies but still it would be worthless comparing the two. The former has elegance, a touch of its own, making its own statement. To make sure that Vinyl players do get acceptance among the youth that had iPods to listen nursery rhymes, several enthusiasts came up with Vinyl players of the modern age. These Vinyl players are a perfect blend of technology and innovation onto Vinyl players. Here we bring to you some remixed versions of Vinyl players that will make you love them again.
    1. Digital Vinyl Player

    Digital vinyl player
    Digital vinyl playerDigital Vinyl Player + Recorder to PC, USB, SD latest talk of the entertainment hub
    History repeats itself, so do the fashion. Digital Vinyl Players, a thing of past is nowadays growing in popularity amongst youngsters and adults alike. With some advancements and improvements, these players have become quite irresistible. The modern ones come with a Digital Vinyl Player, recorder to PC and can record onto digital MP3 as well. In addition, it flaunts three speed options, anti-shake knob, split mat platter and much more. Digital Vinyl Player is capable of playing several file formats and is priced at $120.23.
    2. Dala Vinyl Player

    Dala vinyl player
    Dala vinyl playerDesigned by Bardley Paulet
    Dala Vinyl Player is basically a Vinyl Player with wings. This is a sculptural masterpiece by renowned designer Bardley Paulet. It is based on flat membrane speaker concept with speakers protruding like wings from each side of the player. These wings create a stereo effect whenever the music is played along with outstanding treble effect. Owing to its unique design, Dala Vinyl Player distributes the music 180 degrees in both vertical as well as horizontal direction. The eye catching design also makes a bold statement.
    3. Pro-ject RPM 1.3 Genie

    Pro-ject RPM 13 Genie
    Pro-ject RPM 13 GeniePro-Ject RPM 13 Genie Vinyl player is ideal for hardcore music fans.
    Pro-ject RPM 1.3 Genie is a awesome vinyl player that is designed for the music crazy generation. Aesthetically designed and bundled with impressive features such as DJing, scratching and is embedded with a synchronous motor which in turn is also coupled with a two-step pulley. In addition to these, it also boasts of earth screws and gold-plated phone sockets for enthralling music experience.
    4. Audiowood Chipmunk Turntable

    Audiowood Chipmunk Turntable
    Audiowood Chipmunk TurntableChipmunk is hand assembled and finished with hand-rubbed polyurethane and paste-wax.
    Audiowood Chipmunk Turntable is one-f-a-kind musical instrument crafted out of a wood, hand-rubbed polyurethane and paste wax. This is a stylish vinyl music player that will add to the style of your living or drawing room. What's more is that it comes with 1 year warranty against any manufacturing and assembly defects.
    5. DJ workstation

    DJ workstation
    DJ workstationDesigned by Hoerboard Scomber
    DJ workstation is beautifully designed, sleek and fine finished vinyl music player of future. The Hoerboard Scomber Mix DJ workstation can set the most happening pubs rocking on their feet. The design of this workstation is so futuristic as if iconic Apple might have manufactured it. It is bundled with all the features of an advance DJ workstation and is very user friendly to handle.
    6. LP-R500 turntable

    LP-R500  turntable
    LP-R500 turntableLP-R500 is retro delight for a modern antique collector.
    LP-R500 LP turntable with CD Recorder from Japan is a vinyl record player that calls to the mind the memories of one's childhood when our grandparents used to listen to such instruments. Well, don't just go by its primitive design as it is laced with CD recorder, tape player, FM radio and speakers to deliver an enthralling musical experience. Over the top, this player can play standard as well as vinyl CDs alike. This retro yet fresh LP-R500 LP turntable with CD Recorder can be availed at a cost of 550 pounds.
    7. Steam-powered Turntable

    Steam-powered turntable
    Steam-powered turntableArduino-controlled Steampunk turntable by Simon Jansen
    Steam-powered Turntable vinyl player is a steampunkish kind player from Simon Jansen. This is made up of copper water pipe, bespoke platter while the base crafted out of wood. Simon Jansen has beautifully utilized magnets as well as Arduino to control the throttle speed with the help of a servo. This player is literally turntable, steam powered and capable of playing a Sex Pistols LP at one go. Well nothing can be perfect example of turntables creamed with modern beautification. Just go for it!
    8. Sleipner Airbearing Turntable

    Sleipner airbearing turntable
    Sleipner airbearing turntableSleipner airbearing turntable by Bergmann Audio
    The reputed Denmark based manufacturer Bergmann Audio has come up with a high-end turntable Sleipner Airbearing Turntable. Sleipner in Danish means smooth or gliding while in Nordic mythology it is a magical eight-legged steed. This one is a outstanding musical player with effective bass response and consists three boards of powdered granite, two layers of aluminum and one layer of bitumen. Sleipner Airbearing Turntable is fitted with high precision digitally controlled direct current motor, hallsensor and an encoder. You can take home this masterpiece at a price of $48,000.
    9. iPhone Turntable

    iPhone turntable
    iPhone turntableDesigned by Olivier Meynard
    Designer Olivier Meynard came up with the innovate concept of iPhone Turntable. This one is a peculiar combination of vinyl player with a horizontal iPhone dock. One can play music through built-in speakers and also upload these tracks to iPhone while it charges. Maybe, this one suffers from portability issue but still is not a bad choice, thanks to its awesome design and turntable concept.
    10. Proscenium Black Diamond III Turntable

    Proscenium Black Diamond III Turntable
    Proscenium Black Diamond III TurntableUniquely designed air supply system for the supreme musical experience
    The last one to feature in our list is the Proscenium Black Diamond III Turntable that is widely appreciated for its uniquely designed air supply system. Owing to this supply system which regulates air to produce quality sound disbursement; this player delivers unparalleled musical experience. Proscenium Black Diamond III Turntable is sturdy enough to withstand an air pressure up to 45psi and is installed with self cleaning vents. So, if you love high quality sound and love appealing design instruments than this one is the one for you.

    Seven cool mobile gardens to make urban areas clean and green
    Jancy James:
    Caravan mobile garden
    Caravan mobile gardenCaravan mobile garden by Van Braak
    We are increasingly losing space for creating gardens that once graced our compounds. Living in high rises has done away with the luxury of having an open garden or a spacious compound where you can relax amidst the flowers and the greenery and enjoy the fresh smell of nature.
    Gone are the days when watering the plants was a favorite past time when we can hum our favorite tunes along with the buzzing bees and the chirping birds. Do you miss all these? Here are some mobile gardens that you can plant at your own private space and still enjoy the activities, though on a lower scale.
    1. Mobile food garden
    MOBILE FOOD GARDENMobile food garden is developed to reconnect apartment dwellers with nature through a system that improves the urban life garden experience by providing an optimal growing system with enhanced versatility to provide best growing conditions for different
    Ever missed creating your own vegetable garden because you never had the space to try your gardening skills? Take a look at this mobile garden that can help you reconnect with nature and enjoy home grown organic food as well. The stands can be arranged in a variety of ways and can be accommodated in your apartment by placing them at areas where sunlight can directly benefit them.
    Every planter comes with a base that is removable and can be stacked as well to provide space for allowing deep soil which is required by certain types of food crops. The containers are also designed to store the gardening tools and also to form a worm farm which benefits the crops.
    2. Mobile community garden
    moving community garden
    moving community gardenMobile community garden by Annechien Meier.
    Mobile community garden is a concept that can help a whole residential area or a community where there are only high rises and hence a total lack of greenery. The bland atmosphere can be immediately brought to life by using these mobile gardens that can be shifted around as per convenience. Constructed on a wheeled platform, the community garden is a small mobile garden where you can plant all the kitchen essentials or just flowers and beautiful shrubs. It can be parked anywhere you wish. Since it can be driven around, you will not face any law and order problems as well.
    3. Caravan mobile garden
    Caravan mobile garden
    Caravan mobile gardenCaravan mobile garden by Van Braak
    The caravan mobile garden has an element of surprise all packed inside an innocent looking van. But open and spread it out and you see your jaws dropping in amazement. Created by Kevin Van Braak, the caravan garden is a synthetic garden with silky grass, fake trees, animals that are stiffed to look real, an electric barbecue and the chirping of the birds in the background. While this may not appeal to a village dweller who has lived amidst the greenest spaces, it could be all a city dweller could want.
    4. Mobile garden rail car
    mobile garden rail car
    mobile garden rail carMobile garden rail car by artist Joe Baldwin.
    The mobile rail care is a concept that spurred out of the imagination of an artist, Joe Bodwin which got the approval of the Chicago transit system. The mobile garden is incorporated in the rail car so that the travelers get to see and enjoy the wonders of nature and get inspired themselves. The small addition in the rail car with a flat garden area is a welcome change from the concrete building that travelers are so used to gazing at. With native plants and low maintenance shrubs, it inspires many who are on a mad rush to get to their bland office spaces.
    5. Mobile garden truck farm
    truckfarmTruckfarm by Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis.
    As the name suggests, the truck farm is set up on an old 1986 Dodge half-ton pickup truck. Parked in and around Brooklyn Street in the US, the small and beautiful garden has tomatoes, broccoli, parsley, arugula etc. Though it's great fun to watch the truck move around, it's the inspiration that we gather from such concepts that actually counts. Nothing is impossible if we have the will to achieve it!
    6. Moving urban garden
    moving urban garden
    moving urban gardenMobile urban garden with organaponico farming technique.
    Urbanization has taken away all the open spaces where we could have planted gardens and trees for our enjoyment and benefit of the nature. Now sky scrapers and industrial complexes occupy these beautiful spaces that were once wonderful green areas full of the fresh scent of nature. Moving urban gardens could be a great concept that can be introduced in urban areas. These gardens are small gardens that are grown on moving platforms that have wheels. Families that are always on the move would find this a wonderful alternative.
    7. Clever moving garden
    clever moving garden
    clever moving gardenClever Mobile Gardens for City.
    Gursan Ergil's concept of a moving garden took shape by drawing inspiration from the Ottoman Empire. With just six square meters of green space available for each resident of Istanbul, gardens are a distant possibility. The clever moving garden is a garden bench with grass and also a small tree which can be hung in a comfortable space where you can use it.

    10 cool and unique MP3 players to for the trendy
    Akshata Hegde:
    UFO Shaped MP3 Player
    UFO Shaped MP3 PlayerUFO Shaped MP3 Player
    An mp3 player is always a convenient option to listen music while on the move. They are smaller than CD players so easily fits in your pocket at the same time store a considerable larger amount of music in it. It is also very simple to store songs in them as you just need to connect them with your PC and then copy paste the songs you like.
    With all the rising demand for mp3 players may companies come up with several unique and creative digital audio players. Given is the list of some such player with unique designs from all over the world.
    1. LEGO Brick MP3 Player
    LEGO MP3 Players
    LEGO MP3 PlayersLEGO MP3 Players
    LEGO-esque MP3 players by Homade smartly hide their controls in between the protruded dots on the surface of its each block. You can get this player in a variety of bold colors, such as red, blue, yellow and green. Its built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery offers around 6 hours of play time. It has a MicroSD card slot for storage which can accommodate a memory card of 2GB max. Mainly made from plastic, LEGO Brick MP3 Player come at a price of $46, which is bit costly considering no included memory.
    If you already have an iPod, then you would like to have LEGO-like iPod stereo dock by Homade. It covers its speakers beneath its bumpy block surface. The iPod dock costs about $40.
    2. Cassette Tape MP3 Player
    Cassette Tape MP3 Player
    Cassette Tape MP3 PlayerThis MP3 Player is assembled into a normal cassette casing
    If you the one who love retro themed stuffs with latest technology, Cassette Tape MP3 Player is a best buy for you. This MP3 Player is assembled into a normal cassette casing. It allows you to either use it as an old school shaped MP3 Player as well as use any car cassette player to play MP3 Music from it. You can enjoy listening to music for hours as this product comes with a built in SD Card Slot. It saves the cost of flash memory at the same time allows you to change quickly to different songs with different SD Cards. It comes with no internal memory but has an external Memory card slot with memory expandable to 8 GB.
    3. Lovers MP3 Player
    Lovers MP3 players
    Lovers MP3 playersLovers MP3 players
    You and your partner might have different music tastes but that doesn't state that you can't have a same player and be close with someone you love very much. This pair of matching allows you to listen to different tracks at the same time will be attached, but still be joined at the hip. This interlocking Lovers MP3 player joins together to forms the shape of a single red heart. You can still play wit separately when you are apart. And is suppose you have a break off with your partner, you still can keep your tunes, which is a much solution than breaking a iPod into half. You can grab this Lovers MP3 Player with a memory of 1GB at a price of $39.
    4. Wooden Camera MP3 Player
    Wooden Camera MP3 Player
    Wooden Camera MP3 PlayerThis is a handmade wooden mini-camera that has an embedded Motz Music Box that allows you to play MP3
    This looks like a little camera pendant to most of you, bit its actually can play music! Yes friends it is a digital music player. This is a handmade wooden mini-camera that has an embedded Motz Music Box that allows you to play MP3, OGG and WMA files. The only disadvantage to this player is that it comes with a memory of just 256MB and is not expandable. This Korean product is still a conversation piece that comes at a price of $43.50.
    5. Lightsaber MP3 Player
    Lightsaber MP3 Player
    Lightsaber MP3 PlayerThis mp3 player would definitely remind you of some weapon from a science fiction saga
    This mp3 player would definitely remind you of some weapon from a science fiction saga. The compact tube-shaped player comes with a 2GB or 4GB storage. You also have option of buying ones with or without a built-in FM radio feature. This easy to operate Lightsaber MP3 Players text display includes intuitive animation, U disk, electronic files, phone-book and voice recording. You can buy it at prices ranging from $27 to $43.
    6. Discreet Pen MP3 Player
    Discreet Pen MP3 Player
    Discreet Pen MP3 PlayerIt can store around 2 GB of data and play around 1000 songs in WMA or MP3 format
    This is a multifunction detective pen that records up to 8 hours making use of its built-in microphone. It can also store around 2 GB of data and play around 1000 songs in WMA or MP3 format. The Discreet Pen MP3 Player like its name captures sound offering no hint that it is running. The player includes a 3.7V battery and you cane recharge it using an optional charger or USB port.
    7. BenQ Dog Tag MP3 Player
    BenQ Dog Tag MP3 Player
    BenQ Dog Tag MP3 PlayerLatest MP3 player made of aluminum and magnesium
    It's been a while since you have heard any updates from BenQ, may be because they have been busy collecting scraps of aluminum and magnesium to make their latest MP3 player. It has two specially engraved designs, which includes magic bean design for the girls and the steel wings design for the boys. The media player has an in-built microSD card slot along with an attractive dog tag as well as an earphone chain made of metal. You can get this funky 512MB music player at a price of about $88. You can also buy a 1GB storage version of the BenQ Dog Tag MP3 Player.
    8. Minty MP3 Player
    Minty MP3 Player
    Minty MP3 PlayerIt easily operates with your compact flash card
    Now you can create a do-it-yourself music player that comes with a 3.3v boost regulator to run off of 1 or 2 rechargeable or alkaline batteries and an FM transmitter. Now your free mints cases can be turned in to a rocking music player. It can be built with parts that are available at traditional electronics distributor. Buy them at a cost as low as $25 for parts and $25 for a PCB. It easily operates with your compact flash card.
    9. Soundwave Transformers MP3 Player
    Soundwave Transformers MP3 Player
    Soundwave Transformers MP3 PlayerThis player makes use of SD Memory to play music
    This is a Soundwave media player that comes under the Music label of Transformers. This player makes use of SD Memory to play music. Put in a 1GB miniSD card with all your favorite tracks in the slot that is in the center and the player will play them in either in cassette mode or the robot mode. With around 6 hours of battery life, the Soundwave Transformers MP3 Player is available in two color variants: Sonic White and Spark Blue.
    10. Swatch Infinity MP3 Player Watch
    Swatch Infinity MP3 Player
    Swatch Infinity MP3 PlayerSwatch Infinity MP3 Player
    Featuring an in-built MP3 and Video player as well as photo album, the sleek Infinity concept watch from Swatch can make one envy over you. This wrist watch can has a video recorder also. Sorry to say but Infinity is a concept and is not offered for purchase as of now.

    10 creative solar-powered gadgets for green geeks
    Meenakshi Singh:
    solar-powered gadgets
    solar-powered gadgetsCreative solar-powered gadgets
    The new choice of going green has made ample space for the renewable energy resources. The solar energy has been a hot topic for the researchers these days. They are continuously working to find methods to harvest the cheapest and easily available sun light and to convert it into electricity. This effort has resulted in the discovery of gadgets which can be easily operated using the solar energy.

    Doing different has been a first choice for creative people. The scarcity of natural resources towards producing fuel has created a wider scope for non-conventional means to generate power. The green geeks always search for the new ideas to harvest the solar-power for their equipment. Let’s see the 12 creative solar-powered gadgets, especially made for the green geeks.
    1. Logitech solar keyboard
    Solar Keyboard
    Solar KeyboardLogitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

    The famous computer peripheral manufacturer, Logitech has announced the solar keyboard for computers and laptops. It has a built-in charging platform, which enables the user to use the keyboard without any battery. Also the wireless USB dongle has no need of driver installation. It has two solar panels to power the keyboard. The keyboard once charged can go for almost three months without recharging.
    2. Owleye solar bike lights
    Solar Bike Lights
    Solar Bike LightsOwleye Solar Bike Lights also Charge via USB.

    A fashionably crafted bike light which is powered by solar energy is introduced by Owleye, a Taiwanese company. It is detachable, light in weight and water resistant. Once charged fully, the light can go up to 16 hours. Also, it gets complete charging in less than 3 hours time and can give a full light of almost five hours. Further, available in USB quick charge option, the lights are a worth buy.
    3. Voltaic solar backpack
    Solar Backpack
    Solar BackpackVOLTAIC's Super Solar Powered Backpack

    One of the most usable products, the Solar Bag is surly going to steal the show. It is also the most versatile gadget in our range. The pockets of the bag are easily detachable. It has also ample space to carry your personal stuffs. This bag can easily charge all your portable electronic gadgets. Additionally, it has a padded sleeve for laptops, dedicated phone-pouch and other numerous pockets. It has a 4W solar panel, which get charged in less than 1 hour and renders a talk-time of almost 3 hrs. The back-up for music players extends up to 48 hours.
    4. VOLTAIC 'GENERATOR' Solar Bag

    Having the total peak output at 20 volts, the VOLTAIC 'GENERATOR' Solar Bag generates power in sun light. The bag has a capacity of 50 Watt hour and it can be charged fully in eight hours. This bag has robust construction with water resistant qualities. Also it can withstand rough handling. This bag can also charge your iPod, iPhones and other cell phones. In wet seasons, the battery can be charged using the AC travel charger.
    5. Brunton solar charger
    Solar charger
    Solar chargerBrunton solar charger

    A best solar charger for your small gadgets, the Brunton solar charger can charge your cameras, iPods, iPhone, and GPS gadgets. This charger has an in-built solar panel, which further facilitates the charging instruments without any hassle. This gadget has also a standard USB ports, power gauge & auto shut-off and can store the power up to 2200mAh. Available in dimensions of 5.7″x3″x.88″, this charger weights at 5.7 oz.
    6. Solar camcorder
    solar camcorder
    solar camcorderSolar Powered Camcorder for green geeks.

    Imaging you are in between a party; shooting images and videos and suddenly the battery goes down. It's the most furious situation you can face ever. But, now you can use the world’s first high definition camcorder with built-in solar charging panels. The palm sized camcorder is compact and is designed considering the maximum comfort of the user. Having 12 MP camera and 1280X720 resolution of the video recording, it is best complemented with an expandability of 32 GB.
    7. Solar-powered robot
    Solar Robot
    Solar RobotSolar-Powered Robot used For Snow-Surfing

    Capable to move with a speed of 5mph, this solar-powered robot is highly useful for the scientists conducting researches in the Antarctic region. Brainchild of researchers belonging to the Dartmouth College, this robot is made by the school of Engineering. The Robot gets its power from the in-built photovoltaic cells. The cells trap the solar-energy and then convert it into electric-powered cells enabling the robot to move.
    8. Solar chariot
    Solar Chariot
    Solar ChariotSolar Chariot by Bob Schneeveis

    This Chariot is manufactured by Bob Schneeveis; a well-known name in the invention of solar-electric gadgets and vehicles. The inventor Bob is highly experienced in designing and making gadgets using the robotics technology and rollerblading chariot. These solar powered gadgets are another excellence from the inventor.
    9. Solar-powered beach tent
    Solar beach tent
    Solar beach tentSolar beach tent by Emma Harris

    A perfect accessory for the adventurous people, this solar-powered beach tent is also air-conditioned. It best suits the people who wish to pitch their tents in warm places like deserts. It also does not cause any harm to the environment as the air-conditioner is charged and operated using the solar-electricity. The panels are installed on the roof of the tent and the designers are working on the concept to launch foldable tents. You can buy these tents at approx $5000.
    10. Solar wheelchair
    Solar wheelchair
    Solar wheelchairSolar wheelchair by Taiwan University of Technology

    Powered by solar panels installed on the roof, this wheelchair is developed by a team from the Southern Taiwan University of Technology. The roof also works as a cover from the rain and sunlight. Claimed to be cheaper, this solar-powered wheelchair is supposed to go for mass production soon.

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