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10 Batman-inspired gadgets for super geeks

Posted: 31 Oct 2011 06:45 AM PDT

Sukrat Gupta:

Batman-inspired gadgets
Batman-inspired gadgetsBatman-inspired gadgets for super geeks

Batman is regarded as one of the best superheroes created till now. With virtually no superpowers and consistent vigilance that earned the praise from the citizens of Gotham City as he did, this caped crusader is known for his various gadgets that can entice even the top intelligence agencies all over the world. These gadgets made a normal man into a formidable opponent to psychopaths, serial killers and underworld bosses, taking each of them down without much ado. Now these gadgets, or those inspired by them, have come into the market. Though they may not be as effective as the original ones, they can surely leave you mesmerized by their charm and elegance. Here are a few for you to check out.

1. Spire Boat

Spire Boat
Spire BoatThe Spire Boat by Thierry Mugler

The Spire Boat is a speed boat designed by Thierry Mugler Studio, and is inspired by one of the Batmobile. It was presented at the Monaco Yacht Show in September this year, and has earned its own fans and companies which are ready with new orders. If you want to make one of these boats yours, be ready to give up a small fortune for this marvel.

2. Batman inspired hidden light switch

Batman inspired hidden light switch
Batman inspired hidden light switchGeek Builds Cool Batman-Inspired Wireless Light Switch Hidden in Bust

If you have seen Batman movies, you must be aware of a secret switch hidden inside the bust of William Shakespeare that would lead to the Batcave. This switch has now been recreated - known as Wireless Light Switch Hidden Inside a Statue-Bust - using a wireless relay that can be used to control a 120V AC load. This Batman-inspired gadget can let you have some fun when you have friends at your place.

3. Batman Inspired Electric Bus

Batman Inspired Electric Bus
Batman Inspired Electric BusThis all-electric Superbus, designed by students at UT Delft

Designed by students in the Netherlands, this Batman-inspired Electric Bus can really get you places. The bus works on lithium-polymer batteries’ power electric motors, and can reach up to 800 HP and 130 miles without stopping in one charge. This futuristic-looking bus, can appeal to the younger generation more than the older one, and can give you a feeling of sitting in a Batmobile at least for some time.

4. BatMP3 Music for Batman

BatMP3 Music for Batman
BatMP3 Music for BatmanShaped like a 2.75-inch black batshuriken, with 1GB of RAM inside,

Now you can listen to the cry of a bat. This bat-shaped MP3 player is designed in China, has 1 GB RAM, and is compatible with Windows and Mac. Its headphones are shaped like bat’s ears, and its overall look reminds of Batman’s batshuriken.

5. Batman Arkham Asylum Wallet

Batman Arkham Asylum Wallet
Batman Arkham Asylum WalletInspired by the famous video game and it is all about Batman's arch enemy

There is no hero without a villain, and there can’t be Batman without Joker. When one of the world’s most powerful superheroes come face-to-face with the world’s baddest villain, one can expect firecrackers, blockbuster movies, immortal comic-runs and merchandise. To capitalize on the success of The Batman: Arkham Asylum, a company has come up with a pure black leather tri-fold wallet, featuring half-faces of Joker and Batman joined together by the middle, this wallet is a product that signifies class and style.

6. The Batman Alarm Clock Radio

The Batman Alarm Clock Radio
The Batman Alarm Clock RadioThemed on the latest Batman movie

To commemorate the rise of The Dark Knight in the cinema theaters, a company came out with a classy-looking alarm clock that can make you throw away even your favorite alarm clock. The Batman Alarm Clock Radio is themed on The Dark Knight that wakes you up to music or buzzer, along with flashing a Batman logo on the wall. Apart from these, this clock has many other additional features that will make your ordinary alarm clock look like a creation of prehistoric age.

7. Batmobile Smart Car

Batmobile Smart Car
Batmobile Smart CarThe Batsmart by Barris

Designed by George Barris, this BatSmart car, unveiled in the North Hall at SEMA, is something a Batman fan will definitely go for. With high-mounted rear wings, a rear jet exhaust, roof-mounted flutes and vertical doors, this car is definitely the one that has looks and can save gallons with a good mileage. Now this is one from Batman for eco friendly crusaders.

8. The Batpod

The Batpod
The BatpodThis motorcycle is Batman's Batpod from the movie, The Dark Knight!

Batman’s Batpod used in The Dark Knight may look trendy, but it is hell of a devil to ride on. However great fan you may be, it is not worth to have your neck broken by the heavy vehicle. So, one of the designers decided to make the game safe for fans and created this more-realistic, light Batpod that looks and works great without compromising much on the model.

9. Miniature Bat Spy Plane

Miniature Bat Spy Plane
Miniature Bat Spy PlaneIncludes micro electronic equipment

Batman is known to have a plethora of knowledge of whereabouts and events in Gotham City, and his valet does not seem that young to act as a perfect spy. Moreover, more cars have come on the streets, thanks to growing Gotham-population, making it difficult to have spies on land. So, he came up with an ingenious idea. He gave his spy-cameras wings. Now his creation has become motivation for Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs), a US Army-funded research program. The project involves creating a small, light robotic spy plane that can work on power from solar, wind and vibration sources while monitoring urban combat zones and sending data back to base in real time using radio signals.

10. Fiberglass Bat Cowl Replica

Fiberglass Bat Cowl Replica
Fiberglass Bat Cowl ReplicaMade of sturdy fiberglass and is based on the 1992 movie, Batman Returns

Batman never showed his face, even though he was one of the most handsome people in Gotham City. He, however, used a Bat Cowl to give himself a more eerie persona that the villains would fear. This cowl above is a display version of the one worn by Michael Keaton in Batman Returns. Made of fiberglass, this cowl is a result of professional craftsmanship, and is supported by a belt-style stand.

Six cool and creative coffee tables with built-in speaker system

Posted: 31 Oct 2011 06:42 AM PDT

Shaheen Akhtar:
coffee tables with built-in speaker system
coffee tables with built-in speaker systemcreative coffee tables with built-in speaker system

Coffee is an integral part of our life and most of us enjoy coffee time. Now think of combining coffee with music. The idea must be exciting and it would be real fun if we would be able to do this. These days there are designer coffee tables available in the market with built-in speaker system which are liked by one and all. Here is a list of six cool and creative coffee tables with built in speaker systems.

1. Coffee table includes car stereo system

Coffee table with car stereo system
Coffee table with car stereo systemCoffee table with car stereo system by Akil Bil

This coffee table is perfect for those who want to enjoy hot coffee with their favorite music. This coffee table features built in car stereo system so that you can enjoy your favorite music without getting interrupted. This helps you to relax and refresh at the same time. Akil Bill deserves credit for designing this unique and useful coffee table which is definitely one of the best coffee tables available in the market. The design of this table is sleek and stylish with a glass top which is actually a MK1 Volkswagen Polo's windscreen. The coffee table is made of glass, tin and plywood. The panel of this table is handmade.

2. Coffee table with speaker system and dock

Coffee table with speaker system and dock
Coffee table with speaker system and dockCoffee table with speaker system by Mike Lonsdale.

This innovative coffee table featuring both speaker system and dock is the brainchild of British designer Mike Lonsdale. The four omni-directional speakers are integrated in the four legs. The four speakers reproduce surround sound. Chestnut and Tatajuba are used to make this coffee table, featuring a dock into the surface. This dock is very useful as it allows you to conceal your music device and wire. You can connect your iPod, media player, laptop and the speaker system with this table using a sound jack. The power cable can be removed easily. Priced at around $1200, this coffee table is without doubt a beautiful piece of art which will add to the beauty of your drawing room.

3. Coffee table with speaker system legs

Coffee Table speaker legs
Coffee Table speaker legsCoffee Table speaker legs by Wout Fierens

Wondering Boys designer duo Wout Fierens and Miquell van Meelen has designed this coffee table with in-built speakers in legs. This coffee table is stylish and it can be used as a decorative piece of furniture to add to the beauty of your home. Called Speaker System Coffee Table, the speakers are fitted on each upper-leg. The coffee table is designed with a different angle and it is compatible with different devices including iPod or iPhone. Not much information is available about the speaker system's specification but this table can be used as a support for your bar table and as a unique home speaker system as well.

4. The Acoustable is a coffee table

Acoustable coffee table
Acoustable coffee tableAcoustable coffee table by Jerome Spriet.

We often keep coffee tables in our living room to place remote, newspapers, magazines and our cup of coffee. But the Acoustable is a unique coffee table because it comes fitted with a giant speaker system! Jerome Spriet and Wolfgang Bregentzer deserve credit for designing Acoustable. This innovative coffee table features a flat top and it can be used as furniture in your living room. You can also use this coffee table to place your laptop and of course you can listen your favorite using the speakers fitted in this table. This table is compatible with different media players and laptops. The sound system reproduces original and high-quality sound. The audio output is single and omnidirectional.

5. Coffee table with built in speakers

Built in Speakers in coffee table
Built in Speakers in coffee tableCoffee Table with Built in Speakers and LCD Panel

This coffee table is different from the coffee tables which we normally have in our living rooms as it features a LCD screen and speakers, which are hidden underneath the table. The table also features LED lights which illuminates the area around this innovative and stylish table. This table is large enough to hold small projects, board games, laptops, etc. The table also contains a computer fitted along the wall. The LCD panel fitted in this table is actually an old monitor. The table has 4 LED lights installed on each side. These lights are fitted in such a manner that it can light floor up to 6 feet near the table. The table features two sets of the Logitech speakers and MP3 docks.

6. Pyramid-shaped coffee table

Pyramid coffee table
Pyramid coffee tablePyramid coffee table from designer Stephane Thivend.

This coffee table is stylish and attractive because of its shape which is like a pyramid. Named ‘Horus’, this innovative coffee table is the brainchild of designer Stephane Thivend. He has designed this coffee table keeping in mind the needs of the iGeneration. Integrated with amplified speakers and an iPod dock, this coffee table also features an LED system for mood lighting effect.

Seven social media devices to enjoy mobile networking

Posted: 31 Oct 2011 06:41 AM PDT

Saifudheen MS:

social media devices
social media devicessocial media devices to enjoy mobile networking

The technology is growing fast and we all are living in a new age. Man developed many things that can be useful in our daily life. There are many devices that are being used for entertainment. Social networking has become a part of our daily life and it is simplified to be able to use by mobiles. Here are 7 social media devices to enjoy mobile networking.

1. Xbox 360

Xbox 360
Xbox 360Xbox 360 Social Network Features are Age-Gated

It is a wonderful social networking device to enjoy your time. But, now minors are going to face a problem in Xbox 360. The upcoming features on Xbox 360 will not be authorized to people under 18. They may be restricted to use Twitter, Facebook and It will create a big difference when it comes to the world as there are many minor people who use social networking sites regularly. The aim behind this restriction is to provide maximum browsing security to children who are under 18. But, the actual application is being used by minors also.

2. Pogoplug

PogoplugAffordable bring-your-own storage network file server; connect to home network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet

Here is a standard device that is low in price and will enable you to buy easily. It will enable your own file server with high range of storing capacity and you will show a special presence on web. You can connect the device to Wi-Fi or Ethernet to access it. It is best to enjoy much of interesting features which are starting from media streaming end ends in cloud printing. It can be accessed through a wide range of smart phones. The design of the device may be least impressive. Also some of the features do not work properly. Still it remains as an easily accessible file sharing device to be used all over the web. It also provides better video playback facility in 3G or 4G networks.

3. T-mobile myTouch 3G

T-mobile myTouch 3G
T-mobile myTouch 3GStereo Bluetooth and Outlook e-mail syncing are standard features, and call and data performance are excellent.

T-mobile myTouch 3G hit the world with its attractive design and award winning facilities. It has a gorgeous and its controls are tactile. The user interface is customizable and the important thing is that it is easy to use. One of the drawbacks is it does not support contacts synchronization and don't have a file manager option. T-mobile myTouch 3G is helpful to boost the Google android operating systems. The best thing you will notice about the phone is its eye catching design itself. Also the call sound quality is good.

4. Lighthouses SQ7

Lighthouses SQ7
Lighthouses SQ7A social media device with voice recognition

Lighthouses SQ7 is a wonderful social media device to have fun and enjoy your time as well. It is available for about $250. We cannot say that it is of too low cost. Also it is not fair to say that the price is too high as the facilities are much. It has a 7 inches display with 800 X 480 screen resolution besides being a resistive touch screen. It allows that storage of 1 GHz and the primary memory is 128 MB. The operating system is custom Ubuntu and the maximum battery usage per one complete use of its full charge is 5 hours which is an average.

5. Flip Mino

Flip Mino
Flip MinoFlip Mino With Image Stabilization

Flip Mino introduced in the market with its stylish design and its interesting functionality which creates more and more fans. One of the interesting and amazing things is that you can design the cover of the device using your own ideas and images. The website allows designing the graphics on the body of the device and you can order it. You can capture high definition video. It has 4 GB built in memory and you can connect it to your laptop easily. Buttons are touch-sensitive with stylish design. The new feature included is image stabilization. Also the file managing is quite easy as you can drag files to one folder to another easily.

6. Roku Player

Roku Player
Roku PlayerThe original, best-selling streaming player

One of the satisfied product features is that it provides 30 days money back guarantee. From this we can realize that the device will make you satisfy certainly. It is one of the best streaming players in the market with no monthly subscriptions. Roku can be connected to your TV or Wi-Fi home network and there is no need of computers. You can easily manage the videos by a remote control. Roku player is designed stylish and simple. There are about 100,000 movies to choose from as per your mood and if you feel bored play interesting games on Roku.

7. Ooma Hub

Ooma Hub
Ooma HubEnjoy the convenience of caller-ID and call-waiting

Ooma Hub is a social media device with many facilities that you will enjoy. One of the most important facilities in Ooma hub is the cheap calls even international with interesting functions. The voice clarity is fine and also you can access voice mails with a single touch. Most calls are free of cost. It also allows 'do not disturb' service and anonymous call blocking.

10 innovative ashtrays to dispose of your smoking remnants

Posted: 31 Oct 2011 06:39 AM PDT

Ankit Dahiya:

Innovative ashtrays
Innovative ashtraysinnovative ashtrays to dispose of your smoking remnants

All of us love the accessories we own as, they are, not only cool but also, add to the beauty of the person who makes use of it. These cool accessories add colors to our lives and are so adorable and gorgeous that it is pretty hard to ignore them. In this era, a number of people indulge in smoking and what could be a better accessory than an ashtray for all these smokers? These ashtrays are so handy and compact that, they can be easily carried to places without any hassle. They accommodate plenty of your ash and cigarette butts and also keep the surroundings clean and safe. Here is a list of 10 innovative ashtrays to dispose of your smoking remnants. Have a look!

1. Fire Alarm Ashtray by Burak Kaynak

Fire Alarm
Fire AlarmFire Alarm Ashtray by Burak Kaynak

The fire alarm ashtray is something that defines creativity with a better use of idea. This ashtray is red in color with a cool design that, completely adds to the beauty of the house. People always look for something attractive and adorable that easily suits their taste and this article is perfect for every smoker.

2. Ashtray by Anthony Voz

Anthony Voz
Anthony VozAshtray by Anthony Voz

This cool ashtray is designed by artist Anthony Voz, who is known for creating awesome pieces with utmost design and looks. This is one of the coolest designed ashtrays which, according to the quantity of ash in it, can determine the lifetime of the smoker who uses it. This device uses an internal weighing system. It is provided with a microchip and an LCD display, which shows the remaining period of the smoker. The tray becomes dark once you have reached close to the end of your life.

3. Bug Ashtray by Wiyono Sutjipto

BugBug ash tray by Wiyono Sutjipto

Bug ash tray is an awesome device designed by Wiyono Sutjipto. This creative design by the artist is highly appreciated for its compact design and cool appearance. It is so compact that you will find it so easy to fit it into your pocket and go for a long journey. These days, cities are spilling out cigarette buts and filters, which people throw on the roads and streets. This ashtray is a good alternative. You can put all the butts and cigarette filters into it and can dispose them off when you get home.

4. Karim Rashid Koon Garbage Can With Ashtray

Garbage Can With Ashtray
Garbage Can With AshtrayKarim Rashid Koon Garbage Can With Ashtray

Here is something cool and innovative. This ashtray has been designed, especially for home sick people who have been in the smoking world for quite sometime. This pretty huge ashtray is designed by artist Karim Rashid Koon. This can also be used outdoors, as it is provided with water and sunlight resistant material. It offers durability and is quite handy for use. It is 30X85 cm and can hold plenty of ash into its round bottom base.

5. Acrylic Ashtray With Stand in Slingshot Shape

Acrylic Ashtray
Acrylic AshtrayAcrylic Ashtray With Stand In Slingshot Shape

This Acrylic Ashtray is really beautiful and pretty handy to use. It is available in white color that, not only suits most of the surroundings, but also adds to the color of the place. It is completely made out of Acrylic material and provided with a stand in slingshot shape. This ultra-cool gadget is worth trial for its awesome looks and its stylish design.

6. Alessi Spirale Ashtray

Alessi Spirale
Alessi SpiraleAlessi Spirale Ashtray

Designer Achille Castiglioni’s Alessi Spirale Ashtray is a perfect device for every smoker. Its cool design, awesome looks and structure will surely drive you crazy and completely grab your mind for seconds. This ashtray is completely made of stainless steel and includes a spiral design at the top of it for easy release of ash from your cigarettes. The spiral stand can also be used to place a cigarette for the time being if you are into some important work. It keeps moving the ash to the bottom, while keeping the cigarette at the top. It is available in various attractive colors, which completely add to the beauty, pleasure and your surroundings.It suits every time and location pretty well. It is priced at $99 only.

7. Stainless Steel Ashtray

Stainless Steel
Stainless SteelStainless Steel Ashtray

Here is a traditional design inspired ashtray, which is a perfect device for all the chain smokers in the world. The huge base and height provided can accumulate plenty of ash into it without providing any hassle. The main purpose of this cool ashtray is to completely hide your cigarette butts, so that, you don’t particularly remember how many cigarettes you are done with! This ashtray is completely made of perfectly polished 18/8 stainless steel. It appears pretty cool and its design is simply adorable.

8. Ashtray by Per Lutken

Per Lutken
Per LutkenAshtray by Per Lutken

This ashtray is especially made for the next generation people, who are bored with the conventional designs. Here is something for all of you and this ashtray is what will completely take your smoking experience to a whole new level. This is an ultra-futuristic ashtray which is made completely out of metal. Provided with quality metal stand, this structure offers awesome handling to the device. Moreover, the wonderful smoky green-tinted glass designed by Per Lutken looks stunning. The glass surface opens up when you need to dispose off your ash and closes later on, when you are done.

9. Ashtray Incense Burner

IncenseAshtray Incense Burner

Let’s see something cool and awesome designed with dual function. It can serve as an incense stick burner, as well as, ashtray. Its design is highly appreciated and thus, the device is highly in demand. This cool ashtray, with attractive white color, is designed by a Japanese-Italian designer Duo Misto-o. It’s is quite simple and all you need to do is to reverse it for making use of the other available option. It is worth of going for, if you like simple things and this device will never disappoint you in terms of appearance and functioning.

10. Grand Prix and Cashmere ashtray

Grand Prix
Grand PrixGrand Prix and Cashmere ashtray

This is an awesome ashtray inspired by Grand Prix and has its logo at the center of the case. The four side openings offer a good standing option for the cigarettes and cigars. This ashtray is especially designed for all chain smokers. Its cool looks and awesome design is what makes this ashtray a better option than the other traditional ashtrays. It is provided with a leather piece surrounding the ash base where, plenty of ash is placed and disposed off later. It comes handy when you really need it and offers an excellent durability. it also consists of a cashmere at the bottom part of it. If you love Grand Prix stuff, then you are into the smoking world.

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