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Five foot-controlled mouse designs for handsfree web navigation

Posted: 01 Nov 2011 06:38 AM PDT

Ankit Dahiya:

Foot-controlled mouse
Foot-controlled mousefoot-controlled mouse designs for handsfree navigation

The computers and laptops have become a rage all over and they are like the basic necessities of life these days. You can't rally imagine a life without these gadgets these days and the design that are coming out are simply superb.

With a rage of these gadgets, the mouse is also a rage among many of us and people out there keep on updating their mouse technology. The days are gone when the mouse meant to be used only by hand. This is an ultra-futuristic era in which the mouse is especially made so that they can also be used as a foot gadget for all the technology freaks and also for the physically disabled people out there. These foot-controlled mouse devices have become a rage all over and especially for those handicaps out there who can't make the use of their hands. So be it the design or the technology, these cool mouse devices are really hard to ignore and are worth of keeping in stock. There are plenty of such foot-controlled mouse designs present in the current market but only few out of them are worth of going for. So here is a list of five foot-controlled mouse designs for hands-free web navigation.

1. Flip flop mouse

Flip Flop Mouse
Flip Flop MouseFlip Flop Mouse designed by Liu Yi

The flip flop mouse design is making really big news in the market and is considered to be one of the best technologically foot-controlled mouse. This cool and ultra-futuristic mouse design is especially made for all the people out there suffering from upper limbs disability. So for such people, to enjoy the world of entertainment and to be updated to the recent technology and stuffs, this mouse is the device. This is so user friendly that you will be able to make the most out of it in the first go itself. The toe buttons provided at the front of the mouse enables the user to select the thing they want to and the back portion is provided with a steep level so that it is comfortable for the user to use it for a long duration of time.

2. Slipper Mouse

Slipper Mouse
Slipper MouseFoot Mouse with Programmable Pedal

The slippers are a rage all over and everyone out there loves using those cool and trendy slippers. Now here is something inspired from those trendy slippers but it is completely electronic. This is a slipper mouse which is completely foot-controlled from the top to the bottom. This foot-controlled mouse is designed for all the disabled people out there who are unable to use their hands to operate the mouse. This user-friendly mouse comes along with two parts. One is a controller and the other one is a direction selector. You can control the device using your one leg and select the options using the other leg by moving it to the respective area. This cool technological mouse has gained so much popularity for its cool functioning. It is priced at just $149.99.

3. No-Hands Mouse

No-Hands Mouse
No-Hands MouseThe No-Hands Mouse consists of two foot pedals

As the name itself says, this is a completely foot-operated mouse to give your hands a bit of peace and rest. The no-hands mouse is an awesome designed concept mouse which is not only easy to use but is also quite user friendly. This mouse comes along with two separate sections, where one of the sections can be made to use as the right side key of the mouse while the other can be used as left side. This no-hands mouse is famous for its unique functioning. This cool device is manufactured by the company named Hunter Digital and was released back in year 2009. It is priced at just $349.

4. Fragpedal deluxe

Fragpedal Deluxe
Fragpedal DeluxeFantastic Foot Fragging Fun

Now here is one of the most luxurious and ultra-stylish foot-controlled mouse device for all the technology freaks out there. This is no similar to the traditional mouse devices; instead it’s made for ultra comfort offering features and cool looks. It is provided with two separate blocks worth two openings on each side. Both the pads are separately powered to avoid the problem of messing up with wires. The ultra soft leather finishing over the blocks makes it really adorable and adds up to the complete beauty of the device.

5. Talang

TalangTalang is degigned by Li Yunlong

The Chinese people are always ready with their new and latest technology in every field. Now here is a cool device for all the Chinese gadget lovers. This is a small and compact foot-controlled device which is provided with two separate portions for each of your legs. It is provided with battery stuff in it so that you need not bother about plugging it inside your laptop or desktop. The cool color of the mouse make it so adorable that you will really find it hard to take your eyes off them.

Eight unusual yet interesting USB-powered gadgets

Posted: 01 Nov 2011 06:36 AM PDT

Dino Renthlei:

USB-powered gadgets
USB-powered gadgetsUnusual yet interesting USB-powered gadgets

The Universal Serial Bus or USB as it is more commonly known was one of the most innovative inventions in the world. Replacing the need for parallel and serial ports, the USB is now used to connect almost any gadget to a personal computer for quick transmission of data and power. USBs have also become lab rats to creativity. Check out some of these weird and interesting USB-powered devices ever created.

1. Foreman USB iGrill

Foreman USB iGrill
Foreman USB iGrillby plugging the grill's USB into your PC or laptop

Talk about hi-tech. The Foreman USB iGrill is one cool gadget. Just plug it into your laptop or personal computer and the power discharged is used to heat the capacitors, enabling you to actually cook a meal. Like something out of The Jetsons cartoon, the iGrill has an advanced interface. You can download recipes off the internet, specify what food you want to prepare along with the weight and degree of how well you want it cooked and the iGrill takes care of the rest. If you're worried that your meal may be undercooked, breathe easy as the iGrill will let you know when it's done through a glow emitted from the bottom which increases and pulses when everything's done. You can get yourself one of these awesome devices for $99.99 on ThinkGeek.

2. USB heating gloves

USB heating gloves
USB heating glovesUSB powered Heating Gloves

Getting work done on your PC or laptop during the cold winter months can be brutal. While gloves do keep your digits warm to a degree, they can be pretty cumbersome when typing. Enter USB heating gloves, which contain heat elements that rise in degrees, slip them on, plug them into a USB port and you're good to go. These half gloves are made out of wool for maximum heat generation while being trendy enough to go with almost any outfit. They can go from nil to 10 degrees in 5 minutes flat and cost around $22 for a pair.

3. USB vibrator

USB vibrator
USB vibratorCompletely controlled by a tiny microprocessor

Vibrators have been around for a long time now, designed to enhance sexual experiences. Most run on batteries and can't really be manipulated. But the USB vibrator is one such device that, aside from running on a tiny microprocessor, can be manipulated to guarantee a very gratifying experience. A unit comes equipped with a finger ring vibrating bullet that can be adjusted, 5 latex probes that are interchangeable and 10 preset vibration rhythms. Available for $35.95, the USB vibrator is one handy gadget.

4. USB microwave

USB Microwave
USB MicrowaveUSB Microwave Uses Your Computer Power to Heat-Up Your Meal

This little device is the answer to all your cold meal woes. Designed by Steve Gates, the USB desktop microwave is perfect for office use. While the basic concept is similar to that of a traditional microwave, this version is more intelligent. You don't need to set the time or push any buttons as it can automatically detect when your meal is warm enough to be consumed. The USB microwave comes along with a software program which you can tune to your preference. Just place your meal into the device, swipe the accompanying RFID fork through the microwave's scanner and wait for your meal to heat up. The fork lets the microwave know the type of meal according to which the device can set the time.

5. USB heating slippers

USB Heating Slippers
USB Heating SlippersHeated USB Slippers Go 'Dual Core

With their inception in 2005, heating slippers have become more advanced. USB heating slippers allow you to hook them up to a PC or laptop which warms them up to keep your feet warm and toasty. Available for $33, you can adjust the temperature by increasing it on one foot and letting the other remain lukewarm. Perfect for those late night shifts hammering away at the PC.

6. iPad USB typewriter

iPad USB Typewriter
iPad USB TypewriterOwn personal film noir fantasy with this USB-powered input device that works with any USB-capable computer

It may not appeal much to the younger crowd, but the iPad USB Typewriter is perfect for those who have difficulty typing on an iPad especially when you're using it for work. Connect it to any PC or laptop or even mount your iPad onto the carriage. Ranging from $400-500, the iPad USB Typewriter resembles a classic typewriter with the benefits of modern technology.

7. The USB Ghost Radar

The USB Ghost Radar
The USB Ghost RadarThe USB Ghost Radar supposedly does just as it says, detect ghosts.

Okay, so you may not be a big believer in the supernatural but this USB Ghost Radar is still a cool gadget. A complex algorithm is said to be able to detect the presence of any supernatural anomalies by analyzing sensor data, biometric data and unusual magnetic waves. The beeps emitted increase in volume and intensity depending on paranormal activity.

8. Best travel mug ever

Best Travel Mug Ever
Best Travel Mug EverThis cup can use the power from one of the USB ports on your computer to keep the liquid warm.

Travel mugs always come in handy when you want to keep your beverage piping hot. But if you need to commute long distances, it can get frustrating. The USB travel mug is perfect for addressing such woes by keeping your cuppa hot. Just plug it into a USB port on your computer and the power generated will do the rest. What's unique is the 12V car adapter facility which lets you warm your coffee or tea even in a car.

Sustainably built 'UFO Hotel Room' to enjoy an aerial vacation

Posted: 01 Nov 2011 06:35 AM PDT

Rajni Mehta:

UFO Hotel Room
UFO Hotel RoomUFO Hotel Room' to enjoy an aerial vacation

The concept

The concept explores amalgamation of creativity, imagination and comfort at a time. While the design of this hotel room resembles an UFO from the outside, the interior is modeled in a way so as to provide maximum comfort to the occupants. Lightweight composite materials have been used to build this structure that make it possible to suspend the room in trees. The concept not only provides a unique way of relaxation and comfort to its occupants but also takes care of not affecting the environment adversely.

The inspiration

Inspiration for this creative idea has been drawn from UFOs as the design of the room from outside resembles that of a flying saucer. The porthole windows, retractable staircase and hatch door, all contribute to the look and feel of a flying saucer. The retractable staircase and hatch door have been added just to make the occupants entering the room feel that they are actually entering a UFO. To add to the feel, the rooms are aligned on trees so as to give the occupants a feeling of being in space or of being in air.

Eco credentials

This concept has been developed in an extremely eco friendly manner. The materials that are used to make these rooms are light enough so that no damage or harm is done to the trees when the rooms are aligned on them. The way the rooms are positioned atop or among the trees, the possibility of any kind of harm to the trees is naturally reduced. Apart from that, local companies were engaged in building these rooms so that the site is not adversely affected. The materials used for these rooms are environment friendly too. Features of this tree-hotel that contribute towards the environment are insulation, water efficient fixtures, composting toilets, LED lighting, etc. To add to these, the cleaning products that the hotel uses are eco friendly by composition. The hotel also contributes to the environment factor by using electricity generated from hydroelectric power.


The concept and the design of these hotel rooms bridge the gap between imagination and reality but that does not take away the feasibility of this innovative idea. Firstly, the rooms are sustainably built. The materials that are used for constructing these rooms are though lightweight but durable. Sufficient thought and care has been given in designing the interior of these rooms. Every feature that is required for a comfortable stay has been provided in these rooms. The 30 sq meter room has a double-bed, bench beds and couches around the room, a dining area and a composting toilet. Porthole windows allow the occupants to take a look at the forest scenery. To make things even better, the cost of these rooms is pretty affordable. For a single night stay, you have to pay $625 which is an amazingly low cost for such a unique experience.

Related trends

1. Retreat to an Ewok Eco Sphere in the Trees

Ewok Eco Sphere
Ewok Eco SphereUFO shaped Ewok Eco Sphere to enjoy an aerial vacation

Tom Chudleigh of Canada is the creator of this unique concept, the Free Spirit Eco Spheres. These spheres float in the air as they are hung from the top of trees. To keep the sphere stable and suitable for residing, a web-like support system is created around the sphere that helps the structure to remain in it’s place. These spheres are handcrafted and manufactured out of materials such as fiberglass and locally available wood. These spheres can accommodate electric lines without any safety issues. You can get electric light and heating in these spheres even when you are hanging in mid air. To reach these spheres, you have to use the spiral staircases that are made around the tree trunks. Each sphere can accommodate 4 people. You will find these spheres hanging in the coniferous forest in the Pacific Northwest. The best part is that the creator has put these spheres for sale or on rent.

2. Incredible Yellow Treehouse Restaurant

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant
Yellow Treehouse RestaurantUFO shaped Yellow Treehouse Restaurant to enjoy an aerial vacation

If you want to have a dining experience out in the open and in the air, you just need to visit Redwoods Treehouse restaurant. Located near Auckland in New Zealand and designed by Pacific Environment Architects Ltd. of New Zealand, this restaurant has won several prestigious awards and honors. Built out of materials such as poplar slats and sustainably- grown pine, these cases and the walkway that leads you to them, take you to a completely different world altogether. To create this place in a redwood forest, locally created balustrades are made use of. The restaurant is situated 40 meters above ground level and the pathway that leads you to it is a stretched low angle planked one. The slats, that the restaurant is constructed of, allow natural light to light up the interior of the restaurant. The restaurant also gives a visual treat to you because the location and position of the restaurant allows you to look over the meadows and streams that exist at the end of the redwood forest.

3. UFO Hotel Room

UFO shaped Hotel Room
UFO shaped Hotel RoomUFO shaped Hotel Room to enjoy an aerial vacation

Bridgette Meinhold TreeHotel, a Swedish hotel, has rooms designed in the form of flying saucers or UFOs. The hotel has got an award for this creative concept. The rooms, placed on trees, are accessible through retractable staircases. The hatch door, that you enter the room through, generates a feeling of entering a real UFO. The porthole windows allow you to enjoy the forest scenery from the room. The large round shaped skylight gives you a visual treat of the starry night while lighting up the room with natural light in the daytime. These structures were created at a different place and then transported by road to this hotel in Harads near the Lule river. These hotel rooms boost of almost all features that are required for a comfortable stay. When imagination, creativity and innovation along with the comfort of occupants were considered while developing these hotel rooms, the environment is not ignored or sidelined too. Proper measures are taken to prevent any deterioration of the environment due to these uniquely created rooms.

Six smart kitchen products to aid the visually impaired

Posted: 01 Nov 2011 06:33 AM PDT

Rajni Mehta:

Kitchen products for visually impaired
Kitchen products for visually impairedSmart kitchen products to aid the visually impaired

Kitchen is a place where you need to make use of most of your senses like smell, taste, touch and of course sight. But, there are many people in this world who are not blessed with eyesight and are partially or fully visually impaired. Such people have to face hardships in accomplishing every small work or rely on others to help them do the specific work. Working in the kitchen or cooking food is therefore even more difficult a task for such people. To make this task easier for them, many kitchen devices and equipment have been developed. Here we will introduce you to six such smart innovative kitchen products that would make cooking and kitchen work easier for visually impaired people.

1. Measuring cup for the blind

Measuring Cup
Measuring CupMeasuring Cup for the Blind

A special measuring cup for the blind has been created by designer Jason Yore. Using this tool is easy and convenient. This measuring unit looks similar to a big sized cup. There are marks at the outer side of this product which are little raised from the surface so that the measurement can be read by touch. There’s a level indicator in this cup which rises when any liquid is poured into it. The handle has been designed for a strong grip so that the measuring cup does not shift and spill the liquid that is being poured into it for measurement. This cup measures liquid ingredients like oil, water, milk, etc., in both cups and ounces. The parts of this measuring cup are detachable and hence it is convenient to clean the tool after use as well as to store.

2. Sentino cook top for the blind

SentinoSentino cook top for the blind

Designer R. D. Silva has created a Sentino cook top for the convenience of visually impaired people. This cook top uses state-of-the-art technology and is very safe to use. This product comes with a feather touch technology on the control panel and is therefore easy for blind people to switch the thing on and off. The product has gone through a detailed test for its efficiency and safety levels for use by visually impaired people and has been further improved by user feedback.

3. Kitchen gadgets for the visually impaired

Kitchen gadgets
Kitchen gadgetsKitchen gadgets for the visually impaired

A collection of kitchen utensils has been designed by Nehor Zigler specially for the blind people to make kitchen work easier. This set of kitchen devices includes a number of pots and other utensils that would aid in the cooking process. Each item has been given a unique feature so that they can be easily identified and recognized by touch. This collection has a simple and pretty appearance along with being fire resistant.

4. Talking kitchen scales for the visually impaired

Talking Kitchen Scales
Talking Kitchen ScalesTalking Kitchen Scales for visually impaired

The USP of this weighing scale is its special feature that allows it to announce the measurement or weight atop it in a clear voice. This weighing scale also has a big digital display at the front end of the product. This machine can weigh goods in both grams and ounces. The maximum weight that it can weigh is 4990g or 176oz. This machine is designed to switch itself off automatically. This is an ideal and extremely convenient weighing scale for visually impaired people.

5. The Moon dining table

Moon Dining Table
Moon Dining TableThe Moon Dining Table

A combined effort of Jackson McConnell, Alex Stewart and Monika Wensel along with some inputs from Carey Wright has come to us in the form of Moon Table. This table is designed keeping in mind the inconvenience faced by fully or partially visually impaired people. This dining table has engraved aluminum maps with important paths, joints and areas curved out atop the table. Apart from this, some other features are included in the design of this table that help people with eyesight problem to a great deal in navigation and way-finding.

6. Stove top for the visually impaired

Stove Top
Stove TopStove Top for the Visually Impaired

RNIB and Action for Blind People joined hands to come up with ‘Touch & Turn’, a safe solution for partially blind people. Touch & Turn includes a pot that remains cool at the outside while you are cooking food inside it. This pot works as the stove-top knob and to gauge the intensity of the heat that you are cooking the food in, you have to check where the lower part of the pot is turned to. There are big indicators towards the outer side of the stove-top that resemble braille and hence make it easier for visually impaired people to understand how much the lower part of the pot should be turned to. This is still a concept and is being developed further so that it can help partially visually impaired people one day.

Five stunning Rolls Royce car concepts to roll you in comfort

Posted: 01 Nov 2011 06:31 AM PDT

Shaheen Akhtar:

Rolls Royce car concepts
Rolls Royce car conceptsRolls Royce car concepts

British brand Rolls-Royce is renowned for manufacturing powerful and luxurious cars. The Rolls Royce cars are a cut above the rest when it comes to comfort and style. The cars manufactured by Rolls Royce, are the first choice of super rich people in this world. The advancement in technology has allowed the automotive designers to come up with some Rolls Royce car concepts which are perfect for those who love to ride in a highly comfortable manner.

Here is the list of five stunning Rolls Royce car concepts to roll you out in comfort

1. Rolls-Royce Apparition concept

Rolls-Royce Apparition concept
Rolls-Royce Apparition conceptRolls-Royce Apparition concept

Art Center School of Design student Jeremy Westerlund deserves credit for designing a beautiful Rolls-Royce concept car named the Rolls-Royce Apparition. This car looks like a perfect combination of the glorious past of the brand and it's equally glorious, if not more, future. Westerlund has based the Rolls-Royce Apparition concept around the motor carriages which were manufactured by the company in the past and added some modern and futuristic designs to it. This concept car features a prominent grill and a hood which gives a very stylish look to this powerful car. It seems that Westerlund has been inspired by the design of sailing yachts while thinking about the design of the Rolls-Royce Apparition concept. The wheels feature mahogany inserts. The car is longer than many other vehicles available in the market but it is not very high. The 1:4-scale model of this car is very pleasing to the eye. The overall length of this car is around 23 feet, which means that it is about four feet longer than the hugely popular Rolls-Royce Phantom.

2. Andrew Chirkova Racing Rolls Royce concept

Andrew Chirkova Racing Rolls Royce concept
Andrew Chirkova Racing Rolls Royce conceptAndrew Chirkova envisions a muscular Racing Rolls Royce concept

Rolls-Royce is associated with comfort and luxury but designer Andrew Chirkova has got a really innovative mind as he has come up with the `sporty’ Racing Rolls-Royce car concept. The car with a mid-engine layout, has been designed to be used as a sports car which sounds different because it was really hard to think of converting the bulky Rolls-Royce into a sports car. Andrew has his reasons to do so because he was willing to design a car that is powerful enough to stand firmly on the road while cruising at speeds equal to that of sports car. It is to be noted that sports car are lightweight but Rolls-Royce's cars are heavy. The design of Chirkova's concept car is simple and clear and the details of this car are really unusual. Not many details are available about the technical specifications of this car, which unfortunately, till now, is just a concept.

3. Ilya Ishchenko's Rolls Royce concept

Ilya Ishchenko's Rolls Royce concept
Ilya Ishchenko's Rolls Royce conceptIlya Ishchenko's Rolls Royce concept bound to impress

Rolls Royce is without doubt an attention grabbing car and Ilya Ishchenko's Rolls Royce concept also succeeded in grabbing the attention of millions. The design of the concept car was unveiled during MAMI which allows diploma students to present their projects. The front of Ishchenko's Rolls Royce concept is flat. This car features a curvy roof stretched till the stern. The overall design is definitely attractive and stylish. The car has asymmetric cuts which add to the beauty of the beast. This car is different from other cars because it has three doors. Yes you read it right: the right side of the car has two doors while the left side features only one door. The mechanism of the stern of Ishchenko's Rolls Royce concept is also different from other Rolls-Royce cars available in the market. The placement of the taillights is done in simple manner. The front grille has been fixed beautifully to give an impressive look.

4. Rolls Royce 101EX Concept

Rolls Royce 101EX Concept
Rolls Royce 101EX ConceptRolls Royce 101EX Concept

Designed under the watchful eyes of Rolls-Royce's chief designer Ian Cameron, the Rolls Royce 101EX Concept is a two-seater which can comfortably accommodate four passengers. The total length of this vehicle is 5609 mm. The Rolls Royce 101EX Concept is powered by a 6749 cc direct-injection V12. The capacity of the fuel tank of this vehicle is 100 liters. The transmission type of this concept car is 6-speed automatic, while the steering type is rack and pinion. The wheels of this car are made of forged aluminum.

5. Rolls Royce 200EX Concept

Rolls Royce 200EX Concept
Rolls Royce 200EX ConceptRolls Royce 200EX Concept, Rolls Royce

Designed by Ian Cameron, the Rolls Royce 200EX Concept is similar in look to Rolls-Royce Phantom. The base model is priced at around $ 250,000. This car is powered by a V-12 engine with an output of around 453 horsepower. The Rolls Royce 200EX Concept was manufactured and went on sale in 2010. The interior designing of this car is done by renowned interior designer Alan Sheppard. The door handles are made of chrome and this car has a dark Tungsten finish.

10 unique Pac-Man inspired designs for retro gamers

Posted: 01 Nov 2011 06:30 AM PDT

Jancy James:

Pac-Man inspired designs
Pac-Man inspired designsPac-Man inspired designs

The classic arcade game of the 1980s was a huge hit among gamers, youngsters as well as old. Pac-Mac still continues to be in the limelight with various designs and products inspired from the original arcade game. They still never fail to interest the tech savvy young crowd and kids and considering the interesting designs that are created with Pac-Man as the theme, you can be sure that the classic arcade is here to stay in the minds of everyone for years to come. For all Pac-Man enthusiasts, here is a list of 10 unique designs inspired by the classic game.

1. Pacmania Bowl

Pacmania Bowl
Pacmania BowlPacmania Bowl

For solid Pac-Man fans, anything that even remotely resembles the arcade game would be a joy to own. These Pacmania bowls live up to our expectations. They are perfect excuses for having a bowl of popcorn or your favorite food. Comes in bright and vibrant colors like the classic yellow, green and purple, they are a joy for the kids and an inspiration to make them eat. The bowls which are shaped like a Pac-Man with a wide open mouth and a black eye, look great as a set. Use your imagination and device novel ways to use them as vases or even as desk organizers.

2. Pac-Man pillows

Pacman Pillows
Pacman PillowsCozy Pacman Pillows

Pac-Man pillows are for the ultimate Pac-Man fans. These are cute and soft pillows shaped like a Pac-Man with his mouth wide open to devour your head. Then mouth has black felt on which you can lay your head while you sleep. The pillow is created with yellow felt and bean bag beans and stuffing to create a sturdy pillow. The top portion of Pac-Man's mouth acts like a roof for your head while you sleep. Excellent shelter while you are on a picnic or just need some shade from the bright light.

3. Martin B Jing Pac-Man Chair

Martin B. Jing Pac-Man Chair
Martin B. Jing Pac-Man ChairMartin B. Jing Pac-Man Chair

Created by Martin J Bing, a furniture designer form Germany, the Pac-Man chair has all the appeal and sophistication to be considered for your home. Though it may not offer the ultimate comfort that you are looking for, they score well as designer pieces and can add that extra edge to your living room or hallway. This is still a concept design. But going by the number of Pac-Man fans out there, there would be quite a few who would be interested in this concept being realized.

4. Bookcase design inspired by the Pac-Man game

Bookcase Design Inspired by the Pac Man Game
Bookcase Design Inspired by the Pac Man GameBookcase Design Inspired by the Pac Man Game

Pac-Man has enthralled millions of gamers worldwide for more than 30 years. It is only natural that most of the designs created with Pac-Man as the theme is a runaway hit with Pac-Man fans. Take a look at this bookcase created by Mirko Ginepro. Made in yellow varnished wood, they are available in black and white versions also. They can be tastefully mounted on the wall along with a huge plasma TV to create a virtual gaming field worth appreciation.

5. Pac-Man seating

Pac-Man Seating
Pac-Man SeatingPac-Man Seating

A beautiful Pac-Man inspired set created by QAYOT, the set includes four Pac-Mans and four square shaped stools which can be fitted into each other. The stools can even be arranged to form a bigger square which can be used as a table. They look beautiful as a set and are enough to pep up any interior which has sleek and minimalistic furniture to match.

6. Pac-Man chair

Pac-Man Chair
Pac-Man ChairPac-Man Chair

This colorful Pac-Man chair can be used as a gaming chair or as a comfortable chair while working on your laptop or for reclining and watching your favorite show on TV. It is also a perfect chair for your toddler who would love to hole up inside its mouth and dwell in its protected shade covering on top. They are perfect as a private space, when you want to stay away from prying eyes, whether it's at home or some other place. Pac-Man chairs are made of metal and come with a cushioned black interior, complete with a red tongue to complete the scene.

7. Pac-Man Groom's Cake

Pacman Groom's Cake
Pacman Groom’s CakePacman Groom’s Cake

Designed by Renee White, for a groom who is an ardent Pac-Man fan, it looks very inviting and beautiful. This double layer cake adorned with the male and female Pac-Man on top, depicting the bride and the groom and is created from Super Sculpey. The cake is adorned with fondant decorations of ghosts. They look entirely cool and creative, if not yummy.

8. Pac-Man inspired runway show

Pac-Man inspired runway show
Pac-Man inspired runway showPac-Man inspired Spring/Summer 2009 runway show by fashion designer Giles Deacon.

The spring summer 2009 collection by designer Giles Deacon would have come as a surprise for Pac-Man fans. The Pac-Man inspired designs showcased by this designer are trim and wearable styles. But the headgear is what interests the Pac-Man fans. Drawing inspiration from Pac-Man and the ghosts, the headgear featured camouflage designs that can be worn over the head or around it as a kind of shade or protection along with the dress. Though they may not be exactly practical, the all-round appeal and the huge hype around Pac-Man make these designs winners hands down. The domes are painted glittery a well as patterned and plain to suit a variety of color palettes displayed in the show.

9. Pac-Man lampshade

Pac-Man Lampshade
Pac-Man LampshadePac-Man Lampshade

Known as O!ACP, this silicone lampshade emanates a pleasant fragrance when the bulb gets heated. The lampshade comes in three distinct shades and aromas; orange shade with mandarin fragrance, purple shade with the fragrance of cherry blossom and green shade with lemon grass fragrance. All three of them look beautiful and never fail to create an impact in your living room or dining space.

10. Pac-Man stapler

Pac-Man Stapler
Pac-Man StaplerPac-Man Stapler

The Pac-Man inspired Stap Man stapler is a black color Pac-Man with strong jaws that can move up and down to shoot sharp metal pieces through your important papers and cause them to stick together in fear! They are perfect for a Pac-Man geek and help generate a lot of interest and small talk around this simple yet very functional gadget.

Seven hi-tech cooking units for futuristic kitchens

Posted: 01 Nov 2011 06:26 AM PDT

Manhardeep Singh:

Hottie oven
Hottie ovenA hybrid oven

With the advancement of technology and modernized designing, kitchen appliances and cooking units are coming with innovative designs to improve the efficiency of the cooking process and meeting more requirements of the user with less equipments. It is rightly said that there is no limit to creativity.

In this post you will be introduced to some of these Hi-tech cooking units which are perfect to blend in the futuristic kitchen. Here is a list of seven such Hi-tech cooking units:

1. Stoov wirefree cooking unit

Stoov wirefree cooking unit
Stoov wirefree cooking unitStoov wirefree cooking unit is a hotplate for outdoorsy folks

Designed by Mathieu Baele for Electrolux, The Stoov wirefree cooking unit is a Hi-tech kitchen appliance that can be rightly said as the requirement of the futuristic kitchen. The cooking unit is a stove that makes use of induction process for cooking. This design allows the designers to think beyond the traditional design of cooking units. The stove is wire free so it can be taken with us outdoors.

2. Disc shaped futuristic Mush cooking unit

Disc shaped futuristic Mush cooking unit
Disc shaped futuristic Mush cooking unitDisc shaped futuristic Mush cooking unit for hi-tech kitchens

Disc shaped futuristic Mush cooking unit is designed by Peter Anderson. This Hi-tech cooking unit is named Mush by the designer. The unit is elegant and stylish in shape and is a free standing cooking appliance. The unit is disk shaped and its top can be removed using removable knobs. The various patterns on the top of the unit show the time and temperature of the Mush.

3. Scan Toaster

Scan Toaster
Scan ToasterScan Toaster puts the power of ‘miracle toast’ into the hands of mere mortals

This cooking unit is a toaster which has been designed like a scanner. Be careful! don’t burn your important documents in it thinking it is a scanner. What more? The scan toaster also can print different images and designs on the bread so that the eating can become more fun. The unit makes the use of internet to get the design and images.

4. Electrolux ribbon: Mobile food heater/cooler

Electrolux Ribbon: Mobile Food Heater,Cooler
Electrolux Ribbon: Mobile Food Heater,Coolerconcept by Enzo Kocak

Understanding the problem of cooling wine bottles or heating them, Enzo Kocak designed a hi - tech cooking unit which can be used to do so. The ribbon is a mobile cooking unit which can be wrapped around the food containers to heat or cool the food while you are doing your routine task. The cooking unit has two separate planes which are used separately. One is used for heating and the other is used for cooling the food.

5. Electrolux laptop kitchen concept

Electrolux Laptop Kitchen Concept
Electrolux Laptop Kitchen ConceptUses induction cooking technology

How would you feel if you get access to internet while cooking your favorite dish? You may learn how to cook a dish, or just talk to your friends while you cook or just surf net or check mails. Electrolux laptop kitchen cooking unit is the cooking appliance which makes all this possible. It uses induction cooking to cook the food. It has four induction rings to choose according to the size of the pan you are using to cook. This helps in preventing the loss of extra energy.

6. Hottie oven

Hottie oven
Hottie ovenA hybrid oven

Hottie is a kitchen hybrid oven. Which means it can be used according to the user preferences. The oven can be used to cook the food using gas or electricity (so no more problems if you are out of LPG). Hottie oven has an elegant sturdy looks which attracts everyone who sees it. Now you can brag about your kitchen when you take the name of your hottie oven. It frees a lot of space in the kitchen because of its slim design.

7. Eco Cooking unit by Seung-man Lee & Tae-hyeon Kim

Eco Cooking Unit
Eco Cooking UnitEco Cooking Unit by Seung-man Lee & Tae-hyeon Kim

Whatever we can say is less for eco cooking unit. This Hi tech cooking unit is designed by Seung - man Lee and Tae - hyeon Kim. The cooking unit is an innovative combination of cooking and heating the food articles. The main aim behind this is to reduce the carbon emission which leads to a lot of wastage of energy. The eco cooking unit is just like using a computer to cook. You can set the temperature and the time. You also come to know about the information of how much fuel have you consumed while cooking or heating the food articles using the eco cooking unit. This Hi-tech cooking unit will definitely make cooking much easier in the futuristic kitchens.

12 innovative Rubik’s Cube designs giving food for your thought

Posted: 01 Nov 2011 06:24 AM PDT

Saifudheen MS:

Rubik's Cube designs
Rubik's Cube designsRubik's Cube designs

Our thoughts are our guides! If you are clever, you will never make mistakes. There are a lot of games and devices that can be utilized to develop our ideas. A Rubik's Cube puzzle may be the first one that comes to your mind when you think of tricky games. Here are 12 innovative Rubik's Cube designs that will increase your ideas and thoughts while having fun.

1. MP3 Player Rubik's Cube

MP3 Player Rubik's Cube
MP3 Player Rubik's CubeMP3 Player Rubik's Cube

The basic idea of this music player was developed from Rubik's Cube puzzle. If you want to play the MP3, you have to win the Rubik's Cube puzzle. Each layer has a definite aim like playing an MP3, pausing, rewinding and forwarding it. If you want to turn off the MP3, you have to win the puzzle to its normal position. It is a good way to listen music while having some cleverness fun.

2. Rubik's Cube of doom

Rubik's Cube of Doom
Rubik's Cube of DoomRubik's Cube of Doom

It is an interesting Rubik's Cube. The cubes are designed in a special way, each layer presenting certain things like screw, button, etc. Each layer has unique color and even you can play it with closed eyes; but you should be a genius enough to do this! Kids and elders will really have fun while playing with this Rubik's Cube puzzle. But, you will see some difficulties as it is quite different from ordinary Rubik's Cubes.

3. Rubik's Cube Rock

Rock RUBIK's Cube
Rock RUBIK's CubeRock RUBIK's Cube

Rubik Cube is regarded as the world's best selling toys in the market. We know that ordinary puzzles are simple designed with good colors. But, this piece is really different. The main aim of this puzzle is not solving the layers but there is hidden wonderful art behind this Rubik's cube Rock. It is a piece of sculpture art and it took many more than 3 years to completely make this.

4. Rubik's Cube Subwoofer

Rubik's Cube Subwoofer
Rubik's Cube SubwooferRubik's Cube Subwoofer

It is a sub woofer made in the shape of a Rubik's Cube. The interesting thing is that you too can make one like this following some simple instructions. You will need to buy some necessary tools and materials and you can start making your own Rubik's Cube sub woofer. The sub woofer will look funny and stylish and your guests will be amazed with the design.

5. Rubik's Cube Cake

Rubik's Cube Cake
Rubik's Cube CakeRubik's Cube Cake

A cake in the shape of a Rubik's Cube will be an extra thing on a birthday party. It is simple to make if you follow the right directions. You will have fun while saying a happy birthday by presenting a Rubik's Cube cake. It is very tasty and everyone will ask the ingredients and instructions to make this. Most people tried this at home and they successfully made this wonderful cake.

6. Braille Rubik's Cube

Braille Rubik's Cube
Braille Rubik's CubeBraille Rubik's Cube puzzle

It is a stylish and interesting Rubik's Cube specially designed for visually challenged. The cubes will be having some Braille on the layer. The good news is that we too can try it by closing our eyes. It is a good way to learn Braille. However, visually challenged people will find some difficulties to play this.

7. QWERTY Rubik's Cube

QWERTY Rubik's Cube
QWERTY Rubik's CubeQWERTY Rubik's Cube

It will be an interesting Rubik's Cube puzzle to play QWERTY puzzle. The appearance of the cube is just like the keys of a computer keyboard. Your aim is to make similar keys in order. There are four columns and rows in each layer. We have to align the keys as in the way we see it on the keyboard. The puzzle is interesting but difficult to understand for beginners.

8. Magnetic Rubik's Cube

Magnetic Rubik's Cube
Magnetic Rubik's CubeMagnetic Rubik's Cube

The Magnetic Rubik's Cube seems to be confusing to play. The body of the cube is made of glass type transparent material and it is quite difficult to win. Even a genius will confuse how to play. It is not just the matter of colored cubes but the transparent cubes will create a big confusion on how to play.

9. Google Rubik's Cube

Google Rubik's Cube
Google Rubik's CubeGoogle Rubik's Cube

It is a crazy Rubik's Cube indicating Google's useful products. All the cubes in a layer will have a logo of a product from Google. Same as that, other 5 layers will have other 5 logos of other products. It includes Gmail, Blogger, Picassa, etc. It will be fun to play this puzzle and you will not face any difficulties even when you plays it for the first time. People those who love Internet will like this puzzle and they will really enjoy this.

10. Rubik's Cube Slide

Rubik's Cube Slide
Rubik's Cube SlideRubik's Cube Slide

It is quite different from any other Rubik's Cube puzzle. It allows you to play with the LED lights and the game may be little difficult to win. Most people will not understand the real game when they play it for the first time. But, it will be a challenge when you recognize the real task. Good news is that you don’t need to spend more time to rotate the cubes as it is just a single sliding puzzle.

11. Rubik's Cube Table

Rubik's Cube Table
Rubik's Cube TableRubik's Cube Table to Enliven Your Living Room

It is a table made just like the design of a Rubik's Cube. You can also make this, but you should follow the instructions to make it perfect. You can even open a side of the table to store some things. It will make your living room stylish and give it a special look. It can also be used in your room to place some books or telephone.

12. Rubik's Cube salt and pepper mills

Rubik's Cube Salt And Pepper mills
Rubik's Cube Salt And Pepper millsRubik's Cube Salt And Pepper mills

This Cube will take you to the kitchen of 80s. It looks like an ordinary Rubik's Cube toy with the same size of it, but the use is extremely different. It will act as a pepper grinder and at the same time you will get the chance to have fun. It is better to have some fun in your kitchen but don’t hope the same performance as of a miller.

10 crazy bullet-inspired gadgets to curb your killer instinct

Posted: 01 Nov 2011 06:23 AM PDT

Aravind Balasubramanya:

bullet-inspired designs
bullet-inspired designsCool bullet-inspired designs

The war is on for the most creative designs in every sphere of human activity. This war encapsulates many battles and skirmishes within it. One such battle seems to have developed for the most creative bullet-shaped gadget. The bullet seems to have won for there is almost nothing in the world that is ‘bullet-proof’ when it comes to the designs. From utility USB drives to decorative pendants and from ice makers to speakers, bullet shaped designs have pervaded everything. Here we are with a list of 10 bullet-inspired gadgets that are sure to curb your killer instinct.

1. AK-47 bullet ice cube tray

AK-47 Bullet Ice Cube Tray
AK-47 Bullet Ice Cube TrayAK-47 Bullet Ice Cube Tray

Here is a way you can make people bite the bullet but with smiles, literally! Priced at $13, this ice tray produces ice bullets! The bullets’ shape has been inspired from the loading bullets of the famous AK-47 rifle. The sizes and details produced in the ice bullets are simply amazing. You can get all this so easily. The simple effort that you make is to fill the plastic trays with water and place them in the deep freezer. Now your cool drinks will surely look much cooler!

2. 50 BMG Clicker bullet pen

50 BMG Clicker Bullet Pen
50 BMG Clicker Bullet Penmilitary 50 BMG Clicker Bullet Pen

“The pen is mightier than the bullet in this age” seems to be the message in this pen! What you see in the image is a real bullet that is living out it’s new role as a pen! Made from .50 cal military FMJ bullets which have been fired from a 50 cal Browning Machine Gun, each retractable pen has been hand assembled and finished. So, you can be assured that your pen is definitely something unique and highly personalized. The pens come with a lifetime guarantee and are priced at $30 a piece.

3. Bullet-shaped Bollinger champagne cooler

Bullet-Shaped Bollinger Champagne Cooler
Bullet-Shaped Bollinger Champagne CoolerBullet-Shaped Bollinger Champagne Cooler

This bullet seems to have come straight out of some James Bond thriller for it reminds on of the famous lines, “somewhere out there there’s a bullet with your name on it”! Bond-inspired Bollinger has begun marketing it’s cool bottles in an even cooler, bullet-shaped bottle cooler! Encased in shiny silver, the bullet definitely is going to be expensive but Bollinger hopes that this limited release of a select 207 coolers will be lapped up quickly by the markets.

4. Hublot “Liberty” Bullets designer-wear

Hublot "Liberty" BulletsHublot "Liberty" Bullets, by the Confrérie Horlogère

At first look, these bullets look like those devastating metal hunks from the revolutionary movie Avatar. But they have taken a new avatar and now, don only decorative roles with no damage to life and property. This is the new pendant-bracelet from Hublot and it has been christened “Liberty”. Put your hand through for a really cool bracelet or hang it around your neck as a cool pendant. These bullets are available for $105 a piece.

5. Teknines 9 MM earphones

Teknines 9 MM Earphones
Teknines 9 MM EarphonesThe Teknines SIFR 500 18k, the most talked about creation of the MUNITIO, are the first ever earphones of its type that measures only nine millimeters.

Munito’s designing and creative team have introduced these super-cool earplugs that resemble the 9 mm shells of the Teknines gun. The bullets have all been plated with gold and the shells have a housing made of machined copper alloy. A normal 3.5 mm jack fits into all the music devices. Priced at $250, these bullet ear-plugs will be an expensive buy. The company is contemplating platinum bullets for next year!

6. Bullet shaped mobile speaker

Bullet shaped mobile speaker
Bullet shaped mobile speakerunique Bullet shaped mobile speaker

Made in China, this impressive and towering bullet is sure to produce a lot of sound at your homes. You will not have to face the music for the bullet is actually a speaker, complete with connectors, adapters and a remote. It is a wireless speaker and thus is completely portable. It costs just less than $54 per piece but the minimum order quantity is 2.

7. Bullet keychain Presta valve adapter

Bullet Keychain Presta Valve Adapter
Bullet Keychain Presta Valve AdapterBullet Keychain Presta Valve Adapter

A handy tool for all bikers, this Presta valve adapter which you can utilize to pump air into your bicycle tires, comes in a key chain form. So, you can rest assured that you will not be losing it that easily. Made from solid brass, this is a neat buy for $7. There is a humanitarian angle to the purchase too; part of the profits are donated to Dollars for Change and the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.

8. Bullet shaped USB flash drive

Bullet Shaped USB Flash Drive
Bullet Shaped USB Flash DriveBullet Shaped USB Flash Drive

Here is a class double act; a bullet that is both a pendant and your USB drive! Made by Crooks and Castles as a 1GB drive, we are sure that higher capacity variants have arrived even as we read about it! A real cool thing is that once you are done with the USB, you can just click back the cover on the bullet and wear it around your neck as a cool pendant!

9. Alvin brass bullet pencil sharpener

Alvin Brass Bullet Pencil Sharpener
Alvin Brass Bullet Pencil SharpenerAlvin Brass Bullet Pencil Sharpener

Here we present the smallest yet sturdiest pencil sharpeners ever made! Made from brass, this bullet from Alvin comes with a replaceable stainless steel blade that is sure to keep your pencils sharp and going. The blade can be removed and sharpened with a knife sharpener too. Would make a wonderful gift to a budding artist, this brass bullet-shaped sharpener is available for $4.19.

10. Shotgun shell thermos

Shotgun Shell Thermos
Shotgun Shell Thermosamazing Shotgun Shell Thermos

Finally, we present a way to keep your coffee and tea, smoking hot! Encased in shiny red and awesome gold, this is a bullet shaped thermos flask. Keep your drinks chilled too whenever you go for that long trek in the woods. This is definitely the answer to whether something can be cool yet hot at the same time! Built sturdily, this bullet thermos is available from $25 onward.

How to make a self-balancing electric chair

Posted: 01 Nov 2011 06:21 AM PDT

Aravind Balasubramanya:

self-balancing electric chair
self-balancing electric chairMaking self-balancing electric chair

A self balancing chair or scooter is a cool way to move about at home. The vehicle keeps ‘rocking’ as it moves and is controlled by a joystick. It is no joke to make one such scooter, all by yourself. It is almost a manufacturing task! But if you have some expertise in electronics and are ready for a challenge, here is a tutorial for building your own self-balancing electric chair.

Difficulty Level: Challenging

This project requires considerable expertise and knowledge to accomplish.

Time required: 3- 4 hours approx.

Resources required :

  1. A comfortable chair
  2. Arduino UNO ( try to purchase this from local suppliers or ebay)
  3. 5 DOF (degree of freedom) accelerometer
  4. Sabertooth 2×52 Motor Controller
  5. 2 scooter motors with power of 200W or more with rpm of about 320
  6. SLA Batteries
  7. Wheels (the larger the better).
  8. Shielded multi core cable (for the accelerometer)
  9. Heavy power cable ( for motors)
  10. Deadman switch
  11. A joystick or a toggle switch
  12. A toggle switch (for adjusting the balance position)
  13. DC connector (for the Arduino UNO)
  14. DIL pins which suit Arduino
  15. 10k ohm resistors
  16. Screws
  17. Double sides tape
  18. A chair-frame
  19. Drill with bits
  20. Soldering iron with solder
  21. Heat shrink along with the hot air gun to shrink it
  22. Wire cutter and wire strippers
  23. U shape bars
  24. Sturdy main member bar
  25. Replaceable skids

Estimated Cost :

This is an expensive project to make and the costs will depend on the quality of the raw materials you will purchase. Be ready to spend money and time!

Instructions :

  1. Take the U shaped bar (or the frame) and attach each end to each wheel with space in between to hold the motor.
  2. Connect a bar between the two arms of the U to act as the main member.
  3. Now add two removable skids parallel to the main member. Attach these skids through the center tubing which also has to be attached.
  4. Mount the seat that you have to the center of the U.
  5. Ensure that the pitch of your wheel gear thread is the same as that of the motor.
  6. Fix the motor to the wheel via the chains. You could also use toothed belts instead of the chains. They will work better. You should have one motor for each of the wheels.
  7. Use a plate to hold the motors in place.
  8. Fix the plates to plates that have been welded on to the frame.
  9. Cut two slots into the metal plate to allow for the motor movement to take up the slack in the chain.
  10. Fetch the electronics for the chair that consists of the motor controller 2×25 Sabertooth, the accelerometer and the Arduino Uno.
  11. Mount the accelerometer vertically at a place that is about axle height.
  12. While fixing the accelerometer, use the double sided tape as the insulator. Place it in a waterproof area.
  13. Mount the Sabertooth and Arduino Uno in a place that will not get damaged in case of a crash.
  14. Make use of the shield cable for the wiring here.
  15. Fix the accelerometer and chair firmly and take care to ensure that the chair is not bucking.
  16. Now, you will have to add a few switches to the unit. Build the main power switch into the battery holder itself.
  17. Use the dead man switch to activate your chair into action.
  18. Fix the joystick and tilt adjustment in order to control the electric chair.
  19. Not attach the rocker steering and use the code that has been used in the skateboard by Xenon John which is available on the internet.
  20. The wiring diagram is depicted below.
    The completed wiring diagram
    The completed wiring diagramFollow the diagram carefully while assembling your chair.
  21. Your self-balancing electric chair is ready for use.

Frequently asked questions :

Q1) From where can I get the frame that is necessary to hold the chair?

Ans: You will have to build the U shaped frame that has been used to make the electric chair. You could enlist the help of a professional welder in order to do this properly.

Q2) Can the seat of the chair be raised a little higher to fit the batteries below the seat?

Ans: You definitely can do it. Raising the seat higher does not affect the balance of your electric chair. It would be good to have the center of gravity as low as possible but that does not mean you should not raise the seat. In fact, the chair has been ridden with a crate on top of it and still the balance is fine.

Q3) What is the battery life of the batteries used in the project for the electric chair?

Ans: The NiMH 18Volt 3.0Ah batteries that have been used in the project last about 30 minutes.

Quick tips :

  • Try to purchase wheels that have the same sprocket chain type as the motor that you are using.
  • The skids will be extremely useful in preventing many accidents and damages.
  • You could use old car seats, chairs or any other seat that preferably has a long back rest.
  • In order to understand how to take up slack in the chain by allowing motor movement, you could open up a car bonnet and study the alternator mounts to get a fair idea.
  • You can heat sink the accelerometer using the glue coated heat sink in order to waterproof it.
  • The shield cable will ensure that added noise does not get into the system.

Things to watch out for :

  • Ensure that the main member that you are using is heavy duty else it will bend with the weight.
  • Though you make a perfect fitting, the keyway on the motor will wear out in time due to chain stretch. You will have to make replacements whenever necessary.
  • You will crash multiple times in the beginning, when you are learning to ride the chair. Do not get disheartened but keep trying.

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