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Five creative camcorders with integrated digital projector

Posted: 02 Nov 2011 06:42 AM PDT

Aravind Balasubramanya:

camcorders with integrated digital projector
camcorders with integrated digital projectorCreative camcorders with integrated digital projector.

Man has always had a fascination for combining two or more ideas to come up with an ‘all rounder’ idea. That is exactly what has been done in arriving with projector-camcorders. This concept is very interesting, no doubt, but it is definitely a logical integration that was bound to arrive some day. And it has arrived! Most of the market leaders in electronics have come with their own models of projector-camcorders. We present below, five creative and interesting projector-camcorders that you can definitely consider buying.

1. Aiptek Z20

Aiptek Z20
Aiptek Z20Aiptek Z20, world’s 1st camcorder & digital projector.

Aiptek is a Taiwan-based company that has released the world’s first camcorder cum projector. The wonder piece has HD camera to shoot high quality videos and then, just switch on its powerful LED based projector that can present visuals that are about 65 inches diagonally. The lens for shooting the footage of present on the side surface while the projector lens is located at the vertical end. You may be disappointed with its barely-sufficient 2GB internal memory and we hope that this is expandable so that the device becomes practically viable too. It shoots images of 5 megapixels resolution and projects them also. It is ready for launch at a price of €349.

2. 3M CP45 Camcorder Projector

3M CP45 Camcorder Projector
3M CP45 Camcorder Projector3M CP45 Camcorder Projector Captures 720p HD Video.

Like all 3M products, the CP 45 is an elegant and wonderful innovation. With an inbuilt pico projector, the device has a fixed focus lens. This means that the projection is best at a particular distance alone. But, that is a small disadvantage compared the the powerful projection and light weight of the camcorder projector. The projector gives an output of 2 lumens and projects at a resolution of 800×600. Supporting 5 megapixel still images shooting, the camera also comes with 1280×720p HD video shooting capabilities. It has a 2GB internal memory and you can expand the memory by adding SD memory cards. The battery allows up to 100 minutes of projection and the device supports all kinds of files. The CP 45 also comes with built-in speakers and is available for $299.

3. The Projecting Camcorder

ProjectingGuarantees Best Outcome In Any Settings.

Kicking up the quality range, this projecting camcorder arrives with an 8 megapixel camera. The projector has a 12 lumen lamp that will project really powerful images on any surface. It is very easy to use too. It shoots videos with 1280 by 720 HD resolution. The permanent focus lens ensures that you can focus on any wall with the ease of a point and shoot camera. In the memory department too, this is a giant and it utilizes 32GB SD cards that can be replaced. The battery charges up withing 4 hours and it powers the device at full capabilities for about 2 hours. This device also costs $300 like the model from 3M but it is definitely richer, features-wise.

4. Sony HD Camcorder with Integrated Projector

Sony HD Camcorder
Sony HD CamcorderSony HD Camcorder with Integrated Projector

Sony is pioneer in camera and projector technology and you can be sure that they will not be left behind in the projecting camcorder technologies! The HDR-PJ50V has a projecting lens behind the viewer flap of the camera so that whatever you see is what everyone else also sees. It can project on a 10″- 60″ screen and can throw the beam up to a distance of 3 meters. It shoots videos at 1920 x 1080 resolution, which is the highest we have seen till now and shoots 7 megapixel images. Integrated with Sony optics and electronics, the camera is really a good buy at $899.99.

5. 3M Shoot 'n Share CP40

3M Shoot 'n Share
3M Shoot 'n Share3M Shoot 'n Share CP40 Camcorder and Projector

3M has another cool device in the market; the ‘Shoot 'n Share CP40′ camcorder projector which is an elegant design encapsulated in a beautiful body. It has a touch screen control and fits easily into one’s pocket! With easily navigable menus, all the controls can be accessed from its LCD display which is 2.4 inches in size. You can buy it for an amazing deal at the Amazon website for just under $220.

Eight essential camping equipments for modern nomads

Posted: 02 Nov 2011 06:40 AM PDT

Muzamil Mugloo:

WeathermateCrank-powered emergency radio.

Modern nomads include all those wanderers and travelers who want to camp at will and keep on changing their locations of camping more often. Modern camping facilities have made life easy for the mountaineers, hikers, travelers, and all those adventure liking people out there. This has been done by making some more delightful, eco friendly, portable, useful, smarter and lovelier gadgets. Camping kits include following important eight gadgets that fills out all the needs of a modern nomad.


Eton SCORPIONsolar-powered, all-terrain, multi-functional unit

Eton Scorpion is a multipurpose solar powered radio device with features like built-in flash lights; AM, FM digital radio signal receivers built with superior technology, which makes it one of the highly regarded emergency radio devices, also acting as a weather band. It also has music player which connects to external devices through audio cable. It can also charge your mobile phones. Besides solar power it can also work on DC adapters, it can also be made to generate energy by moving with hand (hand crank movement). It can be purchased at the cost of $47.3

2. CGEAR Multimat

CGear Multimat
CGear MultimatParticles fall through from above, but don’t come back up through the mat

CGEAR Multimat is a double layered mesh made of a one way sift technology, which lets all, the sand, dirt, and dust to pass through its pits and prevents the entry back from the lower side. It can also be used as a wind shield or a sunshade and can be taken to all kinds of destinations where there are pine prickles, sand, dust or dirt, whether one goes for camping, beaches, deserts or on a simple picnic. Its special features include the property of re-merging on getting a hole by burning etc. It costs nearly $150.

3. Orange solar tent

Orange Solar Tent
Orange Solar TentFuturistic concept tent can harness solar energy to provide electricity to portable gadget

Orange solar tents are the technologically advanced tents made up of photo-voltaic fabric at the top of the tent that harnesses solar energy. This solar energy can be utilized to charge other essential gadgets like camera batteries, mobile phones, LEDs etc. It is a highly conceptualized design of tents that has been made by tent makers in collaboration with a company called ‘Orange’ and has revolutionized the tent world by some of its awesome internal features, that you can’t even imagine, like setting the desired temperatures inside by clicking on a finger-touch LCD screen inside, which shows several other essential features and uses.

4. Portable Parabolic cooker

Portable parabolic cooker
Portable parabolic cookerDesigned by Xiao-Fang Shen and Nikolai Ruola

Portable Parabolic cooker is a solar cooker that uses energy from sun to heat up the industrial waste oil inside the cooker placed in vacuum oil tank surrounding the oven, it cooks the food by using heat from these oils after sun rays fall on them and then these oil move back to oil tank. Besides cooking the food, this cooker also preserves the heat and keeps food warm by these oil. It contains parts like solar panel, parabolic panel, oven, legs, hand-wheel and the cover. It’s highly portable and easy to carry for camping and is a much better replacement for traditional stoves and cookers which use fuel and wood for combustion. This stove is also regarded as eco friendly device as it does not emit smoke or carbon dioxide gases as much.

5. Weathermate

WeathermateCrank-powered emergency radio.

Weathermate is a genius weather device made by Samuel Jones and indicates the weather situations like depiction of bad weather, floods, storms, tornadoes, etc. that can harm you when you are out there on a move. It speaks up all the things to you from an inbuilt speaker, and receives radio signals from NOAA and FM frequencies. It displays all the info on LCD screen on this highly portable genius device, which can even lend you some emergency light in the dark with its six small LED lamps, as shown in the picture above.

6. Girasol solar coffee maker

Girasol solar coffee maker
Girasol solar coffee makerCoffee maker runs on solar energy.

Girasol solar coffee maker is a solar powered coffee maker that lets you make coffee anywhere on a go, besides keeping the environment clean by not utilizing any other energy or releasing any waste. Girasol is a Spanish word meaning Sunflower and that’s why this device has been named Girasol.

7. JakPak sleeping bag

JakPak, sleeping bag
JakPak, sleeping bagJakPak” is an all-in-one camping product

JakPak Sleeping bags are a kind of Jackets with hood and collar but can be transformed into sleeping bag, which is waterproof, bug proof, tough, and portable. If you are a kind of distant traveller or such a nomad who never minds what’s next, it’s a must have at a decent cost of $250.

8. MIA Electric Flashlight lamp

MIA Electric Flashlight Lamp
MIA Electric Flashlight LampDesigned by Jia Dai

MIA Electric Flashlight lamp has been made by an electric expert Jia Dai, who has made it a way that it can function as both electric torch as well as a lamp when split apart, as shown below. This lamp charges on a solar system on one side and works on the electric power supply on the other side as well, besides, this lamp keeps on charging alongside while its lid is open.

10 sleek and smart digital faucets for trendy homes

Posted: 02 Nov 2011 06:35 AM PDT

Aravind Balasubramanya:

Sleek and smart digital faucets
Sleek and smart digital faucetsSleek and smart digital faucets for trendy homes

Water faucets have been constantly evolving with better designs and beautiful shapes. With a quantum jump, faucets have today developed into digital devices! Ingenuous designers from around the world have come up with such trendy and futuristic concepts that you would be left gaping in awe at the features of these bathroom fixtures. We examine 10 such brilliant faucet concepts here.

1. Digital bathroom faucet

Digital bathroom faucet
Digital bathroom faucetDigital bathroom faucet Visentin Klino Digitech

Starting our impressive list is a creation from Visentin Klino Digitech. These faucets arrive from Italy and have been elegantly shaped and designed. The digital dials indicate the temperature of the water gurgling through the faucet. That is simply an added feature for these faucets that have a sleek structure and a dazzling finish in silver. Rich fittings, indeed, for a luxurious bathroom!

2. Grohe Veris digital faucet

Grohe Veris Digital faucet
Grohe Veris Digital faucetCool Grohe Veris Digital faucet

It is not without any reason that the Grohe became one among the three top faucet manufacturing companies in the world. The company’s latest release is a digital faucet that can be controlled wirelessly from anywhere in the home. The product was up on display at the 100% Design Show in London and also at the World Architecture Festival in Barcelona. The faucet is regulated by a digital controller which gives you control over the amount of water and the temperature of water. This can be linked to a digital diverter to shift between the different water outlets. Delighting the customer is the feature where you can store preferences for different users.

3. Digital faucet E-vision Jado

Digital faucet e vision Jado
Digital faucet e vision JadoThe digital faucet with cool stylish futuristic look to add to the opulence of your trendy bathroom

E-vision from Jado is a cool looking, futuristic faucet that is sure to lift the feel of your modern bathroom. It is fitted with a touch panel using which you can personalize all the water and bath settings. There are controls for the flow, water volume and temperature and all of them can be stored as preferences. A sleek, black and trendy display also comes along with the faucet.

4. Flexible faucet hybrid Paini

Flexible faucet hybrid Paini
Flexible faucet hybrid PainiFlexible LED faucets for a stylish bathroom

Paini has brought in another level of innovation in bathroom faucets. Here are futuristic faucets that will ‘bend to your needs’. The faucets have a flexible neck and look very neat and cool. They come in multi-colored variants of gray, white and black. Its most ’shining’ characteristic is the LED dial that changes color depending on the temperature of the water flowing through it. Though we have no idea about its pricing, it is bound to be expensive like all trendy and stylish products.

5. Newform faucets

Newform faucets
Newform faucetsThe stylish Y-con touch sensor kitchen faucet by Newform

This is a very minimalistic faucet from Newform. It is a ‘new form’ literally and it has no valves or control knobs. The water flow is through intelligent detection mechanisms. The trendy fixture is sleek and elegant in its appearance. It is chrome plated for durability and longevity. It is embedded with sensors and is controlled through an electronic touch surface. The water flow and the temperature can be regulated and this faucet is sure to blend well in any modern kitchen.

6. Miscea faucet

Miscea Faucet
Miscea FaucetMiscea Sensor Activated Faucet

This elegantly designed, stainless steel faucet comes packed with some stunning features. It has a head with LED lighting that is made of laser engraved glass. As you can see in the picture, it has sections showing ‘water’, ’soap’ and ‘disinfectant’. You just have to point to the necessary portion of the tap and it lights up. Use that and then point to another portion for another material! The different colors on the display give the faucet an appearance of a blooming flower. The touch free interface makes it the most hygienic to use and the designers claim that the faucet saves up to 70 percent of water that would be otherwise wasted. It operates on power. The Miscea faucet can be attached to any pipeline.

7. Elettronico faucet

Elettronico Faucet
Elettronico FaucetElettronico Faucet by Carlo Frattini

Carlo Frattini goes one step ahead in designing a digital faucet that can be used as a master control for all the plumbing at home! The central LCD screen displays the flow rate, water temperature and the amount of water coming out. You can change the settings and levels for all the other such faucets too using the same screen.

8. ihouse smart faucet

ihouse smart faucet
ihouse smart faucetSmartFaucet by iHouse

Now, we have digital faucets that arrive with facial recognition features! It may appear as an overkill for some but there is no limit to man’s desire and creativity. The water settings happen as per the set preferences and the tap identifies the user through his/her face! Thus, different people automatically trigger different configurations in the faucet. The integrated LED lights vary their colors between blue for cold and red for hot based on the water temperatures. The faucet screen can be used for sending emails, messages and for checking the temperature among other things.

9. Vado VTouch Digital Faucet

Vado VTouch Digital Faucet
Vado VTouch Digital FaucetThe Vado Vtouch digital faucet

This is Vado’s variant of the digital faucet. It comes in a nice and trendy look and has the same temperature control and flow control features of all modern digital faucets. Like most of them, it has the same problems of high price and not being completely child-proof.

10. Ondus Digitecture wall mount bathroom faucet

Ondus Digitecture Wall Mount Bathroom Faucet
Ondus Digitecture Wall Mount Bathroom FaucetOndus Digitecture Wall Mount Bathroom Faucet by Grohe

We have another entry here from Grohe. The faucet comes along with its own wall mountable panel. You have control over water flow and the temperature along with the faucet’s stylish looks and futuristic feel. This award winning design has provision for a soap holder and other cups. The touch pad operation is a pleasure and this faucet from Germany is a sure shot winner.

Eight efficient accessories to enhance your MacBook Air

Posted: 02 Nov 2011 06:33 AM PDT

Manhardeep Singh:

MacBook Air accessories
MacBook Air accessoriesMacBook Air accessories

Apple is the pioneer in the tablet market. With the development of iPhone and iPad, Apple’s MacBooks also started to increase its volume, which further lead to the increase in the manufacturing of accessories that can work with MacBook Air. These accessories can be used to enhance your working experience on MacBook Air. Here is a list of eight efficient accessories to enhance MacBook Air:

1. Bamboo Blackbox Case

Bamboo Blackbox Case
Bamboo Blackbox CaseBamboo Blackbox Case

Understanding the need for protection of the MacBook Air, here is an efficient accessory that will do its job well. The Bamboo Blackbox cases are specially designed for laptops and tablets that can easily slide in enhancing the protection from bumps and scratches. Bamboo Blackbox case is one among the efficient accessories that are required to enhance the MacBook Air.

2. Cartella for MacBook Air

Cartella for MacBook Air
Cartella for MacBook AirCartella for MacBook Air

Cartella is an Italian leather made case for enhancing the protection of your MacBook Air. The case has a sleek design. The case gives a luxurious look to the MacBook Air. The proprietary bumper material in the case keeps the laptop in place while you go to your work or travel.

3. Taipan Shadow Laptop Messenger bag

Taipan Shadow Laptop Messenger bag
Taipan Shadow Laptop Messenger bagTaipan Shadow Laptop Messenger bag

The Taipan Shadow Laptop Messenger bag is a laptop carry bag designed especially for MacBook Air. The bag is compact, lightweight, stylish and has a lot of room for your Apple laptop to come. The good thing is, it can be used both in casual encounters as well as formal meetings. Its unique design helps it to blend in every occasion.

4. Seagate GoFlex Ultra-Portable Drive

Seagate GoFlex Ultra-Portable Drive
Seagate GoFlex Ultra-Portable DriveSeagate GoFlex Ultra-Portable Drive

Seagate GoFlex Ultra-Portable Drive is an external storage device designed specially to match with the OS of Mac laptops. The drive is so useful that you do not have to install any driver to use it. It has plug-and-play connectivity. Not only this, an amazing feature that makes it efficient is that it can also work on Windows PC. If you need to transfer some data from Mac to PC or vice versa, you can use this external storage accessory.

5. InCase 13-inch Perforated Hardshell Case

InCase 13-inch Perforated Hardshell Case
InCase 13-inch Perforated Hardshell CaseInCase 13-inch Perforated Hardshell Case

The InCase 13-inch Perforated Hardshell Case is an effective accessory that works as a protective case for your MacBook Air. The case has a blueberry design which allows air to pass through. The case is very helpful in protecting the laptop from scratches which may otherwise damage the laptop. Unlike other protective cases for laptops that provide protection when the laptop is not in use, this case is very effective when you are working on your laptop. You can protect your laptop from scratches or any other harm while sitting in a cafe or while traveling. The rubber feet of the case also increases the stability of the laptop on various surfaces.

6. Apple MacBook Air SuperDrive

Apple MacBook Air SuperDrive
Apple MacBook Air SuperDriveApple MacBook Air SuperDrive

Apple MacBook Air SuperDrive is another efficient accessory which can be used to enhance the experience while using MacBook Air. The SuperDrive can help you to burn or play CD/DVD while you are on your way. You can use it as a normal drive and watch movie or install any software you want on your MacBook. Being portable in nature, it can easily get room in the laptop bag. As it is compact in size, it takes up very little space on your desk or tray table while you are working. One more feature that enhances the experience while using MacBook Air. No need to worry where the cables are, when you can connect the SuperDrive using a USB cable which is built-in. The SuperDrive does not require any external power to work. Just plug it in your Mac laptop and it will work.

7. Clear Air Jacket

Clear Air Jacket
Clear Air JacketClear Air Jacket

One of the efficient accessories which are built for MacBook Air is Clear Air Jacket. It makes people wonder when you say that you Mac laptop is cased. They wonder where the case is. The Clear Air Jacket is a protective case which is as thin and light as air. It measure 1 mm and has a feature of self-healing in which the case recovers itself if there are any scratches on it.

8. HyperJuice's External 60Wh Battery

HyperJuice's External 60Wh Battery
HyperJuice's External 60Wh BatteryHyperJuice's External 60Wh Battery

One of the biggest challenge which laptop owners face today is the challenge of battery backup. Taking this challenge into consideration, an efficient accessory has been developed to overcome this challenge. The HyperJuice External 60Wh battery can extend your iPad’s battery life up to additional 24 hours and can charge your iPhone up to 14 times.

How to turn your LCD monitor into a TV without a computer

Posted: 02 Nov 2011 06:32 AM PDT

Manhardeep Singh:

LCD monitor into a TV
LCD monitor into a TVTurning LCD monitor into a TV without a computer.

Have you got an LCD monitor at home? And you are planning to buy a new TV? Why waste time and money if you are given an option to use your LCD monitor as TV, without computer. Yes, you read it right, you can turn your computer’s LCD monitor into a TV without a computer.

In this post you will learn everything about how to turn your computer’s LCD monitor into TV without a computer. You will come to know about the difficulty level of converting the LCD monitor to TV, the time you need to put in to do so, resources you will need to complete the task, estimate cost you may have to incur, a step by step guide of instructions, answers to some frequently asked question, some quick tips and a list of things to watch out for you to be safe.

Difficulty level

The difficulty level of converting your computer’s LCD monitor to TV is moderate, which means you need to have some basic technical knowledge to complete the task.

Time required

The time required to convert the LCD monitor into TV depends upon the speed and skill of the person. An expert can complete the task much earlier when compared to a beginner.

Resources required:

1. LCD monitor

2. Cable box/satellite receiver

3. TV tuner (which should be in the cable box if you are using it)

4. VGA/DVI computer cable

5. Speakers (to check that the audio is working properly or not)

Estimate cost

The estimate cost of converting your LCD monitor into TV depends upon the availability, quantity and quality of the resources.


Step 1: Making sure that you have all the necessary things

In the very first step towards converting your computer’s LCD monitor into a TV without computer, you need to check whether you have all the necessary things required to do so. This may include checking the cable box or the satellite receiver. If there is cable box, you need to check the DVI/HDMI output cable. After this, you need to check the speakers. If your LCD monitor accepts only DVI format inputs then you need to have a HDMI to DVI cable with you.

Step 2: Choosing a display

For the next step, which is important, you need to choose a display. But, before that you need to check the requirements of the LCD monitor. You need to ensure that it is HDCP (High Definition Content Protection) Compliant. After this, the monitor should either have a DVI or an HDMI input. Also take care that the LCD monitor can display at least 720p.

Step 3: Setting it all up

In this step we are going to take care of setting up the system. You can connect the monitor just as you will connect to a TV. If you do not see any picture, do not worry. It only means that your cable box or the satellite receiver is trying to display a resolution that the monitor cannot display or it does not support that resolution. For this, you can either enter the HD setup mode or you can change the maximum resolution of the cable box (using the cable box instruction guide).

If your cable box says that the monitor you are using is not HDCP compliant, it only means that you got the wrong monitor, and you cannot do anything with that.

Step 4: Other things

If your monitor is HDCP compliant, you will get the picture by changing the maximum resolution of the cable box. Now in this step, you can decide whether you want to wall mount your LCD monitor. You can decide to connect the computer with the monitor so that you can use the computer as well as watch TV on the same LCD monitor.

Step 5: Downsides and conclusion

Converting your computer’s LCD monitor into TV has two disadvantages. First, you are limited to the consoles which you can attach to the monitor. If you are able to use a switch or a cable box which has inputs, this disadvantage cannot be considered. Second, you cannot turn your TV on or off with a remote unless the cable box you are using features a built in plug. To overcome this, you can buy a remote control surge protector.

Frequently asked questions

1. I want to see the picture in 1080p, is it possible to have such a resolution?

Ans: Unfortunately, the cable box has a maximum resolution of 720p. So, if you want to see picture in 1080p, you need to buy a new TV for yourself.

2. I want to have a lot of inputs to the monitor, is it possible to have them?

Ans: If you are only using the monitor, this may not be feasible but if you use switch or cable box which has a lot of inputs then definitely you can enjoy multiple inputs.

3. How much money can I save if I convert my monitor into TV?

Ans: You can save the money you wanted to spend to buy a new TV. On an estimate note, you can save around $200 if you convert your computer’s LCD monitor into TV.

Quick tips

1. Make sure that your LCD monitor is HDCP (High Definition Content Protection) compliant, otherwise it would not work.

2. Connecting your computer with the monitor helps you to use the monitor as TV as well as simple monitor.

Things to watch out for

1. The task involves usage of cables and electricity so make sure you are not bare foot while performing the task.

2. Also be careful that you do not touch the walls while touching the cables because it is similar to being barefoot.

3. Do not have wet hands or feet while doing the task.

Lang Bus Shelter: A minimalistic design for urban landscapes

Posted: 01 Nov 2011 04:41 PM PDT

Jaspreet Kaur Walia:

Lang Bus Shelter
Lang Bus ShelterDesigned by Maite Otano

Bus Shelters are an indispensable part and are the most ignored as well. People don't pay much heed and once built these shelters are left to deteriorate. They have looked the same over all these years and hardly anything is offered to make people waiting for a bus feel special. Keeping all this in mind and with an aim to craft something appealing, Maite Otano has designed a bus shelter named Lang. It doesn't look like a conventional shelter and comes sipped in a modern day flavor.

Picture Gallery
Lang Bus Shelter
Designed by Maite Otano

The user-friendly Lang will be a perfect fit for cities, thanks to its minimalistic appearance that manages to fetch plenty of attention. It makes good use of empty spaces and also makes sure that the urban landscape is not disturbed or altered in any sense. It doesn't need any special space or conditions to be installed, which is worth considering taking into consideration the jam-packed nature of cities. The bus shelter is quite sleek and has a curvy facade, which will protect travelers from harsh weather conditions, like wind, strong sun rays and rainfall, while they wait for the bus to arrive standing under it. Lang also features a bench that doesn't have a back, which flexibly lets people to sit facing both sides.

The ultra-modern bus shelter has been crafted using acrylic natural stone that makes the structure quite sturdy and weather proof. The best part being acrylic natural stone is easy to produce and can be given any desired shape. The overall structure has been divided into two with the help of a safety glass. This gives birth to two separate spaces that will unfurl enough space that is double the number of the seats available on the structure. In case it has rained heavily and there are puddles all over which may spill water on the person waiting for the bus, the best way will be to sit on the side that doesn't face the road. Lang bus shelter has been fitted with two LCD screens. One of the screens has been fitted on the outside and the other inside. These screens put on show crisp and clear crucial information. The LCD on the inside will keep the travelers waiting for a bus updated, while the outside screen makes sure that the information is even visible from a distance.

Maite has designed Lang in an intelligent way that will allow travelers to wait both sitting and standing. The dual displacement of this eye-appealing yet simple bus shelter not only creates more seats for people but also lets them sit anywhere they feel like. It will display accurate information that makes sure one gets to read the exact status on the arrival of buses. The information will be updated form time to time and will definitely be of great help. Minimalism is the basic essence of the overall design that will make Lang a cut above tradition bus shelters. So, wait for the bus to arrive in style and never miss on any vital information.

Via: Behance

MODU: The world’s first fully-upgradeable modular mobile phone

Posted: 01 Nov 2011 02:58 PM PDT

Asmita Prasad:

MODUModular mobile phone

Cellphone technology has evolved in light year scales in the last ten year and every week we have a few new phones promising ever better features launched in the market. The competition has forced cellphone manufacturers to come up with ever innovative new features though the end user still ends up paying more than they bargained for every time he or she purchases a new cellphone. Most cellphones in the market are offered with a set of fixed features that may or may not always offer the user the possible collection of features that they need- a phone with a great processor may not always come with a fully loaded sound system, a phone with a dedicated stereo surround speaker may not always offer the best spec-camera suite, and the phone that has the best camera, the best processor and the best speaker may not always have the best screen fronting it. The point of it all is that cellphone manufacturers have almost deliberately created their product in a way that their hardware cannot be customized by the end user who almost always has to purchase a new phone at full price should a bit of their phone's hardware malfunction or become obsolete. The Modu Modular Mobile Phone concept by Utrecht, Netherlands-based designer Aris Stathis looks to remedy this problem with an innovative idea that would allow users to fully-upgrade their phones as they please.

Picture Gallery
Modular mobile phone

The fully-customizable Modu mobile phone is made of three distinct parts that are fully separable. The LCD display that fronts the phone forms the first layer of the phone's body can be easily detached and replaced with a new screen in case it is broken and cannot be repaired. If the user wants to get a screen with a better resolution or upgrade the touch-capacity of their phone, they would simply need to detach the screen from the phone and replace it with a new screen without having to give up the functionality of their old phone and the data saved in it.

Similarly, the second layer of the modular phone would be comprised of an aluminum-bodied section that would basically connect the phone to its accessories and also connect the processing unit and the screen together. This section would have the control buttons on its sides and the headphone, charger and USB inputs on the bottom side of it.

The third segment of the phone would house the processing unit, the memory, the camera, the speakers and all the other essential hardware in it. The fully-customizable unit will feature removable units for separate upgradeable units like the camera, the processor and the speaker, etc., and should the user wish to upgrade any one of these parts, they would be able to do so by simply removing that particular unit from the module and replacing them with a new one.

The Modu mobile phone would thus not only lower the burden of cost that is borne by the user every time they need to update their phone, but also allow cellphone companies to offer phones as a lower base price with higher-spec features being sold as options and add ones. This would not only prove to be more cost effective to all partied involved but also lessen the waste created by the discarding of obsolete cellphones.

Via: Behance

The eO Gaming Station will transport gamers to another dimension

Posted: 01 Nov 2011 02:46 PM PDT

Asmita Prasad:

EO Gaming Station
EO Gaming StationEO Gaming Station

The gaming arcade was rendered obsolete and uncool with the launch of plug-in in-home video games like Pacman and Mario brothers way back when. The familiar and homely comfort that an arcade machine provided is now only available at retro bars and theme restaurants though even the most dedicated Xbox/PS3/Wii-enthusiaist would agree that there was some logic in having a dedicated, enclosed space where a gamer could lose himself or herself in the virtual world and not worry about their mom/gf/wife/sister/non-gamer roommate ruining a good score by walking/cleaning/meandering in front of the TV or choosing the moment just before you are about to go for the record-breaking point to try and have "a talk" with you! The eO Gaming Station looks to eliminate the aforementioned problem by providing users with an arcade-like experience via a dedicated, enclosed space where a gamer can loose themselves completely in their virtual world of choice.

Picture Gallery
EO Gaming Station
EO Gaming Station

The gaming-cum-entertainment station looks to provide gamers with an immersive, high-end gaming space that is totally private and comes fitted with hi-fi audio and top res-video equipment to maximize your gaming pleasure. The echo-free, sound proof chamber can serve as a dedicated space where gamers can listen to music, video conference with friends, play games, or even watch 3D movies without being disturbed. The gaming station is a private space for game-junkies to enjoy gaming in on their own or with a friend.

Looking to provide an exhilarating out of this world experience, the pod allows users to direct all their focus on the game or the music or the video providing them with the solitude and privacy they crave allowing the pod to serve as a multi-sensorial stimulatory peak zone.

Created to provide maximum comfort during prolonged usage, the eO is basically formed but the fusion of two strategically-spaced spheres that create the abstraction of two free floating forms and resembles a spaceship. The futuristic form of the gaming pod reflects the multi-sensorial experience that the station looks to provide.

The eO gaming station comes fitted with an A/C, mood lighting, multi channel surround sound environment, an X Box, CPU, UPS, a high definition LCD screen and other gaming paraphernalia. The inviting interiors feature a comfortable push back seat that is luxurious and comfortable while a large window serves as an emergency exits as well as a drinks/food window and also provides gamers with a nice of the outside world should they start to miss it after a while!

Source: Icarus

Intersection Wrist Watch to keep lovers connected through time

Posted: 01 Nov 2011 02:30 PM PDT

Jaspreet Kaur Walia:

IntersectionLCD Watch Design for Two

A good-looking watch can sprinkle the same aura like a precious piece of jewelry does on our wrist. A stylish wrist watch attracts a lot of attention and is one of the best accessories one can posses and flaunt. There is a sea of wrist watches present in the market and the number keeps increasing, thanks to the ever escalating demand to own a good watch. Logan has designed the Intersection, which is an LCD watch, and vows to leave you mesmerized with the beauty it comes coated with.

Picture Gallery
Designed by Logan from the USA

In this technology driven world, cellphones have started playing the role of watches as one can easily find out what time it is at the click of a button. This has forced designers to come up with pieces that will attract onlookers and make them buy one without comparing them with a good quality handset. Intersection is a smart timepiece for two people, which means two people in love. The basic idea behind the whole concept was to keep loved ones connected through time. The watch will make sure that your time intersects with that someone special in your life and make the bond grow all the more fonder and sweeter.

The watch has been made using stainless steel that lends all the durability. It can be picked from IP white, IP black or even gold surface coating as per your whims and fancies. US based Logan's Intersection watch will ping the two wearers after 5 minutes in a wireless way. This will easily sense whenever love birds are around or anywhere near to each other. The watch will exactly calculate the amount of time you spend with the love of your life. The LCD will clearly display the time shared at the bottom and will also make it easy to calculate the amount of time elapsed since the loved ones were near to each other the last time. On the other hand, the upper part of this attention-grabbing wrist watch will put on show the time. The LCD display can be chosen from various colors and is always on. The face of this watch has two touch sensitive areas that delete the need of any additional buttons.

Intersection will endow the wearer with a flexibility to opt for a secondary mode for the display at the bottom. It will exhibit the last time (day, week or month) you were with your loved one in percentage form. Apart from this, you can also set an alarm for your next meeting, which will be displayed as a countdown and will definitely excite you every time you realize that the time to meet your lover is nearing. Are you one amongst those who are bad at remembering dates and always forget their anniversaries? Well, fret no more as Intersection is here to remind and save you from all the embarrassments. The watch has special alarms, both audio and visual, that will happily announce all the important information you never want to forget.

Intersection is a great wrist watch for technology driven people and can be gifted on various occasions like anniversaries, Valentine's Day or even birthday of that someone special. So, surprise the love of your life with a thoughtful present and keep a check on the time spent together.

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The Prop laptop stand has a simple design and great functionality

Posted: 01 Nov 2011 02:26 PM PDT

Jaspreet Kaur Walia:

The Prop laptop stand
The Prop laptop standA product design project in Lincoln, NE by Justin Brouillette & Nicholas Pajerski

Laptops have gained immense popularity and this has given birth to a variety of accessories that add more meaning to this most sorted electronic gadget. The only trouble when it comes to accessories is the laptop stands that are quite heavy and immovable most of the times. This may cause inconvenience to those who like to use the most coveted electronic item while it sits nicely on a stand with utmost panache. If you travel a lot and want the stand to move around with you, then the Prop will definitely leave you impressed.

Picture Gallery
The Prop laptop stand
A product design project in Lincoln, NE by Justin Brouillette & Nicholas Pajerski

Many nicely styled laptop stands lack the portable trait, which forced MAKE Collaboration to come up with a design that is sleek and light in weight as well. The affordable stand is quite efficient and will become your laptop's best friend in not time. The design is as flexible as its usage and can easily hold laptops that fall in the 13 to 17 inches category. If laptops are used a lot, then they definitely need proper ventilation, which is only possible if a stand is used. Prop will provide the much needed ventilation and keep the gadget in good condition. The design looks like a cross that will help keep the laptop off the table's surface.

The stand will be crafted using recycled material that will be bio-degradable in nature. In case it is not made using salvaged materials (like plastic), then the designers will make sure that the material used is at least recyclable. Prop has been blessed with a minimalistic design, which is simple yet very useful. It will prove to be a simple solution for those who hate the heat that comes out of a laptop. They will be made using injection molding technique. It can be snapped apart easily for carrying while traveling hence consuming less space. Prop vows to sprinkle a refined experience, which will be nothing like that comes tagged with bulky laptop stands that do nothing but leave their users frustrated.

The design has fetched heavy inspiration from the need to keep laptops cool at architecture schools make sure nothing gets damaged. Prop will effortlessly lift the laptop and make sure it does not make any contact with the surface of the table it is placed on. Prop will bow down to all the mobile demands and will prove to be of utmost help for people who take their business everywhere they go. This molded plastic design and can be easily shipped to various places without the fear of it getting damaged. It took a good two years to complete the project and the end result is worth applauding. Prop by MAKE Collaboration will prove to be very handy and make sure that a better airflow is created without much trouble or changes.

Via: Kickstarter

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