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VersaLite wearable flashlight makes nurses’ life easier

Posted: 30 Dec 2011 11:06 PM PST

Asmita Prasad:

Created by designer Stefan Djerkic, this compact and lightweight device serves as a more sustainable solution that solves the problem of flashlights being misplaced or lost. The VersaLite allows nurses to easily work in environments where patients might be sensitive to microbial exposure. Named after its versatile attributes, the device was primarily designed to be worn which would give nurses more freedom with their hands.

Wearable flashlight for nurses
Wearable flashlight for nurses

Picture Gallery
Wearable flashlight for nurses
It is a wearable flashlight that improves the performance of nurses by liberating both hands.

The flashlight recharges on a charging base, which eliminates the need for disposable batteries, while the sleek design of the product limits the amount of bacteria or dirt buildup that may occur on a normal flashlight used by nurses. The smooth and curved contours of the device make cleaning the product easier which reduces the possible spread of diseases.

The VersaLite is created to serve as a multipurpose tool that is designed specifically for nurses. The wearable flashlight aims at improving nurses’ performance by allowing them to attend to patients when necessary since it renders both their hands free. When worn, the direction of the LEDs can easily be adjusted by pressing and turning the buttons located at the sides of the flashlight. This allows the flashlight's head to pivot 180 degrees.

The attachment component allows the VersaLite to be worn and can be riveted to the nurse’s uniform. The user can also position the flashlight perpendicularly to the body by mounting the device onto the attachment component. This can be done by simply dropping it into its designated sockets. VersaLite can be adapted to the needs of each individual user regardless of the way the nurse wants to use the product.

However, the design of VersaLite takes into consideration every possible way a user might interact with the product since some nurses might not be ready to change their working habits. While some nurses might prefer just resting the device on a table and turning it into a lamp, others may be more comfortable holding the flashlight in their hand instead of wearing it on their uniform. The VersaLite is made to serve all these purposes with ease. The Flashlight can also be used as an examination tool, which allows a nurse to examine a patient's pupil response which can be done by activating the central LED feature and illuminating a high focus direct light.

When all three LEDs are activated, the nurse has a better field of vision when performing routine tasks without disturbing patients’ sleep at night. The central LED illuminates a high focus direct light, which gives the nurse the ability to adjust the type of lighting desired. The LED controls are always accessible because they are located on the side of the flashlight and the nurse can wear it either backwards of forwards since the bottom control powers all three LEDs. In any particular orientation, the top control shuts off the power ad the middle control activates the central LED.

The flashlight is powered by rechargeable AAA batteries can easily be replaced. The VersaLite automatically starts charging when inserted into charging base. Positioned underneath the feet of the flashlight are positive and negative charging contact points. To access the battery compartment, the user simply locates the dimple at the back of the flashlight. The user must press down to unsnap and slide compartment out sideways to release battery door.

Via: Coroflot

Best of DesignBuzz 2011

Posted: 30 Dec 2011 10:27 PM PST

Asmita Prasad:

The year 2011 is almost at an end now and its time to look back at a fabulous year gone by that was significant for the whole world in more ways than one. The year 2011 saw some great innovations in terms of design and we had some breath-taking concepts and breakthroughs in home décor, auto and gadgets. They certainly made the world a better place just by having been conceptualized and innovated. Here's our list of the best designs and concepts that set DesignBuzz on fire in the year 2011:

Self-cleaning NoClean Aquariums are home to Betta Fish

Posted: 30 Dec 2011 09:40 PM PST

Sahil Khurana:

It's a tedious task to clean fish aquariums, especially, when it comes to changing the water. Weaving their concept around this problem, designers Craig Wenger and David Turover have crafted the really neat concept of NoClean Aquariums.

NoClean Aquariums
NoClean Aquariums

Picture Gallery
NoClean Aquariums
The NoClean Desktop Aquarium body is manufactured from thick, sturdy glass

As the name pretty much suggests, the phenomenon takes into consideration the efforts involved in cleaning and maintaining the fish's abode. The designing of the product has been done in such a way so as to provide maximum benefit not only to the owner but also to the inhabiting fishes. It's time to free one's self from all bogging down hassles and switch to NoClean Aquariums to enjoy the perfect cleaning services. It's so simple and effective, even a child can get down to doing it.

Incorporating a simple, easy to understand concept, the aquariums have been set to do their own bidding in terms of cleaning. There is an inbuilt reservoir at the base of the container which collects all the debris, dirt and waste. This collected material can further be flushed out, but not manually. As mentioned before, there is no tedious cleaning process involved in the NoClean Aquarium. Just pour in a glass of water, sit back and relax. The dirty, soiled water shall be pumped out and the water will fall back on its normal required level. This process neither harms the fish nor creates any problems for the owner. The grimy water can be used as a fertilizer for your plants and trees.

The aquariums are not only easy to clean, but very aesthetically pleasing too. Available with a combination of colorful LED's, the fish havens can be lit up in the dark. A special variety of Japanese fish come along with these aquariums. Also known as Betta fish, or fighter fish, these little creatures are as delicate as can be imagined. The aquatic dwellers have beautiful, free flowing tails and fins. They are said to capture the heart, mind and soul of the onlookers in one go itself. The only problem one may face is of keeping one fish in one container. If you try to keep more than one, you may have a problem in your hands. After all, these fishes are called fighter fish for a reason.

The aquariums come fixed with a collection of innards, plants, and a variety of pebbles and glass stones. Choose the options which befit you and see how your surroundings benefit from the excellence of these aquariums. All the parts of the containers have been devised in USA itself. The lighting arrangements have been taken care by including a set of 3xAAA batteries.

With such magnificent fishes for company and a self cleaning aquarium, what else can one want for themselves? Recreate the magic in your dwellings, office or abodes, all by NoClean Aquariums. With a guarantee to appease your senses, there would definitely be no going back.

Via: Kickstarter

10 Sturdy snowmobiles to move you in winters

Posted: 30 Dec 2011 09:36 PM PST


Snowmobile, also known as snow machine, is a vehicle that is used to travel on snow. Specially designed to run on terrains covered with snow, these machines do not require a road or trail. Therefore, whether you are planning to explore deep snow forests, frozen lakes or planning for any other adventure, you do not have to think twice if you have a snowmobile. There are amazing snowmobiles available in the market that pack all the features, luxury and touring capability needed by a user. Here is a list that describes the best snowmobiles available in the market. Read on to know more.

AquaVenture designs world’s fastest personal submarine SeaBird

Posted: 30 Dec 2011 09:32 PM PST

Arvind Sundararaman:

Gone are the days when the use of submarines was limited, just as a means of naval warfare. Use of submarines for recreational purposes, in fact is slowly gaining attention. Contrary to the most submarines that generally use electric motors and a rechargeable battery pack to move under water, US based company named AquaVenture has created a personal submarine that doesn’t have a propulsion system at all. Surprisingly, AquaVenture claims that its submarine, named as SeaBird, is, yet, the fastest personal submarine in the world.


Picture Gallery
World's fastest personal submarine by AquaVenture

Most people would actually consider that, it is impossible to have a submarine that does not have a propulsion system at all, but AquaVenture has created one is actually towed through a tow system located on the surface vessel. Surface vessel, that generates power through the means of internal combustion Engine, delivers the power to the submarine through the towing system.

A cable of length upto 400 ft is generally used to tow a SeaBird and according to AquaVenture, two SeaBirds(at the max) could be towed from a surface vessel at a time. AquaVenture also claims that although submarines could go only upto a depth of 46 meters for recreational purposes, non-tourist voyages could go well beyond 90 meters. Contrary to a normal personal submarine that travels at a speed of less than 10mph, SeaBird, using its tow-system, would be able to reach speeds of 25mph. And according to AquaVenture, SeaBird would be safe underwater for a period of 24-72 hours.

The electric control system consists of a side mounted joystick and pedals that is powered by a 24V batteries. AquaVenture says that this Hydroplane control system would let the SeaBird maneuver in the sea like no other submarine. They even compared it to a roller coaster and said that SeaBird could do all the steep climbs and dives just like any roller coaster.

Although, SeaBird claims that both single and two-seater versions would be launched, currently they are planning for the release of two-seater model first which is 6.5 meters in length and carries a weight of 6,570 lb. To reduce the risks of being underwater, which includes low visibility, advanced sonar system has been provided within the SeaBird. Other features also include telemetry system, Global Positioning System (GPS), video monitors that carry real time data such as the temperature & pressure of the water. Built from ABS certified steel and fiberglass, the submarine’s pressure chamber have been designed to absorb energy and impact in case of any collision.

AquaVenture’s SeaBird has been in the development phase, including the design and testing, for a period of over four years and has started to take orders from the prospective buyers. It is being believed that it would cost a whopping $210,000 for a single SeaBird that would come with a package of training for a single pilot plus a limited warranty. Although, this price is comparatively lower, as there is no propulsion system involved, within the design of SeaBird, considering the fact that one has to buy a surface vessel for the towing system, the overall price might just come out to be pretty much the same.

Source: Gizmag

Apple enthusiasts revel while pooping in inspired iPoo toilet

Posted: 30 Dec 2011 03:52 PM PST

Piyali Narayan Swamy:

The popularity of Apple has spilled over to basic consumerism as well. Serbian designer Milos Paripovic has emulated the symbolic style of the Apple both in naming as well as looks to create this unique toilet called the iPoo.

iPoo Toilet
iPoo Toilet

The silver colored iPoo is shaped like an apple with a leaf shaped water cistern to complete its functional utilization. Milos, who is currently a freelance digital artist, had graduated from the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria. He confirms that the inspired shape is not to scorn the logo of the IT stalwart but actually made to adapt well to the comfortable seating of the user. The white color and single button for flushing the toilet atypical of apple products make this designer toilet a must-have for Apple fanatics and easily can be said to be part of your apple parade though not manufactured by the same. It has also been guaranteed to be easier to clean compared to most “computer keyboards” and offers an irresistible touch of ease in your toilet while listening to your iPod, iPad, iPhone or even the handy iMac.

Picture Gallery
iPoo Toilet
A Designer Toilet

Milos’ iPoo toilet has the same functions as a normal toilet, but is priced at twice the average market cost. However, it involves a sensation in the eyes of users with a degree of opulence and is not intended as a whimsical product for advertising Steve Jobs’ Apple products. While most apple users are gloating of the enhanced competency, the iPoo toilet also has been vouched by its designer to add the zing to the “hole in the toilet” concept to cause enough envy to your friends and relatives.

With direct reference to the use of the design, the designer has made a sarcastic request for free opinion from its users to improve the second edition of iPoo Toilet.

Via: MilosParopovic

UFO: A multifunctional piece of furniture that can be constructed and deconstructed

Posted: 30 Dec 2011 03:43 PM PST

Jaspreet Kaur Walia:

What comes to your mind when someone says UFO? A disc shaped alien aircraft that is called an Unidentified Flying Object or UFO. This well-crafted image is going to change forever, thanks to Luca Cozzi. This Italian product designer has crafted a multifunctional piece of furniture, christened UFO.

UFO multifunctional furniture by Luca Cozzi
UFO multifunctional furniture by Luca Cozzi

UFO has a structure that comes with an ability to transform. It can be easily constructed and deconstructed, as per a user's whims and fancies. The furniture item has a simple facade and can be moved without much effort. The enigmatic design consists of two felt modules that have been shaped like a triangle. The entire perimeter, of both the modules, has been fitted with one half of a divisible double slider zipper. This zipper helps connect both the perimeters and in turn gives birth to an impressive three-dimensional space.

Picture Gallery
Composed by two triangular felt modules
Composed by two triangular felt modules

The piece of furniture comes with a set of guideline that makes it easy for a user to exploit its true potential. But, you can personalize it further and make it all the more interesting. The two triangle shaped pieces, when not zipped together, can be used as a mat or rug. When zipped, this will give birth to an interesting design. Stuff it with a cushion and UFO turns into a comfortable seating option. The pleasant-looking furniture item is light in weight and can be kept anywhere in the house.

UFO has an interesting form and it will blend with all kinds of interior spaces. Use it as a mat or a seating unit, the choice is yours.

Via: Lucacozzi

Solar benches to light up the future

Posted: 30 Dec 2011 03:40 PM PST

Christina Pinto:

Many people prefer the night when the world is quiet and the stars blanket the sky. They would rather immerse themselves in solitude under the cover of darkness than confront the bustle of the day. After a hard day's work and before reaching home, some people like to stop at a bench and relax, maybe read a book or listen to their iPod. The problem is finding a good light source that helps these people go about their favorite activity with ease and not strain their eyesight under limited light.

Solar bench
Solar bench

The solar bench was conceptualized by Voda Design, who is a designer from the Ukraine involved in furniture, industrial and interior design. The designer thought of combining the role of street lights with benches. This kind of lighting could lead to the construction of bench lit spaces marked as zones, where people can read in the evenings, work on their hobbies or play on their laptops.

Picture Gallery
Solar bench
Solar bench from Voda Design

According to the concept, the light emitting lamps are powered by solar batteries. The batteries are built into the bench case to absorb sunlight to convert into energy. The bench depends on green energy and is energy-saving, eliminating the need to connect the bench to the city's power lines. Since the bench does not have any restrictive requirements, the freedom to place the bench anywhere is a given as long as it has access to sunlight.

The bench provides an additional service. The energy produced and stored in the solar batteries can be used for charging a laptop or an MP3 player in the daytime, when the lamp is not in use.

The designer intends for the control panel and other outlets for devices to be placed on the side of the bench case, allowing for easy access and use. The bench is constructed from plastic and is available in two unique, futuristic forms. These "smart" benches appear trendy, but show many characteristics of a design from a sci-fi movie with their smoothness and sleek lines. These benches could change the modern urban environment, pleasing many with their style and functionality.

Via: Behance

Wash away all your troubles with this smart Twist clothes drying rack

Posted: 30 Dec 2011 03:12 PM PST

Ruchika Pahwa:

Is it problematic when you wash a line of clothes and do not have enough space to hang or lay them flat together for drying? If yes, do check out this newly developed product, Twist, which is a solution to all such troubles of drying clothes at a place where they get proper air and sunlight. Twist is a flexible rack that not only helps you dry clothes as required, but also gets quickly folded and stored once the laundry day is over and you no longer require it till your next washing spree restarts.

Twist drying rack
Twist drying rack

Twist drying rack features two nylon mesh platforms so you may flatly place small-sized clothes on them. You may also hang all kinds of clothes on its poles and cords. When open, this rack is 50 inches in height with a width of 24-inch square at the top and 19-inch square at the bottom, while during the time it is closed, the rack has a diameter of 3 inches and a height of 60 inches. Twist has four metal poles and a reinforced plastic locking system. It offers 12 nylon clothesline segments where three long cords are wrapped around the rack’s four sides.

Picture Gallery
Twist Drying Rack
Twist Drying Rack, Lay it on the Line

This drying rack has scuff-resistant caps that protect the flooring from scratches. So, if you plan to use the rack inside your room, go ahead without any hiccups. The rack’s one-twist mechanism also allows you to close, open or lock it in place. Its folds can also be completely closed when you decide to put it in your storeroom. So, Twist appears to be a smart and useful drying rack on which you could hang your shirts, trousers, jackets, socks or any washed garment. You may carry this stylish rack in your balcony or garden and dry your clothes the way you want.

Via: Quirky

The Porsche turned entertainment center brings music and splendor

Posted: 30 Dec 2011 08:25 AM PST

Abdul Vahid V:

Are you a fan of luxury cars, especially a Porsche? Well, then you shouldn't miss this Porsche 911 converted entertainment center for your living room. Rear part of a genuine 2005 Porsche 911 has been crafted to build this music system. The luxury car mounts a 42-inch flat-screen and audio system. Whole parts of half the car are kept up the same for the music system.

The real Porsche Design entertainment center
The real Porsche Design entertainment center

Designers of the Porsche music system have deployed genuine parts of the German luxury car. Even the wheels and calipers on the rear wheels are original. The rear glass and lamps of the car are kept up, which illuminate when the large display that rests inside the vehicle rises up and down. The music system also produces suitable music thanks to the built-in music system.

The Porsche entertainment center will add much into the décor of your living room, but only if you are a crazy person. There won't be many people who will invest in genuine parts of the expensive Porsche just to build a music system in their living room. Indeed, it will never be a cheap deal.

The entertainment center comes in various colors that please the buyers. You can choose from various body colors for the Porsche to match your living room's furnishings. If you such a canny person and wish to show off something bizarre to your guests, the Porsche home entertainment system will be the best pick for you.

Watch the video below to see how the Porsche mounted music system works. It is quite eye-catching to see the LCD display verging out with stunning music and lightings.

The real Porsche Design entertainment centerA 2005 Porsche 911 in the living room in place of an entertainment center and TV stand.

Via: AutoBlog

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