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Portals interaction friendly TV lets you think inside the box

Posted: 02 Jan 2012 01:02 AM PST

Asmita Prasad:

If you always wanted to own a TV that you could thrust your hand into and interact with objects on screen, then this crazy prototype TV created by Jayne Vidheecharoen is a must have for you. The media student from the Art Center College of Design, California posted her requirements for the project on Kickstarter and successfully found the required number of backers for it, too. The prototype TV lets users pop their hands inside the box and then converts physical hands into virtual ones and lets users toy around with virtual objects on the screen. Dubbed 'Portals', the project allows digital objects to be manipulated and moved around by the user at will and lets them play around with on-screen objects as well. Thanks to a green screen, Google Streetview appears as a back drop on the main screen of the funky TV.

Interactive television
Interactive television

Interactive televisionThe television you can ‘reach inside’ to grab things on screen

Though we're not entirely sure what the real purpose of the innovation is, its inventor assures us that the boxes might be used to hold cross-country puppet shows and would also be useful for building entire parallel worlds. She maintains that she intends for Portals to serve as a method of creating an interactable virtual space that would lie somewhere in between completely fictional virtual worlds like Second Life and the all-too-real virtual interactions like video conferencing and telepresence.

Since all the boxes are connected to the internet, this computerized space can be shared by many people at the same time (possibly for cross-continent arm wrestling, chess tourneys, etc.). The bizarre invention was initially crafted using the cheapest webcam possible, a borrowed monitor, an end table, a desk lamp, fabric scrap, duct tape and foam core though her final working model was created using newer material thanks to all the funding from her Kickstarter backers.

Via: Daily Mail

Renault Twingo is spacious enough for Italian cuisine, furniture or a library

Posted: 02 Jan 2012 12:43 AM PST

Kamlesh Kandasamy:

What would you imagine if a Renault Twingo is given to a chef, pop star, interior designer and a fashion designer, and ask them to modify it as they wish? Well, you would be puzzled to know that these professionals have actually modified a Renault Twingo with their vision and style. You would have never seen a car with such designs and facilities. These modified cars are displayed at the ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ exhibition in Paris, France. The exhibition is open till January 21, 2012. The French automaker is very proud to exhibit the modified cars there, before the actual launch of Twingo’s facelift version.

Renault's tiny Twingo
Renault’s tiny Twingo

Picture Gallery
Renault's tiny Twingo
The tiny Twingo, a car that's most often seen crammed into impossible Parisian parking spots, got a facelift for 2012.


The theme is very simple. The exhibitors shortlisted a fashion designer, a chef, an interior designer and a pop star who were some of the renowned professionals. Renault Twingo can easily fit in a small parking space and tight alleys of the Paris streets. The space it occupies creates a unique feeling and a pleasing personality, which most people don’t realize as they use cars only for the sake of traveling or commuting. In order to create awareness about this special feeling, the manufacturers have asked these designers to reinvent Twingo from their own point of views.


The Michelin-starred Italian chef, Davide Scabin, has created an Italian cuisine inside the car with pastas. In fact, he created a layer of pastas on the front seats with pictures on the dashboard. The fashion designer, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, revamped the interiors by utilizing the dashboard as a place for keeping cosmetics and make up kits. He used the rear view mirror and gear knob to hold the chains and jewelries. He also equipped the French royal furniture inside the car. Astonishingly, they created a historical makeover because we have never seen this car with any other furniture apart from the default leather upholstery.

The German interior designer, Nils Holger Moormann, created a small library utilizing the space inside the car brilliantly. In fact, the readers can browse through the books and read them sitting inside the car, as comfortable as in a library. The sunroof allows natural light to pass inside during the day time and the built-in artificial lights can be used in the nights. He also added a luxurious sofa and a fireplace, and touched up with wooden works marvelously. The British Pop star cum entrepreneur, Nicola Roberts, created a musical recording system by utilizing the boot space effectively. He created a dressing room also in the front seats’ area.

To mention, Renault Twingo was one of the cheapest cars that had been highly acclaimed for its compact size; its two door design was another highlight. Launched in 1993, this model underwent subsequent upgrades in the after years, yet failed to create a powerful remark on the buyers. Renault is planning to launch a facelift version of Twingo in 2012 with a number of delighting features and creative upgrades. This car is expected to become the visual signature of the manufacturer’s future cars.

Via: Dvice/Jalopnik

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