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Even in the rain, stay safe and plain

Posted: 14 Apr 2012 10:28 AM PDT

Shallu Sharma:

Rainy season becomes a major trouble for people who have to move on foot or by two wheelers. Umbrellas can't protect you completely and raincoats hinder your vision making you feel uncomfortable. Keeping these problems in mind, an innovative raincoat, named FreeVision, has been designed for making the wearer conveniently observe road condition on both the sides and even back, for maximized safety while walking on the road. The design would reduce the risks of wearing rain coats in rainy seasons.

freevision raincoat design
freevision raincoat design

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freevision raincoat design
freevision raincoat design by Cai Zhou Zhou Yimin Yu

The aim was accomplished by providing a flexible elastic rubber strip at the inner edge of the opening area of the raincoat's cap. This strip can be fixed with the ear, which makes rain hat opening area follow the head rotation without blocking eyes. It means no more restricted vision as well as easy and safe walking and driving through traffic. This creative design is the brainchild of the designer Cai Zhou Zhou Yimin Yu Liang. The raincoat cap has got ear clips, which can be hung on the ear with the head fixed. The elastic rubber strip has got bonding points, slip points as well as a bonding button. It also features a head hat non slip film to keep the cap firm on head without any scope of getting u wet. This thoughtful creation will surely reduce the risk of people tripping on a rainy day.

Source: Sodcn

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