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FOTON 1 Yacht By Paul Sergeev

FOTON 1, Fantastic Yacht, Paul Sergeev
Flaunting its sleek and magnificent design is the new FOTON 1 Yacht. It is a kind of giant power yacht, which lets you have a comfortable cruise over the deep blue sea. With a horsepower of 8600 and with a top speed of 65 knots, one can comfortably enjoy the speed this yacht offers. The yacht has been designed using composite materials primarily carbon. Weighing about 80 tons, the mix of low saturated colors add up to the beauty of this boat. The design appears to be quite innovative with magnificent glass cabin. Speed characteristics of FOTON 1 make it exclusive in its class.

FOTON 1, Future Yacht, Paul Sergeev
FOTON 1, Futuristic Yacht, Paul Sergeev
FOTON 1, Luxury Yacht, Paul Sergeev
Designer: Paul Sergeev

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