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Sanca Genesis GT By Arifin Santosa

Sanca Genesis, Future Car, Arifin Santosa
The age of supercars has dawned and each model that reaches the market brings with it a ‘wow’ factor. With power, speed and looks to kill, they come with a heavy price tag as well. For times immemorial now, Ferrari Enzo has been synonymous with Enzo based supercars, and designers now envisage the exclusive debutant, Genesis Sanca as nothing short of being the new age Ferari Enzo.

Sanca Genesis, Future supercar, Arifin Santosa
The intricate handwork of three distinguished and highly experienced designers in the international automotive industry, Genesis Sanca is crafted to perfection with an impeccable blend of aesthetics, looks, performance, technology and safety.
Sanca Genesis, Future vehicle, Arifin Santosa
The brains behind this trend setter model have worked tirelessly and engineered this design to raise the bar for the standards in the sector; what else could one expect if above 19,000 man hours has led to such a master piece creation. A design primarily developed by Arifin Santosa, it was conceptualized way back in 2007.
Sanca Genesis, Futuristic Car, Arifin Santosa
In 2008, the first 1:4 layout of the Sanca was brought out. Consecutively, many tests and research processes were being conducted, rather rigorously for three years and only now, on April 14 it will be exhibited in the famous Top Marques Monaco.
Sanca Genesis, Car concept, Arifin Santosa
If you are simply crazy about speed and performance and are willing to pay the price to flaunt some brilliance, then this car has plenty of things in store for you. Boasting of a chic and classy carbon monocoque frame and a Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1 engine with a fabulous capacity 647 hp, this car looks sexy in its bold black exterior. Needless to say, its interiors are extremely flamboyant as well.
Sanca Genesis, Future Car, Arifin Santosa
It also has many other technically advanced features, like a six-speed Xtrac Synchromesh Transaxle gearbox, carbon ceramic breaks and many more. It weighs about 1350kg and measures 4.3 meters long, making it an ideal pick for a supercar fanatic.
Sanca Genesis, Future Car, Arifin Santosa
Developers of the Genesis Sanca say that the car can accelerate to above 100km per hour in 3.4 seconds and can reach a top speed of 330 km per hour. Quite undoubtedly, this new age technical genius has created a league for itself in the market.
Sanca Genesis, Future Car, Arifin Santosa
Designer: Arifin Santosa

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