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GO! Chair By Rizki Tarisa

GO! Chair, Rizki Tarisa, Futuristic Workspace
Looking out for a multipurpose lounge chair? GO! is a comfortable and ergonomic lounge chair cum exercise bike designed by Rizki Tarisa. It is eco-friendly considering that it is made from recycled and biodegradable plastics and painted also by using eco-friendly paint. It comes with an adjustable and flexible table designed to compliment the use of laptop and other similar gadgets. It generates electricity power from its pedals, concept of the technology being similar to the wind-power technology and kinetic-powered bicycle lamp. The power thus generated can be used to power up the electronic gadgets.

GO! Chair, Rizki Tarisa, Futuristic Workplace
GO! Chair, Rizki Tarisa, Future Workspace
Designer: Rizki Tarisa

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