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Green Bug By Wan Xuan Lim

Green Bug, Future Vehicle, Wan Xuan Lim
Green plants specially trees give streets and roadsides a very fresh and relaxed sight. They not only provide shade but also filter air making it clean for living beings. But like anything else even trees need to be maintained. Lim Wan Xuan with her teammates Tang Xueling Jane, Dominic Poon Chit Hong, Joanne Teoh Ee Mei has designed Green Bug which will be of great help in terms of urban agriculture.

It will give every tree its own unique identity, as every tree will be clipped with a chip which will work in association with GIS system. This will act as an interconnected system facilitating a lot of tree maintenance processes. With the help of RFID and GIS systems, it will become easy to scrutinize and handle/cure trees. This cute and compact vehicle will give trees in Milan an all new life. The car is powered by an air engine as electricity is used to compress air in the air tanks. This makes sure that are no emissions from the vehicle.
Green Bug, future car, Wan Xuan Lim
It has a compact telescopic seat platform that makes good use of gyroscopic sensor technology along with vertical lift hydraulic technology. Trees can be pruned with the help of an innovative waterjet technology, to keep them in a healthy state. Charging the battery of Green Bug doesn’t come with any special instructions. It takes 3-4 hours to get fully charged with electricity or if you take the car till a fuel station, refueling will hardly consume 2-3 minutes of your life. A single charge will allow Green Bug to cover 200-300 km.
Milan is one fashion conscious place and even trees there will soon turn stylish with technology fitted into them.
Designer: Wan Xuan Lim

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