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ULEV – Ultra Light Electric Vehicle By Chris Daisy

Chris Daisy, ULEV, Ultra Light Electric Vehicle
Electric Vehicles have suddenly conquered the minds of people with their charm. Taking the impressing spree a step further is Chris Daisy who has designed an electric car named ULEV: Ultra Light Electric Vehicle. As the name suggests the vehicle has been designed keeping in mind that its weight should be less than 600 pounds, which is just a quarter of what other cars in this category weigh.

Chris Daisy, ULEV, Future Electric Vehicle
All the parts including unibody shell, chassis, roll cage, suspension linkages, hub shells, fenders, fairings and spoiler have been made out of carbon fibre which drops down the overall weight of the vehicle even further. An effort has been made to carve the car in a unique yet eye-appealing manner. Cutting down on weight doesn’t mean that the designing will suffer at any cost. ULEV is apt for today’s internet crazy generation. It has varied entertainment and internet surfing options, touchscreen displays along with voice commands. To help the driver pay attention on the road, joysticks have programmable hotkeys.
Chris Daisy, ULEV, Electric Vehicle
Another vivid feature is its flexibility to drive from both sides. It feels more like enjoying a video game and not stressful. The wheels are not hefty at all and have been shaped in a trim manner. An internal disc brake and electric motor have been coupled directly with the wheels. The motor takes care of the braking mostly and offers extra charge to the batteries. When the weather gets pleasant outside, driving in a closed car acts like a mood spoiler but ULEV will make sure you enjoy every bit of the charming climate. Both the doors of ULEV can easily fit behind the seats that allow you to interact with the weather outside.
Chris Daisy, ULEV, Electric Car
ULEV, despite its lightweight will offer you all the comforts that a gasoline operated vehicle does.
Chris Daisy, ULEV, Ultra Light Electric Vehicle
Designer: Chris Daisy

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