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Nokia HG-1 Phone With Transparent Screen By Conny Larsson Amazing worldwide pics

Nokia HG-1, Future Phone,Transparent Screen, Conny Larsson
Nokia phones are a rage and cherished by people all across the globe. To make them all the more loved, Conny Larsson has designed the Nokia HG-1 for ‘My Dream Nokia.’ Like the N10, which will give consumers the flexibility to choose from three operating systems, even this handset will make you taste enigmatic qualities.

In today’s world, people like owning things that look attractive. They want technology to come draped in a beautiful outer skin, which will sprinkle nothing but sumptuousness. One look at this handset and you are bound to drop your jaws in surprise. The shape of Nokia HG-1 fetches heavy inspiration from an hourglass. It has a slimmer middle portion and a comparatively thicker top and bottom. The middle will have a thickness of 3-4mm, while the side will measure somewhere between 8-10mm. The main part has been crafted from glass and lends impressive looks. It either becomes semi-transparent or opaque, depending on the requirements.

Nokia HG-1 Phone With Transparent Screen By Conny Larsson Amazing worldwide pics

The navigation buttons of this handset will be swapped by pressure sensitive sidebars for a better experience. Apart from this, it will come embedded with three microUSB ports for added convenience. One can choose from a Maemo 5s hildon desktop or the Android. The phone has a life-like screen, which will make it an apt desk/shelf gadget. Nokia HG-1 with such breathtaking looks will definitely win many hearts.
Designer: Conny Larsson

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