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watch the one Gothic Eye Watch By Firdaus pictures

watch the one Gothic Eye Watch By Firdaus pictures.
Gothic Eye Watch, Future Device, Firdaus
Inspired by the song Cradle of Forest from the OST of the single-player survival horror gaming series, Silent Hill 4: The Room, and using the eye of Rinnegan from the ongoing Japanese manga series Naruto as a major design influence, the Gothic Eye Watch Design from Malaysian designer Firdaus is an interesting watch design to say the least. The Rinnegan’s ripple-like pattern is a major motif in the watch’s design scheme. It draws heavily on the pop-mythology behind it which claims that the Rinnegan is the most powerful of Great Three Dōjutsu (literally translated it means “Great Three Eye Techniques” in Naruto) which apparently allows a user to summon all six forms of chakra nature transformation and lets them master any technique in a short period of time. Of course the ripple-eye watch face would do that for you in real life, but it still makes for a very interesting feature in the design.

Gothic device, Future watch, Firdaus
Manga/anime theme overload apart, the watch is delightful in its construction since it uses three separate watch faces to tell the hour, minute and seconds. The analog watch’s left section indicates the hour, the right one marks the minutes, and the middle section depicts seconds. The ripple-eye that forms the basis of each of the three watch faces, has a creepy iris that moves around indicating time by each hand of the watch which might make it little hard to tell time on it at first.
fantastic Watch, Future Device, Firdaus
An integrated button on the right side of the watch lets users set the time. The Gothic watch glows in the dark (we wouldn’t have expected it not to!) and once activated, stays lit for 10 whole minutes. And just in case you want to entertain yourself further, there is an added LED backlight integrated in the design to provide necessary illumination.
Gothic Eye Watch, Future gadget, Firdaus
The watch’s lenses are made of clear scratch-resistant mineral with a band made of flexible synthetic material, and since set of rich solar panel under the lens provide the watch with extra power, you’re never going to run out of juice entertaining your friends with this amusing Gothic design.
Gothic device, futuristic watch, Firdaus
Gothic Eye Watch, Future Device, Firdaus
Designer: Firdaus

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