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Smart Guide By Jung Dae Hoon

Smart Guide, future kitchen gadget, Jung Dae Hoon
You have got a new recipe book and are excited to cook a scrumptious meal today. Oops! What do you see when you open the book for guidance? All the ingredients need to be added with a specific measurement and weight! Now, this is something irritating if you do not have a proper scale. Moreover, the difference between grams, pounds, liters and oz can leave you all the more confused. Jung Dae Hoon has designed the Smart Guide to help tackle this problem the digital way.

Smart Guide, future kitchen device, Jung Dae Hoon
The smart kitchenware has a touch interface, which will make cooking time blissful. It comes wedged with a clear LCD that will show weight of the desired ingredient. A user can effortlessly swap quantities and weights into the measure they want. If the user wants, it will also convert the measurement into spoons and cups. The smart equipment comes fitted with a kitchen timer that will help you calculate cooking time. Smart Guide will also help measure temperature of liquids like oil for better cooking.
Smart Guide, future gadget, Jung Dae Hoon
The digital device will come swathed with style. It has been made from stainless steel and plastic, which makes it sturdy. Smart Guide is easy to use and will prove to be of great assistance. So, keep all the measuring confusions at bay and prepare meals that have perfect quantity of ingredients in them.
Smart Guide, future device, Jung Dae Hoon
Designer: Jung Dae Hoon

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