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TokyoFlash Warped LED Watch By Cory Farris

TokyoFlash, Warped LED Watch
The age old time telling machine has gone through many changes but has never gone out of fashion. Quite often we get to see some new design which adds a new dimension to the design of this device. There are analog and digital watches which we quite often get to see. The Warped LED watch from TokyoFlash is an analog design but with a difference.

TokyoFlash gives a platform for budding designers to display their talent and helps bring out their designs before the world. Cory Farris was also given this opportunity and his design is up for all to see. Cory wanted his design to be a bit of futuristic as well as a ‘tad bizarre’. Keeping this mind he came up with the Warped LED watch that used LED to tell the time.
TokyoFlash, Fantastic Watch
The looks of the watch is rather a bit ‘bizarre’ but at the same time appealing. It arouses a feeling of curiosity in the viewer. With two faces on one watch it may give rise to questions as to its methods of usage. But once familiar with the method it is going to be smooth sailing.
TokyoFlash, Future Watch
The two ‘faces’ on the front are in fact capacitors; the left for the hours and the right for the minutes. In between these two capacitors is a red button. A little above the red button is a touch sensitive plate. The button and the plate together help set the time. All that you need to do is press and hold the button for three seconds. This will activate the touch plate. Once activated, you can scrub on it left and right. Scrub right if you want to the watch timing to go forward and left if you want it to go backwards.
TokyoFlash, Futuristic Watch
Time displayed on this Warped LED watch is an analog format. On the left capacitor hours are displayed as LED on locations as you would find on any other watch or clock. Similarly the minutes are displayed on the right capacitor. To read the watch all that you have to do is put two and two together. In other words, you need to read the hours and minutes individually, put them together and decipher the time. Sounds pretty simple, isn’t it?
TokyoFlash, Unique Watch
This Warped LED watch is available in two types – white acetate and dark carbon fiber. Whether you choose the white or the dark carbon, you are definitely going to beat others in terms of fashion.
Designer: Cory Farris

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