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Posted: 16 Sep 2011 06:32 AM PDT
Jaspreet Kaur Walia:
Compass Light
Compass LightCompass Light, an interactive lamp
Compass is used to find directions and using this trait is a product named Compass Light. The dainty illumination device has been made to look like a compass and will spread magic when switched on. Modern times have forced people to move out of their house in search of work and higher education. This means staying away from the family and in turn missing the comfort of a house. But, Compass Light will inject a sense of direction in your life and help you stay connected with your family and hometown the sparkling way.
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Compass Light
Compass Light, An Interactive Lamp
The facade of this unusual lamp is quite simple and clean. It can be placed in any corner and the light it emits will help soothe those frazzled nerves. It will help form a strong emotional connection with your hometown and add more value in your life. Compass Light can be coupled with a computer or mobile phone in an effortless and wireless manner. Simply, click on the area where your home is on the PC and then turn the light with your hand. The light will robotically switch on when it points exactly in the direction you have set on the PC or mobile gadget. The arrow-shaped tip and the shadow are an indication of the direction you have chosen. The ingenious lamp can be rotated 360 degrees and rests nicely on a charging stand.
Compass Light has been fitted with a rechargeable polymer lithium ion battery and also has a digital compass module. The warm light is a result of LEDs fitted inside it, which will also save precious resources. It will create a soft ambiance that will help reconnect with your family and loved one's in a special way. Compass Light will help create a direction-based bonding and illuminate spaces by lending a charismatic appeal.
Via: James Dyson Award

Posted: 16 Sep 2011 06:29 AM PDT
Asmita Prasad:
N°1 Bathtub
N°1 BathtubCarbon Fiber Bathtub by Corcel
If you thought leather-wrapped chairs were the ultimate in manly man home decor, think again! The Corcel N°1 Carbon fibre bathtub looks to redefine everything we know about tough-looking interiors and most definitely re-write the book on bath fixtures. Though nothing beats the pristine white porcelain tub, I suppose it was still a little too delicate-looking for designers over at Corcel. So they went ahead and carved a tub out of the same carbon fiber that they use to make really fast cars! Talk about taking the macho theme overboard, eh?
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Tornado Proof House
Tornado Proof House from 10 Design
But we don't mean that as a criticism at all. The OTT Corcel N°1 bathtub is opulent in a badass way. Gone are the days when being a rugged man meant having to live in sparsely furnished apartments with worn down ugly recliners partnered with the most high-tech gadgets in the market. The 21st century man doesn't need to have grime under his fingernails to prove his masculinity; he demands his edge to be shown off with a carefully buffed sheen! And though we have seen the black and chrome décor being repeated to death in bachelor pads across the globe, the gents still had to make do with porcelain bath fittings which, even in black, looked more "cat" than "lion" if you know what I mean!
Corcel, of course, are looking to remedy all that with this gorgeous N°1 that is sculpted out of carbon fiber. The 2.4m long bathtub can hold almost 340 liters of water which is more than enough to soak gents of all sizes as well as a few smaller friends of the opposite sex! The tough and versatile tub is unfortunately being manufactured in an extremely limited edition of 51 and should accordingly be just as filthily priced!
Via: Trendir

Posted: 16 Sep 2011 06:27 AM PDT
Dattatreya Mandal:
The Sojourner Keyboard
The Sojourner KeyboardCrafted in polished brass and then adroitly given a worn-out look
Over the years artists, writers (and modders) have painstakingly tried to emulate that by-gone, quaint epoch where brass studded contraptions jingled with steam powered devices. And now some of the ingenious people among us have tried to channel all those quaint yet appealing 19th century idiosyncrasies into the domain of our ever trusty computers and their related peripherals. Have they succeeded? Certainly so in our book. So without further ado, let us check out the 5 amazingly creative steampunk keyboard mods ever designed by such innovative individuals.
1. Paradox Keyboard

Paradox Keyboard
Paradox KeyboardThe designer’s very first Steampunk keyboard project.
According to sources, creator Paradox Tentacles is fond of two things - mini keyboards (without the right extending numpad) and the antique furniture that adorns his dwelling. So, in a natural way he has combined both these influences to contrive his first Steampunk keyboard project. Utilizing an USB keyboard that comes at a size of 12.5″ x 6″, the whole frame has been made from polished wood, with three dainty LED lights replacing (and denoting) the Caps Lock, Number Lock, and Scroll Lock. The original keys were replaced by authentic keys salvaged from two vintage typewriters. Finally to accentuate upon its retro essence, the designer replaced the whole plastic Space Bar button with solid carved wood.
2. The Streamline Keyboard

The Streamline Keyboard
The Streamline KeyboardInspired by the ‘Machine Age’ styling of the 1920’s
Supposedly inspired by the ‘Machine Age’ styling of the 1920’s, this classy keyboard designed by renowned Steampunk artist Datamancer trades all the ubiquitously brass related finishing with an ultra-sober aluminum embellishment. The typewriter like reflective silver keys in a conspicuous Art Deco format is complimented by a glossy acrylic faceplate. Even the stepped layers of highly polished metal at the two flanks of the keyboard allude to that romanticized retro era with cabarets and cocktail parties.
3. Keyboard from The Steampunk Workshop

Keyboard from The Steampunk Workshop
Keyboard from The Steampunk WorkshopModder utilized an original 1989 M "Clicky" keyboard from IBM
In order to create an antediluvian conception, designer and Streampunk enthusiast Jake von Slatt actually utilized a keyboard which in itself can be considered as pretty old going by the present timeline. This is because he used a standard 1989 M "Clicky" keyboard from IBM whose key caps are removable, and also exhibits a rather plain under-key surface (that can be conducive to laying of a newer key top). So, after cleaning up of all the old plastic paraphernalia, he applied a roughish felt background along with a brass cradle for outer support. Old typewriter keys were taken and glued according to the cuttings made on the felt. Finally, he embarked upon a detailed paint job and thus came the fervently enticing end product.
4. Impressive Steampunk Keyboard

Impressive Steampunk Keyboard
Impressive Steampunk KeyboardThe conception was actually created without any gluing technique
Built around a Das Keyboard, this amazing conception was actually created without any gluing technique being used on the surface. The rudimentary form of the original keyboard (after stripping off the plastic) was enclosed in a bit of plywood, while hand tooled leather was fixed to the front surface. But the fascinating feature of this creation is the construction of the retro keys in a novel fashion. Each key was crafted from brass tubing, with the hollow space being inserted with wooden dowels and then draped with the appropriate key label. The designer has also given a midas touch to the whole product by actually manually engraving the conspicuous nameplate with the tip of a screwdriver.
5. The Sojourner Keyboard

The Sojourner Keyboard
The Sojourner KeyboardCrafted in polished brass and then adroitly given a worn-out look
Another magnificent creation from the great Datamancer, and this time he has stuck to conventionally Steampunk glistening brass covers. The whole embodiment is actually crafted in polished brass and then adroitly given a worn-out look. The antique keys have also been tarnished and fixed along an aged leather faceplate to emanate that overall authentic feel. Certainly if Indiana Jones had ever carried a PC in his backpack, its keyboard would have surely looked liked this!

Posted: 16 Sep 2011 06:25 AM PDT
Megha Gurung:
FlameDisk grilling
FlameDisk grillingFlameDisk grilling
One of the finest aspects of cooking and dining outside is to enjoy the nature with friends and family. But, while cooking we should make sure to use eco friendly grills that does not actually hampers the environment. Grills with green solution should be used instead of fossil fuel grills. For all the food lovers and eco friendly people, we have the collection of seven eco friendly BBQ grills to boost their spirit and make you think and act in a greener way.
1. Helios solar grill
Helios solar grill
Helios solar grillHelios solar grill
Helios solar grill uses solar energy to cook your favorite dish. It charms the people with its innovative solution and unique design. Its reflective parabolic dish absorbs the heat from the sunlight and then the heat energy is transmitted towards the receptors. The receptors heat the coil and the food is cooked by the heat. When sun light is not sufficient, it is also featured with an electrical option and retractable plug is attached to the solar cooker.
2. Hyro-que grill
Hyro-que grill
Hyro-que grillHyro-que grill
Can water cook food? Well yes, the hydro-que uses water to cook food. It is hydrogen powered grill that uses a new eco friendly concept and avoid using charcoal or propane. The price of this sizzling grill is reasonable with its fuel saving efficiency and costs $495.
3. Wood flame
Wood flame
Wood flameWood flame grill
The wood flame grill is an awesome grill that offers charcoal and propane free collection. It works on wood flame and electric power too. 4D batteries and AC or DC source is required for electric energy. Although burning wood harms the environment but according to the company it is good for health. A small piece of hardwood is required for cooking food.
4. The green egg grill
big green egg grill
big green egg grillbig green egg grill
The name suggests the shape of this fabulous egg shaped designed ceramic BBQ grill. These grills do not use electricity but uses charcoal or wood. There are five different versions of this grill offering different sizes and selection of natural or electric fire starters by the company.
5. Corn burning grill
Corn burning grill
Corn burning grillCorn burning grill
Corn burning grill are portable and eco friendly powered by renewable fuels. This grill is easy to clean and it is manageable in the balconies or any small area without the fear of fire.
6. Kamado grills
Kamado grills
Kamado grillsKamado grills
Kamado grill is another eco friendly BBQ grill which uses electric energy. It is a ceramic cooker that uses alternative solutions other than fossil fuels. Kamado grills are handy and energy efficient models. Its superb design can be part of the house decoration which can be placed indoor or outdoor.
7. FlameDisk grilling
FlameDisk grilling
FlameDisk grillingFlameDisk grilling
FlameDisk is another sizzling eco friendly grill by Ugo that uses plant based ethanol to cook food. FlameDisk offers the green solution instead of using filthy charcoal. It works with the traditional cookers and takes around 40 minutes to prepare your favorite dish and after 10 minutes of cooling it can be recycled.

Posted: 16 Sep 2011 04:06 AM PDT
Megha Agarwal:
Intelligent Security Luggages
Intelligent Security LuggagesIntelligent Security Luggages for the security of your Belongings
Luggage sets are very important for us to carry our valuables with us during travel. The security of the luggage sets is important as the suitcase may be carrying irreplaceable valuables such as jewelry or maybe some important documents. It is also important for these luggage sets to be good looking as they define your personality.
Here is a list of five unique luggage designs:
1. TravSAFE by Shing Lo

TravSAFETravSAFE by Shing Lo
The TravSAFE luggage by Shining Lo uses state of the art technology to prevent your suitcase from being stolen. The sensors automatically release deterrents such as smoke so that people around can see the suitcase and inform against any kind of theft. There are several alarm triggers. There is also a panic button that may be pressed and the smoke would go off thus alerting people nearby of the theft.
2. Anti theft luggage csm products
Anti theft luggage csm products
Anti theft luggage csm productsAnti theft luggage from csm products
This bag design supports the anti theft policy by making sure that the luggage never leaves the passengers sight. The luggage set has been designed to surpass around 95% of the airline restrictions and hence do not need to be checked in. This luggage set can come very handy for short travel trips and for business travelers who are always carrying valuable documents that they cannot afford to check in.
3. Tony the Robot Suitcase
Tony the Robot Suitcase
Tony the Robot SuitcaseTony the Robot Suitcase to keep belonging secure
This extremely smart and robotic suitcase is truly going to change the way people travel. This intelligent luggage set, called Tony works by following the signals emitting from a smart card that you can easily carry in your pockets. The bag uses infrared signals and light detectors to detect any obstacles on its way, hence easily avoiding them. The bag has a electric brain that processes stimuli, helping it in its functioning. The device will even detect stairs and inform you so that you can handle it manually for a short time. The bag even beeps when someone tries to snatch it.
4. Patrik Petersson's Security Design
Patrik Petersson's Security Design
Patrik Petersson's Security DesignPatrik Petersson's Security Design for safe Belongings
Standing in the line for baggage checks takes time and makes even the most patient travelers impatient. Developed by designer Patrik Petersson in collaboration with Swedish Air, this bag has been designed to improve the service of the airline and make travel more comfortable. The aim behind the design is to reduce the time spent at security counters by fitting them with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips, that can easily track and identify the bags owner. The luggage set also comes with features that inform the owner of the bags location and ETA. The suitcase has also been designed for easy packing and includes separate compartments for fragile items.
5. The Power Assisted Live Luggage
The Power Assisted Live Luggage
The Power Assisted Live LuggageThe Power Assisted Live Luggage for secure Belongings

This Power Assisted Live Luggage is in built with “pancake” electric motors that can power the wheels when the handle is tilted and pressure is applied. The tilt sensors are also anti-theft as they only slope for about 15-35%. In case you still somehow lose the bag, the LIVE LOCATOR ID will help you find it by matching the unique number on the bag with the database and then sending this information to you via email and text message. This powered bag runs on a rechargeable battery that can run for 2 hours at a stretch and can easily travel a 2 mile distance. The bag comes with TSA locks and anti-gravity wheels that make handling very easy and effortless.

Posted: 16 Sep 2011 04:04 AM PDT
Shivam Singh:
Molly, the Pony With A Prosthetic Leg
Molly, the Pony With A Prosthetic LegMolly walked out of the clinic under her own steam with the help of her artificial limb, and is now an inspiration for children… and horses around the world.
Medical science has advanced to the heights, which no one would have ever imagined in previous decades. For instance, prosthetic limbs have given an opportunity of living a normal life to those people who have lost their body parts because of accidents or diseases. Not only humans, even animals were able to get a new life because of these artificial limbs. Here is a list of five most incredible animal prosthetics.
1. Dolphin having a rubber tail

Fuji, the Dolphin with a Rubber Tail
Fuji, the Dolphin with a Rubber TailWith the help of her rubber tail fin, Fuji is now able to swim almost as well as an intact dolphin.
This dolphin named Fuji, living in an aquarium in Okinawa, has been the center of attraction for decades. Especially, the children visiting this aquarium have been very much enthusiastic about seeing Fuji. Fuji has been delighting everyone until recently when a mysterious disease started deteriorating away her tail fin. To save her life and further damage from this disease, doctors had to cut off her tail completely by a surgical operation. Tail is one of the most important part of a dolphin’s body, it acts as its engine without which it cannot swim or jump or dive. That is why engineers from the Bridgestone Tire Company were contacted to design a new rubber tail for Fuji. However, the initial designs did not worked properly because of some drawbacks. Finally, the third tail design, which was made of silicon rubber with foam padding, was accepted by Fuji. Now she is able to swim almost as well as any other normal dolphin.
2. Turtle with a set of toy wheels

Tonka, the Turtle on Wheels
Tonka, the Turtle on WheelsTonka makes up for her missing leg with the help of toy wheels provided to her.
Tonka lost her ability to move when her legs were bitten by a dog. She was left with only three legs, which made it practically impossible for her to move from one place to another. To remedy this problem, the workers at the Peninsula Humane Society came out with an excellent idea. They suggested that Tonka would be able gain her mobility if a set of toy wheels is provided to her. Therefore, they fitted this three-legged tortoise with a set of toy wheel and Tonka was off a rolling in no time. Although, she is bit slow in comparison to the other turtles, still this achievement cannot be doubted. When her pictures with this set of toy wheel were published in the morning newspapers, she was adopted almost immediately in the next couple of days.
3. Elephant with a wooden leg

Motala, the elephant with a bag of woods
Motala, the elephant with a bag of woodsThe prosthetic leg given to her is a bag filled with wood shavings, which makes her damaged leg as long as the others.
Motala is one of those unfortunate and innocent animals who have suffered terribly because of the disputes between humans. She stepped on a land mine near the Thailand-Burma border in the year 1999 because of which she sustained some serious injuries on her front leg. Although, the veterinarians were able to tackle the injuries, but her front leg was left much shorter than the others. This made it very difficult for her to walk, as she was unable to make balance because of her short front leg. To help her out, doctors at the Friends of the Asian Elephant’s hospital gave her a prosthetic leg in 2005. This prosthetic leg is nothing but a bag, which is filled with wood shavings and is attached to her short leg. This bag makes her short leg as long as the other legs. Initially she faced some difficulties in adjusting with this leg, but soon she was able to accept this attachment. Motala is still using the same kind of bag as her prosthetic leg.
4. Kangaroo with a prosthetic limb

Stumpy, the kangaroo with a Prosthetic Limb
Stumpy, the kangaroo with a Prosthetic LimbThe artificial limb attached to Stumpy includes a spring to replicate the natural movement of a kangaroo.
Stumpy, which is a red kangaroo, is a resident of the International Kangaroo Society’s Sanctuary in Ohio. She has only one leg and was, therefore, needed a prosthetic limb. Therefore, an artificial limb was created for her by the veterinarians at the Ohio State University. This responsibility was given to two people, Richard Nitsch who is a licensed prosthesis orthotist and Dr. David E. Anderson who is an Associate Professor of Surgery at the College of Veterinary Medicine. The task of creating an artificial limb for a kangaroo is not that much simple as it appears. The limb had to be designed keeping in mind that Stumpy will be able to replicate the natural movement of a kangaroo with the help of this prosthetic limb. Unlike other animals, kangaroo usually hop rather than walking from one place to another, so the limb should actually provide this flexibility to her. Hence, springs were included in the prosthetic limb.
5. Pony with a prosthetic leg

Molly, the Pony With A Prosthetic Leg
Molly, the Pony With A Prosthetic LegMolly walked out of the clinic under her own steam with the help of her artificial limb, and is now an inspiration for children… and horses around the world.
The owners of this gray speckled pony abandoned her when the Hurricane Katrina hit southern Louisiana. Somehow, Molly survived the catastrophe and was taken to a farm where all the abandoned animals of that region were kept. She escaped a near death when she was attacked by a pit bull terrier in that farm. However, she was terribly wounded and her right leg was damaged and later became infected. It was quite sure that eventually, she would be on her way to the knacker's yard. However, when surgeon Rustin Moore met her, he decided to remove her leg below the knee and replace it with a temporary artificial limb. Soon a prosthetic leg was designed for her, which gave her a new life. Now, she is an inspiration for many.

Posted: 16 Sep 2011 02:32 AM PDT
Anamika Datta:
Kitchen is one place where everything seems to be in a hurry but the output is always expected to be edible and efficient and perfect. The gradual necessities keep increasing with every moving day on trying to cut down on the food preparation time, clean up time and also the basic cooking daily to a creative pastime. A good kitchen is desirable in an obvious fashion. It should be contradicting as well as pointless at the same time. With the advent of automatic tools and like jar and can openers, highly specialized gadgets are on their way to make to the top ten gadgets in the kitchen.

1. ChefStack Automatic Pancake Machine
Price: $3500
ChefStack automatic pancake machine can convert any kitchen into an IHOP. This gadget has the ability to produce pancakes in a perfect shape at the rate of 200 units per hour. This output is most efficient and flexible.

This list consists of a lot of gadgets that may or may not be that relevant. Although, it will spruce up any kitchen, this list definitely helps in cutting down on the daily kitchen chores. With this one can prepare food much faster and in a better fashion.

2. Heidolph VV Micro Evaporator
Price: $3000
Heidolph VV Micro Evaporator is designed to produce flavored juice which can be taken out from any kind of food. All one needs to do is insert a food material inside the flask and wait for the heating to reach boiling point which gives out tasty remnants. This liquid can be added to any dishes just to make it smarter and appetizing without even affecting the color and pattern of the food.

3. Bob Evans sausage Gravy Dispenser
Gravy Dispenser
Gravy DispenserBob-Evans-sausage-gravy-dispenser
Price: $595.00
Thanksgiving without gravy is like 4th of July without apple pie. Hence, one needs the gravy for occasions. Bob Evans Sausage Gravy dispenser makes this task easier. Order soon to get free bowls of gravy for sample try outs.
4. Ham Dogger
Price: $32.09
The only two best ways to get proper food into a perfect shape can be done by this tool. Ham Dogger makes it easy to convert meat into hot dog shapes and then insert that with fillings inside beef tubes. One can relish it in the form of kebab sticks once ready to be served.

5. The Turkey Timer
TimerThe Turkey Timer
Price: $25.99
Turkey is always the main course of the meal which tops gravy. Cooking the turkey right is one of the key challenges faced in the kitchen. This timer helps in ensuring that the turkey is cooked right and does not burn. The timer will indicate just when the temperature inside reaches 165 degrees and opens up saying “It’s gooood!”

Posted: 15 Sep 2011 11:09 PM PDT
Sourish Karmakar:
Double Tourbillion
Double TourbillionThe watch with dual tourbillion
The classy look is never complete without an elegant watch. There are varieties of watch that you can buy for yourself but there are some, which is beyond the reach of common people. These watches are exquisite piece of design with noble metal finishing. The watches are gold or platinum lined. Some are even diamond studded. However, if you have decided to show off your richness these watches can be real stars of your show.
Here are the five expensive watches for super rich people.
1. 201-carat Chopard
ChopardThe watch with 201 carat diamonds
This watch justifies its name and position in this list. The watch is completely diamond studded. It has three heart shaped big diamonds with pink of 15 carat, blue of 12 carat and white of 11 carat. More diamonds surrounds these three making up for the rest 163 carat. These diamonds include white diamonds, yellow diamonds, flawless diamonds and fancy diamonds of round and pear shapes. The estimated price of the watch is 25 million dollars. There can be no bad side with this watch except the dial being smaller. However, no one ever complained that he could not see the time under the dazzling diamonds.
Pros: Lot of diamonds
Cons: Smaller dial
Price: 25 Million US Dollars
2. Supercomplication:

SupercomplicationThe watch with 24 complications
It was build for New York banker Henry Graves in 1933 by Patek Philippe. It took the watch company nearly 4 years to complete the watch. It is a pocket watch made of gold. It has dual faces with a different design. There are 24 deliberate complication added to the watch that coined its name Supercomplication. Being a vintage model with considerable amount of history, the price of the watch is estimated to be of 11 million dollars. The only problem is that it is only watch of its kind and currently it is privately owned.
Pros: 24 complications
Cons: Privately owned
Price: 11 Million US Dollars
3. Vacheron Constantin Tour de l'Ile:

Vacheron Constantin Tour de l'Ile
Vacheron Constantin Tour de l'IleThe watch with 834 delicate parts made in 10,000 hours
It is another exclusive watch with only seven pieces around the world. The watch is very complex. It is made of 834 delicate parts in a yearlong time with excellent precision. The watch has two faces with each showing the same time. The casing is made of gold. The only problem is its complexity. You will not find anyone to repair these watches. However, you might never need any repairing at all.
Pros: The most complex and exclusive watch
Cons: 834 delicate parts needing precision service men
Price: 1.5 Million US Dollars
4. Classical Billionaire Tourbillion:
Classical Tourbillion
Classical TourbillionThe exclusive tourbillion watch
Corum Watch manufactures this exclusive Swiss watch. The exclusivity can be well understood with the fact that only 10 are in production. The watch is studded with 850 diamonds. It has a platinum cased Claret-based tourbillion minute repeater. The watch even comes with a lower priced variant with options of stainless steel hands and automatic rewinding. It is waterproof model with beautiful colors. The dial is of skeleton color with white gold casing. It has a blue sapphire crystal.
Pros: 850 diamonds
Cons: Hand woven
Price: 998,000 US Dollars
5. Double Tourbillion:
Double Tourbillion
Double TourbillionThe watch with dual tourbillion
Breguet manufactures it with 44mm pure platinum casing. It is completely hand engraved and has the whole solar system engraved on the dial. It does not have any spring mechanism. The blue stainless steel hands are hand woven. The watch is an exquisite piece of modern designing. It features two tourbillions, which revolves around the dial, independently, in 12 hours. It has two sapphire in front and back. It is made of 570 parts. The company now owned by Swatch only produces 20 watches per year.
Pros: The platinum body
Cons: 570 parts and no spring mechanism
Price: 32900 US Dollars

Posted: 15 Sep 2011 11:06 PM PDT
Sneha Upadhyaya:
Interior Design Ideas
Interior Design IdeasMostt unusual interesting interior design ideas
Stunning, cool and incredible decor and interior design do not exist in vacuum. Unique architecture, unusual innovative ideas and modern but offbeat artwork are some essential sub-parts of perfect interior. Not only this, you need an intimate knowledge of color, texture, perspectives, line, and shape with all other related stuffs and elements of design to create such incredible decor.
Here are 10 most unusual yet interesting interior design ideas that are little off-the-wall and out of any particular interior design category.
1. Home Theater Furniture
Home Theatre Furniture
Home Theatre FurnitureHome Theatre Furniture interesting interior design idea
Plan your home theater furniture with finest adorable stuffs and give your home an exclusive interior design category. Perfect home theater furniture incorporates stylish contemporary living room furniture, TV stands and square coffee tables.
2. Home Entertainment Center
Home Entertainment Center
Home Entertainment CenterHome Entertainment Center, the decorating interior
Decorate your home entertainment center with modular sofa designs and designer furniture. You can embellish your home with charming and appealing Italian and European furniture, too. Have a visit and go for appropriate selections that suit your home, paint and encompass everything from sectional sofa outlets and home entertainment tools to luxury and designer furniture.
3. Barcelona House Oozes Color
Barcelona House Oozes Color
Barcelona House Oozes ColorBarcelona House Oozes Color, Decorating Ideas
Barcelona is acknowledged and accredited for the vitality, enormity and eccentricity of its structural design. Gaudi's distinguished and wonderful architectural interior are captivated with vivacious and lively colors. Not only that, the core internal region of this Barcelona house is enamored with candid, vibrant and yet contemporary decor that prove them magnificently chaotic.
The carpets with amazing spinning design, space saver swirling bookshelves under the upstairs and pretty flowers facilitate astonishing color meshing. The bathroom and living space are isolated through beaded curtains. Bedroom is decorated with graphic art. This stylish eye pleasing room has an ultimate combination and balance of style, simplicity and vivid color charm.
4. The Trojan House by Jackson Clements Burrows Architects
The Trojan House by Jackson Clements Burrows Architects
The Trojan House by Jackson Clements Burrows ArchitectsThe Decorated Interior Trojan House by Jackson Clements Burrows Architects
Trojan houses introduce unexpected gestures with cost efficient designs. Shutter windows, thermal chimney, waterproof fiber cemented cladding system, visual connections, master bedroom, minor cosmetic works, and conversation between living room and upstairs are some configurations that make it distinguished.
5. Lofts in Paris by NZI Architects
Loft in Paris by NZI Architectes
Loft in Paris by NZI ArchitectesLoft in Paris by NZI Architectes Ideas for interior Decoration
NZI Architects deformed a 50 cm square workshop of an artist into a loft space. This smart step saved the space and facilitated a squashed living and sleeping legroom. Some space was defined by constructing sleeping space on the apex of kitchen and dining space.
6. Alvade-Serenelli Residence Renovation by Den Architecture
Alvade-Serenelli Residence by Den Architecture
Alvade-Serenelli Residence by Den ArchitectureThe Idea by alvade-Serenelli Residence Renovation by Den Architecture
This Eco-friendly and environment conscious design is not only contemporary but excellently cultured also. Renovation has given distinguished view to this.
7. Chelsea Town House by Staffan Tollgard
Chelsea Town House by Staffan Tollgard
Chelsea Town House by Staffan TollgardChelsea Town House by Staffan Tollgard, the decorating Interiors
Staffan Tollgard given all-embracing compilation of art and aided it with renovation of this balanced interlude building. Shady wooden work, red accent and blonde tones have given exclusive appearance to the furniture.
8. New Classic House by Tim Clarke Design
New Classic House by Tim Clarke Design
New Classic House by Tim Clarke DesignNew Classic House by Tim Clarke Design, the classic Decorating idea
New classic houses involve modern classicism and elegance with sophisticated and timeless interiors. Such classic homes are enriched by American spirit and positive energy. This contemporary look with classic style is always in the fashion line.
9. Great Barrington Home by the Novogratz
Great Barrington Home by The Novogratz
Great Barrington Home by The NovogratzGreat Internally Decorated Barrington Home by The Novogratz
Great Barrington home is blessed by eclectic mix of vintage pieces, great interior, modern photo wall, black and white frames, comfy cushions, perfect color combination, loveable furniture and assortment.
10. Interior Design Ideas, Gothenburg Apartment
Gothenburg Apartment
Gothenburg ApartmentInterior Design Ideas from Gothenburg Apartment
Cheery and bright high ceiling with sunshine and vivid colors explore renovated apartment. The spaces are brilliantly divided into bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom and a hallway.

Posted: 15 Sep 2011 10:49 PM PDT
Megha Agarwal:
Nano pocket gadgets
Nano pocket gadgetsSmall gadgets to slip in your pocket
The trend toward owning smaller and smaller gadgets with greater features is growing greatly and hence companies are designing more and more nano gadgets everyday. Nano gadgets try and cram intricate circuitry into smaller sizes so that you can make use of all the awesome features in a compact design.
Here are a few nano gadgets that do not compromise on any features in spite of being so small and portable.
1. Mitsubishi’s Pocket Projector

Mitsubishi's Pocket Projector
Mitsubishi’s Pocket ProjectorMitsubishi’s Pocket Projector
This pocket projector by Mitsubishi weighs as less as 14 ounces and sells at a price of around $449. This projector is not exactly small enough to fit into your pockets but it can be easily carried around on the palm of your hand. The projector has a resolution of 800 x 600 which is good enough for all your basic projector needs.
2. Micro projector fits into your pocket

Micro projector
Micro projectorMicro projector
This micro projector is capable of fitting into a laptop, a mobile phone or maybe even an mp3 reader. This device was developed by Lemoptix in collaboration with Maher Kayal Laboratory. The projector is capable of functioning just as any other projector and the size of the images displayed can also be modified by changing the distance between the projector and the projection surface.
3. Pocket Pal MP3 Player

Pocket Pal MP3 Player
Pocket Pal MP3 PlayerPocket Pal MP3 Player
The unique feature of this mp3 player is that you can control the device from a different location. The magnetized knob on the player is removable and can be used to change the songs or control the volume. If simplicity is your thing then this extremely portable mp3 player is the thing for you.
4. MicroEmissive Displays

MicroEmissive Displays
MicroEmissive DisplaysMicroEmissive Displays
A few years back, the screen size of this device was voted as the smallest, even by the Guinness book of World records. This portable television screen has been created by MicroEmissive Displays, a Scottish firm.
5. Mint V10 projector

Mint V10 projector
Mint V10 projectorMint V10 projector
The Mint V10 Projector has been created by an Australian company Mint Wireless in collaboration with Taiwanese company Aiptek .The Mint V10 Projector has an internal memory and can run for an hour on a single charge. This device can also be used alongside DVD players, PS3 or any other multimedia device and comes with inbuilt stereo speakers.
6. Multitasking ladybug

Multitasking ladybug
Multitasking ladybugMultitasking ladybug
If you want a memory Card Reader, a UV money detector light, mini 5pin data cable and flash drive, all in one single, extremely portable unit, then this is the device for you. This device can store up to 4GB of data and looks stylish too, in its great ladybird avatar.
7. Spark Nano GPS Tracker

Spark Nano GPS Tracker
Spark Nano GPS TrackerSpark Nano GPS Tracker is one of the smallest and lightweight GPS Trackers
The Spark Nano GPS Tracker has been created by Brickhouse Security works on both GPRS and GSM networks, hence allowing for a better area of coverage. This device comes with an in built panic button and it is great for keeping an eye on your kids. The device also allows for real time location updates on your laptop, mobile or email, whatever you prefer.
8. Mini DV Camera

Mini DV Camera
Mini DV CameraMini DV Camera
This very tiny video camera weighs 50g and measures just 55 x 20 x 18 mm. The camera has a back up time of 2 hours and come with a USB port along with a MicroSD slot of up to 8GB. This device is perfect for the home video experts or aspiring secret agents.
9. Camball world's smallest personal camcorder

Camball MINI camcorder
Camball MINI camcorderCamball MINI camcorder
Roughly the size of a ping-pong ball, this camcorder called CamBall can shoot 320 x 240 video at 25 frames per second and come with an in-built motion detector and mic. This water proof camcorder has a battery life of 2.5 hours and costs approximately $199.
10. Swiftpoint Slider Mouse

Swiftpoint Slider Mouse
Swiftpoint Slider MouseSwiftpoint Slider Mouse
Anybody with an eye for minute detailing would love to own this gadget. You can use this mouse like any other regular mouse, the only difference being the swift slider that gives you complete control of movements. The downside it is so small that it is susceptible to easily getting lost!

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