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Posted: 19 Sep 2011 12:21 AM PDT
Apara Bhattacharya:
hybrid gadgets
hybrid gadgetshybrid gadgets serve two purposes at the same time
If multitasking is the order of the day, why will gadgets not have multiple functions? In order to keep parity with the faster modern life and its endless demands, certain weirdest gadgets have been created by the designers that serve dual purposes. These gadgets are referred to as weird because they have a look, which is much different from their conventional counterparts. Moreover, the functions they have are very contrary in nature to each other. It is quite debatable as to how efficient they are as far their functional attributes are concerned, but they are worth mentioning for their weird characteristics. Here is a list of seven such weirdest gadgets.
1. Escopetarra
rifle guitar
rifle guitarAK47/guitar hybrid
This gadget is a unique one of its kind. This is a combination of a Winchester AK47 rifle and a Fender Stratocaster guitar. The gadget is designed by Cesar Lopez, from Columbia, who is a sculptor by profession. The idea of this gadget came to him when he witnessed in a bomb explosion that the manner in which the rifles were carried by the army was similar to the way in which he carried his guitar.
2. X mark I
mouse calculator
mouse calculatormouse/calculator hybrid
This gadget is a mouse and a calculator hybrid. Conceived and produced by Canon, this gadget is available only in UK as of now. It is equipped with facilities like Bluetooth with 2.0 connectivity, resolution of 1200 dpi, and 3 buttons that could be clicked for functioning. A scrolling wheel with a keypad makes it a sophisticated calculator. An apparently wireless mouse, it can be extended as a calculating device.
3. Sony VN CX1A
mouse mobile
mouse mobilemouse/mobile phone hybrid
Sony has launched an extended gadget by the name VN CX1A, which has the working ability of a cell phone as well as a computer mouse. This one is a mouse Skype and phone combo; a USB phone which is compatible with all Window systems. The phone doubles, when needed, in the form of a mouse and flips open as a Skype phone. Priced at approximately US $65, it has been developed in Japan. However, the drawback that the users might face is while using it as mouse, you can assume what will happen if phone call comes in between.
4. McCar
MacCarIt is a hybrid scooter cum car
The hazard of parking your car in one place and walking down to your destination, which might be located at a considerable distance, is sorted out by McCar. This is a hybrid gadget that serves as a car as well as a scooter. Exhibited in the Sanghai Motor Show, this gadget is sure to hit the consumer market successfully. The car has a compact structure with twin doors and accommodations for four passengers at a time. It is further equipped with a foldable scooter inside. This Chinese car has an option of both electric and gas motor.
5. Zike
scooterscooter/stair stepper/bike hybrid
This gadget is one of the most functional gadgets so far. Designed by Nathan Scolari, this unique gadget is a hybrid scooter. It has the extended functions of a bike and a stair stepper to suit the needs of the user in different situations. This revolutionary hybrid scooter is a human powered device. The combinations of twin chains enable the user to switch between high and low speed.
6. Eurocopter
air helicopter
air helicopterairplane/helicopter hybrid
This extremely functional gadget is a helicopter and airplane hybrid. It has three rotors, one at the tail and two at the top, and can hit a top speed of 232 knots or 430 km/hour. It also features a pair of wing propellers connected to the X3 Hybrid rotor.
7. Spacesaver
washing basin
washing basinwashing machine/basin hybrid
This hybrid device is perfectly suitable for a house with limited space. It is a combination of washing machine along with cleaning sink, or better said as a lavatory cum washing machine. This is still in the concept stage and awaits some important upgradations before it finally hits the market. This combo device has been invented by the Romanian designer Andrei Bojor with an aim of changing the life of city dwellers for better.

Posted: 19 Sep 2011 12:19 AM PDT
Sahil Khurana:
Mercedes-Benz F 125!
Mercedes-Benz F 125!Mercedes-Benz F 125! Concept
Mercedes Benz is one brand which has always been associated with looking into the future. Right from their futuristic models to the trendy designs, they have proved their worth over the decades. Celebrating their 125 years of stardom, the car brand has decided to launch their forward thinking vehicle.
Picture Gallery
Mercedes-Benz F 125!
Mercedes-Benz F 125! Concept
Christening their new creation as the F125! Concept, Mercedes tagged the car as a large luxury vehicle with swinging gull-wing doors, high tech cabin and a powerful hydrogen fuel cell drivetrain. The car is said to be belonging to 2025 and the beyond years. Guess, there is a long way to go but as we say, imagination knows no bounds, so we can reach whenever we want.
Keeping the need for emission free cars in mind, Prof Dr Thomas Weber, member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, has stressed upon the need for constant innovation where the car's concepts are concerned. With intent to make sure the S class is a part of our future as well, Mercedes hopes to enhance customer's needs and provide extraordinary service at all times.
The car boasts of a design which would give a peek into the future. Complete with a one side door concept, the tail lights are to die for. With a seating capacity up to 4, the car can be large and small at the same time. Once the doors are open, you would be amazed to see the size and the spaciousness. With the doors closed, the car definitely looks like a compact little coupe.
Built with lithium sulphur batteries, a hydrogen fuel cell and four electric motors, the car is a complete stunner. The motors have been allocated to each of the four wheels while the modular e4MATIC system generates a blasting continuous output of 231 HP and a peak output of 313 HP. With no compromise on the quality and the mileage, the car offers everything which other cars don't. Equipped with a lot of gadgets and mind blowing interiors, the F125 is completely a car for the future. With speech recognition and hand gesture recognition system, you can have everything on your commands, literally. Let yourself go in this wondrous next era creation.
Watch television while you travel on the 17 inch screen for the passengers on board. No need to miss your daily soaps just because you're not at home. F125 is here to take care of your every whim and fancy. You name it and you shall have it. Summing up, with the future looking so bright, the car appears to have it all thought of. If the future is going to be as rosy as it appears with the F125, then I simply can't wait for the next 15 years to pass as quickly as possible.
Via: Diseno-art

Posted: 19 Sep 2011 12:16 AM PDT
Anamika Datta:
BackupInstant Cellphone Backup

Getting older is a part of life. No matter how much we try to avoid it, we cannot step back from it. The feeling of being young in spite of the physical age is what the gadget world is going to show to the people. With these gadgets, one can feel live and young all over again. One can keep running like a child or even keep track of time. Life cannot get easier than this for a grandparent. Although, dealing with arthritis, sore feet, bad knees and other factors keep slowing people down but fortunately with these gadgets being available, one can achieve the same productivity by working like a normal person. It’s time to help out the mothers, fathers and the grandparents by getting them these following items:
1. WayBack: A gadget for controlling short term memory

One doesn’t need to have a particular disease like Alzheimer’s to get this gadget. Forgetting things in a jiffy is a common problem these days amongst the crowd. WayBack is here to tackle this challenge in a healthy manner. This GPS system will help people who are on the go. It can serve a great deal for mothers or grandmothers or fathers who forget their parking or where they were shopping.
Price: ranges from $52.53 to $55.08

2. Electric Can Opener: For arthritic patients
Hurry up before our grandmothers twist their hands using the hand-twist opener to open cans. Get them the world’s best electric can opener. The best part is that the cans never dropped after being opened by this can opener. It even leaves the edges smooth and clean without leaving a scratch and at the same time saves the fingers from getting hurt. It has been tested on various shapes and sizes. Replace the kitchenware with gadgets like these!
Price: $25 (Kenwood’s)

Electric Can Opener
Electric Can OpenerElectric Can Opener
3. DirectTalk Personal Amplifier: Hearing never been easy
Think of the times when grandparents were unable to hear life’s most precious sounds. That issue ain’t a challenge anymore as hearing impairment has gone for a toss with this new amplifier called DirectTalk. One can focus speaking on the mics by just adjusting the body without any extra effort. One can be as casual as one wants without even pretending that one is using this gadget. It enhances communication personally and also can be used in cellphones, MP3 systems, televisions and more. Another feature that’s included in this gadget is the tone enhancement which accentuates any dull speech frequencies and gains control over the user whenever one is blasted with environmental sounds.
Price: $89.98
DirectTalkDirectTalk Personal Amplifier
4. Back Brace: The Perfect Fit
Now, there’s a gadget to provide perfect support to the torso and back. This helps in maintaining a proper compression on the lower part of the vertebrae. The Perfect Fit Back Brace helps in giving relief from back aches and improves a lot of spinal stability. This gadget also improves the body posture in helping by standing and sitting straight. It can be easily adjustable from the front of the brace because of its flexibility and thin nature.

Price: $21.89
Perfect Fit
Perfect FitBraceBack
5. Cell Phone Back-Up: Secured Instantly
Since, cellphone has become an essential part of people’s lives, one feels handicapped without it or its resources. There’s no need to panic anymore if the cells go off or gets lost. With this new Back Up gadget, one can store all the cellphone data in one confined place. This will reduce all worries in case the cellphone becomes handicapped. It is easily transferable onto sim cards. It holds 1000 numbers and has an 8-language display. It’s even password protected.

Price: $35 (cable required)
BackupInstant Cellphone Backup
These gadgets are a must for the elder generation as one will never feel lost because electronics is tracking every move in life.

Posted: 18 Sep 2011 10:33 PM PDT
Saikat Roy:
Wireless Headphones
Wireless HeadphonesThe best quality Wireless Headphones
Let us face it, with every passing moment we want better and more impressive things than we had yesterday. The genre of headphones is no different and the market abounds in various high-end headsets for every type of audiophile, music enthusiast, professional or just the average Joe looking to indulge in some high quality equipment. Whether it is business or pleasure, there are certainly plenty to choose from in the ocean of high quality audio gear, and the fact that a lot of them also come wireless is just the icing on the cake. Here is a description of the 10 high quality wireless headphones available in the current market.
1. Sony headset
Sony headset
Sony headsetSony Wireless Headphones
The Sony MDR-RF865RK is their idea of catering to headgear fans across the world and it does its job remarkably well. The headphones incorporate clear sound clarity with the comfort of using the headphone at a range of 100m. The features also include 3-channel FM with auto turn off and volume control. The charging dock packages with the headset takes 3.5 hours to charge the headset for a maximum usage of about 25 hours. Therefore, whether it is listening to music or enjoying a game or a movie, it will be worthwhile to invest in this wireless headphone of Sony.
2. Android-based headphone
Android-based headphone
Android-based headphoneAdmiral Touch Android-based headphone Wireless Headphones
There are a few things more impressive than a noise-cancelling headphone to enjoy music. Now add Android 2.1, a touchscreen, and 256MB RAM and 1GB flash storage to it, and what you get is the Nox Android powered Admiral Touch wireless headphone. Adding on to the impressive and unique design of the 2.4-inch touchscreen on the right headphone cap is a 7.1 virtual surround sound capability and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections active simultaneously. Bundled with the Admiral Touch comes retractable aluminum mic, microSD slot, and a USB cord. The lithium ion battery enables six hours of music playback in one go.
3. True 5.1 wireless headphones
True 5.1 wireless headphones
True 5.1 wireless headphonesLTB. True 5.1 wireless headphones
Although looking like yet another competitor in the headphone market, the LTB True 5.1 wireless headphones took an unexpectedly thoughtful step of incorporating technology, which instead of allowing us to crank up the volume to ungodly levels, actually protects our ears. The SafeBass technology protects the eardrums of the user and prevents enjoying music from becoming a painful experience. The multi-band selections of the headphones allow for a distortion free audio experience and the range of the True 5.1 is 30m in open areas. The headphones, with a weight of 190gm, have an adjustable design and are powered by Lithium-Polymer batteries.
4. 5.1 wireless Xbox
5.1 wireless Xbox
5.1 wireless XboxChimaera 5.1 wireless Xbox headset
The 5.1 wireless Razer Chimaera headphones first glance looks like regular use headphones and more like professional gaming gear it is supposed to be. Designed for the Xbox 360 and PC by Razer, one of the leading manufacturers of gaming gear in the world, the 5.1 Dolby surround sound headphones provides for crystal clear audio quality and a dedicated voice channel for laughing in co-op multiplayer games. The dock supports a maximum of four players while the battery supports playback for eight hours. With the 5.8 Ghz wireless technology and dedicated controls for volume and mic on the earcups, the Chimaera is a wonderful piece of headgear for gamers everywhere.
5. Euphonia wireless waterproof headset
Euphonia wireless waterproof headset
Euphonia wireless waterproof headsetBainultra designed Euphonia waterproof headset listening to music in your bath is made easy
The concept of a wireless headphone appeared insufficient to Bainultra, the developers of the Euphoria wireless headset as it pushed the boundaries of portability to new heights by making it waterproof. Thus the Euphoria can go where headsets could not go before, that is, the bathtub. Designed to connect to a wall mounted mp3 player wirelessly, the Euphoria plays a default or user defined playlist.
6. Xbox 360 wireless headphones
Xbox 360 wireless headphones
Xbox 360 wireless headphonesMad Catz’ Xbox 360 wireless headphones
The Mad Catz Xbox 360 wireless headphones are Xbox 360 exclusive headgear and it is designed to make your experience with charging and voice chat as less messy as possible. Named the Warhead 7.1, it uses the base station extensively for nearly everything. The base station plugs into the Xbox 360 and delivers 5.8 GHz of bandwidth to a maximum of four headsets at a time. The battery reading is available in the base station and a second battery is provided for when the first runs out.
7. Sony’s MDR-DS6500
Sony's MDR-DS6500
Sony’s MDR-DS6500Sony’s MDR-DS6500 wireless headphones
Elegantly simple are the keywords while defining Sony’s MDR-DS6500. A 7.1 channel wireless headphone with a plethora of modes and features including Dolby Digital and Sony Virtualphones Technology, the MDR-DS6500 elegantly fits into the definition of a classic sturdy headphone. Supporting a 100m operating range and self-tuning, the headphones offer 20 hours of playback and come with a recharging time of three hours.
8. Veho bluetooth headphones
Bluetooth headphones
Bluetooth headphonesVeho’s Bluetooth headphones fold up and kickout the wireless jams
Veho’s Bluetooth headphones would be like most other wireless headphones available in the market except for the fact that the price of a little above $110 makes it a reasonable deal. The headphones offer a mic to enable it to be used as hands free set and has touch enabled features to control the music player or phone coupled to it. The headphones are available in black and orange.
9. Logitech Boombox
Boombox headphones
Boombox headphonesLogitech's Boombox Wireless Headset
The Logitech boombox and the wireless headphones are the latest offering of Logitech in terms of i-friendly devices. The devices support iPod and iPhones, can work 33 feet from the devices and last for about six hours with continuous playback. The headset incorporates a distortion free mic while the boombox is a portable audio dock with eight different drivers. The headset will be available at a price of $70.
10. AKG K830 BT

AKG K830 BTHarman AKG K830 BT wireless headsets

The Harman AKG’s K840 KL 2.4GHz and K830 Bluetooth on-ear headphones offer refinement from the regular brand audio gear available in the market. Featuring bundled ravel adapters, charging accessories, and conversion cables and noise cancelling features and a range of 30 feet, the AKG has nice audio quality, although the mild crispness at the high side of the spectrum is a letdown considering the $299 price - otherwise the headphone is one of the best available while coupled with any device.

Posted: 18 Sep 2011 10:19 PM PDT
Jayanti Anubhav:
The Shredder Calendar
The Shredder CalendarBid-adieu to yesterday with the shredder calendar.

Calendars are an integral part of our lives. What has started as the simple method to keep track of the date and month passing by, is now going through a lot of innovations and creativity. Although, with limited scope of creativity, most of the time in the name of creativity only the background picture of the paper calendar changed till recent past, still there are some creative ideas to make the calendar more interesting to look at. Let's take a look at 10 most unusual calendar designs.
1. An Apple a Day Wall Calendar
An Apple a Day Wall Calendar
An Apple a Day Wall CalendarA unique calendar with apples signifying days in a month. Have an apple everyday to keep track of dates as-well-as your health.
One of the most unusual yet a very interesting calendar is wall calendar with apples as the theme of it. This unique calendar has 31, 30 or 28 apples, depending on the count of days in the particular month, in a specialized tube made of UVA and UVA resistant Plexiglas. Everyday you pick up one apple and eat for good health. The apple in the tube will move up and show the current date fastened behind the apple. As the month ends the apples are replaced by 28, 30 or 31 apples and calendar on the tube is changed.
2. Everlasting Calendar Tape
Everlasting Calendar Tape
Everlasting Calendar TapeA calendar that can also function as a planner and a packaging tape.
This unusual, unique calendar can be created by combining the day, date and month in two different rolls. You just need to stick the two rolls against each other and your calendar is ready. This calendar can also be used as a diary, planner and also as a packaging tape.
3. Keskin Calendar
Keskin Calendar
Keskin CalendarA unique calendar with a new date sheet every month to give a new look to the tyre rim.
This unusual calendar was created for the Keskin dealers, and the calendar has the original car tyre in it. Every month the calendar sheet gave a new look to the car rim. This is definitely one of the most unusual calendars that we have seen till date. However, the functional value of the Keskin calendar can be opened for a debate.
4. Camera Lens Calendar
Camera Lens Calendar
Camera Lens CalendarA unique calendar for the photography enthusiasts.
What looks like a camera lens, is actually a calendar. Designed by Sharad Kaksar, the camera lens calendar is a unique gift for all the photography enthusiasts. In the shape of aperture ring and shutter speed, the calendar can display the day, date and month from the year 2008 to 2032. This lens calendar is also one of the heaviest calendars so far weighing 4 kilograms.
5. Matches Calendar
Matches Calendar
Matches CalendarMatches calendar to remind you time is running out as fast as lightening of a match.
Time goes really fast and if you want to keep a reminder near you, this matches calendar designed by Yurko Gutsulyak is for you. With the real construction of matches, the calendar looks like a comb of matches that corresponds to the days.
6. The Shredder Calendar
The Shredder Calendar
The Shredder CalendarBid-adieu to yesterday with the shredder calendar.
Bid-adieu to yesterday (quite literally) with the shredder calendar. Designed by Susanna Hertrich the shredder calendar takes 24 hours to shred the day reminding you that the day is passing by and time is precious. This is definitely one of the most unique concepts of a calendar. Also the shredding can further go for recycling, so has a green cause attached with this calendar too.
7. Ink Calendar
Ink Calendar
Ink CalendarWrite a new chapter everyday with Ink Calendar.
Invented by Oscar Diaz, the ink calendar is one of the most beautiful and interesting calendars so far. As the days pass by, each number gets printed on the calendar till the end of the month, when the ink pot is dry. This calendar will keep reminding you that the time is passing by.
8. Cod Liver Oil Calendar
Cod Liver oil Calendar
Cod Liver oil CalendarPop a cod liver oil tablet to keep a track on your health as-well-as on the date.
As the very name suggests, the calendar has cod liver oil tablets with each day and date for it. Pop one tablet everyday to keep a track on day and your health both.
9. 20 Years Warranty Calendar

20 Years Warranty Calendar
20 Years Warranty CalendarA unique calendar that comes with a 20 years warranty.
When you buy a solar panel from Schott Solar, you get a 20 year warranty with the product. However, this warranty is not the usual piece of paper but is a calendar, 60 centimeter long that sticks out of the wall with the date, day and month displayed on the front. This calendar is indeed a unique combination of warranty and days passing by.
10. Tea Calendar
Tea Calendar
Tea CalendarA calendar with teabags showing dates and days on the month.
Designed by Cho Hee Ha, the tea calendar has the dates and days on the teabags along with the month. You can use one tea bag everyday. However, if you feel like having more than one cup of tea in a day, opt for other teabags. Don't forget it's a calendar as well. If you use more than one tea bag in a day, you may lose track on the current date.

Posted: 18 Sep 2011 10:17 PM PDT
Suja Natarajan:
Luxury Golf Carts
Luxury Golf CartsCustomized elite luxury golf carts
One of the most elitist sports in the world is golf. The game of golf by itself is expensive because of the golf courses. The upkeep and maintenance of a golf course Golf gear such as clubs, shoes are also expensive. Along with these, every golf fanatic would love to own a super luxury and flamboyant golf cart. These are not only seen as a simple cart, but a social prestige to own the best. Golf enthusiasts are spoiled for choice with a host of customized features available in golf carts. Here are some of the most luxurious golf carts.
1. LuxuryRide Cart
LuxuryRide Cart
LuxuryRide CartLuxuryRide Cart - truly luxurious cart
The LuxuryRide Cart is truly luxurious featuring a club car chassis, custom seats, font grille, heavy-duty fiberglass, and has an aluminum sports wheel (12 inches). Gas as well as electric models of the cart are available. Limo hard top, rear golf bag holder and audio player (AM/FM/CD) are few features that you can opt for at an extra cost. The price of this four-seater electric model is $16,999 and gas model is priced at $17,999.
2. Berline luxury golf carts
Berline luxury golf carts
Berline luxury golf cartsBerline golf cart - retro custom looking cart
This retro custom golf cart is built on new ClubCar Chassis and has a heavy-duty fiberglass body. It features custom hardtop, golf bag holder, fog light, frame in matching color, upholstered seats, storage box and much more. IPod adapter is the main highlight for this Berline luxury golf cart. Designed by Boyd Coddington, this beautiful golf cart costs you $15,995. It has a 48-volt charging system and a battery charge indicator.
3. The Garia golf cart
Garia Golf Cart
Garia Golf CartGaria Golf Cart - World’s exclusive golf cart
Designed by Soren Bak Hansen and Anders Lynge Kristensen, the Garia golf Cart is the world’s most exclusive golf cart. Inspired by Formula1 cars and sport cars, it features a double wishbone front suspension. Its features include hydraulic brakes on all the four wheels, built-in refrigerator and hand stitched seats. You can customize it with a paint color of your choice. This splendid cart will cost you $17,500.
4. The DRIVE by Yamaha
The Drive
The DriveThe Drive - Finest cart for better driving experience
The Drive provides you a better driving experience. The design of this cart has been re-conceived and re-thought on all the aspects to give an everlasting experience on the greens. The bumpers and its texture are sturdy to withstand accidents. It has a top and seat, color-matched wheel, center storage area for your belongings, four-cup holder, and six-ball holder. Yamaha’s The Drive offers the finest comfort while driving on the golf course.
5. Garia Edition Soleil de Minuit
Garia Edition Soleil de Minuit
Garia Edition Soleil de MinuitGaria Edition Soleil de Minuit - the sophisticated luxury cart
This limited edition luxurious golf cart features luxury seats, roof made of Alcantara lining, and carbon roof. You can also customize it with a paint color of your choice. Proclaimed to be the most expensive golf cart, priced at $52,000, it is produced at the same factory that revealed Porsche Boxter and Porsche Cayman. It also has a number of handmade details that makes this cart truly unique. Base model is priced at $17,499 and comes with various luxury upgrades. For every golf fanatic, this cart is a definite pride to own.

Posted: 18 Sep 2011 10:14 PM PDT
Apara Bhattacharya:
iMac wall hanging
iMac wall hangingiMac wall hanging
The Apple iMac is the most widely selling computer across the world. After its launch in the market in 1998, an estimated 30 million units have been sold. Along with superior performance, due to its heavy duty processor, multimedia keyboard and superior quality display, iMac computers have an edge over their competitors with their colorful and semi-transparent look. Although bulky, the iMac has a certain style that makes people want to buy it. But like all good things, there comes a time when even your favorite PC needs to replaced with another. For those who can’t bear the thought of actually chucking their iMacs in the bin, get inspiration from some of these very innovative ideas people have come up with to reuse their darlings.

1. Cat basket iMac
iMac cat basket
iMac cat basketcat basket
The rounded features of the iMac make it stand out. The different pastel colors and electric shades are an added advantage. As bizarre as it sounds, these attributes were put into action by a designer to create a cat basket. The circuits and wires inside the monitor were removed to achieve this idea which was then cushioned with cozy mattresses and clothes needed for a bed. With an opening on one side and the transparent sheet on the other side, this was the perfect home for Pixel the cat to enjoy his seclusion and keep an eye on the world.
2. Lamp shade with iMac
iMac lampshade
iMac lampshadelampshade
If you just can’t forget your long association with your iMac, then create artwork out of it which is functional too. A lampshade created by using special body parts of the computer was an innovative way of creating art. The designer used the base of an iMac G3 to create the lampshade’s base. A metal stand was then attached to it and a glass shade bearing Apple’s logo was finally mounted on top.

3. Wall clocks and message boards with iMac
iMac wall hanging
iMac wall hangingiMac wall hanging
When talking about the attractive parts of the iMac, you can’t forget the keyboard. It features attractive shades and a translucent, light reflecting body. Create a wall clock by removing the digits and the circuit and replacing it with the machinery of a clock. The arms of the clock need to be attached on the outer surface of the keyboard with a tape hanger that will enable it to be mounted on the wall. In case you plan to make a message board, there is no need to replace the circuit and install any other machinery. A simple tape hanger will suffice. Then all you need to do is stick your message on the board.

4. Futuristic trash can
iMac trash can
iMac trash cantrash can
Your iMac monitor can even be transformed into an innovative trash can. Take out the circuits inside the monitor and change its direction of mount on the base upside down. Remove the transparent display screen at the front to expose the hollow into which you can dump all your dry litter.

5. Aquarium iMac
iMac aquarium
iMac aquariumaquarium
Designer Jake Harms came up with this unique idea of transforming a discarded iMac monitor into a live aquarium. He removed the wires, ports and circuits inside and installed LED lights all around the screen. He soldered the joints and corners of the monitor so that there was no seepage of water. He then decorated the interior with water plants, stones and decorative pieces like an aquarium, adding fish and water.

Posted: 18 Sep 2011 10:12 PM PDT
Pratima Kalra:
Urban Quad Bikes
Urban Quad BikesUrban Quad Bikes
The new concept of eco friendly quad bikes, meant for all terrain types is all set to compete in the eco friendly ride genre. Not only are these quad bikes extremely stylish and robust, they are powerful. They can be three- wheeler or even four-wheeler and are steered sing handles. Conventionally they were used for off-roading purposes, but now producers want them to occupy a significant space on the city roads. Take a look to find out more.
1. Urban Quad: ATV lookalike

Urban Quad ATV
Urban Quad ATVUrban Quad ATV by Pablo De Titta
Urban Quad designed by Pablo De Titta has been specially designed for the urban youth. It is stylized with a curvaceous and sturdy body that would make it the chosen one for many city commuters. Its sporty look and gen- next appeal is designed to suit both males and females.
2. Cectek Quadrift 500EFI ATV

Cectek Quadrift 500EFI
Cectek Quadrift 500EFICectek Quadrift 500EFI revolutionary quad bike
An all terrain vehicle (ATR), Cectek Quardrift comes with a sleek design which will definitely appeal to town dwellers. This quad bike comes powered with a 500 cc engine that can produce 20 horsepower and reach 40mph in just about 5.2 seconds. You can customize the looks of the Quadrift as it comes packed with many accessories.
3.Urban ATV quad

Urban ATV quad
Urban ATV quadUrban ATV quad by Angela Martin
Designer Angela Martin has designed Urban ATV to suit both urban as well as rural roads. This ATV works on an electric engine, thus it helps commuting in an environment friendly way. Meant for carrying two people, its design and engine provide quick traffic solutions.
4. Electric Urban Quad Bike

Electric Quad Bike
Electric Quad BikeElectric Quad Bike by Emanuel Abba
Electric Urban Quad Bike, designed by Emaneul Abba is a bike with a double edged sword. Firstly, it wants to curb traffic on the streets and secondly, it aspires to reduce pollution. For the first purpose, it has created a compact design quad bike and for the second purpose it has been installed with an electric engine.
5. Road Legal Quad

Road Legal Quad
Road Legal QuadRoad Legal Quad
Designer Gabriel Contino is working to produce an urban quad bike model that will make everyday traveling easier as well as pleasurable. Although quad bikes are meant for off-roading, the smooth looks of this bike will not allow you to take it off the road. The appearance of the bike is subject to various interpretations. To some eyes it might look like a huge monster insect, about to attack and to others it's authority might be very appealing.
6. QuadUrban

QuadUrbanQuadUrban by Sebastian Salanova
Sebastian Salanova has differentiated his version of the bike by defining more clearly the uses this bike can be put to. It will be suitable for all city purposes like going to college, going to gym, even going to office, picking your kids from school, grocery shopping and all other small travel dependent chores. It comes fitted with GPS and therefore an added advantage for tourists who can hire these small wonders and explore the land.
7. Bombardier's EXIT quad bike concept

Bombardier quad bike
Bombardier quad bikeBombardier quad bike concept
Fuel efficient, low on carbon emissions, stylish, gen-next, comfortable and affordable are the characteristics that define the personality of Bombardier's EXIT quad. Also it will have a low output Rotax 4-tec engine. The light weight of this bike can be attributed to its exit design and its sleekness is due to Surrounding Spar Technology (SST).
8. The GG Quadster

GG Quadster
GG QuadsterThe GG Quadster - a four-wheeled, 167-horsepower quad bike
A $65,000 quad bike is expected to have an extra oomph about it given its high price. The GG Quadster, runs on 167 horsepower with a four cylinder K1200 motor. It is fitted with four sticky Dunlop Sportmaxx tyres. In comparison to small car category, this quad bike is slightly longer, but the size is justified due to the heavy bike engine that it uses.
9. Electric, sustainable Quad Bike

Sustainable Quad Bike
Sustainable Quad BikeElectric Quad Bike
What sets apart this quad bike from its counterparts is that it is made of material that can be easily recycled. Its internal components are also made of plastic and hence it is not only environment friendly because it operates on electricity, but because the whole of it is recyclable.. Operates on an electric motor of 48V and there are four batteries of 750mph each. There is also an emergency recharge system that will use solar energy for charging. It can be easily charged at home by connecting it to 110V-220V power outlet and when fully charged can run continuously for 3 hours.
10. Electric Quad Bike: Quadriga

QuadrigaElectric Quad Bike, Quadriga
Military also wants to make its contribution in environment conservation and is all set to use eco friendly electric quad bikes for various on- road and off- roading operations. TYC Track is the company that will take charge of delivering quad bikes to the military. TYC will also produce a similar version for civilians. A few remarkable specifications of this bike includes automatic gear, LCD display, weight-387kg, a top speed of 40k/h, it can carry weight of one tone and can be customized with spray equipment.

Posted: 18 Sep 2011 10:09 PM PDT
Shivam Singh:
Unusual and amazing urinals
Unusual and amazing urinalsThese are definitely some of the most unusual and amazing urinals of the world.
Restrooms are definitely one of the most important section of any architectural structure and any restroom is just incomplete without urinals. However, when it comes to urinals, the image which appears in front of most of the people is a simple white fixture installed in the corner of a restroom. But no one ever said that these fixtures need to be simple, you can show your creativity even here also. So, what we have here is the list of eight most unusual and amazing urinals.
1. John Michael Kohler Arts Center

John Michael Kohler Arts Center
John Michael Kohler Arts CenterThe walls of the restroom depict changing architecture styles from ancient Egypt to current time on one wall.
This entire restroom consisting of three urinals along with three sinks and two stalls has been created by New York Artist Matt Nolen on commission. In the first look, it will just appear fascinating, nothing more than that, however, when you’ll have closer look at it then you’ll observe that all the urinals, sinks, stalls and walls of this restroom depict the changing architectural styles right from the ancient Egypt to the present time. These architectural styles are depicted on one wall, on the other wall the rulers of each period are depicted. This urinal is named as ‘Lord’. Even the Discover Channel’s program, ‘The World’s Ten Best Bathrooms’ featured this restroom of the Art Center.
2. Stockholm-Arlanda Airport

Stockholm-Arlanda Airport
Stockholm-Arlanda AirportThe purpose of this restroom is to show a beautiful part of the swedish nature in the contrast of concrete and airplains.
The Stockholm-Arlanda Airport is one of the biggest airports in Scandinavia, also the Swedes are the most traveling people in the world. Therefore, the authorities of this sirport wanted to show the tourists a beautiful part of the Swedish nature in the contrast of airplanes and concrete. The solution with which the designers came out was a perfect combination of art, design and function. It’s not that attention was given only to appearance, functionality was also given due importance, that’s why big sheets of glass were installed which reduce the gaps and the odor.
3. Mystique night club

Mystique Night Club
Mystique Night ClubKisses urinals are manufactured and distributed by a Dutch company called "Bathroom Mania".
The feature of this urinal which has been drawing everyone’s attention is its basic shape which resembles the outer portion of human mouth. This urinal is present in the Mystique night club. The owners wanted that the visitors must remain in the party mood even when the are in the restroom so the designers came out with this brilliant idea. A Dutch company called “Bathroom Mania” manufactures and distributes these urinals, popularly known as the Kisses urinals.
4. Nature’s call

Nature's call
Nature’s callEach is created by hand from high fire porcelain.
As the name suggests, the design of these urinals must be such that it it should be very close to the mother nature. This urinal resembles wit the petals of a flowers. Clark Sorensen is been credited with the designing of “Nature’s call”. Each of these urinals are created by hand from high fire porcelain. These fixtures are fully functional and if you want to install one such urinal in your home then you can acquire them from a collector.
5. Amundsen-Scott Station

Amundsen-Scott Station
Amundsen-Scott StationNo other urinal in the world or even space can compete with the efforts and loss of life that went into this fixture’s eventual permanence at the South Pole.
By just watching the picture of this urinal, no one will be able to understand why this is considered to be so much unusual when it appears like just another ordinary fixture. It is not the design which makes this one unusual, but the place where it is located. This urinal resides at the South Pole on the highest, driest and the coldest continent on the earth, that is Antarctica which is the very bottom of our planet where no man was even able to reach until the early 1900’s. What this urinal lacks in beauty, makes up more than that in dignity.
6. The Felix

The Felix
The FelixThe drainage system enable men to stand in front of the windows and urinate without spillage.
Believe it or not, the glass windows were the urinals before these black marble urinals were installed. The most fascinating thing about these fixtures was their unique drainage system. Because of this system, men could urinate in front of the windows without spillage.
7. International Space Station

International Space Station
International Space StationAll the equipment are designed to be as small as possible, and fits together snugly to minimize unused space
This one again is a urinal which gained the title of being unusual not because of its design but because of the place where it has been installed, however, the design is also quite interesting. This urinal is installed in the International Space Station which rotates around the earth in a circular orbit. Crew members need to spend up to six months in this space station, sleeping, eating, exercising and practicing hygiene. Every surface on this station can be utilized as their is no gravity, which solves the problem of limited space available here. The urinal has been designed in such a way that it fits snugly in order to minimize the unused space.
8. Women’s urinal at Dairy Queen

Women's Urinal at Dairy Queen
Women's Urinal at Dairy QueenThese are some of the most fascinating urinals in the world – and ladies, fear not, this is one here is for you!
The design of this urinal may be unique but it couldn’t be termed as versatile as a regular toilet. Also, it takes up almost the same amount of floor space. The most popular feature of this urinal is the funnel shaped device which can be shared by everyone whosoever uses the urinal.

Posted: 18 Sep 2011 09:51 PM PDT
Mayuri Goswami:
Taco Bell Border Sauce
Taco Bell Border SauceUSB Flash Drive
Today, the USB flash drive has turned out to be the most sought after device for data transfer from one computer to another. It has flash memory along with an integrated Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface. With an increased storage capacity they have become a very essential backup device by transferring important files from the hard drive of your PC to some other safe location. Their popularity have increased considerably in recent times due to its fast, easy and convenient use. They are available in different forms, designs and memory. Check out this list of some unique and creative USB flash drive designs.
1. Mechanical USB Flash Drive
Mechanical USB Flash Drive
Mechanical USB Flash Drive16GB Mechanical Memory Key
This mechanical USB Flash Drive with 16GB memory is made out of parts taken from 6 different pocket watches. When this handmade device is in use it gives out a green glow from underneath which in turn gives it a good sense of movement. It costs $10 and is a unique device to buy.

2. Cereal Spoon USB Flash Drive
Cereal Spoon
Cereal SpoonUSB Flash Drive
This amazing USB Flash Drive is a very unique piece of engineering. It has been made from some flakes of bran, a bright silver spoon and some adhesive used for fixing purpose. It is available in different memories like 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and 8GB.

3. Wooden Clamp USB Flash Drive
Wooden Clamp
Wooden ClampUSB Flash Drive
This stunning USB Flash Drive has a memory of 1GB memory. It can be used as a fashion accessory both by men and women. It is both traditional and modern in looks.

4.Taco Bell Border Sauce USB Flash Drive
Taco Bell Border Sauce
Taco Bell Border SauceUSB Flash Drive
This USB flash drive with a memory of 2GB has been made from real Taco Bell Border ketchup sachets. They are very trendy and colorful in getup and are worth buying if you are looking for both color and utility.

5. Transforming USB Flash Drive
Transforming USB Flash Drive
Transforming USB Flash DriveWith 2Gb memory
The Transforming USB Flash Drive with the shape of a tiger has a 2 GB memory and a USB 1.1 & USB 2.0 interface. The tail of this tiger shaped USB drive can move only up to a few angles. It comes with a price of $44.99 and is worth purchasing if you are looking for some stylish flexible or folding device.

6. Gold Brick USB Flash Drive

Gold Brick
Gold BrickUSB Flash Drive
This impressive metal gold brick USB flash drive comes with different memories like 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and is not made of pure gold but only a gold colored coating. It is a must buy if you want to boast of your precious belongings. Its comes with a reasonable price ranging from $2 to $15.
7. Bacon USB Flash Drive
BaconUSB Flash Drive
This Bacon USB Flash Drive takes its inspiration from a yummy piece of bacon and is good for food enthusiasts. It is available with different memories like 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8G.
It cost ranges from US$3-25
8. Lipstick USB Flash Drive
LipstickUSB Flash Drive
The Lipstick USB Flash Drive has been made out of a real lipstick case. It is especially good for girls. This flash drive also comes with different memories like 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB.
9. Sushi USB Flash Drives
SushiUSB Flash Drives
If you love to eat sushi then you can try out these Sushi flash drives. They are available in two different types- a mass produced version and a hand made version made in Tokyo which is available as a limited edition.
They come with different memories like 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and their prices are also different like $49.99, $69.99 and $79.9.
10. Canon 5D Mark II USB Flash Drive
Canon 5D Mark II
Canon 5D Mark IIUSB Flash Drive
The Canon 5D Mark II USB Flash Drive has a memory of 4GB and is available in the shape of EOS 5D Mark II digital camera.

It comes with a price tag of $98.80. It is a great buy if you want to spend some extra money for this beautiful camera-like drive.

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