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Amazing Top 10 World Wide Produsts Designs

Posted: 20 Sep 2011 09:47 AM PDT
Apara Bhattacharya:
creative boats
creative boatscreative boats have extended features that make tourist friendly journeys
Boats have been the major means of transportation of humans, cattle and goods during the onsets of civilization. There have been different types of boats that were used by different civilizations. They are not the major means of transport in the modern world. But they are definitely the most eco-friendly transports that do not release harmful emissions. Today, you can find commercial boats and passenger boats. The commercial boats are exclusively meant for the commercial activities like transportation of goods, cattle or fishing. The passenger boats are meant for carrying passengers and for touring. The creative minds of the designers all over the world are at work in creating innovative boats that do not have the conventional boring look and are more efficient as a system of transport. They are equipped with additional facilities too, which make each of them pieces of wonder. Here are seven such revolutionary boats.
1. Elliptical boat
Elliptical boat
Elliptical boatelliptical boats have walking machines
You might have seen in your childhood that magicians walk smartly over the water without getting drowned at all. Your dream will come true if you get a chance to travel in this elliptical boat. It is a sleek boat that allows you to walk on the water. This boat, created by the German designers has been named as Tu Fin. It features a walking exercise machine in it that allows the person on boat to walk on water. This 26 feet boat can accommodate up to two passengers and has a top speed of 6.5 knots.
2. Wooden Ferrari boat

Wooden Ferrari boat
Wooden Ferrari boatthis boat resembles a Ferrari and is made from wood
This boat has an excellent aesthetic attribute. It looks exactly like a Ferrari, but is made from wood. Livio De Marchi is a committed driver in Venice, who is fascinated about driving Ferrari. Thus, the designers of Venice have designed this unique Ferrari F50 for him. This floating Ferrari has become a tourist attraction too.

3. Model Kit Boat

Model Kit boat
Model Kit boatThis boat resembles a plastic molded toy boat

Inspired by the look and the function of the kid's toy boat, Michael Johansson has designed this boat. It looks exactly like a plastic molded toy boat. The designer worked towards welding the basic structure of the boat along with all its associated equipments into a metal frame. Then he went for an all through plastic white finish to give the boat the look of a toy.
4. Paper boat
Paper boat
Paper boatthis boat is made from Teflon paper

It is a common sight to see children floating paper boats in water. But it is simply surprising to think that paper can be used to make a real boat. The German designer and artist Frank Boelter created a life-size boat from Tetrapak paper, the material used for making milk cartons. It is a 30 feet long boat that has a weight of 55 pounds. 170 square meters of Tetrapak paper went into the making of this boat and it took only two hours for the designer to transform his imagination into reality. The designer says that it can sustain in water till forty days at a stretch, before finally getting drowned.
5. Iceboats
Ice boat
Ice boatThis boat is widely used in ice sports
These are functional boats that resemble the sail boats. But unlike the sail boats, they are equipped with runners or skates to run on ice instead of water. These boats are often seen in ice yachting sports. The runners of these boats are made from steel and have sharp edges to cut through stubborn ice and also counteract slippages towards the sides due to the lateral wind created by the sails. If the weather is favorable and the wind is strong, some models of these boats are capable of hitting a top speed of 48 to 130 knots.
6. Guitar boat
Guitar boat
Guitar boatThis boat resembles the guitar used by the Ausse rocker

Josh Pyke, the famous Australian rocker has been spotted traveling in a guitar shaped boat in his new video album Make You Happy. The guitar boat resembles exactly the one that the rocker plays. As far as the real existence of this boat is concerned, it is yet to be launched and still remains in the concept stage.
7. Sofa boat
sofa boat
sofa boatthis boat features a soft sofa and a mini refrigerator

This incredible boat features a soft sofa floating on the water. The designer of this boat has set a cozy white sofa on a platform and has attached a motor to make it move in water. The boat can be controlled by means of a joystick. It is also equipped with a refrigerator on board.

Posted: 20 Sep 2011 05:36 AM PDT
Abdul Vahid V:
Seven fanatical chargers for your cellphone
Seven fanatical chargers for your cellphoneEco-friendly cellphone chargers
Since the conventional sources of energy are fast draining out, we need alternative cellphone charging options to meet the need. We present to you some bizarre cellphone chargers that have been invented to ensure a green and sustainable world. Here are seven unique and magnificent cellphone charger designs for your handsets.
1. Yo Yo iPhone Charger
Yo Yo iPhone Charger
Yo Yo iPhone ChargeriPhone 4 charge on inductive technology
Yo Yo charger is an induction-powered iPhone charger that lets you charge your iPhone using induction technology. The device features a tiny onboard LI cell that can store the power generated from induction. You need not to hook up the Yo Yo charger with the electricity outlets. The charger generates power, stores it and charges your iPhone in an eco-friendly way.

2. Rubik’s Cube Charger
Rubik's Cube Charger
Rubik’s Cube ChargerRubik’s Cube Charger
The Rubik's Cube has been just a plaything until now. But with the Rubik's Cube Magic Charger, you can generate power while playing with the cube. The energy can be stored in a built-in lithium-ion battery, and can be used to charge your handsets, music players and other devices. It works in sync with the electro magnetic induction technology that helps the cube gather up power while you play with it.

3. Power Pump Charger
Power Pump Charger
Power Pump ChargerPower Pump Charger
The U.K cellular service provider Orange has designed an exciting mobile phone charger called Orange Power Pump. The turbine-powered mobile phone charger requires someone to pump air with the foot. The air from the pump propels the turbine to generate power. On pressure from pumping, the turbine creates sustainable energy to recharge your smartphone. For a five minute charge on your smartphone, you need to pump the device as much you want to inflate an air pillow.

4. Solar Tree Charger

Solar Tree Charger
Solar Tree ChargerSolar Tree Charger
Solar Tree Charger is an artificial tree with 54 solar cells on its boughs. The solar cells produce energy for your smartphone. You can connect your handset with the device and place it somewhere in sunlight. You can adjust each solar panel so that it could be made certain that each panel gets exposed to enough sunlight. Usage of solar cells makes it an eco-friendly mobile phone charger.

5. Orange Dance Charger

Orange Dance Charger
Orange Dance ChargerOrange Dance Charger
Orange has designed this kinetic energy mobile phone charger. It was tested at the Glastonbury music festival in 2010. As its name indicates, Dance Charger produces power when revelers dance in joy. The charger is a 4.25 x 2.5-inch / 180-gram Velcro and elastic band that can be worn on one's hand. As per the wearer's movements, power will be generated from the device, which will help recharge cellphones and other handheld devices.

6. Solar Bra Charger

Solar Bra Charger
Solar Bra ChargerSolar Bra Charger
Japanese firm, Triumph International Japan Ltd has realized a Bra Charger for women with a solar panel. Women, who love nature, can wear this wonderful piece of bra, which can help them constantly charge their mobile devices or music players. The solar cell in the front part of the bra reaps power from sun and sends to the handsets connected with it.

7. iRetrofone Steampunk Charger

iRetrofone Steampunk Charger
iRetrofone Steampunk ChargeriRetrofone Steampunk Charger
Artist Scott Freeland has sculpted this copper iPhone charger in the form of an ancient day telephone. So it is named iRetrofone Steampunk Charger. On the device, you can dock your iPhone 4 for charging. Since it is made from copper, it is heavy as well as expensive. You have to pay $450 to buy the charger, but it promises to take you back in time.
Via Oddee

Posted: 20 Sep 2011 05:34 AM PDT
Asmita Prasad:
Bishan Central Condominium
Bishan Central CondominiumBishan Central Condominium by Moshe Safdie
Created as a collaborative project for Mitsubishi Estate Asia Pte. Ltd. and CapitaLand Residential Singapore, the residential complex located in Bishan Central, Singapore is the brainchild of Moshe Safdie Architects. The upcoming condominium complex spans over an 11,997 sq m site and presents a distinctive example of urban housing in the new millennium.
Picture Gallery
Bishan Central Condominium
Bishan Central Condominium by Moshe Safdie
Two 38-storey towers in the complex will house 500 apartments making it one of Singapore's premium residential areas. The condominium looks to offer residents a new-age style of living with public gardens, private terraces and vertically-inclined greenery.
The buildings have been designed to allow each apartment an optimal orientation to receive maximum natural light without letting any heat in. Offering optimum view of the city's skyline, the condos have also been enhanced to offer maximum natural ventilation.
Three sky gardens serve as a bridge between the two towers and offer residents a unique common garden and leisure space. While the residents of the upper levels will be treated to a gorgeous view of Singapore's skyline, the families residing in the lower levels will have the lush greenery of Bishan Park as well as nearby gardens, walking paths, outdoors event spaces and swimming pools to enjoy.
The Boston, Massachusetts-based architectural firm plans to develop the site to be as urban and as modern possible without letting it seem away from nature since the buildings are being targeted as a prime residential complex. By linking the towers through sky gardens and allowing 70% of the ground-level site to be developed to provide greenery and natural scenes, the condos look to provide families with the most serene and close-to-nature home environment within city limits.
By weaving dramatic and sustainability-boosting features that optimize natural light and air, the building also helps residents save electricity and benefit from the air purified by the sky gardens, Bishan Park and the green cover provided around the site. Maximizing air movement within the building will also help combat the humidity that Singapore's tropical climate brings and helps the building adapt better to the local environment.
The project is still in the development stage and the companies hope to have the condominium ready up for sale by early 2012 with Temporary Occupation Permits up for grabs by 2015.
Via: World Architecture News

Posted: 20 Sep 2011 03:48 AM PDT
Asmita Prasad:
Amazing motorcycle concepts
Amazing motorcycle conceptsIt would be so amazing if these concepts come to life.
Bike concepts have always been something we like to drool over. We have seen our share of kick-ass bike concepts and we have also spent many hours discussing how awe-freakin-some it would be if we could own one of these in real life. However, we have reconciled our imaginations to dreams of a future when the cool tech featured in these concepts would come to life and we would have the chance to proudly own one of these futuristic bikes for ourselves. Here's our pick of the ten most astonishing bike concepts:
1. Machine Fly, the Flying Motorcycle
Machine Fly, the Flying Motorcycle
Machine Fly, the Flying MotorcycleIt has no wheels, floats above ground, and looks totally kick-ass!
It just would feel like the future if the bikes in it didn't fly! While waiting for science too develop to an extent where we would not need those awfully fussy hover pads or noisy jet packs, Gonzalo Guerrero dreamed up this gorgeous bike unimaginatively named the Machine Fly. With no wheels, this bike is totally geared for all kinds of terrain.
2. MoonRider Flying Bike
MoonRider Flying Bike
MoonRider Flying BikeThe MoonRider Flying Bike may just become reality in the far future.
Another air-borne bike concept in the list, the MoonRider Flying Bike, takes a leaf out of Lady Gaga's heel-less shoes and comes up with a penny farthing-esque frame that can be slid just above the surface of the road, though we do feel it would have been nice had the designer included something to place our feet on while riding since leaving them dangling in the air would look a bit uncouth and uncool.
3. Embrio One-Wheeled Motorcycle Concept
Embrio One-Wheeled Motorcycle Concept
Embrio One-Wheeled Motorcycle ConceptThe Embrio One-Wheeled Motorcycle Concept is designed by Bombardier.
Moving on from straight-up flyers, we have bikes that look to make the best of whatever space cramped cities of the future will be afforded by the common man and come geared with a single wheel. We don't know why its designer, who goes by the name Bombardier, chose to do away with the second wheel, but we hope he would account for the missing second wheel when pricing this one-legged Embrio Motorcycle Concept.
4. Hornet Superbike Concept
Hornet Superbike Concept
Hornet Superbike ConceptThe Hornet Superbike is a futuristic one-wheeled motorcycle concept.
Having yet another unibike concept makes us believe that the single-wheel bike fad might just prove to be an unexpected hit in the future. This one-legged beauty comes to us, courtesy designer Liam Ferguson who intends for this baby to have a hydrogen fuel-cell fitted in-wheel (producing 55 kW) powering the 6-phase Neodymium-Iron electric motor. The Hornet Superbike is intended to be a racer so you better have all your best safety equipment ready when this one debuts in showrooms.
5. Honda Club Motorcycle
Honda Club Motorcycle
Honda Club MotorcycleDesigned by Sam Jilbert, this Honda Club Motorcycle concept is powered by a Hydrogen Fuel Cell.
Sam Jilbert's Honda Club Motorcycle concept may look unconventional at we think it is based on some unexplored principle of aerodynamics that common folks like you and I may not have even heard of. The funky looking bike is also powered by a Hydrogen Fuel Cell though it is intended to run like a regular motorcycle.
6. Axial Three Wheels Motorcycle Concept
Axial Three Wheels Motorcycle Concept
Axial Three Wheels Motorcycle ConceptThe Axial 3 Wheels (A3W) concept is based on the KTM LC8.
We've seen our share of three-legged motorcycle concepts before but this one inspired by an in-like roller skate is a first for us. Designed by Julien Rondino, the Axial 3 Wheels (A3W) concept is apparently inspired by the KTM LC8 though we don't understand where the middle wheel would possibly figure in the scheme of the suspension's design.
7. Red Bull Motorcycle Concept
Red Bull Motorcycle Concept
Red Bull Motorcycle ConceptThe Red Bull Motorcycle Concept is inspired by Red Bull's logo.
This amazing Red Bull Motorcycle Concept is the brainchild of designer Barrend Massow Hemmes who used Red Bull's iconic logo to create this amazing piece with a high gloss polyurethane lacquer finish on fiberglass paneling giving the brilliantly constructed bike its fashion-forward rich red finish.
8. Tron Legacy Light Cycle Concept
Tron Legacy Light Cycle Concept
Tron Legacy Light Cycle ConceptTron Legacy Light Cycle. Anyways is a brilliant concept based on the bike featured in the movie.
Admittedly, the Tron Legacy Light Cycle has been done to death by bike conceptors ever since the movie hit the big screen way back in 80s. But this particular model is based on the latest Tron Legacy movie and looks like something that can feasibly make it into a reality very soon.
9. Leo Motorcycle Concept
Leo Motorcycle Concept
Leo Motorcycle ConceptKnown as the Sampdesign Leo, the concept is made for long distance motorcycle rides.
Designed for long distance bike rides, this futuristic bike is actually called the Sampdesign Leo. Powered by a 10KW electric motor, the ergonomically-sound bike comes fitted with a progressive acceleration system that allows the bike to garner greater autonomy and maximize performance on the highway. However, we do think the open cabin might be bit of a safety threat.
10. Jaguar Motorcycle Concept
Jaguar Motorcycle Concept
Jaguar Motorcycle ConceptMasscow Concept Cycles (MCC) has designed this brilliant Jaguar concept bike inspired by the logo of Jaguar cars.
This brilliant Jaguar concept bike is created by Masscow Concept Cycles (MCC) and was fashioned using the logo of Jaguar cars as an inspiration. Using an air-cooled V-twin from a Buell S3 engine, the glass-fiber, steel-tubed bike outputs 1200cc and comes with removable magnetic mandibles and a headlamp that is fashioned to resemble a jaguar's head.

Posted: 20 Sep 2011 12:39 AM PDT
Shallu Sharma:
Washing Machine Concepts
Washing Machine ConceptsTop 10 washing machine concepts for effortless laundry
All of us at one point of time must have stayed in an apartment building or high rise where the only way to wash clothes is by using Laundromat. We all know how much annoying the whole process is. There is never any vacant machine and someone mixes up his/her clothes with yours and spoils your clothes, or in an extreme case, someone steals your clothes. To solve the above problems, various handy and compact washing machines have been designed by various designers and researchers. Let’s take a look at top 10 washing machine concepts for effortless laundry.
1. Portable Washing Machines
Dismount Washer
Dismount WasherPortable Washing Machines
Conventional washing machines usually occupy lots of space. The wall-mounted and portable machine formed in the Electrolux Design Lab competition is a very useful concept which reduces the size of washing machines to such an extent that it becomes very easy to carry it along with you to any place. The whole working of the Dismount Washer is carried out by the "energy stick" that powers, holds and spins the washer. This innovation will end the need to share washing machines at Laundromat.
2. Miniature Laundry Machines
Pebble Washing Machine
Pebble Washing MachineMiniature Laundry Machines
This unique washing machine has been termed as "Pebble Washing Machine”. It's a small, sustainable, eco-friendly technique for fabric care that cleans unwanted stains on your clothes quickly and efficiently. The concept has been designed by Ning Ning Li for the year 2022, and the machine has been dubbed keeping in mind the structure of a pebble. Machine can be wall-mounted for its easy handling. It performs all the functions like steaming, washing, rinsing, treating dirty spots and drying.
3. Space Age Clothes Cleaners
Orbital washing Machine
Orbital washing MachineSpace Age Clothes Cleaners
The Orbital Washing Machine is an environment friendly alternative to the conventional washing machine. It uses less water and washes clothes by forcing them in all directions to get a thorough clean in less amount of time using less amount of water. The orbital washing machine is one of the best ways of treating clothes in an eco-friendly manner.
4. Hidden Clothes Cleaner
Electrolux Shine
Electrolux ShineHidden Clothes Cleaner
Keeping the washing machines in bathrooms waste lots of space in the already tight washrooms and spoil the fully matched interiors. This problem will be solved by a stylish garment washer termed as Electrolux Shine, which could be stick anywhere in the closet. It not only saves the space by being wall-mounted but also gives an aesthetic and elegant appeal.
5. Android-Powered Washing Machines
Moshi*MaticAndroid-Powered Washing Machine
Moshi*Matic is a unique Android-Powered Washing Machine that could be operated from the cell phone. A simple application on your phone can permit you to do laundry with the Moshi*Matic washing machine. This unique design has been created by Guillaume Moshi Guyader.
6. The Mr. Klein Washing Machine
The Mr. Klein Washing Machine
The Mr. Klein Washing MachineDesigned by Yoon Kisang
Usually, we all wash our delicate cloths and undergarments separately. The Mr. Klein Washing Machine created by Yoon Kisang has been exclusively created for washing undergarments. This machine performs a proper rinse cycle and is an eco-friendly option to get your undies clean at the very least time.
7. Microwave Washing Machines
Lenee Washing Machine
Lenee Washing MachineMicrowave Washing Machines
This is a dual purpose machine that not only washes clothes but also repairs them. The Lenee Microwave Washing Machine concept makes use of microwave technology to clean and mend clothes. It has been designed to repair organic textile clothes by itself with a push of button. This machine is one of its kinds with the facility to even change the color of the clothes. Its design is cute and compact and could be fitted in any miniature space.
8. Pedal powered cloth cleaner
Pedal powered cloth cleaner
Pedal powered cloth cleanerDesigned by Shang-Che Wu
The pedal powered cloth cleaner has been designed by Shang-Che Wu and uses pedal to wash clothes. The machine is fitted with coaxial bi-directional rotators that use pedals to drive them. The pedaling generates a high cleaning two-way flow to clean the dirty clothes consuming very small amount of time.
9. The Moshi Multifunctional Kitchen
The Moshi Multifunctional Kitchen
The Moshi Multifunctional KitchenMultifunctional Kitchen Three-in-One Gizmo
We have heard a lot about the washing machines that could perform drying as well as repairing and at the most coloring but for the first time a new concept has been created that combines kitchen and washing machine together. The Moshi Multifunctional Kitchen is a Three-in-One Gizmo concept. This multifunctional kitchen appliance allows you to cook, store food and dishes, wash dishes, and wash and dry clothes as well. This hand helper has been designed keeping in mind busy housekeeping routines and compact houses.
10. The Swirl Water Ball
The Swirl Water Ball
The Swirl Water BallThe Swirl Water Ball by Designaffairs
This distinctive concept has been created by Designaffairs for developing countries where water supply is not very regular. The concept has been dubbed as the Swirl Water Ball and it is an electricity-free sphere-shaped basket with lid connected to a steel handle. To wash the clothes one needs to put clothes in the basket, fills it with water, and rolls the ball or plays with the ball to wash the clothes. It's a very simple and easy way of washing clothes in an eco-friendly manner.

Posted: 20 Sep 2011 12:04 AM PDT
Pratima Kalra:
Innovative Folding Bike Concepts
Innovative Folding Bike ConceptsCompact Folding bikes, easy to store and carry
Folding furniture is a common sight in urban households across the globe. Given the dearth of space and also a will to live in openness has inspired technology to add a folding dimension into almost all conceivable items. The latest addition to this folding portfolio is that of folding bikes. Some of you would never want to lose sight of your beloved bike, others would not have safe parking space and yet others might want to carry it whereever they go, like a suitcase. For all these uses and more, check out the following bike innovations.
1. One – Folding bike by Thomas Owen

'One' By Thomas Owen
‘One’ By Thomas OwenPerfect for street rides and exercising
A 21st century bike, 'One' designed by Thomas Owen comes loaded with convenient features of folding the bike into a compact case and offering a good ride. It can be used for as a riding bike on the streets and exercising. It is highly recommended for people who aspire to economize on both cost and also want their dear bike to be eco-friendly. One is a futuristic product which is an easy solution to city traffic and congestion. Also, it can be folded and kept inside the house, saving the hassle of parking.
2. The Locust Bike

Locust Bike
Locust BikeDeveloped by Josef Cadek
Josef Cadek developed the Locust bike and designed it to fold up in a unique way. The two wheels of the bike have safety lock nuts and when these are released, the wheels can rotate on their axis and can be fitted inside the round frame. The handlebars too have safety lock nuts attached to the head set and when released the handlebar too can be folded. The breaks do not hamper the folding process of the bike as it has a disc break in the front portion and a clamshell break in the hind side. Not only is the bike suitable for domestic purpose or short street rides, but can be effectively used at airports, industrial areas or even city centers for quicker communication.
3. Cannondale Bike

Cannondale Bike
Cannondale Bikeurban Bike designed by Dutchman Philippe Holthuizen and Spaniard Rodrigo Clavel
Dutchman Philippe Holthuizen and Spaniard Rodrigo Clavel of the Elisava Design School in Barcelona were hired by Cannondale to design a bike that would appeal to the urban bike rider aged between 25-30 years. The main highlights of this bike are – it can be folded and easily carried on elevators with a hydraulic driving system that makes it light and easy to carry anywhere. The bike can be folded through 180 degree with the help of a central twisting tube.
4. Recumbent Folder concept

Recumbent Bike
Recumbent BikeThe recumbent bike diagram
The Recumbent concept bike is a folding bike without aesthetics or design. The creator of the bike wanted to develop a Human Powered Vehicle that could be folded and kept in any little dump place anywhere. Recumbent folders are made of chain lines that are difficult to fold. In a folding bike, the tires need to overlap each other but the chains made this task manually difficult to carry out. To solve this, hinges are offset to allow the tires to slide and fold under. The folding of the seat and handlebars is yet to be reviewed.
5. The Briefcase Bike

The Briefcase Bike
The Briefcase BikeThe bike that can be carried around like a briefcase
An Israeli designer, Gosha Galitsky, from the Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, developed the Briefcase bike. The foundation of folding bikes is that they are easy to carry anywhere you want. This demands that the bike has to be light weight and compact. The designer of the Briefcase Bike analogized the bike carrying concept with luggage carrying concept and designed and fitted a briefcase in the frame of the bike. The components of the bike can be dismantled and placed in the briefcase and pulled around like a trolley suitcase with a handle fitted at the top left corner of the suitcase.
6.The Suitcase Bike

Suitcase Bike
Suitcase BikeStroll around with your suitcase bike
The basic mechanism of the suitcase bike is similar to the Briefcase bike. Not only are their names synonyms but their features too are similar i.e. the components of this bike too can be put into the suitcase and the suitcase can be pulled around with the help of wheels. But one differentiating factor is that this version of the bike will come into production soon and will be available in the market unlike other similar models. It will cost around $400.
7. Celerity Bike

Celerity Bike
Celerity BikeThe bike with amazingly sleek and light weight body
Developing the right design for a folding bike is imperative because it is the design that will eventually render it foldable and easy to carry around. Designers try their best to create parts and components that will easily fold up using hinges and nut locks. The designers of the Celerity bike do use all these for their models, but they ensure that each part itself is sleeker and occupies even lesser space. It uses smaller tires, sleeker body frame, and stretchable rubbers to allow easy folding.

Posted: 19 Sep 2011 10:09 PM PDT
Shabina Shafi:
all crazy car designs
all crazy car designscrazy cars
When it comes to designing the concept cars, designers don't have to think much about the safety standards, reliability, practicality, weather, door handles, parking, engines or anything at all. All they have to do is to go into their fantasy world and make their childhood dreams come true without any restriction. The lesser the restraint, the greater is the amount of craziness that can be put into a concept car. Here are some of the craziest concept cars that have ever been made.
1. Mazda Taiki
Mazda Taiki
Mazda TaikiMazda Taiki
This car made its presence first in 2007. Mazda created a strong position in the market with their blooming reputation of having the sportiest and visionary designs. Mazda Taiki is one such example of the company challenged the rules of physics. In this case, the Nagare or flow design is perfectly depicted. This car proved to be a crazy make because of its weird curves. However, this car is an ideal blueprint for the future sports cars.
2. Aurora Safety Car
Aurora Safety Car
Aurora Safety CarAurora Safety Car
This car was built of a Buick platform during the mid 1950's. This car is considered as one of the ugliest cars in the concept car designs. The design of the car was given by a priest named Father Juliano. The designer created this car with the hope that the car companies would make vehicles that proved to be safe for drivers as well as pedestrians.
3. Honda Fuya-Jo
Honda Fuya-Jo
Honda Fuya-JoHonda Fuya-Jo
This car rides likes a skateboard and makes noise while moving. It seems like a town that never sleeps. Its seats are raised high to enjoy the street scenes while moving along the road. It has got a steering wheel in the form of a turntable and consists of an instrument panel that is just like an MC's mixer. This masterpiece gives an impression of a futuristic moving night club.
4. Suzuki Truck Designed by Luingi Colani
Suzuki Truck Designed by Luingi Colani
Suzuki Truck Designed by Luingi ColaniSuzuki Truck Designed by Luingi Colani
This vehicle seems to be a hybrid of catfish, a semi truck and Doc Brown's locomotive. This cross between many things is certainly a product of a nightmare and not a dream. It is an attempt to create a cool sci-fi thing but not able to set in. This vehicle however, is another example of paramount aerodynamics.
5. BMW Gina Concept
BMW Gina Concept
BMW Gina ConceptBMW Gina Concept
It would be right to say that the Gina concept car is both awesome as well as creepy. The Gina concept vehicle is made from a skin-like fabric instead of the traditional sheet metal, which covers a mesh of metal bars creating the shape of a car. As the fabric is flexible, the shape of the car can be varied by altering the bars under it.
6. GM's Firebird Jet-Powered Concept Cars
GM's Firebird Jet-Powered Concept Cars
GM's Firebird Jet-Powered Concept CarsGM's Firebird Jet-Powered Concept Cars
During the mid-1950s, America was fascinated by the future of jet propelled cars. After carrying out extensive R&D about aircraft engines, General Motors decided to see whether they can merge the technologies and created Firebird I introducing it at the 1954 Motorama show. This is one rocket propelled car. It runs at extremely fast speed of 230 mph while shooting flames at a temperature of 1250 degrees Fahrenheit.
7. Ford Nucleon
Ford Nucleon
Ford NucleonFord Nucleon
It is a part car and a part nuclear reactor that was created back in 1958. Instead of an internal combustion engine, it was powered by a radioactive core. The nucleon represented the epitome of Atomic Age and nuclear power fascination.

Posted: 19 Sep 2011 10:09 PM PDT
Babita Sajnani:
Hourglass traffic lights
Hourglass traffic lightsGives an estimate of time for waiting to the motorists
Traffic lights are found in every country and is somewhat standardized as a device with three lights having the three basic colors. However, wouldn’t it be fun and interesting to have innovative and more detailed traffic lights that would possibly convey more to the motorist apart from the usual “Stop, Ready, Go” visual instructions?! Here are six amazing designs that vary from energy-saving traffic lights to those that actually convey important information to the motorist on the drive.
1. Projected Traffic Light

Projected traffic light
Projected traffic lightA red laser curtain prevents motorists from driving past stop signals
The Projected Traffic Light is an innovative design created by Hanyoung Lee. These traffic lights lead to the formation of a “virtual wall” which is created by red-colored laser beams rushing across the road, making motorists perceive the stop command. This is a very safe traffic light device that provides an element of safety to the pedestrians for crossing the roads.

2. Droplet Traffic Light

Droplet traffic lights
Droplet traffic lightsLatest news and outdoor temperature is all provided along with the light signals
The Droplet Traffic Lights is a concept that is solar powered and would comprise of three screens through the three traffic lights that would display current information such as the latest news headlines, the weather and so on. These traffic lights are poles apart from the standard ones. However, these lights would be useful for those who are waiting for the traffic signal to turn green and is a little distracting. These eco-friendly traffic lights are nevertheless a green alternative to the dull and conventional ones.

3. LED Traffic Lights
LED traffic lights
LED traffic lightsEnergy saving lamps
The LED traffic lights not only save on power but can also produce their own power through solar energy by way of photovoltaic solar cells.The sign may have autonomous power supply in order to save electricity by batteries stored in solar energy. These energy efficient traffic lights are very durable and reliable.

4. Mobius strip Traffic Lights
Mobius strip lamp
Mobius strip lampStreet lamp and traffic lights in one unit
The Mobius Strip lamp, designed by Kisung Lee, is a great way to reduce roadside clutter by integrating traffic lights with street lighting. This installation would feature pedestrian signals, vehicle signals as well as street lights. These neat strips are definitely environmental-friendly due to the strip lamp’s multiple usage.

5. Hourglass Traffic Light
Hourglass traffic lights
Hourglass traffic lightsGives an estimate of time for waiting to the motorists
The Hourglass Traffic Lights follows the sand glass/hour glass concept by showing the same on the traffic light display. This visually alerts the motorists and pedestrians about the time they have in hand before the light changes to the next. Designed by Thanva Tivawond, this hourglass design is a very practical one.
6. UniSignal Traffic Light
UniSignal Traffic lights
UniSignal Traffic lightsTraffic lights that can be distinguished on the basis of shapes, useful for colorblind people.
When we think about traffic lights and their shape we think of the “circle”. However the UniSignal is different than the conventional round traffic lights as the shapes of each of the colored lights has been changed so as to make it easy for colorblind people to distinguish between colors.

Posted: 19 Sep 2011 10:08 PM PDT
Kalyani Bansode:
Biggest yachts in the world
Biggest yachts in the worldCheck out seven biggest yachts in the world
Like expensive cars and fancy houses, luxury yachts are associated mostly with the rich and famous in the society. Common people cannot afford the multi-billion dollar price tag of the yachts and not to mention, have millions of dollars to spend on marine insurance and operating costs of it. If you are wondering what are the best yachts like, then check out our list of most expensive yachts in the world.
1. Octopus

OctopusThis mega-yacht is owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.
This mega yacht is owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. It is 414 feet long and is easily mistaken to be a cruise ship. This yacht sports two helipads with helicopters, a king-size pool, a pair of small submarines and a basketball court. One of the submarines can house eight people for almost 14 days underwater. However, the most shocking feature of the Octopus is that the crew of 60, has ex-Navy SEALs. It is shocking to see all that exclusive government training is used for fluffing pillows and mixing martinis for Paul Allen and his visitors.
2. Rising Sun

Rising Sun
Rising SunThis yacht is 453 feet in length.
When CEO of Oracle, Larry Ellison bought his mega yacht - the huge Rising Sun, he concluded that it is very big. This yacht is almost 453 feet in length. When it was built, it was known to be the longest yacht, and it flaunted the title for a few months. Though Ellison knew he could not dock his yacht just anywhere, however that really didn’t matter. The important thing was that it was the longest when it was built. Currently, it is owned by David Geffen’s and sports some impressive amenities. Few of the amenities at the yacht are a basketball court, 82 rooms, eight staterooms, an attractive stone wall, a Jacuzzi, glass and brushed-chrome staircases, a wine cellar, a sitting room, fireplace, and a crew of 30 helpers.
3. Savarona

SavaronaThe Savarona is one of the oldest yachts in the world.
The Savarona is one of the oldest yachts in the world. The yacht is thoroughly Turkish, and originally was custom-built by the granddaughter of John Roebling, the famous Brooklyn Bridge designer. It was built in the year 1931 and is 408 feet long. The yacht has 17 staterooms and a 282 foot long staircase, which is complemented by a solid brass balustrade. The staircase connects the shelter deck of the yacht with the upper deck. It has an on-board hospital. The most outrageous feature of Savarona is its traditional Turkish bath - hammam, which is made using 260 tons of marble.
4. Mirabella V

Mirabella V
Mirabella VThe 247 foot long Mirabella V is one of the most popular sailing yachts.
The 247 foot long Mirabella V is one of the most popular sailing yachts. It symbolizes the arms race among the numerous super-wealthy to build the largest mega-yacht. The yacht sports a sauna, gym and a dining room, which has a capacity of 20 people. The lavish Mirabella V, one of the largest single-mast sailing yachts in the world, which are outfitted with the tallest mast. The soaring 292 foot mast prevents it from fitting under the Golden Gate Bridge. Thus it prefers the Caribbean and Mediterranean waters.
5. Al Salamah

Al Salamah
Al SalamahThe yacht is 456 feet in length and has eight decks.
The sheer enormity and design Al Salamah lead to an incorrect conclusion that it is a cruise ship. The yacht is 456 feet in length and has eight decks. It is owned by Sultan bin Abdul Aziz - the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, who also holds various government posts such as defense minister. The details of the decks as well as interior of this yacht have been closely guarded. However, there are rumors that it has 80 rooms, an onboard hospital and indoor swimming pools. It is also said that it has the biggest crew in the world of 96 crew persons.
6. Ocean Breeze

Ocean Breeze
Ocean BreezeThe yacht is decorated with staterooms, indoor pools, solid gold fixtures, etc.
Earlier known as Qadisiyah Saddam - Ocean Breeze was designed for the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. The yacht is sumptuously decorated with several staterooms, stunning salons, indoor pools, solid gold fixtures, saunas, bulletproof windows and a helipad. It was built in the year 1981, when Iraq was in battlefield with Iran. Then the yacht was outfitted with a missile launching system and a mini-escape submarine. The yacht also has a prayer room.
7. Eclipse

EclipseThis is one of most luxurious mega-yachts in the world.
This is one of the most luxurious mega-yachts in the world. Eclipse is owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. It was built by Blohm & Voss. The estimated cost of the yacht was $485 million; however the final cost was $785 million. It is 531.5 feet long, and currently it is the biggest yacht in the world. It is believed to Eclipse have several underwater access and secret exits. Eclipse features a huge 5,000 sq ft master suite that includes several plush amenities and a private garden.

Posted: 19 Sep 2011 10:08 PM PDT
Varun Mishra:
Five Evil alarms clocks
Five Evil alarms clocksAlarm clocks that you would never wish to have in the mornings
Alarm clocks are a great assistant to wake you up in time in the morning. Do you agree with this statement? Well, if you do, then probably you have not undergone the terrifying and irritating treatment at the hands of the world’s most evil alarm clocks. Here is a list of the meanest and the baddest alarm clocks that were specially designed to steal your sleep and wake you in an instant. Once you are through this review of the five most evil alarm clocks, you would definitely feel that you need to wake up even before you hear the sound of your alarm clock, lest you be subject to the torment of one of these. The five most horrifyingly irritating alarm clocks are listed below.

1. The Money Shredder Alarm Clock
money shredder alarm clock
money shredder alarm clockif you don’t wake up in time kiss your dollar bills goodbye
This would certainly steal your sleep in an instant. If you love your hard earned money, which everyone does, then you would never be late even for an instant after you hear the alarm of this Most Evil alarm clock. It has been placed at the number one position simply because there can be no bigger torment to a person than to destroy his dollar bill in front of him. It would do the same to you unless you press the stop button and prevent it from doing so.
2. The Angry Wake Alarm Clock
Angry wake alarm clock
Angry wake alarm clockget ready to be greeted by a shock!
This one is a shocker! For all those of you who have the habit of venting out their frustration on the alarm clock for waking them early in the morning, this alarm clock would not just give out a shrill alarm but once you try punching its buttons, you would get a mild shock to bring you back to your senses in an instant. This one is not for the faint hearts!
3. Army Sergeant Alarm Clock
army sergeant alarm clock
army sergeant alarm clockget ready to follow the commands of the sergeant.
This one is fro those who have had a military background and are used to listening to shrill commands and volley of harsh words, first thing in the morning. This clock can get you up in an instant because it is impossible for the mind, while asleep, to distinguish whether it is the alarm clock or the real sergeant who was after your life.
4. Flying Alarm Clock
flying Alarm clock
flying Alarm clockWont rest till you are awake
In spite of what the name suggests, this one does not fly, but would continuously irritate you with its alarm till you find its flying propellers that flew off when the alarm rang. The more time you take to reattach the propeller, the more you have to bear the sound of the alarm and the lesser probability of you falling off to sleep again.
5. Puzzle Alarm Clock
puzzle alarm
puzzle alarmfit the puzzle to shut the alarm
If you think that the worst of the alarm clock experience is over, then you are in for a big surprise. This alarm clock shows no mercy at all towards the helpless sleeper. You have to solve the puzzle on top of your alarm clock, while still half asleep, to turn the irritating alarm off! This most intelligent torment can really take some doing in the morning when none of your senses are alert. The only way to counter this attack on your sleep is to let go of the sleep and concentrate to fit in the puzzle on the alarm clock.
These alarm clocks would not only steal your sleep but would make your getting up in the morning easier. It’s better to get up in time than face the wrath of these alarm clocks. These can also serve as wonderful gifts for your lazy friends who would then never forget you or your gift!

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