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Posted: 21 Sep 2011 08:27 AM PDT
Aswathy Varma:
The door house
The door houseThe house made out of doors.
A beautiful house is a sweet dream of everyone. Though it gives you shelter and security, it is also a place where you spread your dreams, and live your life. You may have certain concepts about your own house. There are many people who wish for some specialties in their house. Normally, we use the common house building materials like bricks, stone, etc. to build a house. But there are exceptions. Depending upon the materials available, people adapt to certain house building techniques. You may already know about Eskimo houses. They live in ice caves. In ancient Asia, people use mud and other available materials for building houses. Bamboo houses are also an exception.
Here you can read about some extra ordinary house concepts with extremely unusual materials.
1. House made out of recycled shipping containers.

A container house.
A container house.A house made of recycled containers.
What do you think of living in a ship? It is not a joke, there is a house made of recycled shipping containers. No need to worry about the common amenities, because you can get all the conveniences in this house. Here, the doors and windows are wide and you can get proper ventilation also. A well maintained kitchen is also present. Moreover, the cost is less compared to the traditional cost of a normal house. Nearly 12 shipping containers are used for building this house. So this is strong enough to stay. So, definitely it is worth buying.
2. House made of the airplane.

Airplane house
Airplane houseA airplane house.
Think about an airplane house. Wonderful! Right? You can get this wonderful piece of art for just $30,000 only. The foldable stairs and the restroom are also there as they are in the plane.The wooden floors and furniture give an elegant look. There is no security issues. Almost all the parts are covered except the windows. Of course, it can be an amazing place for those who like verities.
3. Amazing hotel made of card keys.

Key- card hotel
Key- card hotelKey card hotel.
In New York, there is a key card hotel made of 2,000,000 key cards. In this hotel, everything like; bed, toilet and doors, etc. are made out of cards. The builder of this hotel is Bryan Berg, who broke the world record for having built a 26 ft tall house of freestanding playing cards. Though the house is cheap, it is only provides you variety not very sure about the security and strength of this house as it is made out of playing cards. However, those who need to add something special to their collection, it is a good piece of art.
4. Plastic bottle house.

Bottle house
Bottle houseHouse from bottles.
A house made from plastic bottles are really an unusual thing. However, it is a reality now. According to the statistics in America every day nearly seven million bottles are being used. Most of the bottles become waste products that always threaten our nature and environment. A family in Argentina thought about how they could reuse these plastic wastes, and finally, they ended up in a decision that they could build a house using recycled plastic bottles. They used aluminum sheets and tires to build the house along with the plastic. It is really a new venture that deserves a lot of appreciations.
Though it it is the cheapest house ever made, it cannot be a permanent shelter as it cannot provide privacy. However, it can be turned as a cute coffee bar for your guests or an unusual gift for your child.
5. The house made out of newspaper.

News paper house
News paper househouse of newspapers.
You may have a lot of doubts regarding the security and strength of a newspaper house, but according to Sumer Erick, you can build a newspaper house as she did. She used folded newspapers and that give strength to the building. In 2008, this provoking piece of art was exhibited. London's Gillett Square was filled with people who came to see the house made out of 85,000 news papers. This newspaper house got a lot of media coverage and many people became fans of this piece of art. This can be a temporary shelter for you if you buy it.
6. House of doors.

The door house
The door houseThe house made out of doors.
It would be really a creative mind that delivered the thought of making a house with recycled doors. The floor, rooms, windows and walls etc. all are made up of door pieces. It is a house situated near Georgia.
As it is made out of doors, there is no other issues about strength and security. It gives you privacy and definitely the price will be very low.
7. House of scraps.

Scrap house
Scrap houseA house made of scraps- s dedication to World environment day.
As a dedication to the World environment day, a group of engineers and architects thought about the concept of a scrap house. This noble thought became the realty in 2005, in San Francisco. It is a temporary demonstration of a different house concept. Though it is not possible to stay in these type of houses, these innovations give more inspiration to all those who like to walk through a different path.

Posted: 21 Sep 2011 07:29 AM PDT
Sneha Upadhyaya:
High-tech bed designs for luxury apartments
High-tech bed designs for luxury apartmentsPersonify your interior with luxury bed design
Dominion furniture for bedroom depersonalizes the soul of interiors. Sometimes, volumetric clutter of furniture breaks the unity of interior. To feel the lightness and comfort in your bedroom, give it a unique appearance. These days multimedia beds are in trend are available in a wide range. These designs have evolved into one of the most imperative pieces of furniture and successfully wining the hearts of interior-cautious minds. Complement your bedroom decors with elite techno-featured wise bed design.
Check out the below list of some high-tech and fabulous luxury bed designs.
High-tech bed designs for luxury apartments
High-tech bed designs for luxury apartmentsUnique appearance: get away from volumetric clutter of furniture
Histoire Do Be swivel bed
The Histoire Do Be swivel beds have unique features like orthopedic mattress, remote controlled Mobile-form and cabinetry. The distinguished size, shape and wooden assortment provide it a folk touch and mount the make-over.
Multimedia Bed with RUF Cinema
The splendid multimedia bed incorporates home cinema shelves fitted in headboard and RUF cinema decors fitted in foot section. This design incorporates salient other features as well like remote controlled radio system and appropriate space for game consoles and DVD player.
Gustarle TV Bed
The impressive waterbed, wood finishes and original leather for inset panels are some characteristics that make it more viable. It incorporates all the LCD and DVD player's facilities. Its fabric and inbuilt technology are the soul of this design.
High-tech bed designs for luxury apartments
High-tech bed designs for luxury apartmentsSpecially designed techno beds
Starry night sleep techno beds
The Starry Night Sleep Technology Beds are available with latest technological tools including snore alleviating, movement monitoring and temperature moderating devices. Not only this, for music lovers, it introduces some special features of iPod, subwoofers and other sound systems. It is enriched with outstanding specs as wireless remote, internet facility, projector and RAM.
Hollandia Platinum-Luxe Elite sleep system
Such beds are augmented with high-tech options like HDTV integrated to its footboard and TV sites to headboard. This is available with stunning features of eye-strain reducing system, DVD/CD changer and theater system. This luxury system mounts with subwoofer beneath the bed. Comfy reclining and other beautifully engineered features make it gorgeous-wise design.
Indestructible Bed
The design speaks volume for saving the user from destructive forces and bio chemical attacks. Its Quantum sleeper components provide high level safety and refuge systems. This ultimate design does not lack in any way or mean, when it comes to entertainment and communication. You get all of the facilities to remain updated about the outside world. It has finished coffin like box design. The bad can folds up itself that is a unique feature. It is a compact package for full protection and entertainment.
High-tech bed designs for luxury apartments
High-tech bed designs for luxury apartmentsEnrich your interiors
Gravity Zero Groove bed
Hollandia International provides you unusual luxury sleep systems. It includes massage or rub body system and harmonious 150 watt sound system. It relaxes you and never let you feel exhausted. The line and hip style, adjustability through joints and sliding systems make it extraordinarily comfy and blissful sleep provider.
Ultimate TV and Indestructible Bed
Ultimate super-high-tech TV beds have superb features including flat-screen TV and inherent electronic leveling system. It is enriched with various headboard and footboard inherent features and finishes. Such gorgeous TV bed designs have Viscoelastic memory foam that makes it more lavish.
Metal designed beds:
High-tech bed designs for luxury apartments
High-tech bed designs for luxury apartmentsMetal bed design
Without breaking the traditional furnishing you can give a multifaceted look to your metal designed beds. The amazing metal bed design-ring with glamorous set of tone is a great option to give your interior a heavy or bulky appearance.

Posted: 21 Sep 2011 05:03 AM PDT
Abdul Vahid V:
Advanced gadget concepts
Advanced gadget conceptsEight advanced gadget concepts we wish to be real
The technology world is moving ahead steady faster. Today's product concepts are to realize as tomorrow's gadgets. Here is a collection of eight awesome gadget concepts for you. Indeed, they will be the hottest products of the market in coming days. Let us see the amazing gadget concepts here.
1. P-ISM Pen-style PC
P-ISM Pen-style PC
P-ISM Pen-style PCP-ISM Pen-style PC
P-ISM Pen is a minimalist PC concept. Called a pen-computer package, the device sports five incredible functions. It can be a pen-style mobile phone, a virtual keyboard, a camera scanner, a projector and finally a personal ID key for cashless pass. Setting the pen on a table, it can turn your wall as a projected display and a virtual keypad will appear in front of you on the table. In other occasions, you can use the device just as a mobile phone or even as a handwriting data unit.
2. Rolltop computer

Rolltop computer
Rolltop computerRolltop computer
Can you imagine of a laptop that be rolled up and carried comfortably? A concept from Orkin Design conceptualizes a computer with flexible OLED display that you can transport like a yoga mat. In fact, you can fold the device into a 17-inch notebook with a multitouch display and keyboard. If realized, carrying a computer in your journeys will no longer be a burden. Of course, you can just place the device in a corner of your backpack.
3. HP LiM Concept
HP LiM Concept
HP LiM ConceptHP LiM Concept
HP LiM (Less is More) is a breathtaking computer concept. The device is designed to have a 19-inch OLED transparent touchscreen, which can be slid down. The amazing computer concept is rich with a wireless keyboard and a virtual trackpad as input options. The device's aluminum frame is incorporated with bamboo fabric to add into the attraction. Computing will go a revolutionary thing once devices like this are realized.
4. B-membrane
Won-Seok has introduced this stylish multi-purpose monitor-less computer concept. With B-membrane, display can be projected on any surface. Keyboard and trackpad will appear virtually if the user wishes. If not on use as a computer, B-membrane can turn into a lamp that will provide light in your room. The device's bendable pinnacle works as the projector to produce ambient lighting effects.

5. Shark Mouse
Shark Mouse
Shark MouseShark Mouse
It is a computer mouse projected in form of a shark. What makes the mouse impressive is that it is proposed as an eco-friendly device. The designer has suggested recycling of thermoplastic to mold the mouse. The great thing will be that it will rest well inside your palm and so usage will be quite more comfortable. There will be less friction between your palm and mouse during the use.

6. Yuno PC
Yuno PC
Yuno PCYuno PC
Yuno PC is a jug-like computer concept. If realized, it will be the first computer that can pour in a cup of tea for you. The touchscreen of the jug's outer surface will bring you live updates on weather, stocks, traffic and others. Yes, you will be able to know about the traffic in the city while taking a cup of coffee in the early morning with Yuno PC.

7. Toshiba's Media Server
Toshiba's Media Server
Toshiba's Media ServerToshiba's Media Server
It is a media server in between your smartphone and HD TV. Toshiba Media Server can download media files from your mobile phone, thanks to the near field communication (NFC) technology. The device will later send the files to your HD 1080p TV, where you can watch them. An attractive octagonal design and lighting make the Toshiba Media Server a great product.
8. MacBook Touch concept
MacBook Touch concept
MacBook Touch conceptMacBook Touch concept
MacBook Touch is a transparent and multitouch display concept. It will be a transparent display that can act as a control surface whether it is closed or opened. The concept is based on one of Apple's recent patent applications. But, some claim that Apple has launched its famous iPad tablet based on the particular patent. It is not clear whether this multitouch display concept will get into a reality.

Posted: 21 Sep 2011 03:39 AM PDT
Jaspreet Kaur Walia:
Shipping container grocery store
Shipping container grocery storeShipping container grocery store from Stockbox Grocers
Do you have to walk miles to fetch groceries? Well, if you just nodded ‘yes’ then read ahead. Stockbox Grocers is here to kill all the distance-based woes related to grocery shopping. The ingenious concept is a brainchild of the stockbox team, which includes Carrie Ferrence, Eliza Michiels, Michael Brooks and Jacqueline Gjurgevich.
Picture Gallery
Shipping Container Grocery Store
Shipping Container Grocery Store from Stockbox Grocers
Stockbox Grocers, as the name suggests, will consist of a large box that will be used to stock groceries. The designers have made good use of a reclaimed shipping container, which will be packed with a small market. This can be conveniently positioned in parking areas of different organizations and businesses. These large containers or boxes can be placed at different locations all through the urban food deserts where people have to cover miles to get groceries. These will be kept at a walking distance from work and home so that people don't have to face much trouble.
Stockbox Grocers will stock fresh vegetables and fruits that can last for a week plus essential grocery items. These small stores will offer healthy foods that too at affordable prices. Stockbox has already unveiled an experimental archetype store that measures 160 square foot recently. It has been placed in a neighborhood of Seattle in a parking lot where the only access to food is corner stores. The healthy and affordable Stockbox can accommodate 5 customers inside the container at a time along with one staff member.
The ingenious construction makes good use of reclaimed products and vows to offer essential eatables that too at a manageable distance. There are plans to come up with such stores all through urban communities where access to staple groceries and food items is still a far-fetched dream. Stockbox Grocers will make buying groceries a comfortable task.
Via: Designboom

Posted: 21 Sep 2011 02:24 AM PDT
Apara Bhattacharya:
Grill designs
Grill designsdifferent grills
Barbequed fish or chicken wings with sprinkles of spices on them are such dishes that are enjoyed by majority of people. You cannot simply ignore the aroma of roast and grill together with the mixture of spices that comes to your mind whenever you think of barbeque. Thus, it is that cooking apparatus which occupies a prominent position in the kitchen of every restaurant as well as that in the domestic households. Designers have been working to transform this apparatus into a part of their home décor by bringing about changes in their look, sculptural details, functions and even the site of installation so that operating the barbeque, while making some of the temping and mouth watering dishes on it becomes an enjoyable experience. Here’s a list of ten such barbeque designs. Read on.
1. Plancha by Christophe Calanca
Planca grill
Planca grillIt loos like a center table
This BBQ grill has been designed by Chistophe Calanca and is named as Planca. It has looks that resemble a futuristic center table with extended features. This BBQ can be set beside the poolside or beside the garden fountain when you throw an outdoor party. It comprises of a mini cooking range and a mini fridge too. Food is cooked on the automatic gas grill, which is framed on all sides by stainless steel.
2. Barbecue Grill by Beltempo
Beltempo hotwater gas oven
Beltempo hotwater gas ovenIt works using hot water
This unique BBQ grill might not be a bulky center piece but it features a sleek and chaste look that makes it edge over the conventional grill. Developed by the Italian company, Beltempo, this device can be moved from one place to the other conveniently by means of its twin wooden wheels.
3. Foldable Wall Mounted Barbecue grill
Focus creation grill
Focus creation grillIt is wall mounted grill
This foldable BBQ grill is a unique innovation in BBQ designs by Focus Creations. It is screwed to the exterior wall of a house, as a part of the architectural design. When required, it can be pulled out to be used as a BBQ grill. It is a space saving device that will not jam your kitchen space.
4. Wall mounted grill PLEK 66

PLEK 66It looks like a structural addition to an architectural design
This BBQ grill, PLEK 66, is also a wall-mounted variety of its own kind. It is remarkable for its brushed stainless steel exterior and sleek looks. Even when not in use, it looks like a part of the architectural design. Along with the grill and exhaust chimney, it also has a cook top for arranging the dishes food is cooked in. It is available in silver, red and black colors.
5. PUUUR by Barbecook
PUUURIts deflector lid encourages healthy cooking
This barbeque grill, known as PUUUR, developed by Barbecook, has a characteristic sleek and slender look and resembles a modern dustbin. It s designed to promote healthy cooking by means of the deflector lid on top of the grill that sends back the heat of charcoal created inside the oven while allowing smoke to escape out.
6. Kalamazoo Grill
Kalamazo oven
Kalamazo oventhe sculpted curves and stainless steel body make it remarkable
The Kalamazoo Sculpture grill has a sculptured body, featuring uniform curves and stainless steel cooking external surface. This grill works on the heat created by liquid propane inside its sculptural model, while branding BBQ recipes according to your specification.
7. Flowery Onafalos by Smartech Italia
Focus Onafalos
Focus OnafalosIt features a floral structure that serve as work stations
This BBQ grill, designed by Smartech Italia and named as Onafalos, features a flower more than a regular grill. It will be an excellent work of art in your garden or terrace. It has broad stainless steel flute, that ends up in petal-like panels on the top, which function as work stations too. The combustion chamber and the chimney are concealed inside this floral structure and it also has a drain tray that is useful for cleaning the cooking apparatus.
8. Walzer BBQ by MOM Design
Waltz BBQ
Waltz BBQIt features stainless steel body and bright colors
Those who feel comfortable in using the conventional grill but will appreciate a twist will find the Walzer BBQ best for them. MOM Design has developed BBQ ovens having stainless steel body and has given it bright colors like red, yellow and green, which is sure to add spark to the mood of the users while cooking. The apparatus can be completely dismantled when it is to be cleaned.
9. Diago Freestanding Grill by Focus Creations
Freestanding grill
Freestanding grillIt functions as a gill as well as room heater
This BBQ grill, developed by Focus Creation, has dual functions to offer. These space saving, stand erect type grill models feature the characteristic metallic black color of a conventional BBQ grill. It is also serves as a fireplace.
10. Stunning Kinzo Grill and Table
Kinzo Grill
Kinzo GrillIt is apt for large outdoor parties and look like a dining table
It is really surprising to see how a concrete dining table can function as a grill oven. This outdoor device has been created by Kinzo, a designing firm in Berlin. It is apt for parties and has an integrated structure of a concrete table along with a grill.

Posted: 20 Sep 2011 11:09 PM PDT
Suja Natarajan:
Recycled Chess sets
Recycled Chess setsGo green with recycled chess sets
Sustainable living, biodegradable materials are the hot buzzwords for an eco-friendly environment. Use of such materials decomposes back into the environment. Most of the products such as garments, plastics, health and life style goods, toys and sport equipment are made of environment friendly materials. This idea has encompassed even the domain of chess. Few innovative minds have been successful in shaping chess sets out of waste materials. Here are some of them that are sure to amaze you.
1. Auto parts chess set
Auto Parts chess set
Auto Parts chess setAuto parts chess set - made of auto scrap
This stunning chess set has been designed by Armando Ramirez who has made efficient use of different scrap metals of autos and engines to create a beautiful black and silver colored chess set. These junk pieces have been transformed using a die machine which produces different shapes similar to the ones on a chess set. Spark plugs, screws, cogs of car and bearings have been magically transformed into queen, bishop, horses, king and the pawns. Metal sheet supported by iron wires and bendix caps form the base of this chess set. It is a nice-to-have for those interested in this game.
2. Battery chess set
Battery Chess set
Battery Chess setBattery Chess set - made of recycled batteries
Recycled batteries have been used to create this unique battery chess set. You may need some time to get accustomed to recognize the pieces. This idea of using recycled batteries as the preferred material makes this chess set interesting and unique.
3. Formula 1 chess set
Formula 1 Chess Set
Formula 1 Chess SetFormula 1 Chess Set - made of F1 Car parts
The chess board of this set is made of carbon fiber of F1 cars. Assorted F1 car parts and materials have been used to make the chess pieces. This sleek chess set, made of old Renault parts is priced at a whopping $36,511. It surely makes a world class chess set.
4. High Octane chess set
High Octane chess set
High Octane chess setHigh Octane chess set - made of recycled bolts
Inspired by RevRod, this chess set has recycled bolts transformed into pawns. Spring valves, intake valves have been used to create Bishop and the Knight in the set. Input shaft of four speed Muncie transmission has been used to make the King and the Queen. This set is one of the bulkiest chess sets ever built.
5. Chess set made from nuts and bolts
Nuts and bolts
Nuts and boltsChess set made of nuts and bolts
Wondering what you can do with a host of nuts and bolts lying in your attic? Eric Claverie has a very creative answer. This French designer has presented a unique chess set which is bound to amaze you. Made of tubes, bolts, nuts and several metal parts, this chess set gives a true new dimension to the game of chess. This artistic chess set will cost you 1,300 Euros.
6. Micro Processor chess set
Micro Processor Chess Set
Micro Processor Chess SetMicro Processor Chess Set - made of discarded computer parts
This colorful chess set has a board made of underside of a mother board. It has 32 black chips to create the green and black squares of the board. It has the main hardware at the bottom and has bolts fitted into chassis mount holes as the supportive legs.
7. Lamp parts chess board
Lamp parts chess board
Lamp parts chess boardClassic chess set made of various lamp parts
Designer Jesse Dean created this classic chess set in 1968 using numerous lamp parts. One half of the pieces were in sliver and the other in gold. Silver and gold discs made of plexiglass make the chess board and the carry case is made of silver barbell.

Posted: 20 Sep 2011 10:09 PM PDT
Dipanjan Biswas:
Wooden iPhone cases
Wooden iPhone casesWooden iPhone cases to protect handsetd
It’s true that you are missing out if you don’t have an iPhone, like the saying goes - “If you don’t have an iPhone, well you don’t have an iPhone!” However, it is not enough just to have an iPhone, you need to buy the required accessories as well. Of the many accessories, the most vital one is probably the case - which would have to be protective, stylish, elegant and unique - all at the same time. Luckily people who design the cases think the same way! Hence you will be able to find a variety of cases. Some of them are so innovative, you wouldn’t able to figure if that is a iPhone case at all! And I say in the positive way, they are so innovative, they set the trends! So, read on if you’re dying to find out - here’s our compilation of the fifteen most innovative and stylish iPhone 4 cases.
1. Gold and Wood iPhone

Gold and Wood iPhone
Gold and Wood iPhoneGold and Wood iPhone best to dress up your iPhone
This 18 Karat gold jacket made by Gresso studios, is the king of iPhone cases. The structure is made with African blackwood and coated with 18 Karat gold. The price is yet to be decided. It has a similar look and feel to it like Gresso’s $3000 iPhone 4 case. It’s hard to make an estimate of such a product, but needless to say, it brings delight in the ears of iPhone owners to even know that such a case exists. How thoughtful, indeed!
2. Wood Camera iPhone 4 Case

Wood Camera iPhone 4 Case
Wood Camera iPhone 4 CaseCool Designed Wooden Camera iPhone 4 Case
This case has been designed in a way to make it look like an old school vintage camera. Crafted out of Bamboo and walnut barks, this little beauty is “Da Bomb!” Made with the profuse usage of laser technology, this case will not only protect your “blue eyed boy,” but also give it this awesome forest camouflage. It makes it look like a vintage camera. So, do you want to get out there in between hundreds of iPhone owners and stand out? Less than $45, and nothing else matters…
3. Vers iPhone/ iPod cases
VersVers iphone ipod cases
The Vers iPhone iPod case is a graceful piece of wood art, which can fit both an iPhone and an iPad well into it! Made with bamboo and hardwood, this durable and stylish looking piece can protect your iPhone from scratches and burns and make it look elegant at the same time. This case is also moisture and UV resistant, so when they say scratch and burn proof, they mean it! What more? Yes, there’s more, you can even check the time in your iPhone through a specially designed see through section in the case and there is also a quick-eject button at the lower vertical end of the case. Visa power or not, go get it! Price ranges from $17.49 to $79.99.
4. BEAMS x master-piece Wooden iPhone 4 Case

BEAMS x master-piece
BEAMS x master-pieceBEAMS x master-piece Wooden iPhone 4 Case
Made in a joint venture by the collaboration of Japanese brands BEAMS and MSPC(master-piece), this little baby has been crafted from dark brown wood to get that elegant and sexy texture. The carving was done in Indonesia with the finest wood available. Stylish and steady wins the race!
5. Handmade iPhone case/box

Handmade iPhone case/box
Handmade iPhone case/boxHandmade cool desined iPhone case/box
Costing $84.99, this handmade iPhone case is crafted out of wenge and polished with linseed oil. It’s rock solid, elegant looking and smoother than supermodel skin. The interiors of the case was built in the perfect measurements of the iPhone, to give it solid clutch and fit. Add a natural aesthetic to super digital iPhone, get the best of both worlds!
6. Imperfect $70 wooden iPhone Case

ImperfectImperfect $70 wooden iPhone Case
Well it’s not at all imperfect to say the least! It’s ‘back to nature’ style and design, has a great aesthetic appeal and it feels great in the palms. Covered on the sides, this case was built to optimize usage while inside the case. It leaves the screen open for usage while it is in the case. Priced at $70, it provides value for money.
7. Shellcase for iPhone 4

ShellcaseShellcase for iPhone 4

Here’s another wood work masterpiece by Vers. Steel reinforced like every Vers wooden case, this case has a scratch resistant lining, multiple opening for headphones, chargers etc. and has great soft and warm feeling to it because of the lining. Available at Vers stores for $39.99, it’s absolutely worth the price.
8. Substrata'S Wood Case

SubstrataSubstrata'S Wood Case
If you think that all wooden iPhone cases are more or less similar, then this woodwork by Substrata is sure to burst your bubble. These Substrata cases are too made from wood and offer durability, but with an added touch of organic elegance. These cases come with variety of flavors like wenge, walnut, paduak, maple and wenge with paduak etc. Prices range from $84.99 to $124.99. You can check out all their models at their official website substrata.
9. IWood Luxurious Wooden Case

iWoodiWood Luxurious Wooden Case
The iWood wooden case is truly an affordable luxury. Priced at about $95, it is available in different flavors like walnut, cherry, mahogany, oak etc. These cases are handmade and if pre-ordered they can be customized and engraved as per your choice. This will add some man made beauty and artistic touch to your already awesome iPhone.
10. Root iPhone Cases

RootRoot iPhone Cases
These cases are handcrafted with great attention to detail and accuracy. Costs only $59, and they are available in four different flavors - walnut, zebrawood, wenge and bamboo. These cases are built to be hard, durable and dense. With some fine polishing, they are so smooth that they’ll slip through your hands and land straight into your heart.
11. Miniot x Staple Wood iPhone Case

Miniot x Staple
Miniot x StapleMiniot x Staple Wood iPhone Case
An exceptional case designed by Miniot and staple, carved from a single piece of wood. You can engrave your own monogram or message in it. So go on, bring the sophistication in your iPhone case with a touch of nature.

Another great piece of wood work by Root. These bamboo iPhone cases are made from pure bamboo wood and priced at $59. These are available in walnut, wenge and zebra flavors. These come with customizing options so you can make all the necessary ports for chargers, headphones etc.

13. Zebrawood iPhone case

ZebrawoodZebrawood iPhone case
The Zebrawood iPhone case personifies craftsmanship and durability. You can access your iPhone while it is inside the case. This gorgeous $85 zebrawood iPhone case is just as much worth protecting as your iPhone is; but that’s what makes it even more beautiful. It is the protector!
14. Bamboo iPhone Case

Bamboo iPhone Case
Bamboo iPhone CaseiPhone Case made from Bamboo
Designed at Portland and Oregon, you can choose between plain classic cases, artist’s designed cases or your very own custom made cases. These cases are hand crafted with 100% bamboo wood and polished and finished with natural wax. The bamboo cases are available in 7 different colors.
15. Wooden iPhone holder PH001

iPhone holder PH001
iPhone holder PH001Wooden iPhone holder PH001
Okay, this is last in our list for a reason. You have variety o flavor options like pine, birch, ash, Oak etc. It’s finished with eco positive lubricants to endure grim torture and yet save your iPhone from even a teensy-weensy scratch. And the price? Only $13!

Posted: 20 Sep 2011 09:52 PM PDT
Radhicka S Saxena:
Rotating Wind Tower
Rotating Wind TowerRotating Wind Power Tower in Dubai
Creativity and aesthetics are hallmarks of modern day architecture. Another spectacle achieved in this century is the rotating constructions that move around giving a complete view of the sites outside. Many buildings, especially towering skyscrapers are being designed to spin around. Such a panoramic view can also be enjoyed from individual houses that swivel around. There is even a lighthouse and wind tower in the list that can accomplish this feat. A hotel in Europe is also being constructed with the ability to spin around giving guests a chance of get different views from the room. Let's take a look at a few such dynamic architectural wonders.
1. Michael Jantzen's Revolving R-House
Revolving R-House
Revolving R-HouseMichael Jantzen's Revolving R-House
Constructed from Accoya, a new variety of sustainable and high performance wood, this vacation home can be assembled on site. On the exterior are rotating walls that shelter from wind and the sun while the central room is encased by four screens which can have multiple arrangements. It uses eco friendly technology like wind turbines, rainwater harvesting and photovoltaic cells, etc.
2. Environmentally Friendly Rotating House
Rotating House
Rotating HouseEnvironmentally Friendly Rotating House
Designed to rotate around the central axis, this creation of Rolf Disch is powered by solar energy. The front of this house has a triple-glazed glass while the back is insulated to keep the interiors cool during warm climate conditions.
3. Rotating Tower Planned For Dubai
Rotating Tower
Rotating TowerRotating tower for Jumeirah Village
Penthouses that turn around is an amusing mechanism that is under construction at the Jumeirah Village in Dubai. The 15 story tower will have the top 5 floors spinning around at a speed preset by the residents. At the summit of the tower is a villa that will rotate and also accommodate parking space for three vehicles and a car lift.
4. Spinning Lighthouses
Spinning Lighthouses
Spinning LighthousesEngineer Don Dunick Creates a Rotating Living Space.
The brainchild of Don Dunick in New Zealand, it took about 18 years to develop this idea and come up with a working plan. Now, he has even taken up contracts for similar such projects in North America. A crane mounted on a pedestal rotates the construction all the way round to 360 degrees.
5. Revolving House
Revolving House
Revolving Houserevolving white building
A beautiful building with an aesthetic construction is designed to circle around. All the floors of this building will spin around. The building has a magnificent white hue and a posh modern construction.
6. Rotating Wind Power Tower
Rotating Wind Tower
Rotating Wind TowerRotating Wind Power Tower in Dubai
Reaching for the sky, this towering grandeur structure in Dubai built by the eminent Italian-Israeli architect David Fisher will swivel gloriously. It has self sufficient energy producing mechanism powered by sun and wind.
7. The Rotating Dubai Tower
Rotating towers
Rotating towersBeautiful architectural designs by people.
Yet another project by the inventive and farsighted David Fisher, this is the first building that will stay in motion. The building is about 1,380 feet tall and will accommodate around 80 floors. There will be apartments as well as villas inside the building with parking space inside them.
8. Rotating skyscraper in Moscow
Architectural designs
Architectural designsRevolving architectural designs that will give you a spin.
Another such rotating skyscraper is being built by David Fisher in Moscow. This structure will be a gigantic 1312 feet in height and accommodate around 70 floors. An extremely elite structure, there will be very few similar structures the world over. It will cost around 400 million dollars to construct the building.
9. Dubai Time Residence Rotating Tower
Time Residence Rotating Tower
Time Residence Rotating TowerDubai Time Residence Rotating Tower
Another building that will rotate a full 360 degrees is under construction in Dubai. Powered by solar energy, the building also has huge sized motors that will enable it to turn around a whole 360 degrees over a course of seven days.
10. Solta Island Resort First Rotating Hotel
Solta Island Resort
Solta Island ResortSolta Island Resort Rotating Hotel
With so many residential building incorporating a revolving design, hotels couldn't be left far behind. This structure in Europe will give all its rooms a chance to have a view of the breathtaking Adriatic Sea. It will complete around 1.3 revolutions in a day ensuring that every room gets alternate view of the sea, countryside and fish farm each day. The building will not be very massive; it has three stories and is about 60 meters in diameter.

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Apara Bhattacharya:
Innovative workstation
Innovative workstationthese workstations are functional as well as aesthetically beautiful
With there being a growing demand of innovation in every sphere of life, office desks have also got new looks. Some of these looks might appear to you as quite bizarre while others might look extremely functional, just the one you have been thinking of all these years. Designers across the world have been laboring hard to develop new age office desks that are attractive to look at and functionally much improved too. They might cost a few extra bucks from your pocket in comparison to your traditional office furniture, but they will be your precious possession. Here you will get idea of five such office tables that are innovative and different from the conventional ones.
1. Mini Cooper desk from Britain
Mini cooper work desk
Mini cooper work deskThis work desk is made from the car itself and costs almost equal to the car
This desk is a British product made by the designer Glynn Jenkins. This is characterized by the look of the Mini Cooper car. In reality, each of the Mini Cooper cars had been transformed to an office desk by the designer. Each of the furniture is build according to the specifications of the customers regarding license plate design, material of the desktop, variety of the tires, etc. Even the body of the car is custom painted to match with the decoration of the office where it is intended to set. It is further equipped with a stereo, speakers, fully functional headlight, spotlights, etc. It appears that the extended features are a bit too much for a conventional office ambiance. The price of the desk is about $4400.
2. The house on the table
House on Table
House on TableThis workstation looks like a house mounted on a square table
This office table looks like a house that has been mounted on a large square desk. It is a compact, medium sized office table designed by Soojin Hyun of the company, Design Moong. The extended features of this desk include bookshelves, internal lighting, private chambers with separate doors, etc. The price of the table is $1999.
3. Treadmill workstation
Treadmill work desk
Treadmill work deskIt encourages calorie burning while at work
Have you ever thought of a workstation that will also serve as your gym? This working desk is the result of the intensive research of Dr. James Levine of Mayo Clinic. He is an expert in thermogenesis, which is an activity devoid of exercises but aims to burn calories. He has shown how remaining glued to the computer in office can be combined with treadmill exercises to loose around 57 extra pounds in a year. Thus, the treadmill workstation is convenient exercise equipment too, that promotes healthy living. It is a compact structure having a working desk, a computer, and a treadmill and is available in two models, one stationary, and another movable. It is priced at $479.99.
4. Plane part office desk
Plane part work desk
Plane part work deskDesk made from the body parts of retired aircraft
This is a creative effort of MotoArt to transform the retired and non-functional warplanes and military jets into office desks. Various parts of such airplanes are used to make sleek, modern looking and fully equipped office desks. For instance, the office desk model, by name Douglas DC6 Cowling desk, has been made by important parts of a retired aircraft that could house engines of Pratt and Whitney. Likewise, a military bomber went into the making of the modern office desk, B-25 Mitchell Bomber Airplane Desk, which comprises of all the needs of the executives along with stunning unconventional look, like the metallic portion of the aircraft's wing. A tempered glass covering is mounted on the top of it. The price of the desk is between $1000.00 and $6800, depending on the airplane parts and models used.
5. Nethrone workstation
Nethrone work desk
Nethrone work deskthis work desk is based on the principles of ergonomics at work place
Nethrone has created a working desk based on the principles of ergonomics at work place. This desk comprises of a tilted massaging chair and a monitor in the front. The angle of the display screen and the keyboard is adjusted as the seat moves. It has an accommodation of three monitors at a time, along with an extra side arm rest and speakers when needed. It releases the strain of sitting for longer durations in a same position in the office. It is priced at $1999.

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Apara Bhattacharya:
creative urban rooftops
creative urban rooftopsdifferent urban rooftops
The raging problem in the urban sector is scarcity of space. With every passing day this is getting aggravated due to the increase in population in the urban sector along with the migration of further people from the rural sector. Thus, there is even more shortage of space every day. Designers and creative architects have thought of temporary and permanent roof tops and pods that will solve the shortage of space to some extent. These extended additions are mounted on the flat roofs of houses and are capable enough to accommodate quite a lot of people. Here are eight such creative roof tops for urban sector.
1. Loftcube living room

LoftcubeA living room on the rooftop
This extended addition to a flat room not only serves as a functional attachment, but also improves the aesthetic quality of a conventional roof. This rooftop is made fully from glass and has an ultramodern look. It aims at providing a low cost yet smart living. This attachment is transportable by means of a helicopter and can be mounted on any flat roof.
2. A Room for London hotel
A Room for London
A Room for Londonrooftop restaurant in London
This creative rooftop, by name A Room of London, has been designed at the Southbank Center in London. This rooftop looks like a boat made from paper. It is designed to serve as a rooftop hotel with all the basic facilities needed for the purpose, along with a wide angled view of Thames.
3. Hotel Everland over Palais de Tokyo
Hotel Everland
Hotel EverlandA hotel extension on the roof
Designed and launched in an art exhibition in 2007, Everland is a rooftop extension that is now an extended part of the famous hotel in Paris, Palais de Tokyo, since two years. This roof top division of the hotel provides the guests with an undisturbed view of the Eiffel tower.
4. Module Electrolux: Paris Pop-Up Restaurant
Module electrolux
Module electroluxa rooftop extension that serves as a hotel
This creative and mountable rooftop is designed by the architect Pascal Grasso. This is a temporary rectangular structure made from glass and the central part of the structure is covered with metal. Module Electrolux is a rooftop restaurant that specializes in Japanese food and have sitting provisions of twelve persons at a time.

5. Hanover House Warehouse Conversion

Hangover house
Hangover housea contrast of modern rooftop with ethnic Victorian warehouse

This creative rooftop at Bradford in England is sure to grab the attention of passers by. It has been mounted on a Victorian warehouse that is characterized by the ethnic looks of England in the yesteryear. The rooftop is a sharp contrast to the appearance of this ethnic warehouse and bears a modern, sculpted look. It also meshes with the building located just at the side of this warehouse. It is designed by English designers Kraus and Schoenberg.

6. Rooftop Office by Coop Himmelb(l)au

Rooftop office
Rooftop officeA light weight yet durable structure supported by metal frames

This is the extension of an office. Instead of spreading conventionally, this office extended upwards to cope up with the shortage of available horizontal space. Located at Vienna in Austria, this rooftop extension was designed by the architectural firm Coop Himmelb(I) au. The extension is extremely light weight, but durable and compact and is supported by steel frame.

7. Rogers Home in London

Roger's room
Roger’s roomAn extended living area built in London

The large family of six members of Zad Rogers of London found it difficult to stay with ease with the space that was available to them in their apartment. But the dear price of property in London and the lack of sufficient finance prevented them from buying a larger apartment. Thus, Rogers devised a roof top extension over the warehouse that will be built on a steel frame and bolted to several concrete beams built on the flat rooftop.

8. National Museum Extension in Poznan

National Museum, Poland
National Museum, PolandThis extension still remains in the concept stage

This rooftop extension was conceptualized by the Polish architect, Claudio Silverstrin. It was supposed to be installed on the rooftop of the National Museum at Poznan in Poland. It was thought to serve dual purpose, as a museum extension and also as an elevator to carry visitors to the top floor of the building. But unfortunately, this remained in the concept stage only.

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