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Ten Amazing Future Technology

Posted: 22 Sep 2011 06:24 AM PDT
Mayuri Goswami:
Hedonics Solar Umbrella
Hedonics Solar UmbrellaA high-tech umbrella that runs on solar power
As the lyrics of the popular nursery rhyme says “Rain rain go away,Come again another day”, you no longer need to chase the rain away since hi-tech umbrellas have made their entry into the global market. These futuristic umbrellas can forecast the weather, click pictures and upload them and can even play some music for you. You just need to carry these amazing gadgets with you and protect yourself from the rain in a sophisticated way. Check out this list of some hi-tech umbrellas to beat the rain.

1. Light Saber Umbrella

Light Saber Umbrella
Light Saber UmbrellaThis nylon umbrella lights up to look like a real light saber
The Light Saber Umbrella can be a part of your valuable sci-fi collection. This 40 inch umbrella from, characterizes a telescoping action and really lights up like a true light saber. This limited edition high-tech umbrella comes with a price tag of $99.99 and if you are a very big Star Wars fan, then this umbrella is definitely going to be a great buy.

2. Nano Nuno Umbrella

NanoNuno Umbrella
NanoNuno UmbrellaAn umbrella that doesn’t get wet in the rain
The revolutionary Nano Nuno Umbrella from the house of Pro-Idee, UK, works on nanotechnology for rolling off moisture from its body. It is made of polyester fabric and measures 38-inches in diameter. It stands on a good quality wooden handle. The Nano Nuno costs $98 USD and if you are looking for a quick drying high-tech umbrella, then it is the best option,

3. Ambient Forecasting Umbrella

Ambient Forecasting Umbrella
Ambient Forecasting UmbrellaAn umbrella that can forecast the weather
This high-tech umbrella can predict the weather by tuning in to The handle of the Ambient Forecasting Umbrella gets illuminated whenever there is the possibility of rain, drizzle, snow, or thunderstorms. This advanced umbrella works on a AAA battery and costs $129.

4. Pileus: The Internet Umbrella

Pileus: The Internet Umbrella
Pileus: The Internet UmbrellaThis Wi-Fi-enabled umbrella has a built-in camera.
The Pileus has been designed and developed by Shingo Iwata, Sho Hashimoto and Takashi Matsumot. This umbrella is connected to the internet and provides you a very exciting rain walk. It is loaded with a large screen on the top surface, an in-built camera, GPS, a motion sensor and a digital compass.The user can click pictures or shoot videos with this umbrella and upload them in Flickr or YouTube in just two minutes. It also has a RFID reader in its handle which when twisted helps in scrolling the contents of the websites. It also functions as a 3D map and gives a 3D bird view around you.

5. My Day

My Day
My DayIt is a combination of the Forecasting Umbrella and the Pileus Umbrella.
The My Day umbrella is a mix of the Pileus Umbrella and the Forecasting Umbrella and has been conceptualized and designed by Hsiao Yong-li. This spectacular umbrella has an ePaper display on its underside and also plays music that matches the image.You can change the picture according to your mood with a slight twist in the handle of the umbrella. this umbrella is still a future concept.

6. Bumpbrella

BumpbrellaThis see-through umbrella allows you to spot who or what’s in front of you.
The sophisticated umbrella called Bumpbrella comes from the house of RKS Design. This unique see-through umbrella is a good option if you have to walk in heavy traffic. It will prevent you from bumping into other people. Thanks to its transparent top. It is also loaded with three bright LEDs which helps you to get noticed even at a rainy night.

7. Hedonics Solar Umbrella

Hedonics Solar Umbrella
Hedonics Solar UmbrellaA high-tech umbrella that runs on solar power
The high-tech Hedonics Solar umbrella runs on solar energy and is characterized by 16 white LEDs that gets its power from in-built solar panels in order to give mood lighting. These LEDs lasts for about four hours which is enough for a romantic dinner with your beloved. It comes with a price tag of $129.99 and is good if you are looking for a green date.

Posted: 22 Sep 2011 06:19 AM PDT
Aruna Garuda:
If you are one of the lucky ones who own an iPhone, then you must read on to know how well you can flaunt it off with amazing designer iPhone cases that are available in the market today. Ever since iPhones have been released, the market is flooded with a variety of iPhone cases. Those who have taken costly iPhone no doubt would invest some more money to protect their iPhone by putting it in an iPhone case. Your possessiveness for your iPhone will be displayed in such a way that it would gain attention, no matter where you are. If only you want to, you have immense choice of protecting your dear iPhone. If what you are looking for and would not mind spending money on it, your iPhone case would speak a lot for your style and status. If you are not bothered about the price tag of the designer iPhone cases, then this is one awesome way of showing off as well as giving your iPhone the protection it needs. Most of these designer iPhone cases are made of Tuscan leather, carbon fiber, mahogany, alligator skin, ostrich skin, and gold embellished with diamonds studded designs. However, with so much variety and choice available in the market, it might be difficult for you to zero in on the iPhone case that you may want to buy. If you have decided to buy a designer iPhone case for your iPhone, to make your choice easier, we have listed the 10 best designer iPhone cases that range from $180 to over $100,000.
1. GnG "Golden Delicious"
Price: Above $100,000
GnG “Golden Delicious”GnG “Golden Delicious” Can be customized as desired.
If money is not a criterion and you would want to have the most expensive iPhone case in the world, you can go for this beauty by GnG "Golden Delicious" which has shaped into what it is today, with hard work put in from its manufacturers for more than 12 months. Are you wondering as to why this iPhone case comes with this hefty price tag? It is because this designer iPhone case features a sub-shell of 1mm, which is made of 140 grams of 18k gold, and there are 200 diamonds and an inlay of carbon fiber. In addition, to talk about the outer frame, its logo is made up of another 400 diamonds and can be customized if desired. As this is a customizable product, the prices may vary according to the materials that go into the designing aspect. However, you can be rest assured that once you own this, it will definitely stand out wherever you go and will be one of the most prized possessions in all your collections. Unless you are ultra rich, you would not dare treating yourself to this awesome piece of case.
USP: Can be customized as desired.
Pros: The costliest iPhone case available in the world.
Cons: Need to be very careful as could be an eye of envy wherever you go.
2. Diamond iPhone case
Price: $20,000
Diamond iPhone Case
Diamond iPhone CaseReal diamond studded beautiful Diamond iPhone case.
If you do not mind to shell out a case that is 50 times the price of your iPhone then it is perfectly fine for you to go for this Diamond iPhone case. It is made of about 3.5 carats of 42 VVS1 diamonds and it definitely adds the much-needed glitter for your bucks spent on this piece. You are spending just $5,714 per carat. Now is this not a great deal? This would be a perfect gift for her as diamonds are considered girl's best friend. Head to the stores straight away, if you have to make a good investment and the same time, impress your girl too.
USP: Real diamond studded beautiful Diamond iPhone case.
Pros: Diamond iPhone case adds the much needed glitter to your amount spent on it.
Cons: Again you need to be careful to flaunt it off in public. You also need to be mindful that you have decided to spend 50 times more amount than your phone itself.
3. Louis Vuitton iPhone cases
Price: up to $1,120
Louis Vuitton iPhone cases
Louis Vuitton iPhone casesLouis Vuitton iPhone cases offer a good choice of 4 designs and the flaunting off the logo itself shows that the designer iPhone case is priceless.
If you are opting for the Louis Vuitton designer iPhone cases then you can also have a choice of four different varieties of cases that are on offer. You can choose from Taiga Leather, Monogram Canvas, Epi Leather, and Alligator Skin. The LV logo itself shows that the iPhone case that you are flaunting is practically priceless. Very few people would be interested in spending so much on an iPhone case. The prices start from $225 for Monogram Canvas case to $1120 for Alligator Skin cases. Unfortunately, these expensive iPhone cases commit a serious sin of covering the screen of the phone, thus it may not be much appealing for few probable consumers.
USP: Louis Vuitton iPhone cases offer a good choice of four designs and the flaunting off the logo itself shows that the designer iPhone case is priceless.
Pros: Possessing a designer iPhone case itself gives a status symbol. You have good variety and the range also differs.
Cons: The iPhone case covers the screen of the iPhone and hence not many might like this aspect.
4. Softbank BB Samurai, iPhone case
Price: $1000
Softbank BB-Samurai- iPhone case
Softbank BB-Samurai- iPhone caseThe iPhone case designs have an aesthetic traditional appeal of the traditional Japanese lacqueware.
Giving an aesthetic look of the lacqueware of traditional ancient Japanese culture, this iPhone case from Softbank-BB when adorns your iPhone, it sure would get second glances from all. These iPhone cases, i.e., five famous Samurai's from Japan's history have been very beautifully incepted on the iPhone cases. It takes us back in time and is very attractive and pleasing to the eye. In collaboration with 350-year-old company, these iPhone cases have been designed with much interest. Each design of the iPhone case comes with different cloth pouch.
USP: The iPhone case designs have an aesthetic appeal of the traditional Japanese lacqueware.
Pros: You will have a choice of choosing 5 iPhone cases, i.e., five famous historical Samurai stories from Japan. You will get different cloth pouches with each case. Owning one of these pieces would leave memories of unforgettable tales from the Japanese culture in everybody's minds.
Cons: There is nothing much negative about these cases.
5. iWood + Ryou
Price: $454
iWood + Ryou
iWood + RyouFinest true works of art.
iPhone cases from Miniot's iWood have been upgraded by Ryou Co, Ltd. The artists that designs unique iPhone cases use pigment, raw lacquer from Chinese, clear lacquer and also silver foil which no wonder turns the cases into one of Miniot's pre-existing posh cherry iWood lovely casts. This surely is transformed into true works of art.
USP: Finest true works of art.
Pros: It is very sleek and beautiful.
Cons: People feel that these iPhone cases are slightly overpriced.
6. GlitterRing iPhone cover
Price: $379 to $399
GlitterRing iPhone Cover
GlitterRing iPhone CoverGlitterRing is Available in wide range of colors and designs.
GlitteRing's iPhone cases come in a range of designs and colors. All the favorite colors are imbibed in their iPhone cases. Whether you like pink or the golden color, you can get them slathered on iPhone 3GS or 3G in the form of more than 1,000 Swarovski crystals, which are genuine. Just in case your case is damaged, you need not worry as this case comes along with a repair kit too which has extra crystals. Hence, you can be assured of the continued usage of this iPhone case from GlitteRing.
USP: Available in wide range of colors and designs.
Pros: It comes with a repair kit so that you need not worry of any damages that might happen to your iPhone case. You have a lot of color range to choose from.
Cons: Swarovski crystals are too many and the chances are high that they may fall off quite frequently. It is good for occasional usage.
7. Orbino Strada
Price: Up to $319
Orbino Strada
Orbino StradaHandmade unique iPhone cases. Has a belt clip that can be propped up to view videos on your desk.
This is the only designer iPhone case made of the finest Italian leather. However, that one thing that makes the Strada a unique brand is because of its patented belt pedestal. This belt clip is not only removable but it is also made up of a metal called Palladium. You can use this belt to prop up your iPhone to watch videos at your desk. Now you need not worry about any viewing apparatus in your office. The Strada features a screen protector and has connector access. Strada is hand-stitched and this automatically makes the case at least twice as good. The cases of iPhone offered from Strada begins at $99, but if you pay more you can get one custom made iPhone cases which are made of variety of gentle wood-land creatures from ostrich ($249) to crocodile ($319).
USP: Handmade unique iPhone cases. It has a belt clip that can be propped up to view videos on your desk.
Pros: Has a screen protector and connector access.
Cons: There are no negative reviews so far for this product.
8. Swarovski Wildcat
Price: $299.99
Swarovski Wildcat
Swarovski WildcatUnique iPhone cases which have the Swarovski crystals that are arranged by hand in a leopard spot pattern design.
Swarovski crystals are famous all over the world. This iPhone case features Swarovski crystals that are arranged by hand in a leopard spot pattern design. Every piece of these designer iPhone cases is unique. The easily snapped on case is very protective and aesthetically pleasing too. Only drawback being that the customer would be unaware of the materials that have been used to create this crystal hard case.
USP: Unique iPhone cases having the Swarovski crystals that are arranged by hand in a leopard spot pattern design.
Pros: The case can be easily snapped on and it protects the screen of the iPhone. The case is very pleasing to the eye.
Cons: The materials that has been used to create the crystal hard case is not disclosed to the customer.
9. SGP Ott Paint Ultra Thin Gariz Case- Limited Edition
Price: $249.99
SGP Ott Paint Ultra Thin Gariz Case- Limited Edition
SGP Ott Paint Ultra Thin Gariz Case- Limited EditionThe material used to prepare this iPhone case is flame and heat resistant and is also waterproof, antibacterial and mothproof.
This iPhone case, which is jointly created by Gariz Design & United SGP Corporation, is no doubt beautifully painted with Ott. Ott is a special chemical paint, which is both flame retardant and heat resistant. It is also waterproof, antiseptic, antibacterial, and moth proof. The iPhone case comes with a leather sleeve and protects for both screen and the Apple logo. However, as this is a limited edition collection from the company, if you want to own one, you need to hurry, as there are only 50 of these premium iPhone cases available.
USP: The material used to prepare this iPhone case is flame and heat resistant and is also waterproof, antibacterial, and mothproof.
Pros: It is a limited edition collection.
Cons: As it is a limited edition collection , chances of one getting hold of a iPhone case would be meek.
10. Ultra Case Luxury Edition Royal Crown
Price: $179.99
Ultra Case Luxury Edition Royal Crown
Ultra Case Luxury Edition Royal CrownThe stunning rows of Swarovski crystals let's everybody know who the boss is.
The huge, heart shaped artificial crystal, which is fixed to the back of this iPhone case claim the cost. It also has stunning rows of Swarovski crystals topped with a royal jeweled crown and will let everyone around know who is in charge. The iPhone case is quite bulky and it is not for anyone who wants a slim case. However, the decorations that are made on the iPhone case makes your encased phone at-least half again as deep as the phone is.
USP: The stunning rows of Swarovski crystals let everybody know who the boss is.
Pros: Decorations on this phone is very good and would stand as a centre of attraction wherever you go.
Cons: The iPhone case is very bulky and if you are the type to use sleek cases, then this might not be of your liking.

Posted: 22 Sep 2011 06:09 AM PDT
Dattatreya Mandal:
Chuckanut Ridge House
Chuckanut Ridge HouseDesigned by Seattle based Prentiss Architects
A house can be considered as one place where a person finds ultimate peace. Starting from the igloos, roofed huts to faux chateaus, a house is among the very few places where an individual can experience complete tranquility of physical safety as well as psychological retirement. Housing as a part of the construction industry also forms a significant component of our overall economy. In relation to this, conventional housing construction does allude to substantial levels of carbon output, like in Britain, it accounted for 30 percent of all carbon emissions.
So, with an eye at the very future, there has been a spurt of eco-friendly housing solutions in sync with the current trends of architecture. Let us check out seven such sustainable homes that have the potentiality to reduce your carbon footprint.
1. EDGE house

EDGE house
EDGE houseModular house designed by Revelations Architects
Contrived as a part of an scientific endeavor, the EGDE ((Experimental Dwelling for a Greener Environment) is 320 sq ft modular house designed by Revelations Architects. Located along the naturalistic woods, in Chequamegon Bay, Wisconsin, the dwelling was wholly constructed from the locally available timber. Other ingenious design considerations correspond to a much lower carbon output. These features include rainwater collection facilities, geothermic heating and cooling, passive solar windows insulated exterior shutter doors for relegation of heat loss during the cold nights.
2. Mod.Fab

Mod.FabDesigned by Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture
Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, the Mod.Fab is strikingly contemporary in its visual essence and adamantly green in its embodiment. Actually located in the middle of a desert outside of Phoenix, Arizona, every design element in this pre-fabricated dwelling has been strategically conceived to cope up with the outside adverse conditions. The single bedroom construction has sustainable features such as natural ventilation, water harvesting and even water recycling facilities. Moreover, the house will also be powered off-grid by a system of conspicuous photovoltaic arrays.
3. KH Home's solar-powered house

KH Home's solar-powered house
KH Home's solar-powered houseVisually akin to the Ranch style houses of America
Visually akin to the Ranch style houses of America, the architects here have tried to seamlessly balance the predominant style with sustainable attributes. The dwelling in itself is powered by clean solar energy, with its hidden system distributed along the roof edges. But the primary novel feature of this house design would be its utilization of advanced building materials in the form of those roof tiles. These roof tiles are infused with a sort of special catalyst that accentuates the level of oxidation (on exposure to sun) and thus nullifying the effect of nitrogen oxide (that contributes to smog).
4. Fincube

FincubeDesigned by German firm Studio Aisslinger
Located at an altitude of 1200 meters, in the picturesque setting of Bozen, Italy, this sustainable house design from German company Studio Aisslinger follows a simplistic linear plan. In sync with the sparse surrounding, the house is minimalist in its bearing with a perforated cladding that provides both better views and natural ventilation. The structure is constructed from locally available larch, while on the inside the user comfort level is regulated by an ‘intelligent’ facade that is controlled by a central touch pad.
5. Chuckanut Ridge House

Chuckanut Ridge House
Chuckanut Ridge HouseDesigned by Seattle based Prentiss Architects
Innovative planning can even turn the most mundane of things into something creative. Designers from Seattle based Prentiss Architects have exactly done that by utilizing obtrusive solar panels as a component of visual allure, in the Chuckanut Ridge House. Located in Bellingham, Washington, the gargantuan size of the photovoltaic system actually allows the low carbon house to go completely off grid. Moreover, due to the rainy climate of Washington, the architects have also incorporated a rainwater collecting system along the roofing.
6. Houl

HoulConceived by Simon Winstanley architects
A sustainable housing design is not always defined by its conventional green features like solar power systems or water harvesting facilities. Sometimes, architectural considerations like orientation, building materials and even the overall gradient of the site can be used to facilitate low carbon output. The Houl conceived by Simon Winstanley architects is one such prime example of such as a holistic design. Situated in beautiful town of Castle Douglas in Scotland, each and every facet of this house has been envisaged to contribute a nigh zero carbon footprint. The conception also features high levels of insulation, natural ventilation system and even clean electricity generation by wind turbines.
7. Home for Life

Home for Life
Home for LifeDesigned by Danish architects AART
Touted as the very first ‘active house’ on the face of our planet, this contemporary house designed by Danish architects AART is a full fledged sustainable residential project. Infused with an intelligent system comprising of in-built solar cells, a solar pump, heat sensors, automatic windows and a natural lighting mechanism, the house actually produces more energy than it consumes. This fervently green side is enhanced by a clean yet subtle linear look that scores high on aesthetics.

Posted: 22 Sep 2011 04:17 AM PDT
Jaspreet Kaur Walia:
MORPHotelMORPHotel by Gianluca Santosuosso
There are a lot of hotels that manage to leave an everlasting impression with the way they are constructed. The architectural marvels force people to drop their jaws in surprise and savor the uniqueness they come wrapped in. Joining the league is the MORPHotel, which will leave you awestruck with its beauty. The amazing project is a brainchild of Gianluca Santosuosso who is an ex student of IAAC. Santosuosso came up with the concept when he was a part of the MAA Self Sufficient Buildings Development Studio that was directed by Willy Muller.
Picture Gallery
MORPHotel by Gianluca Santosuosso
The breathtaking hotel will be formed by assembling mobile habitable units. These units can navigate the sea just like cruise ship and will be easily able to adjust as per the weather conditions and the shape of the site. The structure is linear and has a heavy resemblance with the human vertebral spine. Just like the spine even this structure will have a lot of suppleness and the various units can be assembled in a flexible manner. The main vertebra will consist of the reception, catering services and the overall administration. On the other hand, the two extreme ends will consist of hotel rooms which will help customers relax and beat stress. They look like capsules that have been fixed to the spine of an organism and will be an ultimate call of luxury and comfort.
The sumptuous rooms will range from glass rooms that will be at the same height as the water level to independent luxury rooms that can function as a boat and move around. The hotel can morph from one form to other in a wink. It will let explore different parts of the world by stopping for a period of time in various cities. MORPHotel will not move very fast like a cruise ship and will unfurl an opportunity to relish the surroundings in a truly exceptional way.
Via: Evolo

Posted: 22 Sep 2011 03:41 AM PDT
Mayuri Goswami:
FlexbookFujitsu Concept Tablet-Notebook by hao-chun huang
Technological advancements have greatly benefited mankind. Innovative thinking and emerging concepts have given rise to the development of many new products which in turn have made our lives simpler and more comfortable. There has been a great transition in the field of technology. The products which were once considered to be highly advanced are being replaced by more sophisticated ones. This rapid change is the result of fresh ideas and insight of some talented designers that are cropping out almost every day. It’s hard to say which direction we are moving to. Only time will tell what is going to come next. Different technological concepts are regularly developing for a better and easy future. Check out this list of some electronic device concepts that hopefully turns true.
1. iPod Shuffle 2020
iPod Shuffle 2020
iPod Shuffle 2020Designed by José Ignacio Martínez
The iPod Shuffle 2020 is a music player concept designed and developed by Jose Ignacio Martínez. This portable device can store unlimited music and has a very high battery capacity. The music gets transferred through G3 Internet to the user’s iTunes account and then to the shuffle’s inner receptor. The device automatically updates itself when turned on because it is always in sync with the music in the user’s computer. Even the battery gets recharged automatically through the G3 waves.
The futuristic iPod Shuffle 2020 uses Hyper Sound System technology, wherein the listener can enjoy music with the help of ultrasound waves without the help of any earphones. The user has to push the power button to turn on this device and also has to hold the Power button in order to play the next song. The shuffle is equipped with Multi Touch technology for controlling the played music and also the Voice over technology for telling the details of the song to the listener via voice message.
2. Apple black hole device
Apple black hole device
Apple black hole deviceDesigned by French designer Josselin Zaïgouche
The Apple black hole device is an identical cellphone concept developed and designed for the year 2020 by Josselin Zaigouche. It works on the holographic technology for controlling the web applications and all other functions. This holographic phone features a Black Hole, a prism and a charging base. When holding the device in your hand if you suddenly open your hand the central ball gets levitated which allows the controlling of the functions mid-air. The Black hole can also function as a desktop device on attachment to the charging base.
3.Self cleaning auto ordering refrigerator
Self cleaning auto ordering refrigerator
Self cleaning auto ordering refrigeratorThis high-tech fridge teaches you how to cook with your leftovers and also re-orders fresh food.
This Self cleaning auto ordering refrigerator, designed in UK, is the end result of the collaboration between an online supermarket Ocado and the scientists of the University of Central Lancashire. This self cleaning device cuts down on wasted food and can also offer you some interesting recipes after scanning the food items kept in its shelves. It can also order food items from the supermarket for home delivery and then organize these items by date for proper use. Web-based cooking shows can be displayed in this fridge through wireless connectivity as well.
Nano-articulated technology has been employed by this smart fridge for sending soon to be eaten food items to the front shelves. Moreover, this fridge’s door uses ultrasound-scanning technology for easy capture and swipe of food served on a plate before and after meals.

4. Holographic televisions
Holographic televisions
Holographic televisionsFor expensive window displays and corporate 3D spectacular product launches for the likes of BMW and Honda.
The Holographic Television works by the mechanism of trapping light at certain angles and then allowing it to project on the holographic screen. In this process other lights can easily pass through the glass chamber and so the effect of a floating image gets created. You can view these 3D televisions from any angle of your choice and for this you don’t even need glasses unlike other 3D screens. This futuristic television can be connected to other gadgets like XBOX, DVD, Playstation and also satellite systems. When it’s switched off it looks like any other ordinary glass sheet.
5. P-ism Pen Computer
P-ism Pen Computer
P-ism Pen ComputerPen Style Personal Computer
The experimental product P-ism is a Pen Style Personal Computer designed by Tokyo-based NEC Design Ltd. This is a very innovative and unique networking gadget designed for the future. The designers of NEC have described it as a ‘Pen-style Personal Networking Gadget Package’.
6. Flexbook
FlexbookFujitsu Concept Tablet-Notebook by hao-chun huang
The concept of Flexbook has been developed by Hao-chun-huang of Taiwan, China. It is a computing device with many uses. This portable gadget features 21:9 screen and a waterproof keypad. The device can be folded in various ways according to its different configurations. Moreover, it comes with a 180-degree swivel touch screen which helps in providing different views like a laptop and tablet mode. You can use it as a book for reading books in the internet, as a tablet for reading newspapers, or as laptop. This device comes with different colors and patterned textures.
7. Origami DVD player
Origami DVD player
Origami DVD playerPortable DVD player concept that could be manufactured with a new e-paper
The concept of Origami DVD player has been developed by Mag-Ink in Israel. This futuristic portable DVD player has a folding-screen. The display of this device is a new e-paper which is a totally colored and flexible display. This device can be easily carried along to watch movies while traveling because of its portability.

Posted: 22 Sep 2011 02:51 AM PDT
Purnima Gangta:

Icon Battery
Icon BatteryIcon Battery by Essential TPE
Some interesting concepts have been added to make batteries last long and mainly two areas have been given thrust and those are, its capacity and recharge. Besides these two concepts, many more functions are added to batteries to allow them to run in a multi-functional era. To make you familiar with the multi-functional batteries, we have compiled a list of seven battery designs that ensure that you are packed with power all the time.
1. The Wind Up Battery by Qian Jiang

The Wind Up Battery
The Wind Up BatteryThe Wind Up Battery by Qian Jiang
The concept of recharging the batteries through cranking is brought by Qian Jiang, which is a unique and new concept in the market. The Wind Up battery is a battery cell with a spring handle, which is used for cranking to recharge the batteries. The battery charge will be full by cranking it just for 20 minutes. The green light is indicator of low or empty battery and the red light is shown when the battery power is full. This battery can be recharged by the conventional battery charger, thus providing the flexibility.
2. Hungry Batteries by Mac Funamizu

Hungry Batteries
Hungry BatteriesHungry Batteries by Mac Funamizu
The Hungry Batteries are the batteries that allow us to know about its power capacity. Mac Funamizu has designed the batteries in a manner that they get slimmer and slimmer as they run out of power, indicating the users to recharge it. This is a new concept that allows us to check the power of batteries by just looking at them. The slimmer it is, emptier the battery is.
3. IF Battery Concept by Qian Jiang & Yiying Wu

IF Battery Concept
IF Battery ConceptIF Battery Concept by Qian Jiang & Yiying Wu
It is the era of multi-functioning where a single device functions in many ways and for many purpose. Keeping this thing in mind, Qian Jiang & Yiying Wu designed the IF battery that allows to run the device when they are powered and also has a pin on its top that pops out for charging it. This pin can be plugged into socket directly and eliminates the need for recharging station. This allows you to keep the batteries full of power and ensure that they do not run of power.
4. AtoD Rechargeable Battery by Pyeong Joo Goh, Jong Seung Choi & Ji Soo Hong

AtoD Rechargeable Battery
AtoD Rechargeable BatteryAtoD Rechargeable Battery by Pyeong Joo Goh, Jong Seung Choi & Ji Soo Hong
Batteries need to be of proper size to be fit in a particular device, but in case if bought batteries of wrong size then they are of no use. This cannot be the case if you buy AtoD rechargeable batteries as these are adjustable and can fit to any device that offers you a flexible range of size. These batteries are made up of memory form and have the capability that they can be squeezed to fit in the slot. The batteries can be recharged again and can be reused to fit into all slots. As it's made from memory form, it squishes to the required size in a squeeze. 1.5 Volts of Nickel Hydroxide power is what you get; recharge it and use it.
5. Switch Battery by Ren Tong & Luo Jie

Switch Battery
Switch BatterySwitch Battery by Ren Tong & Luo Jie
Ren Tong & Lue Jie launched the Switch batteries that avoids the wastage of unused power of batteries and provides long life to them. A switch is placed on the batteries that can be put off when unused; actually, you are switching the anode off that prevents the current from flowing. This is a good method of preventing the power of batteries resulting in economy of power, time and energy.
6. Lighting Battery by Lu Yi

Lighting Battery
Lighting BatteryLighting Battery by Lu Yi
Lu Yi launched a normal looking battery with a lighting structure to brighten up the lives of users. These batteries use minitype LED in the opening on anode and cathode of the battery covering the conductive foil under the battery package film, which facilitates on and off functions. The production cost of these batteries is comparatively low as it uses cheaper but quality components. LED provides a long service life and is environment friendly as recycling is achievable. These low cost components add new function to a battery.
7. Icon Battery by Essential TPE

Icon Battery
Icon BatteryIcon Battery by Essential TPE
The Icon battery uses the EL lighting technology and is the first to do so in the world. It is designed for iPhone and matches its sophistication level and delivers the battery power. It shows the battery power status by its EL lighting technology. It can provide power that can feature talk time up to three hours and audio playback up to 18 hours. These Icon batteries are compatible with 3G and 3GS. These batteries can add life to your iPhone and can be carried out when you are running out of power.

Posted: 22 Sep 2011 02:24 AM PDT
Jaspreet Kaur Walia:
Padzilla iPad case
Padzilla iPad casePadzilla iPad case from Crunchy Logistics
The iPad is about to grow in size. Well, don't act surprised as an iPad case named Padzilla is here that will flexibly let the screen of your beloved Apple gadget grows till 150 inches diagonally. The amazing product, by Crunchy Logistics, looks like a huge touch surface just like the Surface table by Microsoft.
Padzilla iPad Case is the size of a standard coffee table and looks life-like. Simply, couple your Apple Gadget, like iPod touch, iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS, with touch screen surface made from glass. The case will have the exact display as your gadget, but in a larger form. The eye-catching iPad case can be customized in a variety of sizes as per a user's whims and fancies. The size of this massive screen can range from 70 to 150 inches diagonally. Wow! Everything will come to life in no time. Play games without missing a single detail and edit documents with a lot of clarity, thanks to the amazing glass screen. Plug your iPad or any Apple gadget into it and see it mirror all actions in no time that too sans any added efforts and complications. Watch movies and chit-chat with friends with the help of a gadget that you would have just dreamt about till date.
If you wish that the Padzilla iPad Case should grace your life then get ready to pay a heavy price for it. The awe-inspiring device will leave your pocket lighter by $30,000 to $40,000 for a 70 inch screen so you can very well imagine what price the 150 inch screen will come tagged with. Now, this sure is a lot of money. If you have already feeling the pinch, then here is something that will cheer you up. The case will be accompanied by an iPad and yes it is absolutely free! Padzilla iPad Case will make onlookers slip into a state of awe and definitely become the center of attraction at your place.

Padzilla iPad casePadzilla iPad case from Crunchy Logistics
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Posted: 22 Sep 2011 01:31 AM PDT
Pratima Kalra:
Weird concept cars at Frankfurt Motor Show
Weird concept cars at Frankfurt Motor ShowWeird concept cars at 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show
The fancy of Frankfurt disciples, both consumers and companies, is being enthralled by the bizarre models being displayed at this year's showcase. Some models have been developed solely as design inspirations for the future and some are realistic future technologies that we might see eloping from the factories onto the roads. From sleek one passenger cars to nine seater cars, all these weird models have earned their space in the show. To know more about these concepts, check out the following.
1. Cadillac Ciel concept

Cadillac Ciel concept
Cadillac Ciel conceptThe striking Cadillac Ciel concept car has been shown off in Europe for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show
The new Cadillac Ciel is 300mm longer than Cadillac CTS saloon. The concept is a four seat convertible with a 3.6 liter twin-turbocharged V6 petrol engine. The new Cadillac is a synthesis between the classics and a dramatic new interior. Its rear hinged door is without pillars, it has 22 inch alloy wheels, and LED headlamps. The seating offers protection against sun with the feature of heated and cooled seats, aromatherapy controlled from the rear armrest, and space for sunglasses, sun cream, and towels. Also passengers can pull out blankets when required.
2. Renault Frendzy

Renault Frendzy
Renault FrendzyRenault presents its ‘Frendzy’ Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show
Inspired by the human life cycle, the fourth edition of the 'Frendzy' Concept is out. These cars are idiosyncratic in their shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. The latest French car represents the stage of managing work and family in the human life cycle. For designing the exterior, designer Deyan Denkov took inspiration from unconventionally shaped aircrafts like the Airbus Beluga. This model comes with bold looks and is highly recommended for a busy lifestyle.
3. Citroën Tubik

Citroën Tubik
Citroën TubikCitroën has officially unveiled its Tubik concept at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, and it’s just as far-out as the renderings led us to believe.
The Citroen design has taken its basic design from The Tub, which is the old Type H van. This being a nine passenger modular car, the seating arrangement can be modified in many ways. It is perfect from the comfort and relaxation point of view, imbibed with a lounge-style cocoon. Powered by Hybrid4 technology, a diesel engine turns the front wheels, while the rear wheels are turned using an electric motor. The interior is the differentiating factor with felt seats, backrests, door panels draped in silk, and leather flooring.
4. Forvision concept

Forvision concept
Forvision conceptSmart Forvision Concept at 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.
Smart ForTwo cars will be seen on the streets around 2014, but for this year's Frankfurt Auto Show, Smart Forvision is all set. Forvision has been developed by Daimler, Smart's parent company, and Nissan. Forvision will be powered from the rear by gasoline, electric powertrains, and diesel. For the design part, the company hired a German designer from BASF, a chemicals giant in Germany. This company has designed for Forvision plastic wheels and carbon fiber resin passenger cell. Solar panels will be mounted at the roof for electric power system in the car.
5. VW Buggy Up

VW Buggy Up
VW Buggy UpVolkswagen Buggy Up Concept at Frankfurt Motor Show
A car for two, this retro roadster comes with a doorless design. The design is inspired from the Meyers Manx. The length and width of the car are not very different from the standard model, but the height is considerably low as the ride height has been reduced by 20mm. It has a waterproof interior, rear luggage rack, and 18 inch alloy wheels.
6. VW NILS Concept

VW NILS Concept
VW NILS ConceptVW NILS Concept at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show
One man car, the new NILS by Volkswagen is a compact, lightweight, electric car. The chassis is of aluminum and polycarbonate door panels make it ultra-light. It weighs even less than 1000 pounds, powered by a 42 pounds,33 horsepower electric engine. The car takes two hours for charging, and can cover 40 miles per charge. A portable infotainment unit controls the navigation and a seven inch TFT display faces the driver. The concept is fitted with multi link suspension with drilled brakes.
7. Audi’s Urban concept

Audi's Urban concept
Audi’s Urban conceptAudi’s Urban concept at Frankfurt Motor Show 2011
The Sportback and Spyder come with an all electric powertrain. The all electric powertrain gives a continuous combined output of 15KW from two electric motors and also a 7.2KW lithium-ion battery. It takes 16.9 seconds to reach to the speed of 62mph. The battery can be recharged in just an hour from 230V current, easily available at home. The two models also come with the feature of Audi Wireless Charging (AWC). For such models, a 3.6KW primary coil has to be installed in the parking spots or anywhere else where the car can be recharged.
8. Yo-Move

Yo-MoveYo-Move concept at 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show
The lesser known Russian auto maker Yo-Auto unveiled its Yo-concept at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show. This model will not be produced for sale , but will be used as a design model for the new future designs. The most notable feature of this car is that is comes with sliding curved doors that open in the rear.
9. Opel/Vauxhall RAKe

RAKeVauxhall Rake concept (2011) at Frankfurt Motor Show
Vauxhall is sure that their new electric car is both adept for production and, in fact, it might just revolutionize the concept of urban transportation. When in production, it will aim to serve economically tight budgeted youth. It is very similar to the ultra-light weight vehicles with its current weight scaling to 380kg. It has been stylized similar to the Ampera and can give a new dimension to the riding preference of urban youngsters .
10. Chevrolet Colorado concept

Chevrolet Colorado concept
Chevrolet Colorado conceptAmongst all the wild and wacky Frankfurt concepts, the Chevrolet Colorado Concept Rally stood out for the completely wrong reason: namely, looking completely ordinary.
Too much to be put into one car, but the Chevrolet Colorado adheres to an all encompassing car. Their new car comes with 18 inch mud terrain tires, adjustable suspension, LED headlamps, 2.8 liter turbo diesel engine, satellite navigation system, air-boost system, Fox racing Shox shock absorbers, and much more. The interior is dressed up in dark ash gray, which has been offset by metal accents.

Posted: 21 Sep 2011 11:27 PM PDT
Apara Bhattacharya:
DIY objects
DIY objectscraziest yet interesting DIY objects
DIY or Do It Yourself designs are the most innovative forms of creations resulting from an artistic mind. These designs are such that a simple gadget can be created from another eco- friendly product. Thus, these designs are kinder to the environment and also a reflection of the creative genius of the person. Let’s check out eight most crazy yet interesting DIY creations.
1. Bicycle powered by the Jet turbine
DIY bike
DIY bikeA jet turbine is attached to this bike
This innovative machine, created by Bob Maddox, features a jet turbine attached to the lower part of a simple bike. This cabinetmaker and artist of Medford powered his bike with the help of a pulse jet engine. It scores over ordinary bikes in its speed, which is as much as 50 mph.
2. Helicopter from old bike and car parts
DIY helicopter
DIY helicopterHelicopter used with the broken parts of bike and car
Mubaak Muhammed Addullah built a DIY helicopter from the discarded parts of old cars and bikes. The helicopter is of a length of 12 meters and has a maximum flight of seven feet till now. It is powered by a second hand 133 HP engine of a Honda Civic bike. Two seats of a Toyota car are used to make the cockpit while a few other seats together form the cabin at the back of it. The basic controlling buttons in the helicopter are the ignition button, acceleration lever and the joystick to balance the aircraft. A small transmitter and a small screen camera is installed to the bottom part of the aircraft that serves as the means of communication of the pilot.
3. DIY gun with a net
DIY gun
DIY gunThe gun which opens a mesh with each shot
This unique gun is capable of launching a net whenever shot, which will make the victim stranded amidst the web. This device has been made from PVC pipe and works by using compressed air. The net connected to it has a width of 9.5 inches.
4. DIY drinking straw
DIY drinking straw
DIY drinking strawsmall units join to form network structures
This DIY straw enables you to drink a cocktail without the hassle of preparing it. You can drink liquids from different glasses at the same time using a single straw. This mondogigantic straw has smaller units that can be attached together in the form of a branching according to the requirement of the drinker and made the optimum use of it. If you have someone with you to share a drink, increase the branching by adding a few more units to it.
5. DIY glass doorbell
DIY door bell
DIY door belldoorbell made from wine glasses
This extraordinary door bell will surely be in great demand if it is launched commercially. The designers have used two inverted wine glasses and a small hammer like device in between. As the bell is rung, electricity passes through the wires and sets the hammer in motion. Thus, it hits on the pegs and emits a chiming sound.
6. DIY battery using fruits
Lemon battery
Lemon batteryLemon can act as a cell when attached with ferrite bead, copper wire, and zinc sheets.
It has been found that acidic fruits are capable of producing electricity. Therefore, one copper and a zinc bar are inserted inside the fruit, ensuring that they do not come in contact with each other. A circuit is created by a connection of several positively charged fruit and the negative ones to make an eco-friendly, reusable and cheaper forms of battery.
7. DIY battery with saline water or vinegar
Vinegar battery
Vinegar batteryTwo different metals like copper and iron rod are dipped into an electrolyte that is vinegar to construct a vinegar battery.
In such a DIY battery, saline water or vinegar is used as an electrolyte. A single cell is made using salt water or vinegar. Two dissimilar metallic rods are immersed in the solution in such a manner that only a portion of these bars remain immersed in this electrolyte. The free ends get electrically charged. A number of such circuits will make a battery.
8. DIY battery with meat
Bacon battery
Bacon batteryBacon act as the medium (electrolyte) in a bacon battery.
This DIY battery utilizes the meat chunk as electrolyte. Thus, copper wires, that act as cathode and zinc wire, that act as anode, are inserted inside the meat and makes up a cell that can generate 0.6 volts of electricity.

Posted: 21 Sep 2011 10:56 PM PDT
Suja Natarajan:
Warm winter gadgets
Warm winter gadgetsGadgets to keep you cozy and comfortable in the winter
What can be more comforting than keeping you warm and cozy, when the winter is frosty and cold? Winter gadgets are designed to endure the freezing temperatures. Keep yourself warm this winter with these neat and cozy gadgets. Whether you are indoors or outdoors these nifty gadgets are sure to help you brave the cold.
1. Touchscreen Gloves
Touchscreen Gloves
Touchscreen GlovesEnjoy touch screen devices with Touchscreen gloves
Don’t fret any more struggling to use your touch screen device when you are wearing gloves. Touchscreen gloves made of conductive material help you to effectively use your fingers to manipulate your device. These gloves made of 100% acrylic merino wool have inter-woven wire. This allows touch screen devices to work when touched with gloves. It works work with all types of touch screen devices. Keep away frostbites and be cozy and happy this winter browsing, calling and playing with your device without letting your fingers suffer. Touchscreen gloves are priced at 12.99 pounds.
2. Heated Vest
Heated Vest
Heated VestHeated Vest gives you additional warmth to your body during winters
Explore the goodness of winter wearing the Heated Vest. The vest is integrated with three layers of heating pads. It uses 7-volt lithium ion battery to raise the temperature of the vest. It also retains the temperature for two hours on high setting and nine hours in low. The fleece on the garment provides resistance to wind and repels water. Recharge it after each use with the charger that comes with the vest.
3. Tooks headphones hat
Tooks headphones hat
Tooks headphones hatEnjoy outdoors in winter with Tooks headphones hat
Headphone hats are cozy beanies with integrated head phones. It provides ultra comfort and is ideal for those who need to venture outside in the chilly winters. It has a special slot to hold the phones covered with Velcro. Do remember to remove the headphones for putting the hat for machine wash. Made of acrylic and wool, this hat comes with lining pocket that keeps the speaker buds safe. Pick up this interesting beanie priced at 24.99 pounds.
4. Hot Slippers
Hot Slippers
Hot SlippersSlip your feet into Hot microwavable slippers
Never ever let your feet feel the cold floor or tootsies again. Plunk your feet in the cozy warm Hot Slippers. Microwave these ultra soft slippers for about two minutes to sit back and enjoy the warming effects of French lavender on your feet. Priced at 9.95 pounds and are available in pink and lilac colors.
5. Cuisinart Soup Maker
Cuisinart Soup Maker
Cuisinart Soup MakerCuisinart Soup Maker makes soup in a jiffy
Nothing is more comforting than a warm bowl of soup on a frosty day. The thought of preparing soup can put few people off from enjoying the goodness of soups. Cuisinart Soup Maker makes delicious soups in less than twenty minutes. It has a non-stick cooking plate and a blender equipped with stainless steel blades. The quick heating element in the soup maker enables to prepare the soup faster than ever. Accompanied with a soup recipe book, the soup maker is priced at 121 pounds.
6. Slanket
SlanketSlanket - fleece blanket with sleeves
How about wearing a blanket to let your hands free to hold a remote or cup of tea? Slanket is a fleece blanket with arms. Snuggle under the warm and cozy light weight Slanket and have your hands completely free to do other activities. The fleece of this blanket keeps the body warm and cozy. Available in a huge range of colors, you can carry it anywhere. This practical and simple blanket is priced at 23.99 pounds.

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