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Posted: 30 Sep 2011 06:06 AM PDT
Megha Gurung:
Innovative Speaker
Innovative SpeakerThese are innovative design of speaker.
Speakers make the sound louder and clearer. Traditional speakers used to be huge and heavy and occupied large space. Now the scenario has changed, with the new inventions and technological advancement more sleek, light weighted and trendy speakers with high sound quality have popped up in the market. There are many innovative and smart speakers that have the trendy and stylish looks with special features. Here we have the list of ten cool and innovative speaker designs that will surely delight you.

1. Bulb-sound-speaker
Bulb Sound speaker
Bulb Sound speakerBulb-Sound-Speaker converts a regular lamp into a speaker
Castiglione Morelli designed the Bulb sound system by integrating bulb and speaker and transformed the lamp into a speaker. The lamp bulb speaker is to be embedded in the lamp bulb's place and just turn on the i Pod. It consists of plastic body, a bulb Blue tooth receiver and the speaker. This awesome bulb sound speaker will change the lamp into speakers.
2. lslmp2
lslmp2lslmp2 combines a speaker with lamp to set the mood
Andre Diekneite, a German designer designed the innovative and unique lslmp2 that brighten ups the place with the aura of the music. The speaker lamp is embedded with the flexible rubber to move the light in different directions. This device consists of the sub woofer with two satellite speakers, the chrome strip and an IFR sensor. This amazing device is 40 cm and 35 cm in diameter and height, respectively.
3. Bera speaker
BeraFeaturing a U shaped metal holder to embrace the main speaker body unit within, the Bera Speaker spreads a classical aura around contemporary workstations.
Alek Shnayder, a designer from Chicago created sizzling and outstanding Bera speaker. It is the desktop speaker with U shaped holder to embed the speaker in it. It is elegant and has the ability to broaden its classical tinge in modern day.
4. Paul Vela's speaker system
Paul Vela
Paul VelaConventional speakers when not in use often give an appearance of square boxes, marring the interior of contemporary spaces.
The designer Paul Vela has come up with portable speakers that have trendy looks and high quality sound. When this sleek system is attached to the player it disintegrates into three parts. The center part has the control, battery and the wire and is edged by the speaker from both sides.
5. Clay speakers
Clay Speaker
Clay SpeakerThe crafty speakers following a conventional method of fabrication not only help in sustaining the environment, but also lend a helping hand to support the traditional art of pottery.
Pablo Ocqueteau a Chilean designer created an innovative speaker system made up of clay on potter's wheel. This awesome ecofriendly speaker supports the traditional artwork of pottery and can be used as a decor at home.
6. TIE fighter speakersNikko Home electronic presents TIE Fighter Speakers that will surely stun you with its design. It looks like the star wars are embedded in your room. These unique and terrific speakers consist of satellite speakers and sub woofers. It has an innovative concept and terrific design.
7. Stereotype speaker system
Stereotype"Stereotype" by designer Joe Doucet is a speaker system that illustrates or translates the rich, luxurious qualities of a drink into physicality.
Joe Doucet designed the stunning speakers to promote the Scotch whiskey brand Chivas Regal 18. The Stereotype speaker has twin faced speakers and is made up of American walnut wood. It is modern and smooth and can be used as a decor at your home.
8. Woofer
WooferThis headless dog speaker system is available as a single woofer or a pair of stereo speakers
Buro Vormkriigers a Dutch designer studio by Sander Mulder and Dave Keune created smart and stylish woofers. The woofer is like the headless dog and has a pair of stereo speakers. The price of this unique woofer has not been decided. This speaker will surely add up to the decor of the house.

9. Pea speaker system
Pea Speaker System
Pea Speaker SystemEach sphere is powered by a lithium ion rechargeable via induction when placed in the pod.
Lu Le designed the Pea speaker system that changes the perception about the traditional speakers. It is equipped with the seven balls like structure or we can say wireless Bluetooth speakers attached to the pod. The balls are equipped with lithium ion that is recharged through the induction. One of the rings is powered to control the volume of the whole system. The system is created with innovative idea of tossing the speakers around and extends the aura of mixed stereo track.
10. Allium sativum speaker
Allium Sativum
Allium SativumThe new speaker by the British designer presents a clean and modern aesthetic with a sculptural element, giving a refreshing looks to contemporary desktops.
The garlic shaped speakers designed by the Hywel Vaughan; a British designer is trendy and sleek speaker. The idea of garlic speaker is a wonderful concept with stylish looks and high quality sound. The Allium Sativam speakers can be used as the decor of the house. Its special and unique garlic design is mesmerizing.

Posted: 30 Sep 2011 04:20 AM PDT
Babita Sajnani:
Hot air balloons
Hot air balloonsEye catching hot-air balloons
Most of us probably nurture ‘going high up on a hot air balloon’ wish as one of the things of our ‘100 things to do before I die’ list. Hot air ballooning looks extremely fun and attractive as you ascend the skies in a rather slower pace and gracefully reach the highest point from where the earth looks distant and surreal. The balloon is powered by propane burners and the wind as the various currents take the big balloon towards its direction of movement. Here are eight amazing designs of hot air balloons that makes it appear even more entertaining and fun, particularly for the children.
1. Darth Vader
Darth Vader
Darth VaderStar Wars fans created a hot air balloon in the shape of Darth Vader's head.

The Darth Vader hot air balloon participated in the 36th Annual International Balloon Fiesta that was held in New Mexico, USA. This particular Star Wars character design was created by Benot Lambert from Belgium. This huge black-colored sombre-looking balloon has the shape of the head of Darth Vader which measures 26 meters in height and 21 meters in width. This hot air balloon ride would probably excite all the Star Wars fans out there, however, its gloomy look would not go too well with the children.
2. Hot air balloon
Hot air balloon
Hot air balloonHot air balloons to be used as renewable energy generators.
Ian Edmonds, works as an environmental consultant with an organization called Solartran and has come up with a unique renewable generator which is actually a hot air balloon! This colorful generator makes use of the sun’s heat to heat the air inside the balloon which enables it to rise up to 3 kms into the air. This is indeed a self-sufficient zero-fuel hot air balloon, which would be any environmentalist’s dream!
3. Thanksgiving Day parade
Thanksgiving Day parade
Thanksgiving Day paradeThe Shrek balloon makes its way through Times Square during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

The 82nd annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York saw a bevy of various floats that filled the streets. There were 28 floats in all and the one that received the most cheers was Shrek. Yes, that lovable ogre won the most affection from kids who simply couldn’t stop cheering their favorite cartoon character!
4. Turtle Hot Air Balloon
Turtle Hot Air Balloon
Turtle Hot Air BalloonUnusual hot air balloon design shaped as a turtle

This amazing monster sized turtle hot air balloon wearing a pair of sneakers, a bow-tie and a baseball cap looks absolutely spectacular! This humorous design is great to watch when you are down on land and you see a giant turtle - all geared up - looming in the skies above! This hot air balloon is absolutely a riot for the kids!
5. Snoopy Balloon
Snoopy Balloon
Snoopy BalloonSnoopy balloon makes its way through Columbus circle in New York

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York in 2008 saw an amazing float of Snoopy, the favorite dog cartoon character from Peanuts who marched the street with his binoculars. The little children must have had a spectacular time watching a giant sized Snoopy smiling his way across the streets amidst a lot of fun and revelry!
6. Nescafe Mug Hot Air Balloon
Nescafe Mug Hot Air Balloon
Nescafe Mug Hot Air BalloonCool balloon form 14th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

The Nescafe Mug hot air balloon was an entry for the First Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta from New Zealand which was held in 2009. This huge cup of coffee flown by a team from New Zealand must have been a great publicity stunt for Nescafe apart from the amazing ride it provided!
7. The hot air balloon shaped like a bottle of Coca Cola
Coca-Cola Bottle Hot Air Balloon
Coca-Cola Bottle Hot Air BalloonAmazing hot air balloon shaped like a giant Coca-Cola bottle

This huge Coca Cola hot air balloon has made more than 150 appearances in a single year and is a part of the company’s commitment to responsibility (CDR) program. This hot air balloon is shaped like the classic Coca Cola glass bottle and most certainly promotes the brand Coca Cola apart from the amazing joy ride that it provides!
8. Flying Cow hot air balloon
Cow Air Balloon
Cow Air BalloonThe Cow hot air balloon takes off in the skiing resort of Chateau d'Oex, in the Swiss Alps.
‘The Flying Cow’ is a unique design for a hot air balloon that reminds you of the popular nursery rhyme in which the cow flies over the moon! This hot air balloon took off from Chateau d’Oex which is a popular skiing resort located in the Swiss Alps, during the International Hot Air Balloon Week in 2003. This flying cow hot air balloon must have certainly proved to be very entertaining for the folks watching it from down below!

Posted: 30 Sep 2011 03:15 AM PDT
Babita Sajnani:
Transparent gadgets
Transparent gadgetsThe main factor to make them special is the condition that one can see through them.
The Trend
Our priorities of acquiring gadgets include presentation in the top most category as the modern customer requires enhanced features along with an attractive and futuristic design that is in sync with the technological advancement of these times. One thing that has caught a lot of people are transparent gadgets which are rated as ultra-stylish and trendy, whether it is politics or your cell phone - transparency is a must!
The Inspiration
Tech-geeks are besot with changes in technology along with a stylish appeal that matches it. Transparent gadgets apparently have a great appeal amongst people as compared to their regular counterparts as they resonate futuristic designs for customers who want more than just hi-tech features.
What makes it so special
The most important feature in these transparent gadgets is that you can see how they are circuited and wired and see them function. Now the brain of your high-tech gadget need not be contained in a silicone or metallic cover, but can be seen by the user and appreciated too!
What’s in it for me?
The best part about these gadgets is that they look futuristic and very trendy. Samsung’s latest notebook has a transparent screen that has become a hit already. Transparent gadgets are fast catching on the the gen-next and are truly a style statement.
What's next
1. Glassy Glassy Mobile Phone Concept
Glassy Glassy Mobile Phone Concept
Glassy Glassy Mobile Phone ConceptThe Glassy Glassy Mobile Phone Concept by Tokyo based designer Mac Funamizu.
The Glassy Glassy Mobile Phone has been conceptualized by a designer called Mac Funamizu from Japan who designs Apple-related concepts that are futuristic in outlook. The Glassy Glassy Mobile phone has been created by using a double glass later, the only drawback being the fingerprints on the screen. However, since the usage of glass in this phone is the maximum, it does appear a little delicate and cannot be handled roughly at all as this device can be prone to easy cracking. Therefore the glassy layers of the phone should be coated with some resistant material that prevents accidental damages. Despite certain reservations regarding the phone, it nevertheless is impressive to look at because of its sleek form and literally ‘glassy’ appearance. This phone has a transparent keypad and screen which looks out of this world!
2. USB memory stick
USBSynced with the icon on your desktop, the flashy pen drive distinguishes data with different colors, such as pink for images, blue for documents and green for movies.
This incredible USB memory stick looks very trendy with its transparent exterior coupled with colorful lights. However, this is only in its concept stage and is yet to hit the markets. But with its hi-tech look, it is sure to become a rage. Created by Mac Funamizu from Japan, this futuristic USB flash drive has been designed on the lines of the Japanese ‘Soma-Toh’ which is a revolving lantern. The transparent body of this USB shows a beautiful display of colorful lights which look amazing!
3. Nokia cellphone concept
NokiaThe see-through mobile handset also touts a touchscreen interface for ease of use and a five megapixel camera to capture high resolution pictures.
When we think about Nokia phones, we immediately vision a simply yet hi-tech gadget that has a very universal appeal. With this very idea in mind, Juan Carlos Garzon, a designer from Colombia has designed a cellphone concept for Nokia that features a transparent display which looks absolutely thrilling! This transparent handset will be having a touchscreen interface that makes it easy to use apart from an inbuilt camera of 5 megapixels that will click high resolution photos. The lower part, which is not transparent, will contain the hardware, batter and the on/off mode button. The see-through display will also be illuminated by using LED so that you can use your phone at night without any inconvenience.
4. Transparent watch
Watchhe translucent screens are as elastic as the users may effortlessly bend and carry it in their pocket.
Designed by Mac Funamiz, this concept transparent watch not only will show you the time, but will also play music for you - any time anywhere! Aptly called Mobile Music, this transparent watch-like device is actually a music player that you can wear on your wrist just like a bracelet. Its transparent form makes it very futuristic in appearance and apart from the glassy clear appearance, the background colors of the Mobile Music device can be changed, you can even paste your favorite picture on the watch too if you like! The watch is made out of a translucent elastic material which makes this watch easy to wear and also easy to carry along. This unique player comes with a set of earphones and contains an amazing feature which can detect your heart beat via an inbuilt sensor. This high-tech sensor can also detect your voice and play the music that you are humming. This is truly 6th sense transparent technology!

Posted: 30 Sep 2011 02:24 AM PDT
Asmita Prasad:
Carbon fiber motorbike
Carbon fiber motorbikeCarbon fiber motorbikes to fortify your ride
In the world of hardcore bikers, nothing matches the passion that a steel and aluminum work of hand-sculpted beauty can evoke. Except bikes modded with carbon fiber, of course! The lightweight material has been hailed the world over a wondrous material that has changed the way tuners and modders approach bike customization and these seven carbon fiber motorbikes epitomize the fine art at its best. Read on.
1. Thunder Tiger RC motorcycle

RC motorcycle
RC motorcycleThunder Tiger RC motorcycle lures just about anybody

With a well detailed suspension, The Thunder Tiger is made in carbon fiber and comes with a slipper clutch and interchangeable swing arms that adjust the wheelbase to provide the most optimum riding conditions to the rider. With an exposed bodywork, the bike may not be the smoothest aerodynamic wonder out there, but it certainly is by far the coolest, most raw-looking RC out there!
2. Custom carbon fiber GSX-R 1100

GSX-R 1100
GSX-R 1100GSX-R 1100 designed by Justin

Built as a design thesis project by an Art Institute of CA-student named Justin, the carbon fiber GSX-R 1100 show bike was seen in the Kanye West music video "Stronger" as well as the Power Ranger's TV show. The yet-unregistered bike boasts of a custom aluminum bodywork by Linq Designs with LED accent lights reservoirs, triple, levers and even the rear sets being created especially for the cruiser. The same piece of carbon fiber was used to fashion the entire frame, seat and tank with a honeycomb core adding strength to the bike. The bike also features an oil-cooled 1200cc 989 GSX-R 1100 engine and was priced at $14,500 by the seller who listed it on eBay.
3. Carbon fiber and titanium Ducati 999S motorcycle

Ducati 999S motorcycle
Ducati 999S motorcycleDucati 999S motorcycle by dave p.

This Ducati 999s done fully in carbon fiber, is a collaborative effort like no other, and features hand-made parts from a number of big names in the business. Contributed by German bike modder BeFaster, the 1037 cc engine displaces 170 hp has a top speed over 186mph and goes from 0-60 in less than 3 seconds. Carbon fiber and titanium frame of the bike was hand-sculpted from Carbo-Tech and finished in multiple lacquering. Featuring a braking system from Beringer, rims by BlackstoneTec, full titanium exhaust system by Moto Corse, shock absorbers by Oehlins, fairing and oil cooler from Febur, and racing suspension unit by Wilbers, the mod costs a whopping $160,000 to buy!
4. Saline Bird Concept

Saline Bird
Saline BirdSaline Bird Concept by Charles-Edouard Berche, Ugo Spagnolo and Adrien Fuinel

Created for speed demons Les Triplettes de Bonneville, the Saline Bird Concept was developed by a team of five students- Jean-Philippe Paries, Frederic Dobbelstein, Charles-Edouard Berche, Adrien Fuinel, and Ugo Spagnolo- from the International School of Design in Valenciennes. Running on a compressed air engine fuelled by three air tanks, the bike's pilot sits in a speed skier position lying almost flat which maximizes air flow around the bike and boosts speed. With a carbon fibre frame, the body panels on the bike also feature removable leather skin parts.
5. MV Augusta F4CC

MV Augusta F4CC
MV Augusta F4CCUltra-luxurious motorcycle

Conceptualized by Claudio Castiglioni who happens to be the MV Augusta director, and sculpted by Massimo Tamburini, the MV Augusta F4CC is the world's most expensive and exclusive production sport bike. The limited edition superbike is crafted in titanium and carbon fiber and bears Claudio Castiglioni's initials. Only 100 of this ultra-luxurious motorcycle have been produced since the 412 lbs bike has a top speed of 195 mph and its 1078 cc engine displaces 200 hp. Almost 90% of the F4CCs parts are crafted by hand and incorporates the latest technology and employs exclusive materials. The hand-built bike comes bundled with a Trussardi limited edition leather jacket and a Girard-Perregaux watch and costs $120,000, almost twice as much per pound as a Ferrari.
6. Tryton MM2 Electric Motorbike

Tryton MM2 electric motorbike
Tryton MM2 electric motorbikeTryton MM2 electric motorbike by Vil Tsimenzin

Dubbed the "Tryton MM2", this electric motorbike runs on electric batteries but still delivers the performance of modern day bikes. Created by Boston-based designer Vil Tsimenzin, the sustainable ride captures the elegance of classic motorcycles, thanks to thermo-plastic body panels finished in re-enforced carbon fiber. The zero emission motorcycle concept weighs about 215lbs and can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds. With a top speed of 160 mph, the electric bike has a range of 132 miles on a single charge and it takes around two and a half hours to fully recharge itself drawing power from a conventional 110V outlet.
7. Motorbike Concept clad in Carbon Fiber

Motorbike clad in carbon fiber
Motorbike clad in carbon fiberMotorbike concept clad in carbon fiber by Julian Silva

Inspired by the works of Swiss set designer, surrealist painter and sculptor Hans Rudolf “Ruedi” Giger who won the Oscar Best Achievement for Visual Effects for his design work in the film Alien, this carbon fiber motorbike concept was designed by Julian Silva. Made to improve aerodynamics and keep the pilot safe in case of a fall, the prospective light vehicle concept features secondary red panels that encapsulate the pilot's back, arms, and legs. The bike features an aluminum frame and carbon fiber panels and has a uni-axial arm that supports the front wheel with a rear traction system integrated within the main body of the structure.

Posted: 30 Sep 2011 02:16 AM PDT
Jaspreet Kaur Walia:
WatchesThese watches help visually impaired read correct time.
Visually impaired people lead a hard life because they have to depend on others for almost every step they take. Modern times are making their lives easier as designers are coming up with products/gadgets that have been designed keeping this section of the society in mind. A watch is a great way to keep track of time in this technology-driven world and even blind need it to divide their day in a sensible manner. It is a basic tool and holds utmost importance in everyone's life. But, visually impaired need to feel things most of the time and making good use of this are modern day watches for the blind. Here is a list of seven innovative timepieces that have been specially designed for the visually impaired.
1. Tactile Wrist-Watch
Tactile Wrist-Watch
Tactile Wrist-WatchJacob Rynkiewicz is a designer of Tactile Wrist-Watch
Tactile Wrist-Watch has been designed by Jacob Rynkiewicz that can be easily read by blind. It has been crafted from flexible rubber and has a band that is easy to wear. It uses touch gestures and will unfold a tactile interaction. The face of this impressive watch has a center button that unfolds the minute hand when it is pressed. This minute hand can be rotated easily if desired. The user has to simply feel the dots on the center button to read accurate time. It will come fitted with an easy to replace 3 volt coin battery.
2. Sentio Digital Tactile Watch
SentioIts a timekeeping device for blind and partially sighted users that exhibits the perfect marriage between avant garde design and cutting-edge tactile technology.
Sentio Digital Tactile Watch comes wrapped with high-end features that have been combined with great looks. The revolutionary timepiece has been designed by Matthew Wagerfield and promises to make lives of visually impaired and partially sighted people all the more independent. The designer has ingeniously merged old and new aged technologies for a much better product. The watch has a 7-segment display that is commonly used in digital watches and alarm clocks. Each and every segment rises up to 1mm above the surface of the watch, thanks to the tactile display. This works like a Braille and lets blind touch and read time without much trouble.
3. Tact
TactJulien Bergignat has popped up with this innovative watch that will help the visually impaired to keep up with the pace
Julien Bergignat has come up with a brilliant watch design for the blind. Christened the Tact, it will keep visually impaired well informed about every passing minute of the day. The watch makes good use of Braille and its needles have been swapped by sensory points. The design comprises of two circles, out of which one represents the hour hand and the other minute hand. Both the circles have different sensory points. Tact has been crafted from plastic and stainless steel and is also water resistant.
4. OOSH Braille Watch
OOSHDeveloped for the visually impaired, the "OOSH" by designer WinG Li is a Braille watch that lets the user touch and feel the time
OOSH Braille Watch will let the blind feel time. Designed by WinG Li, it has an eye-catching design and is simple to use. If the user is incapable of reading the Braille, he/she can easily activate the voice notifications option. It has been integrated with a sensor that can be activated by simply tilting the hand. This robotically senses the motion on the user's hand and produces a voice that tells time. One can easily choose between the touch and voice notification mode as per his/her whims and fancies.
5. Braille Wristwatch
BrailleIt removes all unnecessary dots, so the users could focus only on relevant information.
The Braille Wristwatch is an attention-grabbing creation by designer Lawrence Kwok. As the name suggests, the watch is an easy device for the blind as it makes good use of Braille. Traditional watches for blind had a lot of dots that expected users to open the face of the timepiece and feel them. This matrix of 3 x 18 dots often led to a lot of confusion and in turn irritated the visually impaired. Braille Wristwatch deletes such pointless dots for a simpler presentation and gives out only important information. The matrix of this intuitive design has been brought down to 4 x 4 dots that will prove to be a blessing for the blind.
6. X-Watch Concept Timepiece
X-WatchCreated by Polish designer Damian Kozlik, the X-Watch timepiece concept is a unique new initiative that aims at making time telling an easier task for both sighted and blind users.
The X-Watch Concept Timepiece is a unique creation by Damian Kozlik. It will make reading time easy for both the visually impaired and visually able people. The rubber strap of this universal timepiece has been embedded with LEDs that have been placed neatly behind graduated glass. This glass also features Braille numbers that overlap at the center to reveal correct time. The design manages to arrest attention and will definitely fetch the wearer a lot of compliments.
7. Haptica Braille Watch
HapticaIt is an ideal watch for blind people, it allows them to check the time accurately without an audible disruption.
David Chavez has designed a beautiful timepiece for the blind that has been dubbed the Haptica Braille Watch. This will allow blind to touch and feel time accurately without depending on others. Haptica also has an audible description for those who are not comfortable using Braille. The watch will prove to be a boon for people with disabilities and will decorate their wrists with an impressive design.

Posted: 30 Sep 2011 12:23 AM PDT
Megha Gurung:
Auto part sculpture
Auto part sculptureUnique sculptures made of Auto parts
The best alternative to reduce the waste parts that are mere burden on the earth is to recycle them. Recycling is good for the environment and is one of the best ways to protect it. There are many artists who have made efforts to save the environment and have created awesome sculptures from the trash auto parts. "Waste to wealth" turned creations are fabulous and are embedded with the green idea. Here we have a list of such beautiful creations made up of trash auto parts.
1. Motor cycleman
MotorcyclemanSculpture made from recycled motorcycle parts
The amazing motorcycleman or the Robo man was created by the designers at Robo Steel. This awesome sculpture of human is made from the waste motorcycle parts and it took around 750 hours to build it. This sculpture is almost two meters high and is standing aloof at the NEC Motorcycle show.
2. Recycled bull
Recycled bull
Recycled bullSculpture carbon steel and recycled auto and motorcycle parts
Bettye Hamblem Turner, an artist, created an awesome sculpture known as Paladin from outmoded and damaged auto parts. This sizzling sculpture is made up of carbon steel, recycled auto and cluttered stainless steel and stood fifth in the Texas Longhorn Bull series of sculptures. The artist used the hot and cold techniques to mold and recycle the auto parts. As the time flies, the rust may surround the carbon steel and may give new look to the entire sculpture.
3. The transformer
The transformer
The transformerThe gigantic sculpture created using parts from an old Lada Diva Compact car
Nikola Nikolov, a designer of studio Re creation, created a stunning transformer and used the parts of old Lada diva compact. The transformer movie got the designer motivated to create it. This sculpture is a brilliant artwork and looks as a soldier.
4. James corbett
James Corbett
James CorbettJames Corbett car parts sculpture
James Corbett, an artist, created superb sculptures of auto waste that can be used as a decor of your home. The waste auto parts have been used nicely to create the sculptures of animals, bike, birds etc. The artist effectively utilized the waste material properly and ecologically.
5. Rococo plan
Rococo Plan
Rococo PlanBaroque-styled sculpture made from parts of SYM wolf 125 motorcycles
The Rococo Plan by Yii mesmerized the people with its unique art work in the Milan design week of 2011. It is Taiwan design firm and as the Taiwanese are fond of motorbikes, so the waste auto parts of SYM wolf motorcycles were used to create such an amazing art work. The Rococo Plan is a huge and wonderful armory chair. The sculptures can be perceived differently by different people.
6. Alien Queen
Alien Queen
Alien QueenAlien queen is a beautiful sculpture made from recycled parts a car, a boat, a motorbike.
The Robo Steel, an eminent company, has made numerous sculptures using trash auto parts. The Alien Queen model created by them stands out distinctly apart and is a stunning sculpture made up of auto, boat and motorbike parts. It has been polished and welded in a clean and neat manner and is shielded by the lacquer. This wonderful sculpture weighs 10kg and has the length of 45 cm and is worth €180.00.
7. Robosteel Concept Supercar Sculpture
Robosteel Concept Supercar Sculpture
Robosteel Concept Supercar SculptureSculpture made from discarded auto parts
There are numerous eco friendly artists who strive hard to protect the environment. One of the good ecological and green steps taken by the artists is creating sculptures from trash metal. The designers at Robo Steel made firm effort to create sculptures from waste auto parts and created sizzling concept of super car. This car will have weight of around 500 kg and be made of polished waste auto parts and the lacquer will be applied on the sculpture to defend the car.
8. Bull sculpture
Bull sculpture
Bull sculptureMajestic Rustic Brave Bull made out of a variety of discarded auto parts
Armando Ramirez a Mexican artist created majestic rustic brave bull from trash auto parts. This artist used the trashed parts to create sculpture without polishing it and has given the novel look. This awesome sculpture is 13.98 pounds in its weight and the estimated price is $108.70.
9. Recycled metal sculpture
Recycled metal sculpture
Recycled metal sculptureSpectacular monsters pop out of recycled metal
Krittayakorn Chaijit, an eco friendly artist, has created awesome sculptures from the trash auto parts. She created three wonderful sculptures from recycled metals and the names given to these artworks are the real size metal alien, the climbing metal alien and the metal scorpion. These sculptures are amazing and have the ability to mesmerize people.
10. Car Part Sculptor
Car Part Sculptor
Car Part SculptorCar Part Sculptor by James Corbett
James Corbett is a renowned eco friendly artist and is known to create awesome sculpture from waste auto parts. Each auto part used in the sculptures has its own identity and identification. The trash parts are used as it is and has succeeded to give an awesome look to the sculpture.

Posted: 29 Sep 2011 05:34 PM PDT
Jayanti Anubhav:
unique office furniture
unique office furnitureunique office furniture for those how want to make their office different
Office is a place where you practically spend more time of your life than in your house. For ages, most of the offices have the same monotonous look, with rare variations in the heavily formal ambiance and feel of it. However, a little innovation and creativity can lead to a better productivity as you would happily spend hours in your office. With some innovative office furniture, you can completely change the look and feel of your office, converting it into a happier place. Or the other way round, if you planning to set up an office at home, you can rather experiment with more innovative furniture to have fun while working. Here are seven cool and innovative office furniture designs to transform your office into a lighter and better place to work.
1. Customized Desk Designs from Converted Cars

Custom Desk Designs from Converted Cars
Custom Desk Designs from Converted CarsCustom Desk made from Converted Cars

Innovative and attractive, the car converted into the office desk is surely to get employees fighting for. The custom made desk that are super fun to work on, comes with headlights, working hazard lights, horn and spot light along with the stereo set into the dashboard. You can choose the type and color of the tyre and steering wheel. You can also decide the material for the top of the desk to be leather, wood, metal or colored vinyl. Above all, the car can also be re-painted to suit the ambience and the office set-up. That's not all; the most exciting part is that you can also pick your own license plate. Now, the big question is, how deep will it go to your pocket? Well, this incredible concept of converting cars into work desk comes under $5000, which is worth every penny, considering the fact that the car converted into desk is such a marvelous and creative idea.
2. DC-6 Cowling Airplane Desk

DC-6 Cowling Airplane Desk
DC-6 Cowling Airplane DeskOld aircraft never die, they just land on desks

The concept of re-cycling the old material to convert it into the contemporary furniture is not new. However, Los Angeles based firm MotoArt has taken it a few notches up, with the metal pieces of airplane converted into the stylish, sleek and contemporary tables, couches, chairs and desks. The pieces of vintage aircraft, from DC-9's to B-25 bombers and B-747's are given the shape of distinctly modern furniture. Each MotoArt piece is handmade and unique. However, the most interesting piece of furniture is the office desks made of cowling of DC 6s, and DC 8s. The desk is unique and is to add the fun element to the work space. All the pieces made from the aircraft material are beautiful and a very practical way of preserving the past.
3. Ultramodern Desk & Chair Design Set
Ultramodern Desk & Chair Design Set
Ultramodern Desk & Chair Design SetCool Ultramodern Desk & Chair Design Set for office
Atomare architecture and design emphasizes on the form and playfulness of all its furniture. Omega chair and desk by Atomare are no exception, as the two furniture pieces display both the strength of the company prominently. With beautiful architectural structure like a bridge, the shape and color emphasize on the utility of design. Made from one single bend surface, Omega desk gives a very light and open appeal, so does the chair to create a lighter ambience in the workspace. The desk has a glorious smooth and undisrupted surface and has two storage shelves beneath the desk top. The Omega chair fits its companion desk perfectly. In the gleaming white and popping orange combination, the Omega chair and desk are a little off-beat but truly transformative.
4. Vision One chair

Vision One chair
Vision One chairVision One Chair : Ergonomic Gaming and Computer Workstation

If computers are your life, then this one is for you. Vision one chair is an ergonomic and modern chair with gaming and computer workstation combined with unlimited style and comfort. The Corner V1 computer desk has everything, right from the 2.1 speaker support with two speakers along with subwoofers, to the armrests that are custom made to fit your body and requirements perfectly. What else? You can also upgrade your package to have a more luxurious 12-way-powered Porsche leather bucket seat. If you are looking out for a career in computers or gaming, Vision one chair is just for you.
5. Liquid-Cooled Combined Computer-and-Desk

Liquid-Cooled Combined Computer-and-Desk
Liquid-Cooled Combined Computer-and-DeskLiquid-Cooled Combined Computer-and-Desk

What looks like straight from a sci-fi movie, is actually a desk and computer combined together. With the clear laser cut acrylic highlighted with glowing LEDs, the desk flaunts its internal computing processes. To cool the interiors, there are fans and liquid throughout the system. The combined computer and desk is interesting and innovative furniture to make your office a more happening place to work.
6. Wing Desk

Wing Desk
Wing DeskDEBORAH Recycled Airplane Wing Desk by Reestore

The recycled airplane wing desk, Deborah by Reestore is simply stunning and marvelous piece of furniture. The beautiful desk is made of an airplane’s aluminum wing has a glass top that is toughened and is has the support of stainless steel legs. The desk measures that 2100mm x 1000mm x 900mm and is surely worth of $5000.
7. Rolltop desks

Rolltop desks
Rolltop desksInnovative Rolltop desks for office decor

Rolltop desks are not new. Hoevever, Mebelux has given the rolltop desks a complete makeover by converting them into multi- functional workstations, that can also be used in the reception area or as a writing table. Compact and easy to move roll top desks are perfect for small yet modern offices. Made of steel skeleton that encases the exteriors, extends to terminate the four wheels at the base, roll top desk has got a very interesting and creative makeover. The panel with wood surface is light weight and doesn't add up to the cost to desk design.

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