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Posted: 01 Oct 2011 05:31 AM PDT
Jaspreet Kaur Walia:
wooden computer
wooden computerwooden computer for those who want different outlook for their Computer.
There is a great need to blend technology with natural elements in modern times. Tech-savvy people are coming up with gadgets made from wood in this technology-driven world. They not only look cool but also protect the environment from damage. These gadgets are not like monotonous plastic boxes but they will make your space look even more graceful. Here is a list of ten wooden gadgets that will ensure sustainable computing.
1. Wooden Level Eleven PC
Wooden Level Eleven PC
Wooden Level Eleven PCWooden Level Eleven PC gets inspiration from Thermaltake Level 10 chassis
Thermaltake Level Eleven PC will make eyes pop and jaws drop till the floor because of its sheer exquisiteness. The handmade enclosure made from wood contains a fully functional PC. It features a 1.3 GHz VIA Nano CPU and VIA Pico ITX main board. The HDMI output of this masterpiece is a result of an onboard VX855 media processor. Wooden Level Eleven PC boasts of enough horsepower ranging up to 1080p that too without any lag. The PC is massive and will require a special corner, in fact a room in your house. Moreover, it will come with a heavy price tag whenever it goes for sale.
2. Fujitsu Wooden Laptop
Fujitsu Wooden Laptop
Fujitsu Wooden LaptopMade with cedar wood, it’s part of the Japan Design Innovation 2008 exhibit at the Salone Internazionale Del Mobile.
Fujitsu Wooden Laptop is worth a steal. This good looking laptop has been crafted using cedar wood and has been named Fujitsu WoodShell. The amazing computing device has its lid down below and is definitely a piece of wooden art. It was a part of the Japan Design Innovation 2008, where the laptop managed to fetch uncountable compliments for its unique designing. The outer skin has been dressed nicely in the color black that also has a few streaks of red. This portable device will be a great companion while traveling.
3. DIY Wooden Laptop Mod
DIY wooden laptop mod
DIY wooden laptop modEye candy: DIY wooden laptop mod
DIY Wooden Laptop Mod is a cut above the rest and has been given a touch of exclusivity. The creative designer took an old computer and swathed it with wood. The effort is worth a loud applaud as the end result is nothing but marvelous. The Wooden Laptop Mod comes draped in cool features that will set onlookers wheezing.
4. Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse Made in Wood
Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse Made in Wood
Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse Made in WoodWooden Computers - Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse Made in Wood
Wood Contour is out with computer hardware peripherals that can be customized using your favorite wood. The company crafts everything, including keyboards, USB mouse and LCD monitors, using nothing but a single piece of sturdy wood. One can also give it a special effect by getting logos inscribed on these sumptuous peripherals.
5. Zero Carbon
zero carbon
zero carbonPC World is to produce a “zero carbon” computer made from wood and aluminium - and no, it’s not an abacus.
Here is one company that vows to bring down the energy consumption while using computers. PC World is out with a computer that has been crafted from aluminum and wood, which will even bring down the carbon footprint. The fans from the PC will be removed and instead it will use a casing made from aluminum that will have large slats for ventilation. Everything from keyboard to monitor to mouse will be encased in wood.
6. Asus Bamboo Laptop
Asus Bamboo Laptop
Asus Bamboo LaptopThe Unique Asus Bamboo Laptop
This trendy notebook by Asus has been made using bamboo that gives it an eco friendly existence. Asus Bamboo Laptop will befriend nature and will not deteriorate the environment further. The good-looking computing device is pretty flexible and resistant, thanks to the usage of bamboo. The laptop has fetched heavy inspiration from the nature and will woo people in no time.
7. GX-620
GX-620MSI shows off bevy of new laptops at CeBIT
GX-620 comes in a wooden finish that makes it look very classy. It has a 15.4 inch screen that makes using it all the more fun. The laptop by MSI looks elegant and the use of wood makes it all the more appealing. The laptop will blend perfectly with a contemporary set-up and will be worth flaunting.
8. Suissa Computers
Suissa Computers
Suissa ComputersSuissa Computers: Powerful, Beautiful and (sort of) Green
Howard Suissa, an Ontario-based designer, has designed a computer made from castoff wood. Suissa Computers can be easily upgraded with new technology and unlike others it can be preserved forever. It has a unique appearance that will perfectly blend with most of the interiors and won't be anything like plastic boxes we presently own.
9. Vers Wood Case for iPad
Vers Wood Case for iPad
Vers Wood Case for iPadVers made a Wood Case for iPad
Get ready to drape your laptop in style with the Vers Wood Case. It has been specially made for iPad and has been handcrafted from hardwood and bamboo. The case has a lining that is scratch resistant and won't harm your most loved gadget. The design consists of a top loading slipcase that has openings for a 30 pin connector and volume controls. You can also use the stand for a vertical display and highlight the experience of using an iPad. So, protect the trendiest gadget available on the face of this earth in a graceful manner.
10. Substrata Wooden iPad
Substrata Wooden iPad
Substrata Wooden iPadSubstrata Wooden iPad Case
Substrata Wooden iPad Box sure looks exclusive. It features a wooden flip style cover along with a sliding latch and a magnetic catch. It will keep your iPad from slipping out of the case hence protect it from potential damage. The wooden box looks great and will be able to match up with the aura of an iPad.

Posted: 01 Oct 2011 04:36 AM PDT
Aruna Garuda:

Bike stands
Bike stands10 highly innovative bike stands for urban areas
Also known as a bike rack, a bike stand is a device that can securely attach bicycles to it. The bike stands can be designed for indoors as well as outdoors. They come in various styles like the Serpentine, U, Grid, Bollard and Decorative. The most secure and effective bike stands are the ones that can secure both the frame and the wheel of the bicycle and ensure the owner that it is parked safely. As a pressing issue of energy conservation and pollution increase, human beings have realized the need switch to much efficient means of transportation like the bicycles. With the increase of population in the urban areas and with more of them wanting to travel by bicycles, it has become a challenge for officials to ensure safe cycle parking for people. With innovation emerging in every form in today's world, there have been very unique designs of the bicycle stands that have been seen on roads. Following is a list of 10 highly innovative bike stands for urban areas.
1. The Bike Hanger

Bike Hanger
Bike HangerManifesto Bike Hanger Facility.
Giving a very urbanized look for cycle parking is this "Bike Hanger" that has a capacity to store 15 cycles at a time, occupying very little space. This would allow more space for pedestrians. A simple pedal motion is enough to keep the bicycles on rotation. It does not require power. Hence, the operational cost nearly becomes zero for this Bike Hanger bike rack.The bike hanger is a good example to depict industrial sensitivity and aesthetically compliments urban lifestyle. It is so narrow that it does not eat away space and at the same time fits in any underutilized urban space.
2. Flower bike rack

Flower Bike Rack
Flower Bike RackFlower Bike Rack designed for urban areas.
Nature being the inspiration, this unique designed Flower-Bike Rack that respects environment. Inspiring a lot of people, these designs help people to realize the importance of environment and thus this leads to more people switching onto bicycles rather than fuel driven vehicles. These designs impart a sense of being responsible citizens and opt for means that would not harm the environment around them. This would make a better world to live in.
3. Elevacion bike rack

Elevacion Bike Rack
Elevacion Bike RackCircular Bike Rack Design.
With this Elvacion Bike Rack, you no longer have to worry about slanted brakes and tangled pedals as the slots that are given in a circular shape would be apt for keeping and removing your cycles. It can be suitable for a park as the design would be perfect with the surrounding.
4. Semi-vertical bike rack

Semi-Vertical Bike Rack
Semi-Vertical Bike RackSpace saving semi-vertical bike rack.
Semi-Vertical Bike Racks are very efficient space savers. To suit all types of cycle tyres, these bike racks cater to both narrow as well as extra wide tyres. They can be very well put alongside a wall to save more space. They are a convenient means especially in busy market places.
5. Giant comb bike rack

Giant Comb Rack
Giant Comb RackGiant Comb design bicycle rack.
If you’ve thought that the only place you could find a comb is in your house, purse or a store, then you are wrong. You have a huge comb right on the roads. It's just that it's not hair, but bicycles that have been stationed in between its bristles. This uniquely designed bike rack serves a good attraction wherever erected. It has a strand like texture running across its bristles that serves as partitions between cycles. It is a very unique design indeed.
6. Bedford bike rack

Bedfort Bike Rack
Bedfort Bike RackWall mounted bike rack.
If you are thinking that your bicycle can be used only for transportation, then think again. You can also use it to be displayed as a piece of art too. Now, if you are wondering that all the work that has been done on your bicycle is going waste, show it off. Let it be the center of attraction. To help you achieve the look use this Bedford Bike Rack that can be wall mounted giving you the scope to display your talent on the wall and around the bike. It can be custom ordered to suit your taste and color. You can select the textures as well. You can get them from $400 onwards.

7. Car-shaped bike rack

Car Shaped Bike Rack
Car Shaped Bike Rack1 car = 10 bicycles
Standing as a perfect example of go-green, what else would substitute this unique design? This car-shaped bike rack is colored in green giving signals to everyone who passes by the message "Chuck your cars, go green. Switch to bicycles". This bike rack can efficiently make place to park 10 bicycles at a time.
8. Bike vault

Bike Vault
Bike VaultBike Vault, indoor bike parking facility in Portland.
It's not only your valuables that you think can be kept in a vault. A building in Portland has magnificently converted 2 of its old vaults into cycle parking spaces. Giving the added security by being monitored by video cameras, this parking space for the owners is a sure good investment. These bike vaults also come equipped with lockers and shower rooms. This ancient building is getting its much deserved attention as it is not only taking proper care of the building but also making steps to be prominently noticed. What else could anyone ask for?
9. Bike desk

Bike Desk
Bike DeskBike rack cum desk.
Ever considered sipping up your coffee while seated on your bicycle? Letting you perfectly accomplish your desire is this uniquely designed Bike Desk. All you need to do is fit in your cycle into the PIT IN slot and use it as a stool. These can be designed for indoor and outdoor settings as well. For outdoor usage, the bike desk is made of metal while for indoor it is made of wood. Now there is no one to stop you from working on a lap-top or having a cup of tea on your cycle. Is this what we call "Life on a roll?"
10. Bike bench

Bike Bench
Bike BenchBike rack also used as a bench to sit on.
This very cleverly designed bike bench serves as a good parking slot for your bicycle and the same time would give you much relaxing rest for your aching bones when you are tired. It's elegant design and utility is a definite head turner. If you are tired cycling around and need to take some rest, head to the bike bench and rejuvenate yourself.

Posted: 01 Oct 2011 03:40 AM PDT
Shallu Sharma:
Recycled Caboose Homes
Recycled Caboose HomesRecycled Caboose Homes for green dwellers

There was a time in the history of railroad travel when the train cabooses were kept reserved for railroad crew and were given various attractive names. But with time, technology changed and so did the preferences. Now, people don't like train travel and therefore these cabooses are at the verge of disappearance. However, some artistic and enthusiastic people around the world have turned these cabooses into houses or hotels etc as discussed below.
Given below is a list of five recycled caboose homes for green dwellers.
1. Davidson’s 1949 Railroad Caboose
Davidson's 1949 Railroad Caboose
Davidson’s 1949 Railroad CabooseDavidson’s 1949 Railroad Caboose House
There is a tiny little caboose from 1949 located in the beautiful wooded land of Washington. Red colored contrasting caboose looks beautiful among the lush green forests. Luxurious and warm ambiance is created by this splendid caboose. It has full height windows and a private deck to relish view of wooded land and of lake Washington. It is believed that the Davison's bought this 4.25 acre property in 1950s and this place is surrounded by quite a few beautifully designed houses and fancy caboose. Each and every corner of these cabooses has been used to the fullest. It is like living in a ship. Nicely managed heating system and kitchen have also been created beautifully. Detailed tiling in the bathroom adds to the splendor of Davison's Railroad Caboose.
2. Muller’s Ark Caboose
Muller's Ark Caboose
Muller’s Ark CabooseMuller’s Ark Caboose is an actual transformed train caboose
Muller's ark Caboose has been transformed from an original train caboose. It has train features like upper as well as lower berth. Lower birth has been changed to a double bed arrangement. This caboose has all known facilities like color TV, air conditioner, ceiling fan etc. There is a fully equipped kitchen with all the vital things and a historic wood firing Franklin stove. Bathroom has also not been left untouched from facilities. There is a shower stall fixed in the bathroom. A huge deck to capture beautiful views of deep lake full of catfish makes the whole arrangement thrilling.
3. Little Red Caboose
Little Red Caboose
Little Red CabooseLittle Red Caboose of Virginia
This beautiful little red caboose is in Virginia. Its history exists since 1926 and forms a perfect vacation place for a couple or a small family. This tiny caboose has one bedroom having double bed. The caboose is fully equipped with all the necessary equipment. It has a microwave, stove, sink and even a little fridge. Shower in the bathroom tempts people to take relaxed bath. Chair and table arrangement outside the caboose allows people to loosen up during sunny hours. This cozy caboose is a beautiful place for loved ones yearning to spend time together. This place is completely adorable.
4. Luxury Caboose "J.J.”
Luxury Caboose
Luxury Caboose "J.J."The Luxury Caboose "J.J."
Luxury Caboose "J.J" has been named after James Jerome Hill, a renowned builder of the Great Northern Railway. This beautiful creation is full of creative work in wood, leather and even stone. The creativity depicts rich flora of Montana. Fabulous interiors in wood and recycled leather make the whole setup fabulous. Refrigerator, microwave etc. are arranged beautifully along with a copper sink. The spalted wood in the bedroom walls provides a decorative and aesthetic look. The queen size bed, walnut flooring, cozy bedding, stone walled bathrooms, this caboose has everything to make people love it.
5. 1909 Soo Line caboose
1909 Soo Line caboose
1909 Soo Line caboose1909 Soo Line caboose
Marcia Webber transformed a 1909 caboose into a beautiful home. She made some necessary modifications to the caboose and transformed it into a lovely piece of fully equipped home. A bathroom was added at the back of the caboose and arrangements for permanent lighting and plumbing were made. An extra deck was added to accommodate a lawn space along the caboose. Washing machine, stove, refrigerator were all installed within the caboose. For Marcia, this caboose is a place of love which she had been nurturing since last 36 years.

Posted: 30 Sep 2011 09:33 PM PDT
Aravind Balasubramanya:
Beer pong table
Beer pong tableHow to make a beer pong table
Beer Pong is also known as Beirut. It is a popular beer drinking game. The game goes like this. At the two ends of the beer bong table are placed ten red Solo/Dixie cups each. These cups are placed in the shape of a pyramid. The pyramid is arranged as a 1+2+3+4 type and it has the apex towards the opposition. There are two teams of two players each. Each team throws a ping pong ball, either directly or bouncing it once on the table and tries to land it into the opponent’s cup. A cup into which the ball lands is considered sunk and the opposition has to empty the contents of the sunk cup. There is a central line and the ball has to bounce beyond this line to be considered legal (if one chooses to bounce the ball). The first team to sink all the cups of the opponent, wins.
Ping pong tables or folding banquet tables are often used for beer pong. The trendy thing however, is to design your own beer pong table. Designing one such table is not very difficult and with a little hard work along with this tutorial, you can be the owner of your own beer pong table. Given below are the instructions for this DIY project:
Difficulty level:
The project requires the ability to use a drill, saw, screwdriver and paints. All these require some basic skill level without which there could be damages to both the maker and the table. Hence this project gets classified as ‘Moderate’.
Time required:
Some hard work has to definitely go into making this table. It requires care and patience. Our estimate for this project would be 90 minutes or 1.5 hours.
Resources required:
  1. 4feet X 8feet plywood sheet ( about 1″ thickness)
  2. 28″ table legs (4 nos.).
  3. ‘L’ brackets (4 nos.)
  4. Power drill.
  5. Sandpaper.
  6. Screws.
  7. Screwdriver.
  8. Gallon wood stain
  9. Paint.
  10. Paint brushes.
  11. Wood putty.
  12. Spray lacquer ( 3 cans).
  13. Rubber gloves.
  14. A marking pencil.
  1. Place the plywood sheet on a level surface.
  2. Place the sheet in such a manner that the face which you want as the upper side of the table is facing the floor.
  3. Take one of the 28 inch table legs and place it vertically at one corner of the sheet. The leg should be absolutely perpendicular to the sheet. It is vital that the leg is exactly 28 inches so that the table is of official height.
  4. Take an ‘L’ bracket and place it in such a way that one arm of the ‘L’ is aligned along the plywood sheet and the other arm of the ‘L’ is aligned along the leg.
  5. Once the ‘L’ bracket is properly aligned, mark spots where the screws would go in on the leg and the sheet. Do the markings with the pencil.
  6. Drill the necessary holes into the leg and the sheet based on the markings made.
  7. Place the ‘L’ bracket and ensure that the alignment with the holes is perfect.
  8. Push in the screws into the leg and sheet through the bracket to hold them securely. Tighten completely using the screwdriver.
  9. In the similar manner, attach the other three legs to the remaining three corners of the sheet via the ‘L’ brackets.
  10. Turn the table upright and place it on level floor.
  11. Sandpaper the top surface of the table to remove any roughness and to obtain a smooth surface.
  12. Now, it is time to put on your rubber gloves.
  13. Use wood putty to fill the tiny craters and holes on the surface.
  14. Coat the table with wood stain. ( Choice of color is entirely yours)
  15. Paint the table with colors of your choice. (You can lend the table a personality of its own with the painting.)
  16. Spray the entire table with lacquer.
  17. Once the first coat dries, spray another coat of lacquer. In this manner, spray at least four more coats of lacquer on the table.
  18. Once the coats are set and dry, your beer pong table is ready for use.
Quick tips:
  1. It would be good if the legs are a cuboid in shape rather than being a cylinder. This will help the ‘L’ bracket hold better to it.
  2. Make cardboard stencils to help you make patterns.
  3. Use tape to cover areas of the stencils for further variations within the stenciled ones.
  4. You can enhance the table to a ‘next gen’ variety by attaching bottle tops. To attach caps, use epoxy or Liquid Nails to coat the top surface of the caps. Attach the caps individually in a pattern of your choice. Once the adhesive dries and the caps are in place, spray polyurethane on the caps to prevent them from rusting.
  5. Since there will be alcohol spilling on the table, make as many coats of lacquer as you deem necessary.
  6. Make two coats of paint for better effect.
  7. You could paint the table in your college colors or colors that represent your personality.
  8. For those who are more interested in the game rather than a good looking table, here is a simple solution. Get two barrels or drums. Place the wood board over them and your beer bong table is ready!
Things to watch out for:
  1. When you are doing the painting and spraying, do it in a well ventilated area. These are chemical based substances and can be hazardous if you are exposed to their fumes for a long time.
  2. Ensure that the area where the painting is done is cordoned off from toddlers and children.
  3. Handling the drill requires some care. Be careful not to leave the drill lying around, connected to the electricity.
  4. The table will be quite heavy. Use helping hands while moving or shifting it as individual effort alone may not be sufficient.
  5. While attaching the legs to the table, ensure that the distances from the table edge to the legs are same in all four corners to ensure a symmetrical table.

Posted: 30 Sep 2011 04:47 PM PDT
Babita Sajnani:
Wooden bicycle designs
Wooden bicycle designsIncredible wooden bicycle designs
Bicycles have been used for many many years and have been reinvented over time. A lot of designers have brought in their creativity by making bikes innovative and different. A lot of environmentalists insist on using bikes for transportation as a solution to global warming and the receding oil supplies. However, some designers have brought in extremely eco-friendly bicycles that are biodegradable and made out of wood. It is amazing to see how intricately the designers have crafted all the elements of a bike out of wood and make it fully functional! Here are eight amazing bicycle creations made out of wood.
1. The one-of-a-kind wooden bicycle
The one-of-a-kind wooden bicycle
The one-of-a-kind wooden bicycleThe one-of-a-kind wooden bicycle, is designed by Jens Eichler

We mostly assume that bicycle frames are made out of some kind of metal,however, a student from Germany has proved this wrong by using beech timber for crafting the bicycle frame. The designer of this amazing bike - Jens Eichler- simply used a couple of beech plywood sheets, some power tools and a strong adhesive to make this tandem bicycle called ‘Renovatia’.
2. SplinterBike
SplinterBikeDesigned by michael thompsons
The SplinterBike is entirely made of wood in every sense. From the wheels to the gear and the saddle, the entire components of the bike are made out of wood. There are many types of wood that are used for crafting this bike, for instance the metal bearing is made out of oily ironwood, the frame and the wheels are made out of birch ply and so on. The bike has also used some recycled wooden products like an old handle of a broom for the handlebars and the pedals! The trickiest part of this bike is the drivetrain which is made by replacing it with a cog chain made out of wood. It took a thousand man hours to make this beauty which is very functional and fast as it can reach a high speed of 31 miles/hour.
3. Elegant Black Walnut wooden bike
Elegant Black Walnut wooden bike
Elegant Black Walnut wooden bikeElegant Black Walnut wooden bike from Lagomorph design

A lot of people are opting for bicycles as personal modes of transportation. However, if the rich think that a bike does not befit them, then they might give this bike a chance. This elegant bike has been designed for the elite folks who indulge in expensive luxuries and this latest wooden bike made out of American black walnut from Lagomorph Design is the perfect kind. This bike is highly efficient with high performance as well. The bike has pedals and a drive train from White Industries, whereas its caliper breaks are from Diacomp. So, hold your breath, this bike costs $6000 - but it is definitely worth its price!

4. Slawomir weremkowiczs wooden bicycles
Slawomir weremkowiczs wooden bicycles
Slawomir weremkowiczs wooden bicyclesFunctional bicycles using only wooden components by Slawomir Weremkowicz

Slawomir Weremkowicz from Poland used to be a plumber but is now the proud creator of a wooden bike that is entirely made out of wood and wood alone! This fully functional bike is a real treat to the eyes as he has carved the bike to give it an amazingly well-chiseled look. From the steering to the chain, everything has been made out of different types of wood, making this bicycle extremely eco-friendly. It takes Slawomir nearly one year to create this wooden beauty, but the end product is totally awesome.

5. Erics wooden bicycles
Erics wooden bicycles
Erics wooden bicyclesA wooden bicycle by Erik Björk

This elegant wooden bicycle has been made by Erik Björk which was also featured in an exhibition at Stockholm called "Future Living",

6. Wooden bicycle
Wooden bicycle
Wooden bicycleA 16-year-old high school student, Marco Facciola, designed this wooden bicycle

This 100% wooden bicycle is created by Marco Facciola who is apparently a sixteen year old high school student. This bike was a part of his project for his baccalaureate program which is eco-friendly as it is only made by using wood and glue.

7. Flat Frame wooden bike
FLAT FRAME WOODEN BIKEFlat Frame Systems Ltd is launching their first product – a wooden bicycle at Tent London.

Flat Frame Systems launched their wooden bicycle at Tent, London. This sleek bike is made by using engineered wood. The frame is very shiny and glossy as it is covered with a high quality veneer polish. The difference between this bike and another bike is that it uses the flat frame system in which the design of the tube is hollow and crafted out of a flat material.

8. An art nouveau-styled wooden bike
A art nouveau-styled wooden bike
A art nouveau-styled wooden bikeThe art nouveau-styled bike is one of the highlights of Pliny, the designer

Pliny the Younger designers have come out with the most innovative two-wheeled eco-friendly bicycle called the Art-Veil bike, which is crafted entirely out of wood. The art nouveau-styled bike completely stands out as one unique piece that has been treated by using an ancient waterproofing technique using linseed oil. The Art-Veil has been crafted by Mario Prandina and Lorenzo Boni and the curved elements in the wooden structure make it an irresistible possession.

Posted: 30 Sep 2011 04:29 PM PDT
Abdul Vahid V:
Innovative and eye-catching iPhone concepts
Innovative and eye-catching iPhone conceptsiPhone concepts
Apple iPhone is the phone of the era. The magic product has gained ruthless dominance in the world of smartphones thanks to its superb design and high-quality display and components inside. Since its official arrival in 2007 iPhone has not allowed any other smartphones in the world to question its supremacy. Even Google Android has staggered in its race against iPhone. Here, in this article, we are introducing you seven eye-catching design concepts for future iPhones.

In fact, iPhone is already the leader of smartphone markets with its amazing design, great display and software. However, the below iPhone design concepts are from artists and designers, who work enthusiastically on innovative designs and concepts in their leisure hours. Quite often, such designers send their concepts to the Apple headquarters in California and its chief Steve Jobs.
Most of the below iPhone concepts are proposed by their designers for the coming years. These iPhone design concepts are prepared in line with the potential technological advancements of the coming era. Let us see the seven iPhone design concepts for future. Maybe, in the future we will be having iPhones in some of designs mentioned below. They will look amazingly cool and grand with their physical shape along with their inside stuffs.

1. iPhone Nano concept
iPhone Nano concept
iPhone Nano conceptiPhone Nano concept
As its name suggests, it is a design for a small iPhone. Technology world is expanding in a steady pace everyday. Along with the evolution in performance, the gadgets eventually become slight and slim. The iPhone Nano concept is proposed for a smaller iPhone. There are lots of customers, who have special interest towards small and ultra portable devices. In future, there will be more customers for a small iPhone. Image of the concept indicates that an iPhone of this concept will be a tiny tablet-like smartphone. The design features a touchscreen and its microphone will be integrated to the earbuds. The smartphone is capable for syncing with iCal and Phone Book. This fantastic iPhone design concept is from Tracy Hall.

2. ELITE iPhone concept

ELITE iPhone concept
ELITE iPhone conceptELITE iPhone concept
It is another outstanding Apple iPhone concept. What makes it unique is its slide-out keypad. There are many customers, who still love to see a physical keypad on iPhone. This concept is to appeal those consumes. But there is less chance that Apple will go to roll out a keyboard-featured iPhone ever in its history. It was the Cupertino-based technology marker that introduced the complete touchscreen idea on a smartphone with its iPhone. Later many technology builders copied the feature. The ELITE iPhone concept is with a 60GB internal storage capacity that can store up to 15,000 songs, 25,000 images and 75 hours of video playback.
3. Palm iPhone concept
Palm iPhone concept
Palm iPhone conceptPalm iPhone concept
This iPhone concept from designer Samuel Lee Kwon is nothing more than a wrist-watch like device. It can project an iPhone screen along with a number of sensors on your palm. If you switch on the device, you will get a complete iPhone screen on your palm. Thanks to the sensors, you will be able to operate the phone just pressing on the images on your palm. The wearable device also features a small display that you can use to have a glimpse of the updates like SMS, calls and e-mails. You can just project the iPhone screen on your palm once you see hat you have to read or watch something seriously.

4. NAK iPhone 5 concept

NAK iPhone 5 concept
NAK iPhone 5 conceptNAK iPhone 5 concept
NAK studio had proposed this cutting-edge iPhone design for the upcoming iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 concept proposes a single part of casing that is made of magnesium alloy. The device will have a bit larger Retina Display with an enhanced resolution of 1100 x 730 pixels. The designer recommends an 8-megapixel camera with the built-in LED flash and backside illumination sensor. This iPhone 5 concept features four physical indicators in the front panel to update you with the statuses of mail, SMS, calls and battery. Of course, as expected by all analysts, iPhone 5 will run on its own A5 processor. Actually, it seems that most of the above mentioned features are already awaited by tech analysts to appear on the new iPhone.

5. Hologram iPhone concept

Hologram iPhone concept
Hologram iPhone conceptHologram iPhone concept
Holograph is a highly energy saving display technology. As of now, you can find hologram displays in traffic controlling centers, educational institutes and others. Experiments are underway to make hologram technology as a full-fledged smartphone display. A device with the hologram display will use less power and will do great in clarity. Hologram iPhone is certainly one of top concepts for Apple's popular iPhone smartphone. A highly power consuming iPhone can ensure more penetration into the smartphone market.

6. Unibody iPhone 5 concept
Unibody iPhone 5 concept
Unibody iPhone 5 conceptUnibody iPhone 5 concept
Joshua Topolsky has posted this image of what might be a concept design of the forthcoming iPhone 5 on The image shows a sleek iPhone with an edge-to-edge screen and unibody structure. Some sources have revealed to Mr. Topolsky that this image is the concept of iPhone 5. But Apple has not yet confirmed the news. The iPhone design features a large home button that performs double duty as a gesture area. The button can grasp some of your finger gestures for particular activities. Edge-to-edge screen seems to be the most thrilling feature with this design. Users are to get an iPhone with a large display and high resolution. It seems the new iPhone will feature an advanced Retina Display.

7. Thin iPhone concept
Thin iPhone concept
Thin iPhone conceptThin iPhone concept
HandyFlash has built up this stunningly thin iPhone concept. This Photoshopped design is looking like as having only the screen. It is so thin that it can be clearly identified when it is placed with a spoon. Possibly, this thin iPhone concept may be realized in future thanks to the progress of technology. It is a time flexible displays and hologram displays are to appear on smartphones and tablet, making them far thinner and weightless.

Posted: 30 Sep 2011 04:16 PM PDT
Babita Sajnani:
Sustainable pavilion designs
Sustainable pavilion designsSustainable pavilion designs to protect the environment
A lot of designers are turning to green and eco-friendly designs that support the environment and prevent any further damages to our Earth. From sustainable buildings, to sustainable clothes, many things unimaginable are being converted into greener products. Here are seven amazing eco-friendly sustainable pavilion designs that have used materials that look extremely attractive and at the same time do not harm the environment.
1. Thematic Pavilion of Yeosu 2012 by Unsangdong Architects
Thematic Pavilion of Yeosu 2012
Thematic Pavilion of Yeosu 2012Sustainable pavilion design takes inspiration from ocean ecosystem.
Inspired by the oceanic ecosystem, the Thematic Pavilion constructed by Unsangdong Architects' at Yeosu 2012 is one that shows sheer brilliance as it gives the visitors a chance to see the marine life from a close distance. This interesting architecture is in a circular form and has been earmarked for various events such as Play Valley, Media Valley, Water Valley and so on.

2. Pabellon pavillion by Plan B Arquitectos
Pabellon pavillion
Pabellon pavillionPabellon pavillion by + Plan B Arquitectos
Plan B Arquitectos were given a project wherein they were to construct a mobile, temporary pavilion which was open air as well for the Expocamacal 2010 that was to be held in Colombia. This amazing architectural feat was built built and named Pabellon Desconectados, which is an illuminated structure constructed out of sustainable raw materials that shines brightly at night just like a jewel box!
3. Lantern Pavilion
Lantern Pavilion
Lantern PavilionLantern Pavilion by + AWP and + AtelierOslo
Located in Sandnes, Norway, the Lantern Pavilion has been made entirely out of timbers that have been found rather than cut along with glass slates. This eco-friendly pavilion on stilts functions as a vital meeting place, a venue for concert and various other purposes as well. It has been built and designed by Norwegian and French companies by the name of AtelierOslo and AWP respectively. The entire wooden frame is covered with glass that has a translucent pattern etched onto it. During the night, this pavilion looks just like a glowing lantern and since it is located in the heart of the city, it is a definite ‘must-see’ for all the travelers coming into Oslo!

4. Eco pavilion
Eco pavilion
Eco pavilionRecyclable pavilion designed for Burnham Plan Centennial celebrations
The Eco Pavilion is recyclable and was created as a part of the Burnham Plan Centennial celebrations at Chicago. Designed by two architects Ben van Berkel and Zaha Hadid, these two eco pavilions would help to promote sustainability in architecture. One of these pavilions is done by Zaha Hadid is made by using a stretching fabric that is draped over an aluminum frame which is collapsible. The other by Ben is made out of both wood and steel.
5. Pavilion built by using 30,000 old beer crates
Recycled beer crates pavilion
Recycled beer crates pavilionPavilion built from 30,000 recycled beer crates
Architects SHSH have put together an enormous pavilion that featured in the 1958 Universal World Exhibition’s 50th anniversary celebrations at Brussels. This amazing pavilion has been made by make use of 30 thousand yellow beer crates which have been stack atop each other to form various architectural elements like domes, columns and arches! This is a great example of how architecture can also promote recycling and reusing.
6. Great Lakes Pavilion
Great Lakes Pavilion
Great Lakes PavilionGreat Lakes Pavilion by Michael Burns
Designed by Michael Burns, the Great Lakes Pavilion is a great way to raise awareness about caring for our non-renewable scarce resources, particularly the five Great Lakes of North America. Each pavilion is dedicated to one Great Lake and attempts to explain how the aquatic ecosystem can be saved along with all the steps people need to take in order to preserve the natural balance of the lakes.

7. Walt Disney's Recycled plastic pavilion
Recycled plastic pavilion
Recycled plastic pavilionRecycled pavilion to premier Walt Disney's eco friendly cartoon movie
Walt-Disney got a special pavilion for the screening of his movie called ‘Trilli’ which is entirely made of recycled plastic. This was done in a bid to make children aware of the benefits of recycling. This amazing white pavilion has been designed by Riccardo Giovanetti from Italy which educated the kids on how to transform plastic into another useful form rather than disposing it of. White plastic discs are the main material of this pavilion which give it a bubble-like form. This eco-friendly pavilion would be touring across many Italian cities to educate children about the benefits of recycling.

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