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Eight Amazing Technology Gadgets

Posted: 03 Oct 2011 04:14 AM PDT
Balakrishnan Ramachandran:
AirshipLighter than an air aircraft
The concept
Airships, invented as far back as 1900 were an advance on hot air balloons or blimps. They included an engine and rudders for propulsion. They also include a frame made of a light aluminum or composite material. The frame is enclosed with a polymer casing that is filled with helium gas. Helium, being lighter than air, causes the airship to rise. When the weight of the airship equals the buoyancy, it stops rising and floats in position. It is then propelled forward using the in-built engine and the rudders. Descent to ground is by bleeding the helium gas in a controlled manner. Airships are also called Zeppelins, after the German inventor.
The initial work on blimps and airships came from mankind's fascination with flying in air. The first flights on hot air balloons were attempted as early as 1783. As soon as airships were invented in 1900, people attempted to fly in them. The 1937 disaster of the Hindenburg airship, which traveled successfully from Frankfurt in Germany across the Atlantic Ocean to New Jersey before crashing, killing the 36 people on-board led to rethinking on airships. The advent of airplanes for travel filled the role the early airships tried to play. Airship usage was then primarily limited to advertising, where they were an eye-catching novelty. For example, airship advertising would be done over a beach on holiday week-ends, or when ceremonial parades or carnivals take place. For fixed location advertising, such as over a sports stadium, the cheaper blimp was used. The Goodyear blimp became synonymous with such advertising.
There is a recent revival of interest in airships with NASA announcing a program for the development of a new family of airships that could lift and move very heavy cargo. NASA is working with several companies to build a prototype that could be tested as early as in 2012. Simultaneously a British company, Hybrid Air Vehicles, has announced a partnership with a Canadian company to manufacture airships that could transport weights up to 50 tones and at speeds up to 115 mph. One major technical breakthrough has led to these high load capability airships. When an airship loads or unloads cargo, its weight changes and consequently its buoyancy. To maintain constant buoyancy, ballast had to be carried. This limited the load carrying capacity of airships. A new approach to bleeding helium gas from containers into inflatable bladders is said to have overcome this problem.
The use of an airship for transport of heavy cargo is of special interest. At present, the heavy cargo has to be lifted with a crane, loaded on a truck-trailer, transported at slow speeds over roads and then unloaded, again using a crane. The operations of lifting by crane, securing the heavy cargo to the truck-trailer bed and unloading all have risks and costs associated with them. In addition, at many construction sites, the road access is inadequate and transport of heavy and large dimension cargo needs detailed studies on load-bearing capacity of the road and the culverts, turning radius for the truck-trailer at road turnings and the like. If the heavy cargo could be moved by an airship, it could result in major savings.
There are many locations where a fixed wing airplane or a helicopter becomes impractical. Fixed wing planes need an airstrip and even helicopters need a helipad for operation. An airship could get deployed at such locations. The deployment could be on hilly terrain or for disaster relief, as in an earthquake or flood affected area.
Military applications are always a spur to technology development. The applications being considered include movement of heavy armored vehicles like tanks or field guns into terrain where there are no roads or where road access has been destroyed. Airships and blimps are already being used for ground surveillance by the military and for policing and narcotics interdiction. All major aerospace companies including Boeing, Northrop Grumman and Raytheon are working on airship technologies for the military.
One of the major advantages of airships is that they can take off vertically from almost any surface including water.
The lowdown
The earlier airships had very low speeds compared even with road transport. The promise of higher speeds in the new designs would overcome that problem. However, the safety issues in transport of heavy cargo over long distances will remain a major concern. It is unlikely to be permitted over populated places until the technology has been proven to be safe. This could limit the application of airships to limited cargo movement applications.
The airship, by inherent design, does not have all the controls of a fixed wing airplane or a helicopter. It is, therefore, difficult to steer in heavy wind conditions and can also be affected by thermal currents. The envelope of the airship, made of polymer material is prone to puncture and that could happen when the airship in on the ground. Such punctures could cause loss of pressure once the airship is flying with the cargo.
The Impact
There is no doubt that the evolution of airship technology, especially with the application of new materials to its construction, will open up another mode of transportation for mankind. New methods of control and guidance based on GPS and access to the internet could open up possibilities not imaginable even 10 years ago.
Related Trends
Besides cargo movement and surveillance uses, the rebirth of airships is causing innovators to think of new applications.
One of these, can actually be done with a blimp in place of an airship, is as a sky lantern to illuminate a large area such as a beach or a stretch of highway as an alternative to multiple electric poles and light fittings. The energy for the lamp could be derived from solar modules carried on the airship. At the height it flies, sunlight is available for more hours than on the ground.
Another entrepreneur is talking in terms of building a hotel-cum-casino that floats in air.
On a more serious note, Aeros the company that is partnering NASA is already talking of using airships to transport people, as an alternative to airplanes. They claim to be working on airships that can carry 150-180 people. They advocate this as a low carbon transportation solution. The fact that airships do not need an airport runway type of infrastructure would make it possible to use airships for point-to-point travel, theoretically between any two points.

Posted: 03 Oct 2011 02:07 AM PDT
Sahil Khurana:
Wood beer pong table
Wood beer pong tableThese table are best to have a beer pong with your friends.
Beer Pong, a game which was initiated simply to appease someone's idle interests, has taken over the world by storm. Now, officially a tournament game, the sport pretty much gets summed up with its name itself.
Two sets of end points or goals are placed on either sides of a rectangular board, while the beer glasses are arranged in the shape of a triangle. The opponent team tries to put ping pong balls into the other's beer glasses.
With an endeavor to do this, the more number of balls the teams are able place inside the other team's cups, the better the chances they have for winning. With a simple game strategy in place, the game is as innovative and interesting as one can imagine.
1. Summer Sale - Pink Inflatable Beer Pong Table
Summer Sale
Summer SaleThis table can be used in many ways - you can throw it in the pool, toss it on top of an existing table surface
Use your beer pong table when and where you want to use it. Does a floating table really do the job for you?
Well, if you answered the above question with a big nod, then the pink inflatable beer pong table is just the thing for you. Available at a price of $49.95 only, the triangles have been embedded deep inside the table. Simply inflate the table and enjoy the various options of either putting the table right inside your pool, or hanging it with the ropes and grommets provided. An excellent design coupled with a unique idea, the table would not let you down even once.
2. Custom Wood Beer Pong Table

Custom Wood Beer Pong Table
Custom Wood Beer Pong TableThe table is crafted in poplar wood and finished with seamless construction.
Crafted with beautiful lustrous poplar wood and finished with a strong seamless design, the wood table is as pretty as it can get.
The triangles have been decorated with trendy red plexiglass and LED lights from underneath. The rear panels of the wooden panel can be detached for maintenance.
Available at a price of $749, the table exudes a confidence and a style one can never tend to forget. Buy it now to enjoy a game which will make you enjoy yourselves in an unimaginable way.
3. Pin Up Girls Beer Pong Table

Pin Up Girls Beer Pong Table
Pin Up Girls Beer Pong TableEach table features an easy to clean surface that measures the standard 8 foot by 2 foot beer pong table length.
Manufactured by Red Cup Pong, the vintage pin up girls beer pong table is the best of the lot. Measuring 8 by 2 feet, the table is durable, waterproof and offers you complete value for money.
Available for a price of $129.99, the table has been built in way to ensure ease in transportation and setup. What makes it different is the features it comes built-in with, right from the fixed bottle opener, to the ball holder and 6 pong balls.
No longer need to worry about carrying the table around with fear of losing some important nuts and bolts for the table. Everything has been simply taken care of, just to make things all the more comfortable for you.
4. Black Tiki Floating Beer Pong Table

Black Tiki Floating Beer Pong Table
Black Tiki Floating Beer Pong TableAbsolutely perfect for anyone who enjoys beer pong but doesn’t want to get out of the pool!
Unleash the traditional values of the Aztecs into your beer pong table with the 1.25"x27"x69" Tiki table. Available in two colors, the black colored table has been a major hit with the classes as well as the masses.
The Tiki Table has been crafted using high quality closed cell foam, thereby ensuring the table's use inside your pool as well.
No more need to step out of the pool when you are in a playful mood. The table can be used expertly right inside the water, thanks to the material it has been made with.
Available for $99.99, if you plan on buying this beer pong table, I can assure you, you would end up buying a winner for yourself.
5. ProBowl Premium Beer Pong Table

ProBowl Premium Beer Pong Table
ProBowl Premium Beer Pong TableThe Premium ProPong tables are 8ft tournament length but fold up into a ultra portable briefcase.
The ProBowl premium beer pong table is bound to please all the sports fans out there, especially the football fans.
Capable of being folded into just a suitcase, the 8 feet ultra portable table is one tough nut to crack. The table has been made with the best possible vinyl lamination while the framework has been carved out with heavy duty aluminum. The triangles have a grip racking which make sure that the glasses refrain from falling around everywhere on the table.
If you really know how to get the hang of beer pong and want to enjoy it in its entirety, then the ProBowl Premium Beer Pong Table is just the table for you.
This table can be yours for a price of $114.95
6. Slim Floating Beer Pong Table

Slim Floating Beer Pong Table
Slim Floating Beer Pong TableThe Slim Floating Beer Pong Table takes all the functionality of closed cell foam pong tables and squeezes it all into a slender piece of beer pong technology.
Another variety to add to your pool game collection is the Slim Floating Beer Pong Table. Available in a snazzy combination of black and white, the table has been built with closed cell foam, squeezing it into a slender piece of amazing gaming technology.
Built with dimensions of 1.25"x12"x69", the table proves its worth as a beautiful companion for your pool parties. It encompasses within it 6 standard cups and ping pong ball holders on either sides.
The Slim Floating Beer Pong Table can be yours for a price of $49.95 only.
7. PatriotPong Premium Beer Pong Table

PatriotPong Premium Beer Pong Table
PatriotPong Premium Beer Pong TableDurable high quality Aluminum framework
Express your patriotism for the country with the PatriotPong Premium Beer Pong Table. Decked with a design worth shelling out some money for, the table is a discreet relative of the ProBowl Premium Beer Pong Table.
Built in somewhat the same design, the graphics on the table have been replaced with the USA flag. With a coy endeavor to inculcate a sense of patriotism amongst the players, the Patriot Pong table is a table to be cherished and valued till the end.
The table can be purchased for a price of $114.95.
8. The Nintendo Beer Pong Table

The Nintendo Beer Pong Table
The Nintendo Beer Pong TableThis custom-made Nintendo beer pong table is quite possibly the most important thing that humans have ever done.
Here is a piece of good news for Nintendo fans who also like to drink in utmost style. Grace your parties with a customized Nintendo beer pong table and make heads turn in surprise. The eye-catching table has cut-outs shaped like a triangle that will gracefully hold the cups, while you shake a leg. The light-up sections of Triforce will give a high of its own and so will Little Mac and Donkey Kong. The creation is pretty vivacious and will add fun to dull surroundings in no time.
9. Fire Water Premium Beer PongTable

Fire Water Premium Beer PongTable
Fire Water Premium Beer PongTableThis table has a unique design with many additional features, including a stainless steel bottle cap opener attached to the table, a ball rack, 6 custom balls, and much more!
Built with a fiery design ready to captivate the onlookers gaze, the Fire Water premium beer pong table is a glossy version of the pong table.
Scratchproof, waterproof, and highly detailed, the table makes it a point to ease out the conventional reputation of playing the traditional wet game. With a unique design, and a system to hold the pong balls in a side holder, the table can be made yours for as little as $129.99.
Beautifully decorated, the table demands as little space as possible. It can be converted into a brief case like structure at the time of travelling. Convenient, elegant and totally happening.
10. Nightmare Tournament Beer Pong Table

Nightmare Tournament Beer Pong Table
Nightmare Tournament Beer Pong TableRegulation when open but folds up into a very convenient briefcase
Let your worst nightmares come true with this Nightmare Tournament Beer Pong Table. Created with a happening black design marking its elegance, the table has the power to make you swoon right inside your shoes.
Boasting of a shiny surface, the mobility of the table is what makes it the most favorite amongst the masses. If you wish to travel, simply convert the table into a 2 ft by 2 ft briefcase. This is not all, for beer pong table holds up to 6 balls for your convenience and it also comes with a bottle opener in the middle of the table.
The table is an absolute stunner and will let you enjoy beer pong in a very elaborate and extensive manner.

Posted: 03 Oct 2011 01:58 AM PDT
Shallu Sharma:
Interactive billboards Ads
Interactive billboards AdsInteractive billboards to enhance the advertising experience
Omnipresence of billboards all around the streets has made them so common that people hardly notice them. Therefore, companies are working hard to make these billboards interactive and eye-catching so as to grab public attention. There are numerous interactive billboards being designed by companies all over the world and some of them are being discussed below.
10 interactive billboards to enhance the advertising experience are as follows.
1. Honda Billboard Interacting through SMS And Bluetooth
Honda Billboard Interacts Via SMS And Bluetooth
Honda Billboard Interacts Via SMS And BluetoothThe campaign was created by GT Media and JC Decaux using technology provided by Púca.
This interactive billboard was used by Honda in Dublin. The customers could download information from these billboards using Bluetooth. They could start the car by typing a simple SMS. The whole concept was created by JC Decaux and GT Media making use advanced technology to make the process fully interactive.
2. Nike’s Interactive Billboard
Nike's UNICEF Interactive Billboard
Nike’s UNICEF Interactive BillboardNike’s unicef interactive billboard makes each kilometer go further
Nike has created a unique interactive billboard as a charity advertisement. This was launched in Argentina where people walking by could participate in a charity program by simply running on a treadmill equipped with kilometer measure. For every kilometer Nike denotes some set amount to UNICEF. The whole concept of generosity is appreciable. It promotes fitness as well as community spirit. It's a unique platform where people by working out on their fitness can help others in need. The brand Nike has gained a lot of gratitude after implementing this concept in the streets of Argentina.
3. Big in Japan Interactive Billboard
Big in Japan Interactive Billboard
Big in Japan Interactive BillboardBig in Japan is a reality TV powering Swedish in Japan.
We see hundreds of billboards around us every day. They must have soothing unique in them to make them noticeable. The biggest challenge for marketers lies in making billboards interactive and perceptible. Similar efforts were made in making a new Swedish reality show "Big in Japan" famous. The company made vigorous efforts for its promotion campaign. Interactive billboards with speakers and moving detectors were installed in the city. People passing by were detected and cheering was made for them and their pictures were also clicked.
4. Transparent Billboards Promoting Sony PSP

Transparent Billboards Promoting Sony PSP
Transparent Billboards Promoting Sony PSPAdventure is anywhere, these billboards seem to sa
Unique unreal billboards have been made by Sony for promoting Sony PSP. Though it's an expensive concept but it has successfully achieved it purpose as these billboards are a key topic of discussion these days. They are built for specific places keeping in mind the location. The ads on these billboards are visible only from a specific angle but they serve the purpose of attracting passersby. Sony Corporation has no doubt once again proved that it has the world's best marketing executives to promote its products.
5. Billboard for a Lingerie Store Bustop
Billboard for a Lingerie Store Bustop
Billboard for a Lingerie Store BustopBillboard advertising is one of the best advertising medium
While commuting we see numerous billboards hanging around the city and most of the times they go unnoticed. The main purpose of billboards is to attract people and interact with them to make the brand famous. The similar strategy was adopted by a lingerie clothing company that created a 3D environment interactive advertisement. The sensors in the billboards are activated by the wind blow which lifts the skirt to reveal lingerie product underneath.
6. Slower Is Better' Ad Campaign
Slower Is Better' Ad Campaign
Slower Is Better' Ad CampaignElm Grove Police Department in Wisconsin developed this campaign
There are certain billboards that are issued in interest of public and not for business purpose. The Elm grove Police department has issued a unique billboard to make people drive slow and safe. This campaign has been launched in Wisconsin on accident prone roads. These billboards display information about the rash driving if the speed is above 25mph. The whole concept has been implemented by a company named as Cramer-Krasselt in Milwaukee, USA. This creative idea promotes "Slower is better" in a very unique and impressive way.
7. BBC World's Interactive Billboard
BBC World's Interactive Billboard
BBC World's Interactive BillboardThe billboard tallied the results in real time
To promote BBC World in America a very creative and innovative billboards have been designed. The billboards had an interactive setup displaying a challenging question that tempted spectator to respond by a text message. The results were tallied in real time. This interactive billboard was able to grab a merit award at Art Director Club.
8. HBO billboards
HBO / Big Love Audio billboards
HBO / Big Love Audio billboardsInteractive audio billboards featured everyday people walking on a city street
The Big Love Audio billboards had jack built into each individual's head walking on the street. They tempting people to plug in these head phones and listen to their hidden thoughts which ranged from innocent to even dramatic. These boards were featured at Times Square subway station in NYC and in Hollywood and Venice beach in LA.
9. Adobe CS3 Interactive Billboard
Adobe CS3 Interactive Billboard
Adobe CS3 Interactive BillboardInteractive Billboard for the 3rd release launching of their Adobe Software
This unique interactive billboard was exposed in 14th street of NYC by Adobe Software to promote the release of their creative suite. As the people walk along the wall, infrared sensors get activated and select the person to control slider button on the wall. As the person continues to walk along with the slider, the wall displays fancy and colorful animations and pictures along with some music. The slides appear in accordance with the pace of the pedestrians and when the person reaches the end of the wall the entire billboard is in its full bloom displaying its promotional message "Creative license: take as much as you want".
10. Guerrilla Style Billboard
Guerrilla Style Billboard
Guerrilla Style BillboardNikon Interactive Billboard
Nikon has promoted the launch of its D700 model in Korea in a very interactive way. They have mounted a massive billboard at Seoul substation that displays actual looking images competing for taking the best picture in celebrity style. The passerby are treated as celebrity and clicked by flashing cameras when they walk in front of the billboard.

Posted: 02 Oct 2011 10:57 PM PDT
Sukrat Gupta:
YEE flying car
YEE flying carYEE flying car concept
The concept:
Most of you might have seen some movies like “The Fifth Element,” read any books or even heard it from someone about flying cars. So, what is all that which is putting fire to the hot conversation. Most of the techies here would agree with me that these are not anything which could be made by adding the wings to a car. The manufacture of a flying car, or more appropriately said “roadable aircrafts,” needs a heavy attention on both of the aspects that it has to run on a standard road as well as fly in the sky without a smallest problem and with fewer number of transitions from a car to an aircraft. Thus the concept itself is quite complicated as one has to implement the comforts of a car inside the complex environment of a small aircraft which should be able to fly and driven.
There are currently a few flying cars which are available commercially. One of them is Terrafugia “flying cars.” It has recently been granted special exemptions by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) as Transition “roadable aircraft.” Most of the other prototypes and concepts are in development.
The inspiration:
The factors that inspired most of the people and automotive companies to think about the concept of a car which can fly too, came firstly from the original Flying Car, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which was used as a movie and stage prop. Six versions of the car were made for a movie and one of them was a flying car.
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’s Flying car version mainly caught the attention due to its toughness factor. It was built strong enough to handle dirt roads, cobblestone streets and could jump off a couple of stairs too! It’s engine is a Ford V-6, and ship builders crafted out the wooden passenger compartment. An automatic transmission was also added, but details and instruments were added to make it look like an original touring car in early 1900s. These details about the car helped in idealizing a flying car which should be strong enough and well designed to run on the streets and when needed, fly in the air.
Where we are now:
If you want to see a fully working flying car, you need not wait as the “Transition Roadable Aircraft” which is discussed above, is going to be manufactured commercially by Terrafugia, a Woburn, Massachusetts based company. Its development can be called as a milestone in this field. The features included in the car are well enough to take care of both air and street ride.
Special tires are being used for the car due to their ultra-lightness which will not weigh down the aircraft. Panes made of poly-carbonate material are used instead of heavy glass windows giving the car a relief in its weight and shatterproof strength.
Physically, it is housed with wings with a span of 27.5ft. The wings can be folded down and when not in use, that is when being used as a car only, are double-folded to the car sides. Normally, a flight of 460 miles can be covered up in a single go and the speed can strike up to 115 miles/hr. Unleaded petrol is used as fuel and parking can be done in your own garage.
As it is a special car, it needs you to fulfill some special requirements to fly it. One of them is, you must have a flying license and the second and most important is that it will start only by entering a secure code.
What makes it stand out:
There is no doubt that flying cars are going to come into existence in a few decades and will be a part of our daily street view but it is most important to check out the pros and cons of these so as to check their sustainability in today’s scenario. There are some design aspects which differentiate the flying cars from the conventionally designed cars such as the window panes, the tires, the body structure and engine used in the car.
The advantages of a flying car are listed below:
  • No traffic jams.
  • The user can get an experience of both the pilot and a driver in the same vehicle.
  • Routes can be counted on displacement, not distance, that is one can directly go to his destination without following a specific route.
  • Time saving.
  • One can fly to a holiday spot without any preplanned reservations.
By these points, one may say that it is going to be a luxury rather than being a necessity. But we should remember, the things that were luxury before are counted under necessity today (e.g. cellphones). So, at this point we can say that the developments under this product are going in the right way and would provide some fruitful results.
The dark side:
A coin have two sides, similarly, anything with a number of advantages have some disadvantages too. The minus points incorporated in a flying car are:
  • One needs a runway for taking off the transitioned plane.
  • There would be another government body controlling air traffic for common people with flying cars.
  • Remote locations are not to be covered under safe landing, which can be accessed using a normal car.
  • The car would be consuming tremendous amount of fuel and thus would not be an efficient option.
  • Their maintenance would be costly too.
Most of these would only happen when the car would be in existence and thus the disadvantages are a bit of presumptions made for a product like flying car.
Where do we go from here:
Here are some examples of flying cars which could be seen in coming future:
1. The ‘leave a piece at the airport’ (LPA): For which you can leave the flight components at the airport and drive away with the car. For taking a flight, you have to go back to the airport and attach the pieces back to fly the thing.
2. The ‘take-it-all-with-you’ (TAW): After landing is done, the so called airplane will be converted into a car after a series of transitions.
Two types of vehicles can be followed up in the latter category:
  • The integrated flying car with removable wings.
  • The modular flying car with integrated foldable wings.
These type of speculations are constantly made everyday by the auto-enthusiasts.
Related trends:
There are a series of cars which are currently being conceptualized and designed after the success of Terrafugia’s flying car, some of them are:
1. Moller's Autovolantor
Moller's Autovolantor
Moller's AutovolantorMoller's Autovolantor flying car
Moller’s Autovolantor promises to materialize our dream of flying a cars like the cartoon series Jetsons. Simply shift the gear to flying mode and zoom off vertically. This two-seater car is capable of lifting off vertically and fly for about 15 minutes at the speeds up to 150 mph.
2. Egg-shaped flying concept car

Egg-shaped flying concept car
Egg-shaped flying concept carThe Egg-shaped flying concept car
Named as the Aeon project, this award winning project is a considerate amalgamation of mobility and 3D applications. The egg-shaped car shows controls on the front screen and enables the pilot to learn about the surroundings by spinning the screen into a visual story. It is a total interactive learning experience.
3. Pal V flying car
Pal V flying car
Pal V flying carPal V flying car from Dutch inventor John Bakker
PAL-V (Personnel Air Vehicle) is designed by a Dutch inventor John Bakker. Actually, it is a flying gyrocopter tricycle which is titled PAL-V. The things that is even more distinctive in this vehicle is its tilt ability on road to avoid any congestion. It is expected to cost around €100,000 ($141,726).
4. High Road Aerocar
High Road Aerocar
High Road AerocarLeigh Aerosystems displays High Road Aerocar
Leigh Aerosystems has designed a number of weapon systems and drones for the military which provides them the expertise in designing a model that could actually fly. The key flight operational and performance goals include cruise speed of 180 mph at the speed of 15,000 ft., 20,000 ft ceiling and a mile range of 500.
5. YEE flying car
YEE flying car
YEE flying carYEE flying car concept
YEE is a flying car conceptualized by designers Pan Jiazhi, Zhu Wenxi and Lai Zexin from the Department of Industrial Design in School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering in China. YEE is designed with an aim to meet the needs of people living in the modern cities.

Posted: 02 Oct 2011 09:53 PM PDT
Jancy James:

Unusual remote control
Unusual remote controlUnusual and interesting remote control designs
Before the entry of smart phones, remote controls occupied the pride of place as the most used hand held devices in the world. Technology is constantly evolving and we are presented with a genre of amusing designs for remote controls in various styles and materials. These devices have a simple yet, intelligent interface which exemplifies a spontaneous intuitiveness which is at once amazing and impressive. Take a look at these interesting remote controls that hardly look like remote controls and make you want to hold it again and again.
1. Gel Remote
Gel Remote
Gel RemoteStrange Panasonic Gel Remote concept.
As the name suggests, this remote is made out of a soft and flesh gel that slumbers on the surface peacefully when it is off. However, if you turn it on, the gel slowly starts eliminating a soft light and the center of the device springs to life, mimicking the pounding of a heart beat. With the approach of a human hand, the sensors in the gel respond by transforming the surface to a rigid area with the extinguishing of the light inside. A beautifully inanimate object that mimics life in its own terms!
2. Gesture Remote
Gesture Remote
Gesture RemoteTV viewing Gesture Remote
This sleek and ergonomic design has a virtual mouse that responds to human hand gestures. The GestIC technology helps in stimulating the remote surface. A circular hand movement is all you need to bring the menu function out and the raising and lowering motion of the thumb will do functions like Zoom in and out, browsing and scrolling. If you are looking for a sleek and pressure free zone for your remote control needs, you have found the right one in Gesture Remote!
3. Human Emotions Remote
Human emotions
Human emotionsHuman emotions by Zeynep Altmisoglu
A remote control that is in tune with our emotions, the Human Emotions remote is not just a remote that can control the gadgets, all in one go with the right settings; it can also recognize the state of our body. It has a blood pressure monitor and changes the environment to suit the user's emotional status. This universal remote has a transparent glass LCD screen which turns transparent when not in use. The blood pressure monitor can be detached from the remote and the emotion mode can be turned on by turning the remote back and compressing it from both the parts so that it fits the ear like an earring.
4. Remote Control Household Devices
remote control household devices
remote control household devicesUniversal remote controller
Houses are beaming with technological innovations and every device now comes with a remote control system. It surely creates a pile of remotes at home which is confusing and very difficult to manage. How about a single remote control for all your household appliances? This universal remote control has a transparent body and it can control all the appliances in your house, including the lamp; all at the touch of a single button. All you need to do is to choose the device name from the menu and use it for the specific purpose. It also comes with a charging stand that is magnetic.
5. Remote Control on Soft Pillows
Remote Control on Soft Pillows
Remote Control on Soft PillowsUnique Soft Pillows remote control
This universal remote control system offers a soft and cozy surface to rest your hand on while watching TV. This one is for those who are ever on a search for your remote. Its cushy surface is easily identified, anywhere you place it. The soft pillow remote control comes with a telecontrol that can control six components of a home theater. The database is also preloaded with 500 remote control devices.
6. Shake Control
Shake Control
Shake ControlShake & control, TV remote works without battery.
This novel remote control does not need a battery to charge it. All you need to do to charge it is to shake it. The technology works by the theory of energy that a moving magnet in a coil can generate. When you shake the remote, the electromagnetic induction produces 20 to 30mA electric current that will activate the infrared signals necessary for working the TV. The magnet which is inside the transparent case points to the direction in which you are holding the remote. The channels and the volume can be changed by a shake as well.
7. Physical Gesture Remote Control
Physical Gesture Remote Control
Physical Gesture Remote ControlPhysical Gesture Remote Control by Sungwoo Park.
Designed to mimic the action of playing cards, a physical gesture remote control works by slide and twist motions for changing the volume, channels or tracks while you are operating a DVD. The remote control has two halves like a card and it is a welcome change from the touch screen and feather touch versions that are so popular these days.
8. Book Style Remote Control
Book Style Remote Control
Book Style Remote ControlRemote Control by Chen Hung Ming
Another one of those universal remote controls, the book styled remote control stands out with its stylish and innovative design. Designed like the pages of a book. The remote control has three pages, each one for your TV, DVD and stereo system. The tab or the book mark on the edge of each page describes the control function of each page. A great accessory for book lovers and those who would want a single gadget that can control all their major A/V gears.
9. TV Remote Design For Sony
TV Remote Design for Sony
TV Remote Design for SonyTV Remote Design by student from Dong Hwa University, China
An eco friendly design spurred out of the imagination of industrial design students in China, this remote control for Sony does not even remotely resemble a conventional remote. It has the shape of an Erlenmeyer flask that we are so used to seeing in chemistry labs. Powered with kinetic energy, the remote works by swishing, circling and moving up and down. For turning it on or off, you have to rotate the remote. Swaying it left and right will turn the power on with a green light to signal the power on mode. Volume control can be facilitated by a waving motion and an up and down motion will change the channels. Keep swishing to stay away from boredom!
10. Motion Sensitive Remote Control
Motion Sensitive
Motion SensitiveMotion Sensitive by Ryan Sorrell
Motion sensitive remote control or “Remotion” is a remote control device that works with the help of motion sensors. A vertical motion will change the volume and horizontal motion is for surfing channels. Being a simple interface, it may not be the ultimate gadget that you are looking for, as many other control options are lacking. But for a simple TV viewer, this button less gadget is all that is needed.

Posted: 02 Oct 2011 09:47 PM PDT
Aravind Balasubramanya:
Portable printers
Portable printersPortable printers for printing on the go
Mobility and speed have become the key words in today’s world. Don’t you agree? Let us take a common everyday example. How many times have you not felt the need to see the pictures you have taken during your vacation or trip, immediately? Road-warriors around the world want to do everything on the go and they cannot bear with the hassles of carrying a bulky printer and making tedious connections. For such road-warriors we present eight modern ‘weapons’ of empowerment. Read on to know about portable printers that allow you to print on the go.
1. Lumium portable printing solution
Lumium portable printer
Lumium portable printerA lightweight portable printer by Lumium
Lumium has come out with this neat and compact printer which sits below your laptop. It is neither heavy nor large in size. So abolish your worries of carrying and desk space. The printer comes with an integrated cooling system also. It is so neatly designed that it looks more like an extension of the laptop than a printer! Added to this, the printer can double up as a notebook stand when not in use. So, bid goodbye to lugging printers across rooms and struggling with connections.
2. Mini Giant printer allows printing on the go
Mini Giant printer
Mini Giant printerMini Giant printer by Paula Adina Sumalan.
Presenting the winner of Zero Boundaries Zink Product Design Competition - the Mini Giant. This is a brilliant idea of designer Paula Adina Sumalan that changes our concept of a printer. A normal printer is stationary and the paper moves through it. And so, the bigger the print required, the bigger the printer has to be. The concept here is of a ’stationary’ paper and a moving robotic printer! Using Zink’s ‘inkless printing’ technology, the printer propels itself on Zink paper and produces high quality prints. Measuring 22cm X 14cm X 3 cm, the printer almost fits into the trouser pockets!
3. Printstik PS905ME
PrintstikPrintstik by PlanOn Systems Solutions
If you thought that the Mini Giant was compact, try the Printstik. Measuring 27cm X 5cm X 5cm and weighing just 1.5 pounds, this inkless printer slips easily into the pocket. Lithium-ion polymer rechargeable batteries power the printer and it uses thermal printing technology to ensure that there is no need for ink cartridges. It can, however, make only monochrome prints. But once you realize that the printer has no carbon footprint, you will admire this creation from PlanOn Systems Solutions.
4. Trak Mobile Inkjet Printer
Trak Mobile Inkjet Printer
Trak Mobile Inkjet PrinterPortable laptop printer by Hung Chih Wang
And finally, something to smile about for the dollar-crazy ink manufacturers! Inkjet printers are not far behind in this race for miniaturization. Designer Hung Chih Wang has arrived with an ultra mobile concept. His ‘Trak’ (or Trax ) snaps neatly on to the lid of your laptop. And the selling point is the fact that it can be simply USB powered! A detachable printing head makes storage and transport easy. However, there is no talk on how the ink is kept from spilling out.
5. Canon PIXMA iP100 super-flat portable printer
Canon PIXMA iP100
Canon PIXMA iP100Super-flat portable printer by Canon PIXMA iP100
Canon is a very familiar and popular name in the printer industry. The company has just released a printer that has high print speed and high resolution. The PIXMA iP100 can churn out 20 black and white pages per minute or 14 color pages per minute. Powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery, the printer connects via PictBridge, USB or a Bluetooth module (for wireless transfers). This 4.5 pounds printer costs about $ 259 with the Bluetooth module costing $50 and the battery pack costing $100. The printer also comes with a $ 90 power adaptor for use within the car.
6. Epson portable printer
Epson printer
Epson printerEpson portable photo printer
High quality color photos in 37 seconds and the photos have a promised life of 200 years! That is what Epson claims is the capability of the Micro-Piezo printhead embedded in their Printmate PM270 4R. With a memory-card slot bay, a tiltable LCD screen, PictBridge support, Bluetooth compatibility and elegantly designed membrane-textured buttons the printer leaves nothing to complain about. The Advanced Variable Sized Droplet Technology has been incorporated for accuracy and high quality prints.
7. Zink Portable Printer
Zink printer
Zink printerZink, a tiny printer doing without ink.
The latest announcement in the market is from Zink about the release of their pocket sized printer for less than $100. This is an elegant and easy solution if your interest lies only in small 2 inches X 3 inches sized prints. The printer uses special Zink paper which ensures ‘inkless’ printing. Zink is also planning the release of a printer-camera hybrid which can recreate the magic of the Polaroid camera - only,it will be more colorful this time.
8. 4te Mobile Thermal Printer
4te mobile printer
4te mobile printerO’Neil’s microflash 4te mobile thermal printer
This wireless portable thermal printer from O’Neil is the evolved version of the legendary 4te printer. It is ten times faster, has greater memory capacity, external charging, an optional Bluetooth facility and is very rugged when compared to its ancestor. It is for printing data and is handheld. With stored fonts, the printer supports graphics printing too and its intelligent power management system ensures that you get the best out of the batteries.

Posted: 02 Oct 2011 04:55 PM PDT
Shivam Singh:
Modern Theater
Modern TheaterModern Theater
A theater is one of those medium which has been used by the mankind for the purpose of displaying the various forms of art since time immemorial. In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the most magnificent modern theaters. These are not marvelous just because of their architecture ,but also because of the location where they have been established.
1. Modern Roman Colosseum Concept

Modern Roman Colosseum Concept
Modern Roman Colosseum ConceptA large temporary theater styled after the ancient Roman Colosseum will be built on a large stretch of lawn along the entrance to The Hague in South Holland.
Hague, which is the capital city of the province of South Holland in the Netherlands is aiming to become the European capital of culture in 2018, competing against other municipalities such as Utrecht, Maastricht and Almere. This contemporary version of the colosseum in Rome is a part of that plan and will be constructed on the malieveld, which is a large stretch of lawn, positioned along the entrance of the city and measures around ten hectares. This modern Roman Colosseum with a capacity of accommodating 5000 people will host concerts, fairs, exhibitions and performances.
2. Flekkefjord Cultural Center

Flekkefjord Cultural Center
Flekkefjord Cultural CenterFlekkefjord Cultural Center, Norway
This cultural center is located on the waterfront of Flekkefjord which is a town on Norway’s south coast. The Flekkefjord cultural center incorporates a theater hall, library, youth club, cinema, gallery and a cultural school. The approval for its construction has been granted recently. The Flekkefjord cultural center blends very well with the traditional architecture of this town. Four individual houses have been included in the design for the diverse nature of the functions to organized in here. The space between these houses is used as the gathering and circulation spaces. The interior and the exterior facades of the houses are woven together which results in a 3-dimensional public concourse.
3. Kaufman Center for the Performing Arts, Missouri

Kaufman Center for the Performing Arts, Missouri
Kaufman Center for the Performing Arts, MissouriKaufman Center for the Performing Arts, Missouri
This building is truly magical; during the daytime, it hints at its interiors and at the same time reflects the structure’s surroundings. Whereas the condition in night is just opposite, when it displays all of its interior activities to the community outside. It has been designed in such a way that the people mingling during the intermissions or before and after performances are theatrically visible to one another. Thus, the great hall serves as the counterpoint to the theaters.
4. Rakvere Summer Theater

Rakvere Summer Theater
Rakvere Summer TheaterThe outdoor theatre stage is built especially for 12 plays during the summer. Its main architectural goal is to create a closed, comfortable and intimate space that forms an immediate connection with the audience and the actors.
The best thing about the Rakvere summer theater is the bond which it makes with the nature. The tress, pond and the park appears to be an integral part of the stage-set. At most 12 plays can be organised in the outdoor theater stage during the summer. It is the driving factor behind the immediate connection between the audience and the actors which is truly mesmerizing. The entire theater has been created mainly with wood and this provides space and allows for dynamic stage lighting.
5. Knut Hamsun Center

Knut Hamsun Center
Knut Hamsun CenterKnut Hamsun Center, Norway
The faceted volume of the Knut Hamsun center which was topped with an a-typical vertical glass roof was fascinating enough to draw the international attention. In the year 2009, when it was unveiled, only few people would have ever imagined that it will be able to gain that much of attention, and this became possible because of the Holl’s fascination with the interior light quality which compliments the reinterpretation of Mordic aesthetics. The prestigious Byggeskikkprisen award was given to the Holl + Oslo-based LY Arkitekter in the year 2011 for this outstanding piece of architecture. The Hamsun Center is a piece of original architecture that meets all of its functions in exceptionally exciting and unique ways and is deeply moving on many levels.
6. Sinfonia Varsovia Concert Hall

Sinfonia Varsovia Concert Hall
Sinfonia Varsovia Concert HallSinfonia Varsovia Concert Hall, Poland
Sinfonia Varsovia Concert Hall is located on the site of a former veterinary institute. The center incorporates a symphonic hall with world class acoustic properties with a seating capacity of 1,800 people, merchandise facilities, large rehearsal areas, a small hotel for artists in residence and music lovers and music workshops. This is definitely a distinctive place of silence an that’s why it gives a precise answer on the demands of orchestra i.e., a place which is full of atmosphere and drama. The hall is also well suited for smaller chamber orchestras and symphony orchestras because of its compactness. The audience gets an impression of being ‘in midst the music’ because of short distances and volume.
7. Run Run Shaw Creative Media Center

Run Run Shaw Creative Media Center
Run Run Shaw Creative Media CenterRun Run Shaw Creative Media Center, Hong Kong
The City University of Hong Kong is aiming to be one of the pioneer institute in Asia in terms of offering training and education in the field of creative media, that is why the Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre is being built here. This Centre will house the Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology and the Centre for Media Technology. The centre inhabits two sound stages, each of which are 2,200 sq ft and 5,400 sq fit respectively, television studio, multipurpose theater, three lecture rooms, electrical shop, computer labs and classrooms for production and research, flexible event and exhibition spaces and a restaurant.
8. Almonte Theater

Almonte Theater
Almonte TheaterDonaire Arquitectos created the bold geometric Almonte Theater in Huelva, Spain, located on the site of an old winery.
Almonte theater is located on the site of an old winery. The architectural frame has tackled the challenge of integrating the existing old building so beautifully that they never appear to be out of place. These old building which have been declared as cultural interest are now an integral part of a cultural complex of 3 buildings and a common space. This place has turned out to be and important meeting area of the town.
9. Taastrup Theater

Taastrup Theater, Copenhagen
Taastrup Theater, CopenhagenTaastrup Theater, Copenhagen
Danish architects COBE have transformed an existing theater in Taastrup, Copenhagen into a magnificent piece of architecture by wrapping it in a curtain of translucent prisms. These prisms appear to slope away from the the building. The new space has a triangular plan which inhabits a cafe and an entrance foyer. A translucent and clear acrylic is used for making these prisms and red lights are installed behind these prisms which illuminates when the theater is sold out. You will be surprised by the fact that initially, COBE were commissioned for improving the building’s energy consumption only, but later the responsibility of improving its functionality and refurbishing the interiors was also given to them.
10. Theatre du Châtelard

Theatre du Châtelard
Theatre du ChâtelardTheatre du Châtelard, France
The farm building which houses this theater has particularly very rich history. It has witnessed some of the events of the past four centuries. The Theatre du Châtelard which was originally created in the year 1999 was closed in 2001, because of some security concerns. Later, a project was launched which aimed at restructuring the theater entirely. This project made the full use of the local farm architecture and at the same time, it never compromised in terms of modern equipped facilities. The materials are often left unfinished and these unfinished aspect plays an important aesthetic role.

Posted: 02 Oct 2011 04:52 PM PDT
Jaspreet Kaur Walia:
Wi fi detector
Wi fi detectorThese are wearable and also Wi Fi Detectors
Wi-Fi lets you connect electronic devices wirelessly that is definitely a great way to keep away from cluttered wires. Almost all the modern day gadgets come with a Wi-Fi application. But, one has to switch on the device to check if there is any signal available and how strong it is. This can prove to be quite irritating at times. Designers have come up with products that will leave geeky souls impressed and wanting for more. Below is a list of seven wearable Wi-Fi gadgets that will make geeks look all the more stylish.
1. Wi-Fi Detector Shirt
ShirtGlowing animated shirt dynamically displays the current wi-fi signal strength.
Do you have to switch on your gadgets every time to check the Wi-Fi signal strength? Well, if you detest this step then the Wi-Fi Detector Shirt is just the thing for you. The 100% cotton T-shirt is black in color and features a removable animated decal. The animated patch has loops fasteners and hook that can be removed when washing the T-shirt. It shows signal strength of 802.11g or 802.11b. The inside of this product has a small pocket that will hold the battery pack. The bars glow and change colors according to the presence of Wi-Fi signal strength in that particular area. Wi-Fi Detector Shirt is very stylish and will make you stand out of the crowd. It will attract onlookers and leave them stunned while making you a Wi-Fi guru.
2. Hotspot Bloom
Hotspot Bloom
Hotspot BloomHotspot Bloom is a wearable flower that glows and changes color to indicate the signal strength
This cute orange colored flower with a yellow center is not an everyday fashion accessory. Karen Lee has designed the Hotspot Bloom that can sense the presence of signal strength of wireless networks in the area. The Wi-Fi detecting flower glows when it catches any signal. It is a very cute accessory that will make the wearer look fashionable while doubling as wearable technology. Hotspot Bloom is quite attention-grabbing and will make you the center of attraction as it glows and lend important information. It is a must have for all the tech-savvy ladies out there.
3. Wi-Fi Detector Watch
Watchne click of a button will tell you the signal strength in numerals ranging from 0 to 8.
There are a sea of Wi-Fi detecting gadgets present in the market and joining the list is the Wi-Fi Detector Watch. Wear the watch around your wrist and see it sniff Wi-Fi signals for you in no time. The wristwatch has been wedged with abutton which when clicked will put on show the signal strength ranging from zero to eight. After reading the signal you can easily settle at a spot that will unfurl uninterrupted signal strength. Apart from this, you can also use it to set alarms and you can also exploit the world time zone feature. It has a steel casing, rubber strap and the EL back-light makes it look all the more interesting. The Wi-Fi Detector Watch is quite classy and can be worn everyday.
4. Wi-Fi detecting baseball cap
CapThis WiFi detecting cap is powered by a couple of CR2032 batteries
Welcome another WiFi detector that will decorate your cranium. The trendy Wi-Fi detecting baseball cap fetches all the power from a few CR2032 batteries. The wearable Wi-Fi detecting head gear will keep its wearer and people around them updated about the wireless signal strength in that area, which is displayed in the form of green colored indication that glows vividly. Be prepared to remove your cap time and again just to check the signal strength but for onlookers it will be a clear and easy indication.
5. Wi-Fi Detector Laptop Case
Laptop Case
Laptop CaseIt is available in various sizes and styles and the price ranges starts from $360.
A line of laptop bags named Soyntec Wiffinder is nothing like it regular counterparts. At first glance it will look like a normal laptop case but there is a Wi-Fi detector wedged on its surface if you observe closely. So, gone are the days when you had to make all the effort to take out the laptop from its case just to check the presence of any wireless signals around you. The bag will protect your gadget from potential damages, while giving you love updates about the signal strength as well.
6. Wi-Fi detecting shoes
ShoesShoes can now help you detect WiFi signals with the help of LEDs.
Its time technology touches your feet as well in the form of Wi-Fi detecting shoes. They have been embedded with LEDs that blink when the shoes detect any wireless signal around them. The left shoe flap of these sneakers comes fitted with a Wi-Fi detecting unit that is capable of catching signals within a range of 50 meters. When you wear these sneakers the detector gets switched on robotically because of the pressure on the insoles. The LEDs remain steady when the signal is strong and in case of a weak signal they keep blinking continuously.
7. Wi-Fi Jacket
JacketThe Wifi Jacket is the first of a range of WiFi apparels.
This Wifi Jacket looks nothing like a geeky costume and comes coated with a lot of elegance. Jenny Chowdhury has come up with a complete range of 802.11(Wi-Fi) Apparel that has been ornamented with technology. The jacket will sparkle after detecting radio waves that are invisible in the form of five stripes. So, flaunt your jacket and always keep connected with the world through Wi-Fi.

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