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Posted: 04 Oct 2011 03:21 AM PDT
Shallu Sharma:
Cutting Edge Pen Designs
Cutting Edge Pen DesignsHigh tech cool Cutting Edge Pen Designs
We all come across plenty of pens while working in the office or cleaning our home; and they are nothing but simple writing tools. You must be thinking then what's special about discussing pens? The technology has become so advanced that it has transformed these simple writing instruments to multipurpose devices that could be used as MP3 players, USB devices, voice recorders, FM radios, and many such things. Given below are similar nine cutting edge pen designs for the trendy.
1. Pendragon
PendragonPendragon by Peter Vardai
This is a unique pen with a lamp on it. But this is not the only unique feature of this pen. The name of the pen is "Pendragon," which has distinctiveness in itself, because of its shape and construction. The pen structure is divided into four parts, the nib, the central unit, the end part, and the expandable units. The nib part, as usual, is used for writing with the facility of changing it to a fountain pen, ballpoint pen, digital pen, or mechanical pencil as per the requirement. A music player, LED light, charger input, memory card, and a battery are what the central unit comprises of. The end part provides Bluetooth connection for linking any type of headphones with MP3. It is an expandable unit because various gadgets like camera, microphone, laser pointer, USB connection, etc. can be made and there is also a WLAN receiver to connect to computer and also to internet. This pen is one of its kind that could be connected to the computer, charged, and also linked with a mike.
2. High-Tech Pen Calculator
High-Tech Pen Calculatorc
High-Tech Pen CalculatorcHigh-Tech Pen Calculator Design
The High-Tech pen has a calculator equipped in it. They not only have simple calculators but a variety of calculators including payment calculators, financial calculators, conversion calculators, calorie calculators, interest calculators, tax calculators, etc. These pens can be used for currency conversion as well, and moreover for calculating compound interest conversion, math calculations, finance calculations, debt calculations, and solar calculations that are very beneficial for office goers. These pens are the perfect office gifts.
3. LED Pen Ruler
LED Pen Ruler
LED Pen RulerCool LED Pen Ruler
Architects and engineers have been using obvious measurement devices for measuring straight lines, but making measurements along narrow linear courses have always been a problem. An elegant and slim pen has been crafted that could make measurements along these surfaces very easily. This pen looks like a sleek six sided wooden pencil, which has a rotating knob on its top. This knob could be turned to use various metrics as required. To read the measurements, there is a digital display on the side of the pen, which shows the total distance travelled from the beginning till the end. This high tech pen is still being worked upon to mend a few flaws in its design and very soon it will be made available for the masses.
4. Wagner Victorinox
Wagner Victorinox
Wagner VictorinoxClassic Swiss Pen Red Multi Functional Pen
Wagner Victorinox is a beautiful, classic, multifunctional pen made by Wagner of Switzerland. The classic Swiss pen features an original army multifunctional Victorinox tool. It is equipped with a flashlight with 12 hours continuous usage capacity. It has all the Victorinox tools like nail file, letter opener, scissors, and army knife. The pen has been made using a special ink cartridge that could make writing possible at any angle even in water and under high as well as low temperature situations. They are available in red, black, and blue colors and have a warranty of two years.
5. PenAgain
PenAgainPenAgain designed by Colin Roche
The quills were replaced by ballpoint pens and now it's the time to replace the simple ballpoint pens with multifunctional pens. PenAgain is being treated as one of the best innovations in writing gadgets industry. This unique pen has been designed by Colin Roche. The pen is designed in a way that the natural weight of the index finger makes it generate pressure, which makes the ink flow. The pen has a proper "Y" shape structure, which makes writing very easy and relaxing. This pen design is like a blessing for those who love to write, but can't write because of various disabilities like arthritis, hand tremors, injuries, etc.
6. Flowlight laser whiteboard pen
Flowlight laser whiteboard pen
Flowlight laser whiteboard penFlowlight laser whiteboard pen
The Flowlight concept is a very good idea to attract kids to the school. It is a fancy pen that could sketch in the air. The sketch made in air creates plasma points, which make it glow in the air. To enable this, there is a provision of focusing a laser beam 100 times a second in the space. When the pen strikes over it, a series of glowing points are created in the mid air.
7. Sprout pen
Sprout pen
Sprout penSprout pen concept
The "Sprout" pen is a wonderful creation in an endeavor to depict the detailed and beatutiful inner intricacies of a tool. An exceptional innovation has been made by the Russian designer Igor Lobanov who created this pen with a plant stalk. The pen has a long cylinder, which has a beautiful green plant sprout in it. When the pen is full of ink, the stalk looks stiff and green, and as the ink level reduces while writing the stalk becomes yellow and pale like a real plant. These pens could be refilled with their specially designed ink when dried. As soon as this sprout pen is filled with the ink, the yellow pale stalk gets its life back and becomes stiff and green again. The Sprout pen is one of the best ways to promote green movement being carried out all over the world to save Mother Nature.
8. 3 in 1 pen
3 in 1 pen
3 in 1 pen3 in 1 pen Design
This multipurpose pen has been added to the category of gadgets keeping in mind its high tech functionality. This 3 in 1 pen is the best office or meeting gadget. It could be used for taking notes in a conventional manner or in a completely digital manner. The whole working is controlled by a silver button fixed at the side of the pen.
9. Portable pen projector

Portable pen projector
Portable pen projectorPortable pen projector
Images and figures become easier to understand, if explained with projections. Taking inspiration from this statement, Mexican designer Edgar Navarro designed a portable pen projector that could be used in presentations. It has been carved beautifully in stainless steel. It is equipped with LED system and works on wireless technology. This pen projector has a sensitive ring system for adjusting the resolution.

Posted: 04 Oct 2011 02:30 AM PDT
Pratima Kalra:
Incredible decks offering the best view
Incredible decks offering the best viewMost incredible observation decks offering the best view
We’ve all seen Tom and Jerry walk past cliffs, moving forward until they submit to gravity by looking down. Many of us too wish we could do the same, but the idea of landing in a hospital makes us recede. High Mountain peaks, roaring waterfalls, deep mystic forests, etc. have impelled man to use his engineerical feats combined with his love for nature to go ahead and create spectacular observatory platforms perched on mountain peaks and thundering waterfalls to bring us one step closer to Mother Nature. Explore the following before planning your next adventure trip.
1. Grand Canyon Sky Wall

Grand Canyon Sky Wall
Grand Canyon Sky Wallsituated Along the Colorado River on the edge of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, U.S.A
David Jin is an avid tourism entrepreneur who wanted visitors from around the world to get an eagle's view from the high rising edges of the Grand Canyon. To make this dream come true he invited architect Mark Ross Johnson to design the horseshoe shape cantilever bridge that would extend 70 feet into the canyon and will be mounted at a height of 4000 feet. This natural wonder in Arizona, near Colorado River will have a 2.5 inches thick crystal clear glass panel as the floor and will allow you to sneak through the canyon while you walk. The weight of the bridge is 1.2 million pounds and it can accommodate 120 people at a time. To give it extra sturdiness, steals beams of a million pounds with dampeners are used. This will allow it to withstand an earthquake of an 8.0 magnitude and also minimize the vibrations.
2. Dachstein Ice Palace, Austria

Dachstein Ice Palace, Austria
Dachstein Ice Palace, Austriaskywalk is one of the most popular destinations in Styria, Austria
The Dahstein Ice Palace in Ramsau am Dachstein will transport you into a wonder world of light and ice. You will sail with the clouds at 2700 feet above the sea level. The most inviting thing about the Palace is that you can visit it throughout the year, in any weather. Once there you will pass through "throne room", the "crystal cathedral" and the "blue parlor", which will allow you to observe many glacial niches. You will get a 360 degree view of the Republic Koruna Slovenia from the north to the south. Weighing 40 tons it will accommodate 150 people in one go who will be pulled in a mystical world of ice.
3. Top of Tyrol

Top of Tyrol
Top of TyrolSituated at the Stubai Glacier in Tyrol, Austria
Deriving its inspiration from the Grand Canyon Sky Walk, Top of Tyrol has been perched at a height of 3,210 meters on the Stubai Glacier. This deck is in the shape of a mountain ridge and almost naturally merges into the surroundings. 109 mountain peaks can be viewed from this mountain viewing platform, including the Stubai Alps, the Dolomites and the Ortler Massif. The platform has a nine meter extension beyond the ridge, overhanging at the edge, so you can chose between being a passive observer secure in the seating area or an active participant by going to the tip of the platform to look beyond the depths of the valley below.
4. Il Binocolo

Il Binocolo
Il BinocoloSpectacular metal viewing platform located in Merano BZ, Italy
Standing out from the lush mountains in the castle garden Trauttmansdorff, Italy, the Binocolo is a rugged mountain platform, cast from iron. It is designed by Matteo Thun and looks like a small roof extending from an unknown hidden house in the deep green. The meaning of Binocolo is a binocular and it literally refers to the view from the platform roof.
5. Aurland Lookout

Aurland Lookout
Aurland LookoutDesigned by Todd Saunders and Tommie Wilhelmsen, located in Aurland, Norway.
The Aurland Lookout in Norway is a true representation of the Scandinavian designs. The Norwegian Highways Department hired architects Tommie Wilhelmsen and Todd Saunders to construct and design a mountain platform for promoting tourism but without causing any harm to the environment. Not only did the designers not encroach upon nature, they also gave the bridge a unique design, where your walk will end by sliding out into the air without falling. This means that on reaching the edge of the platform you feel like you might slide off into the woods down below, but there is a sheet of plate glass that will keep you safe.
6. Illawarra Fly Tree Top Walk

Illawarra Fly Tree Top Walk
Illawarra Fly Tree Top WalkLocated at Knights Hill ,Australia
The Illawarra Fly Tree Top Walk is the tallest structure in the southern hemisphere. For constructing this marvel of a structure, 2000 tons of reinforcing steel, 15,000 cubic meters of concrete and almost 600 tons of structural steel was used. It is strong enough to handle winds with 200km/hr and an earthquake measuring 8.0 on the Richter scale. 225 observers can be taken to the top every 15 minutes in glass elevators. There is option of climbing steps too, but think of doing so only if you are willing to tread up 1276 steps.
7. 5 Fingers Viewing Platform

5 Fingers Viewing Platform
5 Fingers Viewing PlatformAustria was cleverly named "5 Fingers" by virtue of its hand-like shape
The Five Fingers viewing platform in Austria has five differentiated wings that measure 4 meter by 1 meter each. Other than the dimensions, they have nothing in common and you would like to climb all of them one at a time. There is one finger with a trampoline, on which you cannot climb. This finger symbolizes the freedom of mountains. Another finger is made of glass and you can look down at the valley through the floor. The third one has a barock picture frame fitted on it. The fourth has an unobtrusive hole it in for you to look through it. The fifth finger has a telescope for bringing the Salzkammergut Mountains even closer.
8. Landscape Promontory

Landscape Promontory
Landscape PromontoryDesigned by Paolo Burgi as a part of Cardada project
The Landscape Promontory in Switzerland has been designed by Paolo Burgi as a part of the Cardada project. The main objective of the project is to revive the historical reminiscence and therefore the designer decided to embed literature on the railings along the way. To build a strong and secure structure, steel and titanium lead was used for the passageway.
9. Infinity Room

Infinity Room
Infinity RoomInfinity room at the House On The Rock in Wisconsin
Infinity Room also known as the House On the Rocks was designed by Alex Jordon Jr. This exquisitely designed destination offers an Inn and a Resort and they offer a delightful combination of sounds, sensations and above all breathe taking sights. You can enjoy swimming or simply relax at the inn. The Resort is your luxury retreat with a golf course and spa facilities to indulge your senses.
10. Iguazu Viewing Platform

Iguazu Viewing Platform
Iguazu Viewing PlatformSpiral viewing platform located over Iguazu waterfall in Brazil
Enjoying the scenic beauty of the White falls in Brazil had been common before the construction of the Iguazu viewing platform. The height and the depth of these falls have always excited people to go closer to the roaring water, and now they can do so by walking the length of the viewing platform. In fact the proximity of the fall is close enough to drench you while you take a walk.

Posted: 04 Oct 2011 02:26 AM PDT
Rajlakshmi Retesh:
Auto part sculptures
Auto part sculpturesOld auto parts turned into unique sculptures
The ordinary
When man created machine for his ease and comfort, he never realized that soon it would become a reason for discomfort. Every day piling of automobile waste has posed a threat to environment as well as human beings.
Aged beyond repair or damaged cars, bikes, SUVs, heavy transport vehicles are among five major electronic waste items. The trash contributed by automobiles include metals, fiber, glass, rubber and toxic material.
The story of changing garbage into gold began during recession period. Rooted in DIY movement, artists started making valuable things out of waste. Changing auto parts into lasting sculptures also began during this time.
Same creative genius, human mind has now found a solution to meet this challenge through art. The automobile junk is now transformed into aesthetic and amazing art pieces in the form of sculptures, home décor and furniture. The chiseled automobile metal parts have motivated artists to carve out bizarre figures to enthuse art connoisseurs.
Through recycling this discarded waste, artists are able to create sustainable objects, while safeguarding the environment from growing pollutants. The scrap is cleaned, recycled and processed and designed into imaginative figures. Artist, who are keen students of anatomy, have generated astonishing and unique sculptures from auto parts.
Target Group
One who can afford money and space for these magnificent art pieces would never deny owning one for himself. Business magnates or architects of huge public mansions would certainly appreciate value of such sculptures.
Since recycled auto part sculptures are built environment friendly, they are meant to be user friendly as well. These sculptures placed in any public gallery or gardens will enhance the look of the place. It will be an asset to the owner organisation and win the interest of spectator.
Related trends
Few of such green products are illustrated here. These following figures are completely carved out of recycled automobile trash, transforming them into elaborate art pieces. Designers, inspired by Hollywood films and also their own creative mind, have contributed to green living through theses sculptures.
1. The Transformer
The transformer
The transformerThe transformer The gigantic sculpture created using parts from an old Lada Diva Compact car
The Hollywood blockbuster, Transformers, motivated designer artist Nikola Nikolov to use her creative bent of mind to bring out her version of autobot. Nikola, a designer at Studio- Re-creation, sculpted this figure from old Lada Samara Diva Compact car parts. She welded the parts in her imaginative way to create this one. Unlike the mobile movie Transformer, this sculpture is static, yet this magnificent life like piece is worth admiration.
2. Recycled Bull
Recycled bull
Recycled bullSculpture carbon steel and recycled auto and motorcycle parts
This astonishing figure of bull, Paladin, is created by eco-artist and sculptor, Betty Humblen Turner. This chiseled figure is meticulously carved out of trashed stainless steel carbon steel and recycled parts of motorcycle and auto parts. The designer creates these amazing figures by giving them shape by her hands. The rusting effect which will come through with the passage of time will only add to the beauty of the figure. This is artist’s fifth creation in her bull series. Ideal to adorn any garden landscape.
3. Motor cycleman
Motor cycleman
Motor cyclemanMotor cycleman culpture made from recycled motorcycle parts
Motor cycleman AKA Roboman is astonishing creation made of recycled parts of about 1000 motorbikes. This 2 mtr tall figure was conceptualized at Carole Nash motor show, The Red Adventure. The sculptor has studied and inducted minute details, making it obscure piece of art. This marvelous art piece by Robosteel was created in time span of 750 hours.
4. Alien Queen
Alien Queen
Alien QueenAlien queen is a beautiful sculpture made from recycled parts a car, a boat, a motorbike.
Another Robosteel’s marvel, this catches up with untamed imagination of human mind. Aliens have always aroused the creative sensitivity of artists across the world.This green sculpture is another Hollywood inspiration. Motivated by Alien queen, Irish company took initiative to build this figure. Three designer sculptors worked diligently for three months to derive this piece out of cluster of scrap from motor bikes. This version of Alien queen weighs about 1200 pounds. Over 4000 parts were collected from motorbike company, Yamaha, to intricately carve out this beautiful sculpture. This figure is also featured in popular television show, Ripley’s believe it or not.

Posted: 03 Oct 2011 11:32 PM PDT
Leka Ram:
vending machines
vending machinesweird and wonderful vending machines
People are simply too busy and have no time to spare. They need everything at the push of a button whether it is currencies or a cup of tea. From gold to football to books and even spare body parts, you can get anything through vending machines! Take a look at these 10 weird and wonderful vending machines you may come across during one of your travels.
1. Gold vending machine
Gold Vending Machine
Gold Vending MachineThe gold from the "Gold-to-Go" vending machine comes with its own gift box, and at a price 20% cheaper
Wish to buy gold? Here is an easy way and you can get it for 20% cheaper than buying it from the German Bank. The ‘Gold-to-Gold’ vending machine is located at the Frankfurt Airport where people can buy gold bars and coins in one gram, ten and 250 grams. Gold is considered to be a safe haven for investors. The founder of this machine hopes to expand and install such machines at various other locations in Switzerland, Germany, Dubai, Austria and Abu Dhabi.
2. Bike vending machine
Bike Vending Machine
Bike Vending MachineThis urban bicycle-rental stand was one of the winners of the 2007 Spark Design & Architecture Award
Looking for a bike for a short ride? Go to the cool Springtime Bike Dispenser that lets you rent a bike. The RFID equipped bike can be taken from a machine for your requirement and can be dropped off at another machine located at some distance. This concept suited for the urban environment won the Spark Design and Environment Award in 2007. The machine was designed by a Dutch company.
3. Pizza vending machine
Pizza Vending Machine
Pizza Vending Machinevending machine that cooks and serves 9″ whole pizzas in just under 2 minutes
Pizza lovers can rejoice now because they can devour their favorite dish anytime anywhere, particularly if they are close to the pizza vending machine. The special machine can cook and serve 9 inches whole pizzas in just 2 minutes. The machines help you to choose from three different kinds of pizzas at a time. The machine is created by Wonder Pizza.
4. iPod vending machines
iPod vending machines
iPod vending machinesInnovative vending machine where you can buy an iPod by selecting it on a touchscreen
Now you can get hold of your favorite iPod by just pushing a few buttons. Yes, the iPod vending machines are here where you can buy your favorite iPods by choosing the model according to your requirements. You have to select the model using the touch screen and provide some information of your credit card for buying the device. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, one of the machines had sold about $55,000 worth of iPods in one month!
5. Shoes vending machine
Shoes Vending Machine
Shoes Vending MachineLocated in clubs and restaurants around London sell comfortable after party Rollasole ballet flats

Lost one of your shoes? Do not worry. Pick up your favorite shoes from the shoes vending machine. Taking into account the miseries of the clubbers and their high-heel woes, a Japanese sports brand, Onitsuka Tiger is coming to their rescue by installing sneaker vending machines at many important locations all over London. Different kinds of shoes with different sizes and models for the party goers are easily available with the machine. The best thing is that the shoes are stylish and can be paired with any kind of outfit.
6. Boardshort vending machines
Boardshort Vending Machines
Boardshort Vending MachinesFound at The Standard Hotels in Hollywood, Los Angeles, New York, and Miami. [
Walk into The Standard Hotels in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Miami and New York. You will come across special vending machines that contain limited edition of the Quicksilver bikinis and boardshorts. Each pair of the boardshorts is designed with certain specifications of the locations. The designs have impressed every single buyer whether it was the New York style or the Hollywood style. Each style has different design and prints reflecting a particular theme and mood.
7. Pot vending machine
Pot Vending Machine
Pot Vending MachineIn Los Angeles, 24-hour medical marijuana vending machines will distribute the drug to people with cards authorizing use
Los Angeles has the all day round vending machines for medical marijuana for helping patients suffering from chronic pain and loss of appetite. They can get their pot with a convenient dose at the Herbal Nutrition Center. A large machine is installed to provide the drug anytime.
8. Books vending machine
Books Vending Machine
Books Vending MachineVending machine that sells books spotted at London Gatwick airport
You love for books and reading has found a new way to indulge in your favorite pastime. Yes, the books vending machines are here and this means that you can get your favorite book printed within a few minutes. The Espresso Book Machine can access about 500,000 different kinds of books. And the best thing is that you can print your favorite book in just nine minutes. The pages of the book are printed at the rate of 100 pages per minute, then pressed and glued to produce a neat book. You can easily complete the procedure by using the touch screen.
9. Soccer ball vending machine
Soccer Ball Vending Machine
Soccer Ball Vending MachineNike "Joga Bonito" vending machine sells soccer balls.
If you are a soccer fan then here is a chance to own a soccer ball. You can easily pick a soccer ball from the soccer ball vending machine. Nike has decided to reward the soccer fans with their favorite sport goods. The Joga Bonito machine by Nike sells soccer balls to fans.
10. Wine vending machine
Wine Vending Machine
Wine Vending MachineThe state of Pennsylvania has introduced America’s first ever wine vending machine
If you visit Pennsylvania, you can see the first wine vending machine in two supermarkets. Customers who need to buy the wine have to swipe their driver’s license and look into a camera, blow into the breath analyzer etc for buying the bottles. If the machines function successfully, the State Liquor Board is ready to place many more such machines at various other locations.

Posted: 03 Oct 2011 10:33 PM PDT
Avanti Chandrashekar:
Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab
Samsung Galaxy 10.1 TabSamsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab
The 3G tablets have given way to the latest and most advanced tablets- the 4G tablets. The major difference between 3G and 4G technologies is the supersonic speed with which web browsing becomes a delight. With the speed at which you can access the Internet with 4G tablets, it is difficult to switch back to the 3G ones. A 4G tablet offers a download rate of 30,000 kbps. Tablets are primarily used for high data consumption such as online e-reading, watching videos and video conferencing. They are different from smart phones in that you cannot make calls or send text messages. Even though 4G is an extension of 3G technology, the 4G technology is about to introduce new dimensions in data transmission with a speed that may reach up to 5 gigabytes per second.
4G technology has been kept free from circuit design and it relies more on the packet design thus achieving data transfer in nanoseconds. The main feature of 4G is that it relies on spatial multiplexing. This is primarily a smart antenna system used by ITU (International Telecommunication Union) that is used in the deployment of data transmission and receiving. By using a number of antennas, there is a remarkable increase in the speed and facilitation of the data transfer process. Here are the most recent 4G tablets that are worth a definite look:
1. Motorola Xoom 4G

Motorola Xoom tab
Motorola Xoom tabMotorola Xoom tab
Slated for a release in October, this is the most recent addition in 4G tablets. It looks like a winner all the way with all its capabilities. It is slightly thick and heavy but the metal frame of Xoom 4G tablet gives a sturdy and dependable feel. It comes with a standard micro USB port, HDMI output and 64 GB of memory storage space. It can support both Flash and Windows Media Files with amazing clarity. Motorola Xoom 4G is sure to give other 4G tablets a run for their money. The price is yet to be announced.
2. Acer Iconia

Acer Iconia A500 Tab
Acer Iconia A500 TabAcer Iconia A500 Tab
AT&T has teamed up with Acer to provide 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) network connectivity for its latest new entrant Acer Iconia Tablet A501. This new offering from Acer is based on the Android 4.0 Honeycomb OS and is fully featured with a solid build. It comes with a 10.1 display touch screen and a 5 mega pixel camera. The Acer Iconia tablet is equipped with the nVIDIA's Tegra 2 processor and has a micro USB 2.0 port. Other capabilities include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, HDMI output and micro HSDC card slot. It is approximately priced at $330 with a two-year data agreement with AT&T.
3. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Verizon 4G LTE

Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab
Samsung Galaxy 10.1 TabSamsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab
Powered by Verizon Wireless, the leading network connectivity provider for 4G LTE in the USA, the Samsung Galaxy10.1 tablet is one of the best Android based tablets in the market. In fact, it is now causing ripples and a few flutters in the makers of iPad2 and iPad3 as Apple has not upgraded them to 4G as of now. The Samsung Galaxy 4G tablet is built on nVIDIA's dual cor Cortex A9 processor, that has a speed of 1GHz, 1GB RAM and 16/32 GB memory storage capacity. It runs on the Android 4.0 Honeycomb operating system. This tablet has a touch of class and style and is amazingly designed to fit in perfectly in your hands with a solid grip. The display touch screen too is stunningly clear with a 10.1 inch dimension. It is priced at approximately $530.
4. HTC Jetstream

HTC Jetstream Tablet
HTC Jetstream TabletHTC Jetstream Tablet
The latest tablet to join the 4G group, HTC Jetstream is the costliest 4G tablet in the market with an astronomical price of approximately $699.99! It runs on Android 3.1 Honeycomb with excellent 4G and HSPA+ capabilities. It has teamed up with AT&T for the 4G network connectivity and that is a two-year contract. With a 10.1 inch WXCA capacitive display touch screen, it is powered by 1GHz SnapDragon processor. It is a fully featured 4G tablet that delivers awesome connectivity and clarity in networks and web browsing.

Posted: 03 Oct 2011 04:54 PM PDT
Shallu Sharma:
Shipping container house
Shipping container houseRecycled shipping container house
The ordinary:
Every year thousands of shipping containers go into excess at shipyards and similar storage locations across the whole world. These containers could be used efficiently to make strong shipping container houses. They solve the problem of disposing of these huge shipping containers and provide an efficient building material for making eco friendly houses. These recycled shipping containers could even be used for making swimming pools. These are easy to transport across the globe and their simplified designs make their residential structural construction easy.

The process of recycling is talking toll all over the world to save environment as well as resources. Similar efforts were made to create constructive house by recycling shipping containers. The flexible and modular shape of these containers served as an inspiration for transforming these structurally strong containers into houses.
The extraordinary:
The strength, availability and low cost have made these shipping containers ideal to be used as building materials. The houses made up of these containers could easily tolerate harsh weather conditions and they could be easily transformed into beautiful luxurious homes. Various stylish and affordable homes have been made using these portable containers.
The target group:
People who love to live green with nature love these homes. These houses are perfect blend of eco friendliness and affordability. It's a win-win situation for environment lovers. Style and luxury of these homes are in the hands of owner. Well decorated full equipped homes can be carved out from simple portable containers without creating any harm to the Mother Nature. No trees are cut, no material needs transportation, and no carbon footprint is left because it's a complete eco sensitive way of creating lodging for people keeping both, nature and human needs in mind.
Their shape is perfect for creating offices, workspace, worker houses etc. The houses made up of these shipping containers could be relocated elsewhere when the place being occupied by these containers is needed for alternate use. These shipyard houses are so comfortable that they are being used for youth centers, classrooms, office spaces, retail spaces, store houses, etc. all over the world.
Related trends:
1. Ecopod
EcopodEcopod Recycled shipping container houses
Creating homes from shipping houses is not a new concept but very few have practically implemented it. These homes are eco friendly and can be easily transported from one place to another, specially the single level structures. The only area to be worked upon is that these houses have steel body and steel conducts heat very efficiently therefore, some insulation must be provided to make these houses suitable for human beings occupancy. Insulation of bricks, blocks or some wooden structure could serve the purpose very well.
2. Greentainer
GreentainerGreentainer a Recycled shipping container houses
The Greentainer project has been created in Ghandino, Italy and is the perfect example displaying whimsical container architecture. A portable, flexible and self-reliant structure has been created using a 40-foot big container. The Greentainer could be used for multiple uses and transported to infinite locations easily. The solar panels fitted on the roof of the Greentainer provides it with the power needed to run heating and cooling systems as well as lights and other energy driven equipments inside it. This self-efficient house could be used for parties, events, art shows or some grand opening depending upon the situation.
3. Espace Mobile
ESPACE MOBILEESPACE MOBILE a Recycled shipping container house
A unique line of customizable houses has been launched by Espace Mobile ranging from €55,000 to €95,000. These affordable eye-catchy houses are environment friendly and have a modular structure with flexible and long lasting durability. These Espace homes are custom made like automobile purchase allowing users to select the required features ranging from size to configuration, roofing to balcony, and interior to exterior. The house has full provisions for energy conversation. These houses come with 3 years warranty and have proper heat retention. Sizes vary from 7 meters to 15 meters of length and 4 meters wide.
4. Port-a-Bach Shipping Container
Port-a-BachPort-a-Bach a Recycled shipping container houses
A beautiful eco friendly beach houses and holiday homes have been constructed in New Zealand termed as A Bach. They represent New Zealand's history and culture. These have been created beautifully by Cecile Bonnifait and William Giesen. Though the task of creating a sweet homely place out of a narrow structure was not easy but they did it. They completely opened one side of the container by folding it down which helped in creating a brightened and lighted ambiance inside the house. Each and every corner of the house has been used carefully and resourcefully for example the doors of the container give support to the bed. The whole architecture has high level finishing and provides ample space for at least two adults and two children. It's a portable structure which is easy to transport and does not poses any environment threats.

Posted: 03 Oct 2011 04:35 PM PDT
Leka Ram:
creative swimming pool designs
creative swimming pool designscool and creative swimming pool designs
Swimming is a favorite pastime for many people especially during the summer. There are many people who take to the pool for their daily workouts. Swimming is considered to be a very good exercise too for all age groups of people. So adding a swimming to your garden or the backyard can be a real asset to your home and property. Check out these 10 cool and creative swimming pool designs that you can install in your home.
1. Infinity pool
Infinity Pool
Infinity PoolAn infinity edge swimming pool
The stunning rectangular shaped swimming pool is located in a serene and peaceful location which adds to the overall beauty of the pool. It looks like a very long and rectangular pool of cool waters where you can indulge in your favorite sport. At the same time, you can enjoy the beauty of the pool or relax by its side in one of the swimming pool chairs.
2. Hanging pool
Hanging Pool
Hanging PoolHanging Pool in Dallas
If you have come across hanging gardens and bridges, then it is turn of swimming pools. You can find a fabulous hanging swimming pool at Hotel Elan in Dallas. It is a 5 star boutique hotel that will be open to public next year. The special feature of the hotel is the hanging pool that is located on the 10th floor of the building. Next time you plan a visit to Dallas, check out this pool.
3. World’s deepest pool
Deepest Pool
Deepest PoolDeepest Pool scuba diving center in Uccle, Belgium.

How about an adventurous dive into the deepest swimming pool in the world? If you want to make your dream come true, visit the Nemo 33, the scuba diving center located in Uccle that houses this swimming pool. It has a special submerged structure inside with platforms on various levels. There are two bottoms for the pool. One is at a depth of 10 m and the other is at 5 m. There is a circular pit with a depth of about 33 m. It has 2,500,000 liters of spring water. The pool also has many windows for looking at the depths.
4. Bathing ship pool
Bathing Ship
Bathing ShipBathing swimming pool in Berlin, Germany.

A cargo container Badeschiff has been transformed into a swimming pool for the public. It is located on the beached shore of the East Harbor of the River Spree. The bathing pool is open to public and the citizens are allowed to swim safely in a healthy environment too. The pool looks more attractive with decorative lights in the night.
5. Transparent pool
Transparent Pool
Transparent PoolTransparent Pool with transparent glass bottom.
This unique swimming pool comes with a transparent glass bottom. You can easily see the beautiful below the bottom of the pool while enjoying the swim. This adds a special charm and beauty to the pool.
6. World’s largest pool
Largest Pool
Largest PoolLargest Pool located in Chile.
You might want to store some energy drinks if you wish to fulfill your dream of taking a splash in largest swimming pool of the world. It is about 1000 yards long and spread over 20 acres. It is 115 feet deep and holds about 66 million gallons of water. The pool is located at the sea side in Chile. The best thing is that the pool uses computer control for suction and filtration. This keeps the fresh sea water circulation intact.
7. Ocean pool
Ocean Pool
Ocean PoolOcean Pool Coogee in Sydney
The amazing ocean pool is situated at Coogee, Sydney, Australia. It looks absolutely stunning because it seems to merge with the sea at some point or the other. The best thing is that the pool matches well to the surrounding and has the water coming straight from the sea. The pool enables the people to enjoy the water of the sea and the warm weather.
8. World’s largest indoor pool
Largest Indoor Pool
Largest Indoor PoolLargest Indoor Pool located in Japan.
Ocean Dome in Miyazaki is the largest indoor pool in the world. It is about 100 m wide and 300 m long. The pool is situated at 500 m from the ocean. The temperature maintained inside the pool is 30 degrees. The roof of the pool is designed in such a way that it look like the sky with clouds etc. There is an artificial wave generation arrangement and an artificial volcano. The saddest part is that the pool is closed now.
9. Guitar shaped pool
Guitar Shaped
Guitar ShapedGuitar-Shaped Pool Centerpiece of Bradenton, FL Home
A guitar shaped pool is something special that you may wish to have in your home just like Aaron Dorfman. The insurance company owner is a music lover too. He once visited the home of a rock star that had a guitar shaped swimming pool. He was so fascinated by it that he decided to have one built in his home. The pool was built in 2004 and it decorates the 5,108 square foot manor.
10. Underground pool
Underground Pool
Underground PoolUnderground Pool located in Midway, Utah, Homestead Crater.
The underground pool is located in Utah. The Homestead Crater in which the pool is located is 55 foot tall. The geothermal pool gets sunshine through the hole in the center of the roof that is dome shaped. The temperature of the water is maintained at 90-96 degrees.

Posted: 03 Oct 2011 04:06 PM PDT
Arjun Wadia:
NYC Metro Cuffs navigation
NYC Metro Cuffs navigationDesigned by Tiffany Burnette
Accessorizing yourself with gizmos is the best way to carry the comfort of high-tech gadgets and look fabulous. Evolving technology has now enabled the tech enthusiasts to make the most of digital gadgets by applying them in to fashion. Gadgets are not just a source of entertainment but have also become a necessity in our regular lives. Further development in technology producing cell phones, iPods, computers, navigation systems and more has made our lives much easier. The focus is now on embedding technology with accessories in a way such that these high tech gadgets are no longer heavy and difficult to carry, but ready to flaunt. This is indeed the foreseen future and to link it with reality, here’s a list of the best wearable gadgets that can make your ordinary styling much more fabulous. These are for the geeks and everyone else!
1. Wearable AirMouse
AirMouseWearable 'AirMouse' an integral part of body
This is a wearable mouse brought to you by Deanmark limited. This out of the box creation can be worn just like a glove and works like a hassle-free mouse. It’s not just convenient but is much more efficiently than the regular computer mouse. The device is embedded with a right and a left click in the palm and also an optical tracking laser for swift navigation which works perfect for a whole week on a single charge. The “AirMouse” as they call it, is a transition in the regular computing using the human interface application. This is much better than using touch screen and Bluetooth devices, and is as stylish as it looks.
2. Deafinite Style hearing aid
Deafinite hearing aid
Deafinite hearing aidHearing aid deafinite style.
Designaffairs Studio of Germany has developed a fantastic combination of jewelry and medical assistance. The concept features the new TriMic system to allow effective assistance in hearing with perfect positioning of the microphone. The device looks like a stylish shinny piece of jewelry and works better than the conventional hearing aid. The basic concept design is for the people with medium hearing disability but people with severe damage can opt for the plug with a more powerful output.
3. GlucoM Writstband
GlucoM Writstband
GlucoM WritstbandGlucoM Writstband, fashion accessory
Have you ever considered owing a trendy accessory that not only decorates your wrist in flashy way but also takes care of your sugar level? Specially designed by the creator Eli Hariton, this is a fashionable gadget solving a medical purpose in style. The GlucoM Writstband displays instant and non-invasive glucose readings, keeps a record of previous readings and averages and also has an insulin chamber with a loaded syringe cartridge for injections dosage. This magnetic bracelet guides the user with all the relevant information to keep a check on diabetes and also notifies the amount of insulin required.
4. NYC Metro Cuffs navigation system
NYC Metro Cuffs navigation
NYC Metro Cuffs navigationDesigned by Tiffany Burnette
Metropolitan cities are the ones which hold much more people than the average population resulting in less space and congested environment. Managing the less space, these cities have a complicated street, lanes and subway patterns which can confuse anyone. Tiffany Burnette has offered a solution in the form of a bracelet which lets you commute through the busy streets of Manhattan with ease. It’s the perfect fashion accessory for travelers roaming around in crowded cities.
5. Timex TX54 disposable nail watch design concept
Timex TX54 disposable nail watch
Timex TX54 disposable nail watchTimex TX54 nail watch design concept
One of the runner-ups in the design competition organized by Timex and Core 77 is the disposable nail watch design concept. This translucent device can be easily worn on nails and completely blends with it. It also offers text color options with a glow feature which can be activated on command. The technology is superior and so is the design. Timex proves their bent of mind towards innovation and creativity for the future.
6. Dew wearable cellphone
Dew cellphone
Dew cellphoneDew wearable cellphone - 3D hologram
Designer Mac Funamizu is the creator of this futuristic cellphone which looks more like a wrist watch. Inspired from the futuristic sci-fi movies, this cellphone concept shows the content in an amazing 3D hologram. The cellphone is embedded with a ball in the middle which acts as the basic controlling mechanism. The user may slide the ball in different directions which signifies different modes of operation. “Dew”, the 3D mobile concept design signifies the limitless future to come.
7. Samsung Nerve wearable communication device
Samsung Nerve
Samsung NerveSamsung Nerve wearable communication device
This amazing device made from waterproof silicon will keep a track of you and your friends anywhere, even in the deep ocean. The concept designer Jim Odessky offers a chance to get lost in the ocean and later reunite with your friends from anywhere. The device called Samsung Nerve has an OLED screen that can be used for both call and text mode for immediate communication. The smart device has a very flexible band that can be worn on the wrist or the upper arm without the risk of losing it unless you remove it yourself.
8. Kokoro wearable cellphone
Kokoro wearable cellphone
Kokoro wearable cellphoneKokoro wearable cellphone by Birgitta Salim
This is indeed a very intelligent design concept that can help parents keep a constant track on their kids. Kokoro wearable cellphone is just like a wrist band and is very light in weight embedded with an LED screen as an interface and also a camera for video calling. It helps working parents to stay connected to their children and give attention to them when in need. The device is also capable of keeping a check on your child’s health as it comes with a heartbeat reader that sends critical information via email whenever needed. This will ensure your peace of mind wherever you go.
9. Lightweight wearable concept smartphone
PCOD Wearable concept smartphone
PCOD Wearable concept smartphoneDesigned by Karl Thompson
This device will definitely intrigue all the geeky brains around. This very lightweight wearable device is not just any communication device but a full-fledged smart phone built for all kinds of communication and entertainment functions. Designer genius Karl Thompson has introduced a light weight wearable smart phone with multifunctional abilities. The phone comes with a 10 megapixel anti shake camera, 64 GB storage space, music player, games, GPS and almost everything you might look for in a smart phone.
10. Yuxa wearable cellphone
Yuxa cellphone
Yuxa cellphoneYuxa wplant fibers and biodegradable plastic.
Mexican designer Veronica Eugenia Rodriguez Ortiz has introduced “Yuxa” wearable cellphone design to be worn like a wrist band. The best thing about this product is that it has been made from biodegradable plastic and plant fibers. The green gizmo has an OLED display and works on Bluetooth technology.

Posted: 03 Oct 2011 01:14 PM PDT
Megha Gurung:
Green camping gadgets
Green camping gadgetsGreen camping gadgets for eco-conscious nomads
With the increase in the pollution, many problems like global warming, ozone layer depletion has popped up. People are adopting for greener ideas to tackle with these problems and to protect the environment. Energy conservation, avoiding carbon footprints and recycling trash things makes the environment strong and healthy. There are numerous green gadgets made for outdoor fun. Here we have a list of green camping gadgets for the Eco conscious wanderer.
1. Self –Energy converting sun glasses
Solar Panel Sun Glasses
Solar Panel Sun GlassesSolar Powered Sun Glasses by Hyun-Joong Kim
Self energy converting sunglasses is an awesome pair of sunglasses designed by the Hyun-Joong Kim & Kwang –Seok Jeong. The lens of the sunglasses transforms the sun rays into the electric energy. The lens has dry solar cells that collect energy and through the power jack situated at the back of the frame the device is powered. The sunglasses are efficient and power saver.
2. The light cap 300
The Light cap 300
The Light cap 300Water bottle and solar powered LED lantern
Sollight designed a portable device the light cap 300 that connects water bottle with solar motorized LED light. This product has specially made for tracking where weight is the most crucial thing. It has the capacity to store liquid and capture documents including the powerful lights. The light is charged through the solar panel installed in it. This wonderful device can store one liter fluid and can save documents and first aid kit in it. It has the large opening to make drinking easier and includes a hook to hang it. The price of this portable device is $29.99 and is worth buying.
3. Eco friendly portable mini fridge
Ecotopia portable mini fridge
Ecotopia portable mini fridgeEcotopia presents portable mini fridge.
Ecotopia created sleek and trendy Eco mini fridge that is portable and Eco friendly too. This fridge is ideal for campaigning, picnics, office and outdoor fun. This portable fridge has the capacity of good 6 liter and takes in just 33 watts to work. It cools from 15 to 17º C below the present temperature and heats from 55 to 65º C.
4. The Freeloader Globetrotter Kit
Globetrotter Kit
Globetrotter KitGlobetrotter Solar Charger Kit.
The Freeloader Globetrotter kit is portable and awesome kit that contains necessary is specially designed to carry portable and necessary electronics and includes a freeloader to charge the electronic devices. This wonderful kit is featured with waterproof solar panel and a charger. It has the ability to charge GPS locator and MP3 player and the devices that can be used during outdoor fun.
5. Solar Powered Tent
solar tent
solar tentSolar panel and integrated, interior LED lights.
The most ideal tent for the campers is the Solar Powered Tank. This tent has the LED and solar panel embedded in its interior. The solar panels have the unique feature of to charge up the batteries and requires around four to six hours direct sunlight to produce two to four hours tent light. The tent is made for four persons and a larger tent for six persons and there prices are $180 and $220.
6. Solar Pocket Shower
solar shower
solar showerEco-Friendly Solar Pocket Shower
The solar pocket shower is an Eco friendly and a valuable device to heat up the water using natural source of sunlight. It is capable to hold 10 liters of water in the bag with a plastic nozzle. The water gets heated instantly and gives seven minutes of shower. This awesome shower is worth just £14.95.
7. Eva GPS
Eva GPSEVA GPS Carrying Case with Accessory Storage.
Eva GPS is the brilliant device to guide the user to reach the goal. It includes a built in camera that gives details of the route and also records most frequently visited places and also give the details in short span. This awesome device is Eco friendly and works through solar energy.
8. The Eye Max Wind-Up Solar Powered Radio
Solar Powered Radio
Solar Powered RadioWind Up and Solar Powered Radio
This awesome device allows you to access to the music and the global information anywhere you go. This terrific and portable device is worked through solar and wind energy. It is embedded with DC input facility and just 30 minutes exposure of wind can produce 30 minutes of music. This lovely device consists of four wave bands, digital tuning, clock, alarm and 30 station presets.
9. Eco Friendly Watches
The Ray
The RayWorld’s most eco frienly watch.
These watches are Eco friendly and biodegradable. The Ray is one of the environment friendly watches that are made from the ebony wood. This awesome watch do not uses batteries but has an automatic movement. The watch is durable and has five years warranty.
10. The Greeky Lights
Greeky Lights products
Greeky Lights productsGreen lights powered by natural sunlight with fabric optics.
The Greeky lights are a lovely and innovative creation keeping in mind the green ideas. It works through the Fiber optics which is attached to the cotton borders. The fiber optics produces bright light to illuminate the room and is operated by the sunlight. The dimension of the table is 160 cm x 33 cm.

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