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    Posted: 05 Oct 2011 02:30 AM PDT
    Pratima Kalra:
    radio concepts
    radio conceptsradio concepts to enhance both acoustics and decor
    The digital world is giving a stiff competition to the analog transmission technology used in radios. MP3 players, iPods and digital television have already taken up a big share of the entertainment market. Despite this, many crazy radio fans are still looking forward to enhanced transmission technology. Industrial designers realized the potential of the nostalgia that backs up the radio market and to tap it they have innovated to enhance the acoustics and décor of the radios. Given below are 10 designer innovations to look out for.
    1. Gelule Concept Radio Clock

    Gelule Radio
    Gelule RadioGelule Radio Clock Concept
    Sequoia–studio is a consulting agency known for its industrial designs. They are committed to bring you innovative and relevant solutions for all your design needs. They always deliver to their customers' functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics. The new Gelule Concept radio looks like a pill and its actual size too is not much deviant from an actual pill. It has omni directional speakers and an LCD display. The volume can be adjusted by rotating the speaker. It is available in several colors like yellow, red, green, white and more for you to choose from.
    2. Aivan concept radio

    Aivan radio
    Aivan radioAivan concept radio
    Designer Mikael Silvanto works with the design agency Jamsen Makela Silvanto Sysio or more commonly called Aivan. For highlighting the importance of and accuracy of tuning in a radio, Mikael reinforced it with a millimeter scale. For tuning different stations you have to slide the entire radio unit up and down on the scale, there are no dials for this purpose. The radio will remind you of the old schoolness infused with enhanced technology. The sleekness of the radio makes it suitable for placing it anywhere in the house.
    3. Radio Active Design Concept

    Radio Active Design
    Radio Active DesignRadio Active Design concept
    With the help of plastic injection technology, Erez Bar Am, an industrial designer developed the Active Radio. It is an analog radio in which you have to physically move the strings for tuning into different stations. For adjusting the volume too you have to rotate the strings. The main frame of the radio is made in plastic and it is draped in different fabrics. The thought behind the design is to bring out a new behavioral relation between man and machine.
    4. Iona Cube - Internet Whiz Radio

    Internet Whiz Radio
    Internet Whiz RadioInternet Whiz Radio Iona Cube
    Cambridge consultants have designed the Iona Cube Internet Whiz Radio. It is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and you can hook it to the incoming Wi-Fi network. The compact looking cubical radio gives you access to 10,000 internet radio stations. Changing stations is very simple; pre programmed stations can be changed just by turning the sides of the cube. Out of the six sides, four act as station changers, one has a speaker and the sixth side is used for turn on and off the radio by twisting it.
    5. RFID Radio Concept

    RFID Radio
    RFID RadioRFID Radio Concept
    Matt Brown has designed a unique laser cut radio that uses a built in RFID tag which interacts with speakers for broadcasting messages and changing radio stations which have been pre programmed. The speakers have the RIFD readers in them and when the paper RIFD radio is placed over the speaker the stations will tune themselves. Designed for music lovers, when Matt Brown was working on the design he brainstormed with various musicians to create a radio with all the features that maximum music lovers look forward to.
    6. CBC + Radio Canada

    CBC + Radio
    CBC + RadioCBC + Radio Canada
    Toronto based Science+ sons are creative design consultants and they work on products to give you affordability, quality and reliability. This time to give homage to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and to bring to the CBC fans a radio with permanent dials to the two CBC radio stations; they worked extensively with many experts. Added feature like compatibility with MP3 players and other podcasts make the radio lovable. The outer cage of the radio is built using Maple and aluminum which give it a toned down classic appeal.
    7. Cdesign Citroen radio concept

    Citroen radio concept
    Citroen radio conceptCdesign Citroen radio concept
    Still in the nascent stages of development, once the concept Cdesign Citroen radio gets ready, it might revolutionize the use of radios. The radio will be mounted on a spring body and all you have to do to play music is push the spring down. For switching stations, you have to simply twist the circular head. The radio will have six pencil battery with a 9V DC power and built in speakers. This will make it portable and you can easily carry it anyplace.
    8. Hidden Radio

    Hidden Radio
    Hidden RadioHidden Radio concept
    John Van Den Nieuwenhuizen is an experienced industrial and user interface designer who has worked as a senior designer with companies like Motorola and HP. The Hidden Radio created by him has many concealed features. From the outside the radio is a simple cylindrical object with no protrusions. All functions are worked by moving the cap. If you keep pulling it the volume will increase and if you will twist and rotate it, the stations will change. There is an LED light in the base and it will become darker or lighter with the changing of stations.
    9. Helio Radio Concept by Lea Longis

    Helio Radio
    Helio RadioHelio Radio concept
    A color packed radio, built with translucent and flexible solar panels, the Helio Radio concept is sure to entice you. The designer of the radio is Lea Longis and she borrowed the solar panel plates from the World Technology Award winning, professor Gratzel. The radio gets its power from sunlight and it is the complementing colors of the panels which make sure that most spectrum of light gets enraptured. Longis wants to revive back the status quo of radio but in a green manner.
    10. Ovate Radio

    Ovate Radio
    Ovate RadioOvate Radio by Alek Shnayder
    Industrial designer Alek Shnayder has designed the Ovate Radio for exploring the concept of dematerialization. Consumers always look forward to unique experiences without compromising on the basic services. Radios are being replaced with modern iPods; Mp3 players etc, but if tuning stations became simpler and easier, music lovers would definitely like to recede back. The ovate Radio has no dials, switches or knobs; for playing music you simply have to flip open the cap. For changing stations you have to rotate the cap and for adjusting the volume, you have to pull the cap.

    Posted: 04 Oct 2011 09:39 PM PDT
    Shreeja Narayanan:
    Futuristic Workstation
    Futuristic WorkstationFuturistic Workstation Moves Freely in Space
    All you obsessive gamers out there - are you missing out on some gaming funk only because you don’t have the latest gaming furniture? Gaming chairs are an absolute must if you intend to take your gaming experience to an all new level of comfort and interest as the scenario today is way ahead of the joystick era and requires users to involve their entire bodies by manipulating controls and pedals with both hands and feet.

    Check out this entire batch of 10 geeky, hi-tech gaming chairs that will pump up your adrenaline level and make you a master of all those digitally loaded games available today.
    1. Not For Wimps
    Not For Wimps
    Not For WimpsNot For Wimps gaming chair
    Not For Wimps is a sleek looking airline seat gaming chair designed by leading manufacturers of aircraft interiors from the UK, Contour Aerospace and Factorydesign. It will make long flights interesting where users can engage in mind blowing gaming rather than going to sleep. This futuristic airplane seat is hooked to a gaming station with a state-of-the-art monitor suspended in front. It even has speakers built into the seat. To top it off, it is also a docking station for other devices that passengers may wish to use. This futuristic airline gaming seat is sure to give you a rich gaming experience even at 35,000 feet high in the air.

    2. Ultimate Game Chair
    Ultimate Game Chair
    Ultimate Game ChairUltimate Game Chair
    The Ultimate Game Chair is a superb gaming recliner that ardent gamers are sure to drool over. It is power packed with hi-tech features combined with unique style and comfort. It has head-mounted 3D stereo speakers, split controllers on both arms in addition to 12 vibration motors and adjustable volume control, plus a backrest that folds away and remote control and beverage holders. This beauty even doubles up as a massage chair with multiple massage chair settings. It supports other gaming accessories like steering wheels and gaming consoles like iPods, PS2, Xbox and Gamecube.

    3. Subwoofer-Powered SlouchPod InteractiveXT Gaming Chair
    Subwoofer-Powered SlouchPod InteractiveXT Gaming Chair
    Subwoofer-Powered SlouchPod InteractiveXT Gaming ChairSubwoofer-Powered SlouchPod InteractiveXT Gaming Chair
    The SlouchPod InteractiveXT Gaming Ch2air is a cool and trendy bean bag-like chair, very comfortable with several geeky features including a digital control panel for game consoles, TV/DVD, MP3 player, computer and stereo in addition to two 5Watt RMS speakers and one 10Watt RMS subwoofer. You get to pick from six cool colors - classic black, cream, red, lilac, pink and white.

    4. Mini Cooper gaming chair

    Mini Cooper gaming chair
    Mini Cooper gaming chaircool Mini Cooper gaming chair

    Mini Cooper Gaming Chair is a nerdy and multifunctional piece of furniture aesthetically designed by David Gawthorpe, right from the front end of a Mini Cooper. You can stow away the chair under the hood and the foot pedals can slide under the grille. It comes with exciting features like a cool vibration pad under the seat, Xbox 360, strobe and laser lights, a mini fridge and a remote-controlled smoke machine.
    5. Gamerox

    GAMEROXGAMEROX gaming chair gets kids moving while sitting down

    This is one terrific looking chair specially designed for kids in the age group of 7-12 years, keeping in mind health benefits through physical movement and exercise. Kids tend to move along with onscreen motion and Gamerox lets them do just that. This improves blood circulation, posture, balance, co-ordination and spatial awareness. It comes with cool features like pivot and pitch facility which allows smooth pitch, yaw and roll movement along XYZ axes. The cushioned seat provides upright sitting that aids in muscle training and development of posture. It has anti-skid cushion feet that keep the chair base stationary while the player moves around. It also has a tip back prevention that stops players from falling off backwards.

    6. Gyroxus gaming chair
    Gyroxus gaming chair
    Gyroxus gaming chairGyroxus gaming chair double as full body racing simulator
    Gyroxus is a techno-crazy full body motion simulating gaming chair that makes you feel like a part of the virtual gaming experience, be it racing, sports or combat. It has smooth gliding controls that allow full body movement for players of all ages and sizes. It is compatible with Xbox, PC and PS3, with support for keyboard and game controllers. It comes with six seat back height settings and four foot leg rests for comfort.

    7. D-Box GPH-120 gaming seat
    D-Box GPH-120 gaming seat
    D-Box GPH-120 gaming seatD-Box GPH-120 gaming seat sets your gaming world in motion
    D-Box GPH-120 gaming seat is an amazing combination of home theater reclining chair and PC gaming chair. Available at a whopping price of $2,999, it has some cool technical specifications like two embedded motion controllers that give 2Gs of real-time acceleration through roll, heave and pitch movements as specified by the D-Box engineered Motion Code. In addition, it has a USB Motion interface that connects Blu-ray disc player, and gaming PC or DVD to the chair. It is compatible with Nitro Stunt Racing - GameSeed, GRID - Codemasters, Crysis Warhead-Crytek, iRacing, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, rFactor - Image Space, Live For Speed, Battlefield 2 - Electronic Arts and X Plane 9 - Laminar Research. Though it may sound pricey, the D-Box GPH-100 gaming chair costs much less than a complete D-Box system.
    8. X-Dream Gyroxus PS3 gaming chair
    X-Dream Gyroxus PS3 gaming chair
    X-Dream Gyroxus PS3 gaming chairX-Dream Gyroxus PS3 gaming chair provides real flying experience
    X-Dream Gyroxus is just the thing you’re looking for if you want to live and feel the virtual gaming scenario. It is a full motion gaming chair with a PS3 controller in the front which can be replaced with an Xbox 360. With this chair, you can turn, dive, fly, climb and practically live the game. It has adjustable seat back height and a comfortable leg rest.

    9. Futuristic Workstation
    Futuristic Workstation
    Futuristic WorkstationFuturistic Workstation Moves Freely in Space
    The Futuristic Workstation is a space age workstation that has health benefits and increases productivity while working, blogging and gaming. It has a sleek and ergonomic design that lets the user move freely. This workstation comes packed with cool features like Matrox TripleHead capability, intelligent memory function which moves any display closer to the user’s eyes if needed and returns it back to its original position, a keyboard attachment that lets the user move the keyboard in 3D, working area with a shadow and glare free environment, sub-woofer integrated into the seat back and a powerful sound system. It is ideal for general users as well as those with loss of function.

    10. Playseat F1 Red Bull seat

    Playseat F1 Red Bull seat
    Playseat F1 Red Bull seatPlayseat F1 Red Bull seat lets you experience ultimate speed thrills
    Talk of speed thrills and the name that should pop into your mind is the Playseat F1 Red Bull seat. Designed specifically as a race game simulator that gives a real motor racing experience, the seat has been created to look like those of the gorgeous Red Bull Formula One cars. It is compatible with Xbox 360, PC, Playstation2, Playstation3 and Wii. It has rich leather upholstery and works with many pedal sets and steering wheels.

    Posted: 04 Oct 2011 09:33 PM PDT
    Sukrat Gupta:
    Table For Dali
    Table For DaliTable For Dali by Adam Kessler

    A few competitions held all over the world showcase masterpieces in the field of carpentry created by amateurs. The “Fresh Wood Competition” based on the works of high school and college students across North America was held at the annual trade show organized by the Association of Woodworking and Furnishing Suppliers (AWFS). Here are some projects that got attention of visitors and critics:
    1. Anne Boleyn’s Writing Desk
    Anne Boleyn's Writing Desk
    Anne Boleyn’s Writing DeskWriting Desk by Anne Boleyn’s

    Created by Lance Smith from the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship, Rockport ME, Anne Boleyn’s Writing Desk got a place in the finals because of the presence of all elements one usually yearns to see in a furniture design: inspiration, expressiveness, beauty, material and other things. The desk manages to achieve elegance through simplicity and choice of material. According to Lance Smith, the desk is meant for a woman who wants to write. It has a smooth, gentle curve at one end, with a drawer. The legs are long and curvy as well, complementing with the main structure. The top of the desk is made of birch plywood, and covered in shop-sawn thick veneer and burl veneer. The drawer is made of Birdseye maple, and legs of hard maple core. The whole craft is covered in Macassar Ebony. The use of various qualities of wood and various techniques gives finishing touches to the beautiful masterpiece.

    2. Bombelicious
    BombeliciousBombelicious by Elias Schultz

    Bombelicious reminds the observer of the curves of a beautiful woman. The use of curves in furniture is the inspiration of the creator, Elias Schultz, a student of Cedar Ridge High School, Hillsborough, NC. The design is highlighted by the extensive use of curves, which adds to the complexity of the furniture. The design is made of solid maple and poplar, mahogany, curly maple veneer and veneered maple and birch plywoods. What makes Bombelicious different from the traditional Bombe chests is the presence of corner transitions in the sides created by making a coopered, solid maple turning. The structure is balanced with the case sides by proportioning the top’s weight with the heavy bottom piece. The drawer face dimensions have been drawn up by using the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci series. The solid finish is given by hand-rubbed Danish oil and polyurethane mix.
    3. Miss Peaches
    Miss Peaches
    Miss PeachesMiss Peaches by Bonner Armbruster

    Created by Bonner Armbruster from College of the Redwoods, Fort Bragg, CA, Miss Peaches is a cabinet coated with the orange-brown hues of Kwila. It was created with the sole purpose of storing servingware and silver. The patterns on the door are used to emphasize the use of outward curves. While shop sawn veneer (Douglas Fir and Maple, Apple ply, plywood, solid tan oak and doussie) is used to cover the furniture, four-sealer coats of blond shellac and two coats of oil varnish are used for the finish.
    4. Katana Bench
    Katana Bench
    Katana BenchKatana Bench by Candice Groenke
    Katana bench, at the very first look, appears to be eccentric. It is inspired by the concept of the Windsor chair, with simplicity in form and versatility in function. Candice Groenke, student of College of Redwoods, For Bragg, CA, created this bench by using different techniques, such as steam-bending and bird-cage. Due to the unconventional style, the chair required intense imagination and precision of dimensions. The look may be simple, but the work behind it required meticulous detail and care, the most difficult part being the arm joinery - the stage in which a carpenter has to take all of points in space and create a tangible reference throughout the mortise and tenon of the arm joint. The wood used here is the Eastern walnut, and was finished with Liberon Danish oil and four coats of Epifanes varnish cut 50/ 50 with mineral spirits.
    5. Evolving Bench
    Evolving Bench
    Evolving BenchEvolving Bench by Joshua Carson

    Unlike other crafts, the sole aim of this art, according to Joshua Carson of Miami University, Oxford, OH, is to check the adaptability of the furniture to its usage. As the goal is more of a study than a product, its creation required the use of objects in knowing, inventive and precise ways. Fiberglass ice-fishing rod blanks are used as a catalyst for the movement of a wall shelf. The elasticity and elegant profile of the fiberglass rod complimented the static nature of the walnut, cherry and maple. The most challenging component of the shelf was resolving the connection between individual walnut fingers. The connection required control in axis with the rod that forced against it. The connection also had to adapt to either side of each walnut finger. An interlocking network of pegs and grooves eventually solved this dilemma.
    6. Love Rocker
    Love Rocker
    Love RockerLove Rocker by Christopher Gagnon

    Built by Christopher Gagnon, a student of Sultana High school, Hesperia CA, the Love Rocker is the product of every woodworking skill and ability Gagnon learned from the school. The biggest challenge was to create the two-seater without adding the middle rocker or extra support on the seat, which may use up more wood and time. The chair is made of maple and walnut, and is finished with natural Danish oil and tung oil. It won the first prize in the ‘reproduction’ category.

    7. Comb Back Windsor Chair
    Comb Back Windsor Chair
    Comb Back Windsor ChairComb Back Windsor Chair by Collin Barker

    This project started with the simple goal of making a reproduction of a comb-back Windsor chair. For this, Collin Barker, student of Brigham Young University, Provo, UT, used traditional tools and building techniques. It is usually avoided due to high prices of these tools. This added to the workload, as Barker had to make his own tools like smoothing plane, before starting with the project. The seat is made of Engelmann Spruce, and legs of local Norway Maple.The legs are joined to the seat with a tapered through mortise that is also wedged, giving a self-tightening joint. The spindles are made of local ash due to unavailability of green oak, the traditional wood used. The comb and bow are bent from red oak. To give the chair the look of an original Windsor chair, finishes that give antique looks are used, such as of green, red and black mill paints, boiled linseed oil, and amber shellac.
    8. Table For Dali
    Table For Dali
    Table For DaliTable For Dali by Adam Kessler

    Adam Kessler from Buffalo State College, Buffalo, NY, made this unique table which failed to win in Tables Category but was the winner of People’s Choice. The design is inspired from the paintings of Salvador Dali, one of the craftsman’s favorite artists, combining elements from the paintings of The Birth of Man, The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory, and The Persistence of Memory, giving the coffee table a unique look. The usage of checkerboard pattern to enhance the illusion of melting paid off, complimenting well with the up-facing end grain of wood. The work demanded hardwork, especially while arranging maple and black walnut pieces for the checkerboard pattern. The best thing about the table is that it can also be used upside down, giving the feeling of anti-gravity. All these elements are sufficient to say that the work is surreal, complex, unique and durable.
    9. Padauk and Ash Table Tennis Table with Paddles
    Padauk and Ash Table Tennis Table with Paddles
    Padauk and Ash Table Tennis Table with PaddlesPadauk and Ash Table Tennis Table with Paddles by Greg Moore
    Greg Moore from Appleton City High School, Appleton, MO, took the idea of a table-tennis table to create this craft. Solid wood padauk and veneer core ash plywood are used for the table. Catalyzed lacquer finish is used as the finish, and sanding was done to give a smooth finish.
    10. Ebony and Ivory
    Ebony and Ivory
    Ebony and IvoryEbony and Ivory by Brett Stickler

    Brainchild of Brett Stickler, Rolla Technical Institute, Rolla, MO, Ebony and Ivory is inspired by benches. The type of wood used here are wenge and maple, a choice Stickler explained, made to give the design an exceptional look. To achieve the final effect frames and veneered panels had to be created, along with the arms and feet. Sanding is done to individual pieces to make it ready for finishing when assembled. For finish, sealant and coats of polyurethane are used.

    Posted: 04 Oct 2011 04:50 PM PDT
    Babita Sajnani:
    smart gadgets
    smart gadgetsQuirky has created the Trek Support, backpack
    Apart from sneaking booze and other munchies, there are various other gadgets that could be used inside a dorm to make life a little easier and more fun. Here are seven such amazing that will certainly make your dorms full of fun and entertainment.
    1. Livescribe pen
    livescribeLivescribe pen is designed for note taking.
    The Livescribe Pen is a great tool that can help you take notes along with audio recording as well as digital notes, hence, all you need to do is by just replay the recorded writing by pressing a printed interface in the notebook. This pen can also be compatible with the computer so that you can make your notes digital and then you can share them online with your classmates. Apart from taking notes, now you can also listen to music, play games and even translate your notes to different languages as well!

    2. Slingbox
    SlingboxSlingbox allows to control TV through Internet.
    A Slingbox is a gadget that can help you watch your television via the Internet, and can also help you to control it too. The Slingbox Solo is the version in which you can control a single DVR, satellite receiver or cable set top box. The Slingbox Pro-HD version would provide you the same features along with many inputs, a life-like HD viewing capability an in inbuilt TV tuner. You can also install this application on your iPad or iPhone as it is handy when traveling or at the workplace and works amazingly well.

    3. ECCO: The handy GPS locator on a keyring
    GPS locator
    GPS locatorHandy GPS locator on a keyring.
    The ECCO personal GPS Navigator and keyring is an innovative device that has a user friendly interface which can lead you back to any three locations that you have locked as your preference during your walkabout. It has the capability of tracking 32 satellites in a single minute. Apart from the GPS function, it can also be used as a keyring which has an LCD screen that starts flashing if you are within reach of your desired location. The device is powered by a lithium-ion battery which takes two hours for a full recharge.

    4. iRobot Scooba 230 floor washing robot
    washing robot
    washing robotiRobot Scooba 230 floor washing robot.
    iRobot had recently launched two latest versions of which the Roomba 700 was an upgraded version of vacuum whereas the other version was the Scooba Scooba which is a robot that cleans floors. This small bot has been designed to clean the tightest spaces as it is only 6.5 cm in diameter and is about four inches tall. All you have to do is place it where you require the cleaning to be done and then press ‘Clean’ and leave it to the petite robot to make the place spic and span.

    5. 2 Speaker Boombox Audio System By Ziba
    Boombox Audo System
    Boombox Audo SystemBoombox Audio System by ZIBA

    The two speaker Boombox audio system has a great sound technology as it is comprised of 6″ coaxial drivers. Apart from the great sound quality, the speakers have touch sensitive controls, leather accents and a unique equalizer.
    6. NoteSlate
    NoteSlateNoteSlate : World's simplest tablet
    The Noteslate tablet takes amazing notes and is a great tool for reading pdf files by using a firmware upgrade. The slate has a 13″ diagonal low resolution display and has a battery that can last you a good 180 hours! You can also share the notes that you have taken on Noteslate via a computer by either a mini USB or a Wi-Fi connection.
    7. Quirky Trek Support Backpack with Integrated Battery
    BackpackQuirky Trek Support Backpack
    Quirky has launched the ‘Trek Support’ which is a backpack that is made in such a way that it protects your laptop and other valuable gadgets when you are on the move. The backpack unit comprises of the laptop sleeve, the back pack and the gadget dock. The backpack is made by using waterproof rip-proof nylon that has durable zippers and a special open-air mesh pads at the back that provide additional support and comfort. The Trek Support also has a gadget dock along with an inbuilt battery that can charge a maximum of three devices simultaneously. The battery can last a good seven hours.

    Posted: 04 Oct 2011 04:11 PM PDT
    Jaspreet Kaur Walia:
    innovative lock designs
    innovative lock designsInnovative lock designs to protect your belongings.
    Keeping things secure can prove to be quite a tedious task. In this modern world, people want everything to come caked with uniqueness. Locks are being crafted in an innovative and exclusive way that attracts people towards them like a magnet. Here is a list of eight innovative lock designs that will protect your belongings in a smart way.
    1. The most offensive bicycle lock
    bicycle lock
    bicycle lockoffensive bicycle lock
    Bicycles are a great way to get around the city and are quite light in weight. This lightweight trait attracts a lot of thieves and uncountable bikes get stolen every year irrespective of the fact that they are locked. Keeping this stealing trait in mind, Michael Lambourn has designed a lock that will push thieves in a vulnerable state. When someone tries to cut this lock, it explodes and the color inside it paints the thief and definitely irritates him/her. So, keep your bike safe and secure with this unusual bike lock.
    2. Puzzle and security in one brass package
    Puzzle and security
    Puzzle and securityImpossible Lock – Puzzle and Security
    The Impossible Lock will impress people who love solving puzzles. The lock is accompanied by a key and traits to spin your brain in no time. The ingeniously crafted lock has been made using brass and has a weight of 635 grams. It measures 106mm in length and comes stashed with a price tag of £139.99. Impossible Lock has been crafted in an impressive manner and looks very attractive. It is a little too secretive and will make you scratch your brains to give away the mystery it comes shrouded with. One has to go through a lot of steps to finally unlock it. But, if you are impatient and puzzles make you nervous then make good use of the set of instructions that come along.
    3. Refrigerator Lock Up Keeps Out Freeloaders
    Refrigerator Lock
    Refrigerator LockRefrigerator Lock Up Keeps Out Freeloaders
    Are you sick and tired of food loving friends who come and raid your refrigerators the moment they enter your house? Then this false lock is something that will keep food safe inside the fridge and take care of your hunger pangs. The lock features a thick chain and a big lock that has been wedged with magnets. When need arises simply place the lock with magnets on the fridge and remove it later without any extra effort. So, lock all your favorite puddings and ice creams without a key that too at just $10.99.
    4. Word Password Combination Lock
    Password Combination Lock
    Password Combination LockWord Password Combination Lock
    If you are comfortable using passwords for your emails, then this Word Password Combination Lock will be a perfect fit in your life. Christened the Master Lock 1524D Word Password Combination Lock, the password can be customized as per a user's convenience. You can choose from thousands of combinations and set a 3 letter or 1 digit combination. The lock is two and a half inches wide and can be picked from a variety of colors. It also has a shackle that has been crafted using steel that makes the overall design quite strong.
    5. USB Cap Lock Aims To Protect
    USB Cap Lock
    USB Cap LockUSB Cap Lock Aims To Protect
    Pen drives are a great way to save important data and information. Sadly, the only hitch is that anyone can easily access the information stored in the thumb drive. Thanko is out with a USB Cap Lock that vows to keep the entire information safe without the fear of someone accessing it. It is a three digit combination lock and will keep people away from snooping around. The lock is pretty funky and a great addition to keep important files protected.
    6. Liquor Lock
    Liquor Lock
    Liquor LockLiquor Lock Keeps the Non-Resourceful Kids Sober
    Invest $15 in the Liquor Lock and keep a check on your teenagers in terms of liquor consumption at home. The lock comes with a three digit combination and expands when used. The device is pretty interesting but make sure that your teenage child is not filled with rage that may lead to broken bottles at home.
    7. Baby Gear - Magnetic Door Locks
    Magnetic Door Locks
    Magnetic Door LocksBaby Gear - Magnetic Door Locks
    Baby Gear-Magnetic Door Locks are ideal for contemporary kitchens and can be skillfully concealed inside the drawer/cupboard. It has a magnetic key that will release the lock when it is passed on the outré surface of the cupboard/drawer. Simply countersink a magnet on the inside and leave people guessing why isn't the cupboard/drawer opening.
    8. Master Lock Electronic Deadbolt with Light Up Keypad
    Master Lock Electronic
    Master Lock ElectronicMaster Lock Electronic Deadbolt
    Here is an electronic lock that has been blessed with good looks. Master Lock Electronic Deadbolt with Light Up Keypad spins like many other locks and will keep things protected. Unlike other locks that have a small motor, this electronic lock features a pin that won't consume much juice and the batteries inside will last for a long time.

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