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Posted: 06 Oct 2011 07:35 AM PDT
Aseem Vij:

MacBook Concept
MacBook ConceptInnovative MacBook concepts we wish to be real
In terms of the design and the aesthetic value of IT wares, there is little dispute that Apple create some of the finest and most creative design for their products that few or no other competitors can match. Over the years, product concept designs by hardcore Apple fans began to surface as Apple started to stand out among its competitors. Although these designs are not going to be marketed as actual products, it reflects the deepest wishes of die-hard Apple fans. Here is a fine compilation of some of the best, coolest and most creative Apple concept designs created by fans.
1. MacBook And Mac Mini Concept

MacBook And Mac Mini Concept
MacBook And Mac Mini ConceptDesigned by Antonio Lieto
MacBook mini is a smart concept design goes one further to make MacBooks smaller. It features a foldable trackpad which saves up the space when you are not using the keyboard. One other mockup of the MacBook mini by the same designer is a sliding trackpad, which sounds like a better idea than the foldable one.
Mac Mini is super-slim concept design of the actual Apple Mac Mini. It has all the features of the original machine but is a lot slimmer. Connect the Mac Mini to a Apple LED displays and you will have a powerful Multimedia computer in-front of you.
2. MacBook 3D concept

MacBook 3D concept
MacBook 3D conceptDesigned by Tai Chiem
The concept, put together by a certain Tai Chiem, is filled with all sorts of AppleSpeak: "Welcome to the 'real' world;" "More cores, more power;" "stunningly beautiful," and so on. The main draw, of course, is the 3D screen. You'd need a pair of 3D glasses to take advantage of the third-dimension—unlike the Nintendo 3DS—but then you're off and running. Add in a 3D iSight and you're golden. Another, non-3D feature: a hinge-less design between the screen and keyboard.
3. MacBook Touch with Flexible OLED technology

MacBook Touch with Flexible OLED technology
MacBook Touch with Flexible OLED technologyDesigned by Tommaso Gecchelin
The core of this concept is a technology called iSpine. Like the spine of a book, the tech avoid excessive compression on the screen, yet allows the laptop to sit in multiple viewing positions. Go from a normal laptop with screen and touch screen board – to a large widescreen canvas for drawing, presentation or movie watching. To keep everything minimal, ports like power, the mini display, and additional USB are externalized on a "Magic Dock" to keep most of the laptop slim and clean of an array of holes and plugs.
4. Apple Mac-tribook Concept

Apple Mac-tribook Concept
Apple Mac-tribook ConceptThree screens in one with a trackpad equal to the size of the keyboard
The tribook has exactly what the name and the picture suggest, it has three screens. One is the regular laptop-style screen and the other two can be folded to save the space when they are not in use. It is possible that the fordable screens use the Apple's patented transparent screen technology, that way when they are folded – it can still be used a simple Macbook too.
5. MacBook Mini concept

MacBook Mini concept
MacBook Mini conceptMacBook Mini concept from Isamu Sanada
Concept is to discard the drawbacks which a iMac mini user would nark about the owned machine. And the mark about the Mac Mini is the I/O ports. This concept design makes the ports reachable easily and the V-shape design makes sure that it will remain cool while you are using it. That's because the hot air will pass through the legs instead respiring from back lying on the top.
6. Digi-roll Macbook Concept

Digi-roll Macbook Concept
Digi-roll Macbook ConceptDesigned by Hao Hua
Though many cool designs have been offered for the laptops of the future but digital roll is really awesome and unique concept designed by Hao Hua. D Roll Laptop can be considers as "next generation laptop design," as it does away with the book-like form factor in favor of one mimicking an artist's scroll. Whether or not something like this will even be possible in the near future seems to matter less when you look at how much effort Hua put in the design. Though it's just a concept but the design is inspiring and would definitely catch the eyes of other designers wishing to create a better-looking and practical laptop. If this hits the market, it would be swept off the shelves in no time.
7. MacBook in 2020

MacBook in 2020
MacBook in 2020Designed by Tommaso Gecchelin
Envisage a computer nearly paper thin, able to shape shift from metal to plastic. Thanks to molecular manufacturing, a micro-lattice nano material enables you to shrink the dimensions to fit into your pocket. Nanotechnology miniaturizes familiar technologies into thin sheets of composites, each serving a separate function. One layer is photo voltaic for infinite battery life. One layer projects ultrasound waves for tactile feedback. Another layer works like a pelican cam to capture the real world in 3D while a separate layer works like a holographic emitter. And of course, everything is wireless. No ports, no cables.

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 05:19 AM PDT
Deepak Nautiyal:
Products made using egg cartons
Products made using egg cartonsartistic Products made using egg cartons
Everyone knows that eggs are very beneficial for health. But, only a few people are aware about the benefits of egg cartons. The egg cartons can be made useful for satisfying various purposes. Apart from being used as decorative wall hangings, the egg cartons can be utilized to construct tables, lamps, cameras and even a complete home. Let's take a look at the various arrangements of egg cartons which provide valuable artistic products for us
1. Egg Carton Table:
Egg Carton Table
Egg Carton TableAtema Architecture's "Auto-Cannabilistic Table" is made out of egg cartons, flour paste, soil, and seeds.
It is a three leg table made of egg cartons, soil, flour paste and seeds. The construction might look a bit unbalanced because of the three leg construction, but actually it is strong enough to withstand weights of medium light objects.
2. Trash me lamp:
Trash Me
Trash MeVictor Vetterlein brings a beautiful creation that gets life from the trash and after a short but meaningful life cycle returns to the trash.
This lamp employs use of 4 egg cartons. The cartons are mixed with water and then finally poured over a mould. After several days, the mixture dries up and acquires the desired shape. The dried sections are then coupled together using aluminum screws. It is a complete example of innovation and eco-friendliness.
3. Eggo home:

Eggo Home Made Out of Recycled Egg Cartons
Eggo Home Made Out of Recycled Egg CartonsGiant "Eggo" Home Made Out Of Hundreds Of Recycled Egg Cartons
The egg cartons can be utilized to make a beautiful house as well. For this, the cartons are colored using different colors and finally stacked together to construct a complete home. The base of this carton home is provided by a simple wooden frame structure. This house might not be the strongest but it looks so attractive because of the multicolor appearance.
4. Mona Lisa Made from egg cartons:
Mona Lisa Made from egg cartons
Mona Lisa Made from egg cartonsamazing Mona Lisa portrait Made from egg cartons
This is a creative piece of art made using egg cartons. This Mona Lisa painting is made using cut out egg cartons. The pieces were assembled first, then the figure drawn with a pencil and finally paint was applied to give the final finishing touch.
5. Egg Carton Lamp:

Egg Carton Lamp
Egg Carton LampGorgeous Origen Egg Crate Chandelier
This lamp is formed using 30 pack egg crates. The crates are arranged around an electric light bulb, using adhesives and supporting materials. It gives a soft and warm glow on being lighted. The lamp design looks unique and eye catching.
6. Fairy Flower Lights:

Fairy Flower Lights
Fairy Flower LightsFairy Flower Lights made from egg cartons
This product is a splendid piece of art and innovation. The lights look so adorable, that you can't resist their presence. You just have to follow a few simple steps. Accumulate egg cartons and cut out the cones from the egg cartons with the help of a strong scissor. Then trim the cone edges with a short scissor in the form of flower petals. Make a small slit at the opening of each cone, to facilitate entry of a LED bulb wire. Introduce 1 LED bulb into each flower and let the wire pass through the slit. Connect the arrangement to an electric supply and see the wonderful flower lights glow.
7. Good Egg Footstool:

Good Egg Footstool
Good Egg FootstoolGood Egg Footstool created by Inna Alesina
This versatile footstool is made using egg cartons and then colored with aqua based fabric dye. It can be used for various purposes. It can provide relaxing motion to feet and can even serve as a strong base for a coffee table. It weighs 12 pounds and is available in four different color options.

8. Egg Carton Camera:
Egg Carton Camera
Egg Carton CameraCamera made from Egg Carton
You can construct a toy camera using egg cartons. The top portion of a wide mouth bottle can be used as the lens of this funny camera. It's great fun clicking with this innovative egg carton camera.

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 04:08 AM PDT
Jaspreet Kaur Walia:
recycle aircraft waste
recycle aircraft wasteCreative ways to recycle aircraft waste
Airplanes fly high and take us from one place to the other in no time. But, even this man's best creation till date is subjected to damage and has to retire one day or the other. Once, they have served their purpose, these planes are ripped apart and the aluminum is sold. But, there are a few who are reusing the parts in a much sensible way and giving them a recycled life. Below is a list of ten creative ways to recycle aircraft waste that will make onlookers drool over the products.
1. Building A Library From Recycled Airplanes
Airplanes Library
Airplanes LibraryRecycled Airplanes Library
LOT-EK is a New York based design firm that will give fuselages extracted from Boeing 737 and 727 a new lease of life in the form of a library that will be situated in Guadalajara, Mexico. Many people are unaware of the fact that fuselages can't be recycled in an effective manner that poses a lot of hindrance to use them. The money spent on demolition it way too higher than the profit earned when the aluminum extracted out of it is sold. So, either they keep catching dust in the deserts present in western states or are dismantled even if they are in a great condition. But, erecting a library using fuselages is a brilliant idea and the structure will also be energy efficient. The parts will be placed one above the other in a slanting position that will be in tandem with the sun exposure that will in turn use its energy in a much efficient manner.
2. Little Trump
Little Trump
Little TrumpJo Ann Ussery's jetliner home Little Trump from recycle aircraft waste
Jo Ann Ussery is a cool lady and also a proud owner of the Little Trump. The lady built a new house using a scrapped Continental Airline 727 after her sweet abode got completely destroyed because of a storm. 18 inches of the tail of this aircraft was fixed using concrete that gave it much needed stability. One look at her exquisite dwelling and you will feel as if it is flying. The nose of the plane extends past the shoreline of the lake near her house that gives it a tasteful appearance. It features a cabin that is 11 foot wide and is quite spacious as the seats have been removed. The airplane house is well illuminated, thanks to the 10 cockpit and 76 side windows that make sure it gets ample light during the day time. It consists of a master bedroom complete with a Jacuzzi, a dining or living room, three bedrooms, laundry room and a kitchen. The owner narrowed down on the name Little Trump after learning about the $16 million corporate jet that is owned by Donald Trump.
3. Custom Airplane Homes Coast-to-Coast
Airplane Homes
Airplane HomesBruce Campbell’s 727 Home
A good number of airplanes are discarded every year after it is declared that they are not fit for flying anymore. But, what happens once they get retired? Well, most of them are snapped apart and the aluminum extracted out of them is sold while a few get chopped and their parts become are put on show in a museum. But, you will be surprised to know that there are a few aircraft lovers who swap them in to an actual home and live in it forever. Boeing 727, DC-8 and Boeing 307 have been used as residence by people with Boeing 727 being the most favorite. Over the years the number of aircrafts that retire has increased because of the sudden escalation in air traffic. So, if you are one amongst them who likes to travel a lot by air and loves every moment spent inside a plane then the idea of converting a recycled airplane into a house is worth a steal.
4. Bordbar recycled airplane trolleys
Bordbar recycled airplane trolleys
Bordbar recycled airplane trolleysBordbar recycled airplane trolleys can be completely customized inside and out
Stephan Boltz has swapped airplane trolleys into a functional piece that can be used at homes, offices, restaurants and just anywhere you can think of. Bordbar Recycled Airplane Trolleys are quite colorful and attractive. They can be customized as per a user's whims and fancies that will add a personal streak to the product. Get the facade caked in solid colors or bold prints and make the trolley look very attention-grabbing. They are durable and will last for a good number of years that too the recycled way.
5. Recycled Airplane Furniture
Airplane Furniture
Airplane FurnitureMotoArt Mile High Bed
MotoArt has designed the Mile High Bed that has been crafted using authentic plane parts. It is quite spacious and will bring the sumptuousness of an airplane right inside your room. The silver colored bed looks very neat and comes attached with a lot of elegance. The side rails and headboard have come from DC-9 and C-130 military cargo jet, respectively. The bed looks glamorous and will add a streak of royalty to your house.
6. MotoArt’s new DC-4 Conference Table
DC-4 Conference Table
DC-4 Conference Table14′ DC-4 Conference Table, made with rudders of jets
Here is another furniture item from MotoArt that has been crafted using salvaged airplane parts. Christened the DC-4 Conference Table, it makes good use of rudders extracted from jets. The table comes coated with a lot style and comes complete with edges that have been mirror polished. The table has also got a coating of pulsating powder that makes it very eye-appealing. DC-4 Conference Table will sparkle because of the presence of LED lights that add to its vivaciousness.
7. Wing desk from Moto Art
Wing desk
Wing deskWing desk from Moto Art
Airplane scrap is being given a fresh life in the form of high end furniture items that force onlookers to slip in a state of awe. Moto Art is doing its bit and has come out with tables and wing desks that have even managed to woo celebrities from Hollywood. The company loves to work with parts that have been extracted from vintage planes. The salvaged aircraft furniture items are gaining popularity and people have started loving the whole idea of having a part of an airplane at their place.
8. The Jet Engine Reception Desk
747 engine cowling desk
747 engine cowling deskReception Desk from Moto Art
Give the reception area of your office an exclusive look with the Jet Engine Reception Desk. The silver colored recycled 747 engine cowling desk is a cut above the rest, thanks to the usage of polished aluminum. It has a diameter of 100" approximately and will definitely help craft a very bold style statement. But, if you are interested in keeping one at your home then there is another downsized model that will prove to be a perfect fit for your dwelling.
9. Live in an Aircraft
Live in aircraft
Live in aircraftLiving in aircraft sort off
Here is your chance to live in a Boeing Aircraft forever. A 19 square foot area has been extracted from a Boeing and swapped for personal use. The seats from the first class compartment have been kept intact and so are the two airplane toilets, storage lockers, kitchen and video equipments. Make an everlasting impression on everyone with this Boeing Aircraft space.
10. Boeing aircraft reused as private residences
Boeing aircraft reused as private residences
Boeing aircraft reused as private residencesBoeing aircraft reused as private residences from Max Power
Max Power is helping people reuse Boeing Aircrafts as residences by wedging the plane on a steel column. The inside can be given any look as per the owner's taste and requirements. The company will help aircraft crazy people to realize their dreams of owning one in the form of a private residence.

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 12:14 AM PDT
Shallu Sharma:
Wooden PC Mod
Wooden PC ModAmazing Wooden PC Mod
World is full of creative people who always amaze others with their creativity and dexterity. Such people do not need reasons to be artistic because they have it in them. With the same artistic approach, a few creative wooden PC mods have been created which are the perfect blends of electronics and aesthetics.
Given below is the list of 10 similar artistic PC case mods made using wood.
1. Wooden computer case
wooden computer case
wooden computer caseChris Cook (aka cc3d) has designed a cool wooden computer case.
This wooden computer case has been designed by Chris Crook. This unique wooden computer case comes up with side panels which could slide in and out to open up the wooden case. The case has been constructed using various types of wood. There is a proper provision for airflow within the wooden box to allow heat transfer.
2. AtomWood Handmade Wooden PC
AtomWood Handmade Wooden PC
AtomWood Handmade Wooden PCChris made the case for this stunning looking wooden PC by hand, and he used a few different types of wood, all built around an Intel D945GCLF2 motherboard with an integrated dual core Intel Atom 330 processor.
This cool PC mod has been created by Chris Crook. It is completely handmade and has been constructed using various types of woods. Each and every detailing has been kept in mind to the fullest. There are proper vents for heat discharge. Complete motherboard and CD drives are fitted in an organized manner within this aesthetic looking wooden case. Proper space for ports have been provides. The whole CPu has been compressed in this stylish mini wooden box.
3. Wooden Computer Case
Hand made Wooden Computer Case
Hand made Wooden Computer Case. Made entirely from brass and wood , inspired by vintage radio receivers with a bit of steampunk esthetics.
This wooden computer case has been beautifully crafted using variety of wood and gold plated border. The combination gives it a stunning look so much so that the wooden case along with satisfying the gadget functionality also adds to the attractiveness of the room where it is kept. The whole structure is nicely made using well polished shiny brown wood and the finishing touch is given by gold plated metal outline all over the case. The front panel has an EFM11 tube which was used as a vacuum tube in thirties but here it is used to display hard drive activity.
4. Russian Wooden PC Case Mod
Russian Wooden PC Case Mod
Russian Wooden PC Case ModThis is custom work that was made by Russian craftsmen for unknown customer in Moscow.
This attractive wooden PC has been made using hard red-brown wood of American evergreen trees. It's a perfect piece of attraction crafted beautifully in mahogany wood. The design blends electronics and dexterity in an exceptional way. There is an LCD display, wireless mouse and a beautifully furnished mouse crafted in same wood to give the whole set a classy and united look.
5. iameco wooden computer case
iameco wooden computer case
iameco wooden computer caseThe main feature of this model is the curved form, which in architecture represents strength and load-bearing capacity.
The most remarkable and attractive part of this model is its curved design. This curved form not only imparts a striking look but also provides strength and capacity to bear load. iameco's unique designs are famous for being environmentally friendly as they do not use any harmful toxins for computer manufacturing. Fabulous appeal is provided by the contrasting front casing which varies from model to model. The complete model is ery stylish and beautifully finished.
6. G-Metric Nano wooden PC case mod
G-Metric Nano wooden PC case mod
G-Metric Nano wooden PC case modAmazing G-Metric Nano wooden PC case mod
This unique wooden case contains a Via NX1500 nano-ITX motherboard and therefore is rightly dubbed as G-Metric Nano. It also encompasses 1 GB DDR2 RAM in it. Provisions for 80 watt PSU are also made within this compact wooden box. The size is small almost equal to the six pack of coke and it has been beautifully crafted with walnut inlays.
7. Mr. Silent III case
Mr. Silent III case
Mr. Silent III caseIt houses a Core2 duo 6600 processor w/ 4Meg cache mounted on a 975XBK Mobo, 4 Seagate SATA drives (three in a dynamic RAID configuration) that use my bungee hard drive mounts. Most everything else is pretty much run of the mill, an X1800GXL video card, D
As the name suggests this wooden casing has been created keeping in mind the cooling and acoustic characteristics of the design. The fans run at the pace within the structure that they do not vibrate or disturb the entire housing. Similar provisions have been made to keep in control the resonance of hard drives while reading and writing. Its cooling efficiency has been increased by increasing the case volume which enables quieter and slower sunning of fans.
8. Bamboo PC cases
Bamboo pc cases
Bamboo pc casescool Bamboo pc cases
Foxconn has created a unique collection of bamboo PC cases to give natural touch to its pc's. Bamboo is used instead of wood because bamboo has various benefits over wood. It is easily replenished and could grow in infertile soil and unfavorable weather conditions. Another reason for using bamboo is that it is dirt resistant and easy to clean. They also have anti bacterial properties that give long life to these pc cases.
9. Wooden Level Twelve Case Mod
Wooden Level Twelve Case Mod
Wooden Level Twelve Case ModLevel Twelve Case Mod Hides PC Under Sleek Wooden Boxes
This exclusive pc mod design has been created by Jeffrey Stephenson. The whole case is made up of wood in a compact way such that it occupies very small amount of space and look like a fancy piece of decoration lying on your tabletop. It has two parts, bird’s eye maple stand to house primary machine and teak stand to support computer accessories. It encompasses hard disk, a DVD writer and four USB ports. It can also work independently without being connected with the computer.
10. Steampunk PC Case Mod
Steampunk PC Case Mod
Steampunk PC Case ModRussian Steampunk PC Case Mod
This unique PC model is made up of wood and has copper furnishing all over it. It's a unique Russian creation which is equally complicated to define as is to look at. This model has been nicknamed as The Brewery because of its structure and projected taps and copper pipes on it. It has LED's and make proper use of lighting which looks very pretty at night.

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 12:11 AM PDT
Shabina Shafi:
Wearable mobile phones
Wearable mobile phonesWearable mobile phones to embark a new style statement
The trend:
Mobile phones, when first introduced, were so big that they almost resembled a lunch box. The cell phone underwent a large number of changes and became more presentable. They became more colorful, sleek and smaller in size. With fashion becoming a very important part of the day to day life, mobile phones are becoming much trendier and are now available as wearable products. Mobile phones are now available as watches, bracelets, necklaces and what not. These trendy and fashionable mobile phones are soon going to hit the market. Nokia is the first company to introduce its first wearable phone e.g. Nokia's first wearable phone Nokia Medallion is designed to carry, wear and display images which reflect the personality of the user and finally act as an necklace or a bracelet. With the Nokia Kaleidoscope I a user can upload digital images and easily store and carry them. To become a leader in any kind of business every company needs to think out of the box and also design products according to the customer needs. So these wearable mobile phones are designed to stand apart from the crowd.
The inspiration:
Pranav Mistry from the MIT Media Lab. has developed the wearable internet connected computer. This computer can turn virtually any physical surface, be it wall, hand or even a hand book into a Microsoft surface like able computer. It allows interacting with that surface using hand-free gestures. With this device, Google maps can be displayed on the walls and can be easily zoomed and panned using fingers. It also helps display ratings of books and other things using. The pictures and videos can be displayed on the wall of a room and can be easily arranged using natural hand gestures only. These mobile phones use the sixth sense technology.
What makes it so special?
Evolution is the law of nature. This also holds true for mobile industry. Nowadays mobiles can be used as fashion accessories. It is like wearing mobile phones as a necklace or a bracelet. Mobile phone is now a thing that is to be flaunted rather than hiding it in pocket or a bag. Ring tones are no more a disturbance to other people because a mobile that is worn on the wrist can be easily kept on the vibration mode and can be peacefully used. It can also be used at noisy places by putting a microphone and speaker very close to the ear and the mouth. The hand can be used in doing other useful work like writing. Because the electromagnetic field is very far away from the head, the fear of electro smog is also wiped off. Because the microphone and speaker are separated, the phone can be adjusted according to the personal shape of human cranium. The touch screen is equipped with voice activated and hands-free software so it can dial and pick up and also hang up the line. And also it is fun to use.
What’s in it for me?
MIT media lab has developed a gesture controlled wearable computing device that gives the user relevant information and turns any surface into interactive display. It works on certain gestures and on object recognition. The sixth sense aims to integrate information and technology into everyday life. It is a simple web cam and portable battery powered projector with a small mirror that are fashioned into a pendant style necklace which communicates with the cell phone. In this a hand can be used as a keypad for calling call up a map or to arrange the pictures and the videos. Emailing can be done by simple gesturing and also for getting flight updates. It is also possible to get product information and check time by simply drawing a circle on your wrist.
What's next?
Nokia strapup phone :
Nokia Strapup Phone
Nokia Strapup PhoneNokia concept bracelet by sao
Nokia strap up phone is the latest gadget that helps a person to keep in touch with friends. It doesn't send messages or calls like usual phones, rather it enables your friends to track you through predefined messages, programmed with personal movements or gestures to trigger your movements while dancing or partying in a club without wasting any time calling or typing a text message.
Bracelet cellphone:
Bracelet Cellphone
Bracelet CellphoneBracelet Cellphone Designed by Nicolas Nicolaou
It is a portable mobile phone which also works as an electronic watch. It has a built-in scrolling function, letting a user move between various functions available on the device. It also has a built in camera, allowing the user to take and share the pictures without wasting much time. It is compatible and has both touch screen and voice recognition. It can be easily turned on and off using the red or green line depict onto it. It can be worn around as a bracelet or a wrist band.
Wrist phones:
Wrist Phone
Wrist PhoneWrist Phone by Shirley A. Roberts
With the changing technology, the sizes and shapes of cell phones is also changing. It can be tied around the user's wrist like a wristwatch or a bracelet. It has the basic requirements of a cell phone. It has a fully functional LED display, keypad and headset jack. The wrist phone is not only trendy and fashionable, it also eliminates the need of a wrist watch and is also quiet affordable for average users. It can be used as a use and throw phone for critical situations.
HandphoneHandphone allow you to call using a natural gesture,
This is a device that is designed to be in hand and allows you to call using a natural gesture. It has features like voice control for activation and dial memorized functions. The fingers of the hand make the right size for it, as the microphone can be put very near to the mouth and speaker almost inside the ear. It is easy to wear because of its simple design that uses elastic string which can be rolled around the middle finger and the wrist. It is as simple as wearing a watch or a ring or a bracelet. It is also fashionable and gives a new style statement and can be used even in the noisiest places.

Posted: 05 Oct 2011 09:13 PM PDT
Ankit Dahiya:

Hi-tech gaming tables
Hi-tech gaming tablesHi-tech gaming tables for the geeks
Days are gone when the gaming meant those big screen display devices offering low quality and low on entertainment. This is an era of ultra-modernized compact gadgets that fit easily into your small living room and offers complete gaming experience. The gaming tables since their launch have been the most appreciated gadgets by all game freaks and there is no stopping to this ultimate gaming experience. These gaming tables offer easy to play option and are loaded with plenty of features and awesome graphics. The gaming on these cool gadgets cannot be any better. Here we are giving you a list of top 6 ultimate hi-tech gaming tables for the geeks which are creating a buzz around.
1. Pong table

Pong Table
Pong TablePong Table: Double the fun with LEDs and trackpads
The Pong table is ultimate fun gaming device which offers you motion sensing gaming options and lot more. This next generation gaming table is what defines a perfect gaming gadget with complete fun experience. The first of this kind was made back in 1972 and the latest table reinvented now offers you much more than the previous one. It is rebuilt with super futuristic white table with 2400 LEDs inside. The LEDs used inside the tables' shows the puck’s position and the track pads given on the front side allows the user to get back into the retro style of gaming. This cool gaming table is created by Moritz Waldemeyer and is out in market now.
2. Four-foot SNES controller table

Four-foot SNES controller Table
Four-foot SNES controller TableFour-foot SNES controller Table
The Four-foot SNES controller is next on the list of cool hi-tech table gadgets. The table is inspired from the massive NES controller table and is actually no less than that. The rounded shape and the shoulder buttons makes it a perfect gaming table. The best thing about the table is that it is compact and offers an all round gaming experience with the super stylish buttons. The body of the table is made completely out of wood and has clear cool labels on it with the buttons which are directly connected to the guts of standard SNES controller. The table is still under manufacturing and we hope to get our hands on it soon.
3. Poker table

Poker Table
Poker Table$30K Automated Poker Table escalates the adrenal to bet
The Poker table is believed to be one of the best tables made and it will surely take your gaming experience to a whole new level with complete fun and entertainment all time. Poker is one of the most favorite game of most of us and this ultra-gorgeous and hi-tech table will ultimately make your gaming a classic one. Mostly played in casinos, now you have got an option to play the game at comfort of your home seat with your family and friends with this table. It provides multiple player option and up to 10 players can play Texas Hold’em on it. It features ten 12.1" Touch Screen for the players and a 27" LCD screen at the center of the table. This table is priced at $29,950.
4. 3D Gaming table

3D Gaming Table
3D Gaming Table3D Gaming Table by Unity for iPhone and Android
For all those who have been waiting for the ultimate gaming experience on a gaming table, this is the perfect device. It offers 3D which adds to the beauty of gaming experience on this and there could be nothing better than this ultimate gaming table. It also offers iPhone and Android connectivity so that you can enjoy your smartphone games in this high-definition gaming table. It can battle out iPhone and Android gamers in terms of its display and entertainment. The large 3D screen display offers everything required for perfect gaming experience. Keeping it short, this table allows all your futuristic gadgets to be connected to it and experience gaming like never before. It also supports multiple connection for multi gaming.
5. Retro-Modern Arcade gaming table

Retro-Modern Arcade Gaming Table
Retro-Modern Arcade Gaming TableThe London-based Arcade Memories company has released the Optime Strategies Table, a cool alternative to the Arcade Gaming Table
Arcade gaming is fun when you have interesting gadgets to play. This cool table will bring back your entire retro style arcade gaming back into the 21st century. It is launched by London-based Arcade Memories Company which are trying to bring an option to the Arcade gaming by this cool table. A similar Arcade table was launched last year but lacked few options but this table will not disappoint you in terms of gaming experience. It is a totally authentic reproduction of the original tabletop arcade games which ruled the pubs and clubs back in 1980s. The games are played face to face on this table unlike upright in the usual arcade style. The table comes along with two stools and is priced fairly at $5,910.
6. Multi-Touch table

Multi-Touch Table
Multi-Touch TableIlluminate Multi-Touch Table Display Screen and Multi-Touch Surface Computer Technology
The gaming experience on a touch screen is simply awesome and people love using such cool gadgets as they offer handy options and are easy to use with cool latest features. This table was designed by GestureTek and is an award winning Multi-touch table which offers user-friendly surface technology for multi gaming. The huge display of 36" adds to the beauty of gaming with a highly powerful multi-touch computer, projector, camera and speakers. It offers wide range of options for every kind of applications. These applications vary from the retail shops to stadiums, hotels and much more. Overall this Multi-touch table is what defines a perfect all in one table and is a sure worth of a deal.

Posted: 05 Oct 2011 09:11 PM PDT
Sandeep Sangwan:
Sculpture made from motorcycle parts
Sculpture made from motorcycle partsSculpture made from motorcycle parts cannot get better than the RoboMan
People these days have started recycling products to make unique and awesome sculptures that not only are eco friendly but also deliver a message of humanity and concern for the environment. Sculptures made out of recycled products have gained much popularity. This method is less costly and also reduces waste on the land. Here are with some of the most elegant and stunning sculptures made completely out of recycled trash elements:
1. Buddhist Temple Built from Beer Bottles

Buddhist Temple Built from Beer Bottles
Buddhist Temple Built from Beer BottlesBuddhist Temple Built from 1.5million recycled beer bottles.
This Temple is located in the town named Khun Han in Thailand. It has been built using approximately 1.5 million beer bottles. This temple is what defines creativity and the idea of conserving our environment. It is built using the trash bottles which would otherwise be degrading our earth. The monks of Khun Han are real nature lovers and this masterpiece is stunning.
2. Skull made from utensils

Skull made from utensils
Skull made from utensilsGiant skull made out of kitchen utensils
Utensils are one of the major waste elements these days which can be found at each and every street. Such utensils were collected by an artist named Subodh Gupta and he created this stunning skull out of it. This is what defines creativity and this giant skull was placed at the Frieze art fair in London.

3. Forevertron

ForevertronForevertron: World’s Largest Scrap Metal Sculpture by Dr. Evermor
The Foreevertron is one of the most famous sculptures ever made using recycled products and is situated in Wisconsin. This was made by artist Dr. Evermor who is known for creating such sculptures out of metal recycled elements. It is the world's largest scrap metal sculpture. He has set up a park in which he placed various such sculptures but the Forevertron attracts visitors the most. It looks like a Transformer from the movie series with a metal body. The sculpture is 120 feet wide, 60 feet deep and 50 feet tall. It weighs around 320 tons. It is made out of machinery components which were welded and transformed into this cool giant sculpture. The components used in it include a pair of bipolar electric dynamos and a chamber from Apollo space mission. At the top of the sculpture, a copper clad glass ball is fitted. It adds to the craggy look of the sculpture.

4. Robert Bradford's Sculpture

Robert Bradford's Sculpture
Robert Bradford's SculptureRobert Bradford creates stunning sculptures from discarded playthings
The toys are the next thing which can be easily recycled and can be transformed into sculptures that looks cool and also add to the beauty of our environment. One such artist named Robert Bradford is best known for this purpose. He is known to have created plenty of sculptures out of recycled toys and plastic goodies. He has created many masterpieces and each one of them is made out of almost 3,000 discarded toys. No words to praise this man, he is a true green environment lover. He has made sculptures like a dog sculpture, a robot and many more which are open for sale to the public at price tag of £12,000 each. His artworks were placed in an exhibition at Henley Festival in July 2009.
5. Rock Garden

Rock Garden
Rock GardenThis secret garden was built by the artist Nek Chand, who went through India, gathering together pieces of pottery, cement and other junk left in the wake of numerous demolitions.
The Rock Garden located in Chandigarh, India is considered to be one of the most famous sculpture parks ever made out of recycled products. The garden is located in Sector 1 and is a tourist attraction. The artwork on display here is mostly made out of industrial and urban waste and things recycled out of it. This unique garden consists of various art objects and each one of them is remarkably stunning. It also serves as an open-air exhibition hall and sees hundreds of tourists daily.
6. Temple of Trash

Temple of Trash
Temple of TrashTemple of Trash continues to inspire avid recyclers
Temples are a hot favorite for all recycling people as they focus mostly on building a worship place made completely out of recycled products. Such temples offer good ambiance and a healthy atmosphere. The Temple of Trash is one such sculpture made out of trash. It constantly inspires people who are keenly interested in the world of transformation and love making things out of trash. This huge temple was put on public display during the Folly Dock festival. The sculpture has a height of seven meters. It is 25 meters long and 10 meters wide. The sculpture is made completely out of PET bottles and is placed at Heijplaat, an old district of Rotterdam. It was built out of 100 tons of pressed bales of PET bottles.
7. Sculpture made from motorcycle parts

Sculpture made from motorcycle parts
Sculpture made from motorcycle partsSculpture made from motorcycle parts cannot get better than the RoboMan
Motorcycle parts are another trash material widely used to create some unique and eco friendly stuff. This is one such sculpture made completely out of motorcycle components and looks pretty much like a robot. This design was made by the designers at RoboSteel who make such robots out of discarded material. This giant and muscular Motorcycle Man is named RoboMan and stands at a height of 2 meters. It took over 750 hours to make out this awesome sculpture which features more than a thousand motorcycle parts creatively hidden and joined into each other. Parts from Yamaha, Suzuki and many more brands of motorcycles were used.
8. Optimus Prime sculpture made from Junk

Optimus Prime sculpture made from Junk
Optimus Prime sculpture made from JunkOptimus Prime sculpture made from Junk materials.
The Transformer fever is really hard to go and this time it is a real Optimus Prime made out of completely recycled and junk parts of various machines and engines. This is specially made for all Transformer lovers and this is going really high in market. Optimus is everyone’s favorite but this original avatar of the giant Optimus Prime is stunning. The sculpture was made using metal parts and has a height of 7 feet. The sculpture weighs around 550 pounds and costs $6,900. Also a small scaled version of this Autobot is available in the market, priced at an affordable price ranging from $275 to $700.

Posted: 05 Oct 2011 09:08 PM PDT
Ketan Katdare:
old laptop into a MP3 player
old laptop into a MP3 playerconvert your old laptop into a MP3 player
What to do with my old laptop? It is the common question we ask ourselves. Time comes when we shift to the new technology and hi-end devices. The questions remains that what to do with the old stuff. However, you can make use of this old technologies. You can change your desktop into laptop. You can make use of your old laptop to make media player or MP3 player. There are some instructions that you should follow while making MP3 player from old laptop.
Difficulty level
Converting an old laptop to a music player is moderately difficult. You just need to have some information about the hardware and different terminologies of your laptop. In addition to all this, you should know how to unplug the laptop using screw drivers and other tools. And finally, you should know how to download some software programs and the installation process of these software programs.
Time required
If you are well aware of computer hardware parts and have some hand on experience in dismantling laptop or desktop, it hardly takes 30-35 minutes for you to convert your laptop into the music player. If you are quite new into all this, this will take not more than 45 minutes to complete this task.
Resources required
The first and most important thing you need is your old laptop. Then, you need the screw drivers to dismantle the laptop. Your laptop must be having a good keyboard, CD player and configures well with the network. Also, you have to check that the soundcard is functioning well. If you want to play songs through network, you will need wi-fi adopter in your laptop. You will a keyboard to make control the songs through buttons. If you want to do some decoration to your MP3 player, you will need a glass frame and paint. This all things you need to convert your old laptop into new music player.
Estimated cost
If you want to make decorative music player then you will need to spend some money on the glass, paint and related things. Otherwise, you do not need to spend anything from your pocket to make music player.
Step 1: Open the laptop

Open laptop
Open laptopOpen old laptop
The first step is to open your laptop to start converting into the MP3 player. Use the appropriate screw drivers to open the laptop. After opening it, try to remove as much parts as you can. The reason behind it is you do not need all the functionality of all the parts. While removing you have to be very careful as the laptop interior is made of very delicate material. So gently remove the parts. If you are not aware of its hardware, then after removing do not forget to see if laptop is still functioning. In this way you can minimize the hardware of laptop. Do not turn on the computer with the fan over CPU. You can severely damage the laptop by doing this.
Step 2: Setup the computer and test the skin

setup and test
setup and testSetup the computer, test the skin
You can set up your computer before dismantling it. You will need the keyboard for controlling the songs. You can use controls to play, pause or stop the song. You will need the network configuration if you want to lay the songs from network. Also CD player is needed to play CDs and DVDs from your music player.
Step 3: Re-wiring the computer

re-wiringRe-wiring the computer
Re-writing the computer means modifying the wires to make it work like the music player. You can add some more components to your laptop like Wi-Fi adaptor to make it work in the network. The interior of your laptop looks like the above picture.
Step 4: Wiring the command

commandWiring the command
You can add some more plugs and components.You can put the modified keyboard into the keyboard input. By doing this, you can control the song operations. You can put buttons such as play, stop, pause, etc., through the modified keyboard.
Step 5: Painting the frame

paintingPainting the frame
If you want to decorate you music player, buy a glass frame and paint it with your favorite color. You can use this frame for the screen of laptop. It gives a great look to your MP3 player.
Step 6: Modifing the screen

modifyModifing the screen
To modify the screen, you have to remove the screen completely from the box and attach the glass frame to LCD. You have to make sure to perform this step very gently as the glass frame and screen are very delicate.
Step 7: The LCD panel behind the glass

LCD panel
LCD panelLCD panel behing the glass
After taping the glass, LCD panel behind the glass will look like the above photograph.
Step 8: Modifying the box

box modifying
box modifyingModifing the box
This is the only critical part from the whole procedure. You have to attach the screen and the frame to the rest part of the box. You have to take care of all the wiring and the delicate material like glass and the screen. The modified box will look like above. You can make holes before fixing it. Holes are useful to make wiring arrangement more efficient.
Step 9: You are done

doneYou are done.
After all the hard work, you are done with your new MP3 player. Here you have successfully converted your old laptop into a good looking MP3 player with all the multimedia buttons on the keyboard. You can operate songs very easily and also play songs through network with the help of Wi-Fi connection. Before start using, make sure that you are all set with the proper connections. Additionally, you can use wireless mouse to have better control over your modified MP3 player.
Frequently asked questions
1. Can we play songs through network?
Yes, you can play the songs through network. All you have to do is configure the Wi-Fi system before installing.
2. How to use control buttons?
You can use the buttons from your multimedia keyboard. You can have the great control over the song by using it.
Quick tips
Use the glass frame to give great look to your MP3 player. Before using it for the first time, make sure all the connections are established well. The wrong connection might create a short circuit. Also, while dismantling the laptop, make sure you know what you are removing from it. Otherwise, you can seek a help from the hardware person.
Things to watch out for
Before converting your laptop to MP3 player, make sure that your system is running properly. It should have all the necessary software programs that are required to run the sound files. Make sure that your system has the video-audio codes which are necessary for MP3 player.

Posted: 05 Oct 2011 09:06 PM PDT
Ankit Dahiya:

Trendy Bikes to carry gadgets in style
Trendy Bikes to carry gadgets in styleBest Trendy Bikes to carry gadgets in style
The trendy bikes are rage among youth and children as they offer awesome style statement with a touch of luxury and comfort. These trendy bikes are equipped with plenty of features that makes your ride a worthy one. It lets you carry your cool gadgets like iPod or iPhone and plenty more devices without any hassle. If you are looking for a trendy bike with advanced features that enable you to carry your gadgets with style, here is a list of six cool bikes that you would certainly like to know about and go for.
1. Rael concept bike

Rael Concept Bike
Rael Concept BikeRael Concept Bike With Rear-View Camera
Evan Solida's Rael is yet another concept bike, although this one does not dicker with the time-tested double-triangle frame, wheels and chain. Instead, it aims to make a regular carbon-fiber road-bike safer to ride. What you do not see is Solida's Cervellum Hindsight digital rear-view camera hidden in the seat-stays. It continuously records a loop of video and if it detects a crash with its accelerometer, it keeps recording for ten seconds and then stops, keeping the footage as evidence. The Cervellum can also be hooked up to a 3.5-inch transflective (viewable in sunlight) LCD screen mounted on the handlebars, giving you a digital rear-view mirror. The drops have been refashioned into pistol-grips and the brake levers flipped to point up instead of down.
2. Ver2 electric bike

Ver2 Electric Bike
Ver2 Electric BikeVer2 Electric Bike by Yuji Fujimura
Designer Yuji Fujimura continues to impress with his futuristic designs. Earlier he has designed Lounge Chair Workstation, now the designer has popped up the second version of his electric bike concept that not only allows brisk inter-city commutation but also helps in sustaining the environment. Entitled “EBIQ,” the electric bike concept Ver2 generates power from a lithium-ion battery or what you call electric car battery, to get the bike going for a longer period. When used as electric bike, the EBIQ sets both the pedals at a low position, which together with a handlebar folds into the body to fit in compact parking spaces. Moreover, the rider can store his/her portable gadgets, including laptop, cell phone, iPod and more in the compartment to charge them on the go. An integrated screen upfront connects to your laptop (stored in the compartment) to access internet or web navigation on the move.
3. iHome iH85b bike

ihome ih85b bike
ihome ih85b bikeihome ih85b trendy bike
You will want to put your pedal to the metal with the iHome iH85B Bike to Beach Bicycle Speaker for iPod. A water-resistant iPod speaker case that clamps to your bike frame, the Bike to Beach features a handlebar-mounted remote control, which allows for safe cycling while listening to your tunes. This iHome bicycle speaker features Reson8 technology which provides full, rich sound and a tough water and impact-resistant polycarbonate case. You can even use it when you are not riding. It is perfect for the beach and poolside as well. The iH85B comes with an AC adapter, mounting bracket and all the hardware. It is available for $99.99.
4. Furious sports bike

Furious Sports Bike
Furious Sports BikeFurious Sports Bike by Nenad Kostadinov
This bike gadget charger, the I-Green concept by designer Fandi Meng is basically a small square box that you attach to your bike so it can turn kinetic energy into electrical while you pedal. The energy from the I-Green Concept is then used to charge up your iPhone, GPS, radio, etc. This will come in handy for bike peripherals that charge the battery a lot like GPS. Designer Fandi Meng has managed to deliver an awesome design which we hope will score big in market in the coming days.
5. Concept bike by INgSOC

Concept Bike by INgSOC
Concept Bike by INgSOCbike concept INgSOC by designers Edward Kim and Benny Cemoli
Very interesting bike concept from INgSOC by designers Edward Kim and Benny Cemoli. Unusual combination of aerodynamic shapes of triathlon designs, flexible handling of traditional bikes and advanced hybrid power technology turns ordinary bike into vehicle from fantastic movies. The frame is constructed from carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) for its high strength yield to weight ratio. Adaptability comes from mono-direction reinforcing of the frame, directing stiffness by orienting carbon fiber strains along a projected trajectory. The battery which powers the motor, integrated front and rear lights, as well as a charging dock for communication devices, entertainment or navigation is directly charged from the rider's own energy output to maximize efficiency.
6. Cycle wheel harnesses kinetic energy concept

Cycle Wheel Harnesses Kinetic Energy Concept
Cycle Wheel Harnesses Kinetic Energy ConceptReenergy Cycle Wheel Harnesses Kinetic Energy Concept By Jinsik Kim And Boseung Seo
Power to juice up your gadgets, power to spike up your laptop! The idea behind re-energy concept is this; you ride the cycle and the wheels function as a generator to convert kinetic energy to power and store the juice. When you run out of battery for your gadgets, recharge them by hooking them up to this unique cycle. A very doable idea so you tech-specialists should have fun talking about this. On similar lines, we do have a pedal-driven washing machine invented!

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