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    Posted: 07 Oct 2011 12:21 AM PDT
    Kalyani Kalli:

    Touch sensitive kitchen faucets
    Touch sensitive kitchen faucetsThe faucet will turn the water on when you touch any part of the spout or handle, even with the back of your hand.
    The Trend
    Faucets are one of the most useful tools in a kitchen, allowing you to easily draw water for your cooking, cleaning and drinking. Considering their constant use, they need to be strong enough to endure pressure so that they can be used for a long time. Thus, the materials used to manufacture kitchen faucets have to be sturdy and the design itself needs to be such that they are easy to use.

    Nowadays, people tend to go for luxury and style in whatever they chose for themselves. From the clothes you wear to the cars you drive, we all want the best for our homes too. A plush fabricated sofa, plasma TV with HD technology, an automatic fan or an air-conditioner, self retaining water purifier, automatic alarm system, new tech security system, elegant-luxurious space saving furniture…the list goes on. If we’re spending on luxuries then why not do the same with kitchen faucets? Below are the latest trends for kitchen faucets that will make your cooking area look stylish and sleek. They’ve been created using the latest technology to help make work minimal and easy.

    The Inspiration
    Some of us may wonder why we have to spend so much just for style and beauty. But it isn’t only about the looks. It boils down to keeping your space simple, neat and efficient. It’s also a boon to those who are hygienically and environmentally conscious and pressed for time. Take for instance having to turn on faucets while your hands are full of oil or salad dressing. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to turn them on without actually twisting the knob? Enter the Touch20 Technology developed by Delta whose designs are minimalistic as well as very convenient.

    What makes it so special
    The faucets made using this technology are touch-sensitive just like the touch-sensitive lamps which switch on automatically when encountering a body’s presence. The flow of water through these faucets is monitored just by a nudge. The product is intelligently designed as it doesn’t let water flow unnecessarily. It turns itself off after exactly four minutes when there is no action performed to terminate the water’s flow. They’re perfect for households that have kids who don’t think to turn off water when not in use.

    Apart from this, the technology also provides another interesting feature where you can adjust the temperature of the water by pressing a few simple buttons. There are even other faucets with invisible temperature control systems embedded in them. These look nothing like ordinary faucets and more like ornamental pieces for your kitchen.
    You might be wondering how a touch-sensitive faucet can actually be cleaned but the procedure is as simple as ever. The sensors that are embedded are designed in such a manner that they have the ability to recognize when they are being touched to turn on water flow or to adjust the temperature and flow force of water or even when they are being swiped clean. These intelligent gadgets will let your forget all about dripping and leaking faucets so that you can concentrate on other more important things.

    What's in it for me
    Here are some of the different types of touch-sensitive faucets which might interest you.

    What's next
    1. Elegantly techie fluid faucet series by Jordan Tomnuk
    Fluid faucet
    Fluid faucetFrom Jordan Tomnuk come this really cool fluid faucet series
    Stylish, minimalistic and looking nothing like faucets, the fluid faucet series by Jordan Tomnuk have an interesting feature. They have temperature and pressure controls embedded in them that you can’t even see. The design is so sleek that you don’t have to worry about bulky looks. The fluid series includes faucets for bathroom and kitchens as well as shower heads. Perfect for a modern and stylish home.

    2. Pure Tap

    Pure tap
    Pure tapTo make your washroom areas sparkle with unending grace, Joseph Coy has designed the Pure Tap.
    This beautifully designed faucet by Joseph Coy has also been created using Touch20 technology. What will first strike you is the look of it. Resembling a piece of art more than a faucet, Pure Tap fits easily into your washbasin or sink. It can rotate, making it more manageable to control and is designed in such a way that it can easily complement modern interior architecture which makes it even more desirable. This gorgeous touch-sensitive piece has been crafted for Woflson Design.

    3. Triflow

    TriflowZaha Hadid has come up with this futuristic kitchen and bathroom tap design for the British company Triflow that draws inspiration from the fluid geometries of water in motion.
    The Triflow has been designed by Zaha Hadid. The most admirable feature of this faucet is its three-way technology of tri-flow. The triflow faucet filters water with just a stroke of its touch-sensitive electric button and can even separate hot and cold water streams with its differing handle of the tap. The faucet is designed in such a way that it looks less like a faucet and more akin to a stylish piece of architectural work which magnifies the elegant look.
    4. Y-con kitchen faucet

    Y-conThe all new Y-con touch sensor kitchen faucet by Newform is a stylishly techie fixture
    Standing tall and elegant, the Y-con kitchen faucet has a simple yet admirable style and will compliment a modern kitchen with its chrome finished high standing body. This faucet is also a touch-sensitive device where you are provided with a set of buttons which you need to use for controlling the flow and temperature of water. The LED lights around the buttons tell you at which temperature the water is currently present in and so on. You can also make use of the pull-out nozzle that has a customizable spray if you need to water something away from the washbasin.

    While these faucets are very efficient and elegant to look at, their cost may make you think twice about buying them, ranging from about $500 to $545. But the engineering and technology involved to give you the most convenient way to go about your kitchen work, not to mention their quality, are worth investing in. While they are expensive initially, their durability and touch-sensitive capability are ideal in the long term. No longer will you need to worry about dripping faucets and calling the plumber now and then. You can do your part in saving much-needed water. With these, you can concentrate on other work and leave your old concerns behind.

    Posted: 07 Oct 2011 12:21 AM PDT
    Pooja Chauhan:
    beer cans sculptures
    beer cans sculpturesUsed beer cans turned into creative sculptures
    The ordinary
    With the world’s environmental balance on a steady and steep decline, we’ve come upon the time to be ecologically sensitive not only for other species but ourselves as well. We’ve all heard of the 4 Rs to be environmentally conscious - Reuse, Reduce, Recycle and Recover. Some creative geniuses have taken this to a whole new level with recycled pieces of pure art made exclusively from beer cans.
    The inspiration behind these awe-inspiring works of art is a tribute to Turkish Beer, Efes Pilsen and one piece dedicated to Dutch beer, Heineken. Special attention to detail seemed to have been the USB at this exhibition showcasing creations from art geniuses. From motorcycles and airplanes to armed soldiers, miniature artists playing instruments and elaborate buildings, it was truly a watcher’s delight.
    The extraordinary
    What is interesting has to do with some beer related gossip. 24th January every year, supposedly, is celebrated as Beer Can Appreciation Day in honor of the first day that beer was sold in cans way back in 1935. You’d be amazed to see how many different sculptures and statuettes these little cans have the potential to be. You could start with the novice beer can trick, the pyramid and graduate to a pro. It is so much more easy than it looks.
    The target group
    Literally anyone can make cool stuff with waste beer tin cans. You don’t have to be a professional artist. Just read up on the how-to to get some ideas.
    Along with helping the environment, you will also be saving yourself cash by having items like lanterns and such at your home made out of beer cans without having to spend money buying a new one. You can use cans to revamp little corners of your home that need some life or use them to decorate a party venue. You can even design your own games and keep these as prizes at the end or hide them away as part of a game. There are hundreds of ways these recycled bits can be used for, from little kids’ door wind chimes to the old granny’s over head lantern near the bedside table.
    1. Beer can Ornaments.

    OrnamentsTurning beer cans into ornaments.
    One easy way to spice up that last minute party which may seem like a distant dream involves using leftover beer cans that you’ve stacked away in your garage. Why throw them in the trash when they can be used to make cute decorative pieces? And why spend on decorations when you can make them yourself? Just pick up some cans, tie them together with a few wires and hang them up when you’re done. You’ll be admired for your environmental and artistic efforts and your friends will be after you to give them a few pointers.

    2. Beer cans Lanterns

    LanternTurning beer can into lantern.
    You can choose to send away your used beer cans where they will be turned into recycled aluminum tin or you can be a little creative and make some handy items for use around the house and your garden. One great example is to make beer can lanterns. They are the most easy to create and come right after the beer can pyramid in the list of easy ways to reuse beer cans. All you need is several used beer cans, some safety gloves and goggles, tea lights and a utility knife with some glue. Pierce and run the knife diagonally or vertically as you please. Then plug in two holes on the sides of the tins and tightly tie a wire through them so it becomes the handle for you to hang it somewhere. Now stick tea lights in them with some glue and put them up in little corners around the house.
    3. Beer cans Airplane.

    airplaneBuild a Model Airplane out of Beer Cans.
    If you’re looking for a low investment type project or a gift item for someone, all you need is a six pack of your favorite beer and some time to kill. The beer can airplane is one of the most amusing pieces that bring in an element of creativity to a room. You could use it as a table top item or put it over the chimney place. It can be made complete with a working propeller ready to take off. Just pick up a few cans, slice them into flat pieces for the wings and roll them up for the body. Then, pierce a propeller into the front with some wheels and say hello to the wind.
    4. Wind Chime out of beer cans.

    wind chime
    wind chimeTurning beer can into win chime.
    Wind chimes are a great decorative item around the house. They not only brighten your mood with their soft, soothing sounds but they can lighten up a boring room with their ornate design and bright colors. When making them out of old beer cans, run a sharp utility knife through them and bend them to shape. Hang a few beads and metal clips through them that will enable them to sound when the wind blows. Hang them up on trees in your backyard or at the top of your door - wherever there is wind. You’ll instantly add an element of charm to your surroundings.
    These are some of the easy ‘do it yourself’ projects that you can undertake without any prior skill. And what better way to create something by yourself than by making use of old items that you plan to chuck out? The only thing you should keep in mind while working on them is to always wear safety goggles and gloves so that even if a little sliver of metal takes a jump, your eyes remain unharmed and when the utility knife pierces the tin inadequately, your fingers don’t become the target. Once you’re done, have fun with your self-carved master pieces and be proud that you just made your significant contribution to saving the environment.
    Some of the other cool stuff that you can make with your pack of used beer cans are tin cars, metal boxes, miniature super heroes and artists, pencil and pen cases, cigar cases and creative cut vases. Did we hear someone say ‘creative investment’?

    Posted: 07 Oct 2011 12:20 AM PDT
    J.Marian D'souza:
    Self Balancing Motorcycle
    Self Balancing MotorcycleSelf Balancing Motorcycle
    Motorbike dynamics is the study of the motion and the effect of various forces acting on the motorbike and its various components while it is under motion. A motorbike design includes the study of the stability of the motorbike, in order to achieve this all the forces such as gyroscopic effect and the forces due to acceleration and deceleration, etc., have to be taken into account and the unbalanced force which causes stability issues is found out which is crucial for balancing a motorbike. This balancing force is usually provided manually by the rider either by shifting his weight or tilting the vehicle in a particular direction as the need arises.

    This however leads to many errors and it is extremely difficult to maintain stability as the speed increases. This led to a need for a new generation of self balancing motorbikes which needs absolutely no manual assistance to stabilize itself no matter what the speed is. Here we have listed a few sleek and stylish self balancing motorbikes which have the potential to revolutionize the motorcycle industry.
    1. Uno motorcycle

    Uno motorcycle
    Uno motorcycleUno motorcycle reconfigures itself on the fly
    The Uno motorcycle is the brain child of a 21 year old Canadian named Ben Gulak who is currently a student of Mechanical Engineering at Harvard. A strong desire to save the environment is Gulak’s inspiration behind the self balancing motorbike. The Uno is an electric bike and was designed to be able to bring it inside your residence in order to be able to charge easily. The Uno uses a Gyroscope to maintain stability at lower speeds but as the speeds increase the wheels re-align themselves to a more conventional manner and stack themselves one behind the other which provides ease in handling and also gives better stability. Initially the Uno used to have a more conventional design of 2-wheels but the present model of the Uno consists of 3-wheels. As the bike hits 24km/h the middle wheel moves to the front and the side wheels move back and squeeze together.

    Ben is hoping to produce an initial run of 30 bikes within the next year with a limited top speed of 56km/h due to various liability issues and will be available for any enthusiast at $25,000. As the production of this bike goes up the top speed is predicted to increase considerably and the price is predicted to decrease to around $6,500.
    2. Taurus electric self-balancing motorcycle

    Taurus Electric Self-Balancing Motorcycle
    Taurus Electric Self-Balancing MotorcycleTaurus Electric Self-Balancing Motorcycle
    This eco friendly zero emission electric motor bike is the brain child of Erik Lanuza and is still in the development stage. This bike looks very much like a modified Segway. But, unlike the Segway you can ride this bike like any other conventional motorbike compared to standing on a foot platform as in the Segway. The Taurus can be accelerated or decelerated by simply shifting your body weight. If you lean forwards the speed increases and when you lean backwards it decreases. The handle bars on the front are used to change direction as in any other conventional bike.
    The enthusiasts around the world are sitting with crossed fingers hoping for the Taurus to go into production as soon as possible as it definitely looks very stylish and comfortable compared to the existing Segway.
    3. EniCycle

    EniCycleThe EniCycle Is One-Wheeled Fun We Could All Get Behind
    The EniCycle is a prototype designed by a Slovenian inventor named Aleksander Polutnik. It is a self balancing Unicycle with a 3 hour battery back up, a gyroscope for self balancing all inside a small case and a spring damper to make the riding fun and comfortable. Aleksander Polutnik initially designed the EniCycle to have fun with his unicycle riding girl friend but after the EniCycle received enough attention the Slovenian decided to try to manufacture them in a large scale. The only barrier between the EniCycle and the world is lack of funding. There are currently only two models present in the entire world which the designer built himself. This vehicle is also very easy to learn and contains smart technology which is used to control the device, in order to move forward all you have to do is tilt forward and the electronics built into the EniCycle asks the wheel to catch up and balance itself hence moving forward to slow down all you have to do is tilt backward and the paddles built to the wheel can be used for direction control. Polutnik claims that the vehicle can be learned to ride easily by any person in a matter of just 30 minutes.
    4. Single-wheel-drive electric self balancing unicycle

    Single-wheel-drive electric self balancing unicycle
    Single-wheel-drive electric self balancing unicycleSingle-wheel-drive electric self balancing unicycle
    The single wheeled self balancing electric unicycle the SBU2.0 designed by Focus designs has a simple yet very robust design. This Eco-friendly marvel balances it self using cutting edge electronic technology which includes accelerometers and gyroscopes. The wheel of this amazing unicycle is equipped with a powerful 1 kilowatt BLDC hub motor which is used to propel the bike. This balancing module is the key ingredient to this marvelous new invention it performs several functions such as motor speed control, motor torque control and also regenerative breaking. The unicycle is powered by one single lithium-ion nano-phosphate battery which is placed under the seat. The SBU2.0 does not require any pedaling unlike the conventional unicycles and it can be accelerated or decelerated simply by leaning forward and backward respectively directional control can be achieved by tilting the unicycle left or right. The SBU2.0 is built with an Aluminum frame and has a deluxe gel seat for safe riding. The foot pegs are low and foldable which makes the SBU2.0 easy to use and to store. It also comes with several cool options such as a music system with a blue tooth integration and key ignition for protection against theft. Focus designs is currently selling this wonder gadget priced at $1499 and they also claim that the average learning time to ride a SBU2.0 is 20 minutes.
    5. Honda U3-X

    Honda U3-X
    Honda U3-XHonda U3-X: Segway-style unicycle for personal mobility
    The Honda U3-X is a single wheel personal mobility system from Honda, ideal for office use but can also be used at home or on the pavements. Honda’s cutting edge technology enables one to move around in the pavements without having to mess around with the walking pedestrians. The U3-X uses Honda’s ‘HOT (Honda Omni Traction) Drive’ for easy control. Like most of the single wheeled systems the U3-x also tracks human body movements to move about. The U3-X is incredibly light and weighs below 10kg and consists of foldable foot pedals and seats. It consists of a lithium-ion battery to power its HOT drive mechanism. The only sad part is that the U3-X is still in its developing stages and is not yet available in the market.
    6. Hornet

    HornetHornet, the single-wheeled superbike
    Designed by Liam Ferguson, the Hornet single wheeled concept bike is the closest thing to a single wheeled super bike. It is powered by 2 in-wheel hydrogen fuel-cell six-phase Neodymium-Iron (Nd-Fe) electric motors which claim to produce an impressive 74hp and give a listed top speed of 146mph. The bike can balance itself using gyroscopes even while parked thanks to the two side wheels and it tilts forward when accelerated and the side wheels are suspended as it moves forward. The Hornet is designed to provide stability irrespective of the vehicle momentum and the rider weight. The basic principle used to build the Hornet is same as that used in a Segway but it has a very good visual appeal and consists of a single wheel drive mechanism which is in fact made out of two parallel wheels which plays a crucial role in maneuvering extreme slow speeds.
    7. M. Goventosa's one wheel motorcycle

    M. Goventosa's one wheel Motorcycle
    M. Goventosa's one wheel MotorcycleM. Goventosa's one wheel to obscurity
    Mr. M. Goventosa of Udine, Italy was able to build this monowheel as early as in 1931. A very few details about this vehicle are known, it was known that the monowheel was able to attain a top speed of about 150KPH and that is the only information available on the monowheel motorcycle. It is however not clear as to who Mr. M.Goventosa actually is or what was it that inspired him to build the monowheel and also nobody knows what happened to it since the time it was invented. Many people give Mr.Goventosa all the credit for the creation of the monowheel but it was not his sole creation.

    Posted: 07 Oct 2011 12:20 AM PDT
    Sukrat Gupta:
    Portable bike
    Portable bikePortable bike
    In the ever-evolving world, people are looking out and dreaming - for models of even cars that can be carried in their pockets! Their desires may not let their vehicles get into their pockets, but these futuristic designs of various portable bikes can serve as the herald of a new future of these vehicles.
    These bikes can be folded, carried, and even pocketed in some cases, without adding more significant weight on the bearer.
    The trend
    Modern technology has made life much easier with its various portability solutions. The personal mobility sector, however, has remained largely untouched by such innovations. Many portable solutions to personal mobility has raised its head in concepts in recent times. The concepts look toward portability as well as something that will take up the minimum of parking space.
    The inspiration
    These bikes were first designed for the soldiers, so that the soldiers’ progress would not be hindered by carrying the bikes. Instead, they used to dismantle them into four parts and carry them in their backpacks. Today, these portable bikes have various sources of inspirations, but all these sources are linked together by one fact: ability to be parked in the smallest spaces available. There are some bikes, which have an additional inspiration: backpacks.
    What makes it so special
    The main thing that makes these bikes different from others is the fact that they can be folded, which means the rider need not have the idea of which part fits where. All he/she has to do is to remove the locks or merely fold it manually. These bikes are light-weights and thus don’t contribute to the overall weight on the body.
    What’s in it for me?
    For those who use bikes in hilly terrains and steep slopes, these bikes are useful. It becomes very difficult to climb slopes and dissipate more energy than walking. In such scenarios, all the bikers have to do is to fold these bikes and carry them to the position from where they are suitable to be used again. These bikes are also useful for those who have very little space in their house and backyard to keep their bikes. These portable bikes also reduce the risk of being stolen.
    What’s next?
    1. Backpack bicycle
    Backpack Bike
    Backpack BikeBackpack Bike a Portable bikes for congested urban environment
    As the name suggests, the bike can be folded into a backpack. As the total weight is about 5.5 kg - easily movable by man - it can act as a backpack. In order to fit properly into the folding dimensions. The wheels are of lesser diameter and the bike overall is quite lower, but it is compensated by a longer distance between the seat and the handle. The whole design, in short, is sufficient to give the rider the same experience on this bike as on the normal one.
    2. Rotation city bike
    Rotation City Bike
    Rotation City BikeRotation City Bike a portable bikes for congested urban environment
    Developed by Yirong Yang, Rotation City Bike can be used both as a unicycle as well as a bicycle. While unicycle is for those seeking challenges, bicycle is more more trendy and futuristic. Every part of this bike - from wheel to saddle - can be adjustable. Moreover, it can be folded and carried around, when not in use.
    3. BMW Mini
    BMW Mini
    BMW MiniBMW Mini
    BMW Mini is a BMW project created by Martin Ruegg. This bike can be folded so much that its size reduces to that of a beer bottle, and, like the latter, it can be carried around in a pocket. The word “Mini” actually stands for Mini Cooper, for the riders of which this design is created. It has inline skate-wheels and Knirps’ umbrella.
    4. Monocycle: World's first self balancing bike
    A normal bicycle requires the rider to know balancing and be an expert in it. However, Monocycle, desgined by Harald Palma, does not demand much from the rider. In fact, it is a self-balancing bike, which means it balances itself in different situations such as sharp turns and slopes. The bike’s acceleration depends on the body-alignment of the biker; to accelerate, the rider has to lean forward, and to decelerate, the rider has to lean backwards. The revolutionary bicycle also comes with advanced features, such as accelerometer and gyroscopes, to give the riders more enhancement tools to refer to while riding. Due to its compact size, the bike needs small space for parking.
    5. Locust bicycle
    Locust Bike
    Locust BikeLocust Bike a Portable bikes for congested urban environment
    The first thing that catches one’s eye is this bike’s vibrant color. Once he/she has recovered from such colors, he/she can actually notice the three loops - or circles - in the bike: two as the wheels, and one below the seat. The extraordinary design is to let the bike fold up automatically once the safety-lock is removed from it. Due to its compact size, the locust bike can be adjusted nearly anywhere. To highlight more deviation from the traditional bike, this bike sports belts instead of chains to drive the wheels.
    6. Noah bike
    Noah bike
    Noah bikeNoah bike portable bikes for congested urban environment
    Noah bike is one of the few bikes today that can give a whole futuristic feeling. It is a unicycle, with a serious flaw: it has no regard for the safety of the rider, which means that the rider is to be an expert before handling this thing. It is compact, and has twin tires, on which the seat rests, a rather uncomfortable and risky position. To overcome the flaw, Andrei, its designer, has proposed to implement human psychomotor, which removes the need of buttons or pads. The whole system will respond to the driver’s movement. The electric engine, battery, charger and other gadgets are located at the bike’s center, making riding even more difficult. However, the design looks good, though it demands more safety features for the rider.
    7. Shape-shifting bicycle
    Shape-shifting bicycle
    Shape-shifting bicycleShape-shifting bicycle
    Everglide is a shape-shifting bicycle. It can be a pioneer of compact, high-speed individual transport, which can also be used as a storage-based system when collapsed. It is made for short-distance cyclists who find hard time finding parkings for their cycles and carrying it to other locations. So compact is Everglide that it can even be carried in public transportation systems, such as trams and trains. The folding happens by removing the lock. Handheld devices, like portable media players and mobiles, can be attached to the bike and charged via frictionless magnetic dynamo technology.
    8. Trust-building bicycle

    Trust-building bicycle
    Trust-building bicycleTrust-building bicycle
    People are well-aware of two- and multiple-seater bikes, but this is one different bike that can leave the onlookers astounded. For one thing, this two-seater bike requires paddling in opposite directions. This means that the two riders are sitting with the backs toward each other. This makes the riding process difficult and requires lots of confidence, trust and practice, something that can easily be garnered by circus-people. It is compact and can be folded and carried to different places. Riding such a bike can be fun for onlookers, as well as for the riders.
    Other bikes that deserve special mention are foldable Free Bike from Tan Zhao Bin - which looks more like a unicycle and is made in such a way that riding is less tiring - Lohas hybrid bike by Chen Wei-Ping - which uses an in-built windmill to recharge the batteries - Grasshopper from David Moreira Goncalves - which can be carried anywhere, and can produce electricity - and Jessie Chan Qiu Ping’s Revolution that is designed for fun- and challenge-loving youth.

    Posted: 07 Oct 2011 12:20 AM PDT
    Nithya N:
    Wrist Watch
    Wrist WatchMaking time telling easier for the sightless
    The market in overflowing with new inventions but it took so much time for designers to finally come up with watches specially catering the sightless. In the past, there were handful wrist watches targeting blind people, but these designs were experimental and never came to culmination. Presently there are several watch models designed specifically keeping the needs and comforts of the visually impaired. Various well-known watch designers think this market segment has an enormous potential. There is a rise in wrist watch designs for this category which includes the vibrating watch, talking watch, Braille watch etc.
    These special watches cater to two categories like the visually impaired and people with partial blindness. The sole purpose of these lines of wrist watches or timepieces is to help them keep track of time without the help of other people. It is wonderful that these watches integrate various kinds of senses like touch and sound.
    Initially, most watches targeted for this market segment are ineffective and complicated. The usability of this watch is simple and clear making it very user-friendly.
    The primary problem faced by people in this category is the ability to tell time without relying on others. The target audience for these categories of wrist watches have several problems like the complicated modes, look, sturdiness, band size, battery life, price etc. Just because the person is blind doesn't mean they don't care about the design, in fact many sightless people care about fashion, how they look and what they wear. Previously there weren't many watches incorporating beauty with easy functions but now with the rise and that's what this visually impaired need.
    Key Features
    Most of the regular wrist watches have these features but special watches crafted for the visually impaired have some if not all. Each one of these features is of high importance for user satisfaction.
    Resilience: Most people complain that the watches designed for the visually impaired aren't very sturdy and wear out within a short span of time. Durability is a very important feature.
    Appeal: Thoughtful designs are great but the blind love beauty just like the rest of us, hence having a chic design is a very important feature.
    Band size: Flexibility of band size is important for comfortable wearing.
    Simple modes or functions: The idea is to make time telling a simple process, complicated modes are an obstruction to this concept.
    Realistically priced: Most of these watches have a futuristic look but let's be real, not everyone has money to buy overly expensive watches. Most people are willing to pay 100-500 USD on a watch that tells time aloud but anything more isn't for everybody.
    How it works
    Most of the watches work on feel and sound, the design varies but the method is the same. There are Braille watches that use the Braille language for the visually impaired to read time, simple designs make the time reading process easier. Most of the watches have small dots or different shapes like squares or triangles to denote minutes and hours. The new models come in an array of styles; some follow the traditional method and others look like bracelets, wrist bands and some look like sleek timepieces that you can keep in your pocket.
    Some watches also have large fonts and hands so that the user can clearly tell time. Nevertheless the new versions of Braille watches have the talking or vibrating feature. The talking feature gets triggered by pushing a button or in some cases activated by motion.
    Related trends

    Braille Wristwatch
    Braille WristwatchBraille Wristwatch for visually impaired
    1. Braille Wrist Watch
    This is a portable watch that's designed for the visually impaired to tell time at ease. These days Braille watches are very common, so you might find one as per your liking in analog or digital. The analog watches have an open face to let the user feel the dots and know the time, and the digital one use both feel and sound. However designer Lawrence Kwok has designed the "Braille Wristwatch" in a stylish yet minimalistic way, which makes sure all the unnecessary dots are removed so the user can focus on relevant information.
    OOSH Braille Watch
    OOSH Braille WatchOOSH Braille Watch for visually impaired
    2. OOSH Braille Watch
    The OOSH designed by WinG Li is an amazing watch. Simplicity in its design marks its uniqueness. It's a Braille watch that tells the user time simply by touching or feeling the dots on the face of the watch. It's great because it uses touch and sound. It also has a voice activation feature, which gets through motion, just tilt the watch towards your ear and it will audibly tell you the time. The stylish look and effortless mode makes this watch absolutely appealing.
    Tactile Wrist-Watch
    Tactile Wrist-WatchTactile Wrist-Watch for visually impaired
    3. Tactile Wrist-Watch
    It is a sleek design by Jacob Rynkiewicz. As the name suggests it relies on the sense of touch to successfully tell time to the sightless. This model allows the user to touch it causing a direct interaction with the timepiece. Designed like a simple wrist band, it's flexible and the rubber material avoids causing skin irritability making it a cool design.
    The dots around the circumference indicates the different hours, the front of the watch consists of a button when pressed raises the minute hand. The person wearing the watch can rotate the minute hand and check the dots on the center button. The user can tell time by touching the watch's shell with their hand. The Tactile Wrist-Watch functions on the sense of 'feel' and it proves just like features, the aesthetics matter.
    Sentio Digital Tactile Watch
    Sentio Digital Tactile WatchSentio Digital Tactile Watch for visually impaired
    4. Senito Digital Tactile Watch
    Designed for the blind, this avant-garde wrist watch created by Matthew Wagerfield is a mesh of motorized and modern-day design and technology. Sentio shows 7-segment displays and reveals the minutes or hours according to its setting.
    The 14 segments marked on the face are mechanically animated. Each segment rises up, this way you can feel and touch it. It has a classy yet sturdy look and comes in silver and red with an awesome tactile display. I like the exterior and simple function of the watch. Overall it's an excellent and fresh concept for anyone with or without anyone visual impairment.

    Via: Designbuzz

    Posted: 07 Oct 2011 12:19 AM PDT
    Pooja Dhiwar:
    WetropolisWetropolis is a Post-Diluvian Floating Community
    The Problem:
    Thailand's capital, Bangkok is sinking. The sea levels around the country are rapidly increasing. The city was built around 300 years ago. The development of the city has caused damage to the underground aquifers. So, it is unable to handle flood water. The city is surrounded by water polluted due to Thailand's farm industry. The situation worsened due to the ongoing developmental projects which aggravates the country's pressing environmental problems.
    How Serious It Is:
    Bangkok government considers flooding a crisis and not a continuous problem. This mindset is contributing to the economic loss of the city which is been occurring since a couple of years. Due to this, the city is sinking 10 centimetres below the sea level and later it rises 40 centimetres annually.
    The Panacea:
    Architects have proposed a prototype community which helps translate the principles of the flood conscious, traditional architecture into a contemporary and a sustainable Wetropolis. The project is working on the supra marine stilt home community of Koh Pan Yii. This is a type of settlement which floats on the Indian Ocean near the Andaman island, located on the southern part of Thailand. This settlement is successful in sustaining all types of typical functions of an urban community like hospitals, schools, public spaces, utilities and industry. This proposal will advance the concept by reducing its footprint on water by continuing the cultivation of mangrove forests.
    The forest will provide the community with essential carbon dioxide that mitigates flora which is the essential natural effluent filtration system. This is the only green space in Bangkok which has the moderate local shrimp farming. This community will get elevated above the acres of underutilized shrimp farms. This aligns the interest of the urban people, shrimp farmers, government and the developers by sustaining the modest shrimp farming and sustaining mangrove restoration.
    The Inspiration:
    The new water-world style city plan known as Wetropolis will help sustain vegetation. The Wetropolis will allow Bangkok to deal with the natural flooding in an efficient way. The Wetropolis will permit vegetation to grow on the marshes that forms a homeostasis which causes detoxification on the Bangkok's polluted environs.
    The Problems:
    The city is surrounded by polluted water fields all over. The water fields and the buildings on them have aggravated the city's sinking state. The increasing population and the development of the city have caused the underground aquifers to exhaust. The aquifers control the flood water.
    The Alternatives:
    1. Lily pad floating city concept:
    Lilypad floating city concept
    Lilypad floating city conceptThe Lilypad floating city concept is designed to house climate change refugees
    As the sea levels are rising due to climatic changes, most of the people living in the low lying areas are expected to lose their homes. Architect Vincent Callebaut has come up with a concept which will relocate these people due to the climate change known as the Lily pad concept. This is a self sufficient floating city which would accommodate 50,000 people.
    It has a shape of a ribbed leaf of Victoria water lilies. It is made of the double skin of a floating ecopolis which would consist of polyester fibers. The fibers are covered by a titanium dioxide layer. This would react with ultraviolet rays and absorb atmospheric pollution through a photo catalytic effect.
    2. Embassy of drowned nations:
    Embassy of Drowned Nations
    Embassy of Drowned NationsEmbassy of Drowned Nations,Floating City for Rising Tide Victims
    Oculus has proposed a new floating refuge which is known as the Embassy of Drowned Nations which is located in fort Denison, Australia. It is the dynamic inverted island which is a blend of Eden and Atlantic and will serve as a safe haven for those who have lost their home due to rising sea levels. The embassy will help for temporary housing and also to spread awareness among the people about the rising sea levels. The innovative design of the island will cause it to sink deeper in the harbor as the water level rises. At the same time, the new land will rise in the center part of mini-city. This new land will be given to the people who have lost their homes due to rise in water levels.
    3. BoA:
    BOABOA,A sustainable floating city for a globally warmed world
    The Boston Arcology has been designed by E. Kevin Schopfer. It will provide dry and safe living space to almost 15,000 people who have lost their homes due to the rising oceans. This floating city will give housing facilities as well as offices, hotels, museums, condominiums, and a city hall. This floating city will have a sky garden which would be inserted into three main towers of every 30 floors. These sky gardens will give sunlit units and will give a sense of neighborhood and will help the architecture sustain.
    This design will remove all the needs of cars within the urban structure which will create a carbon neutral entity. These structures will consist of a fresh water recovery systems, secured wind turbines, passive glazing system, gray water treatment facilities, sky garden heating/cooling system, harbor based water turbines, and photovoltaic systems.
    4. Harvest city in Haiti:
    Harvest City In Haiti
    Harvest City In HaitiHarvest City In Haiti,Floating Islands to Bring Agriculture and Industry to Haiti
    This city is again designed by the Boston-based architect E. Kevin Schopfer. It is a floating, agricultural city with light industries located off the shores of the island. The harvest city is a vibrant fully functional city which would accommodate 30,000 residents and house three major concepts.
    • A city, which is designed on the principle of Arcology (architecture and ecology), which would embody an ecological sustainable urban platform.
    • It is a creation of a floating, artificial, livable and productive land which would be needed by the people to live in.
    • The harvest city would be established as a "Charter City". A Charter City is the newly advanced economic model which is developed for all the struggling nations.
    The harvest city would be the first floating city of Haiti. Harvest city is composed of two third agriculture areas and one third light industrial area. The overall city is divided into four types of zones which are interconnected by a linear canal system. These canals will focus on the built neighborhoods that consist of four storey housing complexes. The pouter perimeter is designed of one acre crop circles. The inner harbor will house the city center which would consist of community activities, schools, administrative and a market place. The whole complex would float and would be secured by a cable to the sea bed.

    Posted: 07 Oct 2011 12:19 AM PDT
    Sukrat Gupta:
    Billiard-Dining Table
    Billiard-Dining TableBilliard Dining Tables to entertain and dine your guests
    Billiards has fans all over the world, especially among the males. In most of the pubs, clubs and bars, one can find the beautiful green or blue velvet-top sitting in the center, while its followers relax themselves out by trying to send the balls into the pots. Many dream of bringing the billiard-board in their house, but face with usual problems: a nagging wife, lack of space and very high cost. No one can deal with the wife, but the other two factors can be taken care of. For instance, this board can be converted into a dining table when not in use. In this way, one can actually gain space by clubbing two tables into one. Below are some of the Billiard dining tables.
    1. Billiard Dining Tables by MBM Billardi
    MBM Billardi Billiard Dining Tables
    MBM Billardi Billiard Dining TablesBilliard Dining Tables by MBM Billardi
    Manufactured by MBM Billardi, Parigi and Cabochon billiard dining table is the one anyone will die for. With beautiful textures and outstanding finishes, this table can steal the beauty of every other object in the dining hall. To cap it all, the table is a convertible; it can convert into a billiards-table when required. The top of the table is made up of folding wooden panels that can be removed quite easily, revealing the velvet billiards-table top below. This top can have different colors as per the customer’s liking, and so does the entire table itself, which itself comes in different models to choose from. This property avoids cramming of spaces and makes it suitable for houses as well. This product is clearly a product of passion MBM Billiardi has in the field of furniture.
    2. Antique Billiard Dining Tables
    Antique Billiard Dining Tables
    Antique Billiard Dining TablesAntique Billiard Dining Tables to entertain and dine your guests
    Clearly by the look, Antique Billiard Dining Table shows the influence of the past: elaborate legs, different wood, deeper focus on carvings and other characteristics. This table has been in production since 1880s, and is available in four sizes: 5′ x 2 ½’ (153 x x 76 cm), 6′ x 3′ (183 x 91.5 cm), 7′ x 3 ½’ (214 x107 cm), 8′ x 4′ (244 x 126 cm).Larger convertible tables are rare and hard to find. Many of such tables have been restored without affecting its originality.
    Apart from the look, what keeps this table unique from others is the fact that it is convertible. The table can be easily converted into a billiards-table by removing the top. What adds to the table’s value is that it is manufactured with precision ground slate beds, which is required for accurate playing, fast response from the cushion and long term use. Slate beds are provided in all the convertible-models.
    The table highlights the masterpiece of the company. It has many mechanisms for adjusting the table’s height easily, as per the requirement, and most of these mechanisms are reliable.
    Thus the table can enhance the beauty of the dining hall, as well as satiate one’s desire to play billiards with his friends and colleagues at his own place.
    3. Koraltaruk Billiard Dining Tables
    Koraltaruk Billiard Dining Tables
    Koraltaruk Billiard Dining TablesBilliard Dining Tables by Koraltaruk Bilardo
    I Usually, billiards-table is large in size, which makes it impractical to be accomodated in the houses. Moreover, in case of less space, such a table can be more of a nuisance than a mode of relaxation and enjoyment. This has led many dreams to crash down ruthlessly.
    In order to overcome the above problem, Koralaruk Bilardo, a furniture company, came up with a billiards dining table, which is actually a billiards-table designed as a dining table. To convert the dining table to the sporty billiards’ one, all one has to do is to flip open the side hinges.
    The table is, however, not compromised for becoming a convertible. It still has many features of a dining table, as well as a desk. The plus point of this model is its high standard of finishing and manufacture. It is available in different models: Evolution High Gloss Model 2, Evolution Satin and Flora. Made from MDF, the table is available in range of color choices, as well, to compliment the furniture with the surroundings, while playing a host to the players’ desires.
    4. Billiard-Dining Table by Alcocks
    Billiard-Dining Table by Alcocks
    Billiard-Dining Table by AlcocksAlcock’s Billiard-Dining Table
    Billiard-dining table from Alcocks is a table that can simply blow anyone away. The furniture is made of furniture-grade timbers, selected for reliability, hardwearing character, and attractive appearance. The cushions are the traditional Alcock slip fitting moulded rubber ones, which is known for a reputation for pace, reliability and angle of response. Finishing is given of Italian Slate – hand finishing and ground by hand to produce a playing surface of unrivaled reliability. The cloth used is of the finest quality available from the mills of Strachan & Co of Gloucestershire, England. Moreover, color choices are also available in it.
    It is fitted together with classic mortice and tenon jointing. Greater thickness in timbers allows shallow depth making it easier to sit at the table. Show timbers polished in any one of several colours provided to ensure you can achieve the best possible match to your existing décor. Table legs turned from 140 mm blocks, tapered, machined with Canterbury flutes and hand finished with standard adjustable toe. For more comfortable seating, legs available in varying lengths to allow choice among three stable height levels for the table. Fitted with two inset legs (9 ft size) or one central leg (7 ft and 8 ft sizes).
    Table Top – Table comes with a matching top; cleated and padded for stability and protection.

    Posted: 07 Oct 2011 12:18 AM PDT
    Sukrat Gupta:
    Compact cars for future urban transportation
    Compact cars for future urban transportationFuture of urban transportation is compact cars
    A small car does not demand more attention than the long, large-sized ones. Whenever one is walking on the street, his eyes are drawn towards a long limousine passing by rather than a small Nissan car. However, there is one harsh truth that one forgets: it is the small car that is known for fuel-efficiency and better mileage than a larger one. Adding this trait with today’s trend of soaring prices and rapid depletion of crude-oil, anyone can guess that it is the small, compact, humble car that holds the key to road-dominance in the future. The paradigm-shift to smaller cars has already started; as per the statistics, B- and C-size passenger cars have gone from 14 percent of the market in 2004 to 21 percent in 2009, the time when there was whopping $4 per gallon increase in crude-oil prices in the Middle East.

    Keeping an eye on the increasing market of such cars, many car-companies are coming up with revolutionary ideas and designs that can, if implemented correctly, dominate the future roads.
    Before buying a compact car, customers should know something about them, so that later on, they are not disappointed. For instance, a compact car means the presence of a compact engine. As till now, no engine has been developed which give high-performance despite its small size, the compact car cannot be expected to scale high-speeds. These engines, due to the capacity of 1.5- to 2.4-liter fuel, and generating 170 to 300 horsepower, are restricted in their operation, but are the best for casual traveling without indulging into races or very long drives. In short, a compact car is not meant for speed-freaks.
    However, this car comes with more benefits than one can anticipate. They run pretty well on gasoline due to small engine-sizes, and, as gasoline prices are usually lower than petrol-prices, fuel is much cheaper. Super-charged compacts are even better, running better on gas and running over 300 miles per tank, making it an ideal car for long distances. As these cars do not take up much space, they are easy to park, and are capable of fitting in small spaces, thus removing any worries related with parking.
    1) Honda P-NUT
    Honda P-NUT
    Honda P-NUTHonda P-NUT future car
    Honda has unveiled the Personal-Neo Urban Transport (P-NUT), an ultra-compact and sophisticated city couple. The three-seater vehicle is designed to be powered by an ecofriendly low-emission engine that can include a low-emission IC engine, hybrid-electric or an all-electric setup. However, due to excessive use of glass and absence of side-mirrors - which violate basic manufacture-norms - this car cannot be brought to streets, unless modifications are made in this. It, anyway, manages to make a statement: size does not matter in beautiful-designing and provision of amenities and facilities.
    2) Pixel Concept car
    Pixel Concept car
    Pixel Concept carPixel Concept car by TATA
    Tata Motors shows up an innovative city car concept for Europe dubbed, Tata Pixel at the Geneva Motor Show 2011. Tata seems to have inspired from its own small car, Nano, to develop Tata Pixel concept. In design and size, Tata Pixel resembles the celebrated Tata Nano, but it is certainly a different car. According to Tata, unlike other city cars, Tata Pixel can take four adults. Most city cars in Europe can only carry two adults and children. Tata Pixel is featured for its capability to park in congested spaces in cities, due to its Zero Turn Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT) that help Tata Pixel rotate and parked in less space possible. The IVT technology will help rotate the car's outer rear wheel forwards and inner rear wheels backwards at a time, and front wheels will turn in clear-cut angles. It will result in a turning circle radius of just 2.6 meters for the new Tata city car. The small car also features scissor doors, which help passengers get in and alight even in packed streets. Tata Pixel sports its 1.2 liter three-cylinder diesel engine in the rear. The engine realizes low-friction and features rapid warm-up options. The city car for Europe greatly complies with the European combined cycle (NEDC) fuel economy of 3.4 liters and CO2 emission controls.
    3) Navis Concept Car
    Navis Concept Car
    Navis Concept CarThe Navis Concept Car
    The Navis car is another concept among many other urban transportation solutions trying to make space in the next-gen environment. Its zero emission electric engine and compact size make it ideal for urban streets. The design is such that it doesn't require extra space for motors. It incorporates a FreeMotion wheel system, whereby the wheels also work as electric motors. Here the outer section of the wheel rotates and the center section stays fixed. An SCS (Scent Concentration System) located in the front and rear provides you complete advantage of airflow and scent detection. Further, scent detection surfacing is used to navigate and traverse along the already acquainted routes.
    The surface is made up of semi-porous electrostatically sensitive metal-matix composite. Two additional layers of solid metal ensure protection against damage. An ultra-compact lithium-ion battery placed in the front of car will store energy. Two super-formed high tensile spring steel plates are wrapped in carbon fiber that makes the ride smoother. The main structure is separated from suspension plates by oil-filled rubber bladders. The reciprocal seating arrangement makes interaction between the driver and the passenger more convenient. The concept sounds appealing, but it will be hard to comment on its fate in the absence of detailed specification.
    4) Kinetia Cuboy
    Kinetia Cuboy
    Kinetia CuboyThe future car “Kinetia Cuboy”
    The Kinetia Cuboy concept car, designed by automotive designer Sasank Gopinathan, seeks to redefine compactness. Out with a vengeance to give competition to Volkswagen, Beetle and even an Austin Mini, Kinetia is a miniature devil on the roads, complete with just a square and a diagonal for its exterior body. Don't get fooled by the miniature size of the car. It may be small and compact for all its worth, but it encloses within 4-5 seats and one Isetta inspired door at the front. This is not all. The cuboys have been neatly arranged like a train and further have been placed aptly, forming an L-design inside the car. However, this design was what the designer had planned on initially. What came out eventually was completely different from the blueprints. Finally, when the car rolled off the production floor, it comprised of 3 seats: one for the driver and the two at the back. Not to forget the doors. The driver has access to one door from the front and the back seats can be accessed through the door at the back. The right seat can be conveniently used as a recliner, while the left seat can be revolved. Some of the other features which can make your day are detachable headlamps (use them as individual torch lights), a collapsible steering column and an all rounder body design which makes parking in congested areas all the more easier.

    Posted: 07 Oct 2011 12:17 AM PDT
    Nandini Kumar:
    touchscreen cellphone concepts
    touchscreen cellphone conceptstouchscreen cellphone concepts for effortless usage
    Mobile manufacturers are coming up with the newest designs and users are watching in awe. There has been a revolution in the touchscreen cellphone market and why not, for they make things a lot easier for those who use them. If the technology wasn’t enough, there are concepts which have made these phones nothing less than brilliant for they are the gadgets one might expect to hold in a Star Trek kind of world. Here are 10 of those designs that are creating a buzz in the marketing industry and making eyes pop because of their sheer beauty and usefulness.

    1. Two Brix Are Better Than One
    Touch Screen Phone
    Touch Screen PhoneTouch Screen Convertible Phones
    Here is a brilliant concept of sharing screens with a phone and the Brix series gets the basics right. You can add as many phones (yes, it is a phone) with each other and as a result, create bigger and bigger screens. The phone is all touch and doesn’t have anything on it, not even a receiver which makes for a smooth and uninterrupted screen.
    As you join together multiple screens, a virtual shared folder is created which lets you share your screen and not only the media. From a small screen to a big TV experience, with Brix, you can have it all.

    2. LG Eagle dual touch screen phone concept
    LG Eagle touch screen
    LG Eagle touch screenLG Eagle dual touchscreen phone concept.
    Smooth, suave and extremely sexy, the LG Eagle features two touch screens for a great gaming experience. The screens are divided by a gap which enhances its looks. The controls are provided on the front so you don’t have to flip open the phone when you want to use it. A great possession for those who love beauty, the LG Eagle doesn’t let down even hard-to-impress gamers.

    3. Mooon+ Touch Screen Cell Phone
    Mooon+The Mooon+ by Korean Sunman Kwon
    Designed by Korean Sunman Kwon, the Mooon+ has a very beautiful iPhone-like design and comes with a wide touchscreen, metal accents and a digital camera. The phone has a Bluetooth headset attached to it which can be separated and used independently. When not in use, you can join it with the phone through which it gets charged. This innovative concept may see a brighter future in the markets.

    4. Radia: Futuristic Touchscreen Cell Phone Concept
    RadiaRadia, Touchscreen Cell Phone Concept.
    The Radia is a futuristic designed touchscreen cell phone designed by Michael Laut. The circular screen is the main area of work which is protected by a rim made of brushed aluminum that gives a new definition to the cell phone’s style. A very professional looking phone, this new design and concept is what makes it worth getting a hold of.

    5. Touchphone For The Blind
    TouchphoneTouchphone For The Blind by Zhenwei You.
    People who are limited by a lack of vision in their lives need not depend on anyone for operating their phones now. Here is a concept for a good cause which creates a new definition in the area of user friendliness and innovation when it comes to using a simple thing like a phone.

    The Touchphone for the blind has plenty of features to help its users including Braille touchscreen, voice systems, various programs that any normal phone features, an object recognizer, a book reader as well as a navigation system. The phone can be considered a boon for the visually challenged and gives them an easier day-to-day experience.

    6. Flip Phone
    Flip Phone
    Flip PhoneFlip Phone by Kristian Ulrich Larsen
    Flip it, flip it and flip it again. Yes, the flips are more, the beauty has been increased and the user’s experience just got more awesome. The flip phone is a triangular form connected with steel hinges, three AMOLED screens and a touch pad on the reverse. With a great many numbers of flips, the phone doesn’t disappoint when it comes to functioning.

    7. Aqua water-based touchscreen mobile phone
    Aqua touchscreen
    Aqua touchscreenAqua touchscreen by Bon Seop
    If you’ve always had an affinity to water then you cannot get closer than this. Presenting a concept by South Korean designer, Bon Seop, the AQUA is everything water. The transparent AMOLED screen comes in a beautifully transparent body which uses Graphical User Interface for functioning.

    This futuristic design reaches new heights with its water-based touchscreen from which you can rub off the things you don’t like. Being run on liquid battery that not only enhances the transparency of the phone but is eco friendly as well, the AQUA is a must-see phone for all those who like novelty and innovation.

    8. RFR IPhone Next
    RFR IPhone
    RFR IPhoneRFR IPhone by Fabio Merzari
    We never know where future ideas take us but right now they’ve driven us to the all-new and brilliant concept of the iPhone by designer Fabio Merzari. The phone can either be used when opened or closed and users can make use of the different dimensions of the phone as required.

    There are a myriad of features to check out in the RFR iPhone, the most important being the two OLED screens with shape memory alloy that help in the compact form the phone takes on when in a closed position. The phone also has a multilayer effect and multicolored screen that adjusts with the illumination of the environment. With a 5-mega pixel camera and a huge memory of 128 GB, this new iPhone is a thing of the future.

    9. Nokia cellphone concept
    Nokia cellphone
    Nokia cellphoneNokia cellphone by Juan Carlos Garzon
    This beautiful translucent design for world renowned cellphone company, Nokia, is a concept by Juan Carlos Garzon, a Colombian designer. The phone features a see-through display, a 5-mega pixel camera as well as LED lights for better use at night. The on/off button as well as the battery is nicely tucked in at the bottom on which the screen is fitted.

    10. FiiL cellphone, Touchscreen Interface Concept!
    FiiL cellphone
    FiiL cellphoneFiiL cellphone by Mac Funamizu
    Technology touches an all-time high as now you can even feel what you touch on the screen. The concept is called Fiil and the TUI cell phone lets you feel all that you do on it. For example, a range of buttons pop up as soon as you touch the screen and when you touch them, you can feel the gentle push. This cool futuristic phone has other advantages like being able to be used by visually challenged users as well.

    Posted: 07 Oct 2011 12:17 AM PDT
    Sukrat Gupta:
    LimousineLuxury ride for the rich.
    Limousine is a luxury sedan car, most noted for its elongated wheelbase. It is usually seen as a symbol of luxury among the people in society, and is owned by high-earning individuals. Basically, a limousine houses 6-8 people and is of black or white color, though other colors can be seen, it is quite rare. A common, modern limousine in the US or Canada is based on the design of Lincoln Town Car.
    Following are some of the limousines which are designed based on other car-models. After being adapted to the serious-looking and luxurious modern limousines, some may find the models mentioned below unusual and funny, but the latter are worth a glance to compliment the imagination of the designers.
    1. Prius Limousine
    Prius Limousine
    Prius LimousineCool 6-door custom made Prius limousine can seat 10 people
    Costing $10,000, the Prius Limousine is modeled by the Prius owner. It is a custom made 8-seat-er limousine, which comes with effective 50mpg fuel efficiency.
    2. Porsche Cayenne Limousine
    Porsche Cayenne Limousine
    Porsche Cayenne LimousineIntroduced to compete with the American Hummer H2 limos and Lincoln Navigator limousines
    The Porsche Cayenne limousine is introduced by Porsche to compete in the limousine-market. The car has a classy look and elongated wheelbase. It comes in silver or black color, and has the capacity to seat 12 people. This segment is mainly owned by Hire Limo London, and can be hired for a fee. The sedan car can be rented for any occasion, such as school proms, weddings and birthdays.
    3. Mini Cooper Limousine
    Mini Cooper
    Mini CooperMini Cooper
    Traditional limousines may have televisions, computers, refrigerators and other gadgets and facilities, but what it does not have is a swimming pool. This feature is provided by the hilarious-looking Mini Cooper Limousine. In this car, the pool is built in the rear, and comes with an integrated whirlpool system. The whirlpool seats two people and is easy to operate. The pool can be emptied by pulling off the plug. The sunroof can be covered or left open as per the choice. Other features provided in this limousine are a retractable flat screen TV, a DVD player, CD and radio, air conditioning, full black leather and a telephone in the rear so that passengers can communicate with the driver. This car has two-pairs of rear wheels to add to its unique look, and comes in various colors.
    4. Chevrolet Corvette Limousine
    Chevrolet Corvette Limousine
    Chevrolet Corvette LimousineChevrolet Corvette based limo seats 11 people.
    Chevrolet Corvette is a sports car, which cannot be imagined to be stretched into a limousine. This unimaginable feat is indicated by Chevrolet Corvette Limousine. This custom-made limousine is sleek like a sports car and good-looking, though not as attractive as its inspiration. This limousine may not look as appealing as other limousines, but can draw the eyes when on the road.
    5. Dodge Charger Daytona R / T Sedan
    Dodge Charger Daytona R / T Sedan
    Dodge Charger Daytona R / T SedanDodge Charger Daytona R / T Top Banana holds up to 11 passengers
    Limousines are known for luxurious and classy look, but a few of them have a muscular look like Dodge Charger Daytona R / T Sedan. About 9.5 m long, this sedan can hold up to 11 passengers and has high horsepower. It is not as popular as the traditional limousines, but for hard-core fans of muscular-looking cars, this is indeed a treat. It may not reach the speeds of the model it has taken inspiration from, but this limousine is enough good-looking to draw attention.
    6. Ferrari 360 Modena Limousine
    Ferrari 360 Modena Limousine
    Ferrari 360 Modena LimousineFerrari 360 Modena is world’s first Gullwing Ferrari Limo
    Ferrari cars are known for their looks and speeds. The same traits have been carried down to the Ferrari 360 Modena stretch limousine. With gull-wing doors and classy looks, this car is all set to become the fastest limousine in the world. It is commissioned by Dan Cawley of Style Limousines in Manchester, and does not have bars - present in all other limousines. Instead, it has extra six seats, which brings up the capacity of this sedan to eight passengers.
    7. Chrysler Prowler Limousine
    Chrysler Prowler Limousine
    Chrysler Prowler LimousineComes with a 17-inch monitor with DVD/CD player, a 33000 Watt surround sound system
    The 2002 Prowler limousine comes with a 17-inch monitor with DVD/CD player, a 33000 Watt surround sound system and color changing lights. Its bar is good to go as well. Power comes from a six-cylinder gasoline engine mated to an automatic transmission. Rear doors on the limo are suicide doors, while the front doors are “lambo style”, which is capable to give the passenger a grand entrance for parties and corporate events.
    8. VW Beetle Limousine
    VW Beetle Limousine
    VW Beetle LimousineCool limousine created from 1999 Volkswagen Beetle.
    Limo Bug is a VW Beetle limousine, designed on the lines of popular Beetle. This car, unlike Hummer and Lincoln limos, will draw raised eyebrows for its unconventional style and look, but the passengers can enjoy all the facilities that a traditional limousine provides, like a CD player, a mini TV and a small bar area along with an electric hatch/divider that seals off the back from the driver.
    9. H2 Hummer Limousine
    H2 Hummer Limousine
    H2 Hummer LimousineH2 Hummer Limousine comes with Triple Axle 8 Wheel
    After Lincoln limousines, Hummer H2 stretch limousines are most popular. They are usually used on rentals for party, bus, School Lunch, Corporate luncheons, formal party, transportation to hotels and funeral services. This limousine bears the muscular look of the hummer, and provides all the traditional limousine experiences. In addition, it can also be incorporated with 26 inch chrome wheels, illuminating bar, LCD screens, CD/DVD entertainment system, fiber optic color changing lights, spacious leather seating, privacy divider, karaoke, iPod ready, twinkle laser, electric step and other luxuries.
    10. Harley Davidson Limousine
    Harley Davidson Limousine
    Harley Davidson LimousinePart motorcycle, part limousine
    Harley Davidson Limousine is what is born when a bike is merged with a limousine. Commissioned by Queensland-based Wildfire Tours, which are noted for their unique Harley Davidson transport services, this LimoBike has the looks that can draw attention of the event-guests. It seats eight people, and can be used as a rental for conferences and public events.

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