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12 digital photo frames to immortalize those special moments

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 04:02 PM PDT
Sahil Khurana:
Digital Photo Frames
Digital Photo FramesDigital photo frames to immortalize those special moments
As human beings, memories for us are embedded deep inside our heart, mind and soul. Capturing them forever, while wanting to relive each and every moment is what our heart desires on every step. Some memories are so worth treasuring forever, we never want to let them go. Instilling in us a deep sense of joy and humor at the same time, photo frames were invented.
With an aim to enhance the beauty of the memory being portrayed, here is a list of some beautiful digital photo frames which can be used to keep the spark alive in our lives, forever and always.
1. LG DP889
LG DP889
LG DP889LG's DP889 Digital Photo Frame

View your memories on an 8 inch LCD screen now, all thanks to LG DP889. The device allows you to view all your photos and videos on the screen while you can even use the unit as portable DVD player. With a trendy look, a USB media host, an automotive charger and a multi format disc player, the unit is all out to woo your senses. Allowing you to store upto 250 photos for slideshows anytime, you can even connect your LG DP889 to an audio/video input for a beautiful real life experience as never before.

Having a capacity of upto 3.5 hrs continuous power, the digital frame is a must have for all those who know the value of some moments which should be viewed with the best gadgets.
2. DIA Parrot

DIA Parrot
DIA ParrotDIA Parrot digital photo frame by nodesign

Equipped with a 10×4 inch magically transparent screen is the DIA Parrot digital photo frame by Parrot. Built as light as possible, the transparent screen will make your photograph as realistic as you can imagine. Your photo will come through with a new aesthetic sense, giving reality a new twist. The photo frame will cost around $500 when it's launched in February.
3. Panasonic MW-20

Panasonic MW-20
Panasonic MW-20Panasonic MW-20 digital photo frame

Let your pictures do the talking and singing for you. Panasonic's new MW-20 is just the thing you need for that purpose. The 9 inch screen of the digital frame is absolutely amazing, letting you connect your iPhone/iPod Touch via the bundled dock to the digital frame. Complete with a 2GB internal memory, looking at pictures and reliving beautiful memories would never be the same again
4. Pix-Star FotoConnect HD

Pix-Star FotoConnect HD
Pix-Star FotoConnect HDPix-Star FotoConnect HD 10-inch digiframe

Listen to your favorite songs while you surf through your stored photos on this magnificent gadget. Included in the frame are different digital display patterns, along with some calendar and clock functions. You can even concatenate all your similar photos into one neat bundle and surf them on your convenience.

Let your originality rule- be the gifter instead of the re-gifter. Pix-Star FotoConnect HD, a multi tasking digital photo frame, makes all your photographs available at one place. Built with a 10.4 inch, 800×600 frame, it's been fitted with a Wi-Fi radio as well.
All your pictures from Picasa, Facebook, Smugmug, Shutterfly, Flickr, and MobileMe can now be available under one roof, sorry, I meant under one screen. Available at Pix-Star and Amazon, this wondrous gadget comes equipped with for UPnP and DLNA, allowing you to beam any pictures from your home network onto the frame. Surprising and creative, isn't it? Well, the uber cool gadget has been priced at $189 only.
5. Sony ICF-CL75iP

Sony ICF-CL75iP
Sony ICF-CL75iPSony ICF-CL75iP digital frame

The ICF-CL75iP Dream Machine is indeed a dream machine in the true sense. With a combination of the iPhone and digital frame attributes, this 7" WVGA LCD screen will leave you completely stunned with its unique features.

Sony's latest gadget has a 1 GB built in memory which has further been coupled with a FM / AM radio, and a retractable dock. With the dock facility, you can now upload pictures from your Apple device right into the digital photo frame. Included within is the really happening feature like a 10 sec voice recording on the Apple iDevice, all for just $149.95
6. AgfaPhoto size zero

AgfaPhoto size zero
AgfaPhoto size zeroAgfaPhoto size zero digiframes

So you think you have seen it all in terms of sizes, then I think it time for you to do a rain check. AgfaPhoto size zero is here to woo your senses right from inside you. Having a frame size of just 1.3 cm thickness, the photo frame is definitely a gadget of the millennium. Ranging in size from 7-10 inches in terms of the screen size, the photo frame comes equipped with 1GB of internal storage space and a multicard reader. Amongst the features is a video player which can play all those recorded memories for you. The costing of the AgfaPhoto size zero has been declared between £49.99 ($83) to £129.99 ($216) somewhere later in this year.
7. ASUKA’s SK700

ASUKA’s SK700ASUKA’s SK700 digiframe

ASUKA’s SK700 is pretty much the usual run of the mill gadget for those techie freaks. Built with 7 inch touch screen display, the photo frame incorporates within an integrated DVB-T tuner, 800x 480 resolution while the FM reception and multimedia playback add that spice to your life.

This is not all, for there are other features included like multimedia playback, real time TV recording, a 2GB- 4GB memory space and last but not the least, a pair of stereo speakers for that extra surround sound. The price is yet to be disclosed, but the features are a package you would not like to miss at any time.
8. Sony DPP-F700

Sony DPP-F700
Sony DPP-F700Sony DPP-F700 digital picture frame

Sony DPP-F700 digital photo frame will keep loved ones in front of your eyes always in an impressive manner. The frame comes with 1 GB memory and boasts of a 7 inch display. It will also put on show both time and sate hence a clock can be given a miss if you run short of space. The good-looking frame can easily support a lot of storage formats that includes SD card, CF card, memory stick and even SDH card, to name a few. It will be accompanied by editing functions that will allow you to crop, zoom and even rotate a picture if desired. Sony DPP-F700 can also print pictures and has a one touch button for this particular function. It comes stashed with a price tag of $290 and will make framing moments nothing less than a treat.
9. CEIVA Pro 80

CEIVA Pro 80
CEIVA Pro 80CEIVA Pro 80 Digiframe

The CEIVA Pro 80 is a Pro when it comes to features. Hosting a 800×600 resolution, a wireless home media server connectivity and a compact 8" model, the digital frame has almost everything any one can require. Capable of receiving photos from almost any camera phone directly, the miniature gadget come equipped with a built in memory card reader, broadband capabilities, and the best feature till date of interchangeable faceplates. CEIVA Pro 80 is available for $229.99 only.
10. Samsung 800P

Samsung 800P
Samsung 800PSamsung 800P digital photo frame

Samsung, the best company for smart electronics, is here with another one of its recent launches. It has a 800×480 pixel panel while the memory has been given a 2GB slot which can be expanded with a micro SD expansion in case you crave for more space. Along with a fantabulous storage concept, Bluetooth has been fitted into the frame while there are options available for video and music playback. Samsung has incorporated second generation UI into its latest feature product and is making available its highly acclimatised product for $159.
11. Pandigital

PandigitalPandigital Photo Mail LED frame

The method of obtaining photographs on board in this new gadget is a little different. Having been connected with AT&T cellular connection, emailing photos was never easier than it is now. Pandigital photo frame has a LED backlit display and you can now email the first 300 pictures free of charge over the mobile network provider. Of course, charges apply after you blow out the free limit. With convenience written all over it, the digital world could not have been any easier than this.
12. Denki

DenkiDenki digital photo frame

Denki Digital Photo Frame will leave you awestruck with its simplicity and functionality. The elegant creation by Docomo comes with light sensing technology that makes the photo frame work according to the amount of light available in a room. The good-looking frame will also put text messages on show and the product can be attuned with almost all kinds of PCs and laptops. The digital photo frame has an 8 inch LCD screen and comes complete with a calendar and a clock.

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