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Top Ten Gadgets In Future Technologies

  • Posted: 11 Oct 2011 11:34 PM PDT
    Abhinav Shrivastava:
    Solar iPhone Charger
    Solar iPhone ChargerHow to build a solar charger for your iPhone

    iPhone by Apple, has become such a popular device that every one wishes to own one at least. In the default packing it comes along with a connecting wire which charges the phone and act as a USB connector. What if one has to take it somewhere, where there is no electricity? Initially there was no solution to it other than carrying a laptop and a battery pack to connect and charge it, but now we have the instrument, the solar charger for the iPhone.
    Difficulty Level
    Moderate: This is not a difficult task at all to make this solar charger. One doesn't need to have prior knowledge of circuits to make it, as it is simple science not a rocket science. So constructing this charger is an easy process i.e. anyone can build this.
    Time Required
    The time required would vary from person to person based on the person's ability to understand the steps. Otherwise this can built easily within 2-3 hours of time, if one has all the materials required for constructing it.
    For making this instrument one would require some commonly used instruments and some others which one could get really easily by searching on e-bay. The parts and instruments which one would require are, soldering iron w/ Solder and flux, needle nose pliers, wire cutters/stripper, multimeter, 10watt solar panel, 7805 5volt regulator, iphone/ipod cable, USB extension, zip ties, red/black small-gauge wire and electrical tape.
    Estimate cost
    The estimate cost for making this gadget is around $50. The costliest part of the charger, which is also the main part, is the 10watt solar panel which is worth $41.50. The other parts do not cost much, they come under the hood of $1.50 and some of them can be arranged for free.
    1) To make a solar charger one needs to make a simple circuit before that.
    2) For this process you need to have one black and one red wire.
    3) Then you cut-off 5-6 inches of wire from the wires of both the colors and after that cut their plastic insulation, an inch of both ends, from each wire.
    4) Then the USB extension cable has to be cut into 2 parts and the cut half of the female end has to be stripped off. The extension wire contains four wires, Green, White, Red and Black. You are required to remove the green and white wires completely as they are for data, with the rest two wires left only an inch and half coming out of it.
    5) Then the remaining red and black wires are to be stripped little bit less than an inch.
    6) There is only one ground pin in the 5v regulator so you solder the two cut black wires together along with the black wire coming from the USB extension carefully, so that the wires stay safely connected.
    7) Cover the open ends of the wires with the electrical tape.
    8) Putting the 5v regulator at the right place is bit of a hectic job as it requires serious attention. To make things easy and neat it's better to use zip ties to hold the wires to the regulator.
    9) As the wires were not connected to anything, the soldering of wires is an easy job, but one should always remember the output pin is at the top with the input pin at the bottom when the regulator is lying flat on a surface.
    10) When you connect the red wire from the USB extension cable to the red wire of the regulator, only two wires are left to be connected, the first on being the black wire connecting the USB extension cable connecting with the Ground Wire of the 5v regulator and the red wire connecting to 5v regulator's input pin.
    11) Since the solar panel has a simple connection panel it is very easy to fit in the wires into it.
    12) See how so ever you are good with circuits or wiring you should always check the connectivity. Use a multimeter to ensure a proper flow of current.
    13) To find the input voltage in the 5v regulator, connect it to the multimeter. The reading should show somewhat around 20v@0.50A and the output voltage when measured should come out to be around 5.00V @ 0.50A.
    14) If you get these readings, it implies that the charger's going to work properly.
    15) So after testing the working condition of the charger seal the open ends of the wires using an electrical tape. Then plug in the iphone to see how it works.
    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    1) Where to buy stuffs from?
    Ans. One can shop from, or can simple search on to find the places where one would get the required stuffs.
    2) Are zip ties very necessary?
    Ans. No, it's not. If you have a really steady hand and focused concentration you can do the soldering without zip ties also.
    3) Would the built-in-blocking diode trickle charge the iPhone after it's fully charged?
    Ans. No, iPhone doesn't counts on the charger to do anything. The charge circuitry is in the phone.
    4) Why such a big solar panel?
    Ans. Even though a lot of energy is lost while regulating 20v down to 5v to match USB standards, having bigger panel helps in continuous flow of current.
    Quick Tips
    There are no short cuts or quick tips as such but try to make things carefully and neatly as this helps in having a higher success rate. Moreover the solar panel has a weatherized aluminum frame, so one should not worry about rain.
    Things to Watch Out for
    Whenever one is working with circuits, one should be wearing rubber slippers/gloves, because even though the currents value is less it can hurt someone. Other than this the whole setup is safe and secured.

    Posted: 11 Oct 2011 11:31 PM PDT
    Sukrat Gupta:
    Visually impairer's GPS devices
    Visually impairer's GPS devicesVisually impairer's GPS devices to navigate the visually impaired
    The visually-impaired people face, perhaps, the harshest and most difficult situations having to live in a world they cannot see. From breakfast to traveling, they have to rely on others, unless they are well-familiar or adapted to the situations. If one creates something to even guide these people a couple of steps, he/she manages to earn love, gratitude, and respect from them.
    The conceptThe world is beautiful and colorful, but for a visually-impaired person, it is all black and dangerous. Every step requires care and safety. This is usually the case while traveling where these people have to encounter unknown situations that may lead to fatal accidents. However, with advancement in technology and arrival of GPS navigation, these people have got the support they very much needed in the GPS- tracking devices.
    The target and the needThese GPS devices are especially made for those visually impaired people who have to travel to distant places, unknown zones, and difficult terrains. These people also face the gravest risks of their lives, such as road-accidents and stumbling. These devices help in overcoming such risks and also help people in places where a different language is used. There are cases when blind people get lost. In such a case, these systems help in tracking them down, as well as helping them remap their path.
    Key features
    If the above features are incorporated into the navigating device, the device can become an excellent aid to the visually-impaired people. Moreover, these devices are designed in such a way that they do not hinder with the user’s traditional friends; dogs, and sticks. This makes these devices effective and practical.
    The solution
    If the above features are incorporated into the navigating device, the device can become an excellent partner to the visually-impaired people. Moreover, these devices are designed in such a way that they do not hinder with the user’s traditional friends; dogs and sticks. This makes these devices effective and practical.
    Related trends
    1. na:vi: GPS navigating system
    Navi  GPS navigating system
    Navi GPS navigating systemNavi GPS navigating system to navigate the visually impaired
    The "na:vi" is the GPS navigating system with a sole purpose of helping the visually impaired navigate with ease and independence. Along with the basic features of a navigator, na:vi also has guiding gyroscopes and laser range finder. Moreover, with its 3D user interface, the device ensures safe and accurate operation. Its elegant design seals the beauty.
    2. Munivo handheld navigation device directs the blind to walk free
    Munivo handheld navigation device
    Munivo handheld navigation deviceMunivo handheld navigation device to navigate the visually impaired
    Munivo handheld navigation device is designed in such a way that the user - visually impaired person - does not think he/she is holding a separate device. This device fits into the palm and maps the paths in the palm, which can be felt by the person - who are known to have increased sensitivity of other sense organs. This map is generated by using various means that can be detected by skin, such as temperature, vibration, and electro cutaneous stimulation. Ultrasound technology is used in this device for exceptional operation. This technology is basically used to measure distances between the holder and the obstacles, thus helping the person avoid them without much ado. The signals are sent through the actuators present in the silicon films that, in turn, are in direct contact with the palm, and are instrumental in sending all the signals.
    3. Touch & Go navigator
    Touch & Go navigator
    Touch & Go navigatorTouch & Go navigator GPS device to navigate the visually impaired

    A product of Natalia Ponomareva, the "Touch & Go" is a navigation system for the visually impaired people who navigate them in the outside world. This device makes them independent of others. It is a two-piece device: an earpiece and a hand piece. The beautiful look of this gadget helps it to function as an accessory as well. The direction the user has to go is shown by an arrow. These directions can also be found out by the auditory system provided by the device through the earphone.
    4. Brainovi 3D Braille GPS navigation system
    Brainovi 3D Braille GPS navigation system
    Brainovi 3D Braille GPS navigation systemBrainovi 3D Braille GPS navigation system to navigate the visually impaired

    The Brainovi is a device that is based on the coordination between audio guiding system, via a Bluetooth earpiece, and a physical three-dimensional map, which develops on the pin matrix surface of the Brainovi. The best part about the device is that the user does not have to specifically point out the location by the finger. Merely uttering the location can make this device map out the best possible route to reach it. However, its main drawback is the presence of the handheld device that may hinder the person’s activities that require a stick.

    Posted: 11 Oct 2011 11:27 PM PDT
    Creative Cubicles
    Creative CubiclesТhe cubicle, cubicle desk, office cubicle or cubicle workstation is a partially enclosed workspace, separated from neighboring workspaces by partitions

    Someone rightly said it about cubicles - it is the second home of a regular office goer and it defines or sets your mood for work, makes you comfortable; creates an atmosphere where you can do all work and no play. The Latin word, actually, refers to a small chamber for work, or study space. To adjust the increasing number of workforce in organizations, the usage of cubicles or workstations are increasing. Cubicles actually separate the work space from different individuals and gives a sense of privacy and are actually the symbolic representation of human working condition in modern day office. But as organizations are growing, keeping the workforce motivated and involved, becomes a challenge in itself. The work starts from the basic thing i.e. the cubicle which is like a home to an employee. Many organizations have recently started to adopt various mix of work culture and innovative trends and designs thus placement of cubicles in such a fashion that employees are psychologically attracted and motivated to spend more time at their desk. This increases the productivity of the organization. Here, we see 10 such innovative designs for cubicles that will surely prevent you from distractions.
    1. A3 Curvilinear Cubicle

    A3 Curvilinear Cubicle
    A3 Curvilinear CubicleSemitransparent screens with wide side openings to balance the need for privacy with the desire for an open, airy feel
    This is the time when we bid goodbye to the dull beige cubicles as the designers are working to provide and redesign the corporate home. The trend is towards offering a cool and smart workplace. Rashid, the designer of A3 work space for Knoll, believes that in current era the human contact has gone up incredibly and so the old cubicle is outmoded. He designed an environment which is not at all cage-like, but gives the feeling of an open collaborative environment with semi translucent panels and clean surface. The corners are more rounded and the semi translucent is among the things to be noted. The idea behind this is to offer an open plane office instead of caged structure.
    2. Google Cubicles

    Google Cubicles
    Google CubiclesThe design team began by working closely with Google through the pre-design process by interviewing all 350 employees with the intention of incorporating their ideas into a new workspace
    Google is a place famous for work culture, innovation and something new. When the discussion comes to cubicle, it holds the same concept as above. Design firm Camenzind evolution, was the one who worked behind the designing of Google office interiors. And what they finally offered, is truly amazing. Each room has got a theme of its own and transforms you into a different world. Sometimes, you may feel being inside an Igloo in the land of Eskimos while at the other you may feel underwater sitting in a bath tub and watching the colorful fish move around and water flow underneath, and also in snow covered Swiss mountains with your cabin as a rope-way box. This thematic design matches and syncs perfectly with Google's aim to provide an open culture environment which gives that mixed feeling of thrill, excitement and pleasure. The employee can roam around in different places and work as per his/her wish. This is a great example of socially inclusive design and the one that perfectly inspires and motivates Googlers to work with super cool and relaxed mind.
    3. Kithaus K3

    Kithaus K3
    Kithaus K3Kithaus offers modular prefab kits that provide a smart solution to the never- ending quest for space
    What else do you need other than a portable backhouse office that requires no foundation. K3 offers you this option with a 9' X 13' module. Features include, aluminum construction with insulated windows and finished ceilings and walls. The space inside is great and cozy and gives a self homely environment. This is perhaps a smarter solution from the house of Kithaus wherein you can get a portable secured homely office ambiance and feel. It is cool, soft and smoothing and can be used as a personal getaway. Now that is a solution which is smart and to look out for, in case of powering mobility to your work environment.
    4. Pixar Cubicles

    Pixar Cubicles
    Pixar CubiclesThe workplaces at Pixar consist of different huts which employees can design to their liking
    Pixar is a place where you will go crazy to work for, after you see their interior design. They have invested a lot of money in their in-office decoration to provide a theme of its own. They have come up with the idea of counterproductive cubicles that look like wooden Gnome house. Now, the workers are proud owner of wooden huts instead of boring cubicles. The individual wooden hut bears separate address and acts like one. It brings a sense of belonging among the employees and creates that homely atmosphere. In Pixar, people find it hard to leave their office early for sure.
    5. Selgas Cano Architecture Office

    Selgas Cano
    Selgas CanoSelgas Cano Architecture Office
    This is a type of architecture perfect for forest/nature lovers, that moves you into the lap of nature. The architectural design, that is most environment-friendly, simply places you under a tree with leaves falling from the sky for that perfect natural surroundings. Selgas Cano, recently developed this architectural marvel in Madrid. The design is like a tube, which is transparent on one side and is packed inside the woods, for insulation. The interiors are quite spacious and are like living modern in the lap of nature. It gives a different feel of nature and soothes your mind within a hectic work environment.
    6. Privacy Cubicle

    Privacy Cubicle
    Privacy CubicleBy creating a desk that combines bookshelves, a vaulted ceiling, four walls, look-out portals and interior lighting, you can spend your days defending your domain from the invading middle-management hordes
    Privacy is one of the important aspects that an employee seeks when working in a hectic environment where an individual needs to handle critical data daily and take strategic decisions. The concept of privacy cubicle, is to create an office within an office. The design creates a structure that gives you a warm feeling and encloses your whole cubicle into a fine architectural design containing dedicated book shelves, vaulted ceilings and cool interior lighting. Now, this gives a sense of belonging and the employees can no more fear of upper management poking in now and then. It creates a world of its own.
    7. Luxury Cubicle

    Luxury Cubicle
    Luxury CubicleMeet the luxury and refinement in Jared Nielsen’s executive cubicle
    This cubicles has became a vital part of an office goer, who spends the maximum time in a day - consciously or unconsciously - in these office cubicles. The cubicles are not just made for employee separation, but are an emblem and representation of the employee’s involvement. So these cubicles are shifting from the old boring design into a newer form of luxury. They are now fitted with Dark Cherry hardwood flooring and red Mahogany luxury panels. You feel as if you are lying in the lap of luxury with a sense of heritage. The work center is no more a cubicle but a luxury spending time. This sheer feeling evolves happy employees so that they are motivated to spend more time in those special luxury cabins of their own and be productive.
    8. War Cubicle

    War Cubicle
    War CubicleMark MacAskill’s Cubes of War cubicle won the Lifehacker’s Coolest Cubicle of 2008 contest
    Several designers are now trying to provide a theme to the new-age cubicles. Ever thought how it would be like to have your office and work inside a military bunker? Well, now you need not move to the battlefront to get a feel of this environment, but you can do the same right in your own office. These cubicles are becoming a symbol of mass destruction now. With nets, and military green color, you can feel yourself working inside a bunker. This creates a challenging attitude and the feel of a corporate warfare inside your cabin.
    9. Engine’s office

    Engine's office
    Engine’s officeEngine, as designed by Jump Studios architecture firm
    Architecture is actually a congregation of art, fashion and anthropology; this is what London based firm Jump Studios believe. The innovation and induction of such a majestic design from the Jump Studios, came into offering when a marketing group Engine thought to build a space to attract clients and other companies working under its umbrella. The motive was to build an environment that could appeal varied taste and culture and reflect the sense of being an English brand. The intention of Jump was to transform their imagination into something concrete and dynamic. The result was quite impressive and interesting. The meeting pod design was Disneyland’ish’ and gave a calm and whimsical look. They in turn created an ambiance quite unique and impressive that laid down an example for clients of Engine.
    10. Studio 53 Cubicle Concept

    Studio 53
    Studio 53Studio 53 Cubicle Concept
    The name Studio 53 comes from the 1970's Manhattan disco, Studio 54. The idea here was to redesign the office interior from a stringent official look to a more comfortable environment like that of a disco. Steelcase created this design, wherein it gave privacy and comfort to workers so that they could come together and enjoy a pleasurable work life. This design is created to promote an open office environment. The Studio 53 concept provides a new definition to office environment which is now more about pleasure, relaxing and fun.

    Posted: 11 Oct 2011 11:20 PM PDT
    Bijendra Singh Rana:
    Hi-tech lawn mowers
    Hi-tech lawn mowersHi-tech lawn mowers to ensure a lush green garden
    In the primitive days mowing of the big yards and landscapes were done with the help of sheep and scissors-welding servants. Gradually with civilization as the people started building homes and large landscapes turned into a segregated assortment of houses, the idea of mowing lawn with sheep became absurd. Then either with the help of servants or on ones own people started cutting their lawns with gardening scissors. But, with the onset of modernization time became the most precious thing. Cut-throat competition, ever increasing population and scarcity of resources made people busier day by day. Activities such as mowing that were considered a relaxation activity soon turned into a burden. Thus, lawn mowers came into existence. But, these lawn mowers were gasoline operated and caused enough noise and pollution to irritate the farthest neighborhood. Pondering on these aspects, innovators introduce electric and solar operated lawn mowers which are capable of cutting grass evenly at a much faster rate without any noise or air pollution. Here we have listed 10 hi-tech lawn mowers to ensure a lush green garden at your home like never before.
    1. Solar powered lawn mower

    Solar powered lawn mower
    Solar powered lawn mowerDesigned by Marguerite Kahrl and Paul Ruff
    The solar powered lawn mower is based on advanced technology to ensure that mowing a garden becomes very easy. In their endeavor to make lawn mowing eco friendly, designers Marguerite Kahrl and Apul Ruff came up with this mower which is powered by the solar energy. All you have to do is to just sit and mow the entire lawn using a remote control. It helps in reducing pollution as people will now have a better alternative to the conventional gasoline powered mower.
    2. Remote-controlled lawn mowers
    Remote-controlled lawn mowers
    Remote-controlled lawn mowersThe GOAT from Evatech is the latest addition to the fleet of remote-controlled lawn mowers

    In this fast paced life where every second holds the key to success you just can't find time to mow your garden. However, here is the solution to all your problems. With remote-controlled lawn mowers, you would mow your entire front or back yards in no time. This one is from the reputed Evatech and has been named ‘goat’ as it resembles the same. Goat mower is available at a price of $5299 and is able to climb a 45-degree incline of own. With its 22" blade rotation, this mower easily mows the garden in no time.
    3. RBZG001 lawn mower
    RBZG001 Lawn mower
    RBZG001 Lawn mowerLawn mower powered by solar energy

    This one is again a solar powered lawn mower which is designed for commercial as well as domestic usage. Far superior when compared to the gasoline or electric mower, RBZG001 lawn mower offer noise free operation. This law mower is automated in such a manner so that it could maneuver without any assistance on its own. It can easily identify routes, obstacles and slopes. This one even collects the scrap in one place making sure that you don't have to make a minimal effort at all.
    4. Black & Decker cordless electric mowers
    Black & Decker cordless electric mowers
    Black & Decker cordless electric mowersEnvironmentally friendly mowers powered by batteries
    Have you got tired of noisy and messy mowing of your front and backyards? Well, Black & Decker has come up with an entire range of battery powered cordless electric mowers that will mow a 1/3 acre lawn in a single charge. At present there are three models of these mowers namely 19", 36V, 18" 38V and an 18" 12A corded. You can purchase additional battery for even larger lawns. Once the mowing is done, you can recharge the batteries using Energy Star chargers. Surely, this one is the best noise free and effective method of mowing gardens.
    5. All-electric Lawn mower Scooter
    All-electric Lawnmower Scooter
    All-electric Lawnmower ScooterDesigned by Vicky Petihovski
    In order to take the mowing experience to an altogether different level, industrial designer Vicky Petihovski has designed Lawn mower Scooter. This is an electric mower which is equipped with a riding surface such that there is no need to exert the downward pressure as it will be automatically applied owing to the weight of the rider. The front end has a transparent bin in which all the mowed grass gets collected automatically making it easy to collect the scrap. This lawn mower is a very eco friendly gadget to mow your lawn.
    6. Husqvarna’s robotic lawn mower
    Husqvarna's robotic lawnmower
    Husqvarna’s robotic lawnmowerHusqvarna automatic electric solar powered hybrid robotic lawn mower
    Husqvarna’s robotic lawn mower looks more like a smaller version of Batmobile. It has an aerodynamically shaped body design which allows it to quietly do its work. It is priced at $4,000 and is widely acclaimed for zero percent emissions. This one is a fully automatic lawn mower which can be easily programmed for mowing up to 2300 square meter of grass and then returning to the charging base on its own. Being solar-powered, Husqvarna’s robotic lawn mower also helps one save precious energy and reduce environmental pollution.
    7. ReCharge Mower
    ReCharge Mower
    ReCharge MowerZero-emission lawnmower is powered by electricity.
    The ReCharge Mower has been designed drawing inspirations from a golf car. This small car cum mower will not even emit a gram of CO2 but will mow large residential lawns in no time. The best thing about this mower is that it is almost 50% quieter when compared to the conventional mowers available in the market. ReCharge Mower gets 900W of power owing to which it can easily carry a 330 pound operator and still mow the entire garden with unparalleled efficiency. This mower has been priced at $1,295 only.
    8. Solar-electric lawn mower
    Solar-electric lawnmower
    Solar-electric lawnmowerConcept electric lawnmower powered by solar energy

    Solar-electric lawn mower has to its credit the Red Dot Award in the Design Concept 2009. This mower has very compact and elegant design so that it easily accommodates into small outdoor spaces. Based on the photovoltaic technology, this lawn mower is a future-oriented concept. It is highly demanded across different markets as it is compact, inexpensive to operate, requires low maintenance and very low on noise. It is installed with a removable polymer-ion battery system that allows optimum functioning.
    9. Manual-solar hybrid lawn mower

    Manual-solar hybrid lawnmower
    Manual-solar hybrid lawnmowerConcept lawnmower powered by solar energy.
    Manual-solar hybrid lawn mower, designed by a industrial designer Frank Deveson, will allow you to keep your lawn neat and tide that too without any CO2 emissions. The best thing about this lawn mower is that it can be operated both manually as well as with solar energy. It helps in saving valuable energy and reducing the environmental pollution.
    10. Flymo
    FlymoAutomated Solar-Powered lawnmower
    Powered by the abundant solar energy, Flymo is a boon for people who do not have access to 24/7 power supply. This mower has been designed by a first year student, thus, do have some flaws. However, these flaws are so minor that they can be easily rectified before commercializing this fully autonomous gadget. Flymo eradicates the need of continuous supervision as it can operate on its own. The design is really adorable and compact so that one can carry this mower to places without many efforts.

    Posted: 11 Oct 2011 11:12 PM PDT
    Nang Natalia:
    Unusual yet creative buildings
    Unusual yet creative buildingsOld tires turned into amazing works of art

    If the photo above makes you take notice for its charm, then here is an amazing fact about it; old, used tires of cars and motorcycles can be transformed into such remarkable works of art. Discarded tires are considered harmful for the environment but they can be recycled efficiently. Most unused tires are discarded either by burning or by land-filling, but some people have come up with certain new techniques of recycling rubber. It requires creativity to convert ordinary things like rubber into something extraordinary.
    The ordinary:
    Tires are one of the most useful inventions of mankind but if the rising numbers are not managed properly, tires can be very dangerous for the environment. With the increasing number of vehicles, the production of tires has also gone up. Most companies are concentrating on recycling tires in different, innovative ways to mitigate pollution. Recycling of tires is not only a responsibility but also has immense business opportunities.
    For the right use of recycled tires, there are many artists whose artwork inspires us. There are many eco artists who create masterpieces and designer artworks by transforming used car tires. A recycling group from Uruguay, named Eccotrack, creates an exquisite range of rubber furniture like coffee tables, bar tables, chairs and belts. The products of Eccotrack are made as an inspiration to be eco friendly and water proof. It is to reuse the tires which are otherwise a threat to the environment. Another artist from Korea, Yong Ho Ji makes sculptures from recycled tires which are connected by synthetic resins. The inspiration behind such amazing sculptures is to convey the message to the world about humankind’s responsibility towards the conservation of nature.
    The extraordinary:
    The extraordinary work from recycled tires is the Hybrid human tire sculptures by Yong ho Ji which is one of the best among his series of the mutant mythos collection. The work of Eccotrack of making a range of rubber coffee tables, bar tables, chairs and belts is also extraordinary. Some of the other extraordinary creations by recycled tires are rubber tree playground by Anne Marie van Splunter, a horse sculpture by Mirko Siakkou Flodin; the art Installations in Studio Millegomme by designer Martijn Turkenburg.
    The target group
    The target group for making this type of different innovative products are for the Eco Lovers. The Eco Lovers are concerned about the environment surrounding them. Therefore they are interested in those recycling products made from recycled tires. The much exhibited collection of eco friendly products made from old tires is the Hoops which is designed by Kiss Miklos. They can be used both indoors as well as outdoors and they come in different shapes, forms and sizes. The Hoops can also be transformed into different seating patterns. Also the designer furniture and belts made from recyclable car tires by Ecotrack are much in demand among the Eco Lovers.
    There is also a range of elegant bags made from inner tubes of the tires. The target group of this product is the eco friendly fashionable lot. The range of bags includes backpacks, messenger bags, briefcases and wallets. It is a unique idea by a designer Colombian company. The bags are made from recyclable materials.
    Apart from artifacts, furniture and accessories, there are many uses of old tires.
    • Tires can be used as plant beds where you can plant seeds of flowers. Place the tire in the ground and fill the middle with soil to defend the flowers.
    • A swing is the most classic way of using a used tire. Attach a rope to the tire and tie it to a tree and you are ready to swing.
    • You can create walls made of unused tires in your garden by lining them up in rows. Add as much tires as you want it to be high.
    • An impulsive idea to use old tires is to make a tire man with different size of tires like in the tire advertisements.
    Related trends:
    1. Hybrid-human tire sculptures
    Hybrid-human tire sculptures
    Hybrid-human tire sculpturesHybrid-human tire sculptures by Yong Ho Ji
    The sculpture of Hybrid-human tire is designed by a Korean artist named Yong Ho Ji. The sculpture denotes the transformation from a human to a werewolf. He made the sculpture by using recyclable tires manually, cutting them into strips and binding them with synthetic resins. Ji calls his creations as mutants as he has always tried to portray the hybrid variation of creatures.
    2. Horse Sculpture
    Horse Sculpture
    Horse SculptureHorse Sculpture by Mirko Siakkou Flodin
    The horse sculpture is designed by the metal artist named Mirko Siakkou Flodin. The designer creates unique and figurative pieces with a touch of traditional or historical themes. Mirko’s artworks are designed from recycled tires which has a border cultural context with natural architecture.
    3. Rubber Tree
    Rubber Tree
    Rubber TreeDesigned by AnneMarie van Splunter
    The designer of the Rubber tree is Anne Marie van Splunter. The concept of the rubber tree is sculptural which is made from recycled tires. It is a playground which is situated in Thailand for the refugee children. The rubber tree in the playground is made of hundreds of tires.
    4. Shark with road hugging traction
    Shark with road hugging traction
    Shark with road hugging tractionShark with road hugging traction by Ji Yong Ho
    Ji Yong Ho is the designer of the masterpiece of the Shark. He always makes sculptures larger than the live animals and mostly with recycled black tires. Ji likes to work with rubber because they are flexible and can be given any form of shapes and size.
    5. Studio Millegomme's amazing art installations
    Studio Millegomme's amazing art installations
    Studio Millegomme's amazing art installationsProject by Mantas Lesauskas, Denis Oudendijk and Jan Korbes
    The art installations in studio Millegomme are made from reused tires. The used tires are washed and cut out to give the appropriate look. The installation is as functional as its lovely display. People not just walk around the lounge but they stay and savor its uniqueness.

    Posted: 11 Oct 2011 10:47 PM PDT
    Sukrat Gupta:
    LEGO Guitar
    LEGO GuitarUnique LEGO Guitar, creative.
    Guitar always carried a fascinating aura around itself. It is perhaps the most popular of all the musical instruments known to man, though the drums come close to it. It is one of the few musical instruments which can teach a student what fascinating things science can do, its application varying from vibrations to tautness of the strings. It is also a very difficult instrument to learn.
    Designers all over the world have designed various guitar models, some of them appealing in looks, others enticing the users and the audience alike with their features. Following are some of the unique and interesting guitar design-concepts that may not be practical to play but are fun to look at.
    1. Big Foot Guitar
    Big Foot
    Big FootBig Foot creative guitar.
    Big Foot may be meeting a slow death as a legend, but its inspiration seems to pull it back to the limelight again. George Martin, a guitar builder, introduced the Bigfoot guitar in the Miami festival, stunning everyone present with the bulky, odd-looking frame. Though it looks too bulky to be playable, but the design itself has gathered its own followers, no matter what it sounds like - or whether it sounds anything at all!
    2. Foldable Guitar
    Foldable Guitar
    Foldable Guitarunusual and creative Foldable Guitar
    People are trying to fold up everything they can. If given a chance, they will fold up their wives and girlfriends and put them in their pockets. In such a scenario, how can a guitar be left behind? Guitars have been more than instruments for many guitarists: they are their long-time soul-mates. But it is difficult to carry their soul-mates everywhere. Designers have tried to design compact-size guitars by modifying the body, but the fret-board is another matter. No matter what one does, chopping the board down is next to impossible.
    Daniel Mapp came up with an ingenious idea. Instead of cutting the whole out, he cut it down to half and folds it into the body, allowing the guitar fix comfortably into a bag. This has been made possible by the use of Fretless aluminum as the fret-board, instead of the wooden one. This affects the sound produced, making it quite different from the traditional guitars. Also, the lack of frets ensures that only the learned ones can play this instrument.
    3. Touchscreen Guitar
    Touchscreen Guitar
    Touchscreen Guitarunique and creative Touchscreen Guitar
    Touchscreen is another vogue in the market. From computers to cellphones, touchscreens are in great demand. One such electronic instrument has faced the brunt of this popularity as well: Guitar. The MISA Digital Touchscreen guitar is a 24-fret guitar that can be played by plucking the virtual strings on the touchscreen. It may not produce the original, pure sound of the guitar, but it will also not let your fingers worn out.
    4. Transparent Guitar
    Transparent Guitar
    Transparent Guitarstylish and creative Transparent Guitar

    This guitar will turn the daylights of the electronic geeks on. Without having to dismantle a precious guitar, one can actually see the configuration from outside of this transparent guitar. It has an acrylic body and in-built speakers, which can emit quality-sound. Its fret-board is impressive for a beginner’s guitar and can be played by a novice.
    5. Sword Guitar
    Sword Guitar
    Sword GuitarCreative Sword Guitar

    For those who want to go back to the times when the swords used to do all the saying, the sword guitar is the ideal choice. Designed for Takamizawa, the Japanese band Alfee’s guitar player, this guitar has unusual fret-board and angel-wings-style body that can leave wondering how the thing can be played. This guitar, nevertheless, manages to satiate the guitarist’s hunger for Gothic-themed guitars and audience’s hunger of having a look at another extraordinary guitar.
    6. AK-47 Guitar
    AK-47 Guitar
    AK-47 GuitarCreative and unusual AK-47 Guitar

    AK-47 can leave you deaf and maybe dead, but the inspired guitar will definitely leave you speechless. This weird-looking guitar has 22 frets and a body resembling that of the dreaded gun. So realistic is the look that if someone stands on the stage with this guitar, the audience would tend to flee from the place.
    7. Hot chrome Guitar
    chrome guitar
    chrome guitarunique & creative chrome guitar.

    Hot Chrome Guitar is a guitar with a metal body that is laid out in a pattern that will keep the onlookers captivated. With 24 frets and shiny metal finish, this guitar carries a message of caution: play only when you are sure you won’t get electrocuted.
    8. Shovel Guitar
    Shovel guitar
    Shovel guitarStylish Shovel guitar.

    Are you a fan of the Undertaker? Do you like digging someone’s graves? Or do you simply like gardening? Shovel-guitar will surely pull the people of above kind towards itself. It is made up of the home-used shovel. The appearance itself is enough, unconventional and eye-catching. Such a guitar may not find a place in the society, but will surely earn praises from its users. It sounds like a real guitar, with good tone-quality. The process of making this guitar is loaded as an online video.
    9. Pikasso Guitar
    Pikasso guitar
    Pikasso guitarCreative and stylish Pikasso guitar

    What is formed when you attach four fret-boards to a single guitar-body? Linda Manzer’s pikasso guitar. With two sound-holes and forty-two strings, this guitar weighs 6.7 kg, facing about 1000 lbs pressure when all the strings are taut. This custom-made guitar is designed in such a way that the guitarist feels no problem while playing it, or even switching from one fret-board to the other. By using the guitar, the guitarist can play any scale and tune to his/her own liking.
    10. LEGO Guitar
    LEGO Guitar
    LEGO GuitarUnique LEGO Guitar, creative.

    Remember the small plastic building blocks you used to play with in your childhood? It seems like the ghosts of your past has come back to haunt you. This time, it is in the form of a guitar, the body of which is made up of black LEGO bricks. It has everything - from pickups to in-built amplifiers - but lacks the strings. If the latter are fitted, the guitar is ready to rock the world.

    Posted: 11 Oct 2011 10:41 PM PDT
    Sai Kiran Kandhari:
    Innovative Golf Gadgets
    Innovative Golf GadgetsIt truly is a acknowledged truth that gadget addicts go to any extent to purchase the new gadgets that comes up
    Golf is a club and ball sport, where the golfers hit the ball with different types of clubs to hit the ball into the hole in a golf course using few strokes possible. When titanium was introduced for making golf clubs; the club heads became bigger and lighter. This was the start of introducing technology in the game. As time moved the game also moved with latest technology to take the game to a higher level. There are a few gadgets which are made for golf, let us see a few of them.
    1. The X1R Remote Controlled Caddy
    The X1R Remote-Controlled Golf Caddy
    The X1R Remote-Controlled Golf CaddyThe X1R Remote-controlled Caddie lasts up to 27 holes on a single charge
    It is used for carrying all golf related goods like golf balls, tees. It was designed by Stuart Golf of USA. The caddy once charged, lasts about for 27 holes and it is accessible within 50 yard distance. The key features of the caddy are, it is lightweight and made from aluminum, easy to fold and unfold, the height of the caddy can be adjusted, has rubber hot wheels, it has speed control and just press slightly for quick release. The caddy has twin motors which bring the movement to a gradual stop. It can rotate 360 degrees going backward, forward, left or right. The price of this X1R remote controlled caddy is $2000 only.
    2. Segways
    SegwaysThe Segways are ideal for those who like to golf in style or for those who prefer to not share a ride on the course
    Segway is an electrically powered personal transporter. As we look at it, it’s like a hi-tech scooter which has two wheels and stands upright by itself. If the rider has to move forward he has to lean forward and same way lean backward to move back. If he has to turn right or left he has to turn the handle bar forward or backward. The Segway features a set of tilt sensors which act upon the user's movement. So the Segway knows when you are leaning forward or backward. The Segways are Eco-friendly, in a single charge they can travel about 38 kilometers depending on the surface on which it is traveling and the load on it. There are about eight models available from the Segways and the price varies from $6400 to $7200.
    3. Get Go Golf Ball Retriever
    Get Go Golf Ball Retriever
    Get Go Golf Ball RetrieverWhy bother getting out of the cart to pick up the ball when you have a GetGO Ball Retriever
    It is an elastic rubber cup which is attached to the end of a pole. If one owns this there is no need to get out from the cart to get back your golf ball. If you think you are lazy enough to pick up your ball then get the Get Go Golf Ball Retriever is priced at $24.95 only.
    4. Hook And Slice Talking Swing Meter
    Hook and Slice Talking Swing Meter
    Hook and Slice Talking Swing MeterThe Hook and Slice Talking Swing Meter is an electronic golf coach offering instant audible feedback to let you master a winning swing
    It is a small piece attached to the golf club which is audio enabled to give the feedback to the golfer whether it was a good shot or not. As it is precision engineered, senses the swing direction and the speaker in it gives out the feedback instantly. The hook and slice swing meter runs on three button cell batteries and it is very easy to attach or remove from the club. The talking meter in it announces whether the shot was a nice one or a hook or a slice. This really helps in improving your game. The price of the hook and slice talking swing meter is $18.
    5. Radar Golf System
    RadarGolf System
    RadarGolf SystemRadar Golf uses a Ball Positioning System technology by scanning for the tiny microchip embedded in the core of the golf ball
    With the radar golf system one can easily locate the ball if you know where the ball actually landed or came to rest, it is a sort of metal detector. The radar golf system was found in 2002 by Chris Savarese. It uses radar technology to locate lost balls. It is a hand held device which transmits radio frequency. It has an embedded chip which enables to receive the signals back. On the screen it displays how nearer we are to the ball and it also has audio alert when we get nearer to the ball. If the audio tone is not desire we can mute it. The detection range of this hand held set varies from 30 to 100 feet depending on the terrain. It has a Shield-it option which does not pick up signals from the other balls which are not in play. This hand held radar system is priced at $200.
    6. Kaala Sports Golf Bag
    Kaala Sports Golf Bag
    Kaala Sports Golf BagThe Kaala Sports Golf Bag is fully enclosed and will keep your clubs dry at all times
    This golf bag has a hard shell exterior, locked away from the exterior which keeps your clubs dry and protected. In the interior it has a carousel which delivers the club you specify with the rotation of a simple dial. It has retractable wheels on which it moves. It also has a key lock which prevents from theft of your favorite clubs. It also has battery powered bag which is optional. The bag is priced at $430 and if you take the battery powered bag it is priced at $865.
    7. Electronic Drink Caddie
    Electronic Drink Caddie
    Electronic Drink CaddieElectronic Drink Caddie is a Golf Club Drink Dispenser
    It is a battery operated pump which dispenses your favorite drink just at a touch of button. The best feature is that it has a real head and shaft. The other features are that it has a insulated cooler, has a set of batteries which can last for a full season, the quick disconnect makes it easy for removal and cleaning, the cooler is made of durable and high density plastic which can store up to 1.6 liter of beverage and it can keep your drink hot or cold for about 5 hours. It can also store 2.2 bottles of wine which can last for 43 shots, and it pours the drink at the rate of 1 oz per second. The cost of this electronic drink caddie is $100.
    8. Nikon Laser Caddy
    Nikon Laser
    Nikon LaserNikon Laser 1000A S with Innovative Golf Mode
    It is unique rangefinder which is specially designed for golf and its precision is unequaled. It accurately measures distance from 11 yards to 500 yards with unparalleled precision. All the features of this laser range finder allows the golfers to gauge the distance more accurately and precisely for a good golf shot under informal conditions. The lens of this range finder is polished and multi-coated having anti-reflective compounds which improve the light transmission and clarity; it also has an LCD display to provide faster and better targeting in any climate. This is powered with a CR-2 camera battery, where the display shows how much battery is left over. The measurement accuracy is +/-1M and the laser used in the rangefinder does not pose any harm to the golfer's eye and water resistant also. It is priced at $750.
    All the latest technology makes golf a much better game to play and it is real fun to play with these gadgets around.

    Posted: 11 Oct 2011 10:39 PM PDT
    Dino Renthlei:
    Motorize Designs
    Motorize DesignsUnique designs to motorize your world
    Mechanics and engineering have turned our lives around. Making our daily existence so much easier, they've banded together to ensure that we waste as little time as possible on the smaller things so that we can concentrate on bigger priorities. Motorizing a gadget or product also spells luxury. Who doesn't like to see their armchair being moved about with a few clicks of a button or a motorized snooker table that you can take along with you when you're meeting up with your pals?
    Keeping motorization in mind, we've compiled a list of 7 of the most unique designs that will floor you.
    1. Motorized couch
    Motorized Couch
    Motorized CouchMotorized Couch a unique designs to motorize your world
    Hanging out in your favorite couch has just been given a unique touch. Designed by Mark, this motorized couch lets you relax and wander about at the same time. With a steering and a gearbox that is complete with buttons for the ignition, lights and horn, the couch is designed to make relaxing as easy as possible. The couch rests on a frame with five wheels and a motor. Three inches of iron make it sturdy enough to support four adults and foot rests allow for more comfort. While the couch can't very well compete with a standard vehicle as it gives just 10hp of power, where else will you find a couch that can ferry you around?
    2. Motorized snooker table
    Motorized Snooker Table
    Motorized Snooker TableMotorized Snooker Table a unique designs to motorize your world
    Love snooker and wish you could take your table to a pals’ place for a night of fun? Then this one is for you. From the designer and creator of the condom and cigarette motorbikes which campaigned for social causes, comes the motorized snooker table car that allows you to drive it wherever you want. Built to official snooker table standards, the motorized snooker table has a 150-cc engine taken from a rickshaw with a top speed of 25 miles an hour. Not bad for something that isn't exactly a vehicle. Sudhakar Yadav, the brain behind this contraption, has also included headlights, turn signals and collapsible jacks that enable the vehicle to be turned into a conventional snooker table.
    3. Motorized barstool
    Motorized barstool
    Motorized barstoolMotorized barstool a unique designs to motorize your world
    If your favorite stool is a barstool and you love your shots, then check out this piece of engineering. Equipped with a 6hp Subaru engine, the motorized bar stool gives a speed of a very decent 30mph. Four wheels make it sturdy enough to move around and the stool even has a can/cup holder for you to place your favorite drink. It comes replete with foot pegs, front and rear lights and a custom seat designed by Psycho Seat Co.
    4. Motorized TV lift
    Motorized TV Lift
    Motorized TV LiftMotorized TV Lift a unique designs to motorize your world
    Finding the right height for your television can be tricky not to mention tedious when you decide to watch it from different heights. To solve the adjustment problem, designers have come up with the motorized flat-screen TV lift which can be made to lift and lower TV according to your desire. The lift can be placed behind, against or inside an enclosure. Being able to lower your television out of sight will give your room an illusion of more space too. It has been designed to hold flat-screen televisions ranging from 15" to 40".
    5. Motorized armchair
    Motorized Armchair
    Motorized ArmchairMotorized Armchair unique designs to motorize your world
    For those not willing to share their favorite chair, the motorized armchair cruiser is the answer. It is equipped with a stereo inside the couch and a comfy cushioned footrest. Read a book or listen to music and move to your favorite spot by maneuvering the chair. Available for sale, you can even ask the designer to customize it according to your preference. And if you want to share it with a loved one, then you can pay a sizable $7,995 for a gas-powered loveseat. If money isn't an option, then order a motorized sleeper bed for maximum comfort.
    6. Motorized mirage-mirror conceals flat-panel TVs
    Motorized Mirage-Mirror Conceals Flat-Panel TVs
    Motorized Mirage-Mirror Conceals Flat-Panel TVsMotorized Mirage-Mirror Conceals Flat-Panel TVs unique designs to motorize your world
    A unique concept, the motorized mirage-mirror acts like a two-way screen by concealing your flat-screen television behind a mirror. Able to accommodate up to a 65-inch TV, the unit is available as a wall-mount or a recessed one. There is nothing manual about it and all you have to do to bring out your TV is to press a button on a remote control which reverses the mirror.
    7. Motorized plasma screen fireplace
    Plasma Screen Fireplace
    Plasma Screen FireplaceMotorized Plasma Screen Fireplace a unique designs to motorize your world
    Another innovative idea, the motorized plasma screen fireplace hides your flat-screen television behind your fireplace when not in use. It is available in lava rock, pebbles and glass marbles. And if you're worried that the heat generated from the fireplace might affect the TV, breathe easy as it is designed in such a way that the heat is propelled outwards.

    Posted: 11 Oct 2011 10:18 PM PDT
    Aravind Balasubramanya:
    circuit board designs
    circuit board designsIncredible circuit board designs.
    Reduce, reuse, and recycle have become the watchwords of the mantra for going green. Catching on rapidly in the world, is another way of going green, via green printed boards! There are many defective prints in the circuit board industry. Instead of just throwing them away, designers have come up with innovative ideas to recycle them and enhance their utility value so that they become items of everyday use. The specialty of these circuit boards is the fact that each defunct piece is actually unique in its design and looks.
    Building on this property, designers have unleashed an array of products that are bound to electrify you. Here, we present eight such incredibly designed products, made entirely out of circuit boards.
    1. Circuit board shoes
    Circuit Board Shoes
    Circuit Board ShoesRecycled Circuit Board Shoes
    “What is the resistance of your shoes? “or “What is the shoes’ capacitance and impedance?” are not some crazy questions! They are very legit questions when you see this magnificent design by artist, Steven Rodrig. This shoe has been sculpted out of electronics circuit boards complete with the pointy toes and the high heels. It makes you feel that your ’sole’ is covered in green. We are not sure whether it will arouse the green envy of passers by, but this will definitely be a new and unique fashion statement!
    2. Circuit board notebook
    Circuit Board Notebook
    Circuit Board NotebookGreat way to bind your books.
    You sit in your classroom taking notes. Everyone is doing the same. You are at it in a furious pace with a pen in one hand and everyone else too is doing the same. Once the class is over, you shut your notebook. Everyone does the same but do not win the amazed looks that your book gets! Perfect for a computer science class, this notebook has been constructed completely from defunct computer electronics. What more, the notebooks come in two different sizes too - small and medium. It ensures that you make the right ‘connections’ for the right classes.
    3. Circuit board necklace
    Circuit Board Necklace
    Circuit Board NecklaceCircuit Board Jewellery
    Can you believe that you can obtain a necklace that is uniquely designed for under $20? The circuit board necklace is an elegant and stylish method of recycling wasted circuit boards. Here is what makes the necklace special. These circuits are pre-consumer waste which means that they have been printed wrong. This in turn means that they hold no evidence of any soldering making them completely lead free. Along with this certificate of “greenness” comes the fact that each piece is unique just like snowflakes. They also arrive as pendants, packed neatly in a gift wrap! So, what are you waiting for? Pick up one for your girl or spouse and see her get electrified!
    4. Circuit board sneakers
    Circuit Board Sneakers
    Circuit Board SneakersGeeky yet stylish circuit board sneakers.
    When someone can make ladies shoes with circuit boards, why not these gents sneakers? Gabriel Dishaw is a sculpture enthusiast and he models things out of scrap. Apart from being an enthusiast, he is a creative designer too! That is what these “reverse Nike” sneakers show. Have a close look at the laces. They are not strings but actual connecting cables! A lot of shaping and modelling have gone into these sneakers and they will definitely charm the recycling addicts.
    5. Circuit board clipboard
    Circuit Board Clipboard
    Circuit Board ClipboardA cool clipboard design.
    For the real geeks out there, we have a charmer of a stationery item - the circuit board notepad! Having the origins in a motherboard, the clipboard is a fascinating way to recycle old circuit boards. The front and the back of the boards form the front and back of the pad respectively. A clip at the top holds the papers firmly in place while the circuit printed actually affords better grip! The size of the pad is perfect for holding the international A4 sized papers in a bunch. You can be sure that writing in paper is now fun.
    6. Circuit board clock
    Circuit Board Clock
    Circuit Board ClockA must-have for any geek’s desk!
    The computer indeed is the best and most accurate clocks around, we agree. This clock too has its origin in a computer though we cannot guarantee the same precision and accuracy of time. What we can guarantee, however, is that anyone who asks you time will now begin to ask you about the time piece. This clock made of a defunct circuit board is sure to catch the eye in due ‘time’. It has been designed by Electrickery and is available for sale at £14.63. It will definitely be a perfect wall clock.
    7. Circuit board car
    Circuit Board Car
    Circuit Board CarA car decorated by recycled circuit board
    Taking recycling to the limits, instead of the usual key rings or pendants, this geek has designed a whole car body out of circuit boards. It is everyone’s guess that the safety is compromised but rest assured that the ‘flimsy’ boards have the backing of strong metal. All along the body of the car, the electronic boards have been fixed in place so that the entire car looks like one giant electronic circuit. This is definitely a vehicle to move out in on the day that you are ‘bored’!
    8. Circuit board dress
    Circuit Board Dress
    Circuit Board DressMake a fashion statement with the uniquely styled dress.
    A dress is made of a skirt with an accompanying bodice. And dresses are usually made of cloth! Making a bold move against this traditionally held concept, designers have come out with a dress made of circuit boards! The hemlines are all neatly made through the hub lines and the print on the board has been creatively utilized for an innovative design. These dresses also come with alterable hem lines and you can wear them as high or low as your personal choice. These dresses are sure to cause a stir wherever they are worn! Will you dare to be that radical who is different?

    Posted: 11 Oct 2011 10:13 PM PDT
    Ashish Chugh:
    Waterproof Gadgets
    Waterproof GadgetsGoing waterproof is a big deal for gadgets, especially when it concerns smaller models like smartphones and portable media players since those tend to slip out of the hands of butterfingers
    Many of us had lost our lovable gadgets by dropping them in water or by dropping water over them but now the time have changed. With the advancing technology many the water proof gadgets are available in the market but the demand of mobile phones, MP3 players and cameras are much higher than any other gadget. So now you need not worry if your gadget drops in swimming pool, bathtub, or toilet bowls.
    Here is the list of some cool water proof gadgets:
    1. Speedo Aqua beat 2.0 underwater 4GBMP3 player
    AquabeatSpeedo Aquabeat 2.0 Underwater 4GB MP3 Player
    This cool MP3 player allows you to enjoy music while bathing whether in swimming pool, bathtub or in shower. This MP3 player has a memory of 4GB and if you miss it somewhere in water then it will float in water, so that you can easily find it. It also has a display screen that allows you to play and change the music easily. This MP3 has multiple functions that is similar to any other music players such as shuffle, repeat etc. once it is charged it can continuously play music for 25 hours. It also supports the FM radio function and can catch signals underwater also. And if you are bathing in saline water then don't forget to wash it thoroughly after use. These MP3 players have a clip at the back that makes it attach to your goggles, swim wear or your helmet. This MP3 player comes with a new pair of advanced headphones that don't come out while swimming.
    2. Panasonic HX-WA10 Waterproof Full HD Camcorder

    Panasonic Waterproof Camcorder
    Panasonic Waterproof CamcorderPanasonic HX-WA10 Waterproof Full HD Camcorder
    Panasonic brings all new waterproof full HD camcorder to the market. This Camcorder allows you to shoot in water whether it is in rain or underwater. This Camcorder has a range of 3 meters under water. This camera can shoot up to 60 minutes underwater. This Camcorder has BSI sensors that provide you with the full HD video recording and enjoy it afterward. This camera comes with 16 Mega Pixels for a still shoot and has a LCD display of 2.7 inches. This camera allows you to zoom up to 12X. This camera has EIS technology that allows you to shoot the video without any blur. This camera is also full of many other options for a perfect output and this camera shoots in MP4 format.
    3. Pentax Optio W80 waterproof camera

    PentaxPentax Optio W80 waterproof camera
    This 5x optical zoom camera is for still shooting under shallow water. Pentax Optio comes with 12.1 MP sensor that allows you to take photographs up to 2 hours. This Camera remains waterproof up to the range of 5 meter. This camera has a shock resistance of 1 meter fall. This camera can also compete with the latest camera models as it contains almost all the features like any other camera, so you can also use it to shoot anywhere else. This camera has the face detection technology that can detect up to 32 faces. This camera can also produce the HD video of 16:9. The camera contains 2.5 inches of LCD display and supports many modes of photography.
    4. Flash survivor GTR High Performance64GB USB Flash Drive

    Flash Survivor
    Flash SurvivorFlash Survivor GTR High Performance 64GB USB Flash Drive
    This is a super flash drive that is waterproof up to 200 meters underwater. This flash drive holds the memory of 64 GB. This Flash drive is easy to carry because of its design and there is no chance of data loss in it. So now you can easily carry your important documents, pictures or videos without any damage.
    5. Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

    ElimaWaterproof Bluetooth Speaker
    Here comes the other miracle of the science, the all new Bluetooth floating waterproof speakers. With these speakers you can enjoy your music while bathing in pool; all you need is just to pair it up with your mobile phones and pump the music. Whenever a call comes on your mobile phone this Bluetooth speakers let you know at that instant that you have a call as it stop the music whenever a call comes. This set holds 2X2 speakers that provide you with stereo sound. These speakers run over AA battery.
    6. Shower tap radio

    Shower Tap Radio
    Shower Tap RadioIt officially goes by the name of Shower Tap Radio and sticks to the wall of your shower thanks to a suction cup
    This product is for the people who are enthusiastic about the radio. This Shower Tap radio can be placed or could be stick on the wall of your shower and your shower tap controls the radio system. Whenever you turn it on, you can rotate the tap to change the radio station and adjust the volume as well. This shower tap radio is also nominal at price as it just costs $20.
    7. Sonim waterproof GSM phone

    SonimSonim Waterproof phone is really one if the toughest phone in the world
    Here comes the turn of waterproof mobile phones. Here is a waterproof phone produced by Sonim that works like any other simple GSM phone. This phone weighs 140 grams and have dimension of 118.8 x56.3 x 24.6 mm. This mobile phone has a TFT display of 128 x 160 pixels. The phone has the standby time of 220 hours and talk time up to 5 hours and 30 minutes.
    8. Garmin Oregon

    Garmin Oregon
    Garmin OregonGarmin’s new Oregon 550t is a rugged, waterproof outdoor handheld GPS that combines a high-sensitivity GPS receiver with a built-in 3.2-MP autofocus digital camera
    This is a waterproof GPS navigation device of Garmin. This GPS device has a 3.2 MP of digital camera. Oregon contains preloaded US maps. Oregon also contains electronic compass, barometer altimeter and it can share data with other Oregon devices wirelessly. Oregon has the capacity of 4X zoom and a large LCD display.
    9. Waterproof high definition video CameraSpy Watch

    Waterproof Spy Watch
    Waterproof Spy WatchWaterproof High Definition Video Camera Spy Watch
    This gadget will full fill your dream of being a cool spy. This water proof Spy watch allows you to record the still photographs and videos as well. This waterproof spy watch provides the images of 1280 x 960 pixels. This camera provides footage of such a good quality that it is best among any other spy camera.
    10. Shieldpro Waterproof Laptop

    Waterproof Laptop
    Waterproof LaptopShieldPro is a good waterproof Laptop
    As denoted by name this is a laptop that is fully waterproof. Almost everyone likes to enjoy some drinks while working over the laptop and that's why it is necessary to cope with such a danger of water to laptops. This laptop can withstand up to 90 cm of water and it is more than enough for because no one can think of taking laptop inside the swimming pool. This laptop is produced by Japan and costs around $2000.

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