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10 most unique and unusual custom car designs

Amit Sainwal:
Unique and unusual custom car designs
Unique and unusual custom car designsMost Unique and unusual custom car designs
You might often not come across the unusual designs of cars, however, whenever you do they not only make you turn your head on the road but also linger in your memory for a long time. Some of them will be remembered as the nice art pieces while some others could scare the hell out of even the bravest of guys when they sneak up behind you in the dark. Well, here is a list of some unique and unusual custom designed cars that you will find odd. They’ll mesmerize you or scare the hell out of you.
1) 59 Cadillac
59 Cadillac
59 CadillacAustralian built custom '59 Cadillac car
The first one in this wild series is itself named as ‘Wild Cad’. Last year November the Kustoms Motorama and the SEMA show showcased this car, owned by a Harrington Park couple and it won America's “King of Kustoms” and SEMA’s GM Design Excellence Awards followed by many others. Though it made a limited number of appearances, it got ample amount of fame.
The owners, Colalillo family has made many variations regarding the design of the Cadillac and mostly to the interior and the chassis. Its outer mesmerizing gradiance called PPG Vibrance “Fade-away,” is painted by Gene Winfield. This beautiful piece of customized car is currently on sale at Sacramento Vintage Ford.
2) Frankenstude
FrankenstudeStudebaker design dubbed Frankenstude Car
"It was the most outrageous, ridiculous car" according to Thom Taylor. His project to transform this vintage model into a beast started in 1990 when he met Steve Anderson who was also interested in customizing cars. This purple colored beauty can generate 400HP with its tuned Chevrolet L-98 350-cid V8 engine. It made a hit when it was publicly revealed. It was unquestionably listed in “Top 100 Hot Rod that Changed the World” by HOTROD. Steve and Mary Barton of Las Vegas, the current owners of the Frankenstude, got the rear suspension changed for an air suspension by the Air Ride Tech­nologies.
3) Tirezilla
TirezillaTirezilla Art Car
Tirezilla, quite a weird name for a car but is very much apt for this customized version of an unknown car. The University of Kansas students made this car a complete art car in an art class. Tirezilla is decorated with a whole junkyard full of tire scraps. It has won the people's choice in Nebraska Art Car Show in the year 2008.
4) Leopard print
Leopard print
Leopard printLeopard print Custom Car
As we say, “a leopard in the skin of lamb,” you can see it as a car in the skin of leopard. The print is as good as weird. Looks like someone out there is showing all his love for animals by doing crazy things like this.
5) Zombie Car
Zombie Car
Zombie CarThe Strange Zombie Car
This weird disfigured car mod looks like it has been melted down from all over. Its name “Zombie” itself clarifies any doubts about its appearance. There are some small creepy outgrowths in its rear. A game controller is also installed inside the car, and well, when you sit inside it you will really feel like a zombie due to its weird interiors. This car was awarded the title of ‘Unsparing Unique Car’ in 2008 which is said to be a national level title.
6) Sinister
SinisterSinister car by Jason Holmes
The designer of this big honcho, Jason Holmes had graduated from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh in Industrial Design a couple of years back. Its design is inspired by early 30’s Ford cars which are said to set a class in themselves. Its fully finished interior ensures a comfortable and safe ride to the commuters.
7. Drivable Ferrari F1
Drivable Ferrari F1
Drivable Ferrari F1Drivable Ferrari F1 made from LEGO bricks to
After seeing all that action by their bare eyes or even in a TV set, there might be no one left who didn’t even thought of driving the amazing Ferrari F1. But the cost, speed and its driving-ability of this vehicle kept this thought as thought only. This Ferrari F1 car is a drivable version made of LEGOs. The scaling used to make this car is 1:1 and it was made for the annual LEGO World Convention. It is said to have approximately 80,000 LEGO bricks and at last, a version of the F1 that is drivable.
8. Grass Car
Grass Car
Grass CarGrass covered Car
So you want to turn a corner and finally change your vehicle to an eco friendly vehicle? If you were to take the words environmental’ and green to a literal perception, you might end up with something that will look pretty similar to this. One cannot decide if this practice is green or silly but it looks fabulous combination of tech and nature. May be there are some benefits to do this (like insulating the car somehow) or some creative people got bored and applied an AstroTurf all over the car. Anyway, this is unique and unusual and thus comes under this list.
9. Bentley SenseS
Bentley SenseS
Bentley SenseSBentley SenseS futuristic car concept
This is a concept car made by a Spanish car designer, Arthuro Peralta and sponsored by Bentley Motors. The external surface of this car is made of a solid hologram technology that helps the passenger to feel the real emotion of driving a car and from the inside, you can actually see the flow in channels that power the vehicle. Its aerodynamic body is made so to reduce the energy wastage. Moreover, this concept car will be only a concept for coming years because the technology that is said to be used is currently not feasible. It will connect to its driver by genetically engineered attachments, artificial intelligence and biotechnology.
10. Vestige
VestigeVestige Custom Car design
Looking similar in design to the above Bentley SenseS, Vestige is a design concept for Aston Martin. Its white metallic body with the combination of black tinted roof and windows are said to grab a lot of attention on the streets. According to the designers, its design is close to that of Khepri, the Egyptian God. Another interesting feature about this vehicle is its wonderful rims. It is worth to mention that Vestige has four electric motors and a rather powerful Wankel engine installed, featuring its supercharging capabilities.

Vanga Kalyani:
A Bizzare Building
A Bizzare BuildingUnusual yet Creative design
One of the reasons why urban surroundings are so fascinating is their architecture. Shaggy, old, dull surroundings or a weary construction or an important place could be made to look exquisite with just a little touch of excellent architecture. Architects and constructors nowadays are planning and designing buildings in a way that they not only look better but also symbolize the future. Here are a few bizarre yet fascinating buildings which are the masterpieces of modern world architecture.
1. Container City
Container City
Container CityContainer City London, UK
A huge amount of under- utilised shipping containers could be found anywhere in the docks. These can be acquired for a sum. The strength and durability of these containers provide an ideal material for constructing structures. Construction of buildings, workplaces and offices can be done with these containers. The advantage of such a construction is that it does not require much land. It can be built for at cost smaller than regular construction. The construction of structures using these containers takes far less time than constructing ordinary buildings. The most interesting feature of this building is that it can be transported easily by just unbolting it and relocating in an other place.
2. Walt Disney Concert Hall

Walt Disney Concert Hall
Walt Disney Concert HallWalt Disney Concert Hall Los Angeles, California
Walt Disney concert hall, the gift to the people of Los Angeles and a tribute to Walt Disney was designed by an excellent and innovative architect Frank Gehry. This is one of the masterpieces of architecture where the exteriors are flourished with stainless steel material with sparkly curves which not only make it look marvellous but also supports the best visual and aural cognizance. With hardwood- paneled acoustics inside the main auditorium, it gained its place as one of the finest concert halls in the world.

3. Kansas City Public Library

Kansas city public library
Kansas city public libraryKansas City, Missouri, USA
The Kansas city public library is one of the most intelligent and creative ideas for construction of a library. Kansas city public library is one of the best ideas to attract readers all over. This construction’s foreground has the shape of stacked books in a row with names of famous books and their authors. The construction is not the entrance for the library but it is the foreground of the parking lot.
4. The Basket Building

The Basket Building
The Basket BuildingThe Basket Building, Zanesville, Ohio
The Basket Building located in Ohio houses the main office of the Longabeger basket company. This is constructed to resemble an ordinary shopping basket or a picnic basket, with handles held together. In the winter, these handles are constantly heated to avoid snow and frost deposits on them.

5. Ray and Maria Stata Center
Ray and Maria Stata Center
Ray and Maria Stata CenterDesigned by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Frank Gehry for the MIT
The Ray and Maria Stata center in Cambridge was designed by one famous and creative architect, Frank Gehry. The funds for this construction were raised by Ray and Maria Stata including many famous people. The building houses laboratories for various research departments and offices of many great scientists. After reaching the fourth floor, the building is divided into two streams. They are Gates tower and the Dreyfoos tower. They are usually called as ‘G-tower’ or ‘D-tower’.
6. Crooked House
Crooked House
Crooked HouseCrooked House, Bilbao, Spain
The Krzywy Domek also known as the Crooked House was designed by Szotynscy Zalesk. It is situated in Sopot, Poland. This construction is based on the reference of a children’s story book which makes it interesting and comic too. It houses a few restaurants, bars, shops, a mall etcetera. It is a three storey building with green shades covering the metal on the roof curves. Its bizarre shape is a tourist attraction too.
7. Basque Health Department Building
Basque Health Department Building
Basque Health Department BuildingBasque Health Department Headquarters, Bilbao, Spain
The Basque Health department building is yet an another masterpiece, designed by architect Juan Carlos Coll Barreu. It is situated in Bilbao, Spain. This structure has the unique property of appearing different from various points of view. The glass made of improvised techniques is used to cover this building. This glass acts like a prism. The look of the building changes constantly from day till night following the light changes in the surroundings. The architect was so keen in designing that he even took care of the various safety measures at the interiors and exteriors perfectly.
8. Upside Down House
Upside Down House
Upside Down HouseUpside Down House, Szymbark, Poland
The Upside Down house was designed by architect Daniel Czapiewski in a little village Szymbark, Poland. Almost any structure could have been accomplished by the czapiewski’s team in just three weeks but this structure took them 114 days as the workmen weren’t sure of the bizarre angles of the construction. This also serves as a best tourist attraction where it gathers almost thousands of tourists on a regular basis.
9. Cubic Houses
Cubic Houses
Cubic HousesCubic Houses, Rotterdam, Netherlands
The Cubic Houses were designed by architect Piet Blom. This construction is situated in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The concept behind creating such a structure is that the architect Piet Blom wanted to create a housing complex in the form of an ‘urban forest’ where each building takes the form of an abstract tree and the cubes act like the upper portion of the trees. The house comprises of three floors. The cube mostly accommodates the living rooms. The advantage of such a construction is that it occupies less area on the ground that regular construction.
10. Art Museum, Austria
Art Museum Austria
Art Museum AustriaGraz Art Museum, Austria
The Graz Art museum in Austria was designed by the architects Peter Cook and Colin Fournier. This structure has shimmering, translucent, blue acrylic glass exterior. This structure houses two large exhibition rooms under it. The nozzles present on the exteriors of the structure are made to project lighting to the interiors which gives it an optimal natural look. The glassed windows in the exteriors allows the visitors to look out and the particularly constructed projecting glass structure called ‘needle’ gives a fabulous view of the Graz town.

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Sunando Basu:
Recycled 747 Jumbos
Recycled 747 JumbosOld 747 Jumbos recycled to offer a sustainable retreat
The old 747 Jumbo aircrafts are a valuable source of aluminum metal as far as re-cycling of the airplane parts is concerned. Nowadays, the rate of recycling airplanes has gone up, but the process is highly damaging to the environment. Almost 200 planes per year will be scrapped, but there is another way to recycle the planes in an environment friendly way and that is by converting them into hotels and resorts. The same can be structured in beautiful ways to attract visitors for a nice and comfortable stay. Almost 80% of the aluminum from an aeroplane can be recycled, so why not utilize the precious metal in a sustainable way?
The ordinary
The 747 Jumbo airplanes are of real utility and get scraped only after a long service of 20-40 years. The huge planes can be easily reduced to a heap of metal within days and there are specific places like the Mojave Desert and others, which serve as the bowl of the old, obsolete Boeing. For instance, a Jumbo 747 of Perth, Australia, was up for service for almost 35 years and it flew 55 million air miles in its life. Some days back, it was disposed into a mountain of metals and nothing else. The extent of maintenance required for an aircraft, is the deciding parameter of its service years.

The target to create something new from the old parts of airplanes was definitely a point then and also the fascinating idea of using a Boeing 747 was inevitable because the non-weathered parts of a scraped airplane can be the best source of aluminum which is pretty precious. For instance, a Mercedes dealer of California Francie Rehwald built her house with an old 747 few years back, so you see the ‘green’ factor of building a house is also reflected here with an inspirational innovation. Is not it awesome? Go on reading to discover many such interesting facts.
The extraordinary
The fuselages are also used to create such green hotels in different parts of the world like the Costa Rica. Jumbo flights are really incredible machines and they fly throughout their young age to serve us. People retire for a sleep in the airports in context of waiting to catch a Boeing, people wants a Boeing to be his own thing all the time. Do not you think so? If yes, then what can be a better option to built a hotel out of a Boeing 747?

The making
A perfect concoction of supply and demand, an old airplane will be the best option for building a house. If you want your house to be as curvy as models, if you want it to be as sensuous as a hunky Ferrari, then go for re-cycled airplane parts to make the dream house. The initial analysis and planning the structure is pretty important to make the house, so consult with your architecture for a better understanding of the procedure. 65 square feet rooms can easily be carved out with a neat plan layout, if the airplane is to become the house, so the amount of metal which can be extracted from the plane is a pretty nice quantity.
The target group
The nature lovers and the millionaires are the people who can take up this sort of project because it costs a lot which can only provided by such individuals. The environment lovers are seen to target such recycling processes but the overall zeal to carry one with the work has to be at the zenith. There are a lot of issues like the clearance of the government, capital, personal tenacity which is needed to carry out this sort of endeavor.


The potential of such a technology which transforms the after-flight life of an airplane is huge and so the popularity and acceptance of it is increasing day by day. The Eco-friendly re-cycling of an airplane can lead to a boost to the country’s economy because of the invaluable metals and parts which need not to be exported or bought. Also, the hotels and suites made in the planes from such a technology can easily earn some revenue to the authorities. So, the revolutionizing technique is being absorbed by all the countries of the world gradually because ‘it is better to be done late, than undone’.

Related trends

1. 747 turned into hostel

747 Turned into Hostel
747 Turned into HostelThis jumbo jet has been reconstructed and is now a 25-room boutique hotel with substantial bathroom improvements, and even an elevator
What can be more luxurious than sleeping in your own bed which is a cockpit of a 747 Boeing? Almost 80% of the re-cycled parts of a Boeing can be extracted, but again it can also be turned into a full-fledged hostel as shown above. Almost 70 beds can be easily incorporated within the hostel and the makeover of the interiors transformed the above plane into a golden chariot to stay.

2. Recycled airplane home

Recycled Airplane Home
Recycled Airplane HomeThe Wing House is an Abode Made from an Old 747 Jumbo Jet
The above wing house is basically made from a Boeing 747 by a California based person called Francie Rehwald and the building of such a house needed precision which was accurately achieved. The scraped parts of the plane were used to build this cool residential structure thereby inspiring every human being to apply such guts into a shape. The reincarnation of airplane parts was done for several months at a stretch and the wings were precariously used on the top portion of the house.

3. Boeing 747 turned into a restaurant

Boeing 747 turned Into a Restaurant
Boeing 747 turned Into a RestaurantBoeing 747 Jumbo converted to a restaurant in Korea
Boeing 747 can easily be used as a source of commercial revenue generation purposes too like the above one. A Boeing is converted into a restaurant in South Korea which earns for the authorities. Here the engines are transformed into sign boards, the conventional airplane door provides for a royal welcome into the bistro cum airplane too. The accommodation of nearly 150 people is provided but unfortunately the restaurant is not in a working state currently.

4. Boeing 747 spare bedroom flight simulator

Boeing 747 Spare Bedroom Flight Simulator
Boeing 747 Spare Bedroom Flight SimulatorJohn Davis builds $30,000 Jumbo Jet Simulator in his Bedroom
The Boeing’s sustainable use ranges so wide that even a simulator like the above one is run by a man called John Davis from his home. The cockpit is built of wood and the software requirements are easily fulfilled by Aerowinx, aircraft flight simulator and many such. The hardware has throttles, autopilot systems and other supports too taken from the internet.

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Sustainable Circular Taiwan Tower
Sustainable Circular Taiwan TowerThe tower is designed to resist the dynamic force of the wind.

The concept
Creating a marvelous structure which is simply breathtaking and is unique requires enormous talent. Throughout the world, people have created and are creating mind-boggling attractions that touch the sky. Recently, a new concept has been planned in Taiwan which enhances the value of the country due to a newly designed astonishing structure named as the Taiwan Tower. It's a circular tower which is designed by STL Architects. This tower highlights the character of the city of Taichung as it is the tallest structure in the city. It provides eye catchy panoramic views of the city through its observatory desk. The Taiwan Tower will represent itself as a monumental building and will offer an iconic identity to the city. The design has been planned to strengthen the feeling of identity of people towards Taichung. The tower boasts various sections which can be accessed from the bottom of it.
The creation of this building is an attempt to mark its presence into a new technological era. Technically, this tower has been planned to resist the strong force of the wind. A preliminary analysis of this tower highlights that the modal frequencies of the ring is the reason for the tower to move in all directions – side to side, twisting and forward and back. To stop this movement, the bottom of this tower has been thickened for more firmness. It boasts systems for renewable energy and achieves lighter and more permeable features.
The inspiration
Always there should be at least one thing that could inspire people to think differently and uniquely. In views of drawing more and more tourists and visitors for the increase in economy of the country, the city has received such a huge masterpiece. When it comes to inspiration, this tower has become a part of sustainable design to help reduce the need of mechanical heating as well as cooling. Due to this approach, the city saves enormous amount of energy which should have spend additionally after the development of this remarkable attraction. The vision of the architects is the perfect element to fulfill the requirements of people from various sectors.
Where we are now?
Creating such an amazing work of art requires enough time to build in a perfect way. This tower so far has only been planned. This will take another few years to develop entirely as a pride of the nation and people. This concept will become a futuristic approach and will enormously increase the demand for the architecture. No doubt, this tower is not the only sustainable design across the globe. Many existing and recognizable sustainable designs can be found in various fields. However, in the case of architecture, this design would be an extra-ordinary concept to rule the world.
What makes it stand out?
The best part which makes this tower more attractive is its skin which gets pixilated with the sparkling openings in the planned as well as occupiable zones. The central area is permeable for the openings where visitors experience something that they have never dreamt in their life. The degradation of the openings which vary between 20% and 60% is made to attain highest rate of lightness to bring the most of brightness in the central part of the tower. This enables the design to become a bit lighter since the central part holds lesser materials and saves more energy. Another salient feature of this tower is its design which has been meticulously planned to withstand the dynamic force of the wind during harsh weather condition. The thickness and arrangement of the beams which are planned to use to create this structure offers higher levels of rigidity at the foundation so that the ring could stand without getting imbalanced. In fact, horizontal arrangement has been done without obscuring the views at the top. The planned and occupiable parts of the tower boast double skin. With no glazing at the openings, the central zone has received permeable feature whereas, the vertical structure and outer skin is the precise composition.
Where do we go from here?
Developing innovative and green designs is not that easy. The concept is very effective only if it's build in the way it has been planned with additional factors. As it's still a concept, more changes can be found in it to enhance the value. Once this tower builds up, people not only be able to view the entire city touching every corner of the sky, but will also mold themselves with the green strategies to contribute in saving the environment.
Related trends
Such unique designs are highly in demand, especially the deployment of green strategies. Below listed are five related trends which boasts amazing settings that provide opportunities to witness the glory of their respective cities.
1. Farm Tower
Farm Tower
Farm TowerThe “London Farm Tower” is an amazing concept by Brandon Martella and is situated on the southern bank of the river Thames, facing Potter’s Field
This London Farm Tower is an amazing concept that comes under the sustainable building. It's a compact skyscraper with all significant ingredients to say that the city is self-sufficient including agriculture. This multi-storied structure is planned to cater energy, food and other requirements.
2. LO2P Giant Green Ferris Wheel Recycling Center
LO2PIt is designed by Atelier CMJN led by Julien Combes, Gael Brule of France
This skyscraper is in the competition to become amongst the most amazing and unique designs planned with green factors for better results. This giant Ferris Wheel has received green color and boasts concepts that are completely out of this world. It's a giant greenhouse build up of recycled cars' parts. Inside the wheel, a wind turbine has been created to serve as powerful bio-lungs for polluted city.
3. Sustainable City Tower
City Tower
City TowerLocated in the Maas Harbor, the "City Tower" connects to the land through a series of walkways where.
Another sustainable concept with unbelievably elevated building. It's a modern architecture and fulfills high amount of water and energy requirements of the city through the process of harnessing the natural resources. It's a Dutch architecture firm named Monolab that has presented a phenomenal structure by accommodating residential and special commercial programming, a merge of house and office, observation decks and restaurants and gym.
4. Graft Tower
Graft tower
Graft towerThe Graft Tower is located on the New Monserrate Street at the intersection of the San Juan’s two arterial public transportation routes.
This sustainable concept structure is based on hydroponics for the promotion of self-sufficiency. From inside, it literally seems like a tree house with fascinating designs which entice every person. This building is made of organic materials and lives on the natural resources, growing and spreading before it is grafted again to the main tower.
5. Vertical Theme Park
Vertical theme Park
Vertical theme ParkChristened the Vertical Theme Park, the sustainable building harvests solar and other green energy sources, recycled waste and harvests rainwater.
This eye-catchy theme park features sustainable facility which is powered by renewable energy. As the availability of land is depleting for farming, this modern structure has been designed to meet all the growing needs by dwelling in the sky. The sustainable building harvests solar as well as other green energy sources along with harvests rainwater and recycled waste.
About the designer
The designer of this giant attraction is STL, a collaborative group of design professionals. It has formed with an ordinary vision and a passion for planning, designing and architecture. The STL Group was founded in 1996 by Tracy Susanne Salvia, Jose Luis de la Fuenta and Luis Collado. Today, STL has become one of the premier architectural companies in Chicago. As the founders of this firm believe that good architecture develop through modest, team based efforts, the office has been set up in an open as well as communicative atmosphere. This enables the firm to come up with cohesive plans and direct benefits of projects.
Picture Gallery
Sustainable Circular Taiwan Tower
The programmed and occupiable parts of the tower are fitted with a double skin.
Via: Evolo

Preeti Dahiya:

Creative Rulers
Creative Rulersunusual and Creative Rulers
The rulers are one of the most commonly used devices when it comes to the measurement option. Also these rulers are used for every kind of art work and other cool and trendy works done on fabrics and at various other places. The days are gone when the rulers meant those big wooden rulers which were too heavy to use and carry. This is an era of ultra cool and new creatively designed rulers.
These rulers not only make your job easy but also add to the overall beauty of your project. These rulers are a rage these days for their ultra-creative designs and handy use. These rulers are also making big news for their ecofriendly properties and the different ways they can be used creatively. In the market these days, there are various such rulers available but only few of them are worth of a deal.
Here is a list of seven innovative ruler designs to ensure perfect measurements which also add to the beauty of your work.
1. Pocket knife ruler

Pocket Knife Ruler
Pocket Knife RulerPocket Knife Ruler
The rulers these days come along various other utilities which are worth using. This cool ruler comes along with a really sharp knife that can be used for multiple purposes. This cool ruler cum knife is especially designed for Garrett Wade. The ruler is 6" long with a folding option and consists of two stainless steel sharp blades which have a separate opening toward any side. This handy pocket knife ruler weighs just 0.8 z and is priced at $29.95.
2. Ladder Ruler

Ladder Ruler
Ladder RulerLadder Ruler
This ruler is ultra creative and ultra stylish. This is a especially designed ruler that is so beautiful that you will not be able to take your eyes off them. Seriously addictive is this ruler which comes with a ladder shaped that is perfectly balanced with highly smooth edges. It's fun when you use cool things in your work as they offer style and a feel of liveliness. This ruler should not be missed and is really a strong worth of a deal.
3. Pen ruler

Pen Ruler
Pen RulerPen Ruler
These days things are made compact and most of them are integrated into each other to save space and add a bit of style to the object. This is one of the coolest concept rulers which is incorporated along with the pen. We often forget to take out scale along, but we might never forget to take this cool and trendy ruler pen along where ever we go. It reduces the space occupied by a traditional ruler and is very handy and easy to use. The looks are stunning and the design is perfectly matching with the looks. This cool piece is worth of a buy if you like things simple and compact.
4. Calculator ruler

Calculator Ruler
Calculator RulerCalculator Ruler
Another hybrid ruler is this cool and creative Calculator Ruler. This is a perfect gadget for all the engineering students out there as they have to use the calculator more than anything. And at times we forget to take our rulers along, but it's really hard to forget a calculator as it’s a very important device. This ruler incorporated calculator is a real masterpiece and is capable of calculating up to 8 digits. The dimension of this calculator cum ruler is 210*53*11mm which is pretty compact. With all these features of a standard calculator and an incorporated stylish ruler, this device is high in market and is positively appreciated.
5. Soft ruler

Soft Ruler
Soft RulerSoft Ruler
The days are gone when the rulers were really hard and also left impression on paper when they were used. It's all about compactness and creativity these days. This cool flexible ruler is one of the most creative rulers ever made which completely changed the world of rulers. This is no traditional ruler which we use at home; it’s a new smart ruler. These flexible or soft rulers are easy to use and can fit into any size and any shape quite easily. It is 30 cm long but after folding it's nothing more than half of its original size.
6. Split ruler

Split Ruler
Split RulerSplit Ruler
The Split ruler is a complete new age ruler with a new cool concept. This smart ruler defines a perfect creativity and smartness. This ruler as the name suggests is a split ruler that means it is divided into two equal parts. Well that’s not actually the thing. This wooden ruler is especially made with a split portion between the two sides of the ruler that allows a space where you can keep your pencil or other stuff when not in use. Usually these small pencils and pens get misplaced quite easily, so this is the thing to go for. You can keep your pencil on the split portion and can use it when you want to. The split ruler is made completely out of laser cut beech wood that provides smooth edges and elegant looks. It has a dimension of 310 x 32 x 4 mm.
7. Electronic ruler

Electronic Ruler
Electronic RulerElectronic Ruler
The rulers these days are not like the traditional rulers which were bulky and hard to use. These days most of the rulers are incorporated along with the new generation devices. This electronic ruler is one such device. It is designed by Shay Shafranek and is considered to be one of the unique and smart rulers. This ruler is similar to a traditional ruler but still is far better in terms of technology used. It is completely made out of high quality laser-cut wooden piece and is incorporated with electronic device that displays the exact value of the point from the reference point. It can measure the length of any line wherever you start from. And also this cool ruler is capable of measuring the distance between two distinct objects or points. This is what makes it really cool and add to the beauty of the ruler. With all these features, this awesome piece is hard to ignore.

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Ketan Katdare:
Creative accessories for iPhone
Creative accessories for iPhoneCreative accessories to boost up your iPhone
You can customize your iPhone products by using accessories available in the market. You can find most attractive and exciting things. It is one of the easiest ways of giving a personal touch to your iPhone and at the same time applying creativity to the technology. These iPhone accessories are simply beautiful. Here are some of the coolest and creative collection of useful accessories that you can purchase for your iPhone or iPod touch.
1. Waterproof iPhone Case

Waterproof iPhone Case
Waterproof iPhone CaseDryCASE is a flexible waterproof case that allows complete use of your iPhone while keeping it dry and clean.
You can use DryCase Folio DC-17, a flexible case made of a waterproof material. It is the best choice for your iPhone. The material is very flexible to accommodate various sizes of iPhone and also its crystal clear display cover allows you to see through without any hassle. It is very easy to clean. You can just remove it and clean it with a dry cloth. The air tight seal gives you guarantee of keeping your iPhone dry. This case also allows you to connect waterproof headphones to enjoy music or even do phone calls with its headphone jack.
2. iPhone Windshield Mount

iPhone Windshield Mount
iPhone Windshield MountKeep your iPhone or iPod touch safe and in view with WindowSeat
You can mount your iPhone at the eye level with the help of this windshield mount. By doing this, you can keep a watch on your iPhone while driving without any efforts. You can mount it even on your dashboard. With the help of this, you can see the navigation or different maps while driving a car. Windshield mount has very firm grips and the angle can be adjusted to suite your eyesight. After finding a suitable position, you can lock the mount so that you don't have to adjust it again. Also, you can easily detach the windshield mount after its use.
3. TV Hat

TV Hat
TV HatThis hat turns an iPhone into your own personal movie theater
TV hat comes in a variety of colors and patterns. You can have a baseball cap style for your iPhone. It comes with nylon guard which blocks other light coming from outside the iPhone. You have to put your iPhone inside the hat and can enjoy watching a video or listen to songs. It looks very stylish and favorite among iPhone users. There is a magnifying glass which allows you to have a clear and bigger view of the screen of iPhone. You can adjust the magnifying glass by moving it closer or away from the object. It is fixed with the body of a hat. So, you don't have to put your phone in a pocket.
4. iBike Rider

iBike Rider
iBike RiderThe iBike Rider is a wrist-mounted iPhone case
The iBike rider is the coolest accessory and most popular among bike lovers. It is the wrist-mounted iPhone case which gives you an easy way to look at your iPhone while riding on the bike. If it is paired with the headphone, you can even listen to the songs and accept calls while riding. And additionally, you can also view the navigation map during riding on the bike. The body of iBiker is totally waterproof and made up of a sturdy material for the rough use. You can safely put your iPhone in the case and enjoy the riding while listening to your favorite songs.
5. Tactile Keyboard for iPhone
Tactile Keyboard for iPhone
Tactile Keyboard for iPhoneTK-421 iPhone case comes with a real flip-out tactile keyboard.
Tactile keyboard makes emailing and messaging very much easy. It comes with various iPhone cases. These keyboards are really helpful and you can use phone very efficiently. You can rotate this keyboard in all directions as per your requirements. Your iPhone will become extra efficient with the use of this keyboard. Various models are available which are suitable for most of the iPhone models.
You can flip out the keyboard when needed and flip back once done with its use. With the help of this keyboard, you can achieve the maximum accuracy and speed. It works with all the applications of the iPhone. The keys are made up of a hard plastic type material to give maximum use. The keyboard consists of rechargeable built in batteries. You can charge it by USB cable.
6. Vyne iPhone Holder

Vyne iPhone Holder
Vyne iPhone HolderVyne iPhone Holder by Clint Spencer & Ryan Eder
It is the most stylish stand available to hold your iPhone. It can be coiled into various forms with the help of its flexible strap. You can put it on your office desk or the dressing table. You can have a quick look at your iPhone while sitting at your office table or on the bed. It is made up of plastic material which is sturdy enough. The clip gives a firm grip to your iPhone to be intact for long time. It is the best way to watch videos on your iPhone while sleeping in the bed.
7. Game Boy iPhone Case

Game Boy iPhone Case
Game Boy iPhone CaseTransform the outside of your iPhone into a Game Boy
You can have this game case with the exceptionally stylish looks. You can enjoy the thrill of various games with the help of this case. It is made of very hard plastic material to give you maximum durability. It has a few buttons on its body. Those buttons are very useful while playing the different games. These cases are available in different exciting colors and patterns. You can easily insert and remove the iPhone from this case. The overall structure and design is very user friendly. You can play games efficiently and with full of joy.
8. GoSmart Clip iPhone Wheel Mount

GoSmart Clip iPhone Wheel Mount
GoSmart Clip iPhone Wheel MountGoSmart Clip securely fastens your iPhone to the steering wheel
With the help of GoSmart clip, you can place your iPhone at the middle of your steering wheel. You can easily view the iPhone during driving. The main advantage is that you can check the GPS for navigation purpose while driving. This clip is made up of a plastic material and available in various colors. You can insert your phone in the curved areas which gives grip to the top and bottom edges of your phone. You can cover the area of your iPhone with the clip. This clip can be used for most models of iPhone. The clip is strong enough to hold your iPhone on bad roads.
9. OWLE Bubo iPhone DSLR

OWLE Bubo iPhone DSLR
OWLE Bubo iPhone DSLROWLE Bubo was made to help you use SLR lenses with the iPhone.
This is the most hi-end accessory for your iPhone. It is used for most cameras for shooting purpose. You can mount your iPhone on this and can shoot some test footage. This is very much stable and you can shoot without any hassle.

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Jhilik Mitra:
Light Bulb Inspired
Light Bulb InspiredCollection of creative gadgets and designs inspired by a regular light bulb
Since its iconic discovery by Thomas Alva Edison in the year 1879, the incandescent lamp has given light to thousands of households for years. With its warm light and good color reflection, the classic light bulb is one of the most important inventions in history. Mankind has since been extremely dependent on light, along with its different designs and fixtures in homes, at work and public spaces. Innovation, practicality, creativity, aesthetics, and in some cases, environmental impact have become important factors in light design concepts. These days the incandescent light bulbs have been mostly replaced by LEDs along with other energy efficient and environment-friendly lights. Light bulbs, however, still continue to inspire designers around the world. Let us take a look.

1. Recycled old light bulbs

Recycled Old
Recycled OldReduce, Reuse, Recycle by Summon The Wolves
Summon the wolves shows us how to recycle old and burned out light bulbs. With the help of a few easily available materials like epoxy, pliers, compressors and drills, you can build a mini-terrarium inside the light bulb. You will need some soil and some small plants like clover or moss that you want to plant inside. Once you have prepared this desk-friendly, tiny nature space the only care it will need is a few drops of water down the inside.

2. Slow Glow

Slow Glow
Slow GlowSlow Glow lamp is in the shape of a giant lightbulb, filled with saturated soya oil and a bulb
The Slow Glow lamp, also known as the Fat lamp, has its light source immersed in oil. As the light heats up, it slowly melts the substance, which gradually becomes translucent. The light becomes brighter and brighter and the lamp warms up in a comforting way. The oil solidifies on switching off the lamp.

3. Giant light bulb-shaped lamps

Giant Light Bulb
Giant Light BulbIt features an RGB dimmable power-LED and comes with a remote controller
With her SO1 lamp design, designer Sarah Olaerts pays homage to the classic light bulbs in the shape of a giant 4.5 feet light bulb. The remote-controlled lamp is made from polythene and features an RGB power LED.

4. Pocket light bulb

Pocket Light Bulb
Pocket Light BulbCreative Pocket Light by Hyun Jin Yoon & Eun Hak Lee
This pocket light bulb which fits in your wallet may look like a normal credit card but it is actually pocket lighting, conceptually designed by Hyun Jin Yoon and Eun Hak Lee. It is quite interesting how such a small card can be actually used for lighting. The inside has an interstice like the normal light bulb. Whenever you need a small light, e.g. to search for your keys, simply flip the light bulb cut-out which will immediately light up.

5. Levitating wireless-powered light bulb

wirelessly powered
wirelessly poweredLevitating wirelessly powered lightbulb
The levitating wireless-powered light bulb floats in midair and remains that way for years without any physical contact. The light bulb does not need any charging or batteries. Even with both the levitation and wireless power circuitry, this light bulb consumes half the energy as that by an incandescent bulb. At the first glance, it might look unbelievable but the trick lies in hiding the circuitry of the bulb. This design concept incorporates the use of electromagnetic forces along with coupled resonant wireless power transfer to levitate the bulb and to transfer power from the housing to the bulb.

6. Mobile light bulbs

Mobile Light Bulbs
Mobile Light BulbsVaka concept by Ian Bach combines a designer light tree with mobile light bulbs
The Vaka concept by Ian Bach combines a designer light tree with mobile light bulbs. The lamp is shaped like a tree and has bulbs attached to its branches. The coolest thing about this design is that the light bulbs still work when removed from the branches. These bulbs made of silicon are rechargeable. They get charged while being attached to the Vaka tree branches. After charging, they can be removed and taken to other places where you need lighting and simply reattached to the branches to charge again. The bulb turns on and off by a simple squeeze of the bulb itself. As is claimed by the company, the Vaka design concept literally allows you to “take light anywhere”.

7. Light bulb hot air balloon

Hot Air Balloon
Hot Air BalloonGiant light bulb-shaped hot-air balloon in Melbourne's skies
A giant light bulb-shaped hot air balloon took to the skies of Melbourne on 22nd March 2008, a week ahead of the Earth hour aimed at raising awareness of energy efficiency and energy consumption. Homes and businesses worldwide turned off their lights and electric appliances as a call to action on rapid climatic changes around the globe. The hot air balloon traveled from Bundoora and circled the city before landing at St. Kilda. The balloon measured 32 meters in height and featured the Earth Hour 60 logo with the slogan “We are up for Earth Hour”.

8. Scheisse pendant light

ScheisseScheisse pendant lamp shaped like a broken light bulb
The Scheisse pendant light designed by Norwegian designer Hans Bleken Rud is a large pendant lamp with an elegant design and high artistic value. The pendant light is made of steel and a off-white matt covering with the light bouncing off the shattered segments. The lamp which is shaped like a broken light bulb has a height of 60 cm, diameter of 58 cm and is priced at a hefty sum of 587.99 pounds. With a blend of both aesthetic and industrial designs, the Scheisse pendant light bulb experiments with shadow and light, negative and positive shapes. Wherever you place it, this pendant lamp is sure to stand out and dominate a room.

9. Siamese light bulb

SiameseCreative Siamese twin bulb, with two bases and one head
The first look at the Siamese light bulb is sure to take you by surprise. The cool design of this light bulb actually creates an optical illusion with the connector portion of the bulb sticking out on one side when it is screwed to any lighting fixture. The mystery is solved when the bulb is unscrewed. You will see a Siamese twin bulb with a couple of bases with just a single head. However, the feasibility of large scale commercial production of these light bulbs is still questionable.

10. Flat bulb by JoonHuyn Kim

Flat bulb
Flat bulbFlat Bulbs by Joonhuyn Kim have slim shape that allows them to be easily stacked and prevents breakage
Displayed at the 100% Design Tokyo in the year 2008, the Flat bulb is designed by Korean designer JoonHuyn Kim. The volume of the flat bulbs is only one-third of that of the regular bulbs making them suitable for easy stacking and shipping. Also, the flat shape of these bulbs makes them less susceptible for breaking as they do not roll. These innovative light bulbs are energy efficient and their smaller volume reduces packaging and transportation costs.

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Anusha .A:
Bizarre Landline phones
Bizarre Landline phonesMost bizarre landline phones you'd ever buy
Not only there are mobile phones that make you go crazy with their loaded facilities and applications, nowadays you also get land line phones of crazy shapes and sizes. Land line phones of weird types are available at reasonable prices and are easily shipped from different places as per your need. Now let's look at some of such bizarre phones, its cost and its features.

Animated Snoopy
Animated SnoopyAnimated Snoopy Phone
Animated snoopy phone is a land line phone introduced by Telemania. It is an animated telephone with sound where Snoopy plays saxophone and Woodstock performs to it. Their movements can be customized during rings and demo button operation.
a) Redialing of last number
b) Compatibility for hearing aids
c) Stylish black base for characters in traditional colors
Purchase and price:
a) Its price is $30.99 which is 1518.05 in INR
b) It can be purchased through and can be shipped for free
c) Its shipping weight is 3.4 pounds

CrosleyCrosley CR92 Country Wall Phone II - Oak
This country wall phone is a colonial style kitchen phone reproducing early American heritage. Original of this phone was introduced in 1920’s and it has the charm of original phone. Buttons are touch-tone in rotary style.
a) Provides high-quality communications
b) Options available to change between tone and pulse
c) It has recipe-style storage compartment with speaker and hold functions
Purchase and price:
a) Its price is $75.45 which is 3695.94 in INR
b) It can be purchased through and can be shipped for free
c) Its shipping weight is 9 pounds

Michael Jordan
Michael JordanMichael Jordan Animated Phone
It is a great phone for sports fans. When this animated phone rings, the basketball opens to the basketball court which contains his fans. Jordan is announced, crowd start cheering and lights flash. Also action shots of Jordan can be seen by rotating the phone to 360 degrees.
a) It has Michael Jordan’s signature at the top
b) Ringer can be customized or conventional one can be used
c) Only limited supply available and only available within US
Purchase and price:
Currently this phone is unavailable as it is being stopped by the manufacturer

Star Wars
Star WarsStar Wars R2D2 Novelty Phone
This is the phone available for star wars’ fans, shown in Star Wars films and now can be made available at your desk. This phone has sound and animation effects when the phone rings, as it moves its head and lights up with sound built by Telemania.
a) Available to choose between tone and pulse dialing
b) It runs on ordinary D alkaline batteries
c) One year warranty available
d) Last number redialing facility available
e) It is a FCC and ETL approved phone
Purchase and price:
Currently this phone is unavailable as it is being stopped by the manufacturer

SpongeBobNickelodeon SpongeBob SquarePants Flip Phone
In this phone one piece of telephone flips open. It is sculpted in plastic with traditional colors and is shaped like a SpongeBob. It is not to be considered as a toy.
a) Volume control options available in receiver
b) Options available to change switch between tone and pulse
Purchase and price:
a) Its price is available from $32.10 which is 1572.43 in INR
b) It can be purchased through

c) Its dimensions are 9.5 x 8.3 x 11.4 inches and its weight is 15.2 ounces

Spiderman Phone
Spiderman PhoneAnimated Spiderman Phone
This phone is a perfect replica of the Action Hero in Spiderman. In this the arm of the Animated spider man raises and shoots Web and plays his theme song when a call arrives.
a) Last number redialing facility available.
b) Options available to change between tone and pulse.
c) Required 4 C batteries.
d) Ringer can be customized or conventional one can be used.
Purchase and price:
a) Its price is $36.99 which is 1811.97 in INR.
b) It can be purchased through
c) Its dimensions are144 x 96 x 48 inches and its weight is 3.2 pounds.

Southern Telecom Fur Phone
Southern Telecom Fur PhoneSouthern Telecom Fur Phone
This phone is a perfect replica of the Action Hero in Spiderman. In this the arm of the Animated spider man raises and shoots Web and plays his theme song when a call arrives.
a) Last number redialing facility available.
b) Options available to change between tone and pulse.
c) Required 4 C batteries.
d) Ringer can be customized or conventional one can be used.
Purchase and price:
a) Its price is $36.99 which is 1811.97 in INR.
b) It can be purchased through
c) Its dimensions are144 x 96 x 48 inches and its weight is 3.2 pounds.

Simpsons Animated Phone
Simpsons Animated PhoneKNG America Simpsons Animated Phone
In this animated telephone, Homer talks and moves his head and pop-ups his arm when an incoming call arrives. Homer also speaks funny phrases during incoming calls like “Don’t touch it, it might be work!”, “Always do the opposite of what Bart says.” Homer is in traditional orange colors sitting in his armchair and his round belly is the rotary style keypad and the back of the chair being the hand set.
a) Last number redialing facility available.
b) Options available to change between tone and pulse.
c) Ringer can be customized or conventional one can be used.
d) It has push button dialing in a rotary fashion.
e) It also has ringer volume control.
Purchase and price:
a) Its price is $49.99 which is 2,448.78 in INR.
b) It can be purchased through Olivabel.
c) Its dimensions are 11.5 x 10 x 10.2 inches and its weight is 5.2 pounds.

Hot Lips Phone
Hot Lips PhoneHot Lips Phone
This phone has an amusing hot-lips design. It has a two-piece push button and has a bright pair of red lips. The handset cord is black in color.
a) Last number redialing facility available
b) Options available to change between tone and pulse
c) Compatibility for hearing aids
d) It consist of Modular plugs
Purchase and price:
a) Its price is $19.05 which is 933.17 in INR
b) It can be purchased through and can be shipped for free
c) Its dimensions are 10 x 4 x 6 inches and its weight is 2 pounds
Hamburger Cheeseburger Burger Phone
Hamburger Cheeseburger Burger PhoneHamburger Cheeseburger Burger Phone
This is a cheeseburger phone. This phone is like the one shown in the film JUNO and has the mute facility too. The bun and cheese are made from molded plastic.
a) Last number redialing facility available.
b) Options available to change between tone and pulse.
c) It also has a LED In-use indicator.
Purchase and price:
a) Its price is $10.99 which is 538.35 in INR
b) It is sold by uxcell and can be purchased through
c) Its dimensions are 5 x 5 x 5 inches and its weight is 2 pounds

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Nandini Kumar:
Hi-tech bookmarks
Hi-tech bookmarkscool and hi-tech bookmarks for modern scholars
The simple act of marking where you left while reading a book can be highly creative. This is what these beautiful and useful bookmarks tell us. With the introduction of computers and e books, many people thought the age of hardbound books was over. But who knew that these technologies could ornament those old paperbacks.
Here are seven of those extremely creative, useful and innovative designs of bookmarks to put into your favorite book.

1. Save bookmark
Save Bookmark
Save BookmarkCreative paper bookmark with a Save icon on it
This is cool and a charming way to add that computer sign in your book. The book marker consists of the symbol and the word saying ’save’ that you can put into your book, saving the place where you left. A fabulous bookmark, it is very easy to obtain, all you got to do is download the template and print it out and then cut. Viola! your bookmark is in your hands within no time.
So all you have to do is download, print and cut and you have your own technology inspired bookmark in no time.

2. Puffy bookmark
Puffy Bookmark
Puffy BookmarkThe Abracadabra bookmark contains an air filled chamber, half of which is flattened by the weight of the book
Who knew finding the page in your book which you left unread could be fun too. Apart from the giggles it produces, this is an innovative idea which works this way; the bookmark consists of an airbag which is put under the book. The exposed side of the bookmark acts like a pump and when you press it, air fills in the airbag and the page where you put the bookmark lifts up.

You can easily put your finger and open up the book and have fun with your puffy bookmark. The bookmark is fun way to mark your book as well as give as gifts to your friends.

3. MARK bookmark
MARK Bookmark
MARK BookmarkThe MARK uses flexible OLED technology on a thin piece of plastic to illuminate the reading area to your preferred brightness
The winner of the Red dot award for best design in 2007, this is a concept by Avnish Gautam. The MARK bookmark is a plastic marker, that covers the page you’re reading and lights up at night because of the OLED technology that is used in it. The brightness of the marker can be adjusted to your need and you don’t have to worry about bad lighting conditions anymore. This innovative design helps those with weak eyesight as it removes the trouble that comes with reading at night.

4. Favbook bookmark
Favbook Bookmark
Favbook BookmarkThe lens is made from high quality durable plastic, frame of silver. you can embed led backlight for more comfortable reading
A concept by the Russian designer Ilshat Garipov, Favbook bookmark is made up of Frensel lens beautifully fitted in high quality plastic and silver frame. Apart from being a sophesticated bookmark, the lens of the bookmark works as a magnifier and helps to read comfortably. A truly helpful instrument if the font size of your book is too small, the Favbook bookmark makes your reading very easy. A concept that is practically useful, you would definitely like to put it in your favorite book.

5. Beaded wire bookmark
Beaded Wire Bookmark
Beaded Wire BookmarkBeaded Wire Bookmark can be made easily at home
A do it yourself project, this beautiful beaded bookmark can adorn your book too. Making this bookmark is pretty simple and it is sure to stand out when you put it into one of your favorite books. The materials that you need to prepare this bookmark are a headpin, beads, pliers and a wire cutter.

This handiwork makes for small gifts to give the bookworms and your friends as well attach to your own collection. Change the colors and designs of the beads as well as the shape of the wire and you can have as many assortment of these cool bookmarks as you please.

6. Liquid bookmark
Liquid Bookmark
Liquid BookmarkEvery liquid bookmark is hand-made by the designer, each design is completely unique
The liquid bookmark is an innovation by the Japanese design company Kyouei Co Ltd and every piece of this innovative design comes handmade. The bookmark has two sides, a ‘liquid’ one that sort of drips of the book while the other one that fits into the book. This creative design is fun and has a visually appealing effect that makes it all the more wonderful. The bookmark comes in a set of three in colors black, red and gray.

7. LED bookmark booklight
LED Bookmark Booklight
LED Bookmark BooklightIt also functions as a reading aid to the elderly or those with poor eyesight
A very innovative design, the LED bookmark booklight is a design by Jessica Lee and Jason Lau from the UK. The innovative design doubles as a light which is placed overhead the book and when the reading is done can be flipped and used as a bookmark.

The light works with 6 LEDs which give enough light to read at night without disturbing any other. The booklight works with 8 photovoltaic cells which can be charged by simply putting the bookmark in sunlight and when fully charged give light that lasts for 8 hours of reading time.

A very useful equipment for the elderly and those reading in plane, at camp or simply in bed, this bookmark is a really good possession.

Chhavy Gupta:
Innovative camera design
Innovative camera designInnovative cameras for that perfect shot
With the changing world’s demands and advancement requirements, youth as well as all age groups are getting fond of clicking pictures. So cameras are taking place in our basic needs. Cameras are also not away from daily advancements but with the increase in megapixels, what actually convinces buyers are new features, functions and formats .Of all digital cameras, Kodak always comes up with new and innovative camera, latest one is Kodak duel lens that has made people forget the image of traditional cameras. Kodak has not only provided us the facility to capture stills, MPEG-4 but can also transfer them via Bluetooth.
Also Olympus stylus E-330 came up with two sensors which brought a revolution and help you to frame your clicks on LCD play. On other hand, we have Sony Cyber shot Digital camera provides real imaging processor with superior performance.
1. Digital video camera

Digital video camera
Digital video cameraDesigned by Vladimir Nikolic
As we all know, different cameras have been introduced in market according to need of different fields. Today’s digital cameras have been developed with features that enables us to not only click the pictures but also to print them for home convenience. 12.1 mega pixel digital cameras provides us effortless clicking of pictures.They have the capability to adjust settings according to suitable environment and makes our work more easier. They are designed in a way that they are portable and you can carry them along-with anywhere. So, make your pictures more clear and detailed with digital cameras.
2. Sunglass camera

Sunglass Camera
Sunglass CameraDesigned by Tokyo based Mac Funamizu
Have you ever seen such sunglasses anywhere else? These are not simple sunglasses. Mac has come up with new technique of sunglasses. But in looks, original sunglasses and this camera looks so similar. Using this, you can click a pictures with a wink! Simply amazing. Without any effort, without any hand click, you can snap off your best moments. Walking off a street, imagine, you can capture images without others consent!
Using this camera is not that difficult as well. What you have to do is to just adjust the frame using your hands and wink your eye and you can capture many of the random images.
3. Compact Fashion Camera concept

Compact Fashion Camera concept
Compact Fashion Camera conceptCompact Fashion Camera concept created by design studio Curventa
Compact Fashion Camera, designed by Studio Curventa came up with new techniques and format that better suits the aesthetic ideals of a modern world woman. What makes it more catchy and adorable is its size. Its size can really shock you. It can easily fir in a midsize handbag as it is as small as a lipstick. Another attractive features are its OLED touch screen display, wireless charging and many more.
4. Xperience

XperienceDesigned by Emma Harris
Are you planning for some adventurous place, or are you an athlete? Do you always miss some extreme situations to be captured in your camera by being the part of some of adventurous sports? So do not worry, we are here with a new technique camera that can be used without compromising your personal safety. It consists of two camera pods to be fitted in your helmet or any of your other sports equipment and it will capture images automatically without any strain. You can also view captured images using a watch-like strap. Including the random images, you can also capture some particular images using the oval button provided on the watch’s interface and using the slider on the watch, you can view the previous images. The images can also be beamed to user’s PC using long distance Bluetooth.
Keeping safety purposes in mind, camera has built-in GPS and an altimeter that provides exact location and time at which the image is taken so that users can be tracked down in case they are missing or are in an emergency.
5. Fleximus Camera

Fleximus Camera
Fleximus CameraDeveloped at Art Lebedev
Are you missing some unimaginable shots? This camera can solve your problem.”Fleximus” camera has flexible neck fitted with lens and sensor at one end and small viewfinder at the other.You can now shoot images and record views from some of the unimaginable angles.
6. Mame-cam dx micro camera

Mame-cam dx micro camera
Mame-cam dx micro cameraDesigned by Tokyo based Thanko
Yes! this camera is actually small as you can see in above picture. Now, you need not have to feel upset when you are unable to carry a camera just because of its size and weight. You can simply place it in your handbag, pocket or even around your neck using a string. I can assure you, its weight will never make your neck feel tired even if you carry it for whole day as its weight is just 14 grams and 1.8 x 1.1 x 0.4 inches dimensions. Every minute details can be captured in this 8 megapixel camera with a JPEG resolution of 3264 x 2448p. You can capture images as well as can record HD-videos with resolution of 1280 x 960p. This camera is full of different features, so next time, if you want to record your melodious voice, you will have this device for the purpose.
This device provides you “Umeed se dugna”.
7. Camera features detachable wireless lens

Camera Features Detachable Wireless Lens
Camera Features Detachable Wireless LensCamera concept created by Artefact design team
This camera came up with interchangeable DSLR camera tech combining the features of contemporary smartphone. You can capture images from different angles and perceptive using its unique feature that provides user a full control of their images. And this unique feature is interchangeable and wireless lens.
This camera brings high quality results of professional cameras. These are portable and also user-friendly for convenience purposes. With time, these cameras can replace our smartphone cameras to DSLR shooting juggernauts.
See.meDesigned by Malin Grummas
We have introduced all cameras that comforts adults and youths, but what about kids? Do not worry! We are here with camera that is designed in a way that easily fits children’s small hands. They can now capture their whole day activities in their cute camera and you can call your kid “a little photographer”. It has in-built projector that shows you pictures in large scale. It is designed with comfortable shoulder strap that can avoid it from getting lost or falling from hand accidentally. It has stunning outlook and superb functionality. These cameras are designed keeping a kid’s demands in mind. So now your kid will come up with the proofs of their ghost stories.

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