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12 unique piggy banks to save money in style

Jharna Bhattacharya:
unique piggy banks
unique piggy banksunique piggy banks to save money
Children learn the tips and tricks of saving right from their childhood. Give them a piggy bank and they will tend to save each money that they get from their elder cousins and relatives and every coin that they could save from their pocket money. Piggy bank is a mere, small storage device for storing coins and it looks like a animated pig. There is nothing much more great to this container. But the influence of this thing is such deep in children that they go crazy in trying to fill up their piggy bank as soon as possible. It becomes almost a competition among kids to fill up their piggy banks faster than the others. As you learn good habits from the childhood, piggy bank contributes to similar such purpose by making you learn the importance of investments, on which you can depend upon in times of necessity. So far nothing much has been thought about this wonderful device. But of late a few designers have come up with innovative ideas on piggy bank designs that suit the functional role and the beneficial aspects of the same. Have a look at 12 such unique piggy bank designs now.
Rotocast Bust Bank
Rotocast Bust BankStar Wars: Darth Vader Rotocast Bust Bank
This piggy bank is apt for kids who love to watch the fantasy world of star wars. It features a the character of Darth Vader Rotocast in its minute details. The charcoal black color of the character and the bold contours further add to this detailing. It is hollow from within and is provided with a narrow slit to insert coins. The bottom part of the same has a hollow opening with a cork that can be unscrewed to collect all the saved coins. It is priced at $29.95.
Mario Piggy Bank
Mario Piggy BankNintendo Super Mario Bros Perler Bead Piggy Bank
The shape of this piggy bank is that of a square block. The color scheme, designs and the beads on it give a 3D look. One side of the block also features a question mark and the three other sides have brick patterns on them. It is of a dimension of 3" x 3" x 3" and is made by Super Mario Bros. Games. There are two layers inside the lid, the first layer is for protection and the second one is for the security of the valuables inside it. It is available at around $9.
Lamp piggy Bank
Lamp piggy BankCoin Lamp based on the concept of values and reward.
This coin lamp piggy bank was developed in collaboration with the NESTA training program. It reflects the necessity of energy consumption by means of this design. The inbuilt coin operated switch and internal mechanism of the lamp is such that they can set the lamp lighted up for predetermined time.
4. The Coin Bank Alarm Clock
Bank Alarm Clock
Bank Alarm ClockThe Coin Bank Alarm Clock - Fun Gadgets
This coin bank is definitely going to compel you to save something as well as make you get up early in the morning. Developed by the company Gizmine, this colorful coin collecting cube is equipped with a digital clock and an alarm that will keep on ringing on a particular preset time in the morning unless you insert a coin inside its slot.It is available in a wide choice of colors and costs $59.99.
Grenade Piggy Bank
Grenade Piggy BankThis Grenade Piggy Bank Explodes to your Happiness.
This piggy bank looks exactly like a hand grenade. Developed by Owen and Cloud, available in white color, it represents universal peace and love. This piggy bank is sold at $35 and the money collected in the method is contributed by the brand to A.N.S.W.E.R (Act Now To Stop War and Racism).
Fill 'Er Up Piggy Bank
Fill 'Er Up Piggy BankFill 'er Up Coin Bank
This piggy bank resembles the gas gauge of a car. The function here is slightly altered. This piggy bank gas gauge informs you how further you need to contribute to fill it up fully. When it indicates ‘E’, you need to fill it up sufficiently so that it starts functioning again. This saving bank is a product of Fred & Friends.
Life Bank
Life BankBottle Top Coin Bank
This piggy bank is a really unique one. A tiny coin counter is mounted over an empty bottle. You need to slide coin into the bottle through the slit in the coin counter attachment and it gets deposited. The only drawback of this piggy bank is that the bottle is apt for 1 yen coins. Therefore, it is suitable for people in Japan only.
Egg Bank
Egg Bankyour own goose with a golden egg.
You must have heard about the duck which laid golden eggs. This famous story is the inspiration of this piggy bank. The device is made from porcelain and is colored as golden and resembles a giant sized egg. A removable plug at the bottom assists in taking out the coins once the container gets filled up. Its dimension is 3 ½ diameter x 4 ¾" height and designed by Jansen company.
9. The Money Rolls piggy bank
Money Rolls piggy bank
Money Rolls piggy bankMoney Rolls Piggy bank is your spiral saver.
This piggy bank is a perfect solution for disciplining spendthrifts. This unconventional shaped piggy bank has a transparent spire. Once coin is inserted into it, it rolls down the spire, expressing a really worth watching sight. You will desire to save money in it rather than taking out and spending.
Break Glass
Break GlassEmergency Money Box
Designed by Becky Miller and priced at Euro 7.50, this piggy bank has an uncommon shape and function. The coins that you insert in it get deposited as your money in emergency. When you are in utmost need of the same, you have to break off the glass at the front of the container to retrieve your accumulated cash.
11. Clock Money Box
Clock Money Box
Clock Money BoxMoneybox clock to save time and money
Available in a dimension of 6 cms width x 30 cms diameter, this piggy bank is white in color and resembles a round table clock. The minute and hour arms and the dial of the same impart the most realistic look, although it does not function as a clock. The slit provided on top of the container is meant for inserting in coins into the same. But when you need to gather your accumulated wealth, you have to break apart the opening at the bottom of the clock.
12. Roost Glass Piggy Bank
glass piggy bank
glass piggy bankThe Glass Piggy Bank by Roost
This piggy bank makes justice with its age old name name. It is in the form of a pig, made from transparent hand blown glass, with a coin deposit slot on top and wooden snout at the bottom to retrieve the coins without any hassle. It is available in two sizes; small and large.

Nitesh Seth:
NES controller inspired designs
NES controller inspired designsNES controller inspired designs for gaming freaks
The unusual gadgets and creative product designs inspired by the iconic NES controller are really awesome to look at. It’s a great idea specially for gaming freaks. Here is a list of eight NES controller inspired designs for your reference. Have a look:

1. NES controller PC case mod
NES PC Case Mod
NES PC Case ModGiant NES Controller Conceals Pc
NES controller PC case mod is a fully functional PC which was designed under a school project by a group of students in Sweden. Completed under a small budget of 1500 Kronor (approximately Rs. 15000) makes it a fantastic work to look at. To meet the demands under the defined limit the project members assembled the system by using sheets of Lexan which were manually painted, vacu-formed plastic buttons and vinyl appliques which were cut by hands. The whole PC case mod was designed in such a way that it was fully controlled by a NES controller. NES controller PC mode opens up the gates for further experiments with the shapes of PC cases. People who like games and NES controllers will sure like this concept design of PC casing.

2. NES controller chocolate
NES Chocolate
NES ChocolateNES controller shaped candy bar by Austrian milk chocolate.
NES controller chocolate is a loved design for those who like chocolate and are crazy about NES controllers. It is a chocolate bar of the shape of NES controller made using Austrian milk chocolate. It was prepared using food grade silicon with food grade hardener at a 10 to 1 ratio. Then it was baked for 4 hours at over 350 degrees and finally after freezing it was ready for tasting. It took 34 hours of planning and building to get finalized and it costs around Rs. 750. NES controller chocolates are also sold under the names of many chocolate brands. Gamers prefer NES controller chocolates.

3. NES controller wallet
NES Wallet
NES WalletCreative reinvention, NES Wallet
NES controller wallet is a fantastic design which is unique in itself. It is made using a sacrificial NES controller, wire snippier, long zip and UHU glue. It is prepared by removing the circuit board and the wires in an NES controller. Glue is then used to ensure that the rubber keys don’t fall. A long zip which can cover all the three sides of the controller is then stick with the glue which finalizes the wallet. Lovers of NES controllers prefer this designs of wallet. It is an out of box design which is loved by the youth and gamers.

4. NES controller mouse
NES Mouse
NES MouseNES-inspired mouse
NES controller mouse is an out of box design for those who want to experiment with the design of their mouse. NES controller mouse can be designed by using a NES controller and an optical mouse. A tool box along with super glue and soldering iron will also be needed. Remove the circuit board and wires from the NES controller. Then unscrew the mouse and carefully take out its circuit board. Then fit this circuit board of the mouse into the NES controller by using a super glue. Open a hole for the the mouse sensor and solder the wires. Also fix the NES controller buttons at the right and left click buttons of the mouse. After fitting the mouse circuit board into the NES controller, tighten the screws. This finalizes your NES controller mouse. Many brands have started manufacturing NES controller mouse to attract PC users who are crazy about games and NES controllers.

5. NES controller storage box
NES Storage Box
NES Storage BoxNintendo controller recycled into a nifty storage box.
NES controller storage box is a uniquely designed storage box resembling an NES controller. To structure an NES controller storage box you just need to remove the circuit board and wire of the controller and glue the rubber buttons to ensure that they are fixed at their place. This finalizes your NES controller storage box which provides enough space to store your mints, some spare change, push pins, paper clips, keys, etc. It sets into your gaming room and is a great ides for the gamers.

6. NES controller MP3 player
NES MP3 Player
NES MP3 PlayerNES controller MP3 player and NES cartridge speakers.
NES controller MP3 player is a unique design for a personal MP3 player. For designing it you need an MP3 player, an NES controller, a dremel tool, a multimeter, glue, a wire cutter and a soldering iron. In the first step, disassemble your MP3 player and and the NES controller. In the next step, dissolder the USB, headphone jack and the power connectors of the MP3 player. After modifying your NES controller in accordance to the shape of the MP3 player, resolder the disassembled parts of the MP3 player and fit it into the NES controller. After completing this step, tighten the screws which will finalize your NES controller MP3 player. It is a concept design for game lovers as they are never away from games.

7. NES controller soap
NES Soap
NES SoapSoap resembling the old NES controllers.
NES controller soaps are shaped like classic NES controllers. The soap ingredients include olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, castor oil, safflower oil, purified water, sodium hydroxide, color and fragrance. It is a great fun using NES controller soap. It is most preferred by those who have genuine love for NES controllers. Many brands have started manufacturing NES controller soaps to attract larger segments of youth and game lovers.

8. NES controller coffee table
NES Coffee Table
NES Coffee TableNES Coffee Table by Kyle Downes of Ultra Awesome

NES controller coffee table is a fully functional coffee table which resembles a gigantic NES controller. Designed by Kyle Downes of Ultra Awesome, the table has lot of space for storage which can be utilized for all the other gaming systems. It adds a new dimension to the design of the furniture and is loved by gamers and those who are passionate about NES controllers.

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Vasu D:
life under water
life under waterSubmerged retreats to enjoy life under water
Sunken treasures, marine animals and man-made structures all make up the mysterious depths of the underwater world. At one time or another, we have all wondered what it would be like to experience life below the surface. If you are looking for adventures, romantic and out of life experience, this is where you have to be. Below we are listing seven submerged retreats to enjoy life under water. Have a look.
1. Maldives Rangali Underwater Resort
Underwater Resort
Underwater ResortMaldives Rangali Islands Underwater Resort
Looking for an ultimate honeymoon with memories are engraved into your mind forever? You have to stay in Hotel Conrad Rangali Island Maldives. Its honeymoon suite is waiting to welcome all you newly weds.
Its spread across two private islands and surrounded by a lively coral reef and lagoon, the hotel has its own genuine loveliness. This is one of the finest hotels in the world and it boasts to contain several luxurious villas, including stunning beach villas and spectacular spa water villas. This ultimate honeymoon suite is one thing that will make you fall for it for sure. After all, who in this world would not love to spend a night beneath the sea with panoramic view of marine life?
2. Poseidon Undersea Resort
Undersea Resort
Undersea ResortPoseidon Undersea Resort, located in Fiji
The luxurious resort has given a whole new significance to the phrase "Under the sea". Prizes start from $15,000 and increases based on the amenities you want to have. This resort lets you rest beneath the waves. Located in Fiji, the guests are flown from Fijian airport to the Poseidon Mystery Island through a private plane; this is where you will enjoy a week long stay. This includes two nights in the underwater hotel. A Triton 1000 submarine with three-passenger capacity is waiting at your disposal. Explore the coral reef, stay in the beach bungalows for above sea level accommodation, experience reading in an undersea library, chapel for weddings, restaurants, and many more, it is an ultimate experience 40 feet below the sea.
3. The Red Sea Star Restaurant
Sea Star Restaurant
Sea Star RestaurantThis amazing restaurant is located in Eilat, Israel.
The restaurant has received massive coverage worldwide since its established. The reasons are many like the unique concept it is based on, its outstanding construction process, its spellbinding interior design, over and above, the fact that it is a “green” project. This contributes overwhelmingly to the conservation of the coral reef surrounding it.
The Red Sea Star restaurant was built by first line specialists using special resources and equipments. These were imported from all around the world. The undersea floor of the complex is star-shaped. The interior design displays a fascinating marine-world that is admired all over the world. The underwater restaurant and bar are located on the underwater floor which functions as an observatory.
“Sense the sea” all the way through a “dry diving experience” at Red Sea Restaurant. Discover the splendid and exciting marine world of the Red Sea. Experience a breathtaking view of hundreds of variety of tropical marine organism in the colorful coral garden through 62 panoramic nebulous windows surrounding the observatory, situated five meters underneath the sea.
4. Jules Undersea Lodge
Undersea Lodge
Undersea LodgeJules' Undersea Lodge is located at Florida.
Started in Key Largo, Florida as Research Laboratory, La Chalupa is now known as Jules Undersea Lodge. It still has the fully functional Marine Lab though. To enter the lodge is also an adventurous experience. Guest along with trained professionals heading the way must dive down 21 feet deep down the Emerald Lagoon.
You feel much like you discovered a secret underwater clubhouse when you enter through an opening in the bottom of the habitat. This cottage sized building has a lot of comforts to offer you like hot showers, a fully loaded kitchen with refrigerator and microwave, library with good collection of books, ample music collection, and movies, not to miss the cozy beds, where you nuzzle up and watch the fish visit your windows. Jules' Undersea Lodge maintains a perfect combination of relaxation and adventure.
5. Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Park
Underwater Sculpture Park
Underwater Sculpture ParkUnderwater Sculpture Park created by artist Jason Taylor.
Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Park is the first ever sculpture park in Grenada, West Indies. This is accessible only if you are a diver. So, a good reason to learn the art, if you do not want to miss to watch this spectacular creation! This park is located at Molinere Bay. These are designed and created by Jason de Caires Taylor, a British sculptor. Marine experts say that the sculptures have a positive impact on the marine ecosystem by allowing creation of artificial reefs. Snorkeling or diving in this underwater sculpture park is a 'must do’ activity for many visitors at Grenada.
6. Utter Inn
Utter Inn
Utter InnUtter Inn located at Sweden.
Utter Inn on Lake Mälaren in Västeras, Sweden, is very old-fashioned and gorgeous inn where you want to spend quality and leisure time. Board a boat from the port of Västeras that will take you to the inn and you are then left alone. Guests then travel below to reach a room through a Swedish-inspired house. This whole structure floats on the surface of the water. The room is completely surrounded by windows, which give a perfect view of the marine treasure living below the water. This inn is equipped with amenities where you can relax your mind and soul. Relax by swimming in the pool or taking a sunbath or even go for canoe rides. What is more interesting is that your dinner is delivered by boat. Isn't this a fantastic old fashioned yet exclusive holiday you would want for?
7. Bali Underwater Wedding
Underwater Wedding
Underwater WeddingBali, a beautiful place to arrange your marriage.
Bali is the most gorgeous and heavenly place to get married. "The Island of the Gods" is what it is called as by the tourists, is a perfect location and most popular destination for your wedding or your honeymoon. The tropical climate and the spiritual ambiance make it a amusing place to stay and enjoy.
The Underwater Weddings are organized both for certified divers and non-certified divers who have never done scuba diving before. Non-certified divers will be given an introduction diving course before the D-day. This comes with no additional charges. The ceremony will be concluded in a pool setting, if you are not certified. You have variety of packages to choose from.

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Anindya Nandy:
creative bench designs
creative bench designscreative bench designs to relax you in style
A unique design bench not only enhances the beauty of the place, it also gives you a comfort and relaxation when you sit on it. But most of the times people do not want to place benches inside their homes due to the size. Generally, most of the benches require larger spaces. You can place the benches in your garden, park or any public places. This article will provide you idea on 10 best creative and cool designer benches.
1. Sudeley bench
Sudeley bench
Sudeley benchHuge sudeley bench by pablo reinoso
An Argentinean designer, Pablo Reinoso made this huge Sudeley Bench. This bench is made from three steel bars, which were about 9 meters long. When you see this bench at a glance you will observe some spiral steel bars lying on the ground. But if you thoroughly observe this bench, you can find one end start as an abstract spiral form, which becomes smooth and transforms into the actual seat of the bench. Again it gets converted into a spiral structure from the other side. The best part of this bench is that it is the continuous form of three steel bars.
2. Soft bench

Soft Bench
Soft BenchSoft Bench design by Lucile Soufflet, France
French designer Lucile Soufflet made this bench where you can find common rows which suddenly roll and bend to give a flexible and relaxed seating arrangement. It is one of the most sophisticated urban furniture which can be placed in any public place for relaxing of general people. It also helps you to decorate the place and enhance the beauty of the landscape. This bench is made from metallic object, having 275 cm length, 49 cm width and 38 cm height.
3. Rib bench
Ribs Bench
Ribs BenchRibs Bench by Stefan Lie.

It is one of the most unconventional and stylish furniture in any home decor. It is known as the Rib bench. The Australian designer Stefan Lie conceptualized and designed this bench. If you see this unique piece of furniture at a glance you may become confused. The reason is because when you see it you might think that the rib cage of any huge creature is being exhibited on the ground. But actually this is a bench which is made from rubber wood. This unusual great look is the factor that has made this piece of furniture so popular.
4. Letter bench

Letter Bench
Letter Bench'Letter Bench' by Boex
UK based designer Boex made this unique Letter bench, which is located at the entrance of a hospital in Bristol. The basic structure of the bench is like that of a folded postcard that lies casually on the ground. You can also find the texts of a conventional letter along with postal stamp imprinted on the furniture which accounts for its realistic look. If you carefully read the texts of the letter, you can understand that the designer wanted to dedicate this bench to the hospital staffs.
5. Giant park bench

Giant Bench
Giant BenchThis park bench is big enough to seat 14 adults.
It is one of the most gigantic benches ever. It is located at Briggate in London. This bench, which is made from fiber glass, has a capacity to carry more than fourteen adult people at a time. This firmness and durable property on the bench has made it one of the most popular public landmarks all across UK.
6. Kiwa bench

Kiwa bench
Kiwa benchKiwa bench by Hyung Suk Cho
Korean designer Hyung Suk Cho made this wooden bench Kiwa. This design is based on the inspiration of the architecture of the roof of any conventional Korean house. The basic structure of this bench is made from plywood and the surface is further covered with black colored wooden panel. The upper portion of the bench is slightly curved and the wooden panels cover with black colored tiles. Unconventional shape and improved comfortable level has made this bench as one of the most modern furniture in Korea.
7. Plateau 3SR
3SR bench
3SR bench3SR bench by David Scott
It is one of the most creative designer benches which is famous for its raw material look. The basic structure of the bench is made from stainless steel and the top and base is made from paper base product. Designer David Scoot conceptualized the very idea of this bench and it got transformed into reality. The paper based product, which is used in the top, transforms this furniture into durable and eco friendly product by means of various techniques so that it can used as the correct material for making the seat top of the bench. It is generally available in slate black color only.
8. Bamboo bench
Bamboo Bench
Bamboo BenchBamboo Bench by Elena Goray

It is another very interesting designer bench, which is made from a mere bunch of bamboo sticks. It is the perfect example of creativity. Designer Elena Goray and designer Christoph Tonges transformed their artistic sense into reality. First they stacked a bunch of bamboo sticks and then tied them together with the help of some strong stainless steel belt. Next, they cut off some pieces of bamboo sticks from the middle portion of the bunch and made a seating arrangement. This artistic bench seems quite comfortable and reflects a stylish look too.
9. Basket bench
Basket Bench
Basket BenchThe Basket Bench by Can Onart
Philadelphia based industrial designer Can Onart has made this unique designer Basket bench. The whole bench is made from aluminum sheet. You can find a weaving of aluminum sheet on the top portion of the bench, which is similar to that of a basket. Unconventional shiny look further increases the beauty of this bench. The size of this bench is not much longer. Thus, you can even place this piece of furniture in your drawing room.

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Vanga Kalyani:
Amazing elevators
Amazing elevatorsAmazing elevators to climb high with ease
Elevators, the most easiest and excellent way to shift between floors. Nowadays every construction in the urban consist of at-least an elevator. It is a kind of box like room where it is enclosed with a strong material on three sides with a manipulating door on the fourth side. elevators are used not only in offices but also in restaurants, living complexes, bars, malls, hotels and many other visiting places. working of an elevator is as simple as ever. selecting the right floor button on which you have to land is the only thing you have to do. elevators are a luxury! Many architects and mechanical designers had redesigned the normal elevator model into various models suitable for any range of constructions. These newly developed elevator models are both stylish and even very sophisticated with unusual changes added to it. Here are a few of such highly renovated elevators.
1. Swiss Skydive

Swiss Skydive
Swiss SkydiveSwiss Skydive Uses Simulation To Get You In The Mood For Jumping
People invest a huge amount in the publicity of their organization, company, product or what ever it is they want to spread the news about. A Swiss sky diving school has got on with such a brilliant idea that it is both interesting and innovative at the same time. The people of the sky diving school had laid on a sticker of the entire city taken from a very high altitude on the floor of the elevator. Thus making it appear as if the floor is a glassed surface which makes you feel you are watching the entire city from a great height. this spectacular illusion has got the school a huge publicity and visitors which not only saved the publicity cost but also attracted many people around.
2. Stockholm Globe Arena

Globe Arena
Globe ArenaStockholm Globe Arena
The Stockholm globe arena or ‘the globe’ is yet another masterpiece of the architects. It is designed in the form of a golf ball. It is the largest hemispherical construction in the whole world. It took them approximately 30 months to complete the construction of this structure. The most interesting part is that, this large hemispherical structure has its elevators situated on the outside of the structure where they appear to be like mini globes with glassed walls all around it. They are supported on the rail tracks created for the to and fro of these elevators along the circumference of the golf ball like hemispherical structure.
3. Bailong elevator

Bailong Elevator
Bailong ElevatorBailong Elevator is a glass elevator built onto the side of a huge cliff in the Wulingyuan area of Zhangjiajie, China that is 1,070 feet high
The Bailong elevator is one of the largest outdoor elevators where it is situated to one side of a huge cliff with a size of about 1,070 feet in height. This elevator is situated in the Wulingyuan area of Zhangjiajie, China. It is a heavy elevator which is completely made of glass. Due to various environmental factors, the usage was stopped. After a series of debates and conclusions, the operations of this elevator was temporarily stopped for 10 months due to various safety related problems. But, it still continuous to be one of the unique elevators of the world.
4. Louvre elevator

Louvre Elevator
Louvre ElevatorAt the push of a button, the elevator inside the Louvre, Paris rises to the occasion
Most people get bored using the same old type elevators again and again. For such people, we have the Louvre elevator. Louvre elevator is a completely different form of elevator when compared to all other elevators. it does not contain a closed box or glasses all around like the usual elevators. It contains a small base which rises above the ground stopping at various levels. The upper portion of the elevator will remain open and uncovered. After the ascend, the elevator descends to its original position on the ground between the spiral stairs.
5. Taipei 101’s elevator

Taipei 101's elevator
Taipei 101’s elevatorTaipei 101’s elevator has been named in the Guinness Book of World Records
The elevator named Taipei 101’s elevator is the fastest reaching elevator in the whole world. This has an extreme speed of about 37.7mph. This is used in one of the busiest structures as this elevator could land you in any floor with just a heart beat’s time. It is even recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records due to its high speed. The music in the background adds a soothing feel to the visitors where it doesn’t give the visitors a chance to notice the time and tension on the elevator.
6. Mercedes-Benz Museum elevator

Mercedes-Benz Museum Elevator
Mercedes-Benz Museum ElevatorMercedes-Benz Museum Elevator takes you from past to present in no time
The Mercedes-Benz museum in Stuttgart, Germany has its own special kind of attractions. Apart from its automotive displays, one thing that is totally unique is its elevator system. The elevator system in this museum contains a pill-like cabin covered with a strong steel like metal. The exteriors of the elevator has a ghostly look to its appearance. This pill is the chamber where visitors step in and enjoy their ride around. The inside of this cabin is lighted through the floor. This museum consists of three tracks which move to and fro carrying various passengers around the museum.
7. Eiffel Tower passenger elevators

Eiffel Tower Passenger Elevators
Eiffel Tower Passenger ElevatorsThe principle behind the elevators is similar to the operation of a block and tackle but in reverse
Eiffel Tower, designed by architect Gustave Eiffel, is one of the greatest tourist attractions and a mark of France. It is also known as one of the renowned structures of the world. It is the tallest structure in Paris with almost 1,063 feet long. Visitors are allowed to visit this structure and are transported to its both the levels through various elevators. Cables and pulleys with massive water powered pistons are used to operate the Fives-Lille elevators from ground to first and second levels. The angle of ascend of the lift changes as the arc of the pillars.
8. The Gateway Arch

Gateway Arch
Gateway ArchNo other attraction in St. Louis is more recognizable than the Gateway Arch
The Gateway Arch is the only attraction in St.Loius. This is a huge structural arch made of stainless steel which stands 630 feet tall making it the tallest monument in the country. It stretches about 630 feet and weighs approximately about 43000 tons. Irrespective of its heavy weight, it is made to swing with the wind. To reach the top of the arch, the visitors have two ways. The first one is using the stairs. Both the arch handles contain 1,076 stairs going up to the top of the arch each. The other way is using the tram. These trams are very small. During the trip to the top of arch, you will notice all the interior works of the monument. The top of the arch contains 16 windows each on either side of the top of the arch.

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Elvia Rodrigues:
Nokia Concept Phone
Nokia Concept PhoneNokia Concept Phone
Communication over cell phones has gone under a remarkable change over a period of time. With an increasing demand for numerous functions in the mobile handset, the focus varies towards the usage of phones that can meet communication, along with multimedia needs. Running in this race is Nokia, yes of course, the only brand name that comes into your mind when you have an intention to buy a cell phone. This brand aims to be a world leader in the telecommunications market, already creating a rage with its N and the latest C series cell phones. Nokia is the only trusted brand having millions of users across the world. Check out the 9 feature-rich Nokia cell phone concepts that are not only functional in use, but also featuring some awesome design, which will grab the attention of fashionable users.
1. Nokia Strapup Phone Bracelet
Nokia Strapup Phone Bracelet
Nokia Strapup Phone BraceletNokia Strapup Phone Bracelet Is Ideal for Clubbers
So, you think you can dance! Even if you can't, try out this device. It does not look like a typical phone but works mainly as a messaging device. Nokia Strapup Phone Bracelet is like a cool accessory which can be strapped around your arm, whenever you plan to hit a party! Now, this is how it works, this device sends predefined messages to your buddies, informing them where you are, what you are doing and what's on your mind. To send a message you don't need to type, simply wear the bracelet-shaped device and just dance, the message will be sent triggered by your movement.
2. Nokia Scentsory Concept
Nokia Scentsory Concept
Nokia Scentsory ConceptNokia Scentsory Concept
Do you love smelling good at all time of the day? If yes, how about owning a cell phone that does exactly the same. The Nokia Scentsory Concept cell phone is a scent-enabled handheld phone, which is a treat to your smelling buds via its built-in pores. You can open it up and be surrounded by its fragrance and when you close it, it easily fits into your pocket. Design-wise it's a unique phone that can act as a head turner. So what do you think of this Smell-O-Phone?
3. Nokia Radia
Nokia Radia
Nokia RadiaNokia Radia
We all wish to live in a dreamland, a small little space or hide out of our own. But with the world technologically transforming, we also wish to have certain gizmos and gadgets available in that pretty dreamland of ours. A well-known designer Micheal Laut is the developer of this Radia concept Nokia phone. This magical looking gadget has a transparent screen, having a circular shape representing a Big Dreamy Coin.
4. Nokia Transparent Touchscreen Concept
Nokia Transparent Touchscreen Concept
Nokia Transparent Touchscreen ConceptNokia Transparent Touchscreen Concept
There are so many hue and cries for transparency in various working systems, keeping such daily life issues aside, how would you like to own a transparent phone in a literal meaning. Designer Juan Carlos has produced one such concept for Nokia, with a touch screen interface, along with a transparent display. The lower side of the handset comprises the battery, majority of its hardware, the on/off button on the front side, as well as a 5 megapixel camera at the back. Its additional cool feature is the light the handset emits from its display for better usage in the dark.
5. Nokia Kinetic Concept
Nokia Kinetic Concept
Nokia Kinetic ConceptNokia Kinetic Concept
Are you too lazy to hold your cell phone in your hands? And you wish that it at times magically stands on its own. Well, then Jeremy Innes-Hopkins has made it possible by designing the Nokia Kinetic concept. This phone features a rounded base that accommodates an electromagnet that can make the cell phone stand up when a call is received or an alarm buzzes on. To cancel the call or put off the alarm all you got to do is tap the phone back down, no stress at all. Additionally, while the phone is standing up, it can be used for making hands-free video calls. Its base works as a contented camera grip when holding the phone to capture video or images.
6. Nokia 'Remade' Concept
Nokia 'Remade' Concept
Nokia 'Remade' ConceptNokia 'Remade' Concept
With global warming at its peak, Nokia has come up with 'Remade', a concept phone created almost completely of recycled materials. The cell phone is made of upcysled materials, including aluminum cans, plastic drink bottles and old car tires. Its additional green feature comprises backlit display, which saves energy and enhances the battery life. Nokia introduced this model at Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona announcing its visualization for the use of recycled material in mobile phones of the future.
7. Nokia 4G Concept Prototype
Nokia 4G Concept Prototype
Nokia 4G Concept PrototypeNokia 4G Concept Prototype
No need of holding your phones in your hand any longer, carry it around by simply wrapping it around your waist. Introducing Nokia 4G Concept Prototype, which is produced through an inspiration from Nokia Morph, pioneered 2 years ago. Also included in the design is a smart earpiece concept that makes it even more stylish. Nokia 4G Concept Prototype comes along with a stylus and has an interactive touch screen interface.
8. Nokia S-Shaped Concept
Nokia S-Shaped Concept Phone
Nokia S-Shaped Concept PhoneNokia S-Shaped Concept Phone
Created by designer Heikki Juvonen, Nokia S-Shaped Concept Phone sports a bulky lower half. Though it is bulky in appearance and ill-fits in your pockets, at the end of it all, its stylish look is all that matters. The cell phone is designed in such a manner that it features all its components at the bottom half of the phone and has a clean, slim display on the top half, creating an S shape structure.
9. Nokia Aura MeeGo Concept Phone
Nokia Aura MeeGo Concept Phone
Nokia Aura MeeGo Concept PhoneNokia Aura MeeGo Concept Phone
If you went completely gaga over the popular Nokia N8 phone that is still creating a buzz in the mobile market, then this will make you go bonkers! Nokia is creating yet another cell phone craze with the upgraded version of Nokia N8. Introducing, Nokia Aura MeeGo Concept Phone which is simplistic, sleek as well as slim in appearance. Its features comprises a 4 inch touch screen display, a 12 mega pixel camera with Xenon flash, a 3.5mm audio jack, a microSD card slot and a microUSB connector. The cell phone is made up of aluminum for lighter weight and has a bigger screen than Nokia N8.

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Bijendra Singh Rana:
There are several hotels around the world that catch us spellbound with their eye-captivating beauty and architect. However, it is time to look beyond and cling on human innovation and creativity as we have done since civilization. Be it computers, automobiles, entertainment or anything, we have always strived for better and beautiful. This time around, designers shifted their focus to hotels and came up with the hotels of tomorrow. These are exceptionally superior, hi-tech luxury hotels that will surely change the world we live in. Here we have listed the top eight futuristic hotels offering the luxury retreat.

1. The Ark Hotel Concept

ArkDesigned to withstand floods, tidal waves and rising ocean levels as well as earthquakes and other natural disasters, the hotel concept would float and function independently on the surface of a body of water
The Ark Hotel Concept is a hotel that floats on water. Designed by reputed Russian firm Remistudio with the support of International Union of Architects' program "Architecture for Disaster Relief", this hotel has received warm appreciation for its Eco-credentials and mesmerizing design. The hotel is designed using self-cleaning and recyclable ethyltetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) in such a manner that it can withstand any natural disasters and rising ocean levels. The innovative load-bearing system evenly distributes the weight of the hotel and also adjusts itself in order to withstand earthquakes and strong tidal waves. The shell inspired design of this hotel is integrated with photoelectric solar cells in order to minimize the need of electricity. In addition, a rainwater harvesting system is also installed in this hotel to harvest the precious rain water. The Ark Hotel Concept is all set to become the hottest holiday destination of 22nd century.

2. Russian Space Hotel Concept

Space Hotel Concept
Space Hotel ConceptRussian Space Hotel Concept
Ever thought of enjoying your vacation in space? Well, in the year 2016, this may also become possible with Russian Space Hotel Concept that will take you 217 miles above the earth. Visitors will be taken to this proposed hotel via a Russian Soyuz rocket. It will take around a day to reach the commercial space station. On their arrival, the visitors will be taken to the hotel which has the capacity to accommodate around 7 people at a time. Visitors here can enjoy all the luxuries and amenities whilst enjoying the beauty of space at a speed 17,500 miles per hour. One can enjoy delicious food, aesthetically designed space showers and four different cabins to choose from. In order to combat any undesired situation, an International Space Station will be located at 62 miles from the Commercial Space Station.

3. The Floating Aerohotel

The Floating Aerohotel
The Floating AerohotelDesigned by Alexander Asadov, this incredible floating Aerohotel features a lighter-than-air aesthetic that sits serenely atop an elegant system of supports
Going by the recent developments and trends, water-borne aquatectures seems to be the hottest choice in near future. Keeping in pace with the same, designer Alexander Asadov has designed The Floating Aerohotel. This spectacular wonder has a 200 meters wide circular hub that is lofted with the help of supporting arms stretching from the bottom of this site. This hotel is proposed to have cafes, restaurants, winter gardens and other luxuries one can think of in a niche hotel. The amazing fact about The Floating Aerohotel is that it can be installed in any body of water.

4. Lunatic Hotel Concept

Lunatic Hotel
Lunatic HotelLunatic Hotel concept will serve it all with spectacular views sprinkled with joys of low gravity and an alien feeling
There are a number of world-class hotels all over the world but what could be more awe-inspiring than a hotel on the moon. Yes, designer Hans-Jurgen Rombaut has come up with The Lunatic Hotel Concept that will be constructed on the moon to let one experience the joys of low gravity and beautiful space. Hans who studied architecture from Rotterdam Academy of Architecture, Netherlands is quite optimistic about completion of this ambitious project by the end of 2050. In order to protect the visitors from the harsh weather conditions and cosmic rays, a 50 cm thick hull will be made from the moon rock. If this concept turns successful, we may soon have a lunar city. Isn't it?

5. Regatta Complex

Regatta Complex
Regatta ComplexDesigned by Atkins, the designer company for Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. Regatta concept is everything that connecting with sea
Regatta Complex is sky scraping estate complex that is situated north Jakarta. An inspiration of reputed designer Atkins who also holds to his credit the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. This complex will have massive 10 towers each one looking like a parade of tall ships. Each tower will be named after top exotic capital cities of the world namely Rio de Janeiro, Miami, Monte Carlo, Dubai, London, New York, Shanghai, Tokyo, Acapulco and Sydney.

6. Helix Hotel

Helix Hotel
Helix HotelThe design promises to make maximum use of renewable sources of energy like sun, wind, and ocean water while keeping guests comfortable in all 208 rooms
Helix Hotel is named after its unique helical structure. The design of this magnificent hotel got shortlisted in a competition held in Abu Dhabi's Zayed Bay which is also going to be the site for this hotel. This hotel does not have any storey but spiral section each one mounted on one another. Helix Hotel will be laden with world-class luxuries including retail stores to residential apartments, from suites to saunas, you just name it and they have it. Moreover, the architect of this hotel will be Eco-friendly and will utilize the renewable solar energy, wind energy as well as precious rain water.

7. Death Star

Death Star
Death StarDeath Star Lunar Hotel in Baku, Azerbaijan
Heerim Architects are planning to build a moon on earth with a futuristic hotel named Full Moon that will be offering luxury retreat. This hotel will be built on the shores of the Caspian Sea in such a manner that from one angle it will look like the Death Star and from the other Gherkin, a local name for Full Moon. It is proposed to be about 150 meter-high, 35 storey hotel that will consist of luxurious 382 rooms. Once completed, the Azerbaijani capital of Baku will have one of the most beautiful and extra-terrestrial structure of the world.

8. Aeroscraft

AeroscraftThe Flying Luxury Hotel
The future lies in the pages of history. Well it seems so true when you look at Aeroscraft, a hotel that can really fly. Inspired from Zeppelin and aircraft carriers of old times, this ferry will pamper the passengers while they fly across continents and oceans. Aeroscraft is a 14 million cubic feet hoist filled with helium that can carry a payload of about 400 ton. In addition to this, it can reach an estimated top speed of 174 mph while flying around 8,000 feet above the ground. This flying hotel will have almost every amenity including staterooms, restaurants, luxury suites, spas and even a casino. This ferry does not a runway to catch up flight but can just rise above the ground like a helicopter. It can travel up to a distance of 6,000 miles while carrying 250 passengers on board.

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Ravi Dev:
Infrasonic Subwoofer
Infrasonic SubwooferInfrasound is sound that is lower in frequency than 20 Hz (Hertz) or cycles per second, the “normal” limit of human hearing.
An infrasonic subwoofer is a woofer or a complete loudspeaker which is dedicated to the reproduction of low-pitched audio frequencies. The typical frequencies’ range for a subwoofer are about 20-200 Hz for the consumer products, below 100 Hz for professional live sound, and below 80 Hz high-fidelity audio/visual reproduction standard for movie theaters approved systems. Subwoofers are intended to augment the low frequency range of loudspeakers covering higher frequency bands.
When frequency decreases, hearing becomes less sensitive thus sound pressure must be significantly high for humans to perceive infrasound. An ear is a primary organ for sensing infrasound but at higher levels, it is possible to feel infrasound vibrations in various parts of the body.
Infrasonics is referred as the study of such sound waves covering sound beneath 20 Hz, down to 0.001 Hz. This frequency range is utilized for monitoring earthquakes, charting rocks and petroleum formation below the earth. Such sound waves are also utilized in studying the mechanics of heart such as ballistocaridography and saismocardiography. Infrasound is characterized by an ability to cover long distances and get around obstacles with little depletion.
Difficulty level: Moderate
Time required: 2 hours
Resources required:
  1. Tool box
  2. Hard boards
  3. Glue
  4. Subwoofer device

1. Collect Speaker Cones
To build an infrasonic subwoofer, you must have an appropriate speaker cones. There are two options to build an infrasonic subwoofer either a double speaker system with a cone on each end of the enclosure or with only one cone. Here we are suggesting setting up a double speaker system. While selecting a cone one should keep in mind that is shouldn't be less than 21 inch or 24 inch in diameter and chose to use a Pyle 21 inch speaker. You should also use a driver that has a QES of 0.38 + -20 % for better quality of sound production.
2: Enclosure
After finalizing the cones, select a wood type that is to be used as enclosure. The size of plywood should not be less than 18 mm as it is considered to be the best material. One should avoid poor quality or Chinese plywood as it is not consistent. Usually plywood is very sturdy and holds up well the air pressure produced by the large speaker cones. To brace the structure and to make the box you need adequate plywood and each wall should be braced to handle the bass. It is also advised to make the box as much bigger as you can. Here we are going to build 30'x30'x70. It should not be square. This will greatly minimize its ability to produce infrasonic frequencies low enough.
3. Make the Case
This is the time to make the main box. This should be bigger in size as it will be better. First you are supposed to dissect all the corners to the proper dimensions and chalk out as how you will create the support system within the box braces. The efficiency of your sound system depends upon how stronger the walls are because there is a lot of pressure exerted on the walls. Thus the subwoofer will be able to create such low frequencies. Here we are using a combination of wood glue and very less screws as the box should be airtight. This will also diminish the possibility of air leaks and rattling. After giving it a shape we will use any better quality adhesive to seal all the corners and potential air leaks.
4. Installation
Now you are allowed to install the speakers into the enclosure. While fitting the speakers make sure that mounting is solid. Further install the bracing and the bracing should be on all sides of the enclosure and should be stick properly. In this phase we are forming braces from speaker to speaker, from side wall to side wall and from bottom to top and at the end putt clamps to hold everything in place while the wood glue set overnight.
5. Electronics and Testing
This is the step where we will test the cone if it is working. We will connect the cone up to a 1000 watt amplifier and run sine tones through it in order to confirm that it is functioning well. in very fewer case if the speakers are shipped and they are dead on arrival or defunct then in order to break the cone run a sine tone. Very powerful amplifiers are required to check it and put it into operation. Choose two live sound amplifiers. Connect each channel with 500 watt amplifier and switch to serial mode to which collectively made one amplifier a mono 1000 watt amplifier. If your cone started working the solder together thick gauge audio cables and connect it from the speaker tow a two channel speakon wall mount connector, insert into wall of the speaker. Now are enabled to unplug your speaker but also insert it into a larger live sound system.
Later, test all the wiring by running since tones through input to make sure all of your connections work.
6. Cabling
If you are done with the testing work, solder together the cabling and install. Solder the speakers, cut the holes to extact size of speakon jacks and corresponding panel. Later, test the wiring and run sine tones through the input again. This is the step where you will get a chance to merge the wooden material and metal to the side of subwoofers.
7. Sealing
Finally check all the possible air leaks in your subwoofer and seal them. Keep in mind any air leak can damage your subwoofer so seal all joints and corners with silicon or any adhesive. For long life you can also put apoxy on all corners on the subwoofer.
8. Put a lid
Now put the lid on the finished unit. Seal all the structure and if you plan to paint it, coat it but first cover the cones with plastic to protect them.

Frequently asked questions

How can we lower the frequency?
If you would like to take the project one step further, you can add 100 grams of bondo to cone to lower the frequency.
Quick tips
1: You can opt double coat to get a rich color and then give it a try.
2: You can crank that up, but be slow about it to see how you react to the low frequency.

Things to watch out for
  1. Make sure you perform every action carefully to avoid any kind of injury.
  2. Use a good quality glue so that the durability of the speakers is good.

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