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Posted: 18 Oct 2011 04:04 AM PDT
Manhardeep Singh:
Bosco Verticale
Bosco VerticaleWorld's First Vertical Forest
The concept
Bosco Verticale, designed by Stefano Boeri, is a 27 story structure, currently under construction, in Milan, Italy. The vertical tower, once completed, will become the world’s first vertical forest. The basic concept behind Bosco Verticale is that it conserves and produces energy. The tower is being built with a focus on balancing the climate in the building and filtering the dust particles which are in the city’s environment. This tower will…

  1. Produce humidity
  2. Absorb carbon dioxide and dust particles
  3. Produce oxygen
  4. Protect the building from radiation
The inspiration
The project Bosco Verticale ( also known as ‘ vertical forest ‘) is inspired by the fact that there is high degree of deforestation for commercial purposes and there is less open land left for planting trees. The project can be described as a means of reforestation that will contribute to the regeneration of the environment. It is a model focused upon vertically expanding the nature in a city. The flats in the tower will be available to the public and each flat will have a balcony where a tree will be planted.
This project will also help encourage biodiversity in the urban environment. It will be a ‘ home away from home ‘ for ecological biodiversity.
Where we are now
Currently the building of Bosco Verticale ( the vertical forest) is under construction in the city of Milan, Italy. Milan is one of the most polluted cities of Europe. Many other concepts which are inspired by the same thought - reforestation and enhancing the environmental conditions have already been completed before. ‘ Solid waves ‘ in Kazahkistan is another green concept complex built on similar lines.

Apart from Solid Waves, there is ‘ Yard-Scraper ‘ in Brooklyn which is an innovative way of redeveloping the Brooklyn’s house of detention. More examples include Center for Urban Agriculture and LA Tour Vivante.
What makes it stand out
  1. The Bosco Verticale design is the latest concept of promoting reforestation and enhancing environmental conditions. Though it is yet to be completed, it has got a lot many extra features when compared to other concepts which have been developed earlier.
  2. The following are some of the features which make Bosco Verticale stand out from the other concepts:
  3. The Bosco Verticale concept has declared to make the flats available to the public, that means, people will make houses in this building and will take care of its maintenance. Where as in the existing concepts, it is either a complex or a governmental center.
  4. The tower consists of 27 stories, which means, on flat land, the tower will equal, in terms of trees, an area of 10,000 square meter.
  5. Each flat in the building will have a balcony where a tree will be planted. These trees actually will become the rehabilitation centers for biodiversity, which will increase and preserve the biodiversity in urban environment.
  6. Bosco Verticale is going to be the world’s first vertical forest.
Where we go from here
The completion of Bosco Verticale project will have a dramatic positive impact on the city dwellers and the urban environment. Following are the things which will change and improve the urban environment and lives of city dwellers:
1. Increased humidity
The trees and shrubs grown on Bosco Verticale will help increase the humidity of the city. With the increased humidity, the heat in the city will decrease, and the urban environment will become much suitable for many other plants and animals to dwell in. With increased humidity, the habitation of diverse flora and fauna will go up.
2. Decreased carbon dioxide
Carbon dioxide is one of the green house gases. Which means with the increase in the percentage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the heat also increases. The trees and plants grown on Bosco Verticale, will help decrease this carbon dioxide as they use it up for photosynthesis. When the atmospheric carbon dioxide will decrease then naturally the maximum temperature of the city will decrease and the urban environment will flourish.
3. Decreased dust particles
In the urban environment, because of the high level of transportation and low level of forestation, the dust particles increase and remain present in the suspended form in the environment. These dust particles damage our eyes and internal immune system when we are exposed to them or inhale them through air. With the completion of Bosco Verticale, the plants and trees grown on them will help reduce these atmospheric dust particles to a certain extent. Though it can not promise a wide range of protection but the area closer to the tower can enjoy a decreased dust-particles environment.
4. Producing oxygen
Plants generally inhale carbon dioxide and exhale (or produce) oxygen. With the reforestation done on the tower of Bosco Verticale, there will be increase in the oxygen in the atmosphere. The urban environment is already polluted with harmful gases and pollutants. With the increase in the oxygen, we will be able to get some fresh air to breathe. Again, the project can not promise a wide range for this effect, but the areas near the building will be able to enjoy this.
5. Protection from radiation
The tall 27 storied Bosco Verticale will help protect the building dwellers and the building near to the tower from harmful radiations from the sun.
Related trends
1. Solid Waves
Solid Waves
Solid WavesHousing development scheme in astana, kazahkistan by stefano boeri architects
Solid waves, built in Astana, Kazahkistan, is a three tower development - featuring a lot of green open space for commercial and public infrastructure. Solid waves is designed by Stefano Boeri Architects.
2. Brooklyn Yard-Scraper
Brooklyn Yard-Scraper
Brooklyn Yard-ScraperDesigned by Rogers Marvel Architects
The Yard-Scraper designed by Rogers Marvel Architects, is a redevelopment of the Brooklyn House of Detention. It is built in Brooklyn, New York city, USA.

3. Center for Urban Agriculture
Center for Urban Agriculture
Center for Urban AgricultureDesigned by Mithun architects
The Center for Urban Agriculture or CUA, is a design based upon agricultural benefits. It features fields for planting various types of vegetables and grains, rooftop gardens etc. CUA is located in Seattle, USA.

4. LA Tour Vivante
LA Tour Vivante
LA Tour VivanteDesigned by Soa-architectes
The LA Tour Vivante is an energy efficient building featuring housing, offices, retail space and vertical farms. It is in Paris, France.

About the designer
Stefano Boeri is an architect behind Bosco Verticale, who was born in the year 1956. He has been the editor-in-chief of “Domus” and “Abitare” - both international magazines. He is the founder of multiplicity international research network, which is dedicated to the study of contemporary urban transformations.

Posted: 18 Oct 2011 04:03 AM PDT
Ankit Dahiya:
With the evolution of solar energy and its various forms of utilizing it, the energy has gained massive popularity. This energy is the most famous renewable energy as it is available in vast quantity and its available all time. The energy is viewed to be the best alternative energy to other conventional sources of energy. This energy is mostly utilized using solar panels which are used in arrays that form a grid like structure to harness the solar energy. These solar panels are readily available in market and can be easily used to harness the solar energy effectively. There are plenty of ways these solar panels can be used to convert the solar energy into electrical energy but only few of them are considered to be the best ones as they generate electricity in higher quantity.
So here is a list of seven creative ways to use solar panels to harness the most out of solar energy.
1. Solar powered stadium

Solar Powered Stadium
Solar Powered StadiumStadium powered by solar energy
The stadiums have become a major source of incorporating solar panels as the availability of space is high. The stadiums across the world these days are mostly covered with solar panels as they can harness the most out of solar energy. This stadium is one such stadium which is especially made to harness the solar energy. It is made with a cost of $150 million and can accommodate up to 55,000 spectators. It is fully covered with solar panels and can produce energy to fulfill the 80% of the surrounding neighborhood.
2. Solar powered artificial plant

Solar Powered Artificial Plant
Solar Powered Artificial PlantA team of Japanese scientists and engineers created an artificial Solar Powered Plant
The plants these days are being incorporated with solar panels to consume the solar energy effectively and convert it into the electrical energy. One such plant is made by the Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). They have come up with a unique idea using a plant to harness the solar energy. They have made a solar cell module which looks exactly like a normal plant but is incorporated with solar panels to use the sun’s energy during the day time.
3. Solar paint

Solar paint
Solar paintSolar Paint is the next thing that can be used as a source of saving our environment
The solar paint is a rage in market these days. Usually paint contains a toxic material which is used in large quantity in commercial paints which affects the health and surrounding of a particular house. The best option to get rid of these toxic paints is the new technology paint named the solar paint. This paint is completely made out of recycled products and is widely used these days not only to paint but also to harness the solar energy and convert it into electrical energy. This paint is one of the best alternative and completely eco friendly components.
4. Solar powered desert structure

Solar Powered Desert Structure
Solar Powered Desert StructureThe solar energy field by michael jantzen
The vast quantity of desert is available on Earth. And it occupies plenty of are on the Earth. This Desert area is now being used to construct cool solar panel structure to harness the most out of solar energy. This is one such structure which is really huge in size and can capture high amount of solar energy that can be later converted into electrical energy. It is shaped like a zigzag and is made out of recycled products.
5. Solar sunflower field

Solar Sunflower Field
Solar Sunflower FieldThe flowers collect energy during the day to power the installation’s blue LED lights at night
The solar sunflower field is one of the biggest solar plant in the world and is fully occupied by solar panel incorporated plants. Plant structure is considered to be one of the best ways to harness the solar energy effectively. So this sunflower stadium was constructed in Texas and it stands as an inspiration to many for the right of solar energy at the maximum level.
6. Lunar cubit solar pyramids

Lunar Cubit solar pyramids
Lunar Cubit solar pyramidsLunar Cubit is the winner of The Land Art Generator Initiative
The pyramids are one of the giant structures in the world and they can be easily used to harness the solar energy at a large extent. The lunar cubit solar pyramid is a similar structure to the original giant pyramid with only one difference that this solar pyramid is completely covered with solar panels to harness the sun’s energy. This giant structure can store and convert plenty of solar energy into electrical energy and thus is highly preferred structure when it comes to energy conversion. It is situated in Abu Dhabi and is designed by a group of artists. It is estimated that it can easily light up to 250 dwellings in its surrounding.
7. Solar powered airplane

Solar-powered airplane
Solar-powered airplaneBertrand Piccard, a Swiss psychiatrist and balloonist is the promoter of this project.
The airplane these days are being constructed along with solar panels to harness the solar energy and this harnessed solar energy can be effectively used to power up the system used in the airplanes and can save plenty of energy per month. The Solar sunflower field is one of the biggest solar plants in the world and is fully occupied by solar panel incorporated plants. Plant structure is considered to be one of the best ways to harness the solar energy effectively. So this sunflower stadium was constructed in Texas and it stands as an inspiration to many for the right of solar energy at the maximum level. This plane is named Solar Impulse and is completely covered with the solar panels all over to harness the most out of sun’s energy. This solar impulse plane is 80 meter long and can produce large amount of electrical energy.

Posted: 18 Oct 2011 04:03 AM PDT
Jancy James:
Steampunk Vehicle
Steampunk VehicleSteampunk Vehicle

Steampunk cars have always been a fascination with men. The crazy gears, the bass and copper body, rivets, all make them amazingly cool and noteworthy. Whilst many of us do not know exactly what makes a car worthy of being called a steam punk car, we would sure love to gape at some of the most awe inspiring steam punk cars that are doing the rounds.
When it comes to design, nothing can beat a steam punk car. If technology had not gone so much into advancement, we would still be driving one of those beautiful designs that look and feel absolutely great! Here are the best steampunk cars that could take your breath away.
1. Steampunk Rocket Car
Steampunk Rocket Car
Steampunk Rocket CarSteampunk Rocket Car
A car that does not even resemble a car, the steampunk Rocket Car is not something that you would find on the roads too often. But when you see one, you are obviously left speechless! The steel body that glazes like a rocket ready to shoot off into the azure blue skies, the huge headlights, the propeller at the rear of the car with red lights and a beautiful retro wheel design, and the blazing red wheel fittings all make it a winner, waiting to be tested and tried. This one surely rocks!
2. Steampunk Automobile 1888
Steampunk Automobile 1888
Steampunk Automobile 1888Steampunk Automobile 1888
The steampunk automobile 1888 is powered by dual engine; a conventional engine and a dual side engine which is built as an advance on the steam engine. The dark wood body and the copper and brass accents make it a wonderful machine fit for a royal ride on the road. If you want to make a famous statement, this one serves the purpose. The model is created by a software known as Clockwork Steampunk Automobile Pro.
3. Jay Leno's Steam Car
Jay Leno's Steam Car
Jay Leno's Steam CarJay Leno's Steam Car
Jay Leno's Doble steam cars have no rivals for style. Incredibly sophisticated, even though they were running behind on technological advances, the customers could never complain as the cars were constantly redesigned and the mechanics upgraded every now and then. The car engine had high and low pressure cylinders which reuse the steam again, thereby increasing the energy efficiency. Also attached are water and oil pumps, an electrical system that runs a ¾ horse power blower, ignition, pumps, quartz rods that maintain steam temperature, lights etc. There is also the self ignition capability that stands out with this car. The steamer of the car has a condenser which transforms the vapour to water that can be reused.
4. 1929 Mercedes Gazelle SSK Replica given steampunk look
1929 Mercedes Gazelle SSK replica
1929 Mercedes Gazelle SSK replica1929 Mercedes Gazelle SSK replica given steampunk look
The classic car was originally built in the year 1990 by making use of the frame of a Mustang II that belonged in the year 1974. This gazelle is fitted with a 4 cyl ford engine with an automatic transmission. It has good power and runs extremely well. With sleep and well painted exteriors, the Gazelle is in superb condition with side and top curtains. Chrome wheels, wire baskets, disk player and AM/FM, running boards, fog lights, trumpet horns and antique wheels are all options that can be added to the deluxe kit.
5. Snail Car
Snail car
Snail carSnail car is true steampunk car
The brain child of a blacksmith, Jon Sarriugarte, the snail car, named as The Golden Mean is very imposing and pleasing to the eyes. With comfortable seating arrangements for six, it resembles a giant, coppery finish snail. The snail car glows at night and rings of fire are shot from its feelers which give it an ethereal look altogether.
6. Steampunk Car
Steampunk Car
Steampunk CarSteampunk Car
The Seattle steampunk car does not actually look like a well modelled steam punk car that you would expect to see. But it sure catches attention with its pipe and horn fittings of the twentieth century and its riveted body with the rusty frames. Looks every bit the steam punk car of yesteryears, this car was spotted at Greenlake in Seattle.
7. Steampunk Mercedes
Steampunk Mercedes
Steampunk MercedesThe Steampunk Mercedes that would make Jules Verne proud
Though we typically expect steampunk cars to be carved and created in steampunk workshops, there are exceptions to the rule and when the exception is created by Mercedes, the surprise becomes even more obvious. The steam powered 49 Mercedes is a Jules Vernes Car. The amazing details, the coppery orange body and the all round appeal does not disappoint in any way.
8. NYC Steampunk Car
NYC Steampunk Car
NYC Steampunk CarNYC Steampunk Car
The NYC steampunk car has all the right ingredients to pop your eye balls out. Though this is not a typical car that you would encounter on the ultra modern Ney York bylanes, the minute you see it, you are transported back to the 1940s with its ultra cool looks and deadly characteristics. With a skeletal print at the sides and gigantic wheels at the back, the car can accommodate two in the front seat and loads of open space at the back as well.
9. Cummins Steampunk Rod
Cummins Steampunk Rod
Cummins Steampunk RodSpotted at 2009 Viva Las Vegas Car Show, this wonderful steampunk rat rod made quite an impression on the audience.
A look at the gigantic rat rod id enough to send your heart racing. If you are an auto nerd, this one sure has to power to raise hackles on your skin. The Cummins steampunk rod has a maroon body and huge back wheels. Reminiscent of a truck, and with amazingly detailed open parts at the front which only adds to its mass appeal, this one sure won the acclaim of car lovers at Viva Las Vegas Car Show in 2009.
10. Steampunk Camaro
Steampunk Camaro
Steampunk CamaroJohn 'Jazz' Vernon made Steampunk Camaro
The retro style car sure looks futuristic to fit into a steampunk ear. Probe further and you will find that this is just a futuristic design that spurred out of the mind of graphic artist John 'Jazz' Vernon. With a metallic silver body and gold detailing, the car design also features an open side section through which we can see an array of mechanical fittings tastefully displayed to the outside world. Let's wait and see if we are lucky enough to get a live view of this futuristic rendition.

Posted: 18 Oct 2011 04:02 AM PDT
Preeti Dahiya:

Most expensive Keyboards
Most expensive KeyboardsMost expensive keyboards to allow effortlessness computing
The keyboards are one of the most essential part of a computer and is the most used component of a computer. These keyboards define most of the computer and it looks odd if you have a stylish computer but still using an age old styled keyboard. Since its evolution, the keyboards have been improved in terms of both functioning and style and what matches the new age computer is the latest technology and stylish keyboards.
The keyboards these days are made with ultimate luxurious looks and marvelous designs. These stunning keyboards are a rage among the youth and students and also among people who like collecting luxurious items. These ultra-stylish and luxurious keyboards are expensive but still for what they look and deliver, they are worth of keeping in stock. Here is a list of seven most expensive keyboards to allow effortlessness computing.
1. Maltron keyboard

Maltron Keyboard
Maltron KeyboardWith this around you can enhance your typing speed with approximately 20% of your current speed, thanks to its unique design that uses all the 10 fingers unlike the usual keyboards that use just 8 fingers
The Maltron is the one of the most expensive keyboard ever made and is a complete unique device. This doesn’t look like a traditional keyboard, though it offers same functioning in a new re-defined way. It is estimated that you can increase up to 20% of your typing speed using this cool keyboard. It uses the best technology available and makes use of Cherry MX switches which are considered to be the best in the world. This is compatible with most of the OS and is priced at $490.
2. Fairlight keyboard

Fairlight Keyboard
Fairlight KeyboardIt’s more than your run-of-the mill keyboard as it features the Fairlight’s CC-1 digital media engine too
The Fairlight is a complete new age keyboard which comprises of different colored keys with a bit of traditional looks. The keys are made out of the most expensive elements and the on-screen display provided on the keyboard looks stunning. It's not just a keyboard; it also includes the latest Fairlight’s CC-1 digital media engine too. This is no medium income person deal; it is made for the extreme professionals. It is priced at whooping $28,000.
3. Happy hacking keyboard

Happy Hacking Keyboard
Happy Hacking KeyboardHappy Hacking Keyboards also comes in S-Type variant
Hacking is the word around and people love doing this kind of stuff for fun or for some kind of business. Whatever it be, this keyboard is made keeping the hackers in mind and is designed to meet their basic needs. This is of no use for a common person as it’s hard to understand its functioning. This cool keyboard is made in Japan and is known for both the speed and silence.
4. Kirameki pure gold keyboard

KiramekiKirameki Pure Gold Keyboard
Gold is what defines most of our passion and love. What could be better a gold keyboard for all gold lovers? This is a complete gold plated keyboard which is given black cool bordering that adds to the beauty of the keyboard. Moreover the cool looks and the awesome design is what making this keyboard high in the market. The best thing is that this keyboard is completely made out of gold and is priced at just $360.
5. FingerWorks TouchStream LP

FingerWorks TouchStream LP
FingerWorks TouchStream LPFingerWorks TouchStream LP
This semi-adjustable keyboard looks stunning and is way above other keyboards in terms of style and luxury. This keyboard provides ultimate comfort to your hands and is designed especially for those who love typing for hours and are used to operate keyboard all day. The keyboard is provided with an adjustable pad with comes out of the base and the centre portion is made semi-adjustable which opens up and has a small room inside that space. It is available on eBay at affordable prices.
6. orbiTouch Keyless ergonomic keyboard

orbiTouchorbiTouch Keyless ergonomic Keyboard
This is one of the most unique keyboards ever made and the best part is that it doesn’t contain any keys on it. Instead it is provided with a pair of domes that are incorporated on the keyboard which does the same work as that of a traditional keyboard. This concept keyboard reduces the effect of typing on fingers as it just requires the virtual keys. Simple to use and elegant looks makes this keyboard way above others and for what it delivers, it’s worth of keeping in stock. It is priced at just $695.
7. The optimus organic LED keyboard

OptimusThe Optimus Organic LED keyboard
The expensive Optimus keyboard derives most of its design and the format from traditional keyboards with an addition of few shortcut keys on the extreme left side of the keyboard. These additional keys are provided with various colors that add to the beauty of the keyboard. The keyboard is made with OLEDs which provides ultimate comfort to the hand of the user. This is the latest technology in keyboards and is highly appreciated for what it provides to the user. It is available in various special models and some of these are specially made for people like gamers and typists.

Posted: 18 Oct 2011 04:02 AM PDT
Ravi Dev:

Expensive and exclusive cellphones
Expensive and exclusive cellphonesExpensive and exclusive cellphones for the well-heeled
The world has always moved on from the basic things to luxurious assets, so do the cell phones. Cell phones are now no more just a communication tool but a luxurious product that add more value to your style statement. The expensive and exclusive cellphones not only make you stand away from the crowd, but make you impress people around you also. These exotic mobile phones add a charm to your personality. Here's a list of top 8 luxurious phones that everyone dreams of and yearn to get one for them from the top brands in the world.
1. Goldvish Le million
GoldvishGoldvish Le million
It's for sure that women would definitely love to have this phone in their fist. This phone can be said to be the best gift a man can give to his wife and so was done by a Russian businessman. First introduced in 2006, this handcraft cell phone is made of 18 carat white gold and studded with 120 carat VVS I grade diamonds. It has officially become the most expensive phone according to the Guinness book of world records. Designed by a Swedish designer Emmanuel Guiet, it costs $145000, if it seems out of your budget, then Goldvish also offers diamond encrusted 18K gold models starting at a much more reasonable price.
2. Black Diamond
Black Diamond
Black DiamondSony Ericsson Black Diamond
An exclusive mirror finish cladding and diamond studded phone that would initially circulate only five unique pieces this year would be made available this year worth $300,000. The two shining diamond on the phone would definitely turn heads if people see using it. The phone is exclusively designed by a Singaporean designer Jaren Goh, Loaded with features like quad-band with wi-fi, an intel 400Mhz processor running windows mobile 5 and a touch sensitive 2.'' Screen that operates on windows 5. An internal memory of 128mb and with a 2 Gb SD card for external storage plus a stunning 4 MP camera.
3. Ulysse Nardin
Ulysse Nardin
Ulysse NardinIt is the most expensive Android smartphone in the world
Ulysse Nardin, a North American supplier of luxury home theaters and music systems, tied up with Samsung along with designer David Lewis to bring out this 'serene' smartphone. It would not be wrong if you call it a small wonder, 2.1 inch screen and a built in motor that would assist you in opening and closing the phone. The circular keypad can take a little time for you to work on but not a big deal for the style freaks. With the exotic feature of having the camera positioned on the side of the device. The most exclusive feature being its ringtones that can help to calm your mind and the phone's display can turn 180 degrees when placed in the table mode or docking station that makes it call a small wonder. You can make this small wonder yours by paying $1,275 bucks.
4. Nokia 8800 Sirocco limited gold S edition
Nokia 8800 Arte Pink
Nokia 8800 Arte PinkNokia 8800 Arte Pink
When talking about the exclusive and expensive, we can't afford to miss the Nokia 8800 Sirocco limited gold S edition. One of the most expensive models launched by Nokia, the stunning thing about this phone being its back cover and keypad made of 150 grams pure gold and display cover crafted in 24 carat gold. Having all basic features looked up by any handset lover, it has a good camera and MP3 for music buffs. Costing $16,000, the phone would not prove to be a costly deal at all and moreover it's Nokia.

5. Vertu Signature Cobra
VertuVertu Signature Cobra
There was a time when this was said to be a strange phone, which was actually justified by its looks and functioning. With a price tag of $310,000, this is amongst the most expensive cellphones in the world. The whole cellphone is encrusted with so many precious gemstones, some of which are 1 pear-cut diamond, 1 rounded white diamond with two emerald eyes and as many as 439 valuable rubies, all gems with a tag of genuine quality. When this was out for public show, it made a news across most of the luxury-lovers of the world.

6. Princess Plus
Princess Plus
Princess PlusPrincess Plus
This marvelous phone wears the crown of being the first 3G luxury mobile phone in the world. The phone provides its users with regular features including a 2MP camera but with a digital zoom, 2 GB expandable memory a QVGA display and Bluetooth that can work on any GSM network. Its looks being odd from the usual studded with sapphire crystal buttons and proving its name worthy has a luminating keypad. You can run your favorite videos on the phone as it supports MP3, MP4, eAAC+, 3GPP, H.263, MPEG to AAC music files. The phone comes along with its accessories including headphones, chargers, microSD card. A special cleaning cloth accompanied with a cloth cleaning carry bag.

7. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot
JackpotGresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot
A Russian product that would make all phone lovers look up to it for sure. Usually the phones in this most luxurious category become noteworthy as most are studded with gold or diamonds. But Gresso black aura is different made form African blackwood and completely handmade only 15mm thick. The blackwood gold model is ornamented with 18 carat pink gold inserts. All cellphone lovers can cross your fingers as the prices are yet to be decided. This masterpiece can operate on the GSM models including 900/1800/1900.
8. The million-dollar super-sparkly iPhone 4 by Stuart Hughes
Diamond iPhone 4
Diamond iPhone 4The million-dollar super-sparkly iPhone 4 by Stuart Hughes
iPhone 4 Diamond Rose edition by Stuart Hughes, which has its bezel handmade from rose with approx 500 individual flawless diamonds weighing over 100ct, is priced at a whooping £5,000,000. Back section of this magnificent creation is formed with rose gold with the same Apple logo along with 53 diamonds. The principal navigator is made of platinum which holds a single cut 7.4ct pink diamond too. There is also included a rare 8ct single cut Flawless diamond replacing the pink one. This one-top phone comes packed in an imperial pink granite chest.

Posted: 18 Oct 2011 04:01 AM PDT
Manhardeep Singh:
Mouth watering gadgets
Mouth watering gadgetsCool gadgets that’ll make you feel hungry at work
Those days have gone when the electronic products and gadgets were boring and non-interesting. The information industry has developed to a whole new level that a gadget has to shout to get attention. A gadget can get attention only if it has a unique design. Today is an era when a product design is manufactured the time it is conceived. Yes, it has become that much fast.

Taking into consideration the same speed of the development of gadgets, some manufacturers developed gadgets that will make you feel hungry at work. Let’s look at some of the mouth watering gadgets of the time that can definitely make you feel hungry at work:
1. Mouthwatering Hamburger phone
Mouthwatering Hamburger phone
Mouthwatering Hamburger phoneThe Hamburger Phone looks mighty juicy
Fast foods are the highly demanded munching edibles at work. The nearest fast food place or pizza joint is the place you will find most of your colleagues at break time. With the hamburger phone you will definitely miss to stop your vehicle at the nearest fast food store while returning home. You can use the same phone to make calls at home as well as calls for work. Thanks to its manufacturers that this phone is not wireless, otherwise people would have been gagged using the phone as a trick and would have got injured. Why are you picking that hamburger? Are you hungry? Or just going to make the sales call?
2. Spoonful of Fried Rice Cell Phone Strap
Spoonful of Fried Rice Cell Phone Strap
Spoonful of Fried Rice Cell Phone StrapYummy fried rice is in a spoon.
Seeing this spoon, full of fried rice, will definitely make you to just snatch it from other person’s hand and put it in mouth and munch the fried rice. But it is not as you think. This is a cellphone strap and not a real spoonful of fried rice. The design is made in such a clever way that the fried rice seems to be real and everyone who sees it will definitely feel hungry. This spoonful of fried rice cell phone strap will remind you about the tasty food you get at the street’s corner Chinese restaurant.
3. Vavolo's Black Forest Cake USB Drive
Vavolo's Black Forest Cake USB Drive
Vavolo's Black Forest Cake USB DriveThe yummy-looking USB device from Vavolo
Vavolo is already known for making different, weird USB flash drives. The latest of its creation is this Black Forest Cake USB Drive. This USB flash drive has been added to the company’s ‘Cake Royale’ series which features many other cake-shaped USB flash drives. The Black Forest USB Drive offers a 1 GB of memory and is both USB 2.0 and 1.0 compliant. But unfortunately, you cannot eat it, so you have to go to a bakery to relish a real Black Forest.
The other drives which are available in the same cake series are: French Mille - Feuille Drive, the Fruit Plate Cake Drive and the Strawberry Torte Drive. These mouth watering cake drives are available for public for a nominal price ranging between $ 30 and $ 50.
4. Croissant Wrist Rest
Croissant Wrist Rest
Croissant Wrist RestThis buttery pastry is said to have a “real” bread smell
Another latest design which was conceived by the team of Brando is the Croissant wrist rest. Though a bit weird by the looks but is very useful functionally. This wrist rest is not a good idea for those who are or are planning to go on diet. Brando has thought of adding a feature to this gadget. They have actually added the feature of smell to this Croissant wrist rest. Yes, you read it right, this wrist rest has a ‘real bread smell’ which will definitely increase your feeling of hunger before the lunch break. This innovative wrist rest by Brando can be yours for a nominal price of $ 6.
5. Toast Clock
Toast Clock
Toast ClockThis crusty clock measures 10.3 by 9 inches and requires one AA battery
How about a toast hanging on the wall, telling you whether it is time for a break or not? This toast clock is a perfect choice to match the theme of your kitchen (which is of course, food!). The clock is very pleasing and looks very original as if a real toast is hanging on the wall. The toast clock is available for a bite at a price of $ 21.99. This clock can also be used at work place to tell your team about the importance of time. This toast clock will send the message that the time lost is the bread and butter lost.
6. USB BBQ Flash Drive
USB BBQ Flash Drive
USB BBQ Flash DriveExtreme Mouth Watering USB BBQ Flash Drive
Watching this realistic plastic meat-sharped BBQ flash drive anyone would fall hungry. This USB flash drive is another weird design manufactured by Brando. The drive has the following specifications:
1. USB 2.0 compliant
2. Plug-and-play feature so you do not have to worry about any technical stuff
3. Supports Microsoft Windows Vista and Mac OS X
4. The flash drive can hold up to 4 GB of memory.
This BBQ flash drive can be yours for a nominal amount of $ 28 only.
7. Chocolator Calculator
Chocolator Calculator
Chocolator CalculatorChocolator Calculator counts your calories
There is hardly anyone in the world who do not like chocolates. Really, people after getting this chocolate calculator (chocolator) in to their hands are going to turn child. All they will try to do is bite and relish the chocolate. But unfortunately, they cannot eat it. You can also use this chocolate calculator to calculate how many calories have to be taken and how much have you burnt. This chocolate calculator can make every person’s mouth water in the office as you keep it in hands passing through the passage of cabins in the office. The chocolate calculator is 2.5 ” wide and 4 ” long. You can own this chocolator for $ 8.
8. Chicken sandwich USB hub
Chicken sandwich usb hub
Chicken sandwich usb hubPlug in the USBs to the Chicken Sandwich Hub
You have already seen so many mouth watering gadgets which can be used in our daily lives. But the real boss is here. The chicken sandwich USB hub is a gadget which can be used if you want to use more than one flash drives on your PC or laptop without using more than one of the available ports of your PC or laptop. The chicken sandwich USB hub is priced at $19.99 and is a four-port USB 2.0 compliant.

Posted: 18 Oct 2011 04:01 AM PDT
Abhinav Shrivastava:
wacky clocks
wacky clocksWacky clocks with a delightful twist
Alarm clocks are one of the necessary things that are used in our everyday lives. Whether it be the snooze for waking us up in the morning or to alert us for an event or to remind us of someone's birthday, it is an important part of our lives. Alarm clocks come in various shapes and sizes, but here we are not talking about just simple alarm clocks. We are listing eight wacky alarm clocks with a delightful twist so that along with utility one can also have fun with them.
1) Sunrise creator
sunrise creator
sunrise creatorsunrise creator, alarm clock
With three years research and testing, this simple yet amazing alarm clock is a smart gadget which has well turned-out tabletop design. Sunrises generally have very positive and pleasant vibes. But imagine if you can have sunrise according to your wishes! Surprised? Don't be because now its possible with the sunrise creator alarm. It can be easily connected to the bedside table lamp and one just need to set the timer and that's it. Enjoy the sunrise according to your wish at any time. Its override switch helps in using the lamp normally and the alarm can be turned off during mid-sunrise also. This product costs somewhat around $79.99, but it worth buying.
2) Flying alarm clock
Flying Alarm clock
Flying Alarm clockFlying Alarm clock is a reality now.
For people who generally put their alarms on snooze 20 times before getting off the bed this madcap alarm clock can be the perfect Christmas gift to them. It works on the principles of the Blowfly Flying Alarm Clock. On the time of the alarm, the topmost segment of the alarm flies off making an annoying buzz like a mosquito and the only way to put the alarm off is to catch it and place it back on the alarm. If you put the alarm on snooze it will again take off and in case if you don't wake up even with that annoying noise, this small segment may end up falling on you once it runs out of energy. This crazy gadget costs $35. It’s seriously an amazing thing to own.
3) USB Air Purifier & Thermo Alarm Clock
Thermo Alarm
Thermo AlarmUSB Air Purifier & Thermo Alarm Clock
Being in the office or in the traffic one breathes an enormous amount of polluted and unhealthy air. So why not keep a gadget that shows time and at the same time purifies the air around you. This is what USB Air Purifier & Thermo Alarm Clock does. So whether you are at work or in the car or at your home keep this mighty clock and breathe fresh air. This USB-powered device is worth $32 and also has a thermometer that shows the temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales.
4) Clocky alarm clock
ClockyClocky – the alarm clock.
When you are sleeping an effective waking mechanism is required to wake you up, something to prod your mind and pump in blood to your gray matter. So here is the device. This alarm clock has a wheel and it can jump off from your night stand from even a height of 3 feet. It keeps on randomly driving around the room and make a very annoying noise. So the only way to stop it is to catch the little monster and stop the alarm. The only relief it provides is that it can be snoozed for once. Its priced between $49-$59.
5) Wake Assure Clock
bed shaker
bed shakerClock for hearing impaired,or people with vision problems.
This clock is devised for the people with apparition tribulations and sound sleepers. It has a broad screen that measures around 4 inches x 7.5 cm x 2.5 cm along with 2 inches long red numbers and large control buttons. It is also known as the bed shaker alarm as it has a bed shaker, which easily fits under the bed or the mattress, so that when the alarm rings it starts vibrating vigorously. It can also be connected to a lamp that will keep on flashing even if the alarm goes off. It also features snooze and is worth $69.95.
6) Novel Alarm Clock
Novel Alarm
Novel AlarmClock with radio station selector at the top.
When you see it for the first time, it might seem as a fancy alarm clock. With elegant metallic looks, it has a ball on its top to provide a very unique look to it. But mind it, it is not just a normal fancy ball, rather it's a selector for radio stations. You can program the radio station in a conventional way but to select them the person has to roll the ball into one of the nine pockmarks at the top of the gadget. It might appear pointless to many, but if you think aesthetically it is cool. You can own this product for just $60.
7) Nobby voice recognition clock
Voice Recognition Clock
Voice Recognition ClockNobby Voice Recognition Clock
Apart from being a very cute figure it is a voice recognition clock that can act as your chitchat friend at times only if you don't be rude to him. It has spikes at the back, which makes it look like a dinosaur from behind. It responds to many voice commands but it is little sensitive so at times it might flatter you but if you were rude it can give you a silent treatment. Whatever it is, it's a cute gadget. Though it is bit costly at $179.95, it worth a buy.

8) Sfera Alarm
Sfera Alarm
Sfera AlarmCreative Sfera Alarm Clock.
It is also known as the evil alarm because of its sadist features. For those people who find it very difficult to get up in the morning and keep on snoozing the alarm before they actually get up, this device should be the best gift. This miniature fiend hangs over a person's head and every time it's snoozed before the alarm being actually stopped it keeps on making higher and higher creepy, irritating noise. It can ultimately become very vociferous, uncanny and ear penetrating that only way out is to get up and stop it. This colossal is outfitted with light bulb and a radio. This is a remarkable device and is priced at $59.95.

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Kuldeep Sharma:
Lamborghini Concept
Lamborghini Conceptamazing Lamborghini Concept
Lamborghini, an Italy based sports car manufacturing company has come up with many of its sports car models and concepts that has thrilled the whole world with its features and looks. Whenever we talk about the sports cars, Lamborghini comes to our mind. The company released its first sports car model in mid 1960s. After the launch of its first sports car, Lamborghini has released many of its amazing sports car that shows that Lamborghini is the leader in sports car manufacturing industry. But, Ferrari is also a biggest competitor of Lamborghini. Lamborghini comes up regularly with some new designs and innovations in automobile industry with its unique team of designers ans engineers. Presently the Lamborghini is under the assets of Audi, a subsidiary of Volkswagen group. Here we have listed some of the coolest Lamborghini sports car concepts that are waiting to scorch the road and will be available soon in the market.
1. Lamborghini Ankonian
Lamborghini Ankonian
Lamborghini AnkonianLamborghini Ankonian concept project adds more aggression to the Reventon
Lamborghini Ankonian is a super car concept by Lamborghini designed for a more environment friendly status. The car does not feature any hybrid technology. It is a compact car that looks like an extended version of Reventon. The car is designed by famous car designer Slavche Tanevsky. The Ankonian is a mid-sized car with more aggressive looks. It has a narrow body with OLEDs embedded on surface that functions as headlights. The car’s name is inspired from a Bull famous for its black hairs. According to name the car provides much more impressive features that makes it unique among all.
2. 2016 Lamborghini Madura
2016 Lamborghini Madura
2016 Lamborghini MaduraLamborghini Madura concept is the work of Slavche Tanevsky
Lamborghini Madura is a car concept by Slavche Tanevsky that is carried out with the help of designers of Lamborghini and Audi. The car is scheduled for its launch in 2016. The name is inspired by the island of Madura in Indonesia, that is famous for bull races. Lamborghini Madura is a hybrid car with good looking slim design. The car has slim headlights, curvaceous hoods and a mounted up front. The Lamborghini Madura is an eco friendly car concept that makes it a cleaner sports car concept.
3. Lamborghini Timador
Lamborghini Timador
Lamborghini TimadorLamborghini Timador concept
Another concept car in series of Lamborghini concept cars is Lamborghini Timador. This car is designed by Johannes Brandsch. The concept of this car was developed with cooperation from the University of Munich for Applied sciences. The biggest feature of this concept is that this car separates the air inlet portion of the vehicle from the passenger compartment. For this, it makes use of the overlapping shells. This car is a lighter supercar concept that is a great advancement in design and technology of Lamborghini cars.
4. Lamborghini Cachazo
Lamborghini Cachazo
Lamborghini CachazoDesigner creates Lamborghini Cachazo concept as the Gallardo replacement
The Lamborghini Cachazo supercar concept is a replacement for Lamborghini Gallardo. The Cachazo car concept is deigned by designer Marouane Bembli. Some alterations are done in this concept car that makes it somewhat different from other Lamborghini car concepts. The car is designed for a eco friendly environment. Now a days most of the sports cars run on gasoline but this car concept utilizes ethanol as its fuel for getting power. The choice of fuel does not affect the efficiency and the purpose of the car but gives a greener way to race with it.
5. Lamborghini Spiga
Lamborghini Spiga
Lamborghini SpigaLamborghini Spiga concept
Lamborghini Spiga is a sports car concept designed by Turkish designer Ugur Sahin. The name of the car is derived from the roof shape of the car. The roof of car is spike shaped that is known as Spiga in Italian. This concept is based on Lamborghini Gallardo. The car has a unique design with flowing lines over the middle and rear part of the car which resembles to the muscles of human. The car is equipped with side intakes of air that is a unique characteristic of Lamborghini concept vehicles and also provide a unique look to the car.
6. Lamborghini RatUn
Lamborghini RatUn
Lamborghini RatUnLamborghini RatUn concept
The Lamborghini RatUn supercar concept is designed by Niels Steinhoff. This was done with the cooperation of University of Munich for applied sciences, Germany and the designers from the Audi. The car is designed to compete against the Bugatti Veyron sports car. The design of Lamborghini RatUn is inspired with stealth fighter planes that gives it a more dynamic looks and taking the car’s design to the next level. The unique feature of car is that its headlights are like shape of machine gun which makes it totally inspired with war planes. The car was first displayed at the Munich University’s annual show.
7. Lamborghini Embolado Concept
Lamborghini Embolado
Lamborghini EmboladoLamborghini Embolado concept

Lamborghini Embolado is a concept car designed by an industrial design student, Luca Serafini at University of Parma, Italy. This concept is based on dimensions of Lamborghini Gallardo. The car derives its name from a Spanish festival ‘Toro Embolado’ in which a bull is released in streets with fireballs attached to its horns. The design features of Embolado are quite aggressive. The car has sharp edges that makes the design more streamlined. The air inlets used in the car give different shadows to the design of the car making it more cool and stylish. The design of the wheels, front and rear lights show the real beauty of a Lamborghini car. The nose of the Embolado is not so much inspiring as other Lamborghini cars but overall the car is unique in design.
8. Lamborghini Insecta
Lamborghini Insecta
Lamborghini InsectaLamborghini Insecta concept
The last supercar concept in our list is Lamborghini Insecta. This super car concept is designed by Romanian car designer Iulian Bumbu. The car is designed with keeping in mind the status of Lamborghini. The car derives its name by its design that is very similar to exoskeleton of insects (mainly bugs). It looks very similar to bugs when seen from top and rear views. The car is 4,300 mm in length, 1,000mm in height, 2,000 mm in width and a wheel base of 2,650 mm. The body of car is made up of carbon fibers. The main idea of designer behind the design of car is to introduce much softer organic lines with a style statement of Lamborghini.

Posted: 18 Oct 2011 04:01 AM PDT
Preeti Dahiya:

Cardboard gadget
Cardboard gadgetThe cardboard is a naturally biodegradable material and recycling it is much better instead of leaving it as litter.
With the development of technology, there is nothing left in the environment that cannot be transformed. Most of the products that are recycled these days are in high demand and have become so popular that people have actually started going for these recycled products. One such product which is being recycled on a large scale is cardboard and this has come out to be one of the easily transformable objects and have resulted into awesome products. Some of the gadgets made out of cardboard are so adorable that you will be finding it hard to take your eyes off them. There are plenty of such cardboard made gadgets are available in market but only a few of them are worth of going for.Here we are with a list of nine functional gadgets made using cardboard.
1. Recompute

RecomputeIt is the world’s only Full Life Cycle Designed Eco-friendly workstation PC.
Recompute is an awesome gadget made completely out of recycled cardboard. This is a workstation PC which is fully designed using eco-friendly cardboard. The looks given and the overall design look cool and the features it is provided with makes it an awesome creation. It can do all the operations a normal workstation does. Moreover it is provided with 8 USB ports and a LAN and PS2 port. It has a dimension of 16.5 x 11 x 7.5 inches and weighs just 12 pounds. It is priced at $699.95 and at this affordable price, it is worth of a deal.
2. Origami Phone

Origami Phone
Origami PhoneDubbed the Origami Phone, the device features all the same characteristics as a conventional handset.
This is what defines a perfect creativity and interest towards making something out of products like cardboard. Designer Chengyuan Wei made this awesome cell phone which is capable of being folded to form a 3D handset. The designer has provided the phone with awesome looks and a really adorable design. It has all the features of a conventional handset and the best part is that it is made out of recycled cardboard. Also it can be folded in to a three-dimension device which makes it even cooler. The major components used to bring down this phone is cardboard along with few chip, diaphragm microphone and pieces of electric wires joined along the sides and an included metal switch.
3. Card Radio

Card Radio
Card RadioThe internals are housed in a simple card structure which can be recycled at the end of the product’s life.
The radio is one of the major sources of music worldwide and there is nothing that can replace a conventional radio. The radios are back into fashion and people are going for these cardboard based radios as they offer higher durability and are also available at affordable prices. These cardboard recycled radios derive its looks from the traditional radios and look really pretty. The one thing that these radios missed is the digital signal viewer which doesn’t allows the user to view the frequency selected. But the feature that is awesome in this radio is that it is iPhone compatible and also other mobile phones compatible so that you can select track through your phone and it plays it at an awesome tempo.
4. USB stick

USB stick
USB stickThis 1 GB USB stick is made up of recycled cardboard
The USB sticks are one of the most widely manufactured products these days which are now being made out of recycled cardboard. USB sticks are so famous and are a basic need for every human to transfer their data or to carry them safely to places without any fuss. These cool and compact USBs are now being made out of cardboard which derives its looks from the traditional looks but the designs add to the beauty of the USB. These USBs have similar functioning to that of a traditional USB and offers higher durability as they are made out of recycled products.
5. iPod Boombox

iPod Boombox
iPod BoomboxIt comes flat packed and features actual speakers that are powered by four AA batteries.
Boomboxes are a rage these days and people go for these wireless boomboxes as they offer high quality sound experience and also add to the beauty of the music. These boom boxes are a sure buy for all those music lovers out there who cannot live without music. The boombox made out of cardboard are a better option in terms of price and quality. They offer almost equivalent quality of sound at a very reasonable price plus the design that they are provided with looks stunning. These are compatible with next generation phones like iPhones and other mobile phones.
6. Cardboard Hasselblad

HasselbladThe Hasselblad is a working pinhole camera, designed to take 120 roll-film.
The Hasselband is a fully cardboard transformed pinhole camera. Yes, the days of pinhole camera are back with this cardboard based pinhole camera. It completely looks like the traditional pinhole camera that was used in 60s. This was designed by Kelly Angood and is much improved in terms of quality of photos it produces and the comfortable features. This cool and ultra-gorgeous pinhole camera is especially designed to take up to 120 roll-films. These ultra-big cameras will give you awesome negatives to scan and play around with. It is also available in smaller scale versions and is a must buy for all those who love taking snaps.
7. MUJI Portable Cardboard Speakers

MUJIThese fold up almost completely flat for storage in an included plastic bag for easy carrying.
This is an era of wireless portable speakers that have become a rage among youth and students and people love using them as they offer awesome quality sound and are available at fair prices. But now the cardboard made speakers are into market and are creating a rage around for their ultra-gorgeous appeal and the stunning features. The best part of these speakers is that they are made completely out of recycled cardboard and are available at affordable prices. It is available for a price of just $42.
8. Cardboard cameras

Cardboard cameras
Cardboard camerasKeil Johnson has created this range of cameras.
The cameras made out of cardboard are a bit into the current fashion. These cardboard made cameras derives their looks from the traditional cameras and not only look like them but also have the similar features that of a traditional camera. These cameras are a rage these days for their awesome designs and the features they offer. These cool gadgets are hard to ignore and are worth of a deal if you have a passion for photography. Also as it is made out of cardboard, they are fairly priced and are available at affordable prices in market.
9. B&D messenger

B&D messenger
B&D messengerThe B&D messenger is designed by Okada Noriaki
This is a one of the cool objects made completely out of recycled products. These messengers are especially made for all the blind people and the deaf people out there in the world. These messengers have come out to be a good alternative for the blind people to communicate with their loved ones. These cool messengers are designed by Okada Noriaki and are high in market for their awesome functionality and the features they offer. Also these are available at affordable prices.

Posted: 18 Oct 2011 04:01 AM PDT
Jhilik Mitra:
Solar Powered Airplanes
Solar Powered AirplanesSolar powered airplanes to ensure emission free flight
Currently flying by an airplane is one of the least environment-friendly modes of travel available. Aircraft combustion engines emit CO2 and other greenhouse gases, noise and particulates which contribute to climate changes, accelerate global warming and ocean acidification. However, due to the recent advances in photovoltaics, batteries and polymers, development of a revolutionary solar powered aircraft may now be feasible. Researchers and scientists are already working on the concepts of solar powered airplanes which are expected to be released in the near future. Following is a list of such solar powered airplanes for an environment-friendly, emission free flight.

1. Sunseeker by Eric Raymond
SunseekerSunseeker by Eric Raymond
Based on construction technology, the Sunseeker II is the only manned solar airplane in the world and has stayed for more time in the air than all other manned solar planes combined. This hybrid aircraft uses battery power to take off and uses solar power to maintain flight. The design integrates solar cells into the actual wing structure which also features lithium polymer batteries. A unique teetering propeller considerably reduces vibration. Under direct sunlight the Sunseeker II flies at 40 mph, undoubtedly a slow speed by aircraft standards, making it susceptible to be hit by birds.

2. Odysseus
OdysseusThe autonomous surveillance craft boasts the ability to fly above the earth for up to five years straight, deriving power solely from its solar panels
Solar-powered autonomous surveillance craft Odysseus by Aurora Flight Sciences is powered entirely from its solar panels and capable of flying above the earth for five years straight. The 492 foot wide wing-like structure is actually a combination of three airplanes which would be launched separately and combine once in the stratosphere. The aircraft is designed to fly at an altitude of 60,000 to 90,000 feet at speeds of 140 mph. The solar panels line the top of the plane which is capable of adjusting its shape to maximize sun exposure. Currently the Odysseus is in the conceptual stage but once functional it can aid in national and environmental security. According to researchers, the aircraft can be used for patrolling borders, observing nuclear reactor sites, monitoring storm development, the ozone layer and for environmental surveillance.

3. NASA’s Solar Flapper
NASA's Solar Flapper
NASA’s Solar FlapperNASA’s Solar Flapper
The Solar Flapper concept by NASA Institute of Advanced Concepts (NIAC) explores the aspects of designing a solar powered airplane that uses flapping motion for propulsion. The aircraft would integrate airfoil, propulsion, energy generation and storage in one seamless design without any mechanical moving parts. The design uses polymeric metal-composite as the source of propulsion and control. In presence of an electric field this metal-composite deforms and returns to its original shape on its removal. Similar to the flight profile of a hawk or eagle, the propulsive force in the Solar Flapper is generated by flapping of its wings, enabling it to fly for longer periods of time.

4. VoltAir
VoltAirVoltAir shows off electricity powered plane concept at Paris Air Show that is slated for 2035
VoltAir by EADS was introduced at the Paris Air Show in June, 2011 and is slated for a 2035 release. This aircraft which runs entirely on electricity incorporates a pair of li-ion batteries which powers a set of counter-rotating propellers located at its back. The absence of a combustion engine is expected to make this airplane considerably quieter than the current generation of planes. However the technology used in fueling the airplane relies on High-temperature Superconducting (HTS) materials which are only in their early stages of development. If it works, VoltAir is expected to have great prospects as it would be an environment-friendly mode of travel.

5. Solar Challenger
Solar Challenger
Solar ChallengerThe Solar Challenger was conceived by MacCready and created by a team of engineers and model airplane builders
The Solar Challenger was the first solar powered aircraft capable of long distance flights. The aircraft designed by Paul MacCready’s AeroVironment, was an improvement on the Gossamer Penguin which again was a solar powered variant of the human-powered Gossamer Albatross. Solar Challenger featured photovoltaic cells on its wings and stabilizer, without incorporating any reserve batteries. In the year 1981, it successfully completed a 262 km flight from France to England. The Solar Challenger was designed to be more maneuverable and powerful than the Gossamer Penguin and also to withstand turbulence and sustained high attitude flight. It was three times heavier than the Gossamer Penguin, had a shorter wingspan and was more powerful. The Solar Challenger featured 16,128 solar cells powering two 3 HP motors. The motors operated on a common shaft and drove a controllable pitch propeller.

6. Venus
VenusThe craft would have to be capable of sustained flight at or above the wind speed, about 95 m/sec at the cloud-top level, 65 to 75 km above the surface
The intense heat and air pressure on the surface of planet Venus makes lander missions almost impossible. Instead, a mission flying in the atmosphere of the planet and closer to the surface would be particularly helpful for collection of a detailed amount of data. In year 2007, NASA formed a Science and Technology Definition Team (STDT) to study the concept of a flagship mission to Venus. According to Dr. Geofrey Landis from NASA’s Glenn Research Center, a small solar powered aircraft could fly continuously on the atmosphere of Venus and gather information on the planet’s surface and atmosphere with the ability to maneuver almost everywhere. Landis and his team, who have been studying and working on this concept since the year 2000, have presented their findings for Venus to NASA’s STDT. The airplane which would have to fold up to fit inside a small aeroshell would deploy from the shell after landing on the planet, unfold and glide through the atmosphere. Since the solar cells would cover the entire surface, the airplane would be powered by solar energy, not needing any fuel. The design drawn by the team features a wingspan of 9m and a length just under 7m. However a problem for the solar airplane to fly on Venus would be the wind and to keep it flying under the sun, the airplane must be designed to fly faster than the wind. It must also be capable of sustained flight at or above the wind speed. The aircraft can glide down to lower altitudes and then climb back, probing the cloud layers in between. Although Landis and his team have designed this solar powered aircraft basically to study the atmosphere of Venus, they are also considering using the aircraft for radar mission.
7. Finnair solar powered aircraft
FinnairFinnair Solar Powered Aircraft
Finnair, the largest airliner of Finland has come up with futuristic designs of aircraft and spacecraft fleet for air and space travel. These aircraft and spacecraft designs are drawn by Kauko Helavuo and Finnair has even launched a website dedicated to the fleet. The Finnair A1700-2400 Cruiser which resembles a flying saucer can land and take off vertically. This futuristic aircraft which can accommodate 2400 passengers is also equipped to land on water in emergency situations. Next up is the Finnair aircraft for Everyone. This is a combination of a helicopter and a small aircraft designed for personal uses and is expected to be introduced by 2020. Electricity generating solar cells cover 85% of the aircraft’s outer surface. Finnair A600-850 designed for short-haul routes is a zero-emission aircraft. It can take off and land either along a runway or vertically. The audio-visual windows on the aircraft act as display terminals to watch television. Lastly, the Finnair Space Hotel Service Ship carries passengers from earth to Space Hotel and back. The aircraft shaped like an arrow flies passengers to the Space hotel located at an altitude of 500 km. The Space hotel takes nine hours to orbit the earth and from their rooms in the Space hotel tourists can admire the spectacular view of the surrounding space and of the earth.

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