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Seven stylish charging stations to juice up your gadgets

Kikkerland Charging Station
Kikkerland Charging StationKikkerland Charging Station
Modern science and technologies have led to the invention of several handy gadgets and we are getting hooked to them like anything. Our dependence on gadgets has increased many times these days and we know that we need to keep our gadgets charged in order to use them. Charging your favorite gadgets is a key thing and most of us crave for charging stations that are stylish and sleek and conserve energy. Here is the list of seven stylish charging stations to juice up your gadgets:
1. Belkin Conserve Valet
Belkin Conserve Valet
Belkin Conserve ValetBelkin Conserve Valet charge up four of your gadgets without making a mess of wires. The best thing about it, it automatically turns off when the devices are fully charged.
Belkin Conserve Valet is a stylish and smart USB charging station which can be used to charge up to 4 devices together. This charging station conserves energy because it shuts off automatically once the device gets charge. This charging device completely eliminates standby power. It can sense when new devices are plugged in for charge. The cord management system of Belkin Conserve Valet is very neat.It is small in size and you can carry it with yourself. This charging station is perfect for frequent travelers who want to keep their gadgets charged all the time.
2. Messless
MesslessMessless charging station

As the name suggests, this charging station is Mess-less, which means that it does not has too many wires and other paraphernalia attached to it. The design of the Messless charging station is elegant and stylish and it appears like a small table. The base of this charging station is rounded. It is made up of plastic making it lightweight and easy to carry. Spring is fitted in the top allowing the users to push the top down in order to click the charging station. This charging station can be used to charge several devices including iPods, MP3 players, mobile phones etc. The circuit board is fitted inside the structure and it has USB ports to connect the devices. This unique charging station is priced at €9.50.
3. Powermat
PowermatPowermat busts out swappable battery for its updated wireless charging lineup

Powermat is a modern wireless charging station which can be used to charge many devices including mobile phones, MP3 players, handheld games, e-books, laptops etc. Powermat claims that this charging station can be used to charge virtually any device. Shaped like a mat, this charger uses the theory of induction to recharge the gadgets. This device was unveiled at 2010 Consumer Electronics show. Currently, Powermat can be used to recharge many mobile phones including HTC, Blackberry, Nokia etc. This charging station cannot be used to charge two of your favorite gadgets: the iPhone and iPod touch. Priced at $40, the Powermat is available in the US market and you can also buy this product online from Powermat's website.
4. Bluelounge-The Sanctuary
Bluelounge The Sanctuary
Bluelounge The SanctuaryBluelounge The Sanctuary
Bluelounge-The Sanctuary is an innovative and stylish charging station which is shaped like a container and has built-in panel with labeled plugs. This device can be used to charge several devices at once. This universal charging station comes with a dozen connectors and it also features a USB port. Priced at $129.95, this charging station is portable and lightweight. This charging station can be used to recharge more than 1500 electronic devices including mobile phones, iPod, iPad, laptop, MP3 player etc. Bluelounge-The Sanctuary is available in three colors: White, black and dark wood. The inner tray of this device is made up of faux leather.
5. Lessev Mobile Station
Lessev Mobile Station
Lessev Mobile StationLessev Mobile Station

Designed by Takafumi Nemoto, the Lessev Mobile Station is a stylish charging station which can be used to charge small gadgets. This cordless charging station can charge multiple devices at once. The dimensions of the Lessev mobile station are 256 x 256 x 116mm.Weighing just 840g, this charging station is easy to carry. Currently, this charging station is available in two colors: light brown, grey. The container is made up of ABS resin and lid is made up of silicon.
6. Kangaroom Bamboo 3 Pod
Bamboo 3 Pod
Bamboo 3 PodKangaroom Bamboo 3 Pod
Priced at $45, the Kangaroom Bamboo 3 Pod is a cordless, stylish charging station which can be used to recharge multiple devices at once. This charging station can be used to recharge mobile phones, hand-held games, MP3 players, cameras etc. The front door of this device is sliding. This device can be mounted on the wall as well. The dimensions of the Kangaroom Bamboo 3 Pod are 13″ L x 3.75″ W x 5″ H.
7. Kikkerland Charging Station
Kikkerland Charging Station
Kikkerland Charging StationKikkerland Charging Station

This Kikkerland Charging Station is a stylish and innovative device with no cords. This charging station appears like a pot of grass and it can be used to charge cell phones, digital cameras, MP3 players and other small devices.

Nang Natalia:
Smokeless ashtray
Smokeless ashtrayTo build a smokeless ashtray on your own
Ashtrays are one of the important things for smokers apart from the lighters, cutters and humidors. An ashtray is a necessity for the smoking lot and the use of which improverise with the passing time. A smokeless floor ashtray can be built with some modifications to an ordinary rubbish bin. Crushing the cigarette butts into an ashtray is not a good idea as it gives out a foul smell of stale cigarettes. You can make an attractive and inexpensive smokeless ashtray of your own having an air purification system to keep the mechanism easy and clean and to avoid the smell of the used cigarette’s butt. This ashtray type is good and useful for outdoor environments.
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Time required:
The required time to make a smokeless ashtray would vary from person to person. It would highly depend on the skill set and knowledge of the person to build the ashtray. An expert performer would require less time whereas a beginner would require more time to make the ashtray. The availability of the right resources around are also important in calculating the time to complete making the product.
Resources required:
The things which are required to make a smokeless ashtray are:
  • ashtray made from melamine with furrowed center and narrow bottom,
  • a square hard plastic tissue box cover,
  • superglue,
  • 1/2 inch thick foam rubber,
  • battery operated air mattress pump,
  • drill, 4 inch filter cartridge for reptile tanks,
  • drill bits,
  • acrylic sheet thinner 1/8 of an inch,
  • jigsaw,
  • rubber gummy feet,
  • 1/8 inch metal channel material and a hacksaw.
Estimate Cost:
The cost of building a smokeless floor ashtray would depend upon various factors. The quantity and quality of the resources would matter as their cost will vary depending on the use for the product. Also the availability of the resources plays a vital part without which building of the product gets difficult or we have to substitute the required resources. Keeping in mind all the factors, the ideal cost of making the ashtray would be anywhere around $10.
Following are the instructions of how to build a smokeless floor ashtray on your own by using the resources which are already mentioned above.
  1. First of all you need to place the tissue box cover on a flat surface. Put the ashtray on the box cover right away. Now with a magic marker, draw around the bottom of the ashtray tracing the outer edge. By using a jigsaw, cut the plastic along the marked edges. Until the bottom of the ashtray can come to an eighth inch into the opening, cut the marked edges more slightly. Rub any rough edges with a sandpaper or plastic burrs bulging out from the box cover.
  2. Below the raised grooves, drill various tiny holes into the center of the ashtray and remove any burrs or plastic particles which are making the holes block. Around the perimeter, apply super glue to the box cover opening. Apply pressure to the ashtray and then drop the ashtray into the box cover opening. By placing the air intake valve on the top, put the air mattress pump which is battery operated on a flat surface and then measure the height of the raised intake valve.
  3. Along the perimeter edge of the pump, place the rubber feet evenly spaced out, making sure they are slightly higher than the raised air valve. Now centering over the intake valve, press a 4 inch cartridge filter into the gummy feet. Lay down a small sheet of acrylic on a flat surface. Place the box cover onto the acrylic sheet with the attached ashtray. Using a magic marker, trace the perimeter around the box cover. Using a jigsaw, cut the acrylic piece accordingly. Now use a sand paper to rub the edges around the acrylic perimeter. By using a hacksaw, cut two pieces of metal channel material respectively. Again with a sandpaper, rub the harsh edges or metal burrs coming out from the channel.
  4. Keep the box cover on its side which is attached with the ashtray. Put the super glue to the the channel facing the center of the box opening, onto the bottom edge of one of the sides. The process should be repeated for the box edge across from it toward the center of the box opening facing the open end of the channel. Let the glue to dry on its own. Until it completely covers the bottom of the box, slide the cutout of the acrylic through the channels. Rub with the sand paper any rough spots on the acrylic edges until the cutout slips easily through the grooves. Now, on top of the foam rubber, place the acrylic bottom and by using a magic marker, mark the perimeter around the acrylic.
  5. It is best to cut the foam rubber much smaller than the tracing marks. By holding the filter cartridge and by pumping the air mattress against the bottom of the ashtray, turn the box cover upside down with the ashtray. On the outside of the box, mark the area where the power switch will be placed. By using the power drill and the jigsaw, a small square opening should be cut in the box cover for the switch. On a flat surface put the pump with the filter cartridge centered on the top. Over the pump, put the box cover coordinating with the opening of the switch and then push the foam rubber underneath the pump. Along the metal grooves, underneath the box cover, slide the acrylic bottom accordingly.
Quick tips:
If necessary, you can use thicker rubber foam in the bottom of the box cover to hold the air mattress pump in the right place. The furrowed center of the ashtray denotes the raised, slotted area in which to rest the cigarette.
Things to watch out for:
  • You should drill tiny holes in the ashtray so that hot ashes cannot fall through them into the filter.
  • Make sure that there is a small amount of room in the box cover so that the valve which expels air on the air mattress pump is not blocked.
Kuldeep Sharma:
Waterproof Steampunk USB Drive
Waterproof Steampunk USB DriveCool Steampunk USB Drive is Waterproof

USB drives are the most common media that is being used by normal users in their daily routine for storing and carrying data from one place to another. USB drives comes in different sizes and shapes depending upon the availability in the market. You might have used a USB drive for your personal use, so what it looks like? Most probably USB drives that are available are of small size and are much more compact than the previous ones. But have you ever seen some USB drives that are somewhat different in their looks. Let’s have a look at the seven cool and creative Steampunk USB drives for the geeky.
1. Steampunked USB drive by Russian modder

Steampunked USB drive by Russian modder
Steampunked USB drive by Russian modderSteampunkified version USB drive by Russian modder
The first USB drive in our list is one that is created by a Russian modder. He modified his USB drive to some what different looking piece. This USB drive is made using the old parts of an archaic clock and other electronic parts. He might have collected these parts from a rag shop there. The USB connector of this USB drive comes out when you twist the outer gear. This looks like a brass pipe with some screw and gear that makes it look much more steampunked. The USB drive also has some movable parts, so in your pass time you can also play with it.

2. Brass and copper crafted Steampunk USB Drive

Brass and copper crafted Steampunk USB Drive
Brass and copper crafted Steampunk USB DriveCool Steampunk USB Drive hand-crafted USB drive from brass and copper
The next USB drive in our list is Brass and copper crafted USB drive that is totally steampunked. This USB drive is made up of brass and copper only. The shining outer surface of the drive makes it look much more attractive than a normal USB drive. Just like a normal USB drive it is also provided with a closing cap. This cap is also made up of brass and copper. Some extra work has been done on this to make it look much more cool as it is in the picture.

3. Steampunk USB Drive by Etsy user

Steampunk USB Drive by Etsy user
Steampunk USB Drive by Etsy userHandcrafted from copper and used old vintage clock gears to give it that steampunk style look
The next USB drive in our list is one that is created by an Etsy user. This drive is made up of copper parts that are taken from an old vintage clock. The USB drive body has a gear at the top that makes it look cool. This drive is currently available in 2 GB model. You can get this by paying only $50 on Etsy website. This drive will definitely add one more gem to your geeky status.

4. Pocket Memory 5

Pocket Memory 5
Pocket Memory 5Pocket Memory 5 steampunk USB drive
The Pocket memory 5 is fifth version in pocket memory series of USB drives. The drive looks like an underwater sea creature. The device is modified using a 64 GB Kingston USB drive. This storage capacity of storing 64 GB of data makes it much more geeky. It has a diamond like jewel at one end which glows with the help of LED when connected to your PC. You can get this drive for you by paying a price of $1,000. This is really a most steampunked version of any USB drive.

5. Steampunk USB Jump Drive

Steampunk USB Jump Drive
Steampunk USB Jump DriveSteampunk USB Jump Drive, comes with 2GB of storage
The Steampunk USB jump drive is made up of many parts of old vintage clock and gears. The drive comes with a storage capacity of 2 GB. The drive contains a green light that glows when you connect it to your PC or laptop. The drive is made up of Brass and has great shiny looks that can attract any geeky person. The drive is available for purchase at a cool price tag of $50. As you can see in the picture above the gears and the metal parts attached to the drive gives it a more dominating looks.

6. 8GB Steampunk USB Drive

8GB Steampunk USB Drive
8GB Steampunk USB Drive8GB Steampunk USB drive that features a built-in microSD card reader
The next in our list is a 8 GB storage capacity USB drive that is made up of Brass and Copper. The drive features some of the parts of a wrist watch like its glass. The drive supports an inbuilt card reader that can be used to read memory cards. The drive contains a red colored light that glows through the glass when connected to PC and blinks while you transfer data from it. The drive is available for $195.

7. Waterproof Steampunk USB Drive

Waterproof Steampunk USB Drive
Waterproof Steampunk USB DriveCool Steampunk USB Drive is Waterproof
Last USB drive that is in our list is a waterproof steampunk USB drive. This drive is made up of Brass and has some extraordinary design. I still remember the time when i dropped my USB drive in water and it got damaged. But now you do not need to worry about this as this one is waterproof so in case by mistake your drives gets into the water then even it will not get damaged. This drive is available in 8GB model for a price tag of $125.

Preeti Dahiya:
QWERTY keyboards
QWERTY keyboardsStylish smartphones with physical QWERTY keyboards

The days are gone when a mobile phone meant those big sized heavy weight mobile phones which were used just to attend calls or to make calls. This is an era of ultra-stylish, super slim and smart phones. These smart phones are nothing less than a power packed computers which are compact in size and are so handy that you can hardly feel their weight. One such is the QWERTY keypad technology which completely changed the way people used to send and receive messages. This unique keypad was so popular that a number of devices were launched keeping in mind the stylish QWERTY keypad. This enables user to reply to messages at a faster rate and also to write emails at a really fast speed. This has completely changed the basic traditional phone into a computer or you can call them super compact computers which are so handy and adorable. So here we are with a list of seven stylish smart phones with physical QWERTY keyboards.
1. BlackBerry Torch 9800

BlackBerry Torch 9800
BlackBerry Torch 9800Looks and feels good. Integrates social-networking well.
The Blackberry was the brand who created this awesome concept and ever since the launch of this keypad, the Blackberry became a rage among youths and students. These phones are not only stylish but are also provided with awesome features and mind-blowing apps. The Blackberry Torch is one of the best QWERTY keypad phones and is popular for its attractive features and power packed processor. It is provided with a touchscreen and a super cool navigation key. The 3.2″ HD touchscreen makes it even cooler. It is priced at $361.97.
2. Motorola Droid 2 Global

Motorola Droid 2 Global
Motorola Droid 2 Globalcomes with QWERTY keyboard and Multi-touch input method.
The Motorola mobile phones are known for their awesome features and attractive looks. The Droid is one of the best phones by Motorola and is an awesome piece by looks and by design. It is provided with plenty of features that will surely drive you crazy. It is equipped with a 5 MP camera, 3.7″ capacitive touch screen, high internal storage of 8GB and a powerful RAM of 512MB. With all these features including a QWERTY keypad, this phone is worth of a buy.
3. LG Quantum

LG Quantum
LG QuantumFull QWERTY keyboard for faster, easier texting
LG is into the list with its super cool model Quantum. This phone is actually a Windows phone which is equipped with a QWERTY keypad that makes it ever more popular. It is provided with an internal storage of 16 GB and a 5MP camera which can take stunning pictures even at low contrast. The phone can capture HD videos and has a powerful processor of 1GHz. The super cool touch screen makes it easy for users to read the things very clearly and the QWERTY keypad makes it easy to type the whole lot of stuff.
4. Samsung Galaxy Indulge

Samsung Galaxy Indulge
Samsung Galaxy IndulgeFastest, most powerful smartphone on MetroPCS, full keyboard
Samsung is always known to bring the latest technology with a touch of luxury and at a really affordable price. This Samsung beauty is one among them. The Samsung Galaxy range is simply awesome and this masterpiece is way above all the models in the series. The 4G technology of the phone is what making big news in market. Also the mobile is equipped with a powerful processor of 1GHz and a super touchscreen of 3.5″.
5. T-Mobile G2

T-Mobile G2
T-Mobile G2The G2's keyboard has raised keys that don't disappoint.
The mobile giant T-mobile can never be ignored if there is a talk about smart phones. The T-mobile’s G2 is exceptionally beautiful and a power packed mobile phone with a QWERTY keypad that makes it one of the hottest gadget in the town. This black beauty is an Android phone with the latest 4G technology. It is also provided with an awesome interface and a high quality camera. This mobile is a rage across the globe and is worth of keeping if you are a technology freak.
6. Samsung Epic 4G

Samsung Epic 4G
Samsung Epic 4GBest smartphone with a physical QWERTY keyboard
This decade is completely ruled by the 4G technology and the Samsung phones are one of the hottest pick in this segment. The Samsung Epic 4G is one of the Samsung’s newest launches and is creating buzz for its ultra-gorgeous looks and awesome design. The mobile phone is equipped with a super powerful processor of 1GHz and a super AMOLED touchscreen that will take your entertainment experience to a whole new level. Also it is provided with a QWERTY keypad and an awesome quality 5MP camera which is capable of taking HD snaps.
7. T-Mobile Sidekick 4G

T-Mobile Sidekick 4G
T-Mobile Sidekick 4GExcellent keyboard,fast Internet, well-built hardware
The T-mobile phones are really hard to ignore for what they deliver. This T-mobile is a perfect combination of comfort with luxury and style. The best part of the phone is its awesome keyboard. The QWERTY keypad of this phone is one of the best keyboard in the industry and the exciting shortcuts provided makes it even more special. The fast processor and the fast interface is taking the phone to a whole new level. Also the phone is provided with cool looking UI designs and the latest 4G technology.

Anindya Nandy:
Computer mouse
Computer mouseComputer mouse is generally cleaned by applying the cleaning solution on the dry cloth and using the same cloth on the mouse.
One of the most essential parts of a computer that cannot be done with out is the mouse. This tiny oval shaped device, resembling a mouse in real, is capable of making the computer to function as per the instruction of the user, with the command of a few clicks only. Sometimes, the conventional mouse is also attached with laptops in order to make them more user friendly for people who find it difficult to operate the touch pad mouse. Conventional mouse is of two types, the one with a rubber ball affixed into the slot at the bottom, which reads the movement in correspondence to ‘X’ axis and ‘Y’ axis and the other is the optical mouse, where the proceedings are carried on by means of infrared technology. The most common problem that mouse faces is the accumulation of dirt on its surface. In case of the deposition of dirt and grime in the sensory areas, the performance of the device is also minimized to a disturbing level. Therefore, the only way to make the mouse functionally better again is to clean it. Regular cleaning is also a part of the proper maintenance regime of the same that can be done even if the mouse has not accumulated dirt.
Difficulty level: Easy
Time required: 30 minutes
Resources required
1. The instruction manual from the manufacturer of the mouse
2. Dry and clean cotton cloth
3. Mild computer cleaning solution
4. Cotton swab
5. Paperclip
6. Small knife
7. Screwdriver
8. Alcohol
9. Container
1. Shut down the whole system first and read the manual
Before you begin the mouse cleaning regime, ensure that the system is properly shut down. Check carefully that the main wire to the power supply slot is removed. Locate the mouse port of the computer, which is generally found at the back of the system. But at times it may also be attached to the computer by means of a USB port. Once you have found out the connecting port, unplug it totally. Finally check and be confirmed that there is no electric supply anywhere in the whole system. Now, get hold of the manufacturer's manual where the whole process of recommended steps are given that are to be followed meticulously while cleaning the mouse. In case if the manual is not found or no cleaning regime is stated there in the manual you can search the net and get necessary feedback and useful guidelines on your project.
2. Clean the wire
It is not that the surface of the mouse which is handled the most and is the most dirt prone area. The wire connected to the mouse can also gather grime and depositions over the time. Thus, get hold of the dry cotton cloth and dip it in some computer cleaning solution. Avoid too much of solution while cleansing as it can make the surface to be cleaned, oily and slippery. Likewise, too less cleansing solution can also not be proper as it will not be effective against the accumulated grime. Anyhow, take the sufficient quantity of the cleansing agent in the cloth and hold the wire with the same. Run your hand along the entire length of the wire. Follow the same method for various wires that connects the mouse to the different parts of the computer; the one that connects it with the keyboard, the other that is connected to the USB port or the back of the computer, etc.
3. Clean the surface of the mouse
Initially rub the entire surface of the mouse with a clean, dry cloth so that the loose dirt can be removed. Otherwise it will get stuck on to the device when the cleansing liquid will be used, making the process further messy. Now, dip the clean cotton cloth in the cleansing solution and drip it dry so that there is no excess liquid, or else there will be water and soap marks on the surface of the mouse. Now, rub the surface gently with the detergent dipped cloth till it becomes shiny and squeaky clean. Turn the mouse upside down to clean the other side of it too. Once your work is done, leave it in open space so that it dries up completely.
4. Clean the internal part of the mouse
In case if your mouse has a rubber ball in it, open the mouse cover located at the underside of the mouse. Give it slight pressure and pull it towards the arrow mark, imprinted on it and the case will automatically open. In order to remove the stubborn dirt and grime from the ball and the inside of the case, use knife, screwdriver, small stick and paper clip to remove grime from those hard to reach areas. Now, dip the cotton swab in alcohol and gently rub it all over the internal part of the mouse and the the ball. Leave it in open air till it gets dry and replace the cover again when the work is finally done. If you have an optical mouse, there is no need to open it at all. All you need to do is to dip the clean cotton swab in alcohol and carefully rub and clean the optical light at the bottom of the mouse.
5. Test the mouse
Once you are through with the cleaning, plug the mouse and fix the wires again, at it was previously. Switch on the power and examine if the mouse is working well or not.
Frequently asked questions
1. Q. When do I need to clean my mouse?
A. It should be cleaned at least once a month. In case of accumulation of dirt immediate cleaning can be done.
2. Q. Does cleaning the mouse regularly at intervals improve its efficiency?
A. Yes as it prevents the deposition of dirt on its sensory parts.
Quick tips
1. Clean the mouse whenever it stumbles or appears to be slow
2. In case of mouse with rubber ball, if you find rubber on your mouse pad, clean the mouse immediately.
Things to watch out for
1. Never start cleaning the mouse if the system is in power and the mouse is plugged in.
2. After cleaning, assemble the various parts of the mouse only when it is completely dry.

Aravind Balasubramanya:
Steampunk iPhone
Steampunk iPhoneRetro Concept: The iPhone Goes Steampunk at the iLounge
It is not simply said that “Old is Gold.” The purists even go to the extent of considering the “new as nuisance!” While we do not wish to debate on that, there is definitely a charm in all things that are ancient and historic. And a few designers have put in their ingenuity to come up with cell phones that look like they have done a time travel to arrive in the 21st century. We wish to present here, eight steampunk phones that will make you drool.
1. Steampunk cell phone
Steampunk Cell Phone
Steampunk Cell PhoneSteampunk Cell Phone Takes Tech Backwards
This gold colored box you see looks like some meter from a bygone era no doubt. But it is a phone! No data plan. No 3G. No games or widgets. But hey! Just wait. There is no keypad also? You make your calls using the binary coded punch cards; it could not have got spunkier than this! This phone defines the term ‘call card’! A rugged brown casing holds the ear piece and mouth piece and of course a few dials. Every time you want to order a pizza, you have to punch cards in. Those steampunk fans out there are sure to rejoice and well, companies better start having custom designed punch cards to distribute as the contact numbers!
2. Russian steam punk phone
Russian steam punk phone
Russian steam punk phoneRussian steam punk phone
This is a rich Russian (we have noted the paradox here!) father’s gift to his daughter! The phone is all metal and from the backside, it becomes hard to identify as a phone also. Built like a powerful engine, the phone is all nuts, bolts and screws. Ball bearing double up as buttons on the dialing pad. It could also be a handy weapon to use if attacked! Built solidly, the phone packs a punch and its brass and gold look gives it the romance of the medieval ages.
3. Pezzano's steampunk phone
Pezzano's steampunk phone
Pezzano's steampunk phonePezzano's steampunk phone
You cannot get a better retro fitted, golden hued ‘green’ phone than this one. Looking like the strong buckle of a leather belt, this phone has been made entirely from recycled materials and functions only as what a phone is meant to do; make calls and communicate with the other person! Refined with nano-steam technology, this 15cm x 5cm completely recycled phone comes packed with a foldable antenna that is about 30cm long. It has been glued, screwed and painted to appeal to the steampunks and if ordered, there is the promise of delivery anywhere across the globe. There is no display on the phone but let us assure you that the phone itself is a display of its own!
4. Treo Smartphone Mark 1
Treo Smartphone Mark 1
Treo Smartphone Mark 1Treo Smartphone Mark 1
The phone is not digital and so the clock too is not. But hey! There is a display! Making a happy marriage of the modern with the classy ancient, here is a smartphone that has been modified to thrill the steampunk aficionados. In functionality, you cannot get a better modern phone and in looks, it kills anything with its classic beauty. An embossed clock adds to the looks. The Steampunk Treo Smartphone Mark 1 has been redesigned and retro fitted with brass plates and a leather case. To say the least, it is hard, rugged, cool and completely functional with all mod facilities a simply awesome combination to let go.
5. Celsius X VI II LEDIX 'phone'
Celsius X VI II LEDIX 'phone'
Celsius X VI II LEDIX 'phone'Celsius X VI II LEDIX 'phone'
Here is a phone that the emperors and empresses of yore would have fallen in love with if only they had the chance of having it! Made regally with grade 5 titanium, this phone has a mechanically elucidated watch also attached to it. Flip it open, and it is a modern smartphone, complete with screen and dials - modern interiors housed in steampunk exteriors. A 2.2 inch OLED screen, a 3.2 MP camera and hours of talk-time are all embedded. Apologies to the geeks for the phone has no Bluetooth or OS. But then, it is not meant for them! It is a limited edition phone with only 28 pieces being made available. Weighing an impressive 245 grams, it is worth its weight in gold for a person who recognizes its beauty and value.
6. Steampunk iPhone
Steampunk iPhone
Steampunk iPhoneRetro Concept: The iPhone Goes Steampunk at the iLounge
The Apple of the steampunk world too has been busy as we see! The iPhone omega, promises to take you ‘back into the future’ with its vintage looks encapsulating modern features. Designer Karl Vanderbeek has submitted the phone for the iLounge contest and he must be wishing the captain Jack Sparrow is on the jury that decides the winner! But do not judge it completely by the looks. It has been incorporated with touchscreen technology and has the capacity to support up to 5G! Instead of putting old wine in a new bottle, this is the case of new wine being poured in an old bottle with refreshing results. Video calling camera, GPS tracking, location tracking, camera and super-fast and sensitive touchscreen, makes this the ultimate phone for any modern pirate.
7. Classic Nokia cellphone
Classic Nokia cellphone
Classic Nokia cellphoneClassic Nokia cellphone
Straight out from the Industrial Revolution, this Nokia concept based phone will be a dream for many. It has screws in for the dial pad. The mechanical wheels of some vintage machine seem to adorn the phone as its selection keys and the ear phones! A classical spring winds and loops around the body acting as an ‘antenna’. Encased in metal, the phone has been beautifully finished in a pure leather covering. Turn in around and you will see that in true Victorian style, the phone is held in place by nuts and bolts!
8. John Mavrovic's phone
John Mavrovic's phone
John Mavrovic's phoneJohn Mavrovic's steampunk phone
This is rare classic beauty. It is green in color and green in character too. But in looks, it is so historic and grand! The phone has been made entirely out of what most people would term as ‘pure junk’. That’s right! Broken parts of an old typewriter, components of an old clock and a few screws and nuts have been made into the manufacturing raw materials for this steampunk phone by designer John Mavrovic. But, note that the insides are all the modern components of a modern Nokia phone! Ready for the Globus anyone?

Akshata Hegde:
Solar powered reverse trike
Solar powered reverse trikeOn top of the trike a solar panel collects the sun's rays and charges the battery
Making eco-friendly things can be of great use. By doing this, you are also contributing a bit to avoid the possible harm to the environment. Solar products are in great demand and when it comes to making these things on your own that too at a meager price is even more fabulous. How about making a vehicle which operates on solar power, isn't it excellent? No pollution, no fuel combustion, all you need is to invest some money to get the parts and spare and some time to combine these parts to make a solar vehicle ready to use.

If you live in a country where sunlight is not an issue, making a solar reverse trike will be of great help to you. The solar powered reverse trike, will need a solar panel to charge the battery, which will drive the motor, thereby making it an eco friendly vehicle. Making this vehicle will need not be difficult as you needs parts that are simple to find.
Difficulty level: The project is moderately challenging. It may require expertise in some areas.
Time required: 18 to 20 days.
Resources required
1. Chassis
2. Solar panel
3. 24Volts DC, 17Amp motor
4. 12Volts, 80AH battery
5. Steering mechanism
6. Chain and sprocket mechanism
7. Charging circuit
8. 4 U shaped iron sections
9. 1 Cycle chain
10. Materials: Aluminum, steel and cast iron
Estimate cost: Making a solar powered reverse trike will cost you around $550.
Step 1: 3D Design of the vehicle
Firstly you need to make a 3D layout or the design of the vehicle. This will help you know what the end product would look like. This is a very crucial step at the same will help you during the fabrication process. It is always suggested to draw out the idea of what your end product would look like. This will help you find out if you are going the right way and help you rectify the possible errors right away.
Step 2: Chassis fabrication
Once you have the 3D layout ready. You can start with the fabrication of the Chassis. Use Aluminum rectangular sections of 2 inch x1 inch, 2mm thick for the main body. Make use of Argon welding to weld the rods together. The wielding process may take around 4hours to complete as per the dimensions precisely.
Step 3: Bicycle rear section
A rear side of bicycle, which can be easily found from a scrap shop, will be attached to the vehicle. Now get the rear section of an old bicycle that will be useful to hold the rear wheels. Later on you can use this to drive the vehicle as well.
Step 4: Assembling the front and rear chassis
Next you assemble the rear section from a used bicycle with the the fabricated front part of the chassis. Make use of the U-shaped bar to hold these parts together. Once done with this, attach the two angle iron bars using a shock absorber. Later on mount the wheels.
Step 5: Steering mechanism
This being a reverse trike, the front two tires will be used for steering. So steer the wheels by employing the T-joint mechanism. Now you can place the motor and battery. Prior to this make a small frame that can support the motor as well as the battery making use of angle irons.
Step 6: Solar panel mounting
This trike will have the large solar panel as the roof. To mount this solar panel you need to get a frame ready. Again wield the rods to make a frame as in your 3D layout. Once done your solar panel is ready to be mounted. The solar panels are very fragile so you need to be extra careful while installing it.
Step 7: Charge controller circuit diagram
Draw a diagram of the charge controller circuit. And make the circuit accordingly. One you have installed the charge controller circuit, your trike is ready to use.
Frequently asked questions
Q. Can you explain the specification of the trike that is the end result?
A. The trike is 7 x 3.5 x 4.5 ft (2.13 x 1.06 x 1.37 meter), 132 pound (60 kg) low-rider.
Q. How is this beneficial?
A. This is a solar powered trike. Sun being a renewable source of energy source you won't need any external power or fuel to run this vehicle. Hence there are zero chances of air and sound pollution.
Q. What would be the speed of this trike.
A. The reverse trike can go up to 30kmph speed, which is the maximum. It covers a distance of maximum 70km in one full charge.
Quick tips
The charge controller circuit's purpose is to cut-off the supply from the solar panel as soon as the battery is charged fully. This is installed to avoid over charging. You can recharge the battery when the voltage drops off.
The vehicle uses reverse configuration, which means it will have two wheels in the front and a one wheel on the rear side. Steering of the vehicle is done with assistance of front wheels.
Things to watch out for
The solar panel placed on the top of the vehicle charges the battery, thereby transforming the vehicle into a thrilling ride.
The trike features a T-shaped aluminum framework, which is custom built at the front of the vehicle. The back part of a bicycle frame, which is placed at the rear is used to sit while riding. The reverse three-wheeler utilizes a photovoltaic roof of 40 watt that charges the dry cell solar battery of 12v/80Ah.
This is an addition to the Green Technology, which makes good use of sun's energy. The lightweight trike's eco friendly ride will ensure no emission of harmful gases. Crafted in a way that will make proper use of solar power in today's traffic loaded age. All you will need is some materials which can be easily obtained and some creative effort and patience till you eco friendly bike gets ready to VROOM on the roads.

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Manhardeep Singh:
keyboard with integrated trackball mouse
keyboard with integrated trackball mouseMaking keyboard with integrated trackball mouse.
When it comes to creativity, even the sky is not the limit. If you have an innovative mind and want to make complex things simple, you are reading the right thing. In this article you’ll learn the insights of making your own keyboard with an integrated trackball mouse, you’ll know the difficulty of the task, things required to make the project a success and the dos and don’ts of the project.
Difficulty level: This project is easy, which means that everyone can do it, even the first timers.

Time required: The construction of the keyboard can take time between 30 minutes to 1 hour depending upon your speed and knowledge.

Resources required
1. LITE-ON Black USB keyboard

2. Logitech Gray 3 Buttons + Wheel USB TrackBall TrackMan Wheel Mouse
3. SYBA 4-port mini USB hub

4. BYTECC 10ft USB extension cable (Type-A Male-Female)
5. JB Weld/epoxy/highly active adhesive

6. Small zip ties

Estimate cost
If we consider the prices of the material purchased, the estimate cost comes out as follows:
1. Keyboard - $ 7
2. Wheel mouse - $ 30
3. USB hub - $ 8
4. USB extension cable - $ 3

Totaling the above figures, the estimate comes out to be $ 48.
Step 1: Gather the material
In order to start constructing the keyboard with integrated trackball mouse, you need to first gather all the materials listed down in the ‘resources required’ section.
Step 2: Pop the number pad keys off
In order to integrate the trackball mouse to your keyboard you need to take the number pad’s keys off from the keyboard. You can do this by using a flat head screw driver (if you do not have that, you can use any other flat material such as a butter knife) and pry the number pad’s keys off.
Step 3: Create JB weld tools and mix JB weld

You do not want to use your hands to apply the highly adhesive JB weld onto the bottom of the mouse, but you have to use something. Cut the box in which your mouse has come and make stirring tools which you can use instead of your hands. You do not have to find something else to stir the JB weld, use the plastic mouse shell that came in the packaging.

Step 4: Attach mouse to keyboard
This is the step in which you integrate the trackball mouse into your keyboard. The keys of the number pad of the keyboard are off, so use that place to determine where exactly the mouse can fix properly. After determining the place, apply a little amount of the adhesive to the bottom of the mouse which is going to touch the keyboard.
After applying the adhesive, press the mouse firmly down on the keyboard and use the adhesive to fill any gaps left between the keyboard and the mouse so that you get a stable trackball mouse integration.

Step 5: Finishing up
While the keyboard and mouse is drying, we can work upon their connectivity. Get the twist ties. When you twist two cables a little bit, they try to untwist, but if you zip-tie them, they would not be able to do so. Use this technique to twist the keyboard’s and mouse’s cable.
Now take the USB hub and use the extension cable to connect it to your PC.

Frequently asked questions
1. What if the JB weld/epoxy got applied to any where else where it was not intended to?
Ans: In that case you have to act fast. Wipe off that area/surface where the adhesive got applied because once it is dried, it is a horrible mess to get off.
2. What if I kept the mouse on the keyboard where it was not intended to?
Ans: No problems. Luckily, JB weld takes a while to dry, so during that period you can have a trial of the keyboard and the mouse. If something seems wrong, alter it.
3. JB weld dries very slowly, what else can I use?
Ans: Instead of using JB weld, you can use epoxy or any highly active adhesive. The main objective of using an adhesive is to attach the mouse with the keyboard.
4. Do I have to buy a new keyboard to integrate the trackball mouse into it?
Ans: NO, you can use your old keyboard.

Quick tips
1. Before attaching the trackball mouse to the keyboard, do a dry-run before hand to make sure your mouse fits the location where you want it to be on the keyboard.
2. Use the box and the plastic shell in which the mouse has come to make the JB weld stirring tools.
3. While attaching the mouse to the keyboard, keep in mind the area of the keyboard where the bottom of the mouse is going to touch.
4. If you are using JB weld to attach the trackball mouse to the keyboard, make sure you leave it overnight to dry, to have a stronger bond.

Things to watch out for
1. When you are prying the number pad’s keys off the keyboard, be careful because the keys just fly off across the room and can hit your face and injure you.
2. Make sure not to apply the highly adhesive JB weld using your hands. Otherwise, it is going to give you a hard time getting rid of it.
3. Lay down something, such as a pizza box or any old sheet or old cardboard while applying the adhesive to the bottom of your mouse to attach it to the keyboard. You would not want to get the adhesive onto any of your valuable articles.

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Shahnawaz Naaz:
Sun-Plugged bags
Sun-Plugged bagsSolar powered Sun-Plugged bags

Modern technologies have allowed many companies and innovative designers to design and develop solar-powered bags which are handy and can be used to recharge gadgets using solar energy. These eco friendly bags are lightweight and easy to carry.
Here is the list of 10 solar-powered bags to charge your gadgets on the go.
1. Infinit solar bag
Infinit solar bag
Infinit solar bagInfinit Solar Bag for charging handheld devices

Infinit solar bag is in fact a notebook bag with solar panels which can trap solar energy and this renewable energy can be used to charge all your gadgets. The 2.4 W solar panel is fitted on the front of the bag. The energy generated by this solar panel is stored in a 2000 mAh battery. The solar panel is visible but the battery is hidden. This bag uses only solar energy to recharge the different gadgets using nine different adapters which come with this bag. The bag also sports mobile phones' connectors and has GPS devices' mini USB connectors. You can also recharge your iPhones and iPods using this bag but you have to arrange for the connectors. This solar bag with a 25 liters capacity weighs about 1.4 kg. The bag has enough space to carry a 15-inch notebook computer. The bag is priced at £89.99 and it can be purchased from Infinit and Apple Store.
2. Diffus solar bag
Diffus solar bag
Diffus solar bagTrendy Diffus solar bag

Designed exclusively for women, the Carryall is a solar bag designed and created by Diffus. Photovoltaic cells are used brilliantly to add to the design of the bag and they are not hidden. Around 100 solar panels are attached on the body of this bag as per the advice given to Diffus by Switzerland-based embroidery company Forster Rohner and the Alexandra Institute. The solar energy is trapped by these panels and this energy is then used to recharge the cell phone. Diffus has integrated the fiber optics in this bag which allows the user to search for the things inside the bag. This bag can generate 2 watts of energy.
3. Sakku traveler solar messenger
Sakku Traveler Solar Messenger
Sakku Traveler Solar MessengerEco-chic solar messenger bag is made from used sails
Launched by Swiss firm Sakku, the solar bags are available in two models: the Sakku.worker and the Sakku.traveler. The latter is larger than the former and has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the travelers. Both models feature solar panels which trap sun's energy to generate clean energy. The energy goes directly into the connected device. The Sakku solar bag can charge your gadgets like iPod, cell phone, etc. The bags sport rechargeable battery. Used sails are used to design these handy bags which are strong and durable. The solar cells used in these bags are waterproof and flexible. The price of the Sakku.worker is around €145, while Sakku.traveler is priced around €230.
4. Youshine solar bag
Youshine Solar bag
Youshine Solar bagYoushine Solar powered bag
Completely eco friendly, Youshine solar bag is the brainchild of Silicon Valley-based Catalan entrepreneurs. Solar panels are integrated in this bag which sports a USB port. The bag can be used to charge iPhone, iPods, mobile phones and digital camera. It can also recharge laptops. The efficiency level of this bag, however, is less than the conventional plug. This useful bag is available in 17 colors. The bag takes only two hours to recharge a mobile phone when kept in sunlight. This fantastic product is worth 129 Euros. You can buy the Youshine from “Store Lab,” an online store.
5. Elle's solar hand bags
ELLE's solar hand bags
ELLE's solar hand bagsSolar hand bag uses FLAP technology to charge your cell phone
Designed by renowned brand Elle, this solar hand bag features FLAP technology. Well-known designers iwere hired by Elle to work together with Boston-based architect Sheila Kennedy to come up with this stylish bag. The bag has a USB port, rechargeable battery and a flexible solar panel. The bag is available for auction at eBay.
6. Voltaic messenger
Voltaic Messenger
Voltaic MessengerVoltaic line of solar bags mobile power generators
The Voltaic messenger is a solar hand bag which can be used to carry a laptop safely. The large nylon zips add to the strength of this bag. The shoulder strap is adjustable and padded. The fabric used in this bag is 840D nylon and UV resistant PU. This bag weighs 3.25 lbs. The dimensions of this bag are 14.5″x11.5″x 4-5.5″ and volume is 14 liters. The bag can be used to charge small gadgets like cell phones, digital cameras, iPods, etc. The bag features a Li-Ion battery pack which can be charged using the AC travel charger. You can also charge this battery using dc car charger.
7. Eclipse solar backpack
Eclipse Solar Backpack
Eclipse Solar BackpackThe backpack features multiple organizer pockets for your smart phones, iPods, and accessories
The Eclipse solar backpack is a handy bag with solar panels which traps sunlight and generate energy which can be used to recharge small gadgets including iPads, iPods, digital cameras, cell phones etc. This bag is worth $159.99. The bag has multiple pockets and a padded cavity in the rear to carry the laptop safely. This bag can generate 4 Watts of power. This backpack cannot recharge a laptop.
8. Energy sun-bag
Energy Sun -Bag
Energy Sun -BagSolar Powered Energy Sun -Bag

The Energy sun-bag is an eco friendly which though not very stylish is quite useful. The solar cell is fitted on the front giving an ugly look to this bag. The bag is designed and created by Neuber and Konarka Technologies. This bag is lightest solar energy bag manufactured so far weighing just 500 grams. The 1.4 Watt solar panel of this bag generates enough energy to charge small gadgets including mobile phones, MP3 players and digital cameras. This bag is available in 37 different colors. The bag is worth $150.
9. Sun-plugged bags
Sun-Plugged bags
Sun-Plugged bagsSolar powered Sun-Plugged bags
The sun-plugged solar bags are stylish and sleek and they can be used to recharge small hand-held devices. The solar panel of the bag produces about 4.5 watts of power. Priced at $160, these bags are spacious enough to carry a 15 inch laptop. The solar is attached in a stylish manner and the rechargeable battery is hidden.
10. Solar powered bike bags
Solar Powered Bike Bags
Solar Powered Bike BagsSolar Powered Bike Bags for Energy Savvy Cyclists
Solar powered bike bags are small bags which can be fitted onto cycle's handle bars. The bags can get charged when someone is riding the bike. The bags are not used to charge any particular gadgets. These bags can be used to hold iPods, MP3 players, etc. The bag features a solar panel and an internal battery. The bags have sleek and stylish look.

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Rajni Mehta:
LG 4.3-inch 3D LCD smartphone
LG 4.3-inch 3D LCD smartphoneLG 4.3-inch 3D LCD smartphone
The world has been taken over by technology which keeps advancing at a fast enough pace to surprise the world. Even before we could completely absorb the 3D technology that had wowed us, we were introduced to 3D gadgets that do not require the help of the special glasses made for 3D viewing. Eight of the innovative 3D gadgets that work without glasses have been listed here for you to have more idea on the same.

1. Sony 3D OLED TV
Sony 3D OLED TVSony 24.5-inch 3D OLED TV
Sony has gifted the world a brand new product which is one of its kind; the 24.5 inch 3D OLED TV. With this new product, Sony has surely managed more than keeping up to its reputation of introducing excellent quality gadgets to the world. A problem with 3D that always existed was the brightness of the pictures. Sony has sorted this problem too. The images of Sony 3D OLED TVs are lively, bright and of high clarity. Thus, viewers will get a complete visual treat and will have nothing to complain about this product.

2. Sharp 3.8-inch & 10.6-inch 3D LCD TVs

Sharp 3.8-inch & 10.6-inch 3D LCD TVs
Sharp 3.8-inch & 10.6-inch 3D LCD TVsSharp 3.8-inch & 10.6-inch 3D LCD TVs
Sharp has come up with two prototypes of 3D glassless gadgets. The first one is a 3.8 inch screen that is to be run by a separate laptop and the second one is a 10.6 inch tablet. Both the products would be quite costly and would require more developments before they can be used for a glassless 3D experience by viewers. The 3.8 inch model is suited for a single person viewing. It has a 800 x 480 resolution and quite a few technical glitches and imperfections. The 10.6 inch tablet however does better justice to the 3D technology. With a 1280 x 760 resolution the image quality is quite good and convincing. Though this too is a one-person-at-a -time viewing product and requires the viewer to fix his head and face in a particular angle to experience the 3D effect.

3. Toshiba’s glasses-free 3D laptop
Toshiba's glasses-free 3D laptop
Toshiba’s glasses-free 3D laptopToshiba’s glasses-free 3D laptop
Toshiba has developed a custom made 3D laptop. There are a lot of imperfections in this product too but the concept is too captivating and surprising. The 120Hz screen produces a convincing 3D effect. The 3D effect of this product too can be experienced with only one person at a time but you would not need to fix your head in any specific angle to view a 3D image or film. The 3D quality however may fluctuate as you move your head towards or away from the screen. Toshiba, however, is working further on this concept and would release the 3D laptop in the market only after making a good number of changes to improve the product and 3D quality for a better glassless 3D experience.

4. Toshiba 56- & 65-inch 3DTVs
Toshiba 56- & 65-inch 3DTVs
Toshiba 56- & 65-inch 3DTVsToshiba 56- & 65-inch 3DTVs
Toshiba has presented the world with its glass-free 3DTVs. The products are available in 56-inch and 65-inch displays. The technology used is pretty good and advanced and thus the 3D effect is impressive too. The products are capable of displaying 3D images from a 3D Blu-ray player. The 3DTVs can convert 2D TV broadcasts, 2D Blu-ray and still images into 3D. These 3DTVs have nine specific angles from which the 3D effect can be best experienced. Both the 56 inch and 65 inch 3DTVs would be highly priced but would surely be worth the cost.

5. Sony 10.1-inch portable 3D Blu-ray player
Sony 10.1-inch portable 3D Blu-ray player
Sony 10.1-inch portable 3D Blu-ray playerSony 10.1-inch portable 3D Blu-ray player
With a resolution of 1366 x 768, you would expect something of a much superior quality but here the prototype of Sony may disappoint you a bit. However, the 10.1 inch portable 3D Blu-ray player is an impressive product irrespective of a few technical glitches or flaws that need to be perfected before Sony can put the product for sale in the market. The picture quality of the product lacks depth and sharpness and also requires the viewer to watch from a close range to get the 3D experience. But once you are correctly positioned, the picture quality would seem impressive and the 3D effect quite compelling.

6. 3DFusion 42-inch 3DTV
3DFusion 42-inch 3DTV
3DFusion 42-inch 3DTV3DFusion 42-inch 3DTV
This product claims of a glass-free 3D experience that is truly compelling. The 3D technology used in the product is good enough to make images look real. It also claims of ‘no sweet spots’ which means that there are no preferred angles for getting the 3D experience and you can be a witness to 3D viewership from any angle or position. Apart from these, the product boasts of high picture quality, no distortions and many other impressive features.

7. LG 4.3-inch 3D LCD smartphone
LG 4.3-inch 3D LCD smartphone
LG 4.3-inch 3D LCD smartphoneLG 4.3-inch 3D LCD smartphone
LG is bringing us a new smartphone with an added unique feature of 3D technology in it. The LG Optimus 3D P920 is a touchscreen phone with a display screen of 4.3 inch. The phone comes with a range of high-end facilities or features. The phone among its numerous features has a 5 megapixel camera with auto focus and dual LED flash that allows you a 3D recording. The phone also allows to share and view 3D content and that too without glasses. The phone does not compromise on any feature just because the 3D technology is included in it. In fact, the most advanced features are punched in together in this product.

8. LG 50-inch 3DTV

LG 50-inch 3DTV
LG 50-inch 3DTVLG 50-inch 3DTV
This prototype of LG boasts of a range of truly impressive features. It gives you a true 3D viewing experience by the use of Active 3D technology. There is an inbuilt converter to turn a 2D image into 3D which allows you to watch any 2D program, video or image into 3D. Apart from the glassless 3D technology, the product features include a very high resolution, a 600 Hz sub-field driving technology, Intelligent Light Sensor, etc. The picture quality is superior and provides a clear and bright view. The product is sleek enough when compared to the other products of similar price range. You can also connect this LG product to your computer, digital camera, phone or any other media device and view the images or pictures from there in the large 50 inch TV in 3D. With all these features, this surely is a very good choice for the price that you have to pay to own this product.

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