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Eight artistically recycled wine bottle creations

Posted: 21 Oct 2011 04:19 PM PDT

Babita Sajnani:

Wine bottle
Wine bottleTurning wine bottles into artistic piece is is creative way to recycle.

Recycling and reusing is becoming a growing trend for artists and designers. Likewise, a lot of designers have tried to put old glass bottles to use and give them a new lease of life that is also beneficial and aesthetic too! Here are a few creations by designers in which old tinted wine bottles have been used to make amazing products which are an inspiration for people to seriously undertake recycling and experiment with such products.

1. Fabulous Frosted Lamps

Frosted Lamps
Frosted LampsThe light fixtures, which measure 17 inches in length, take on a stunning new finish that enhances the colored glass aesthetic characteristic to wine bottles.

These amazing creations out of old wine bottles by Jerry Kott are called the Khrysalis and Kortex lamps that are amazing light fixtures. These lamps have an amazing finishing that makes the wine bottles look colorful and perfect for any home as the center of attraction. They also emit soothing light as well!

2. GrowBottle

GrowBottleThe GrowBottle is available in five varieties – oregano, chives, basil, parsley, and mint.

The GrowBottle are an amazing way to create your own personal hydrogarden inside old wine bottles and to repurpose them in a clever fashion. This relatively inexpensive kitchen garden can be all yours by simply following the instructions to grown your little plants and you will have them growing in no time using the simple principle of hydroponics! Each set comes with a special stylized wine bottle, heirloom/organic seeds that are USDA certified, wool wick, clay pebbles, plant nutrient, a decorative ribbon, a cork coaster and of course soil. You can get the GrowBottle in give variations such as basil, oregano, mint, parsley and chives.

3. EkoMiko candles

EkoMiko candles
EkoMiko candlesCreated by actress and environmentalist Izabella Mike, the luxurious line of hand-poured candles are made from organic coconut butter wax and a repurposed wine bottle holder.

The EkoMiko candles are perfect for gifting with their rejuvenating aromatherapy. However, the containers that contain these aromatic candles are made out of old wine bottles. Created by Izabella Miko who is an environmentalist as well as an actress, these luxurious candles are made by repurposing old wine bottles.

4. Stylish Outdoor Torches

Stylish Outdoor Torches
Stylish Outdoor TorchesThe design is ingeniously simple, and requires only a few bucks worth of parts from your local hardware store.

Old wine bottles can also be used to function as outdoor torches that are useful for repelling bugs and mosquitoes. Not only are these glass torches sturdier but they also have a very modern look. Manufactured and conceptualized by Gerardot&Co., this design can be accomplished with their tutorials on how to do-it-yourself. All you would require to make your very own wine bottle torch would be a bolt, a couple of copper fittings, a few nuts, a standard torch wick, a bolt, a mounting plate and oil.

5. Bartender calling system

Bartender calling system
Bartender calling systemPink light is shown for a new order, blue light for water and green light for the bill

Now you can recycle your old wine bottles to turn them into a bartender calling system which is an innovative creation by Doyeop Ki, an industrial designer who has devised this mechanism for a restaurant. The different colors of the bottles stand for different coded signals in order to catch the attention of the waiter when your voice is unable to reach him./her in a crowded restaurant.

6. Deby Cowdin recycles glass bottles to create magical artwork

Deby Cowdin
Deby CowdinCowdin and her husband create stunning pieces by simply melting bottles and giving them different shapes and designs.

Deby Cowden, an artist who has been working with glass for around 15 years, has indeed transformed the old wine bottle in a very artistic and stylish manner. This flattened tray made out of a glass wine bottle is highly functional and a great idea for recycling glass bottles. Deby along with her husband give different designs and shapes to the bottles and have a flourishing business called Blue Bag.

7. Pottery Barn Wine Bottle Chandelier

Pottery Barn Wine Bottle Chandelier
Pottery Barn Wine Bottle ChandelierThe ring of suspended green bottles is simple and impactful.

Pottery Barn’s Wine Bottle Chandelier is a very elegant light fixture that is perfect for the wine enthusiasts. This amazing lighting equipment weighs nearly 30 pounds and is suspended by using a 6 feet long chain. The bulbs inside this chandelier have the capacity to hod 460 watt bulbs that provide brilliant diffused illumination through the green tinted glasses.

8. The La Dorita chain of restaurants in Buenos Aires use old wine bottles and turn them into beautiful decorations

Buenos Aires
Buenos AiresThe obsolete bottles are being reused to add to the aesthetics of the restaurants.

The La Dorita chain of restaurants in Buenos Aires, Argentina have adopted green values to their food business by using obsolete wine bottles to decorate their interiors. Each one of their outlets has various creations out of old tinted wine bottles, decorating balconies, turned into chandeliers and so on. These wine bottle creations not only save the environment from glass waste but also enhances the ambiance of the restaurants too!

10 army-inspired gadgets for the smart and sturdy

Posted: 21 Oct 2011 03:02 PM PDT

Jaspreet Kaur Walia:

Army-inspired gadgets
Army-inspired gadgetsArmy-inspired gadgets for the smart and sturdy

Technology used by the military and army has always impressed people and they somehow crave to introduce the same technology in their lives. This love has given birth to products that have been heavily inspired by army and is quite advanced. The gadgets look cool and will be a great addition in the lives of geeks who are always on a hunt for unique gadgets. Below is a list of ten army-inspired gadgets that have been specially designed for the smart and trendy.

1. Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

Sonic bomb alarm clock
Sonic bomb alarm clockSonic bomb alarm clock with bed shaker

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock is as loud as a bomb and will shake you from deep slumber in no time. It boasts of 133 decibels of maximum loudness that can be adjusted of course. Simply slip it under your pillow or mattress and see it perform its job like a pro. The clock comes with an AC adapter, clock and a bed shaker unit as well. The bed shaker will add additional effects and make sure you are forced to leave the comfort of your bed. It has three alarm settings in total. There is an option to turn off the volume completely and just keep the bed shaker in a working mode. Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock has a red colored display and the brightness can be adjusted as per a user's whims and fancies.

2. Sound Bomb Speaker

Sound Bomb Speaker
Sound Bomb SpeakerIt can’t cause any riot, it’s such a cute bomb

What looks like a bomb in the above picture is the least destructive thing ever made. Christened the Sound Bomb Speaker, and has the capacity to whiff great tunes when connected to a computer via a USB port. It can also be used without the help of an electric socket by using AA batteries when traveling. The speaker sure looks like a bomb and do expect it to explode great music for you. Owning one will definitely add a streak of uniqueness in your life.

3. Kard Cellphone

Kard cellphone
Kard cellphoneKard Swiss Army knife by Cyrene Quiamco

Kard Cellphone has fetched heavy inspiration from a Swiss Army knife. The impressive phone is a concept that has been designed by Cyrene Quiamco and harnesses energy form the sun to get charged. It consists of electronic cards that help the exchange of information between two devices that are similar. So, exchange data, music or contacts easily with this amazing concept that has a touch-sensitive interface and a card reader as well. Simply swipe the card and the required information will be exchanged between two devices. The card can be crafted from different materials and will be supple. A maximum of 10 cards can be supported by a device and will be responsible for performing various tasks.

4. Tank U army-inspired flower vase

Tank U army-inspired flower vase
Tank U army-inspired flower vaseCute ‘Tank U’ army-inspired flower vase at home

Army tanks are never a tasteful sight and have no style attached to them. But, one look at Tank U and you will be forced to praise the sophistication that comes attached with it. Tank U looks like a miniature army tank but is actually a flower vase. It has been precisely crafted by hand and maintains all the quality standards. The flowers are placed in the cannon head, which have a different angle for different vases. This is the exact reason why two vases will never look like a mirror image. The flower vase will add a touch of style at your place and also spread fresh fragrance at the same time.

5. Wrist worn flexible OLED

Wrist worn flexible OLED
Wrist worn flexible OLEDFeatures are it is wearable, flexible, and has a 4-inch prototype screen

The wearable OLED prototype is being crafted keeping in mind ways it can serve the military. OLED displays have become quite popular and this wrist worn flexible OLED is a result of that. It will come injected with military applications and will have a 4 inch screen. This wearable technology will be pretty flexible and will make military geeks jump with utmost joy when it will finally be made available.

6. Kevlar bomb-proof Wallpaper

Kevlar bomb-proof wallpaper
Kevlar bomb-proof wallpaperArmy Corps of Engineers teamed up to develop X-Flex, a wallpaper with woven Kevlar

Wallpapers have the tendency to change the look of a place and also decorate the walls of a house in a beautiful way. But, if you fear that the World War 3 will happen while you are alive and a bomb might destroy your home sweet home, then the Kevlar bomb-proof Wallpaper is what you need for your house. Christened X-Flex it has been made by the US Army Corps of Engineers and Berry Plastics. The wallpaper has Kevlar woven in it, which makes it strong enough to resist bomb blasts.

7. Logitech Mice

Logitech Mice
Logitech MiceIt comes with the military-sounding Darkfield Technology

If you get irritated when not able to use even a premium mice on any kind of surface then Logitech is here with a solution that will leave you awe-struck. The Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX and Logitech Performance Mouse MX make good use of Logitech Darkfiled Laser Tracking that will endow the user to use them anywhere. This means you can now use the mouse over a highly glossy surface and even clear glass with a thickness of 4mm or more. The technology sounds like a weapon that is a secret kept just for the military and army.

8. iKey AK-39 military-grade wrist keyboard

iKey AK-39 military-grade wrist keyboard
iKey AK-39 military-grade wrist keyboardMilitary-grade keypad used for wearable wrist computing

iKey AK-39 military grade wrist keyboard is a great example of wearable technology that has been specially designed to be used in environments that have electromagnetic interference. The rugged keyboard has been crafted to meet MIL-461 standards and has the very basic 39 key layout. The overall design also includes an embedded pointing device that makes good use of FSR or Force Sensing Resistor Technology. It has an LED backlighting that is green in color and its brightness can be adjusted.

9. Military Wrist Computer

Military Wrist Computer
Military Wrist ComputerInspired by the military and could be used by just about anyone.

Zypad WR1100 is a military wrist computer that boasts of shock, water and dust resistant touchscreen, which can be read even in direct sunlight. The wrist computer is light in weight and measures as less as 23 ounce. It has a wireless computer operating system with a Linux OS. Zypad can easily sense the position of the wearer's arm and sets the screen accordingly. The only flaw is its overall design which is a little too big to be worn around the wrist.

10. Transcend Storejet

Transcend Storejet
Transcend StorejetTranscend StoreJet Keeps Your Mobile Data Safe

Transcend Storejest 25 comes draped with an outer case that has been made from shockproof silicone. It comes injected with two-stage anti shock technology that meets US military drop test standards. So kick all worries about losing important data that might happen in case the hard drive gets damaged. Transcend Storejest 25 weighs 206gm and is pretty handy.

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