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Eight exceptional remote controls for effortless routing through channels

Posted: 24 Oct 2011 02:54 AM PDT

Ketan Katdare:

Shake Remote Control
Shake Remote ControlDesigned by Lee Sung Hoon, Kang Sooyeon, Cho Eun Bee, Lee Junehwa and Kim Jean

Remote controls have revolutionized the way we use electronic gadgets like TVs. Apart from walking to the TV sets to reduce sound or to change channels, we are now able to do the tasks by simply clicking on a remote control from a distance. Accordingly, there’s no reason to keep half a dozen ugly remote controls lying around your pad.

1. Media Center remote control

Media Center Remote Control
Media Center Remote ControlA work out mat that lets you enjoy TV while taking care of your fitness too

This is a great looking remote comes in huge size. This geeky looking remote has all the functions that you are looking for. Media Center remote actually looks like a mat lying on the floor. It is a mat with the large operative icons on it. You can operate television programs by using this remote. It is said to be the largest Media Center remote. The interesting part is you can stand on the mat and change the channels of the television. The mat consists of all the buttons that are generally present on the normal TV remote. You can change the programs and also the settings of the television by using your feet. So, surprise your guests by bringing this geeky remote at your home.

2. Pillow remote control

Pillow Remote Control
Pillow Remote ControlThe pillow comes with a practical power-saving auto shutoff feature

Pillow remote is another cool remote that you want to have in your home. Interestingly, it has all the functions of television remote on the pillow surface. So, now you don’t have to worry about finding the remote when your favorite program starts. You just have to pick the pillow from sofa and set the channel. While watching the television, you can also lay on the pillow. Make sure that you have switched off the pillow remote as it can change the program in between. Changing channels through pillow remote is a real fun. So, go and experience it.

3. Motorola R331 remote control

Motorola R331 Remote Control
Motorola R331 Remote ControlMotorola R331 Remote Control is Rechargeable, Findable

This Motorola remote control is the best example of advanced technology. This remote does not require battery. The charger comes along with the remote so that you can charge it while not using. The charger is called dock. This is a sturdy remote with the sleek design. It has another unique feature of auto find. You don’t have to care about finding it. There is a button on the charger named ‘Find’. After pressing that button, the remote emits certain type of sound. With the help of this sound you can easily find the remote. There is a digital clock present on the charger. The charger can get power through the USB present in the sideline.

4. Shake remote control

Shake Remote Control
Shake Remote ControlDesigned by Lee Sung Hoon, Kang Sooyeon, Cho Eun Bee, Lee Junehwa and Kim Jean

This remote is the unique example of electronics. This remote works when you shake it well. This shake remote control works without any batteries. You just have to shake it in order to use it efficiently. This remote works using electromagnetic induction theory. There are magnets present inside the remote. When you shake it, the magnets generate 20-30 mA current. This current helps to send the signals across certain range of meters. When the tip of magnet hits the top part of the remote unit, it changes the channel or controls the volume. So, when you want to operate the remote; you have to press the button and shake the remote. The required actions will take place. Using electromagnetic energy to operate, makes this a unique product.

5. Automated remote control

Automated remote control
Automated remote controlChanges the television channels every minute, on the minute.

Automated remote control does all the actions automatically. If you want to change the programs very often, then this remote is a best option. This remote has the functionality which makes it to change the channels every minute. It has programs installed which automatically triggers the actions after every one minute. You can also increase and decrease the volume of your television.

6. Motion Sensitive remote control

Motion Sensitive Remote Control
Motion Sensitive Remote ControlDesigned by Ryan Sorrell

This cool looking remote operates on a battery. Motion Sensitive remote looks like a joystick and works on a motion detection technology. You can change the programs by bending it in left and right directions. Also, you can move it up and down to increase and decrease the volume. This remote makes your operations very easy and in a stylish way.

7. Pultius remote control

Pultius remote control
Pultius remote controlThe Pultius is an extra-long remote control for your TV set.

Pultius remote control is the extra long remote control. This remote has more than 100 buttons on its body.This function gives users one touch access to the first hundred channels. Also, the user can access 300 channels more efficiently. This remote control makes your channel surfing very easy. Ignore its extra long length as it gives you instant access to your favorite channels.

8. Intel’s smart TV remote

Intel's smart TV remote
Intel’s smart TV remoteUser-identifying remote controls

Intel’s smart TV remote recognizes the holder by newly introduced user-identifying system. This remote identifies the operator by the style of operating. Once it recognizes you, operating is very simple. This is very unique type of remote.

Seven sustainable fireplaces for green homes

Posted: 24 Oct 2011 02:51 AM PDT

Satyajit Bera:

Sustainable Fire place
Sustainable Fire placeThese fireplace provide warmth in eco friendly way.

When the winter gets freezing, anyone wants to feel warm, cozy and comfortable by his/her indoor fireplace. With the advancement of technology, it’s time to say a goodbye to the old modeled, smoky fireplaces fueled by lumps of coal or big logs of wood. Nowadays, the fireplaces have turned sleek, stylish, portable and eco friendly. Here are seven eco-smart and energy efficient fireplaces that will add a vibrant mood to your interior decor.

1. Wall-mountable fireplaces from Arkaine

ArkaineThe glass doors of the fireplaces can be opened or kept closed depending on the requirements and the temperature outside.

Arkaine has recently launched two sleek and efficient fireplace models - the Icoi and the Yan-Li. These are non-electric highly efficient fireplaces which can easily be mounted on the walls of your living room. This used dried wood as fuel for burning. The non-electric model gives you a considerable amount of saving in your electricity bill. The front portion is covered by glass which can be removed on requirement depending upon the ambient room temperature. The model is a sleek one and adds an extra mark to your home decors. One drawback of this product is that it is not provided with a chimney for capturing the heat from the emerged smoke and hence a lot of heat energy gets wasted.

2. Acquaefuoco’s Tube bioethanol fireplace

Acquaefuoco’sDesigned by Mario Mazzer for Acquaefuoco wellness mood, the stunning Tube fireplace enjoys a harmonic appearance that is obtained from a tube with a single laser cutting.

Designed by Mario Mazzer, the Acquaefuoco Tube is an extremely stylish fireplace model and winner of the red dot design award, 2010. This model is fueled by bioethanol which makes it’s flames fume-less. The flames produced are fantastic to look at owing to their smooth and brilliant glare. The entire structure is made out of a single laser-cut pipe with a circular burner mounted near the bottom. Multiple units can be mounted on the wall to warm up your room. The available jet black color looks stunning, sure to attract the attention of the onlookers.

3. Smokeless fireplace from Blomus

BlomusJust like most of the fireplaces available on the eco-shelves today, this one too is fueled by clean and smokeless ethanol.

This is again a concept of an ethanol fuel based fireplace. German company Blomus has brought forward this unique shelf-like fireplace design. The flames produced in invisible in nature and fume-less. This is also available in a 22” version. Two glass guards provided on either side prevents loss of heat laterally and throws the entire heat upwards. The flames come out from a thin slot like oven through which ethanol vapors jet out. This model is quite heavy for your wallet (around $1,200). This fireplace is inappropriate to keep in rooms having bright lights owing to it’s invisible flames.

4. Ethanol-fueled ‘Fusion’ fireplace

FusionDesigned by Marc Philipp Veenendaal, the "Fusion" fireplace is a product you'll be interested in possessing even if this day is the warmest so far.

The ‘Fusion’ fireplace has been designed by Marc Philipp Veenendaal, blendig the eco friendly concept and interior decor concept. This model is an denatured ethanol fueled one and thus is produces almost no pollution in you home. Moreover, this model is available in a wide range of colors so as to blend and cope up with your house’s interior decor. As ethanol burns with an invisible flame, the back portion of this fireplace has been guarded with tough glass panel for safety and a flame cover made of glass in the front, to make the flame static. This one is priced around $7,000.

5. Eco chic Duo liquid fuel fireplace table

Eco chic Duo
Eco chic DuoYou can get that much-needed warmth in winter with the help of this fireplace.

This model is another eco friendly fireplace which burns bio-ethanol to produce heat. It has got a fantastic look and a bottle holder coupled with it. You can use this to warm up any part of the indoors you want, may it be your study table or your office or your home-pub. The fuel tank capacity of this model is about 2 liters which eliminates the hassle of frequent fuel refilling. Ethanol is a highly energy efficient fuel and environment friendly in nature. It doesn’t leave back any ashes after being burnt. Neither it produces any fumes or smoke while burning. Thus, this maintenance free fireplace keeps your home pollution free and clean. The price of this product is about $14,000.

6. Zeta Stylish Eco-Friendly Fireplace

ZetaZeta is a flue less and portable fireplace that no need any installation, fueled by environment friendly and renewable energy

John Dimopoulos from Australia has designed this beautiful eco friendly fireplace called “Zeta” with a sleek and smart outlook. The entire setup resembles a half opened laptop. This one is fueled by denatured ethanol which makes the heating pollution free and smoke-less. The flame is covered on either sides with toughened glass walls to make it static and admirable to look at. This model comes in brilliant colors to match with your interior decors. The “Zeta” is completely portable, thus cutting off any installation charges as in many wall mounted fireplace models.

7. Fireplaces from Condo Flare

Condo Flare
Condo FlareCondo Flare's fireplaces are eco friendly in materials as well as the manufacturing process

Condo Flare fireplaces come in numerous models with vibrant colors and designs that easily cope up with your interior decors. Each product of this company is made from eco friendly stuff and they are fueled by ethanol for ash-free and smoke-free flames. The price of the various models differ according to their flexibility and compatibility to be used as complements to your interior decorations. Their “Lenko fireplace” model is designed strong enough to hold your T.V. whereas the “Loft” model gives you a multilevel shelving option. Similarly there are other stylish models with wall mounting options which increase the beauty of your interiors.

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