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Eight rugged gadgets for true adventure-lovers

Posted: 27 Oct 2011 01:37 AM PDT

Sai Kiran Kandhari:

Gadgets for adventure-lovers
Gadgets for adventure-loversRugged gadgets for true adventure-lovers

Not everyone try and do adventures, it is only very few of us who love adventure. For those people who love adventure, there are a few gadgets which adds to the excitement of the adventure. Having these gadgets will not only add to the excitement of your adventurous initiative but also help you at times of difficulty. So, it is good carry these gadgets. Let us see a few rugged gadgets for those who love adventures:

1. DeLorme Earthmate PN-60w with spot Satellite Communicator

DeLorme Earthmate PN-60w GPS
DeLorme Earthmate PN-60w GPSDeLorme Earthmate PN-60w GPS with SPOT Satellite Communicator

The DeLorme Earthmate is the worlds first GPS hand held device which can type and send messages via satellite. This gadget is relied on satellite technology to send and receive signals, which means that one has no worry wen we go out of coverage or where the network signals are weak. It has a special interface of the PN-60w which connects wirelessly to the SPOT communicator, which is designed exclusively for this device. The PN-60w has a internal keyboard where all the messages are created and sent via satellite an delivered using the SPOT technology. This gadget is designed waterproof and ruggedized which makes it better for heavy outdoor use. With this DeLorme Earthmate, you can send messages to any contact or to any email addresses and also to a few of the social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter and also to the SpotAdventures website when you feel you are in a difficult situation. The person carrying this handheld device can be spotted through the google’s free online maps. The estimated battery life of this device is 7 days, and has a 4 months standby time, 365 messages can be sent and the proximity is about 4 meters.

This device is priced at $450.

2. Garmin Edge 800 GPS Navigator

Garmin Edge 800 GPS navigator
Garmin Edge 800 GPS navigatorThe 800 can be preloaded with your route so you get turn-by-turn navigation

The Garmin Edge 800 is the worlds first touchscreen GPS bike computer device. It is to provide navigation and to monitor the users performance. This device is useful at tours, cycling, mountain biking and such other outdoor activities. The Garmin edge 800 also comes with optional heart rate monitor and speed sensor which can provide the user a fine analysis of the ride. It is designed to be rugged enough to withstand the outdoor activities to the maximum, and the display can be viewed all the time irrespective of the sunlight, and also it is waterproof. It has built in maps showing major cities and roads, and is also compatible with the microSD cards having street or topographic maps provided by them. When a destination is selected, during the navigation it provides with turn by turn pop ups on the screen.

Its price is $640.

3. Magellan eXplorist 610 topographic GPS receiver

Magellan eXplorist 610 topographic GPS receiver
Magellan eXplorist 610 topographic GPS receiverThis handheld touchscreen GPS uses more than 30 navigational data fields to help you find your way

It has a high sensitive GPS with easy to read mapping and also accurate navigation. It also has a 3 inch touch display and button controls. This device features a 3.2 mega pixel camera, barometric altimeter also with microphone and speaker to record geo-referenced images and notes. The device has a 3 axis electronic compass to provide accurate altitude, weather and direction. The eXplorist 610 is powered with two AA batteries which can run the device for 16 hours. It has a handy suspend mode which can switch off the navigator without disturbing the GPS navigator. After completing the trip the user can download all the data including the time spent traveling, routes which they traveled also. This device is available at $480.

4. Tachyon XC HD 3D camera

Tachyon XC HD 3D camera
Tachyon XC HD 3D cameraTachyon’s rugged, waterproof (to 100 feet) and tiny XC HD helmet cameras to capture left- and right-eye video

It is a helmet camera with a 3D rig, also having 2 HD cameras which are combined into one. This camera can record 720p at a rate of 30fps and it has SDHC memory card slots which can support up to 32GB. This camera has it own software which can combine the footage of both the left and right eye footage. This cameras provide with 90 degrees wide angle with HDMI and analog supported outputs. It is specially designed for recording at extreme conditions and the camera is waterproof, shockproof and foolproof, waterproof up to 100 feet. One can take it anywhere into the water, forest, mountain, while performing stunts and where ever you want it. The price is $390.

5. Eton Scorpion

Eton Scorpion
Eton ScorpionEton Scorpion is a multipurpose crank-and-solar-powered digital weather radio

Eton Scorpion is a multi purposed solar powered digital weather radio which can be used in extreme conditions. It also has a LED flashlight, USB cell phone charger, digital AM FM radio tuner, NOAA weather band and solar panels to charge the device. Also splash proof which makes it to withstand heavy outdoor conditions, has a battery charge indicator which shows when to recharge and has audio jack to accompany headphones so one can hear without disturbing others. The price of Eton Scorpion is $50.

6. Zeal Optics Transcend GPS goggles

Zeal Optics Transcend GPS goggles
Zeal Optics Transcend GPS gogglesTranscend goggles have an integrated heads-up display to show data including speed, vertical odometer, altitude, temperature and location

It is the worlds first GPS enabled goggles. This is of great use for the highfalutin skiers and for the snowboarders. This goggle is equipped with zeal optics frame design with a micro LCD display. It provides the user with feedback such as speed, latitude, longitude, altitude, distance traveled, temperature in real time and also has stopwatch and run counter. The optics used are non obtrusive for the front and peripheral vision. It also has a USB port which enables the user to download his previous trip details on the computer. There are two variants, the first one is sppx polarized and photochromic lens, which can adjust itself to the changing climate and cuts off glare by 99 percent and its price is $499. The other one is spx polarized lens which costs about $399.

7. Kodak Playsport Zx3

Kodak Playsport Zx3
Kodak Playsport Zx3Handheld camcorder can record 1080p video footage in up to 10 feet of water

The Kodak Playsport zx3 record at 1080p and also record underwater. This device looks like a mobile. It has a 2 inch LCD which can also record at 720p and WVGA also, where it has a 5 mega pixel camera. The device is waterproof and can shoot under 10 feet limit. The buttons provided on this device are a bit confusing and also leads to accidental press which is one of the negative of this device and the other negative is the poor battery life, which is just one hour and the max is 90 minutes. The memory card is extendable up to 32GB. The price is $150.

8. Forcefield Body Armor

Forcefield Body Armor
Forcefield Body ArmorThis upper and lower body armor is for hard-core motorcyclists and other extreme sports enthusiasts who expect to take impact blows

For extreme sports lovers this is a must have, which provides complete protection to the chest, shoulders and arms. It is built using nitrex which is high shock absorbing material giving maximum protection to the upper part of the body. It features RPT (repeat performance technology) to ensure after any impact that there is no protective loss. This armor is soft, highly flexible and fully adjustable which can mold to the body shape and also has secondary security straps. It is priced at $335.

Seven best sustainable homes in the Solar Decathalon 2011

Posted: 27 Oct 2011 01:37 AM PDT

Anusha .A:

Solar Decathlon 2011
Solar Decathlon 2011Sustainable homes in the Solar Decathalon 2011

Teams of students from around the world have constructed these stunning, energy-efficient homes at the National Mall's West Potomac Park in Washington, D.C for Solar Decthalon 2011. Let’s take a look at the seven best sustainable homes in the Solar Decathalon 2011.

Appalachian State University 'The Solar Homestead'

The Solar Homestead
The Solar HomesteadThe Solar Homestead embodies independence and ingenuity—qualities reflected in the heritage of traditional homesteads

Appalachian State University took part in U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2011. This project of Solar Homestead consists of multiple buildings that are self-sufficient. Each such house is 77m2 and has two bedrooms, a daylit bathroom, energy efficient appliances, living and dining area. It also includes Flex space for guest house, art studio or home office.

Design philosophy

This project embodies qualities of modern homestead and reflects traditional homesteads as well. Fusing this, it provides a self-sufficient, attractive, affordable and adaptable ultra-efficient house.


Group of buildings that facilitates modern lifestyle has the following unique features:

a) Sheltered outdoor living.

b) Porch

c) Flex space that facilitates outdoor shower, outdoor kitchen, half-bath etc.


It supports clean-energy technology with the following solutions:

a) To supply solar energy in spite of filtered daylight, forty two photovoltaic panels that are bifacial are provided.

b) To provide constant temperature hot water, on-demand solar thermal domestic hot water system is used.

c) A wall called Trombe is used to store heat at day time and release it during night time.

Market strategy

This project provides house for the residents of Asheville and North Carolina. It is a secure investment as adaptability, independence, sustainable design combined with renewable technologies are used as part of this project.

What’s next

Once it competes in Solar Decathlon 2011, solar homestead will travel around giving education encouraging renewable energy. Then it will return back to educate future mountaineers.


Jamie Russell
Katherine Harper Hall
397 Rivers St.
Boone, NC 28608
Phone: 828-262-7708

2. Canada: University of Calgary 'TRTL – Technological Residence'

TRTLIt features highly effective air-to-water heat pump used for space conditioning and hot water production

TRTL is the Canada’s entry into the competition, and it reflects the culture of Treaty 7 Native Peoples in Southern Alberta. Each house has an east-facing entrance, and south-facing windows, and two-bedrooms with lot of space for gatherings, recreation and storage.

Design philosophy

The design has both traditional and technological value. It uses green building materials and renewable technologies to provide a healthy and safe life. Integrated with the holistic view of the home inhibiting rich tradition.


Buildings that addresses issues beyond Treaty 7 peoples to many native groups of Canada has the following features:

a) Materials reflecting art and natural environment.

b) Magnesium oxide-based structural insulated panels to provide resistance to fire.

c) An 8.3-kW photovoltaic system to support Alberta’s winter climate.


It provides innovative technologies including:

a) Air-to-water heat pump for hot water production.

b) A control system for monitoring and optimization.

c) A photovoltaic system.

Market strategy

This Canada’s TRTL project is expected to provide a positive change for 600 native groups of more than 1.1 million people.

What’s next

TRTL is aiming to spread this project to its surrounding community along with effective educational program to K-12 students.


Johann Kyser
Professional Faculties Building
University of Calgary
2500 University Drive NW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2N 1N4
Phone: 403-617-2731

3. Hawaii's model home

Hawaii's model home
Hawaii's model homeIts Highly buoyant and able to float in the event of flooding

Hawaii withdrew itself from the competition on June 1st of 2011.

Design philosophy

The design of this house is based upon supporting the tropical climate of Hawaii and adds up to a sustainable and affordable house for middle incomers.


The structure is like a shell and is made of:

a) strong and light-weight bio-based, fiber reinforced polymer.

b) It is a tight and well-insulated thermal envelope.

c) It is also damage resistant against corrosion, termites, floods etc that are usually very common in tropical environments.

d) There is an insulation with low-E glass that is used to reduce heat loss at night.


The technologies used are:

a) Water-cooled photovoltaic to harvest energy

b) Aquaponics system to support food production.

c) Energy conserving lighting controls.


David Rockwood
School of Architecture, Room 301A
University of Hawaii at Manoa
2410 Campus Road
Honolulu, HI 96822
Phone: 808-956-8430

4. Middlebury College 'Self-Reliance'

Self-RelianceSelf-Reliance is simple, durable, and family-friendly

Self-Reliance is the Middlebury’s entry into the competition. Each house is a two- bedroom, ultra-efficient one that is designed for a family of four. It uses healthy building materials and provides open living space and a green wall for growing plants.

Design philosophy

It converts the features of England farmhouse into modern design for an environmentally sustainable house that can very well compete in current market. It uses technologies like energy-monitoring software, high R-value insulation, and triple-paned windows and gives an energy-sufficient traditional design.


A friendly and welcoming house that reflects north eastern climate has the following features:

a) A gable roof.

b) A green wall in the kitchen.

c) A kitchen counter peninsula.


It provides a sustainable living by providing following technologies:

a) An array of 30 solar pans to provide an annul 7930 k Wh.

b) Heat exchanger to keep the green wall moist.

c) Triple paned windows that provide net heat gain.

d) A ventilation that supplies warmer air out pulling down cooler air.

Market strategy

It is a secure investment for an England family of four. It provides space for dining, working etc. Efficient use of space will reduce material requirement.

What’s next

Self-Reliance will settle in porter field road to allow students in group of four. They are allowed to cook food and engage in community outreach projects. It will be used for educational purposes.


Addison Godine
Solar Decathlon Team
Harris Farmhouse
Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT 05753
Phone: 617-922-1399

5. Team China Tongji University 'Y Container'

Y Container
Y ContainerY Container uses these standard modules and special conjunction components to help people expand their living space according to their wishes.

It is the China’s entry into the competition. Y- shaped solar house is a container that combines six recycled containers used for shipping. It is easy to transport, assemble and expand so that people can live anywhere with clean energy and low cost

Design philosophy

This project not only gives solution to energy demands but also overcomes the challenges of transportation. Mere shipping containers are transformed to modern living.


Y-conainer house has the following features:

a) Expandable space.

b) Opportunities to view varying landscapes.


The following technologies are used:

a) Heat recovery using integrated system for hot water supply.

b) Vacuum insulation and phase change materials.

c) Natural ventilation tunnel at the middle of the house

Market strategy

It mainly targets younger people of China and nearby places as they cannot afford independent houses.

What’s next

Maximizing the design potential at the green energy exhibition area in the campus will be the next focus.


Hua Guodong
Architecture and Urban Planning School
Siping Rd., No. 1239
Shanghai, China 200092
Phone: 0086-13681934755

6. 'Chip House'

Chip House
Chip HouseCHIP offers a solution to the challenges of home ownership and energy consumption

CHIP is an application of green design and provides solution to home ownership and energy consumption challenges.

Design philosophy

CHIP offers an affordable dwelling in places like California where prices of land are soaring. It uses insulation panels to provide cozy living in the evenings.


Features of CHIP are:

a) A geometry resulting from lifting of north side.

b) A vinyl-coated fabric mesh hat protects the house.


Technologies used are:

a) A whole house fan that changes air completely in twenty minutes.

b) An i-pad application that can be customized and that which provides energy usage statistics.

c) 3D cameras to track movements.

Market strategy

This project also focuses young professionals.

What’s next

After the competition this project will be used to educate visitors as part of museum and public exhibition.


Elisabeth Neigert
960 E. 3rd St.
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Phone: 785-393-5470

7. New Zealand: Victoria University of Wellington 'First Light'

First Light
First LightFirstLight House is the first entry in the Solar Decathlon competition from the southern hemisphere.

First Light is the first entry into the competition from southern hemisphere. It mainly concentrates use of local materials available in New Zealand for construction and strongly supports outdoor living and daylight.


a) Makes use of wool insulation and locally sourced wood.

b) Sliding shutters that allow for adjustment according to climatic conditions.

c) LED lighting.

Eight trendy pavilions offering a new perspective to onlookers

Posted: 27 Oct 2011 01:36 AM PDT

Shruti Mukim:

Trendy pavilions
Trendy pavilionsTrendy pavilions offering a new perspective to onlookers

Watching a cricket match or a most-awaited happening event ‘live’ can turn into a life-time experience provided the venue or the pavilion chosen by the organizers takes all necessary points into consideration in making arrangements for the onlookers to enjoy themselves, relax as well as gain pleasure in the best possible way with latest technologies used to impart the right audio-visual effect at reasonable rates.

Let’s get our hands on eight trendy pavilions offering a new perspective to the spectators.

1. The Yorkshire Diamond Pavilion

The Yorkshire Diamond Pavilion
The Yorkshire Diamond PavilionThe Yorkshire Diamond Pavilion
by Various Architects

The hard toil and work of various architects have given shape to a mobile pavilion for ‘Yorkshire Forward’ to host its shows and events. Designed and construed from a network or mesh of inflatable tubes relocated in a pattern resembling the atomic structure of diamond, to be located in Yorkshire and Humberside, U.K., this structure is to be used for small gatherings as well as huge events like concerts and film screenings. A 20×26x10 meter diamond grid uses multiple configuration which has been carved out to form a cave-like interior space resembling the coal mines of Yorkshire. A unique iconic venue, this trendy pavilion uses light weight recyclable materials, natural light and natural ventilation to prove its concern towards nature. The entire structure uses reflective lights at night imparting a twinkling diamond-like look to the entire venue. The huge interior space has the capacity to accommodate a big crowd which is divided into closed quartered squares to enable maintain privacy, if required and opted for. The pavilion can be turned inside out to reveal itself to the outer space. A perfect choice to host a memorable evening, this one can steal your heart away

2. Eureka Pavilion

Eureka Pavilion
Eureka PavilionEureka Pavilion beautifully mimics leaf capillaries in its structure

Conceptualized and designed by Marcus Barnett by a special contract for Eureka, a monthly magazine in the U.K., to host the Chelsea Flower Show, this unique structure is definitely going to leave its spectators dumb-struck. Its unusual and stunning shape, with a unique outline, imparts a totally different outlook to the entire place.Its primary structure is carved out of timber and glass sheets have been used on the roof to let sunshine peep through. Capillaries and cellular structure of plants have been used as the theme which looks like a large divided leaf supporting the entire structure.The inner shell has been placed on another plank of timber which holds close to the ground, well balanced from all sides.The roof has been meticulously done up to avoid accumulation of rainwater which seeps through capillary tubes to get settled in the ground. The easy supporting passage makes transportation easy from one side to the other. A totally mesmerizing design illustrating the commitment of the designer towards science.

3. Macau Pavilion

Macau Pavilion
Macau PavilionThe Macau Pavilion simply flaunts the juvenile spirit of rising China.

Brought into being by the renowned architecture firm ‘Carlos Marreiros’, and inspired by the ‘rabbit lanterns’ festival of South China, this extraordinary structure looks like a jade rabbit lantern, the interior walls of which consist of double layered glass casing and the outer walls have been made using fluorescent panels. Environment sustainable, this venue was made to host the Shanghai World Expo,2010, and it featured solar power panels and rain water collection systems to meet its water and energy requirements the natural way. This pavilion is one of the most amazing structure featuring a landmark design in the architecture world.

4. Burnham Eco Pavilions

Burnham Eco Pavilions
Burnham Eco PavilionsDesigned by Architects Zaha Hadid and Ben van Berkel

Designed by award winning architects, UN Studio and Zaha Hadid, this eco pavilion has been crafted to host the celebrations of ‘Burnham Plan Centennial’ this summer in Chicago. The most trendy design ever to depict future design segments, this structure, shaped like a curvilinear pavilion has been made using a stretchable fabric extended over a framework of aluminum. A tent-shaped venue,having used steel and wood as its key materials, this entire space can be easily collapsed and re-installed without any hassles, giving way to the most futuristic eco-friendly design.

5. Pavilion X

Pavilion X
Pavilion XLondon Olympic Pavilion X by James Law Cybertecture

Designed by James Law Cybertecture, this eye stunner has been conceptualized and chosen as a venue to host the 2012 Olympics to be held in London. Giving way to a futuristic design feature, this elegant, trendy as well as distinctive concept has been done up at the Trafalgar Square covering an area of 375 sq. ft. A raindrop splash design building which has an information center, souvenir shop and an administration office all under one roof but at different corners. The auditorium displays a 360 degree screen and 3 visual screens to focus on what is happening inside the auditorium on a magnified scale. This time,Olympic Games are sure to be remembered for the venue hosting them and pave a new path in its history.

6. Greenopolis Romanian Pavilion

Greenopolis Romanian Pavilion
Greenopolis Romanian PavilionDeveloped by SC M&C Strategy Development

Designed by SC M & C Strategy, this structure is shaped like a sliced apple with its two halves, showcasing the freshness of nature, to hold the Shanghai World Expo 2010. Its theme puts stress on health, knowledge and attraction, guiding people to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. It covers an area of 2,000 sq., meters with a 5 story structure within it having a restaurant, terrace, conference room, office, music and cultural auditorium all under one confined area.

7. Greening Canada Pavilion

Greening Canada Pavilion
Greening Canada PavilionRainwater harvesting systems and green walls envisioned for Canada Pavilion.

As the name suggests, this structure, designed by CIrque de Soleil to host the Shanghai Expo 2010, a 6 month long event, has been designed and concept-ed to use environmental friendly way of rainwater harvesting, that is collecting drained off rain water to be used inside the pavilion, hence showing its concern towards mother earth. Covering an area of 6,000 sq., meters to accommodate the footage of 30,000 visitors every day, this venue has also made use of green walls, making it absolutely unusual of its kind.

8. The Canopy Pavilion

The Canopy pavilion
The Canopy pavilionDesigned by NEXT Architects and MASS Studies

As the name suggests, these structures, housing latest trends in pavilion designing, have a covering or a canopy to the roof which adds to the aesthetic beauty of the entire venue. Conceptualized by UN Studios, the canopy pavilions are the latest and trendiest addition to the designing structures, which use timber, steel, carbon fiber and even glass as the key ingredient for its construction. Sometimes, even perforated canopy spaces are used to create a covered pedestrian walkway as well. Keeping in mind the comfort ability of the spectators and guests, these pavilions are sure to steal the show.

The 21st century has brought a revolution into the architecture world with these innovative and trendy designs of pavilions, to suit the onlookers, as these structures prove themselves in all spheres.

Eight Innovative Flower Vase Designs to Decorate Contemporary Spaces

Posted: 27 Oct 2011 01:31 AM PDT

Sreejan Guha Niyogi:

Innovative flower vase designs
Innovative flower vase designsInnovative flower vase designs do decorate contemporary spaces

There are number of things or accessories available in the market to decorate the house, flowers are one of them. When you put the flowers in an attractive vase, it adds more beauty and allure to the surroundings. So, we can say that flower vases play the same significant role as any other decorative piece do. The vase is an open container and can be made from several materials including glass and ceramics. If you want to make your home adornment attractive and beautiful, then you can pick from the variety of flower vases according to your choice and budget.

Here we are presenting the list of some innovative flower vase designs:

Flower Eruption Vases:

Flower Eruption Vases
Flower Eruption VasesFlower Eruption Vases

Flower eruption vases are wonderfully designed by Jón Björnsson from Iceland. These vases are made of volcanic sand and formed from paper moulds. They are quite innovative and unique in their looks and can add more grace to your contemporary spaces.

Spiral Glass Vases:

Spiral Glass
Spiral GlassSpiral Glass Vase Design by Johan Wegedal

Spiral glass vase is one of the most stunning vases, creatively designed by Johan Wegedal from Gothenburg. You can use these glass vases as perfect bathroom accessories and also make your living area look more refined with them. They are available in many attractive colors. You can go for the one which goes with the color of the walls of your room.



What if you get a music player in the shape a flower vase? It sounds impractical. But it is true, now you can have a player-vase with flowers that is a striking combination of technology with nature. In this innovative flower vase, headphones bloom in the form of rosebuds and you can enjoy your favorite music with the volume control option. This is a must for all music lovers and is very much in demand these days.

Innovative flower pots:

NudeLabInnovative flower pots by NudeLab

Here, we are providing you some innovative flower pots, which are designed by Nude Lab. The outline of these flower pots is been given by a latest technique which permits to imprint wood like plastic without any defects. The innovative flower pots have included LED lights to save energy and keep the environment safe. They offer wonderful range of colors and designs, which are truly striking. So, what are you waiting for, just purchase them, decorate your interior and amaze others.

Warp Floral Container:

WarpWarp Floral Container

This warp floral container is designed by Kimberly Manne in Brooklyn and hand-made of stainless steel. It is a very unique and innovative model of floral arranging. It not only serves the purpose of a flower vase but can also stand alone and unadorned to function as a sculptural part in your design format. You can even keep on your bed table with a low voltage lamp shedding its light on it.

Break simple vases:

Break simple
Break simpleBreak simple vases by Petter Skogstad

These flower cases are designed by Petter Skogstad and have a twist in the optics. They come in beautiful different colors. They are perfect to decorate your contemporary spaces at home. The fact that they are not that expensive also makes it an easy buy.

Two-piece Flower Vase in the Shape of a Whale:

Two-pieceTwo-piece Flower Vase in the Shape of a Whale

Two-piece flower vase in the shape of a whale is an innovative and unique creation of Alessandro Bêda, from Portugal. It looks really attractive when you put flowers in the whale's 'blow hole'; it appears as a colorful and vibrant burst of water spray. This flower vase is something like you have never seen before. Its fresh and exclusive design gives you a pleasure to beautify your home in a different way. It can be kept in our kid's room or in the drawing room and is sure to attract a lot of attention.

Cool Wall Flower Vase:

Wall Flower Vase
Wall Flower VaseCool Wall Flower Vase from Ernest Perera

Cool wall flower vase is designed by Ernest Perera, a fresh blend of a flower vase and a wall adornment. It is the wall mount vase so you could not be scared to turn it out and drop the water on the floor. Cool wall flower vase comes in white and black colors, which are very trendy in the contemporary interior design. So, if you like creative, unique and at the same time practical decorations for your home you should opt for this one.

Now, you can see there is a complete range of different and exclusive flower vase designs you can choose from, for the home and office decoration purposes.

Nine revolutionary Volkswagen concepts to rule the road

Posted: 27 Oct 2011 01:30 AM PDT

Nitesh Seth:

Car concepts are dime a dozen, but there are only a few that manage to turn heads. Here we have some of the most amazing Volkswagen concepts that are sure to leave you awestruck. This futuristic super cars are in readiness to vibrate all category of riders and car lovers.

1. Volkswagen solar powered concept super car

Volkswagen solar powered concept supercar
Volkswagen solar powered concept supercarvolkswagen solar powered concept supercar by peter

Volkswagen solar powered super car is a concept design by popular auto designer Peter Wilkins, who has focused on the use of renewable and cleaner fuel in this very model. This concept car powers itself from electric motors that operate through solar cells integrated at the upper external surface of the car, and it also has a hydrogen fuel cell stack as an additional option for fueling. A unique design makes it a perfect aerodynamic car on road. It is a fantastic concept of a futuristic car that adds comfort to clean and sustainable riding.

2. Volkswagen terrafine concept

Volkswagen terrafine concept
Volkswagen terrafine conceptDeveloped for Volkswagen by Swedish designer Niklas Palm

Terrafine concept for a car, is proposed by Swedish designer Niklas Palm for Volkswagen. This unique design powers itself from electrical energy, which makes it a zero emission vehicle. The vehicle’s upper and internal body is designed in such way that it easily adjusts itself through the highs and lows of a rough terrain. This makes it an immaculate car even for developing countries which don’t have highly developed road transport system. It’s a design that has a long vision and once completely structured, can dominate the future auto market.

3. Volkswagen Inside concept car

Volkswagen Inside concept car
Volkswagen Inside concept carMate Bartha’s unique Volkswagen Inside concept car

Volkswagen Inside concept car is a design by popular auto designer Mate Bartha. It is a luxury super car which powers itself from clean electrical energy. It is exceptionally designed which makes it’s interiors highly customize-able. The transformable interiors can accommodate four passengers easily, while a large glass inside surface utilizes the natural day light to perfection. Its a hi-tech car of the future that is designed to meet the requirement of clean and economical riding.

4. Volkswagen Kai-Nalu concept car

Volkswagen Kai-Nalu concept car
Volkswagen Kai-Nalu concept carVolkswagen Kai-Nalu concept car by Josep Ferriol

Volkswagen Kai-Nalu concept car is a futuristic sports car. It has a terrific design having a glass upper section - inspired by the waves of Mediterranean Sea, and an angular body depicts the rocks of the coastline. It also features exceptionally designed wheels resembling bicycle wheels. This futuristic vehicle powers itself by two separate motors running on clean electric current. This design of futuristic sports car is all set to revolutionize the future world of vehicles.

5. Volkswagen Rescue Rover concept

Volkswagen Rescue Rover concept
Volkswagen Rescue Rover conceptDesigned by Sebastian Toddenroth

Volkswagen Rescue Rover concept is a unique design especially build for the beach rescuers. Inspired by 1940s Volkswagen Type 166, this concept vehicle is designed by the famous auto designer Sebastian Toddenroth. This vehicle has a hydrodynamic and an omni-directional form factor which enables it to balance itself in the middle of the sea waves. This vehicle uses mecanum wheels which adds extravagant features to its offerings, as it enables the vehicle to be driven in any direction. It is powered by a powerful electric engine assisted by a turbine rim that eliminates the heat factor. Multi-armed wheels facilitate the vulcanized roll as well as provide stability to the model. The interiors of the vehicle are designed for providing superior driving experience. It is a complete car which can be a priority choice for riders in future.

6. Volkswagen Aqua hovercraft

Volkswagen Aqua hovercraft
Volkswagen Aqua hovercraftDesigned by 21-year-old Yuhan Zhang from China,

Volkswagen Aqua hovercraft is a futuristic design from Chinese designer Yuhan Zhan. This concept vehicle powers itself by a powerful hydrogen fueled dual engine. It is especially designed to cope with the highs and lows of tough terrains of China. It is designed excellently - both in the interior and the exteriors, which gives it super stability and balance. Telescopic steering stimulates the driving experience. This concept vehicle has seating capacity for two passengers and has the capability to travel to any place. This dynamic model paves the way for similar concepts which can dominate the upcoming series of car models.

7. Volkswagen Mimio vehicle

Volkswagen Mimio vehicle
Volkswagen Mimio vehicleDesigned by Jacky Wu

Designed by a famous industrial designer Jacky Wu, Volkswagen Mimio vehicle is an innovative model of car which offers huge storage space for folding bicycles. He built this model of vehicle for storage of bicycles as they will be the most important form of clean transportation in future. This concept car does not have a big form factor and is just 3 meters long. It offers a seating space for two passengers. It is powered by batteries-fueled dual engine. It also features a dynamo having capabilities of generating power which prolongs the life of the battery. Its a fantastic design for energy conscious people.

8. Volkswagen Moog

Volkswagen Moog
Volkswagen MoogThe Volkswagen Moog by designer Klaud Wasiak

Volkswagen Moog is designed by a famous designer Klaud Wasiak. It is a zero emission car powered by an electric engine. This design is inspired by electronic music. Random placement of fractals generates unique sound. These fractals also utilize noise and vibrations during driving to produce electricity. It is a unique design of futuristic vehicle that can satisfy thousands of riders, who prefer cars powered by clean fuel.

9. VW Pholeum

VW Pholeum
VW PholeumDeisgned by Alexei Mikhailov

Designed by Alexei Mikhailov, VW Pholeum is a concept vehicle which draws its inspiration from the tissue system of a plant. It is a futuristic vehicle with fully immersed wheels made from natural rubber, and has featured shock absorbers to provide a luxurious riding experience. Gas and brake paddles, innovative steering pads provide great control to the riders. It has a highly flexible body made from elastic polymers, which regains its shape after any accident. It is powered by quad electric motors which fuels itself from hydrogen fuel cells. It has a hi-tech mobility unit which gives it the freedom to turn 360-degrees. With powerful brake system and a lot of hi-tech features, it is a concept vehicle that is designed to rule the future market.

10 disaster-resistant homes to allow safe refuge during emergencies

Posted: 27 Oct 2011 01:29 AM PDT

Sofiya Sujad:

disaster-resistant homes
disaster-resistant homesDisaster-resistant homes to allow safe refuge during emergencies

It is true that disasters come unannounced, but it is appreciable to see an increasing awareness today about catastrophes and disaster control and a noticeable trend of safety implementation and precaution in the architecture of buildings located in areas prone to damage.

With rampant floods, earthquakes and hurricanes, it is not merely recommended, but of vital importance for architects and builders to keep in mind precautionary measures in disaster-proofing their works.

Saving the environment is viewed as more of a theoretical concept and may be wrongly confined to the bigger tasks of global warming, ozone layer depletion or acid rains. However, one cannot afford to neglect their own personal ‘micro-environment’, the exact place where they live! From the basic hazards of fire or water that any ordinary household or company may face, buildings, both residential or commercial today must have their structures disaster-protected.

1. Soccer ball-shaped floating houses

Soccer Ball-Shaped Floating Houses
Soccer Ball-Shaped Floating HousesThe Japanese-designed Barier's spherical form is constructed with hexagonal panels

A floating soccer ball, the teenage boy’s fantasy. Sounds imaginary, but it is real. Practical, also. This architecture, termed as the ‘Barier’, was first developed by G-wood in Japan. It is shaped as a ball and can actually float and provide for a rescue ship in times of flood.

Dome-shaped and urethane-walled, this ball provides an optimum circulation of air and heat. It is very strong and has the power to resist a mighty earthquake.

The fantastical and imaginative shape of this construction is symbolic of the power of dreams and is a homage to the spirit of people who dare to hope for a brighter future even in rough times.

2. Low-income disaster-proof bamboo housing

Low-Income Disaster-Proof Bamboo Housing
Low-Income Disaster-Proof Bamboo HousingIs designed to survive through the strongest of storms

Located in Philippines, these Bamboo houses were originally designed by Indian architects. They have been constructed primarily for the ecological purpose of pollution control and disaster management. The basic concept is a 3-storeyed apartment, built on stilts, provided with an earthquake, wind and water immune core. Diverging from the core are pod-like floors that are bamboo-constructed. There is an escape hatch for overcoming storms and also stilts for the same purpose. Also, the construction is feasible and inexpensive for most to afford.

Come ‘hell or high water’, one can be ready to face any danger with such building.

3. Tornado-proof houses

Tornado-proof houses
Tornado-proof housesFuturistic Tornado-Proof Home Sinks Into the Ground at the First Sign of a Twister

This is a spectacular innovation from the house of 10 Design. The construction is supported by a cave underneath, leading to a flower that opens into the shell of a turtle, an animal known to outlive most creatures and hence symbolic of strength and survival.

The house is equipped with high-technology sensors that detect the slightest disturbance of a tornado. At first, the entire exterior of the building collapses and it retreats to the ground, seeking refuge in the cavern underneath. A tornado may pass over and the water and rain may be repelled and drained out.

4. Lilypad floating city concept

Lilypad floating city concept
Lilypad floating city conceptDesigned for "ecological refugees"

Architect Callebaut, in view of the low lying areas often prone to inundation and the problems faced by people living in these locations, has proposed the idea of a floating city for the rehabilitation of flood victims.

The floating city will be shaped as a lily and can accommodate nearly a fifty thousand of people. The shape of the city takes inspiration from the highly veined leaf of the Victoria lilies. Called the ‘Ecopolis’, the city will be made of polyester fibers coated with titanium oxide for reflection of harmful UV rays. Also, the floating city shall run on alternative fuels of energy namely solar, wind, water, ocean current and thermal.

The construction mainly aims at the rehabilitation of disaster victims. However, it is highly innovative and high-tech real estate for the commoners to afford.

5. 4×4 Foot Life Cube

4x4 Foot Life Cube
4×4 Foot Life CubeTemporary housing solution for emergency needs.

The tiny square boasts of being an ‘all-in-one’ refuge for disaster victims. This small little cube, sized 4×4 is capable of being pumped to 144 square feet and hence can be used in for immediate relocation of people in times of serious catastrophes.

The life cube is a panic room of sorts and is equipped with all the possible necessities of disaster victims. It is also amazingly sturdy and strong. The material it is made of is both tear and fire resistant, making it ideal for rehab purposes.

The cube resembles a camping tent in appearance and is pretty reasonable to afford.

6. Sea shelter from David Eltang

Sea Shelter from David Eltang
Sea Shelter from David EltangSemi-Submerged Shelters

Eltang’s sea shelter rests on the Wadden sea and offers a unique, safe sea-faring experience.

Wadden sea offers high tides and abounds in flora and fauna. Eltang’s symmetrical construction is placed on the shallow sea-bed where it offers visitors to experience the changing tides. This creative piece of architecture allows people to experience the bounteous beauties of the sea in a fun, quirky style.

7. Gregg Fleishman’s Flatpack House

Gregg Fleishman's Flatpack House
Gregg Fleishman’s Flatpack HouseDH1 Disaster House by Gregg Fleishman

This pioneering invention has been brought to existence by Californian architect Fleishmann. The house has been constructed using European birch plywood with resin coating on both sides. The house cuts into many large pieces of wood forming its various rooms. These planks are held together by artificial adhesives. The rooms are large and voluminous, to provide shelter to as many people as possible. Cover the house with a canvas or plastic sheet, you are ready to face any kind of water damage.

It is a quick, easy and fun method of disaster management, meant especially for the less serious problems of water and rain.

8. Solar-powered Volcano Towers

Solar-Powered Volcano Towers
Solar-Powered Volcano TowersEarthquake-Proof Solar-Powered Volcano Towers

This is a more luxurious approach to disaster-proof architecture. Slovenian company called OFIS has come up with the idea of this building under the Benz hotel tower contest for Armenia city.

The building would include a hotel at its top and shops and stores underneath. The lower structure shall provide for housing and garage. The strong structural system has been manifested in the vertical shape of the tower, for resistance to gravity and other forces generated by shudders underneath. The outer walls of the cores have been made thick for the same purpose. The entire building is covered in a strong, mighty mesh as protection from any calamities.

The construction is also provided with an external shading system to soften the harsh summer light and reduce solar heat. Energy for the entire project is generated mainly from natural resources and also photovoltaic cells that use sun light, hence it is an all solar-powered volcano tower. A concrete embedded plumbing system is also present that helps curbing any draft issues.

9. Anti-atomic Shelter

Anti-atomic Shelter
Anti-atomic ShelterNuclear bomb shelter located under 30 meters of granite in Stockholm.

Architects from Stockholm, Sweden have built this anti-atomic shelter under the rocks of Vita Berg in Stockholm. It has been transformed into an office with several cabins, hallways and corridors. It is almost an alien world for the human being, with such cutting-edge technology. However, they have tried to make the shelter more approachable and human-friendly, with natural light, water and greenery.

The shelter is more of a vacuum than a space delimited by rooms. It is both environment friendly as well as disaster-proof because it lies underground, built in strong material and has advanced equipment to face the calamities of earthquake or storm.

10. Elevated Prefab Home On Cusabo Island

Elevated Prefab Home On Cusabo Island
Elevated Prefab Home On Cusabo IslandRaised Home Escapes Hurricanes, Brush Fires & Floods

The South Carolina islands are prone to hurricanes and tornadoes. On Cusabo island, we see an off-grid residence which is durable to survive any weather. The house is located on an elevation and is made entirely with recycled steel, making it resistant to the calamities of water, wind or fire.

As protection from the floods, Woollen Studio and EcoSteel have planned a helical base and steel structures. To counter hurricanes, we see steel roof panels that allow high wind loading capacities and the building also offers excellent fire-proofing.

Besides, sun-shields and louvered doors permit optimum light and offer sun protection. The home is built on a height in case of flooding but is also provided with a ground level porch as a respite to the heat and insects.

7 Unique nut and bolt chess sets recycling hardware waste

Posted: 27 Oct 2011 01:28 AM PDT

Anusha .A:

chess sets recycling hardware waste
chess sets recycling hardware wastechess sets recycling hardware waste

The game of chess is basically a dull and slow one that goes on for hours. Instead of having the same old chess set made of plastic pieces and paper board, the set being made up of some other materials would add up to the interest among chess lovers. If that can be performed from wastes that are recycled it is even more interesting and beneficial.

Let’s discuss seven such chess sets having made from recycled hardware wastes.

1. High octane chess set made from car parts

High Octane Chess Set made from Car Parts
High Octane Chess Set made from Car PartsHigh Octane Chess Set made from Car Parts

Even people who are not much interested in cars will find this high octane chess set much amusing. The engine parts of the car, instead of being thrown away or being exchanged for some money, they are been converted to chess parts. This was done by revrod and his crew members. This proves to be the most heaviest chess set ever. Initially this project was done in spare time by this crew members but now it has become popular and its been manufactured. Here is a list of the different engine parts used for building chess set

a. Pawns: Made up of lifters.

b. Rooks: Made up of a bolt with a castle net which is top welded.

c. Knights: Made up of a value spring which is top welded.

d. Bishop: Made up of intake valve.

e. Queen: Made up of a cam shaft which has a gear that is top welded.

f. King: Made up of an input shaft.

2. Formula 1 Chess Set

Formula 1 Chess Set
Formula 1 Chess SetFormula 1 Chess Set

This Formula 1 chess set is manufactured by the Americans using the parts of Formula 1 car. Almost all the parts right from wings to cockpit and even the suspension is been used in the chess set. The materials used include stainless steel, leather, and titanium. The chess board is made of the material in which the F1 car is been made, which is carbon fiber. This chess set costs $36,511 which is 1,796,899.45 INR.

3. Auto part chess set

Auto part chess set
Auto part chess setAuto part chess set

Armando Ramírez is the one who manufactured this auto part chess set from a died auto machine. He recycled the left over metal pieces and shaped them into kings, queens, rooks, pawns, knights and pawns in sleek, black, and silver colors. The chess board is made from metal sheet, ornate iron and bendix caps used are taken from a car’s electrical system. The cost is $109 which is 5364 INR. Here is a list of the different engine parts used for building chess set:

a. Pawns, Knights, King: cogs from a car’s electrical system

b. Bishop: sparkplugs and the towers from cogwheels

c. Queen: screws, cogs and bearings from a car’s electrical system

The dimensions of the board are:

a. 2″ high, 11.8″ wide and 11.8″ deep.

b. Tallest piece: 3.2″ high, 1.4″ wide and 1″ deep

c. Smallest piece: 1.3″ high and 1″ in diameter.

d. Its weight is 2.8 kg’s in total.

4. Chess set made from recycled auto parts

Chess set made from recycled auto parts
Chess set made from recycled auto partsChess set made from recycled auto parts

Each piece of this chess set is made out of recycled automobile parts. Looking at each of the pieces we could realize the intense imagination involved in crafting them. These are made that good that they resemble mini sculptures. When looking keenly it could be found that the heads of bishops are made up of NGK and ACDELCO spark plugs, which proves the extraordinary imaginative skills of Armando Ramírez. It costs $207.95 which equals 10,234.32 INR. The pieces are finished in a rustic way to maintain the origins. There is another feature of this chess set that makes the dull game of chess more interesting to play, these are the sound effects that originate from the movement of welded materials.

5. DIY steampunk hardware chess set

DIY Steampunk Hardware Chess Set
DIY Steampunk Hardware Chess SetDIY Steampunk Hardware Chess Set

This steampunk hardware chess set is an inspiration from steampunk using steam energy. The hardware parts used in this technology, nuts and bolts are used to produce chess set. This can be easily produced by anyone just by choosing the right parts for each piece in the set. It totally costs around $55 which equals 2706 INR.

6. Claude reith's DIY chess set figures

Claude Reith's DIY Chess Set Figures
Claude Reith's DIY Chess Set FiguresClaude Reith's DIY Chess Set Figures

This is another chess set made from nuts and bolts available in hardware store. One thing you have to do is to pick the right nuts and bolts for the pieces. You can use glue to fix some pieces to its base. Welding those required pieces will be even better. It will not cost you much to make one such chess set, also it will totally take you less than 3 hours to both look out for pieces and to arrange them.

7. BNC Chess

BNC Chess
BNC ChessBNC Chess set

The various materials used to produce BNC chess set are the following: 50 ohm BNC, SMA and N terminators with various connectors including Bayonet Neill–Concelman, SMA, N, APC7, F, UHF. Inter series adapters any any RF connectors are also used along with this. You can use stainless steel or nickel to make white pieces and gold top pieces to make black.

10 sizzling snowmobile concepts to hit the slopes in style

Posted: 27 Oct 2011 01:28 AM PDT

Shahnawaz Naaz:

snowmobile concepts
snowmobile conceptsSizzling snowmobile concepts to hit the slopes in style

Snowmobiles are the quickest and most modern mode of transportation on the snow clad slopes of the mountains. These days many companies are busy manufacturing snowmobiles loaded with all modern features. Some of the snowmobiles available in market are very well designed and attractive. The sled makers across the world are making use of the modern technologies to come up with futuristic snow vehicles. Snowmobiling is one of the most popular winter sports and the advent of modern snowmobiles is set to make this sport all the more popular and exciting.

Here is a list of 10 sizzling snowmobile concepts to hit the slopes in style.

1. Hima snowmobile concept

Hima snowmobile concept
Hima snowmobile conceptIts Aerodynamic body and close-to-the-ground structure designed for speed

Hima means Snow in Sanskrit. The Hima snowmobile concept is a futuristic concept vehicle with a sleek and stylish look. This snowmobile is set to attract adventure seekers. The theory of aerodynamics has been used extensively to design the Hima snowmobile concept. This snowmobile concept features a close-to-the-ground structure which allows the vehicle to move at a quicker pace. The control of the snowmobile is largely dependent on the body posture of the rider and a rider can change or turn the postures to control the vehicle. This snowmobile allows the rider to control the vehicle perfectly by decreasing the aerodynamic drag.

2. kvant motorbike

kvant motorbike
kvant motorbikeDesigned by Patrik Petersson

Designed and created by Patrik Petersson, the kvant motorbike is a fusion of snowmobile and motorcycle. The unique design of this snowmobile concept is very attractive. Peterson has designed this vehicle keeping in mind the needs of the people who travel in snowy climates. The kvant motorbike is a sleek and stylish vehicle with mono curving ski. This snowmobile concept also features curve belt drive which makes curve handling very efficient. This also helps in improving the control of the snowmobile. The snowmobile has an extended exhaust pipe which also acts as the seat for the rider. This snowmobile is perfect for those who want to cruise in snowy climate at a high speed.

3. Snowmobile snow scooter

Snowmobile snow scooter
Snowmobile snow scooterDesigner by Dominic Schindler

Our movement is often crippled in the snowy season making it tough for us to complete important tasks but the introduction of snowmobile snow scooter will resolve this problem by allowing us to move on the snow at a good speed. This snowmobile is meant for those who are adventure seekers and are willing to brave snowy climate. Designer Dominic Schindler deserves credit for designing snowmobile snow scooter with a sleek and modern look. The design of this snow vehicle is unique and it has been designed using modern technologies. The treds are fitted in the front part of this snowmobile and the rear end features skis. This vehicle has enough space to carry skis and snowboard.

4. Lotus Concept Ice Vehicle

Lotus Concept Ice Vehicle
Lotus Concept Ice VehicleConcept Ice Vehicle by Lotus

Lotus has designed this unique and modern concept Ice Vehicle to tame the tough and harsh icy terrain of Antarctica. It is not an easy task to do research and exploration in Antarctica but enthusiastic people from across the globe are carrying out several scientific researches here in very tough conditions with an aim to know more about Antarctic. Developed for the Moon Regan TransAntarctic Expedition, this smart snowmobile is supported by three spiked skis. This snowmobile has a propeller for more thrust. This snowmobile is equipped with ice penetrating radar which helps the rider in navigation. This radar is capable of o gauge the ice sheet's depth and thickness. This lightweight snowmobile can be pulled by people during emergency.

5. i-Scoob snowmobile

i-Scoob snowmobile
i-Scoob snowmobileThe concept-vehicle has foldout solar panels in storage boxes on either side.

The i-Scoob snowmobile a two-seater vehicle which can be used to move at high speed in snow clad regions. This modern snowmobile features both a hybrid internal combustion engine and an electric motor powered by a battery pack. The exterior of this snow vehicle has a rough appearance which the rear features a cargo rack. The solar panels are fitted in storage boxes present on either side of this concept snowmobile. The interiors of this vehicle are watertight which means that this vehicle has high floatability. This snowmobile has a canopy adding to the appearance. The LCD unit fitted in this snowmobile is multifunctional. The information related to drivetrain performance, navigation and climate are displayed on this LCD screen.

6. Lazareth Snowtrack

Lazareth Snowtrack
Lazareth SnowtrackDesigned by Ludovic Lazareth

Featuring Tracks concept, the Lazareth Snowtrack is a stylish and modern snowmobile designed by Ludovic Lazareth. Two driven tracks are fitted in this snowmobile to add traction to the vehicle during acceleration. The control of this snowmobile is very speed and it can be controlled perfectly even at the time of cornering speeds. It is expected that this concept vehicle would hit the market soon.

7. Apple Macintosh snowmobile

Apple macintosh snowmobile
Apple macintosh snowmobileDesigned by Liviu Tudoran

Inspired by Apple Macintosh iMove concept, the Apple snowmobile is a powerful vehicle perfect for cruising on the snow covered terrain at a good speed. Italy-based auto designer deserves credit for designing Apple Macintosh snowmobile. This stylish and modern snowmobile has been designed keeping in mind the brand value of Apple. This sturdy snowmobile comes fitted with and OLED screen. This snowmobile is very safe to ride on because it comes equipped with effective seatbelt system.

8. Green Alpine Vehicle

Green Alpine Vehicle
Green Alpine VehicleGreen alpine vehicle by jessica covi

Designed by Jessica Covi, the Green Alpine Vehicle is an eco-friendly snowmobile as it does not emit CO2. This all-electric snowmobile has a fuel section made of hydrogen tanks and a fuel cell module. This snowmobile features electric engines, a battery and a Power Distribution System. Hydrogen acquires the thermal cell radiation indirectly and the fuel cell applications of this vehicle are powered by this radiation. The seating position of this vehicle has been designed as per ergonomic.

9. I-K Snowmobile

I-K Snowmobile
I-K SnowmobileDeveloped by Grupotoro studio

Designed and created by Argentina-based GRUPOTORO Studio, the I-K Snowmobile concept is a patrol unit allowing the rider to cruise on snow covered areas at a fast speed. This snowmobile can be used in 2 positions; patrol and speed. The snowmobile can move at a slow speed when it is in patrol mode and in speed mode it can cruise at a high speed.


TH!NK FROSTFrost Electric Car by Anders Gloslie

Norwegian designer Anders Gloslie had unveiled the TH!NK FROST snowmobile concept in 2009. This stylish and innovative snow vehicle can be used perfectly in arctic climates. The bodywork of this vehicle is asymmetrical which means that the design of this snowmobile looks different from different angles. This two-seater snowmobile is powered by an electric motor.

Seven super cool DIY cases for your iPhone/iPod Touch

Posted: 27 Oct 2011 01:28 AM PDT

Amit Sainwal:

DIY cases for your iPhone iPod
DIY cases for your iPhone iPodDIY cases for your iPhone/iPod Touch

If you are a proud owner of an iPhone or an iPod and do not want to spend heavy amounts on their cases, then this is the right place for you. This article will show you various ways to build your own crazy iPod and iPhone cases to hang around with. These DIY iPhone/iPod cases are made of very cheap and affordable materials available at your home or nearest shop. So, what are you waiting for? Get your ingredients and start making one.

1. Print Away Case

Print Away Case
Print Away CasePrint & Fold Your Own Customizable iPhone Case.

When it comes to DIY, people are worried about the hassles of working with glue, stitches, staples and similar kind of things. But when we are dealing with Print Away Cases you need not think of any of the above things. The pre-requisites to make these cases is just a printable iPhone case pattern which you can get here and with that you are ready to go. Print the pattern on any type of paper using your printer and use a stiff fabric to make the case by folding it along the lines given (solid lines means a cut and dotted means a fold). The outer part of the case can be decorated with designs, crayons or a print.

2. iPhone case from juice boxes

Juice Boxes Case
Juice Boxes CaseRecycle & use Juice Boxes to Make iPhone Case.

Imagine an iPhone/iPod case made entirely of recycled juice boxes. Well, it is quite imaginable because of the hardness of the material used in making the boxes. It will definitely provide protection to the gadget up to a certain level. Your gadget disguised as something less expensive inside these. They are chic, sleek and funky and are suitable for your iPod, digital camera or any other gear. You can put a velvet lining inside to add an extra protection from scratches to your gadget.

3. DIY Bacon iPhone/iPod Touch Case

Bacon Case
Bacon CaseBacon cases for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Speaking about the people who love to eat a lot or love to play with multicolored fabrics, the Bacon iPhone case would be their best choice. It looks like a layer of bacon is used in making the case. The fabric is also very fluffy and provides cushion for the gadget inside. There are various random designs on this one like a pork’s bacon layer which resembles it to the bacon and these type of cases are right now on sale for about 25 Euros in Germany. They look trendy and they are cheap and even more cheaper if you make it yourself.

4. iPhone Gameboy casemod

Gameboy casemod
Gameboy casemodDIY iPhone Gameboy Case

This case is made for those who want to make their iPhone appear as a different gadget and this one is which is looking like a Gameboy has disguised an iPhone in it. Just download the gadgets template interface and take print out of it. Adjust the print-out according to your iPhone inside the transparent cover and bang!, your iPhone looks like a Gameboy inside the case. To download the above template go here.

5. DIY iPhone Case Made from Jeans

Case Made from Jeans
Case Made from JeansDIY Denim iPhone Case

This one is way more easier and cheaper than the others if you have a spare old jeans on your closet. And if a belt loop is added to it then it would look like an extension of your jeans. The label is added to make it look like a standard casing made especially for iPhone. You just have to take out that part of your jeans which is having the logo, most of the times it is the back upper side of your jeans, and sew it according to the dimensions of your gadget.

6. DIY Leather iPhone Case

Leather iPhone Case
Leather iPhone CaseLeather iPhone Case DIY

Most of us prefer leather cases to be the most trustworthy for our cellphones and they are available for that purpose in the market too, but this is a DIY session so we will make something which is similar to that and that also in a very affordable way. For the purpose of making a similar one, you first make a cardboard box with approximate dimensions of your iPhone and wrap it up all around with tape. This is done so as to keep it steady and save it from spoiling due to water, as water is to be used to mold the leather for the casing. Cut out two rough shapes of leather with an extra edge of 20mm. Soak them in water for a while till its color darkens. Press them with anything from the edges while keeping them over the cardboard box and then sew it from the edge giving the iPhone enough space to get in. Trim the extra leather afterward.

7. Groundhog Day iPhone Case

Groundhog Day case
Groundhog Day caseGroundhog Day iPhone /ipod touch Case.

This one seems the cutest in the series. You can make one of it too. You will just need felt [brown and gray or black) and an embroidery floss. You'll also need some basic tools like paper, scissors, pencil, needle and pins. The procedure is quite similar to the above ones which results in giving you a vary cute and handy iPhone and iPod case.

7 Blistering train concepts for a safe and speedy journey

Posted: 27 Oct 2011 01:28 AM PDT

Shahnawaz Naaz:

Futuristic High Speed Train
Futuristic High Speed TrainFuturistic High Speed Train

Trains are one of the oldest, safest and fastest modes of transportation for a long time now. The train journey is considered by many as more comfortable when compared to plane or car because the trains are spacious and it allows the passengers to cover long distances in a relaxed manner. The modern technologies have allowed the engineers to develop trains that can move at a high speed and cover long distances within short time. The concept of fast and powerful trains is getting popular across the world with many countries adopting trains which can move at a fast speed without compromising with the safety of the passengers.

Here is the list of seven blistering train concepts for a safe and speedy journey

1. CRH X Cobra concept train

CRH-X Cobra concept train
CRH-X Cobra concept trainCRH-X Cobra concept train

Train is the preferred mode of transport in China because Chinese roads are very cramped due to the increase in the number vehicles in the past decade. China is known for its high speed trains including bullet trains. The latest powerful train developed by China is CRH2 380A, which is the fastest train in the world. The Chinese claims that this train can run at a high speed of 486KPH and they are working to come up with next generation of this train which will be able to hit the 500km/h mark. The CRH X Cobra Concept train is the brainchild of Gary Gu.

2. Sureot

SureotSureot: A Passenger Train Conceptual Design

Sureot is a futuristic train concept which is unlikely to become a reality before 2050. This superfast luxurious passenger has a sleek and stylish exterior and a well furnished and modern interior. The depiction of work and communication is pretty evident in the ground level of this concept train while relaxation and tranquility make the upper level of this train. The train is spacious from inside making the travel a very relaxing and comfortable experience. The doors and aisles of this futuristic train are wide. The entrance of this train is also wider than the trains that are currently in operation.

3. Diveria Modular Train

Diveria Modular Train
Diveria Modular TrainDiveria Modular Train Concept by Christian Gumpold

Designed by Christian Gumpold, Diveria is a futuristic modular train concept, which will change the way we travel by train once it will become operational. This passenger train has an innovative design featuring several passenger modules which are exchangeable. The train has a transparent appearance and it has a hexagonal structure which makes the train all the more stylish and attractive. The compartments are designed in such a manner that the modules look like economic youth hostel. It is expected that this concept train will prove beneficial for both the passengers and the company which will operate this one of a kind service. The train looks nothing less than a luxurious Boeing plane from inside. The interior is spacious and well furnished with wide stairs at the both end. The seats are placed in a planned manner leaving enough leg space.

4. High Speed Commuter Train

High-Speed Commuter Train
High-Speed Commuter TrainHigh-Speed Commuter Train concept

The concept of High Speed Commuter Train is designed by Japanese firm JPA Design Consultants. As the name suggests, this train is a passenger train with an ability to run at a very fast speed. The interior design of this train is luxurious and it is done by the JPA designers. The train has two types of coaches: first class and standard class. The train also has well decorated vestibule areas. This concept train is equipped with modern lavatories. The train also features a buffet car and an ultra modern VIP lounge area.

5. Solar Powered MagLev Concept Train

Solar-Powered MagLev Concept Train
Solar-Powered MagLev Concept TrainSolar-Powered MagLev Concept Train

Francisco Lupin deserves credit for designing solar-powered MagLev Concept Train. Lupin came up with the idea of this futuristic train for Bombardier. He presented the design during the YouRail Train Interior Design Contest. Lupin has designed this train keeping in mind the needs of the economy commuters. Lightweight materials are used to make this solar powered train. MagLev technology helps this train to move at a lightning speed.

6. Futuristic High Speed Train

Futuristic High Speed Train
Futuristic High Speed TrainFuturistic High Speed Train

The founder of Priestmangoode, Paul Priestman, has come yup with the idea of futuristic high speed train concept which is different from the concepts discussed above because this train allows the passenger to move from the one train to other train without stopping the train. The train is based on the moving platform, developed by Mercury and Virgin Pendolino design team. The trains can be connected with each other using the docking system.

7. Mercury Train Concept

Mercury Train Concept
Mercury Train ConceptMercury Train Concept

This futuristic double decker high speed train concept is the brainchild of design studio Pristmanngoode. The train has been designed for Londoners who are interested in covering large distance in short time. The open plan design of the train allows the passengers to interact with each other. The 400 meter long Mercury Train Concept has a stylish exterior and a well furnished interior.

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