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How to attach permanent speakers to your disc golf bag

Posted: 09 Nov 2011 04:24 AM PST

Divyam Singh:

Disc Golf Bag
Disc Golf BagAttach permanent speakers to your disc golf bag.

The discs along with the disc golf bag are the two most important disc golf equipment. These bags are available in different sizes. The smaller bags will just have the basics while the big bags are a lot more spacier and you can carry in them 20 discs and other accessories as well. Many people use carts for carrying their disc golf bags. Apart form carrying you sorts stuff, the disc bag can provide you music as well. You can add speakers to you golf bag and enjoy your favorite music when you are outdoors. The process is rewarding and you can equip your disc golf bag with permanent speakers by a very simple procedure. These speakers also work well on any other bag or bag pack. The results of this project will be very satisfying and you will require less than half and hour time for its completion.

Various problems can occur when the speakers are set-up on the disc golf bag. The speakers might fall off, get muffled by bag, or the straps which are mounted on speakers can change their direction continuously thereby creating muffled sounds. Therefore the best way to mount a speaker is to mount them is such a way so that nothing blocks them.

Complexity level: Moderately challenging

Time required: 4 to 8 hours

Resources required:

The disc golf bag


Screw driver



Step 1: Get your things together

Assemble all the requirements like the speakers, the bags, screw driver, scissors tec at one place. By doing this you will have all the essentials at one place and will be able to avoid confusion while completing the project in less amount of time.

Step 2: Practise

The bag has to be cut in a precise manner so that the speakers get custom gifts. Practicing the process will make you more efficient. You can use a rag or old cloth napkin for practicing the cutting the process. Once you are confident, you can proceed to the next step. Not much time is required and once confident you will be able to do the procedure in a perfect manner.

step 3: Time to mount the speakers

1. Use a screw driver and remove the three screws which are located on the back side portion of the speakers.

2. Now cut a hole in the bag which is large enough to fit the front of the speaker. The fit should be semi tight and hole of an extra large size should be not be made.

3. The cuts which are to be made in the bag do not have to be perfect as they are not to be seen again once the speakers are mounted. The main consideration here is that the holes are made large enough so that screw holes clear the fabric completely. It might require some extra bit of trimming on your part.

4. Now replace the screws and position the speaker in a way you like them. Repeat the process for the other speaker.

Step 4: Enjoy

Now you can enjoy music on your disc golf bag which is equipped with speakers. Go outdoors and enjoy!

Frequently asked questions

1.How much time does this process requires ?

Ans. You can easily integrate your disc golf bag with speakers in about four hours .

2. Where to get the speakers from ?

Ans. The speakers can be availed easily from the market and online stores. The speakers must be of good quality and should be able to serve their purpose for a long time. A market purchase will enable you to have a live demo of their sound quality while you will be able to save time if you shop online as the speakers will be delivered at your doorsteps.

3. How long will the disc golf bag be able to provide music?

Ans. Proper care and handling will ensure that the speakers are in a working condition for a longer duration of time.

Quick tips

1. Keep things neat and tidy.

2. Equip the disc bag with quality speakers.

Things to watch out for

Be careful while making hole in the speakers. An extra large will make the bag useless. Try to make a hole of medium size.

Seven portable speakers to enjoy quality sound on the move

Posted: 09 Nov 2011 04:17 AM PST

Anamika Gupta:

portable speakers
portable speakersbest portable speakers

Portable is the buzz word that's going around the techno-world. From telephones to mobiles, banking to credit cards, computers to laptops/notebooks etc. everywhere technology has bought mobility or say portability in to people's convenience. Similar is the case with speakers. Yes, speakers are getting converted to utmost portable and mini versions so that it can be compatible with modern generations' life and at the same time it would also provide the pleasure of music to the music lovers.

Well, it's good news for all those geeky natured music lovers as we are making out their work a bit easier by listing down with some of the coolest, portable and trendy speakers that will take you to a whole new experience of music listening and that too on the move. So, who needs those huge drum bed speakers when one can enjoy the same features in a mini and portable ones? The list includes some speakers that are handy and for the people who are always on the go but never wants to comprise their party life. Why don't you help yourself to choose out one of the seven best gadgets listed down here?

1. Eggy mini speakers

Eggy mini speakers
Eggy mini speakersEggy mini speakers hatch surround sound from portable gadgets

As the name itself describes its features, this mini speaker is purely portable and the shape of it is derived from an egg. A unique product from S&J Co is one of a kind of portable speakers wherein it's divided into two halves that can be attached to one due its magnetic element on its outer curve. It mostly acts as a personal music system that is fully admired for its portability, 4watt RMS, digital amp which comes in 20mm of micro-mini unit and USB to connect all your music players, iPods, laptops or notebooks, etc. all this with minimal wires. This unique design was showcased at the 2010 International CES.

2. Sony Ericsson MBS-400

Sony Ericsson MBS-400
Sony Ericsson MBS-400Sony Ericsson MBS-400 portable speaker

Well, moving to the next is the beautiful and sleek designed smart portable mini speaker that's known as Sony Ericsson MBS-400. This powerful speaker is ideal for all the party lovers who can't live without music. Best suited for office or beach parties, this mini speaker, which comes in a pair, will provide you with high quality of clear volume. The interesting part of this supernova is that it plays music via Bluetooth from your mobile handset and also it can get itself muted at the time of incoming calls. Wow, all this makes it a smart li'l mini speaker that everyone would love to have it for once.

3. iHome iHM77 Portable Multimedia Speakers

iHome iHM77 Portable Multimedia Speakers
iHome iHM77 Portable Multimedia SpeakersiHome iHM77 Portable Multimedia Speakers

Magnetic fever has just not finished as iHome iHM77 raises it to a higher level. iHM77 is one of the beautifully crafted portable music speaker system wherein, it's shaped in a capsule which actually means to be its carry pouch. Further, it has two divided speakers that streams out some solid range of bass music. What else? It has no fussy nature what wires surrounded to other speaker gives instead it works on rechargeable built-in li-ion batteries. The charge of the speaker can be acknowledged due to its LED blue colored light that dims out when the battery is running out of charge. To charge the battery it as simple as you charge your mobile phones but here only with USB. Compatible with iPhones and MacBook, this stereo sound producing system will cost you about $49.99 only.

4. Philips Pocket size Portable Speakers

Philips Pocket size Portable Speakers
Philips Pocket size Portable SpeakersPocket size Portable Speakers by Philips

Phillips Pocket size Portable USB speaker system is just an amazing super mini speaker system that works through USB. It has a bass pipe for clear cut sound that's in-built with it and also provides you with stereo sound experience when speakers are detached away. And it's available for only $18.85.

5. DLO Portable Speakers

DLO Portable Speakers
DLO Portable SpeakersDLO Portable Speakers for iPhone

The DLO portable Speaker system is just another piece of beauty which is ideally made for iPhone market. One can attach it to the iPhone or iPods and can also take benefits of full stereo sound system even when watching movies on it. Interesting part goes in its disassembling part wherein it can be disassembled in to a compact mini speaker system, which will produce huge level of clear sound in a small package. The only thing that lacks is music controls, a charging dock and a speaker phone. Though, portable + good sound quality makes it pricy for about $49.99 only.

6. USB Portable Speakers from Grandmax

USB Portable Speakers from Grandmax
USB Portable Speakers from GrandmaxUSB Portable Speakers from Grandmax

This tiny li'l gadget is surely going to give a tough choice on you to select among others. The Grandmax Pull-n-Play Tweakers comes as a pair of mini speakers wherein, its design looks much similar to the one I discussed earlier in our list. Tweakers are known for streaming out high quality of bass responses and also give stereo sound experience. It has built-in lithium battery that works for longer hours and comes along with only two wires that is a charge cable and an audio cable. It also comes in dual speakers modes with two different colors namely red and black. You can play this lovely Tweaker for a purchase of just $44.95.

7. Sony Ericsson MPS-100

Sony Ericsson MPS-100
Sony Ericsson MPS-100Sony Ericsson MPS-100 portable speaker

Nothing best compares to Sony Ericsson's MPS-60. But later, they came up with the advance level of best portable speaker system that will keep you grooving with the ultra stereo sound when connected to the Sony Ericsson phone. Dubbed as Sony Ericsson MPS-100, this silvery portable li'l gadget will surely add the sleek nature to your desk.

iShop: A smart shopping cart that will save time and make shopping interesting

Posted: 09 Nov 2011 04:10 AM PST

Jaspreet Kaur Walia:

iShopiShop Smart shopping cart

Technology-driven world has given birth to iPhone and there are many products that have got infect by this iPhone fever. Designers are coming up with products that can be coupled with an iPhone. This makes the phone act as a remote control and in turn the task at hand is made easier. Wooyong Lee could not escape the iPhone aura and crafted a smart shopping cart named iShop. The industrial designer understood the value of time in todays fast paced world and has tried to make grocery shopping time fun, quick and precise with the help of his design.

Picture Gallery
iShop Smart shopping cart

Mixing iPhone and grocery shopping has given birth to the very attention grabbing iShop. What looks like a normal cart that decorates the grocery shop has a slot where one can place their iPhone. The designer has made an application that will make good use of the phone apart from listening to music, watching videos and playing games. The handle of this cart has an iPhone slot, which will let you make good use of a shopping assistance application. The product is targeted at different kinds of shoppers like the pro, the wanderer and the run-in. The pro will do an intensive research before entering the shopping area and are seen carrying a list. On the other hand, the wanderer walks around in the store a meaningless way and is not as organized as the-pro. Such a shopper will keep looking for things and may end up doing compulsive buying. The run-in, without a second thought, is an impulsive buyer and picks whatever he/she sees without much thinking. Such a shopper gives the baskets and carts a miss and tries and get out of the store as soon as possible.

Wooyong Lee kept all such shoppers and also the complex layout of grocery stores in mind while designing his product. All the stores have a different floor plan which may lead to difficulty in finding items and in turn lead to wastage of time while searching for products. People hate wasting time while shopping and iShop will make sure you consume time in a sensible manner. The product by Lee is easy to use, durable has no safety issues. The ergonomic design will make shopping fun and keep all tensions at bay. The slot for iPhone will keep the user away from the trouble of carrying the phone in their hand all the while. This makes the design all the more functional and the control buttons further help in navigation when the phone is coupled with them. The navigation buttons are round in shape and function when pushed. They can be controlled with the help of thumbs even while pushing or pulling the cart.

Make a shopping list on your phone and snap it in the shopping cart. Now, run the iShop application and see it perform all the important functions, like locating products, comparing prices and even prepare coupons for you. The stand unit can be rotated at an angle of 360 degree as per a user's convenience. iShop will also let you pay online, so no more fretting in case you forget cash. iShop is a smart way of shopping that will save time and make the whole process easy.

Via: Wooyongdesign

Zero Sail Catamaran concept makes sailing eco-friendly again

Posted: 09 Nov 2011 04:02 AM PST

Asmita Prasad:

Zero Sail – Ecoyacht
Zero Sail – EcoyachtZero Emission Sailing Catamaran

Back in the good old days, before the invention of the combustion engine that is, the world was a slower, more peaceful and less polluted place. The advent of the industrial era resulted in an unprecedented economic boom and the price it came at is today commonly known as global warming. The fine art of sailing was also developed on the backbone of the industrial boom though it had its roots in more leisurely pursuits such as freshwater boating and fishing. However, the movement to prevent the earth from crumbling under the pressure of environmental pollution has also brought about an awareness among auto manufacturers who are now making a conscious effort in coming up with more fuel efficient engines as well as all electric drivetrain. Water-borne crafts are still catching up to their land-based counterparts in coming up with Eco-efficient propulsion system though designers like Thor Unbescheid are giving it a nice shot with concepts like the Zero Sail Catamaran.

Picture Gallery
Zero Sail – Ecoyacht
Zero Emission Sailing Catamaran

The Zero Sail is a 60ft long sailing catamaran which is more sustainable and more effective than common catamarans of this class. Since the ‘ecoyacht’ sector has been taken over by concepts that focus more on being futuristic, the German designer tried to come up with a rather realistic or doable concept instead. The design wants to redefine what the term 'yacht' symbolizes and has tried to take away some of the negative adjectives that it evokes like 'decadence', 'lavishness', and 'luxury' and has tried instead to bring the art of sailing a lot closer to the common folks with an eco- and budget-friendly design. Most of the common sailing catamarans of this size are built out of barely ecological and non-recyclable materials like carbon fiber, glasfiber and epoxy. The Zero Sail tries to remedy this and is thus made out of an aluminum space frame covered with high tensile polycarbonate, both of which are 100% recyclable.

Since most modern yachts come with additional engines and a lot of power consuming gadgetry on-board, the Zero Sail also needed to be fitted with some sort of energy-producing and propelling device to stay competitive in the sector. The catamaran is thus equipped with an electric motor, batteries and a fuel cell to provide electricity for gadgets and electronics on board. The batteries are either charged by the fuel cell or by a shaft generator, which generates electric power through the electric motor while driving under the wing sail.

Although the Zero Sail is meant to be an exclusive, sporty and high tech yacht, it doesn't intend to be available only to the richest elite. The Zero Sail is a character catamaran for up to 10 persons which will be prices reasonable to make it available for everybody. It is designed to be completely autarkic for 2-3 weeks on the sea without any emissions. The Zero Sail looks to provide a unique sail feeling giving people the opportunity to sail a sporty high tech and performance sailing catamaran which is at the same time more sustainable than most of the comparable big sailing catamarans.

Via: Behance

Pandur 2L is one weird electromagnetically-propelled bike concept

Posted: 09 Nov 2011 03:43 AM PST

Asmita Prasad:

Pandur 2L
Pandur 2LPandur 2L by lucian popescu

Created by Timisoara, Romania-based designer Lucian Popescu, the Pandur 2L is not one easiest to understand vehicle concepts that we have seen lately. And we're a little sorry to say that it ain't one of the most promising ones either. Apparently, the vehicle is supposed to be powered by an electromagnetic propulsion system which requires the vehicle to create a mini EM field inside its spherical engine which would also be wrapped up rubber and doubled up as a wheel. The confusing concept evokes fear, horror and multiple 'horrible and painful death' scenarios in front of one's eyes, but maybe we should pop a few Xanax pills before we start judging a design by its (almost evil) appearance.

Picture Gallery
Pandur 2L
Pandur 2L by lucian popescu

Electromagnetic propulsion is still very much a theory for non-rail vehicles though rumors claim NASA has a prototype that uses an EM-propelled wheeled vehicle up and testing. Though electromagnetic propulsion has been successfully used in the railways, in roller coasters, and amusement park novelties like the bumper cars, they have not realistically been used in mainstream automobile propulsion in any way which makes us ask a lot of questions about the safety, practicality and cost effectiveness of a vehicle that uses such a tech as its primary propulsion system.

Anyway, coming back to the Pandur 2L, the design certainly is more science fiction than futuristic concept though we laud the designer for taking it to this level of finesse. Since the concept claims to run on electromagnetic propulsion, it does away with the need to have a conventional engine thus putting itself past the gas vs. electric drama which means that the vehicle would be totally emission-free though it might incur a heavy burden on the environment during its manufacturing process and we're not even sure yet whether the use of electromagnetics is safe since a popular belief links electromagnetic energy with emotional disturbances in humans and animals which is something that needs serious and widespread research by specialists before it can be launched as a viable option for personal mobility solutions.

As we mentioned before, the Pandur 2L proposes to house the electromagnetic generators in its wheels which in theory atleast, promises to offer the vehicle a much smoother ride though we have no idea what riding on spherical wheels is like (apart from the all-direction wheeling experience of baby walkers).

The electromagnetic field between the body and sphere would also provide suspension for the two wheeler. The designer claims that the Pandur 2L would be maneuverable up to 180 degrees meaning that it would respond more easily to traffic jams in big cities.

Via: Behance

Kurt “the belt to sit” is the dumbest thing since Paris Hilton

Posted: 09 Nov 2011 03:42 AM PST

Asmita Prasad:

Kurt belt
Kurt beltKurt belt by voxel-studio

The dumbest thing since Paris Hilton is Kim Kardashian but the global economy is in trouble. And do you know why? Because young people who spent a good few thousand bucks on getting degrees from the world's best colleges are coming up with (and marketing) dumb products.

The "belt to sit" apparently lets users sit on the ground with their knees folded or in a reclining position, and that's all that it does. Someone spent a good few hundred dollars (if not thousands) on its manufacturing and marketing and we're now wondering if we can report it to the IRS and have its makers investigated for trying to launder money using this incredible stupid business as a front.

Picture Gallery
Kurt belt
Kurt belt by voxel-studio

Made from the same material as the seat belt in your car, the Kurt belt allows users to do what humankind (and other mammalian relatives) have done for a few millennium without any belts or aides. Users (read: whoever is dumb or high enough to buy this thing) simply need to attach the Kurt belt into their knapsacks or backpacks and whenever they feel like sitting on the ground in a reclining position, they can simply pull up the belt, wrap it around their knees and recline as far as they can without tumbling over. You can also do the same without any special belts by simply extending an arm behind you, using a rock, a tree, the surface of the earth (if you are ascending or descending from a hill), or even a stair (if you are in an urban setting) as support but maybe this guy knows something relaxing while sitting down which we don't.

The Kurt Belt allows you to relax sitting down in many ways, like having your legs crossed with your knees above the ground, with one knee folded up and the other leg resting flat on the ground, and many more such positions which are easily replicated without any special gear as well, but if you must, if you absolutely must invest in absolutely rubbish bits of camping gear, then the Kurt is a must have for you.

With a pull back mechanism allowing quick unfastening and storage, the belt comes with a continuously variable adjustable strap that also serves as a clever way to hang yourself with because when you use it to relax and look hip in front of a crowd of your much more sensible and socially well-adjusted peers, there is no way that you won't get laughed and jeered at, and blogged about, and laughed and jeered at on Facebook, and tweeted about, and of course, made a video of and posted on YouTube, which would be enough to scar you for life and make you wanna hang yourself or something!

Source: Voxel Studio

Eight creative furniture designs to lighten up your work environment

Posted: 09 Nov 2011 03:41 AM PST

Grace Kikon:

Creative furniture designs
Creative furniture designsCreative furniture designs to lighten up your work environment

Office is a second home where you spend more time than in your own. There has been a drastic change over the years as offices shift from the formal monotonous ambiance, to a varied change in decor and settings. With this shift in attitude many offices are becoming a place for its employees’ to spend considerable happy hours despite the work load. Innovating and creating well planned office furniture naturally helps in lifting the work mood, and goes a long way in motivating staff to higher efficiency level. A well planned office also creates more working space. Listed below are some ways to spruce up a workplace and adding some novelty and life into the otherwise monotonous environment.

1. Carl’s table CT08

Carl's Table CT08
Carl’s Table CT08The Carl's Table family of PACs radiology furniture has popped up with a radical computer table

This table transforms a room into a hi-tech organization and enable users to sit and read images for an extended period of time in comfort. The CT08 is equipped state of the art accessories ever available in computer tables. It features big room space for reading with side shelf and two electrically controlled shelves with adjustable tilt and height. It is equipped with a back privacy shield, height adjustable legs and footrest. It also features two adjustable air ports, control panels, background LED task lights and USB hub along with power strips for 14 outlets. A Monitor control system with a 10 foot long cable cord with cable management sleeve wraps up this unique table.

2. Mini milk desk

Mini milk desk
Mini milk deskMini milk desk BY Soren Rose Studio

Designed by Soren Rose Studio of Copenhagen, this is a console desk which was inspired by the Apple Milk series. This unit is meant for offices, hotel rooms and small apartments with limited space. It features neat cable organizing lids and concealed storage compartments. Less than 50 cm wide, it can be mounted against any wall and is truly the minimalist utility requirement. It can be customized for allowing many arrangements depending on the individual’s work space and style.

3. Surf chair workstation

Surf chair workstation
Surf chair workstationErgonomically designed work station that will keep all the posture related probs at bay.

This chair designed by Kenneth Lylover has a unique snake like chair, supported by many pillows designed to help keep the back comfortable. It has a smart suspended monitor and comfortable reading distance for the net surfer. This design was the winner of “Best Product” at the Scandinavian Furniture Fare.

4. Pop up coffee table

Pop up coffee table
Pop up coffee tableSpace efficient coffee table that pops up to offer optimum workspace

This coffee table doubles up as a surface for work in a limited space. It turns your living room into a smart looking office in seconds. The space beneath can be used for storage of books and magazines. This pop up table is made of birch wood with a walnut finish and weighs 48.5 pounds. It is truly a flexible way of enjoying your coffee while you do some serious work.

5. Eclipse office partition system

Eclipse office partition system
Eclipse office partition systemEclipse Office Partition System by Australian designer Marcus Ward Curran

Designed by Marcus Ward Curran of Australia, this is an adjustable private space in an office. It is like an umbrella sphere which is extendable with built in speakers and video camera. The modular workplace has a hot desk, table partition, full size partition and pattern table. Depending on the privacy requirements these components allow for space to be divided into a private, meeting and breakout zones. It is made of Eco friendly materials that works towards more efficient use of space.

6. Sony fusion coffee table

Sony Fusion coffee table
Sony Fusion coffee tableDesigned by Zyane Tan

The desktop is smartly infused in a coffee table with a matte black aluminum top and sleek arched chrome legs and lining. Designed by Singapore designer ZyaneTan, this table top splits in half and slides apart smoothly at the push of a power button. The desktop part comprises a touch sensitive LED outlined keyboard with an adjustable screen. There is a DVD drive and headphone Jake on its side and the screen can be adjusted according to the user. This is a great fusion of technology and furniture and comes in shades of blue, white and red.

7. Modern aviator wing desk

Modern Aviator Wing Desk
Modern Aviator Wing DeskModern Aviator Wing Desk from Restoration Hardware

This design is by Restoration Hardware and inspired by the WW II streamlined fighter planes. The shape of the metal desk is bent like the wing of a plane and features a polished aluminum patchwork exterior. It is accented with steel screws and has three canvas lined storage spaces.

8. DC-6 cowling airplane desk

DC-6 Cowling Airplane Desk
DC-6 Cowling Airplane DeskThe MotoArt DC-6 cowling airplane desk preserves aviation history in a distinctively modern way

Using pieces from vintage aircraft, this desk has re-emerged in all its metal beauty. Each piece is handmade, unique and has been distinctively turned into a modern furniture. It is created by MotoArt, founded by Donavon Fell III who used the fuselage and ejection chairs into a beautiful, practical utility object.

Emotion Lighting concept mimics human behavior

Posted: 09 Nov 2011 03:17 AM PST

Asmita Prasad:

Emotion Lighting Concept
Emotion Lighting ConceptEmotion Lighting Concept by Andrew Williams

Ok, so this might be one of the more surreal lighting concepts to have surfaced in the past few years, but we're not really complaining about it because the execution of the design, if done correctly, can revolutionize the way we look at home furnishings and décor forever. The Emotion Lighting Concept was created by designer Andrew Williams, who by the way began sketching concepts in pre-school and his first achievement in the field was a new sled for Santa (awww!). Needless to say that little bit of trivia about the designer instantly helps us connect with this lighting fixture in a much better way and we also get a better sense of the thought process that must have inspired and shaped the designer's sensibilities over the years.

Picture Gallery
Emotion Lighting Concept
Emotion Lighting Concept by Andrew Williams

Created primarily to appeal to the human senses, the lighting concept has a hint of emotion and nostalgia about it which is brought about the unexpected responses that are generated by the lighting fixture when human interact with it. Moving like a living organism, the Emotion light responds to human touch much like the mimosa plant which moves and closes its petals on being stimulated. The lighting is fashioned out of shape memory alloys which have a specific and unique molecular arrangement that allows them to "remember" predefined arrangements. The alloy wires are pre-shaped to respond to a touch in a pre-programmed manner which basically means that they are set to make a response to the level of body heat of a human being and return to its original shape as its temperature returns to normal.

This allows the lighting concept to offer responses to the user's interaction which allows it to serve as a living, feeling organism within a décor rather than an inanimate object. The pure white finish of the lighting offsets and highlights the bright and warm yellow of the "petals" which instantly give the lamp the semblance of being alive and allow its human companions to connect with it on an emotional level. Resembling a house plant in its stance, the Emotion Lighting Concept allows users to develop a bond and a sense of kinship with it which makes them hold on to it and retain it as a part of their home and décor for much longer durations than they would a lamp they deemed to be just a non-living object.

A prototype for the Emotion is crafted like a hanging pendant lamp which comes with motion detectors and is activated via motion in the room rather than touch.

Source: Designaw

Seven unusual and interesting flower themed urinal designs

Posted: 09 Nov 2011 03:15 AM PST

Leka Ram:

Flower shaped urinal
Flower shaped urinalFlower shaped urinal

Urinals are an important part of any home of office. Instead of sticking to the old models, you can as well choose from innovative and stylish designs that are going you make the users spellbound. The designers have been able to display their creativity at the best with the help of these stunning patterns. They can be used to enhance the overall look and feel and add a sophisticated touch to the surroundings. The best thing is that they come in various colors and sizes according to your specific needs. Take a look at these amazing models and decide which one you will use in your space.

1. Flower urinals

Flower Urinals
Flower UrinalsFlower shaped Urinals

Decorative flower urinals are now taking the place of the standard urinals. Your bathroom can look very different and provide a different experience by looking at the lively, colorful and decorative flower urinals. These are now exhibited at the San Francisco exhibition called ‘Flush.’ The detailed designing catches the eyes of the visitors. Instead of urinals, you can simply call them ‘bathroom sculptures.’

2. Yellow orchid urinal by Clark Sorensen

Yellow Orchid Urinal by Clark Sorensen
Yellow Orchid Urinal by Clark SorensenYellow Orchid Urinal by Clark Sorensen

The yellow orchid urinal has been shaped and structured just like a real yellow orchid flower. It is made of durable and high-fire porcelain that is used to make the standard urinals. Each of his pieces is one-of-a-kind and is known to be made completely by hand. The designer has been featured in various art and design magazines. Each urinal comes with a standard drain connector and a flush valve connection. The cost of the urinal is $8900.

3. Orchid urinal

Orchid Urinal
Orchid Urinalcool Orchid Urinal

Clark Sorensen has come up with beautiful and stylish urinals shaped in the form or various orchid flowers. The urinals are hand crafted and made in the shapes of various types of orchids. No one piece looks like the other. All of these urinals are fully functional and can be installed at homes and offices for use. Some of the different varieties include the pink orchid urinal, the yellow orchid urinal, etc. If you love orchids, use the orchid urinals in your bathroom and make it more decorative and attractive. The price is $7900 for each piece.

4. Floral urinal

Floral Urinal
Floral UrinalFloral Urinal

Here is an innovative way to decorate your bathroom. Choose from different kinds of floral patterns for your urinals. A San Francisco based artist, Clark Sorensen has created various beautiful and amazing urinals with high-fire porcelain. All these are aesthetically sound and functional too. Each piece is an art in itself and fits into all kinds of modern decor. Each fixture can be easily plumbed and used in your bathroom.

5. Calla lily urinal

Calla Lily Urinal
Calla Lily UrinalCalla Lily Urinal

The Calla lily urinal is a unique piece of sculpture and looks like a giant lily flower. The urinal is designed by Clark Sorensen. It is 21 inches tall and is made of high-fire porcelain. This special design was hand-sculpted by Sorensen in 2003. It is a fully functional fixture that can adorn the men’s bathroom in both residential and commercial buildings. You can buy one for $7900.

6. Flower-Shaped Urinals at English Country Garden Center

Flower-Shaped Urinals at English Country Garden Center
Flower-Shaped Urinals at English Country Garden CenterFlower-Shaped Urinals at English Country Garden Center

Instead of using the standard white bowls that are nothing less than boring, men’s bathrooms can be decorated with special flower-shaped urinals. These urinals are designed by Clark Sorensen as a part of the collection called ‘Nature’s Call.’ Three of these floral shaped urinals in the shape of a daffodil, orchid and hollyhock have been bought by the English County Garden Center for $24,700. People here are amazed to see the flower-shaped urinals.

7. Red Hibiscus Urinal

Red Hibiscus Urinal
Red Hibiscus UrinalRed Hibiscus Urinal

Another amazing creation form Clark is the red hibiscus urinal which is in shape of a red hibiscus flower. The urinal can also be obtained in other colors such as orange or any color you need. The bright red urinal looks as if a huge hibiscus flower is attached to your bathroom wall. The flower designs completely transform the design of your bathroom. This urinal may cost you about $700.

HKI SEABUS: A compounded sea transport with accessible features

Posted: 09 Nov 2011 03:00 AM PST

Jaspreet Kaur Walia:

HKI SEABUSHKI SEABUS by Vladimir Abramov

Water transport is as important as air or road transport and helps people move from one place to the other. Industrial designer Vladimir Abramov has designed the HKI SEABUS, realizing the importance of water transport for the public of Helsinki in Finland. The designer from Aalto University joined hands with Jokke Katajamaki and Antti Rautavuori to bring this awe-amazing design and concept to life.

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HKI SEABUS by Vladimir Abramov

HKI SEABUS is a compounded sea transport that will leave people awestruck with its simple appearance. It comes injected with traits that make it easily accessible and very user-friendly. The designers kept a few things in mind while crafting HKI that would make it comfortable and easily accessible. High levels of comfort have been achieved by perfectly blending transport with waiting spaces. HKI SEABUS has been crafted in a way that will make sure that every inch of the vessel is utilized. It's easy to access feature makes it pretty flexible and unfurls plenty of utilizable space. The design will blend with the present public transport available, hence giving HKI an identifiable as well as cohesive identity.

The vessel will make good use of electric propulsion system and can also harness energy from the sun for its operation. This makes it energy efficient and also makes sure that it doesn't release a lot of pollutants in the beautiful surroundings. The designers have made sure that no crowding problems crop up while boarding or getting off HKI, which will lead to enhanced efficiency in terms of its operation. During peak hours it will also allow propulsion boat capacity transport for cargo transport. The attention grabbing vessel also supports transportation of bicycles and will help connect with bicycle routes.

Passengers get on the docked barge without much effort. Solar panels and the main grid are used to charge the barge batteries when docked. When the barge arrives at the shore it gets docked and is coupled with the power grid so that it can get charged. When the barge docks at the shore passengers disembark it and move ahead. The propulsion boat then goes and couples with the other barge and completes the embarking. The propulsion boat leaves from the shore when the barge has been loaded. Primarily, it extracts all the juice from the recharged barge and in case addition energy is required, it is provided by the solar panels that have been wedged on the vessel.

HKI SEABUS is a great way to move from one place to the other. It will make transportation via sea fun and make it all the more efficient with its amazing design as well as features the vessel comes coated with.

Via: Behance

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