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Berimbau Eco-tower is an emblem of ancient Brazilian culture

Posted: 10 Nov 2011 07:47 AM PST

Shahnawaz Naaz:

Berimbau Eco-Tower
Berimbau Eco-TowerBerimbau Eco-Tower is an emblem of ancient Brazilian culture

The concept:

The Berimbau Tower in Rio de Janiero is an eco-friendly high-rise building designed to be used as a building for telecommunications and other activities during the 2014 football World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games in the beautiful Brazilian city. The design of this building is largely inspired by Brazilian Capoeira dance and the Berimbau, an ancient Brazilian musical instrument. This spherical building has 5 levels. The lower level is meant for recreational activities, while the second and third level has a gazebo and shops respectively. The fourth level has space for offices, while the fifth and top most level has a large conference room equipped with all modern amenities. The building is sustainable because all its components are recoverable, recycled and reused. The bioclimatic characteristics of this building reduce its energy consumption as well. This building tower features a heated greenhouse and a geothermal heat pump.

The Inspiration:

A team of architects has finalized the design of Berimbau Tower. This sustainable structure will be a major center of attraction during the football World Cup in 2014 and Olympic Games in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. A look at the sphere-shaped structure shows that the team was inspired by Brazilian Capoeira dance and one of the oldest Brazilian musical instrument- the Berimbau. This 5 level building is suspended in the air. This building is sustainable and eco-friendly because it is made of recycled and reused products. A greenhouse and a geothermal heat pump maintain the heating of this house. Laminated glass curve on the outer skin of this tower gives it the spherical shape.

Eco Credentials:

The Berimbau Tower is completely sustainable as it uses natural resources for several useful activities. The tower used sun to generate hot water and keeps all offices in the building well lighted. It used wind and air to keep the building cool and also features rainwater harvesting system. The designers have maximized the used of the materials used in constructing the building. Proper designing has minimized the scope for waste generation. This building is made of components, which are recoverable and can be recycled. The bioclimatic characteristics of this sphere-shaped high-rise building keep its power consumption at a low level.


The Berimbau Tower is a self-sustaining architectural beauty made of recoverable and recycled materials. This tower will serve as a multimedia centre during the football World Cup in 2014 and the Summer Olympics in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. The life cycle of this beautiful building is infinite. The overall height of this tower constructed over an area of ​​2,083′30 m2 is 113 meters. This building uses sun, wind and water to generate energy needed for different functions.

Related trends:

1. Arizona Solar Tower

Arizona Solar Tower
Arizona Solar TowerEnviroMission to use Arizona heat to power 150,000 US homes

EnviroMission has set up a large solar tower in Arizona desert. The height of this tower is 2625 ft and its diameter is 130 meters. EnviroMission is hopeful that this solar tower would produce 200MW electricity, which could be use to provide electricity to 150,000 homes. This solar tower would be constructed at a price of US$750 million. This concept is simple but seems exciting because Arizona desert always receives good amount of sunlight. EnviroMission's plan is to create a greenhouse at the tower's base and raise the ground level's temperature to around 90 degrees. It is a known fact that when the air gets hot it moves up, allowing the cool air to fill in the gap. The idea is to fit the turbine in the building and when the air rises after getting hot, it rotates the turbine, which will generate electricity. This tower is completely eco-friendly because it produces emission-free energy. EnviroMission said that this whole system can work without any maintenance for 80 years.

2. Detox Tower

Detox Tower
Detox TowerDetox Tower aims to pioneer on live matter integration in eco friendly skyscrapers

Buildings have emerged as a major contributor to climate change as they consume around 45% of the energy consumption of the world. The need of the hour is to design and build eco-friendly buildings which are self-sustaining and do not consume much energy. The designers of the new buildings should adopt new technologies to reduce the energy needs of the buildings as it will decrease the pressure on eco-systems. Detox Tower is also one such innovative project. The Detox Tower is a unique building because it has an internal and external membrane system. The internal membrane system is called Part A and external is called Part B. These membranes allow living organisms like algae, lichen, etc to process matter with synthetic matter. This integration will definitely reduce energy consumption significantly. This structure would also detoxify the air. The Detox tower is based on principles of micro engineering.

3. Michael Jantzen's Eco-Tower

Michael Jantzen's Eco-Tower
Michael Jantzen's Eco-TowerMichael Jantzen's Eco-creation with a modern twist to it!

Michael Jantzen's observation tower is a Wi-Fi enabled eco-friendly building. The height of this tower is 120 feet and its structure is made of concrete and steel. The design of this eco-tower has seven platforms, out of which six are accessible by a spiral staircase which is located in the central part of the building. The perimeter of each platform has containers, which are used to grow plants. These containers also store rainwater, which is used to water the plants. The top of this eco-tower has a wind turbine and solar panels to harness sunlight. The wind and solar energy are stored in batteries which are placed at the tower's base. The design of this tower is stylish and its aesthetic brilliance is simply amazing.

4. The Net Lima Tower

The Net Lima Tower
The Net Lima TowerThe Philippines’ first certified green building

Designed by renowned Miami-based architect Chad Oppenheim, the Net Lima Tower is Philippines' first certified 'Green' mega structure. Located just outside Manila in the Central Business District of Fort Bonifacio, this tower is eco-friendly and highly efficient. Chad has used several sustainability strategies to design this green tower. The three towers of this eco-tower cover a 3-acre block. The area covered by this green project is 1,550,000 square foot. This building has no AC, but it is uses aluminum solar screen overlays, which keep the building cool by rejecting heat. This building has storage tanks made of fiberglass.

Frond Outdoor Shower has been caked with pleasant looks

Posted: 10 Nov 2011 04:17 AM PST

Jaspreet Kaur Walia:

Frond outdoor shower
Frond outdoor showerDesigned by Scott Schenone

Plants have always been a special part of our lives. They help provide shade and also add to the beauty of an area. Bringing the beauty of plants in the world of outdoor showers is Scott Schenone. The designer has crafted an eye-appealing product, named the Frond Outdoor Shower, which will spill a mystic aura and attract plenty of onlookers.

Picture Gallery
Frond outdoor shower
Designed by Scott Schenone

The market is flooded with outdoor showers that come in a variety of forms. They are crafted from different materials and can help change the look of the area they are wedged in. Frond Outdoor Shower will give birth to a more emotional experience and will change the meaning of standing under a shower outside. Its frond leaves design will help connect with nature and will inject a feeling of serenity that a person feels when in contact with the beautiful environment.

The elegant Frond Outdoor Shower can be placed at beach-fronts and pool sides, where people need a shower to clean them. The leaf shaped design of the elegant shower has fetched heavy inspiration from the large leaves that decorate a banyan tree. Not only the shower head but even designs of other elements like the base, handle and pivot point got inspired from a banyan tree as well. The design of a shower mainly consists of a spigot and a nozzle. Scott kept in mind various habits of people that surfaced while standing under the shower and tried to alter the design of Frond accordingly. People can flexibly use it while sitting, leaning and even washing their hands and feet.

The large leaf shaped shower can easily pivot down at an angle of 90 degrees that will enhance the overall showering experience. The bending of shower is made possible by the use of a counterbalanced hinge system. This will make washing hands and feet easy and make sure people don't struggle like they do with traditional outdoor showers. The acrylic leaf sits nicely on the top of an aluminum trunk with utmost panache. A user can flexibly choose the flow of water as per their whims and fancies. Frond has a hot and cold faucet mechanism that will allow choosing the temperature of water.

Frond Outdoor Shower can be installed in hotels as well as public beaches. The shape of this shower is very pleasant and has been crafted in a neat manner. It will sprinkle an intoxicating shower experience and leave people awestruck.

Via: Coroflot

The Four Walled Car lets a user personalize the driving experience

Posted: 10 Nov 2011 03:48 AM PST

Jaspreet Kaur Walia:

Four walled car
Four walled carFour walled car Kayvan Naderi and Mohammad Hossein Amini Yekta

Technology-driven world has given birth to awe-amazing products that force us to slip in a state of total surprise. Designers are fetching heavy inspiration from the products that rule the planet and are trying to incorporate it in their designs. This makes sure that people connect with the creation instantly and look forward to owning one. Kayvan Naderi along with Mohammad Hossein Amini Yekta has come up with the Four Walled Car that was declared the winning entry at the Michelin Challenge Design 2012. It was also one amongst the finalists at the Interior Motive Awards 2011 for the best conceptual exterior and best use of technology. The Four Walled Car will also be put on show at the 2012 Detroit Auto show where it is bound to fetch plenty of praises.

Picture Gallery
Four walled car
Four walled car by Kayvan Naderi Mohammad Hossein Amini Yekta

The Four Walled Car has been exclusively crafted to match needs of people in this era of technology. People don't just want their rides to look good but also seek for the pleasure that comes along with owning a hi-tech vehicle. Modern day customers are looking forward to creations that also pamper their communication, thoughts as well as emotions. They want the ambiance of their rides to be simple yet very interactive. The Four Walled Car will bow down to all these demands and unfurl a truly magical experience that will force users to stretch an eternal smile on their face. It can be maneuvered without a driver, thanks to the use of advanced systems. The design comprises of a Clikwheel that looks like an iPod and enables the user to control interface and music. Clikwheel let control the movement of this awesome concept both in motorcycle and normal mode.

Speed of the concept can be increased or decreased by scrolling the wheel up and down. On the other hand, the direction can be changed by simply rotating the same wheel left or right. The curvy design will make eyes pop and jaws drop every time it rolls on the roads. The body of the Four Walled Car can be used in three different modes, namely Standby profile, Comfort Profile and Sport profile. It is not mandatory to own the vehicle as one can easily hire it. The car will be present almost everywhere in the city or will be just a call away. Simply, couple your iPod or mobile phone with the help of a single click and personalize the overall riding experience as per your preferred default settings. This will make sure that the privacy required while driving remains intact every time you step into the Four Walled Car. The unique concept has been equipped with special sensors that will help customize the adjustments between the body of the car and that of the driver.

The Four Walled Car is an amazing concept that will keep privacy intact every time you drive one.

Via: Coroflot

Eight innovative and efficient handcycle designs

Posted: 10 Nov 2011 03:31 AM PST

Rajni Mehta:

HandcycleHandcyle improves cardiovascular and aerobic health, immune system, also increase upper body strength.

Being physically challenged doesn’t mean the end of all wishes, dreams and aspirations. Even if you are physically handicapped and can not ride a normal cycle, you can certainly fulfill your wish of riding a cycle with handcycles that are specially designed to facilitate physically challenged people. Out of the many models available in handcycles currently, we are enlisting eight which are very innovative in design and efficient performance wise:

1. Modern Race Handcycle Design Concept

Modern Race Handcycle Design Concept
Modern Race Handcycle Design ConceptTo operate this cycle, the role of upper body mechanism play the most important part, thus facilitating movement in a more feasible way.

RACER T-10 is a race handcycle created by the Peruvian designer Ernesto Rosales Ramirez for the physically challenged racers. The design of this racing handcysle is creative which doesn’t involve complicated machinery or mechanism in the construction of the cycle. To run this cycle movement of the upper body of the rider is stressed on and the design of the handcycle is planned accordingly. Bright colors adorning the cycle increases the enthusiasm and motivation of the racer.

2. Forzer off-road handcycle

Forzer off-road handcycle
Forzer off-road handcycleForzer is made from aluminum, and has a theoretically calculated weight of 13.3kg (29.3 lbs).

Marius Hjelmervik wanted to create an off-road handcycle that was of high quality, gave a superior riding experience, looked up-to-date and was affordable too. He also took advice from handcycle racers like Seth Arseneau, Jake O’Coner and Ebbe Blichfelt and finally created “Forzer”. Forzer, which means force, uses aluminum to construct the structure and weighs around 29.3lbs or 39.3kg. The cycle has three wheels, two at the front with independent suspension and one rear wheel that has a single pivot design in it. The designer of the handcycle is now planning to produce the handcycle in mass numbers and keeping the option of modifying the cycle open for users.

3. Top End Force Handcycle

Top End Force Handcycle
Top End Force HandcycleThe center frame construction has an internal rib which reinforces the frame making it super stiff for maximum transfer of power.

This cycle can run super-fast. The sleek design of the handcycle allows the rider to ride while being in a reclining, recumbent or lie-down position. While the rider is comfortably positioned, the use of his arm, shoulder and chest muscles ensure fast movement of the cycle. The system in the cycle allows for a fast and smooth ride through the turns while maintaining full control on the cycle. The design assures of a fast and smooth brake delivery and shifting. The concept of the handcycle includes high performance wheels with various appealing and efficient features. The entire design surrounds around giving maximum performance through an easy-to-operate system.

4. Top End XLT PRO Racing Handcycle

Top End XLT PRO Racing Handcycle
Top End XLT PRO Racing HandcycleThe Top End XLT PRO Handcycle has been re-engineered for total performance.

The Top End XLT PRO Racing Handcycle comes with features like adjustable seats with adjusting height, flexible back, hands-on shifting, 27 speed, pivot steering, etc. This three-wheeled handcycle is capable of carrying a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds and can reach a speed of 30 m.p.h. These handcycles provide full power in a recumbent position and come with a great stability feature along with a superior turning control. The foot-rest comes with safety straps. Apart from these, the cycle comes with various other safety measures. Available in 21 interesting colors, these cycles make great vehicles for exercising and riding for fun apart from being too good for racing.

5. Top End XLT Handcycle

Top End XLT Handcycle
Top End XLT HandcycleThe XLT features a lightweight aluminium frame, low seat, in a recumbent handcycle design

This low seat cycle in aluminum is lightweight and supports a recumbent position. Comes with great stability and a number of safety measures for a safe ride. The cycle can reach a speed of 20 mph and includes a range of other features such as road crown compensator, pivot steering, 7 speed, parking brake, and adjustable seat, footrests, back and crank. These cycles are well designed and efficient performance wise. The features included in the cycle make exercising easy and rides joyful.

6. Velo race handcycle

Vélo race handcycle
Vélo race handcycleVélo race handcycle adds fun and freedom to physically impaired’s life.

To make life easier for physically challenged people, Peruvian designer Gerardo Leon created “Velo” a race handcycle. This handcycle not only comes with attractive looks but also is an efficient performer. This extremely low-seat cycle is made of fiberglass which is a light material. Thus, the final result that came out is a handcycle that is incredibly light-weight and therefore easy to control and easy to gain speed with. This cycle is a good choice for people who have weak or immobile limbs or lower body.

7. Intrepid Tourer

Intrepid Tourer
Intrepid TourerA versatile handcycle that is light yet tough, with great ground clearance fast rolling 700C wheels and a comfortable seating position.

This lightweight handcycle can bear a weight of up to 250lbs or 110 kg. This tough cycle is flooded with features like flag mount, parking brake, steering that is self centering, adjustable seat, crank and footrest, etc. The cycle’s structure is built of high grade materials such as cromoly and aluminum. 700C road wheels are used in this cycle for a good performance. The seating arrangement designed for this cycle assures maximum comfort to the rider. All this you get at a very reasonable price.

8. Varna Hybrid Tandem Handcycle/ Cycle

Varna Hybrid Tandem Handcycle/Cycle
Varna Hybrid Tandem Handcycle/CycleThis tandem is great for commuting or leisure riding.

This is a great design that allows two riders to ride at a time. While the front end is geared like a normal cycle with the facility to drive with leg power, the rear end allows driving by hand through hand-pedals. Designed by Varna Innovation and Research Corporation, the Varna Hybrid Tandem comes with 24 speed and drum brakes both at the front and read end. So now you can enjoy a ride with your kid or partner without letting your being physically impaired stand as an obstacle.

Seven smart walking gadgets for a creative workout

Posted: 09 Nov 2011 08:58 PM PST

Prajit Bhattacharya:

Garmin Forerunner 205 and 305 GPS Personal Trainer
Garmin Forerunner 205 and 305 GPS Personal TrainerGarmin Forerunner 205 and 305 GPS Personal Trainer

Walking is one of the most effective workouts, which has a great result in our regular life. But most of the times we cannot understated how much time do we need to walk for getting best results and what speed should we maintain during walking. We only wonder that if we had any gadget which would have indicated our walking speed and the duration of our walk then the whole regime would have become easier for us. Now with the advancement of science and technology, such gadgets do exist. This article will provide you information on the best seven electronic walking gadgets which will help you to take interest towards walking and you can also improve your workout regime in a creative way.

1. Nike + iPod Sport kit

Nike + iPod Sport Kit
Nike + iPod Sport KitNike + iPod Sport Kit

This is one of the most hi tech iPod fitness systems with is attached in Nike shoes. This Nike + iPod sport kit was introduced just two month ago. It is easy to use and you just need to put the sensor inside the pocket which is located under the insole in your Nike shoes. The iPod touch and iPhone 3GS have ability to receive necessary information. Before you start running or walking, you just need to look into the manual and reset the duration of walking or running. When you start running, your iPod or iPhone will tell you the timing, distance covered, location and most importantly, how much calories you have burnt for the day during the walking or running.

2. Mio Heart Monitor - Calorie Tracker Watch

Mio Heart Monitor - Calorie Tracker Watch
Mio Heart Monitor - Calorie Tracker WatchMio Heart Monitor - Calorie Tracker Watch

This is another most hi-tech running gadget by which you can monitor your heart rate while you are involved in any running or walking activity. It not only monitors your heart rate but also keeps track on the ratio of your calories burnt and calories eaten. You can also find visual indicator of energy level. You can also check your heart rate recovery test with the help of this. Besides this, you find stopwatch, timer, alarm, etc., in it. Before you start your workout, you need to wear it like a simple wrist watch and reset the program of basic hearts rate and calorie monitor. Hence, it is ready to start working. it will check your heart rate throughout the workout session and you have to place your thumb and forefinger on the leads on each side of the watch for the purpose.

3. Garmin Forerunner 50 Speedometer and Heart Monitor

Garmin Forerunner 50 Speedometer and Heart Monitor
Garmin Forerunner 50 Speedometer and Heart MonitorGarmin Forerunner 50 Speedometer and Heart Monitor

This is a unique spots watch which will provide you instant workout data along with training times, duration, distance covered and frequency of running or walking, along with average and best speed of running or walking, calorie ratio and maximum and average level of heart rate. It is easy to use and you just need to put this watch at your wrist and press the start button. It will automatically calculate your heart rate and keep record while you perform any workout and will give you instant feedback on the condition of your heart through the digital monitor. You can also transfer all the records and training data to your personal computer for keep them safe. You can also track down your running speed, distance and calories burnt while you perform any running or walking activity by the help of the snap of the foot pod which must be put into a clip on your shoe lace. It is thus ready to send all the data as soon as you start running or walking.

4. Omron HJ-720 ITC Pedometer

Omron HJ-720 ITC Pedometer
Omron HJ-720 ITC PedometerOmron HJ-720 ITC Pedometer

This is another interesting sports gadget, which includes health management software that will provide you all the fitness exercises throughout the year. A dual axis pocket pedometer with 2D sensor technology will help you to calculate the steps taken when it is placed horizontally or vertically. It tracks your calorie burnt and steps taken with accuracy. But, the most important thing is that if you start these exercises once then you must follow the directions which are provided with that software program. Besides this, you can also calculate the distance and calories burnt while you are involved in running or walking and any other workout.

5. Dash Trak Pedometer Wellness System

DashTrak Pedometer Wellness System
DashTrak Pedometer Wellness SystemDashTrak Pedometer Wellness System

This is a fitness gadget which has all the pedometer functions like display steps, distance covered, calories burnt, time, etc. It gives you the most accurate record when you walk at a steady pace. It is easy to operate. First, you need to set some basic information about yourself. You must upload your data through the USB code and it is ready to work. It is convenient to travel with it as you can easily recharge the battery from an internet connected computer through USB port. You will also be able to know the weather forecast with the help of this machine.

6. Garmin Forerunner 205 and 305 GPS Personal Trainer

Garmin Forerunner 205 and 305 GPS Personal Trainer
Garmin Forerunner 205 and 305 GPS Personal TrainerGarmin Forerunner 205 and 305 GPS Personal Trainer

This is a unique designer sports watch where you find hi sensitivity GPS service. It can continuously monitor your heart rate, distance covered, speed and calories burnt so that you can practice more effectively. It can easily track your every movement while your are working out even under a tree or near the tall building due to its super sensitive GPS system. The other most interesting feature of this watch is that you can plan, analyze and store all the data for your workout.

7. Timex Ironman Speed + Distance GPS Monitor

Timex Ironman Speed + Distance GPS Monitor
Timex Ironman Speed + Distance GPS MonitorTimex Ironman Speed + Distance GPS Monitor

This is another interesting gadget which can monitor the speed and distance along with heart rate of the user. It is made by Timex Company. The best feature of this watch is that you can find indigo night light with night mode, dual time zones, automatic time setting and the individual lap number and timing. The super sensitive GPS service will get connected by the radio signal. You can also use this GPS technology as a navigation tool.

Eight exclusively lustrous gadgets to die for

Posted: 09 Nov 2011 08:53 PM PST

Sonia Renthlei:

Lustrous gadgets
Lustrous gadgetsExclusively lustrous gadgets to die for

Technology has given birth to many useful inventions which made our lives easier. Some of them are so awesomely cool that you can't wait to get your hands on them. A source of entertainment and a tool to get things done, these gadgets have now become must-haves for many. The recent recession hasn't seemed to dim the excitement of being able to own fabulous items on the market either. Listed below are some of the most lustrous gadgets you would just die for.

1. Diamond Crypto Smartphone

Diamond Crypto Smartphone
Diamond Crypto SmartphoneDiamond Crypto Smartphone, designed by luxury accessories maker Peter Aloisson

Opulence meets functionality with the Diamond Crypto Smartphone. Said to be the most expensive mobile phone ever made, this jeweled gadget is priced at a staggering $1.3 million. Luxury accessories designer, Peter Aloisson, is the brains behind this beauty. With a panel decorated with 50 diamonds, of which 10 are rare blue stones, parts of it have been crafted out of rose gold.

We mentioned functionality too, right? Well, the Crypto Smartphone comes equipped with encryption technology for maximum security. Like a gadget out of a spy thriller, the phone secures the user's identity and also contains data on racketeers, corrupt officials and kidnapping. Based on Windows CE OS, the phone can store up to 4,000 phone numbers and displays images in high resolution.

2. Gold USB Stick

Gold USB Stick
Gold USB StickThe Gold Bar USB Drive has all of 4GB of memory.

This next item isn't made out of precious metals or stones but it looks good, nonetheless. With 4GB memory, the 'gold' gadget is retractable so you don't have to worry about losing the cap. Shaped like a brick, it is a hi-speed USB 2.0 certified device with Plug and Play capability. With a dimension of 55×23x12mm, the USB stick supports Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Mac OS.

3. Diamond encrusted GameBoy

Diamond encrusted GameBoy
Diamond encrusted GameBoyIt is made from 18k solid gold, with diamond accents on the control buttons

Priced at an impressive $25,000, the diamond encrusted GameBoy is one lustrous device. Made out of 18k gold and a screen bordered by a row of diamonds, the gadget is certainly meant for the rich. It was commissioned by Aspreys of London who have also added a few free games on purchase of the device. Of course, the not-so-rich may wonder why anyone would want to shell out that kind of money for a mere GameBoy, but that's something only the well-to-do can answer.

4. The world’s most expensive computer mouse

The World's Most Expensive Computer Mouse
The World’s Most Expensive Computer MouseAlmost entirely made out of 18k white-gold, and has 59 brilliant cut diamonds

Sleek and stylish, this computer mouse is set with 59 diamonds. As if that weren't enough, you can choose from three different casings – yellow, white and red 18k gold. You can also choose from two designs, the 'Diamond Flower' and the 'Scattered Diamond'. At $26,730, it has been designed by Swizz company Pat Says Now. In terms of functionality, it works like any ordinary mouse, supporting 800 dpi resolution and connecting via USB or PS2.

5. Presidential MP3 Player

Presidential MP3 Player
Presidential MP3 PlayerEye-offending mp3 player from Douglas J.

The Presidential MP3 Player from Douglas J is encrusted with many of these precious stones and costs a whopping $50,000. You can order it to be crafted out of either yellow or white gold after which it gets delivered right to you. With this gadget, you will receive a membership to an elite club of people and a DJ community. With an OLED display, 1GB memory and video support, it isn't that different from other ordinary players. File formats supported are WMA, ASF, WAV, MP1, MP2, MP3, MPX and AV.

6. Diamond-encrusted iPod earphone

Diamond-encrusted iPod earphone
Diamond-encrusted iPod earphoneThe 18 carat gold and diamond studded earphones

Around $5,000 can get you a pair of diamond encrusted iPod earphones. Designed by Belgian, Casa Gi, each earphone has 59 diamonds all set in 18k gold. Though heavier than ordinary earphones, they're said to be pretty comfortable to sport. They come with a white colored wire which can be jacked up to PCs and MP3 players.

7. Yalos Diamond LCD TV

Yalos Diamond LCD TV
Yalos Diamond LCD TVThe most expensive TV in the world

Rumored to be the costliest TV in the world, the Yalos diamond LCD television is priced at an eye popping $130,000. More expensive than many automobiles, the 40-inch TV has been designed by Neapolitan Keymat Industrie s.p.a. 160 diamonds are set in plated white gold, enough to make anyone stop in their tracks. It functions well too, with a resolution of 1080i and 720p.

8. Vertu Signature Cobra

Vertu Signature Cobra
Vertu Signature CobraCobrara is the king of the snakes and so is Vertu Signature Cobra the king of the cell phones.

Not the prettiest, maybe, but the Vertu Signature Cobra is certainly expensive at $310,000. 439 rubies and 2 emeralds make up the cobra that coils around two large diamonds. Crafted by French jeweler Boucheron, the phone isn't for everyone, but you can't deny that it is lustrous.

How to convert a mini keg into a touch lamp

Posted: 09 Nov 2011 08:50 PM PST

Sanat Mohanty:

Mini keg touch lamp
Mini keg touch lampWith the help of a purchased lamp kit, you can make a lamp out of just about anything.

How is the thought of turning an empty beer keg into a home-made lamp? You would be pleasantly surprised to know that instead of throwing away the kegs and adding to pollution and landfills, you can actually utilize and reuse them to make something useful for your daily life. Let us see how you can make such a lamp at home.

The lamp comes with a completely touch receptive switch for on/ off/ dimming operations, and this switch is nothing but the metal body of the keg itself. Cheap and easy to make, this is an item you can make easily make at home. Its individual parts may come for as little as $20. Besides, it gives you the added option of recycling your used kegs, which would otherwise have gone waste. So, besides being an item for daily home use, it is also environment-friendly.

Difficulty Level:

Moderately Easy

Time Required:

One day

Resources Required:

Mini Keg

Touch Dimmer (screw-in type)

Light Socket

Light Bulbs

Plug / Extension Cord

Electrical Tape

Aluminum Foil

Needle Nose Pliers

Utility Knife


Multipurpose Knife

Needle Nose Pliers

Estimated Cost:

Excluding the cost of the beer keg, the whole arrangement is estimated to cost you below $20.


1. Assembling the parts

All the resources mentioned above can be easily found in an electronics store. Gather all the tools and components before you start.

2. Prepare the keg

Empty out the keg. Then, all the air from inside the keg must be drained out. This is done to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide inside the keg, which in turn would reduce the pressure inside it. Then, the tap of the keg must be pulled out completely, followed by the removal of the rubber stopper with the help of pliers. This step should be followed for the removal of the air vent plug and its stopper as well.

3. Cleaning the keg

The keg should be washed thoroughly to remove the uncalled for odor of the stale beer. Warm water should be avoided for the cleaning purpose as it may weaken the carbenator at bottom.

4. Wiring up the keg

Two holes should be drilled about the bottom portion of the keg for the wires to go inside. As the light switch itself acts as the on/off switch, the light socket doesn't warrant a switch separately. Now, the female end should be cut off from the extension cord, followed by the feeding of the wires through the two holes drilled near the bottom. The end of the extension cord and the light socket should be joined together using electric duct tape as cover. Then, the whole wire assembly must be pulled out through the keg.

5. Adding the switch and testing

Join the metal contacts of the switch with the body of the keg. Test the lamp, by switching on.

6. Finishing touches

The second hole should be patched up using epoxy, and then it can sand out, followed by some paint for the aesthetic appeal. Then, a light bulb is added to the arrangement and it is plugged on. If you want, a lamp shade can also be added this fixture, but is best avoided. Now, touch the lamp and la n voila, the lamp is on.

The first touch will turn on the lamp dimly, second will brighten it, third one will brighten it more and the fourth touch will turn it off. Now, enjoy the light of your very own home-made lamp in the darkness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there any potential risk in operating the lamp?

A: A voltage surge during operation may give you an electric shock. And even touching it with wrong protection can cause a fire hazard.

Q: How to make the lamp dim by touching?

A: The lamp will be turned on dimly by the first touch, the second touch will brighten it a little more, the third touch will give it the highest illumination, and finally, the lamp will turn off in forth touch.

Q: The bulb eventually went out. I replaced it but now the touch switch doesn’t work. I have to turn off the power from the mains to switch off the lamp. Why?

A: When the lamp failed, it probably took the Triac (semiconductor ‘dimming’
component) with it too. It is probably dead now. These are drawbacks of cheap circuit

Q: My lamp stays on and I am unable to switch it off by touching it. What do I do?

A: You have replace the triac and any other components that may have failed or been damaged. If you don’t want to spend any money to repair it, all you can do is discard the lamp.

Q: Does the keg need earthing?

A: The keg doesn't warrant separate grounding as it is already grounded through the part of the lamp that is connected with the wall socket. The keg only acts as a switch of capacitor, which logs the enhanced capacitance of the circuit when our body touches the keg on any of its part.

Quick tips:

1. The keg must be washed thoroughly so that the odor is wiped out completely.

2. The wire should be threaded through the keg from its inside, which can be achieved by removing the tap followed by the air vent.

3. Light shade can be avoided to prevent the extra load on the socket assembly.

4. Always switch off the device when not in use, and not simply putting it off by touching.

5. The hands should not be covered with gloves etc when switching the lamp on or off.

Things To Watch Out For

1. Extreme care must be taken while handling sharp objects near the lamp.

2. It must be completely ascertained that the connections of all the wires are complete and secure.

3. Extreme caution must be shown while handling this project, as it warrants the modification of an electrical plug, that may be potentially dangerous or pose a fire hazard.

Seven waterproof MP3 players to quench your thirst for music

Posted: 09 Nov 2011 10:36 AM PST

Shahnawaz Naaz:

waterproof MP3 players
waterproof MP3 playerswaterproof MP3 players

MP3 players are a very popular gadget these days with billions of music lovers across the world owning their own MP3 to listen to their favorite music while on the go. The MP3 players however, have a major drawback. These gadgets stop working when exposed to water and that's why these days many companies and engineers are busy developing MP3 players that are waterproof so that the music lovers can remain connected to the music without thinking about water harming their gadget. Here is a list of seven waterproof MP3 players to quench your thirst for music.

1. Waterproof MP3 Player/Radio

Waterproof MP3 Player/Radio
Waterproof MP3 Player/RadioWaterproof MP3 Player/Radio quenches your never-ending thirst for music

If you want to listen to your favorite music even while bathing or you are under a shower, then the Waterproof MP3 Player/Radio is the perfect gadget for you. Priced at $186, this sleek and stylish MP3 player allows you to listen the music of choice anywhere, anytime. The dimensions of this ball-shaped waterproof MP3 player are 165 x 165 x 160 mm. This music player features a 32GB SD card, which can be used to store a good range of collection. This MP3 player is powered by six AA batteries. This MP3 player has a battery life of 28 hours and it can play music from an SD card for 13 hours. From a thumb drive, this MP3 player can play music for 9 hours.

2. iRiver waterproof MP3 player

iRiver waterproof MP3 player
iRiver waterproof MP3 playeriRiver waterproof MP3 player

The waterproof MP3 player launched by iRiver is named LZR Aquabeat Racer. iRiver has designed and developed this useful MP3 player in collaboration with renowned swimwear manufacturer Speedo. The Aquabeat Racer is not wireless and it affixes to the head. Though the device is waterproof, it will stop working after a depth of more than ten feet, which means you cannot use this gadget while scuba-diving. The internal memory of the iRiver waterproof MP3 player is 2GB. The main weakness of this sleek and stylish waterproof MP3 player is its battery life because it provides only half an hour of playback when fully charged. Priced at around $145, the LZR Aquabeat Racer is a handy gadget for those music lovers, who are hooked to swimming as well.

3. Dolphin TOUCH Water proof MP3 Player

Dolphin TOUCH Water proof MP3 Player
Dolphin TOUCH Water proof MP3 PlayerNU Technology Dolphin TOUCH Water proof MP3 Player 4G

Priced at around $120, the Dolphin TOUCH Water proof MP3 Player designed and developed by the NU Technology comes with waterproof earphones. This sleek and cute gadget is a perfect thing for those who are interested in listening to their favorite soundtrack while biking, swimming, surfing, gymming and jogging. This is the world's first MP3 player to use waterproof curved touch pad technology. The earphones have antenna, which helps the user to enjoy FM radio while swimming under water. This waterproof MP3 player supports MP3 and WMA audio formats. This MP3 is water proof up to a depth of 3.28 ft. The package includes USB cable, and fluorescent straps.

4. uCan

uCanUbanana’s wearable, waterproof uCan MP3 player

Priced at around $150, the uCan waterproof MP3 player is designed and manufactured by Ubanana. The design of this waterproof music player is attractive and better than many of the waterproof MP3 players available in the market. The internal storage capacity of this waterproof MP3 player is 1GB. Its battery life is an incredible 15 hours. This MP3 player will not be affected by water up to a death of around ten feet. This MP3 player was launched in 2008. uCan is available for sale online. Ubanana claims that this is one of the smallest waterproof MP3 players available for sale.

5. DigiFi Opera M7 waterproof MP3 player

DigiFi Opera M7 waterproof MP3 player
DigiFi Opera M7 waterproof MP3 playerDigiFi Opera M7 waterproof MP3 player

The Opera M7 is a waterproof MP3 player designed and manufactured by DigiFi. This sleek and stylish MP3 player has a decent playback time of 12 hours. The Quick Super Charge function present in this waterproof MP3 player ensures full charge for several hours. The MP3 player features inbuilt equalize. The Opera M7 is compatible with different audio formats including MP3, WMA, APE and WAV. The Opera M7 is available in two models: 2GB or 4GB. The price of the 2GB model is $42, while 4GB model costs $51.

6. Atlantis waterproof MP3 player

Atlantis waterproof MP3 player
Atlantis waterproof MP3 playerAtlantis waterproof MP3 player

This waterproof MP3 player was launched in 2008. The internal storage capacity of this MP3 player is an incredible 8GB. The audio input of this MP3 player is of high-quality. The shape of this MP3 player is cylindrical and the design is sleek and stylish. This MP3 player is waterproof up to 10 meters under water. The best thing about this gadget is that the users can attached it to the strap of their goggle while diving.

7. Century’s Dolphin waterproof MP3 player

Century's Dolphin waterproof MP3 player
Century’s Dolphin waterproof MP3 playerCentury’s Dolphin waterproof MP3 player

Japanese firm Century has manufactured a waterproof MP3 player, which is waterproof up to a depth of about 1 meter. The internal memory of this MP3 player is 1GB. It has USB 2.0 port. This water MP3 player is compatible with MP3 and WMA audio format. The battery life of this MP3 player is 8 hours. Priced at around $107, this MP3 player has a decent design.

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