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DC-10 Cowling Bed to make your spirits fly sky high

Posted: 16 Nov 2011 04:36 AM PST

Jaspreet Kaur Walia:

DC-10 Cowling Bed
DC-10 Cowling BedCool DC-10 Cowling Bed

Traveling in a plane always comes tagged with excitement and has become the best mode of transport. An airplane takes us from one place to the other without consuming much time as compared to traveling by road or sea. Bringing the charm of an airplane in your bedroom is MotoArt, who have designed the DC-10 Cowling Bed. The bed will quench your thirst of owning aircraft furniture and will manage to fetch a lot of attention as well as compliments.

Picture Gallery
DC-10 Cowling Bed
Amazing DC-10 Cowling Bed

A bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture that forms a bedroom and brings it to life. It is that comfort coated zone in a room that can instantly soothe frazzled nerves and helps us relax after a long day. Normally beds are crafted using wood or metal but in this modern world even airplanes are being used to make this important piece of furniture. The silver-colored creation is round in shape and looks very appealing. It has been made from a real McDonnell Douglas DC-10 that had the capacity to carry a good 380 passengers at a time. This was swapped into an attention grabbing round bed that measures 84 inches.

The bed has been dipped in modernism and will perfectly blend in a contemporary setup. The cowling bed will be custom fabricated as per a buyer's whims and fancies. It can be given a touch of your personality and hence will ornament the bedroom with its mystic aura. The facade of DC-10 Cowling Bed can be given various finishes that may vary from satin, mirror polish and a painted look. This will give a buyer a freedom of choice and make sure they get enough options to choose from while picking a perfect bed for their room.

DC-10 Cowling Bed is a quite large and has a diameter if 105 inches. Since the bed is quite wide, it has been crafted into two parts so that it can get through a standard doorway without any added effort or the fear of damaging it. The base of this cowling bed has been fitted with LEDs that will make it glow further. Lights have been wedged at the base and port holes that lends warmth and gives birth to a mesmerizing atmosphere. The LEDs create a romantic and truly sexy ambiance when dusk sets in or the lights are switched off.

DC-10 Cowling Bed will be a great addition at homes and will lift up the overall mood of the decor. It will bring the charm of airplanes in your life and will leave make sure you don't miss the flying experience ever.

Via: Motoart

Seven public seating concepts to rest you outdoors

Posted: 16 Nov 2011 03:11 AM PST

Shahnawaz Naaz:

Public seating concepts
Public seating conceptsPublic seating concepts to rest you outdoors

The seats which we see at public places including railway stations, bus stops, hospitals, etc, are normally very simple. The designs of these seats are more or less universal and it has now become boring as well. Some creative brains have now come up with unique and innovative seating concepts that are not only attractive but functions as the normal seats. Here is a list of seven public seating concepts to rest you outdoors:

1. Chitchat

ChitchatSwinging seat for indoor and outdoor

Chitchat, a swinging seat for both outdoor and indoor, is designed by Teun Fleskens with an aim to make the waiting in public places fun and relaxing. The Chitchat is made using multiplex or polyester and it is spacious enough to seat seven people. When you sit on this innovative concept furniture it starts moving and this leads to interaction between different people sitting on Chitchat. The motion prompts strangers to communicate with each in order to strike the best balance pf the Chitchat. This lead to a good interaction between them and it makes waiting interesting and fun. In the middle of the Chitchat, Fleskens has fixed a rocking tree in order to make the effect more playful. Produced exclusively in the Netherlands, the Chitchat is manufactured by skilled craftsmen. Dutch firm Ghyczy takes care of the sales and distribution of the Chitchat, which is available on request.

2. Skystation

SkystationPublic seating concept for sky gazers

The Skystation is a perfect seating concept for those who spend hours gazing at the sky. This unique and innovative seat can be used by the sky gazers to carry on with their favorite hobby for hours and learn something knew about the surroundings. It seems that the designer of the Skystation, Peter Newman, has been inspired by le Corbusier's iconic LC4 chaise lounge. The Skystation uses contours to fit the reclining figure of the sky gazers. Newman's unique seating concept allows people to get a different perspective of the environment by lying down in full comfort. This seat was recently put on display at Southbank London's Hayward Gallery. The makes of the Skystation are planning to install this unique seating concept in 100 locations across the world and in the UK.

3. Parasolar

ParasolarPublic seating inspired by greenery

Parasolar is an eco-friendly gadget, which is expected to change the concept of public seating. Parasolar is a sustainable product because it uses solar energy. This green seating concept comes with educational elements, which are both interactive and interesting. The OLED visual display of the Parasolar depicts information related to sustainability issues. The design of this green gadget is unique and highly innovative. It is to be noted that Parasolar is a rigid structure but it has been designed in such a manner that it appears in motion. The Parasolar features solar panels, which trap sunlight.

4. Wood public seating concept by John O’Shea

John O'Shea
John O’SheaWood public seating concept by John O’Shea

John O’Shea deserves credit for coming up with innovative and unique concrete and wood public seating concept. This seating concept can be used by the passersby to rest outdoors. John has not compromised with the privacy of those who will use this public seating concept. Shaped like an asterisk, the each seating spaces are divided and private but they all have back support. The structure has a plant in the center to add to the beauty of the whole design. The pattern of this seating concept is visually appealing when seen from an aerial view.

5. Oasis

OasisDesigned by Roxanna Strick

Designed by Roxanna Strick, the Oasis is a unique seating concept offering sustainable outdoor seating in all seasons. The design of Oasis is without doubt one-of-a-kind because it offers both luxury and hi-tech environment. The Oasis has two mesh screens, which can be rotated from one side to another to prevent the users from bad weather conditions. Solar energy is used by Oasis for lighting, cooling, warming. The solar panels are fitted on top of this seating concept.

6. Typoase public seating

Typoase Public Seating
Typoase Public SeatingTypoase Public Seating by Dominik Schwartz

The Typoase is designed and created by Dominik Schwartz. Dominik studies in the faculty of design at Bolzano's Free University. Made of wood and stone, this unique public seating facility also features grass on its top. Dominik claims that he has used grass in his creation to make it look refreshing. When you will look Typoase from above, you will find that the word TIME is spelt out by its benches.

7. Nero

NeroNero by Louisa Köber and Lara Salzmann

This unique public seating concept which is a sculpture concept as well is created by Louisa Kober, Lara Salzmann and Brenner. Kober and Salzman study at ABK Stuttgart, while Brenner is a cabinet maker. This innovative seating concept is 2.5 meter long and it made of multiplex ply.

Sustainability and beauty come together in Tower of Power

Posted: 16 Nov 2011 01:11 AM PST

Sonia Renthlei:

Tower of Power
Tower of PowerTower of Power turns sustainable technology into beauty

Sustainability is the keyword in today's world. Increasing population, ever-growing demands and limited resources are facing off more than ever before. As the world's economy grows so do needs and demands.

Space constraints add to the issue with all of us jostling to be accommodated. Since our planet isn't getting any bigger, we need to find ways to live in this limited space. As such, researchers and architects are trying to come up with novel ways by which the ever growing population can be accommodated without using up too much space. Governments have also entered the arena and have floated tenders and even competitions for designers to come up with interesting and sustainable concepts. One of these is the Tower of Power, designed by NL Architects, an Amsterdam designer company. Proposed to be 300 meters in height, the tower will make use of wind energy to power its needs. 2,000 rotors will work together to produce around 8 MW of energy.

Picture Gallery
Tower of Power
Tower of Power turns sustainable technology into beauty

One of two designs submitted by NL Architects for the Taiwan Tower Competition, the Tower of Power is an attempt to integrate beauty with sustainable technology. It also aims to fit in as many aspects of functionality as possible. From a distance, the tower resembles a jeweled piece of work. Taking inspiration from the exoskeletons of certain creatures, the 'shell' envelops an interior that will be able to house a lobby, observatory, offices, parking lot, conference center and museum. The outer façade itself is stunning with a net-like design. The interwoven pattern gives the whole structure a very intricate and delicately beautiful look which will set it apart from the other staid-looking buildings.

What is unique is that each unit of the tower has been designed to fit the shape of each functionality. For instance, tall spaces separate each unit into which eddy wind turbines will be placed. The choice of the eddy wind turbine complements the design of the façade to create a free-flowing appearance.

Taiwan is so determined to promote the use of renewable energy sources that it has allotted billions of dollars to this effect. In fact, the government hopes to increase the domestic renewable energy sector by 8 fold. If successful, this will greatly impact the island's contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The combination of a windmill and an observation tower is a perfect testament to mankind's creativity and is proof that green functionality and aesthetics can be integrated without compromising on the other. The eddy turbine is silent so visitors won't need to worry about any racket.

The use of the wind to power the planet has been increasing over the years. Its potential to meet our energy needs is simply staggering. Cost effective in the long run and completely clean, it is the answer to our energy problems. Like the sun, the wind cannot deplete itself and will last so long as our planet does.

Via: evolo

SafeScape Emergency Evacuation Chair Concept by Steven Corraliza

Posted: 15 Nov 2011 10:16 PM PST

Asmita Prasad:

SafeScape Emergency Evacuation Chair
SafeScape Emergency Evacuation ChairSafeScape Emergency Evacuation Chair by Steven Corraliza

For people with disabilities, nothing is scarier than being in a high-rise building when an emergency strikes. The very thought of being in a wheelchair and caught on higher floors of a building when the elevators are rendered unsafe and useless, and the only other way out is through the stairs, can be harrowing. Even for emergency workers and members of the public, trying to get the wheelchair-bound out of a high-rise and to safety can be quite a challenging task.

Picture Gallery
SafeScape Emergency Evacuation Chair
SafeScape Emergency Evacuation Chair by Steven Corraliza

This is where this revolutionary new wheelchair concept created by Steven Corraliza with Adam Cassino, Dane Tucker and Nick Roosen in partnership with Way ne State University engineering students can be a real miracle worker. Dubbed the SafeScape, this Emergency Evacuation Chair concept looks to serve as an effective tool that allows people with physical disabilities or ailments that are confined to a wheelchair, to independently evacuate themselves from a high-rise building safely.

The target consumer of the SafeScape are people with reduced mobility, the blind, the asthmatic, the deaf, people who are injured, the elderly, parents with infants, pregnant women, the arthritic, the epileptic, and angina patients. Statistics suggest that 10% of the population living in developed countries would have difficulty negotiating stairs in an emergency which leads to a higher possibility of human tragedies and injuries.

The statistics and studies sponsored by the UN suggest that this 10% of the population face a potent threat from power failure, terrorist attacks, false alarms, or disasters like fires, building collapses, or earthquakes. The SafeScape makes perfect sense for people in wheelchairs living in these parts of the world who can use the device to get themselves out of high-rises in emergencies.

The SafeScape is stored in its case until the front red panel is pushed in. In an emergency, the users push themselves out of their wheelchair essentially falling into the SafeScape with minimal or no use of their legs and into a laying or kneeling position on the emergency evacuation aid. The unit automatically releases from wall housing when foot-plates are depressed and the product self assembles from the wall housing.

The front of the case slides upwards while the bottom falls out enabling the SafeScape to roll out of the case. On its way out of the case, the SafeScape’s spring-loaded tower rises once the SafeScape is out of its case. The user must then position themselves onto the device, sitting on their knees letting their upper half of their bodies control their body positioning. The hand drive system enables the user to maneuver the SafeScape once aboard. Each side of the drive independently controls its corresponding track so users with restricted hand movements can also use the SafeScape with ease.

Via: Coroflot

How to convert a Tic Tac box into a music box

Posted: 15 Nov 2011 08:47 PM PST

Ravindra Kumar:

Convert a Tic Tac box into a music box
Convert a Tic Tac box into a music boxKnow how to Convert a Tic Tac box into a music box

A Tic Tac box looks like an ordinary box, but here we will tell you what you can do with an empty or filled Tic Tac box. This tiny box offers hours of fun and you can compose your own tunes through this box. The bass tune and tempo can be balanced as a switch is provided in this instrument to produce a wide range of percussion sounds. One of the cool features in this Tic Tac beat box is no power switch. It is an ultimate music box as you can load up various programs and compose your own rhythm apart from the facility to hibernate when it is not in use. This little marvel can make you swing into mesmerizing music with its great sounding tunes.

Complexity level: Moderately easy

Time required: 2-3 hours

Resources required

1. You need a standard workbench.

2. Tools

3. PicAxe 08 M or 08 M2 micro-controller chip

4. 10 K resistors of either 1/4 W or 1/8 W

5. R resistor of 330

6. 22 K resistor

7. Resistor of 560 K

8. LED or red color

9. 10 K linear dual gang slide potentiometer 60 mm

10. 1N4148 or similar diodes

11. Capacitor of 0.01uF or 10 V

12. 28 x 4 mm piezo sounder

13. P x 28 A 6 V key-fob battery

14. 3.5 mm stereo jam socket

15. Jack plug

16. 22 x 12 holes strip-board

17. Spring for a retractable pen

18. Tic Tacpacket of any favor

19. Circuit board placement


1. Initiate the process: Cut the 22 x 12 strip-board with a craft knife. One can also use a 5 mm drill to track location but make sure there are no thin bridges of track are left. Now the links and programming sockets should be put and later resistors and diodes followed by IC. If anything is sticking out, just trim it. You can use brass pin for piezo mounting and slide the PCB into the box. The terminals are easy to solder but battery should not be overheated.

2. Making the keyboard: The 10 K linear slide dual gang potentiometer will prove good to make the keyboard just like a mixer desk. There are two straight lines for stereo signals so resistance increases on dual mode across the length. You need to bend up the eight lugs then eliminate the resistive element. This is the beginning of resistivity that becomes more significant later. Now chop the six legs and grind away. The things are not going to be rugged at all. Be careful as the track can be scratched easily. Give the +ve and –ve lines separately to control tempo. Mono and stereo jack plug can be placed.

3. Mixing them in a platform: Now is the time to put the springs on posts and sounder on the top. Assemble the things gently and lid the box. To let the probe lead through, make a hole in the lid of the Tic Tac box soldering the edges. Also make holes to let wire come from keyboard. You are supposed to connect the battery with wires for +ve terminal. This makes the circuit alive. Stick the things properly and use better adhesive. Fix the resistor strip lower down on the panel and play the unit. In the meantime, insulation tape is equally important. This makes the keyboard set with the system. Now it up to you how creative you are and how you decorate it.

4. Design of circuit: Use a 6 V battery and flow the 1.2 V to 4.8 V voltage with the help of diodes. To re-program, the programmed in-circuits R1 and R2 are necessary. Take a 0.1uF capacitor and let the R3 pull down the input to ground level. Possibilities of spurious and annoying noise are always there so be alert. Solder blob will control any kind of disorder. We will also use a red LED to use a wide angle as well as to let us know the power consumption. When active it can be around 1mA and 200u in sleep mode.

5. PicAxe micro-controller and encoding: You may face difficulties in opening the encoded file. If so, just change the extension of file and do it .bas from .tmp, it is just because of formats difference. In sleep mode, Tic Tac takes 4 seconds to convert analogue to digital. ADC pulls down the resistor. ADC reads 0 to 255 so its track value is good. It can only produce the sound with a fixed duration and control. Zero value on ADC gives silence. The Minor Pentatonic, Blues, Hungarian, Arabic Hejaz and Chromatic can be stored in your free running generator, i.e. tic tac. The random beats come in sequence with 2 to 5. And start a new set. You can stimulate the circuit before you build and at the same time real-time debugging on a running controller can be done.

6. Musical notes production: Since this is a compressed version, some errors may occur. The PixAxe is used because it can produce musical notes across the octaves that too in full chromatic scale of 36 notes. When played next to each other, some notes will sound wrong. The basic five pentatonic scales are like A C D E G. Meanwhile other scales do not allow the disharmonies. Generally, 6 or 7 notes and their certain combinations are harmonious. What is properly played from written music is actually chromatic scale. On Tic Tac, it makes hitting the right note difficult. The characterization of 6 notes from various areas can be recorded in the form of sound and music.

Frequently asked questions

What can be the further development in this project?

Ans. There will be stable multivibrators so that operator could change the frequency in response to temperature and light.

Quick tips

You are suggested to put the sounder in particular space and feed everything in eleventh hour. If you will use a hooked piece of stiff wire, it will not affect the battery placement.

Things to watch out for

Since IC socket is not being used so you need to be very careful while using it. Solder the pins on the chip to make these last longer.

Liberty Project for Whirlpool Latin America promotes social inclusion

Posted: 15 Nov 2011 02:02 PM PST

Asmita Prasad:

Liberty Project
Liberty ProjectLiberty Project by Helder Filipov

There have been modular kitchen concepts and there have been some more, but the Liberty Project for Whirlpool Latin America created by designer Helder Filipov is something that will force people to change everything they knew about kitchens and interior design forever. Created around three basic themes of Contemporary Home Architecture New Family Structures, and Social Inclusion, the Whirlpool Liberty Project focuses on creating a functional home environment that maximizes the space inside smaller homes and allows users to make the most of the square footage in their homes without having to give up on having any modern necessity or appliance.

Picture Gallery
Liberty Project
Liberty Project by Liberty Project

The project dwells on making household appliances functional yet petite and modular enough to allow users to reconfigure them to suit their space, needs and habits as they please. The concept seeks to better accommodate users with different needs and bases its design on the principles of Universal Design which require a design to be sized and spaced sensibly to cater to different approaches and uses, that require low physical effort, that have a tolerance for error, and are simple, intuitive, flexible and equitable in use. addressed to the Brastemp brand, the conceptual project was funded by FINEP (Brazilian government funding institution) and designed by Whirlpool Latin America's Advanced Design team and looks to make changing urban home architecture configuration and emerging family arrangements at its heart as its main concern by integrating household appliances into a single modular structure.

Since a large percentage of the population living in cities in smaller apartments are usually young graduates, elderly couples living together, and single mothers, who need to maximize their financial resources and cannot afford larger spaces with fully-loaded kitchens, products like the Whirlpool Liberty Project can be real life-savers.

The Whirlpool Liberty Project comes with a common reach area that integrates all the modules which house a refrigerated drawer, a freezer, an electronic stove or microwave, a dishwasher, a storage compartment, a hooded ventilator with air conditioner, a cupboard, a hot plate, a sink with a water filter that can recycle used water, etc. The countertop is adjustable and can be used by people of all heights, while soft, single-touch operable doors and drawers are perfect for the elderly and children alike and require minimum movement and effort to open and close. Some of the modular come fitted with interior lighting and movement sensors to allow users to interact with them with minimum effort.

By creating a niche kitchen with components like the work surface, water features, air-treatment, cooking, refrigeration incorporating the same universal design principles in its functional modules, the Whirlpool Liberty Project is able to provide users with a better, more intuitive space that utilizes the inclusive approach and boosts space availability by allowing the modules to be arranged according to user needs.

Vivace 26 Concept Boat is a super-car for watercraft lovers

Posted: 15 Nov 2011 01:59 PM PST

Asmita Prasad:

Vivace 26 Concept Boat
Vivace 26 Concept BoatVivace 26 Concept Boat

The year 2013 is just around the corner, and though it appeared to be far ahead into the future just half a decade ago, it doesn't have the same "deep in the unknown" quality about it anymore now that we are almost ready to welcome circa 2012. This particular watercraft concept by designer Julian Ariel Romero, unfortunately, falls in the same category and we are sorry to say that high-speed luxury boat for the year 2013 has nothing quite as stunning about it that we don't already have in many vessels on the market right now.

Picture Gallery
Vivace 26 Concept Boat
Vivace 26 Concept Boat designed by Julian Ariel Romero

Having said that, the Vivace 26 Concept Boat has a lot of fabulous qualities on its own which may not merit the "lo, and behold, it's a concept for the year 2013!" tagline, but allow the concept to be viewed as a nice-ish vessel that can compete well with its contemporaries. For starters, we love the fact that the vessel draws on the aerodynamics of the current lot of supercars and applies it to the hydrodynamics of the vessel to create a whole new genre of boats that may be termed "water-borne supercars". The sleek exterior of the Vivace 26 features a fully convertible hardtop that allows the wind blow in your hair and let you feel the refreshing sea breeze and feel the water splashing all around you!

Created more for the serious-minded water-racer rather than a connoisseur of luxury rides, the Vivace 26 comes propelled by two V12 TDI diesel engines from the Audi Rio LeMans and Arneson Surface drives that in theory are good enough to produce up to 650 horsepower and take the vessel up to 80+ knots. Although the engine in the car was perfected for on-road conditions and accordingly came with an entourage of driver aides to make it safe to drive, we're hoping the designer would also throw in some safety equipment to match the incredible horsepower of the engines for a watercraft.

Inside, a joystick steering system puts the power of 24 cylinders literally at your finger tips, and a 42″ OLED split-display screen allow you to navigate and entertain at the same time. Drivers and passenger can also use the underwater camera to take a glimpse of the marine world beneath them as they sit in their customized ergonomically seats. The unique hull design of the Vivace 26 features stabilizers that channel water from the bow to the stern allowing the boat to grab the water when traveling at high speeds.

Via: Coroflot

KOR-fx from Immerz takes bass sound to a whole new level

Posted: 15 Nov 2011 01:57 PM PST

Asmita Prasad:

KOR-fx concept
KOR-fx conceptKOR-fx concept by Grant Parrinello

Though most of love our Blaupunkts and the high-powered bass they provide us with when we need to groove with our peeps, nobody has ever been a big fan of the window-pane thumping sound system when it is being used by someone else! Hypocritical as that fact is every-music lover worth their mp3 collection has to agree that cranking your amps up high to get the bass thumping through your bones is only fun when you a part of the party and not on the other side of the side of the street trying to finish writing your college essay! The problem of intrusively loud music being played by someone else is something that most of us have to encounter in our daily routines. To counter this problem, you can call up the cops and ask them to have the music tones down, but that is hardly a permanent solution to the persistent problem. Designer Grant Parrinello, however, has a simpler solution to the problem that would allow music lovers to get their fix of bass without disturbing anyone else.

Picture Gallery
KOR-fx concept
KOR-fx concept by Grant Parrinello

Created by designer Shahriar Afshar, the KOR-fx sound system is manufactured and marketed by a company called Immerz and lets deep vibrations of bass explode right through you without hurting your ears (or anybody else's for that matter). The KPR-fx is basically a very discreet system that picks up the signature frequencies in the sound tracks of music, movies and videogames, amplifies them accordingly and then sends the signals directly into your chest so you can feel the bass thumping through your chest.

Scientific research into acoustics has proven that by conning the brain this way allows the body to feel the sound more effectively and seamlessly than by the use of a sub-woofer on the ground. By manipulating neuro-pathways via innovative vibration paddles, the KOR-fx activates the same mechanism in the brain that is used when we are speaking, thus allowing us to "feel" the music as if it were originating within our own bodies.

Having been awarded several patents, the KOR-fx can be applied both to the field of entertainment as well as medicine though the company is primarily aiming it ay younger gamers and offering it as a way for gamers to immerse themselves in the simulated gaming environment.

Bass is an important part of the audio experience. It allows you to feel the sound rather than just hear it. The Kor-fx unit creates the effect of intense bass without having to increase the volume on the sound system. By vibrating and causing reverberations throughout the air-filled chest cavity, it turns the body into a sub-woofer activating specific brain-body pathways which the mind associates with the self. It makes movies games and other sounds more immersive and visceral thus fooling the brain into thinking that the sound is emerging from within the body.

Via: Grant Parrinello

Seven portable furniture units for compact urban apartments

Posted: 15 Nov 2011 01:30 PM PST

Grace Kikon:

Portable furniture units
Portable furniture unitsPortable furniture units for compact urban apartments

As space becomes more and more confined in modern times, it becomes necessary to make do with less crowding in for creating the required space. Portable storage units are ideal for home, office or business establishments without the added burden of bulky transportation. These portable units are becoming the rage as people are trying to cut down the clutter in their homes and office for greater space mobility. These portable units come in varying sizes ranging from a small table to semi trailers size. Depending on the space and need of an individual these have become essential commodities at varying price range. They are more so perfect for small cramped offices and small apartments in the city where every inch of space is precious. To be able to content a lot of utility furniture in a compact manner is how the modern designers are now creating their unique pieces. Below is a list of seven portable units for urban needs.

1. Mobile compact office by Tim Vinke

Mobile compact office
Mobile compact officeMobile compact office by Tim Vinke

The Kruikantoor mobile office was created by Tim Vinke, with wheels for easy mobility from place to place. With a size of 1500×400x1200 mm, this mobile office contents a table, storage electricity connection with light and two chairs. It can easily be packed into a compact unit on built in wheels for an office on the move constantly. It can easily be stored in one corner of a room without causing any inconvenience.

2. PETL sofa set

PETL sofa set
PETL sofa setPETL sofa set

This multifunctional sofa named PETL resembles a big cacti flower with nine petals opening out for effect. This can be placed in a garden or used as public seating in a park and is water resistant. The flexibility of this sofa is seen in the way that it can transform into an indoor sofa with 2 or 3 seat, single bed or a day bed without any hesitation. This sofa can easily be packed up into a compact and portable unit without much hassle.

3. Moving kitchen

Moving Kitchen
Moving KitchenMoving Kitchen

This is small and portable in size as well as light and can be used in a small kitchen anywhere with all its unique features. Hidden inside its compact body, this kitchen has many features like fold-able tables on both sides and induction stove. You can use this fold-able tray for cooking ingredients or for the dishes. There are pull out drawers for storing utility and it can close up to become compact after the cooking is done. It can be easily wheeled around as it comes with wheels at the bottom base. This is quite a handy kitchen for camping, backyard or outdoor cooking activities. It is ideal for a cramped up city apartment kitchen.

4. Steel stool

Steel Stool
Steel StoolSteel Stool

This versatile portable steel stool has been created by French design Noon Studio. It is mobile for residential or office space and has a stylish frame. This has been blended with a painted black steel and wood as a conceptual contrast design. It is a two mixed triangle design opening out at the wooden part. It is a lightweight stool and easy to carry around. These stools can become versatile space partitions by piling them together as required. Its simple design belies its versatility.

5. Pavone portable furniture

Pavone portable furniture
Pavone portable furniturePavone portable furniture

This is a unique utility switch between a table and a chair designed by Redo Studio. This unit is ideally suited for a small apartment as it is not cumbersome or bulky. It has been fashioned in a metal frame on a minimalist look. It folds back flat for easy storage and transportation apart from its twin utility.

6. The brain cube

The Brain Cube
The Brain CubeThe Brain Cube

This brain cube unfolds into an amazing table with five chairs. It was created by Bulgarian designer Svilen Gamolov and is a compact functional unit. It instantly creates space for small gatherings at home or office meetings. This portable unit comprising five chairs and a table has been developed in collaboration with Irena Pamukova and Volen Valentinov. The portable units when not in use are wrapped up in a small cube for easy storage. This is truly a brainstorming furniture which is very easy to transport as well.

7. Portable furniture box from Isis design

Isis Design
Isis DesignPortable furniture box from Isis Design

This is a one in all furniture idea by Isis Design which solves the problem of moving your kitchen, beds and tables in bulky transportation. This portable unit includes bed, kitchen, table and chair all in a compact box to travel anywhere with you. This is a moving home that involves very little fuss as well as being neat in appearance.

iPad controlled living terrarium to perk up your space

Posted: 15 Nov 2011 01:28 PM PST

Grace Kikon:

iPad controlled living terrarium
iPad controlled living terrariumiPad controlled living terrarium to perk up your space

The trend

With the advance in technology and the fast paced lifestyle of the smartphone generation, people are beginning to lose touch of nature and the Eco system. To combat such hectic and negative way of living, some clever designers have started creating many new interests that can divert the users to something constructive. Biome Terrariums created by Samuel Wilkinson is one such example as the new age planters, which is fast becoming popular with designers and greatly varying in shapes and styles. The Biome Terrarium is perfect for demanding flowers and plants as all necessary conditions can be created accordingly to suit them. The regulation of light and temperature is applicable only in the terrarium planter and not the entire room. This is very convenient since it is difficult to maintain an even level of room temperature at one time.

The Biome trend was developed for the Designs for Digital Downtime at trend agency’s Protein exhibition. The editor for Wallpaper, Henrietta Thompson curated the exhibition. This trend is to find an alternative use for smartphones and influencing a slower way of life as opposed to constant hectic lifestyle.

The inspiration

It was created by Samuel Wilkinson who was inspired to find an alternative and meaningful use of time. Controlled by an iPad this floral terrarium is a very special plant. Rather than tweeting and messaging which is so characteristic of modern smartphone lifestyle, the creator of Biome believes that nurturing plants helps the Eco system and requires time and patience. The smart garden uses low energy lighting and can replicate sunlight with sensors that link back information when it is connected to the device.

What makes it so special

This is truly a miniature garden that works like a living Tamagotchi encased in a high tech capsule. Sunlight is replicated by the low energy lighting which is integrated into the capsule. Special sensors provides information about the climatic conditions inside the capsule whenever connected. When you connect your iPad or iPhone to the smart garden, it automatically gives climatic report display. Depending on the display you can alter the conditions of nutrients, climate, life and water. This Biome is a smart device as it encourages their owners to consider a slower life by helping to grow a plant. It really stands out as it actually helps smartphone users to take time to care for their living plants.

What’s in it for me

This Biome device is something which can actually grow on its owner depending on how well they respond to it. The fun part of being able to adapt to it is by customizing the terrarium to the users preferences. Users can incorporate different types of environments for its Biome device, for instance, a desert, tropical setting or even a herb garden. This has been so designed that a push of a button can enable the user to control the whole device. Even users who have no idea of plants or got a green thumb can now have the ability to make the terrarium thrive in various conditions. This clever use of a device to channel interest away from unnecessary wastage of time, into something more worthwhile and nurturing is a signal to slow down, instead of being too fast paced in lifestyle.

What’s next

1. The iPad controlled bed

iPad controlled Bed
iPad controlled BediPad controlled bed to perk up your space

This is the world’s first iPad dock which is more about a lifestyle choice than the product and correlates with the iPad terrarium. This is a choice for users who have the flair to balance work, play and rest. It was created by Hollandia of Israel and Therapedic, an American mattress maker for a trade show. This unique bed has a 250 watt amplifier, docking stations for two iPads and four fully enclosed speakers all built into the frame of the bed. The high tech mattress has 3D fabric to control temperature. It is priced between $10,000 and $50, 000 which can include gadgets like special sleep zone mattress, stereos and TV sets.

2. iPad controlled toilet

iPad controlled Toilet
iPad controlled ToiletThe iPad controlled Toilet

Numi iPad toilet was created by Kohler and has everything for a price of $64,000. This toilet comes with a dryer, bidet, deodorizer, foot warmer, sound system and an automatic lid that opens up at your approach. A magnetic touch screen control panel with its own docking station controls all the functions. The setting can be customized according to an individual’s use and preferences.

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